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Personal Huts / Wake Up Call [Open]
« on: 21 Apr 2013 at 10:40 PM »
B’sen! she shouted loudly in his mind. B’sen! Wake up, B’sen!

He groaned as he rolled onto his back. He had been having such a fine dream, snuggled as he was against his current lover. What do you want Lith! he said heatedly wiping a hand down his face. Really, love I’ve told you time and time again there is no need to shout. Glancing at his bed partner, B’sen reached over to run a hand through the black hair that flowed down his back.

I am itchy B’sen. Get up and oil me she whined, not so loudly this time and B’sen was grateful as the last of his hangover was still clutching his head in an iron grip. Sliding a finger down the back of the man beside him, B’sen sighed as he sat up to swing his legs over the side of the bed. Huuuuurry! the green grumbled and the amusement she felt at waking her rider drifted through her voice.

Glancing at the wall that separated B’sen’s room from Lith’s wallow he noticed a rather large eye peering at him through a crack in the curtain. The eye was whirling a gentle blue as it gazed at him. He had a sneaky suspicion that Lith didn’t really need to be oil at all and the irritating green just wanted someone to talk to. You were very drunk last night B’sen. You brought home a friend and didn’t tell me Lith said to him, rather put out that he hadn’t at the very least introduced the sleeping man to her. Does it really matter Lith? You don’t have to know every person I bring home you know, he said softly. Why was he being quiet within his own mind when the man next to him couldn’t hear a thing? Because he was polite that’s why.

Slipping his pants and boots on B’sen slowly made his way out of the room and to the kitchen and started searching for the fixings to make some klah. As the brew was making he ran a hand through his hair and grimacing as a snarl snagged on a ring. The scent of the klah filled his hut and he moved to make himself a cup. As he was pouring, Lith chose that moment to bugle loudly and shout even louder in his mind, B’SEN! . Cursing loudly as his hand jerked slopping klah all over the counter, B’sen slammed the pot down. Damn her wherry hide! B’sen scrambled down the stairs and towards Lith’s wallow, “Lith! You overgrown wherry! Be quiet for once!”

Personal Huts / Re: Wake Up Call [Open]
« on: 22 Apr 2013 at 10:34 PM »
Look B'sen I found a friend! the green said merrily. She was rather happy at the moment. She had found a new friend in the delightful little dog barking at her and she had succeeded in waking B'sen in the most aggravating manner she could think of. Not to mention making him spill his klah. Served him right for not introducing her to the black haired man peacefully snoring in her bonded's furs. She rumbled happily at the barking canine, Come and meet my friend B'sen. Oh B'sen.. Are you aware you're half naked?

B'sen glanced down at himself. His pants were only partially buttoned and his chest was bare. He shrugged before turning a bright grin at the man who had come to collect his pet. "No apologies are needed," he said, "she is a success with Lith." He stuck his hand out, "B'sen. And that wherry was already awake and scheming of ways to wake me." You made a new friend too! Lith said with what could only be described as a chortle as she cocked a curious eye at the dog, Introduce me, B'sen! Fine! he replied with exasperation. With a tiny jerk of the head, "The over sized wherry over there is Lith. Lith this is Terken."

Lith snaked her neck out slowly, so as not to frighten the man named Terken, as she took a few experimental sniffs of the man. Not that many could be frightened of her, she was after all wonderful and beautiful and not in the least frightening. When the green deemed him not frightened and kind of nice himself, she nudged him with her nose. Tell him to scratch me B'sen. I'm still itchy since you won't oil me, she said with a bit of reproach in her voice. Rolling his eyes sky word he did as she bid, "The royal princess there would like it so very much if you'd give her eye ridges a bit of a scratch."

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Personal Huts / Re: Wake Up Call [Open]
« on: 24 Apr 2013 at 11:12 PM »
Oh! She kissed me B'sen! the green whistled her excitement. She was so happy she'd found another friend. Lith had many friends, mostly other greens and blues but she always loved making new ones. New ones were so delightful. And this new one was even better. She tilted her head and churred quietly when Terken scratched the offered eye ridge. Awww! He thinks I'm beautiful B'sen. Everyone should think I'm beautiful, shouldn't they? she told B'sen who in turned rolled his eyes skyward. Vainty thy name was Lith. Of course she just might forget this entire conversation in a few days unless B'sen thought of it often. And given the way this man's face lit up with his warm smile, it just may be.

