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Dining Hall / Quiet Celebrations [R'nd]
« on: 19 Nov 2013 at 02:02 AM »
He had done it.

They had done it!

T’bia leaned back on the bench he was perched on, legs sticking out under the table to balance himself, while he stared in mesmerised shock at the graduation knots he had just received from B’jin. He remembered when the greenrider had handed him his Sr. Weyrling knots, that small step in the graduation process, along with a gorgeous portrait of himself and his lovely Jycenth. A dopey grin formed on T’bia’s lips and he looked up, bright blue eyes full of tears as he suddenly leapt from the bench and threw himself first at the greenrider (completely missing the man’s shocked expression and worried stiffening) for a quick hug. He then threw himself at the various assistants’, completely aware of the way several of them laughed softly; clearly, he was not the only one that was shocked by his own graduation!

Of course we graduated, the blue’s gentle and feminine voice wrapped gently around T’bia’s mind and the boy (still grinning at their success) settled himself back in his seat, tripping over his own feet and very nearly planting his face firmly in the food he had been picking at before his knots were handed over. T’bia caught himself, not wanting to ruin his nice shirt, and smiled at one of his fellow classmates that made a laughing jab about him being clumsy. I told you we would, gently scolding amusement was lingering in the dragon’s tone, and T’bia held up the knots so the blue could peer through his own eyes to see them. Very fetching!

“Thank you, sir!” wide blue eyes flickered from B’jin, to whom his comment was aimed, to R’nd with a brilliant grin once more firmly planting itself on the young bluerider’s face. He could not believe it! He had graduated! He was officially a dragonrider! They were official! It was real! He could not wait to show his dad! T’bia’s chest swelled with pride, and the tears welled in the bottom of his eyes once more, but he was careful to blink them back before they could fall; that was all he needed! Nothing wrong with tears of joy, Bibi! Of course not! But not in public! T’bia’s thought trailed off into a nervous giggle and his attention returned to his knots; he was afraid to put them down, in case one of the men that had been training his class decided they’d made a mistake!

Dining Hall / Re: Quiet Celebrations [R'nd]
« on: 22 Nov 2013 at 08:38 AM »
A broken whimper snuck out from between suddenly pouting lips, huge blue eyes staring at where – once! – a set of beautiful bluerider knots had been resting in his hands, and were not very much gone. T’bia’s eyes welled with tears, feeling himself the butt of some huge joke as he shrank in on himself, barely finding the courage to turn his watery gaze up at R’nd, clearly heartbroken. He was oblivious to the way a classmate on the other side of the table had elbowed a mate and they were both watching with amusement. T’bia’s bottom lip trembled as he stared up at R’nd pathetically.

He barely heard the words the bluerider said; Jycenth had to repeat them for him, the dragon’s tone thick with loving amusement as he reassured his young rider that the world wasn’t going to crash around him, and that the older bluerider was attaching his knots for him! More tears attempted to join those his blue eyes were swimming behind, and toppled down his cheeks. So much for not crying in public! Shame coloured his cheeks, before T’bia hid his face by throwing himself at R’nd and burying his face in the older bluerider’s chest. He sniffled pathetically.

He is very proud of you, Bibi, Jycenth’s sweet voice wrapped around T’bia’s mind as he reassured his sweet human that R’nd really was happy for him, and had never meant anything malicious with his teasing. T’bia knew as much, but Jycenth felt that sometimes, a little extra reassurance was needed. Besides, it reassured them both when he was right all the time, and being right about obvious things helped keep both their faith in him strong.

T’bia sniffled again as he pulled back, brushing a hand over his cheek with an embarrassed swipe. His eyes were red rimmed, and his cheeks and nose were flushed, but the quiet air of pride had returned as he smiled bashfully at R’nd. Turning slightly, he poked at his food so as that he could attempt to not be so awkward. “Thank you.” He lifted his gaze, and flashed a soft smile at R’nd before quickly turning back to his food. How terrible it would have been, to have R’nd take back his knots! T’bia was not sure he would have been able to live with the shame of letting down the bluerider he idolised!