"Oh I'm definitely B'sen," he said before dropping down to squat in front of the dog as she came to greet him. He chuckled as the dog gave him a lick and he scratched behind her ears, "Lith may not speak to another but she rather enjoys being scratched and since she has so lovingly informed me that I neglect her, no thanks are needed." The dragon in question rumbled with her amusement. She did so like teasing him in all manner of vile ways. "Could you imagine what a dog would say? "Hey! Hey! Throw the stick! No that stick!" makes me glad too that they don't speak," he said with a chuckle before glaring at his dragon.

"Every damn morning," he said as he scowled her way. What? You know you like it! How else would you wake in the morning if it wasn't for me? Lith told him, her amusement rolling through his mind.

Personal Huts / Re: Wake Up Call [Open]
« on: 28 Apr 2013 at 10:51 PM »
B'sen chuckled when the boy flinched at Lith's whistle. The green was loud and she rather enjoyed the reactions she got. His chuckle turned into a full laugh when the sweet canine slid to the ground and offered her stomach for a rub. Happy to oblige B'sen scratched for all he was worth and was rewarded with the delightful kick of a back leg. B'sen liked the dog. He liked most dogs anyway so a new friend in her was welcomed. He watched Terken slid to the ground himself with a feline grace and nearly B'sen whistled in appreciation. Terken was an attractive man and at some point in time B'sen would most likely either flirt shamelessly with him or proposition the blonde man.

"There's a certain simplicity to a dog that you can't find in very many places," he said in answer. B'sen caressed a silken ear as he thought of his next answer. Lith certainly teased him unmercifully but he wasn't sure about other dragons. He was pretty sure that most teased their riders at some point but whether they went to such lengths as Lith, who could know?

"Lith loves to tease. She's loud and obnoxious but I love her and even when she wakes me at the ass crack of dawn I wouldn't trade her in for another," he said as he blew out a breath. Lith turned her head to regard her rider rather solemnly. No one else could be my rider, B'sen. No one else would understand me quite like you do she said with rough emotions coloring her voice. He smiled softly at the dark green where she lounged in the sand wallow, humming softly as Terken scratched her. "If its common for others I wouldn't have the foggiest. I would think so, though. Its much like having a happy little sister only she's a dragon and can read your mind," he laughed as Kela dashed to Lith, he forgotten, left crouching with his hand in mid-air.

Lith rumbled with her amusement as the shaggy dog wiggled in delight around her. The green would love to play with the dog but she was slightly afraid to hurt the dear thing and said as much to B'sen, I don't know how to play with her B'sen. I don't want to hurt her her mental voice mournful, She is very fun though. With her barks and jumps!. "Lith is afraid she will hurt her so she is trying to be still. She's a very sweet dog. Does she have pups?" he asked.

Personal Huts / Re: Wake Up Call [Open]
« on: 30 Apr 2013 at 11:18 PM »
It occurred to B'sen that perhaps the boy lacked the skills that made one social. It wasn't something B'sen had ever really had to worry about. The bright faced greenrider was almost always social. Unless Lith was proddy. Then he wanted nothing to with another. But thankfully that over grown wherry wasn't due to rise for at least a month perhaps more. Tell him next time to bring a ball and we will play together! Lith rumbled happily. "Lith says that if you bring a ball around next time she'd be happy to slap it around for Kela here," he dutifully relaid.

His gaze was speculative as Terken counted out the pups. Maybe a dog for Lith was in their future. Now was not the time though. Perhaps in a few months he would give the beastcrafter a visit. Lith burbled with mild excitement at the thought. B'sen shushed her before she could give the excited bugle she wander. Sharding dragon never could be quiet unless you caught her first. Thankfully this time he did. All he needed was other riders to come hopping about, angry for being woken so early in the morning. "Don't worry about me, Terken. Lith does it pretty regularly and I bounce back pretty quick. After the first few times I gave up really trying to make her stop," he said by way of answer.

He chuckled when Terken talked about the weather. The boy definitely lack the proper social skills. "Indeed. Fine weather," he nodded with a smile. He watched Terken duck his head in apology, a light blush covering his face and B'sen thought once again that he was a very handsome lad indeed. He waved away the apology before sliding to the ground in front of Lith. "Weathers a good subject," he grinned, "But what about you? Where are you from? Did you grow up here in Katila?"

Personal Huts / Re: Wake Up Call [Open]
« on: 01 May 2013 at 01:03 PM »
B'sen grinned when Terken glanced over Lith who in turn reached a nose out to nudge the beastcrafter - gently of course. Lith was such a people dragon and a sucker for new friends. Hopefully she would remember this encounter and remain friends with Kela and Terken. Lith's memory was so poor that she often forgot people and places unless she mined B'sen's memories for the events or if B'sen was thinking of it at the time. He rather liked talking to the quiet and unassuming man beside him and hoped they would often.

"Oh?," he asked curious now, "Which greenrider?" He couldn't for the life of him place a name or face with the person who would be fostering Terken until he came of age or impressed. Not that it was really a shame he couldn't think of it. There were more greenriders than trundlebugs around here, so forgetting a few was a given. The boy would likely impress. When? B'sen had no idea but he likely would. "Are you hopeful you'll impress, Terken?" he asked.

B'sen noticed Terken give him the once over and did nothing but smile lightly. The boy was young enough to start figuring out where he wanted to be in his life and B'sen didn't mind being the object of experimentation should the need come. Leaning back on his forearms he tilted his head towards Terken, smile still planted on his face, "Much the same I'm afraid. Nothing spectacular happened really until I impressed Lith. Came over with my foster mother and father. Both of them passed on during both the firehead epidemics." He reached a hand out to scratch the dog behind the ear as she settle on the ground next to Terken.

Personal Huts / Re: Wake Up Call [Open]
« on: 03 May 2013 at 10:51 AM »
Lith hummed with approval when the shy beastcrafter reached a hand out to stroke her. Silent she may be but she was a giant green sucker for any physical touch. Grith and Shanith. She liked Grith and Shanith. They were fun greens. Loud like her but Lith was certain that they were louder. But that was okay, she didn't always have to be loudest.

"Ravana is a good woman," B'sen said with a smile, "Can't blame the woman for wanting to keep you around and safe!" B'sen definitely didn't blame her. With the turmoil and crap brewing lately being under the wing of a dragonrider was almost safer than being a dragon rider.

B'sen cocked his head to listen to the boy as he spoke quietly and pursed his lips in sympathy at his words. Being frightened of impression wasn't a horrible thing. B'sen had been frightened himself until Lith loud voice rang in his mind and then everything was forgotten. But oh! That's what Terken was afraid of, everything being forgotten. He should not be afraid. If his dragon is special like me than they won't mind his other duties Lith said with certainty as she gave the hand stroking her a tiny but of her nose. They all can't be as special as you, my love he replied softly.

"Being frightened is okay. Impression is a pretty scary thing when you get down to it, but in the end it's all made worth it. And if you have the patience for a brood of pups and their wild mother, I'm certain you'll have the patience for a dragon!" He smiled gently at the hand that was tentative as it reached out to give him a soft touch. "She is rather spectacular isn't she?" B'sen chuckled, "No sorries. It was a long time ago when they passed on and now I've got Lith and a new friend, so everything worked out." He nudged Terken with his hips as the last of his words left him. A new friend indeed.

"I remember the north. Some of it anyway," he started, voice sad, "I remember how sad I was when my foster mothers firelizard didn't come back. And I remember how very terrible everything was when the dragons started getting sick. Then our banishment and flight south. It was very difficult that flight, so many youngsters lost from exhaustion." He would have cried then at the remembrance of all that was lost, if he hadn't cried out all his tears already. 

Personal Huts / Leap for the Sun [Open green flight]
« on: 05 May 2013 at 09:51 PM »
B’sen scowled. He’d been scowling a lot lately. Something he rarely did. He’d even snapped at a child the other day. His scowl darkened. His bedmate sat at his table. Sat there like he owned the place. Sat there and crunched – crunched! – loudly. It was obnoxious and boorish. Couldn’t the man chew quietly? Was it so difficult for the addle-brained fool to chew like a normal person and not like a dog? He started when Lith’s voice whispered through his mind, Just kiss him already. You know you want to. It was rather seductive and low, that voice. Seeping into his mind and bringing his body to attention.