Dining Hall / Re: Quiet Celebrations [R'nd]
« on: 23 Nov 2013 at 07:53 AM »
“It’s okay!” A bashful, but no less bright smile quickly transformed the young man’s features as he looked up at R’nd, before ducking his attention down to where his knots were now attached to his shoulder. Once more, and with much less wariness, the boy swelled with pride in himself, but most importantly, in his dragon. It was so official! They were real dragonriders! Blueriders! The best kind of rider ever! T’bia wriggled in delight where he was sitting, unable to resist petting his knots once before gasping loudly in surprise.

“Really?” Huge eyes stared up at R’nd, practically glowing with gratitude and honour at such a request. With his smile threatening to split his face, T’bia threw himself at R’nd again, wrapping the bluerider in a hug and squeezing tightly, before releasing him just as quickly. He was just about bouncing where he was sitting, excitement pouring off him in waves. Jycenth rumbled his amusement softly from where he was curled up outside, pleased by the surprise his young lifemate’s mentor had presented.

“That would be so amazing! Like-!!” words failed the teen as he brought his hands close to his chest, and then threw them out exuberantly, managing to throw his fork across the room in the process. He squeaked, expression changing in the blink of an eye to shocked horror as he spun around to make sure he hadn’t hurt anyone, and promptly fell backwards off the seat. Flailing arms grabbed at R’nd, managing to clutch onto a handful of the man’s arm and thus saving T’bia from connecting his head with the hard floor below him.

He gawked up at R’nd with his typical expression of flustered embarrassment, face hot and red and a dorky smile trying to laugh off the entire scene.

Dining Hall / Re: Quiet Celebrations [R'nd]
« on: 05 Dec 2013 at 08:02 AM »
T’bia giggled, and shook his head right back at R’nd, with a playful sideways look and an upraised eyebrow before his gaze flicked pointedly towards B’jin and then back to R’nd. He radiated innocence as he let the elder bluerider hurl him back onto his seat, a winning smile flashing at the bluerider. “Are you su-u-r-re?” His voice was wheedling, teasing and full of amusement as he wiggled his fork at R’nd.

He froze mid wiggle of the fork, eyes widening dramatically in his face, and he put it down with great delicacy. Folding his hands together with great care, T’bia placed them in his lap with a frown, before turning his attention back on R’nd. A bright grin lit up his face as he, too went back to the original topic. “That would be amazing!” T’bia gushed, and unable to curb his enthusiasm for long, the boy began wriggling in his seat again. Hands once more left his lap, without T’bia even being aware of it, and he picked up the fork he’d so recently put down and stabbed up a chunk of vegetable.

“Who else is in your wing?” Excited questions bubbled forth with very little space between the words. “How often do you practice? What do you practice? Is it hard? Why? Do you learn new things? Oooh! Do you play games like we did in class? Or just get lectured? What position are you an Ayyonth? Do you like practice? What’s your favourite— ” realising he was babbling, not breathing, and probably just drowned his mentor in questions, T’bia’s face once more went red, and he shoved the forkful of vegetable in his face, ducking his head and focusing on his plate.

Dining Hall / Re: Quiet Celebrations [R'nd]
« on: 14 Dec 2013 at 11:28 PM »
Wide, emotional blue eyes stared up at R’nd when the bluerider gently forced T’bia to look back at him, a healthy blush covering the youngster’s cheeks. “Really?” T’bia gushed, before biting down on his bottom lip so as not to interrupt the other bluerider as he listed off some of his wingmates. Would he end up in a wing with a heap of his classmates, too? T’bia’s gaze shifted from R’nd, flickering over his fellow no-longer-weyrlings, before turning back to R’nd, completely missing the way the elder bluerider’s lip had curled at the mentioning of D’hys. T’bia was far more curious about his own fellows! He liked most of his classmates, but what would it be like to be in a wing with them? A real wing! A silly grin turned the corners of the boy’s lips up.

A naughty little giggle tumbled free from T’bia’s lips as he followed R’nd’s quick glance to B’jin and he smirked at the bluerider before using his fork to shove food in his mouth. Blue eyes danced mischievously however. Everyone and their firelizard knew how badly those two were wrapped up in each other – except those two, and even T’bia could see it! It was such fun to watch them, though! The teenager was in the process of attempting to put on an air of innocence, when R’nd’s mind was apparently further down the track with the greenrider than T’bia’s had managed to make. The youngster swallowed and breathed at the same time, choked, and ended up spitting his food back up onto his plate with a cackled of laughter.