Outside, Lith stretched. Her body as lithe as her name suggested. Her hide began to shimmer, the green brightening as she walked from her wallow with a sensuous grace, eyes brimming with red. She stopped to stretch her neck out, a sharp burgle of challenge ringing through the huts. She would have them. Have them all if she could. Come my brawny loves! Catch me if you can! she called before darting to the sky with a raucous cry, green hide glinting brightly in the noonday sun.

B’sen stumbled and barely caught himself against the door frame. Stupid to try to go out side. Why was he going outside when a perfectly serviceable bed waited for him down the hall? He stumbled again as Lith’s lust poured through his body. Desire and passion heated his skin as he made for his room. The man at the table bolted up from his chair as Lith's lust shuddered through the hut. B'sen turned and snarled, lips pulled back over even white teeth, as the dark haired man tried to reach for him. The man winced at the animalistic sound that came from his lovers throat and took a step back. B'sen nodded sharply before demanding he move back to the table and wait.

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Personal Huts / Re: Wake Up Call [Open]
« on: 09 May 2013 at 01:01 AM »
Lith purred quietly as Terken continued to scratch her. She liked this boy. He scratched her in all the right places. I like him B’sen. Make sure he stays your friend. He scratches just right she told her rider and B’sen chuckled quietly.

If B’sen had considered Terken a better friend he would have gladly sank into the comforting heat of the boy. But he’d only known the boy for that better part of an hour and so instead of snuggling against Terken, B’sen contented himself with laying his hand on the arm slung across his shoulders.

A hug was perfect. Just the thing he needed after the resurgence of painful memories. The long years after they had reached the south had been painful. So many dragons lost. So many people. His foster mother and father had been all he’d had when they came south and they had succumbed to firehead shortly after the call from Nirinath. B’sen had been so alone for so long until his impression of Lith. Not the brightest and often forgetful, Lith was perfect. She gave him comfort where no one else really could.

B’sen gave a wan smile as the happy dog came to them with sad eyes. He scratched Kela on her head and contented himself with the doggy comfort. She was a good dog. He would definitely have to see about getting one for him and Lith. “Don’t be sad for me Terken. I’m just a sentimental fool,” he grinned at the boy.

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Personal Huts / Re: Wake Up Call [Open]
« on: 15 May 2013 at 07:22 PM »
B'sen scratched the dog behind the ear taking pleasure in the little sounds of happiness she emitted. They were a good pair. The boy and his dog. Terken would shape up to be a fine dragonrider when the time came, treating his dragon with patience and love if his treatment of B'sen was anything to go by.

He looked at Terken as the boy spoke up, suggesting that he'd need to get going. With a nod he agreed, "That would be best. I've still got to eat breakfast myself and get that overgrown wherry oiled." He grinned at Terken's question. "Definitely. Stop by any time and be sure to bring that delightful companion of yours as well."

Terken's blush was pretty when he realized he still had his arm draped around B'sen. The greenrider just couldn't bring himself to tease the boy as Terken slid his arm back to his side. With a chuckle he leapt to his feet before turning to offer a hand up, "Well Terken. It was a pleasure to meet you and your lovely Kela."

Personal Huts / Peace & Quiet [Solo]
« on: 18 May 2013 at 12:52 AM »
He'd finally gotten some peace and quiet. Lith had gone hunting. Thank Faranth she had decided to do so alone instead of insisting he went with. He could feel her in the back of his mind, content as a dog with a bone. She hadn't found a stray herdbeast or wild wherry yet but she was on the prowl. He sipped his klah as he sat on his front porch, feet kicked up and watching the people wander by. He nodded hello to a few, shouted outrageous things to others. All in all he was having a fantastic time alone for once.

I don't like that train of thought, B'sen, she complained suddenly, You love me don't you? He rolled his eyes at her overly dramatic hurt tone. Now you know I do, Lith. Its just sometimes... How did he go about telling her that sometimes he just needed a break from her loud self? It was difficult to tell her things like that. She got so hurt for far longer than he ever thought she could, so usually he just avoided the issue. I know.. You need a break.. she lamented. She never could understand why he thought her so loud and so obnoxious all the time.

He ignored her. She'd be fine. They'd gone round this before and she'd always forgiven and forgotten. Until the next time anyway. He could feel her sudden pleasure, followed by a quick burst of her hunger and knew that she had finally captured a meal. She'd stuff herself to the gills and waddle on home. Content now that his dragon had forgotten his little irritation with her, B'sen closed his eyes and drifted off into a light slumber.

He was rudely awaked by a large green snout shoving his feet off the railing. With a grunt as his feet hit the floor B'sen's eyes flew open to glare balefully at Lith. She had the remnants of ichor around her bulging jaws. Wait.. Bulging jaws? What had she done? Eaten half and decide to save the rest for later? "Well? What have you got?" he said, eyes narrowing. She rumbled with delight as she set her cargo on the floor, Look what I found! she exclaimed with elation, I found a pretty egg!

His eyes darted to her treasure with shock. An egg? What could she possibly mean by that? An egg. She was crazy. But as he looked the thing over it dawned on him that indeed it was an egg. Given the size he was guessing firelizard. It will hatch and I will have a little minion, she crowed. "If it's not a dud, Lith. It could be a dud you know. It happens with firelizards a lot more often than dragons," he tried to reason. But she would have none of it, No! It will hatch and probably right now, if the shaking its doing is a guess,. Shock turned into delighted surprise as the egg began to shake and rock.

"Well shit..." he whispered before rushing into the hut. Slamming cupboards and platters around, B'sen searched for a likely bit of food. "Aha!" he yelled when his hand encountered a basket that held a bit of bread and meats. Good thing that kitchen drudge loved him so well or he wouldn't have had anything in his spare kitchen. Tripping over the threshold he landed with a gasp right in front of the rocking egg. Just in time for a crunch to sound as the egg split in half. A small green body tumbled to the hard floor and began immediately to creel and cry its hunger. With a grimace, B'sen stuffed as much food down her tiny throat as he could. A minion! Lith purred, I told you, I'd have a minion. He laughed, "So you did, love. So you did."

The little green cocked her head and regarded B'sen with a look of fascination. She bounded forwards and backwards, spreading her drying wings for balance. He chuckled as he skittered his hand across the wood floor. The firelizard watched with curiosity as he brought it back and forth in front of her. With a little cry the green hopped twice before pouncing on his moving hand. "Ouch! Watch the teeth! Crazy little thing," he burst out before playing the game again. The firelizards eyes spun with a brilliant blue as she bounced back and forth and finally onto his hand once more, this time going easy with the teeth.

"What should her name be Lith?" he asked. The green dragon cocked her head this way and that as she watched the little version of her bounce across the floor, She bounces real good. She almost bounces better than me. Bounce is a good name, we should call her bounce. "Bounce it is!" he declared.

The Lake Edge / Re: Fine and Mellow [B'sen]
« on: 21 May 2013 at 02:02 PM »

Are you going to bathe me today or do I have to do it myself? she asked a bit irritably. B’sen sighed. Its not like she couldn’t do it herself. Well… Mostly herself anyway. I suppose I can do it, he countered just as irritably. He wandered about the hut looking for her riding straps. He frowned when he found them. They were dry and beginning to crack. Useless. With a disgusted grumble he tossed them aside, he’d need to oil the leather before using them again and because her royal highness was badgering him, he didn’t have the time now to do it. I told you weeks ago to do that you know, the green commented dryly having plundered his mind for the memory. He glared his way out the door and towards her. “We’re just going to the lake, its not like I need to have them,” he shot back, “And if you don’t stop mothering me, I’m just going to stay here and let you try to oil yourself.”

Lith growled at her rider as she settled down to allow him to leap to her neck. He was in an awfully foul mood for someone who enjoyed life so much. Awww.. Did that mean ol’ man break up with you? she cooed. She didn’t know it but she was spot on with that snarky tease.  He had, in fact, broken it off with B’sen. B’sen couldn't help it if he had a lot of love to give and the man had gotten a touch annoyed with the amount he had. “Just stuff a sock in it, Lith, would ya?” he growled low.

They winged away from the hut and out towards the lake, and B’sen was once again struck by the simplistic beauty of their home. The view from dragon back was fantastic and never failed to take his breath away. It always seemed he could see for miles on end from up here. It is rather spectacular. I like living here and never want to go back north, she said. What do you mean, go back north? You’ve never been to the north you silly wherry. You were born here and never been anywhere else, he told her in reasonable tone. She was such a goose. True but I always see it when you remember it. I don’t think I would like it up there, she replied. He just grunted.

Landing softly, B’sen jumped to the ground with a quiet groan. He was getting to old to do that. Not that twenty-eight was old, mind you, but his body had other ideas. He stretched his back out and moaned as it snapped and popped. Lith rumbled with amusement beside him. He acted like such an old man. She could hear another dragon at the lake and she wondered who it was as she lumbered forward.

Catching sight of the other green she yelled loudly, Look B’sen! Caxith and her rider are here! I like Caxith! B’sen chuckled at her enthusiasm as he walked towards T’rielle. “Catching a bit of sunshine before the rains? Or did Caxith annoy you with the need for a bath as well?” he asked pleasantly.

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The Lake Edge / Re: Fine and Mellow [B'sen]
« on: 23 May 2013 at 01:12 PM »
The dark green turned to her clutch mate – no she hadn’t remembered that, plundering B’sen’s mind had its benefits – with a rumble, B’sen is sad and a touch out of sorts today she said, So I am making him do something I know will make him happy. Washing me! Of course it might not actually make him happy, but it would make Lith happy and by extension, B’sen so everything would turn out just how she wanted it.

B’sen leaned against Lith as he looked T’rielle over. He’d always like him. The other man had been mischief incarnate during their weyrling years and B’sen had always been happy to go along. His perusal of T’rielle was cut short as Lith expertly and quietly slid her shoulder out from underneath him to lumber into the water. With a grunt and a glare, B’sen landed on the ground. “Aside from Lith’s constant need to terrorize me? No, nothing too fantastic has been going on with us,” B’sen replied with a light growl.

You ought to talk about your feelings B’sen. Maybe T’rielle can help you out of your funk, the green suggested with amusement. Amusement that earned her a glare hotter than the sun. “That wasn’t funny Lith,” he muttered as he levered himself up.  I will not be talking to T’rielle about my break up, Lith so drop it like I asked, he told her mentally. Daffy dragon. Always trying to get him to talk it out. For all that B’sen was a happy sort who loved nothing better than talking to people, there were certain things that were off limits in that capacity. His feelings were one of them. “Since Lith is too busy playing at the moment, I think I’ll just sit here and watch you work,” he said, “If you don’t mind that is.”

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Personal Huts / Re: Smooth Landings [B'sen]
« on: 02 Jun 2013 at 11:48 PM »
It had been particularly brutal, Lith's latest flight. She had come home with scrapes and claw marks written in her skin. She would scar and preen and pride would drip from her, for a few weeks anyway when she would forget. B'sen moaned softly as his bed partner slid away from him with derisive snort and a tweak to his naked shoulder. The man had a sneer in his voice as he told B'sen what a pleasure it had been. B'sen would've wept had he been more than barely conscious but as it were he could only shudder and burrow farther away from the man, who finally slid out of the room with a slam to the door.

B'sen could hear the front slam close as he lay curled about himself. He couldn't remember who exactly had won but the aftermath wasn't pleasant. Scraped and bruised, he winced as the scratched skin of his back pulled and a small tear leaked from the corner of his eye. He liked men and he like women, mostly equally but there were often times - like this one - that he liked women much more than he did men. Men were far more violent, far more blaming, and far more demanding than the average woman. He reached for a robe and stumbled from his bed to the kitchen. Bounce fluttered about his head and he grabbed the little green some food as he searched about for klah fixings. The small firelizard alighted on his bruised shoulder, wringing a deep cringe from B'sen as she crooned softly and continuously as she caressed his cheek with her own. "You're such a sweet little miss," he said quietly as he fed her the bread in his hand. Her only response was a gentle purr as she sought to make him feel better.

B'sen, came a quiet voice. Yes Lith? he asked. I'm sorry you were hurt for my pleasure, she said still unusually quiet. Lith regretted when B'sen was harmed during her flights and she was always remorseful. He never blamed her and always tried to shrug it off and treat it as nothing. She alway knew that he lied but he couldn't do anything else. Its nothing love. Nothing a few days and some numbweed won't fix, he replied with a touch of his usual candor. Well alright.. If you insist you're fine, she was unconvinced but she would leave it at that.

He chuckled quietly as he sipped his klah and rolled an aching shoulder. He would definitely be sore for a few days to come. It was nights like that that he was decidedly pleased that Lith only flew a few times a turn. If she flew anymore he'd never heal and always be a quivering mess. Oh! B'sen we have visitors! she screeched in his head and he grimaced. He wasn't all to sure he was up to visitors today. But you'll like these visitors! she insisted. With his cup gripped in his hand he made his way to the porch and found Terken and his happy pup. He says he's got something for me! she chortled, and food for you. Which is a good thing since your cupboards are always bare He stuck his tongue out at her as he looked to Terken, "Hello, friend! What brings you about my humble abode, Terken?"

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Personal Huts / Re: Smooth Landings [B'sen]
« on: 12 Jun 2013 at 10:52 AM »
B'sen calmly and smoothly reached up and drew the fallen shoulder of his robe back up to cover the fresh mosaic of bruises that covered the skin there. He'd never felt ashamed or sorry for who and what he and Lith were until he saw the wide eyes and pale face that had looked at the spray of violence on his shoulder. He wasn't ashamed really, because not much could be changed now, but he wished that a gentle soul like Terken didn't have to see what the aftermath of a flight could be and it saddened him.

He cleared his throat, "Food and friends are always welcome." He winced slightly when Terken wrapped him in a hug, strong arms squeezed softly but the bruises and scraps were much to fresh for there not to be pain. "The greenrider network eh? Ravana would know about it." He wanted to cling to the boy, cry into his shoulder and wash his worries away in a sweet friendship, but he stopped himself as Terken drew away from him to show them what he had brought.

Lith wiggled in delight when Terken gave her the rock. She knew it was a rock but she figured it must be something special for Terken to give it to her. After all she was Lith and she always deserved something special. Tell him thank you, B'sen! she urged her rider as she waited patiently for Terken to give it to her. It would go fine with the rest of her little baubles. "The mistress there says to thank you for her gift. You've made her day," B'sen chuckled before motioning towards the hut, "Come on up and excuse the mess. I haven't cleaned for a while."

The Lake Edge / Re: Fine and Mellow [B'sen]
« on: 12 Jun 2013 at 11:10 AM »
He watched the other man scrubbing at the green shoulder of his dragon from his position in the sand. Lith was happily splashing away in the water - getting nice and wet to make sure the soap sand suds just right or so she said not that she needed the sand but she did so enjoy it - and most likely wouldn't notice if her rider was helping another with his dragon. Not that she would mind much anyway, Lith shared well. I don't mind if you help Caxith's rider oil her. That way he can help you too, she chimed at him. With a sigh he scrambled up, "Sure I'll help. Princess over there doesn't mind so much. Besides she's having entirely to much fun to notice anyway."

Taking up a brush B'sen went to the opposite shoulder before turning to soak the brush with oil. He set the brush to her shoulder and with firm strokes began to spread the oil evenly against the green hide before him. Oiling another dragon was odd for B'sen. He generally only oiled Lith and it had been much the same since their weyrlinghood, he'd never felt the need to help another before.

B'sen only pretends that oiling and scrubbing take up too much of his time. But he enjoys it, I can tell she told Caxith's from where she splashed in the water, If he doesn't start talking to T'rielle about he problems maybe I'll tell you, Lith still couldn't understand why B'sen was having such a hard time with his most recent breakup. The man had not been exactly nice. Had been cruel at times and made B'sen cry at night. If she could have, Lith would've made a meal of him on most occasions.

"She doesn't mean well," he snorted, "She's a regular pain in my ass." Lith was like an oversized mother. Always twittering and trying to feed him and make him feel better. She did mean well but B'sen was always a touch disgruntled when she decided to play mother. A chitter from overhead signaled the approach of his newest addition and even more mothering problem, Bounce fluttered about his head before scolding him loudly and gliding over to Lith. The small green firelizard was a regular harridan and loved nothing more than to scold him whenever possible. He chuckled at her as he asked T'rielle, "You have one?"

Personal Huts / Re: Leap for the Sun [Open green flight]
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Locking this since there are no takers. Flight winner will be NPC'd

The Lake Edge / Re: Fine and Mellow [B'sen]
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B'sen chuckled at the tense inspection he under went. He continued spreading the fragrant oils as Caxith deemed him worthy of oiling her up. "Bounce," he said of the firelizard, "Lith found her egg and brought it back. A bit unexpected her hatching but she's nice enough." Bounce had been a pleasant addition albeit an annoying one and B'sen, for the most part, was thankful Lith had brought her about. For being a green she'd been rather easy to train. Some what anyway. She still did have a tendency to pilfer pretty baubles here and there.

Men troubles. What other kind could it possibly be? Lith said from where she wallowed in the water. He's broken it off with his recent friend. Lith was unconcerned about gossiping with Caxith. The green had no inhibitions that kept her from doing so, especially with another green. Well she was concerned about the mind and heart of her bonded but she had a feeling B'sen would soon get over it.

B'sen ran the brush along the glistening green sides of Caxith as he grinned. "She certainly seems to be at any rate," he laughed, "Much so than Lith." He was rewarded for his words with a slap of water, that barely made a wave, and a very unladylike snort from his green. He laughed outright at the words of Caxith. Lith was always insistent that B'sen was perfect, that he never faltered while in his care of her and he found it rather amusing that Caxith felt the need to imply that T'rielle was only marginal good at her care. "Feisty," he said amused, "Does she often pick at you like a mother hen?"

Personal Huts / The End Of A Chapter [Solo. B'sen death post]
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He groaned awake at the thunder outside - or was it in his head? - and cursed the rain yet again. It hadn't let up since the beginning of last month and the disgustingness of it made him cringe. The thunder sounded again and B'sen crawled from his warm bed intent on something. What he had no idea. Maybe some fruit. Maybe some klah. He didn't know. He cocked a head listening for Lith over the sound but the green was oddly quiet. Li- and his thought was cut short as the thunder finally hit his hut, slamming him into a wall that quickly collapsed, and filling his hut with wet sticky mud.

B'SEN! screeched through his battered and torn mind. He could hear the scrabble of claws above him as the mud pressed down on him. Something was broken and he coughed, mud filling his mouth. He tried to cough it out but to now avail. B'SEN! Lith shrieked again. How long had he been buried? Minutes? Hours? It seemed like an eternity. His brow furrowed at the minute touch of light - though dimmed it was - and the tiny chill of the air against his fingers.

Lith…. he moaned, get me out. Lith screamed as she tossed more mud and muck behind her, Trying.. Trying… she muttered. The dragon knew something was wrong. She had nearly panicked herself between when the mud had first hit, but the soft and tenuous link to B'sen had stayed her course. She could feel the pain of her rider and she desperately flung more mud. She had to get him out. Had to. What would she be without B'sen? She would not be without B'sen. She had to get him out. There! A hand. A B'sen hand. Furiously she dug about that hand, talons scrapping against the rock that had come down with the mud. A shoulder and a head and finally she could see his precious face.

He coughed the mud from his mouth and gulped the clean air that flowed around his face. "Something's broken, Lith," he whispered and coughed again, "Something's broken." The mud had crushed his chest and snapped most of his ribs. A shard had punctured his lung and his broken sternum pressed deeply against the muscle of his heart. Coughing wracked his body, one lung attempting to breath for both, as Lith pulled him from the muck. He could feel the warmth of blood as it trickled at the corner of his mouth and he knew he was lost.

"Take us home, Lith. Take us home," and he shuddered as Lith gingerly cradled him in her paws. Her lift off would be awkward as she cradled the man who was hers against her chest. Home. We'll go home and we'll be fine, she said on a long moaning keen and the cold of between was fleeting as the life drained from the dark haired man and his dragon.

The little green firelizard knew nothing of the mud. Knew nothing of death really, all she knew was her friends were gone. Nothing held her here, nothing that would feed her would come. The little green firelizard, known as Bounce screeched in anger at her missing friends and blinked between. She would find new friends!

And thus comes the end of a chapter.

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