Ignoring the disgusted look he was getting from a couple of greenriders on the other side of the table, and the way the one beside him just slid a good foot down the bench to be further away, T’bia pushed his plate (which was now home to well masticated food) away from him with another snigger. Wiping the back of his hand across his mouth, the youngster shook his head and side-eyed R’nd. “Oh, I’m sure I know,” he smirked, flickering a glance at B’jin again before lowering his voice and leaning close to R’nd. “Someone made it quite public!” Giggling again, T’bia turned his attention back upon his plate and frowned at it sadly. He wasn’t quite interested in eating what was on it, even if what was now making it disgusting was his own saliva. His nose scrunched.

Gather Square / Re: A Hard Day's Night [T'bia]
« on: 27 Dec 2013 at 09:45 AM »
T’bia was not prone to watching where he was walking. Quite the contrary, of late, as the young man was far more interested in fingering his newly won bluerider knots, and making sure they sat flat… or that they were even still there! The first few days, T’bia had even awoken from nightmares wherein his knots had been taken back by scary faced B’jin, or a raging R’nd, and even once, he’d had a nightmare that the Weyrleader had come marching in and raved about how real riders were everything T’bia wasn’t. He had cried for hours! It had taken all of Jycenth’s calming influence and quiet wisdom to calm his poor, distressed rider down that morning.

Presently, however, T’bia was babbling aloud and quite happily to his dragon – the blue being some distance away, and mostly asleep on a roof top – making the youngster look more than a small amount insane as he petted his knots and nearly skipped along. Not that T’bia knew – in the slightest – that he looked insane. Unfortunately, his mindless babble, his distracted nature, and the fact that he never looked where he was going, were all ingredients for disaster all by themselves. That, of course, was without adding in a bouncing pup and a tumbling ball!

T’bia was quite literally taken by surprise, when the pup nearly ran into him; the sudden appearance of the little canine caused the boy to squeal, an alarming sound and not at all masculine, and bounce backwards. Naturally, with T’bia being T’bia, the boy tripped over his own feet, and landed with a splat on his arse on the damp, muddy ground. Huge eyes stared at the young dog, as the creature picked up its ball. T’bia blinked several times, his shell shocked face turning to see the man sitting not far away, who (in T’bia’s opinion) looked far too amused by the whole thing. A sulky pout formed on the teen’s full lips.

What happened? Amusement lingered within Jycenth’s sweet voice, and T’bia could feel his dragon’s curiosity radiating from their link. Rather than perking T’bia up, it just caused him to pout more visibly for a few moments, before he was suitably distracted by the young canine, his expression becoming one of curiosity; he’d never really bothered to be around the creatures. He knew there were a few running around the weyr, but T’bia had never actually seen one up close. He glanced at the man that appeared to own it (did people own canines, or were they like dragons?) before holding his fingers out to it. He wasn’t sure he was allowed to touch it, and if they were like dragons, it would be awfully rude to touch it without permission!


This post is extremely awkward. It's almost 2am and I haven't played T'bia nearly enough to know him yet. Please excuse the weird; he should smooth out soon. I hope :| lol. I assumed the pup came back to sniff at him, but let me know if you would like me to change anything :)

Gather Square / Re: A Hard Day's Night [T'bia]
« on: 29 Dec 2013 at 07:46 AM »
T’bia giggled happily as the canine shoved her head under his fingers, more than happy to gleefully pet the little creature. Her bark, however, startled him; T’bia withdrew his hand swiftly, watching her with wary blue eyes for several moments before the dog bounded off, and the boy blinked his eyes rapidly. His head jerked back somewhat when his lap was suddenly home to a ball. He stared back at Kymi, utterly lost and wondering what it was she wanted from him.

The voice of Firah took T’bia by surprise once more, and his attention jerked sideways and up, to peer at the suddenly very close man with surprise. “Hello!” The teen’s greeting was enthusiastic and bright, and he reached for the hand that was extended to him without noticing the way Firah’s enthusiasm faltered when the boy’s rider knots were seen.

“She is?” T’bia turned wide eyes upon the man that was walking towards him, having rather rapidly retracted his hand from anywhere near the dog when she’d barked at him, to be followed by a slobbery ball being dropped in his lap. T’bia wasn’t quite sure what he made of that! At least Jycenth didn’t drool on him! You do enough drooling in your sleep for both of us, the blue teased mildly as T’bia excitedly grasped the hand that was extended to him, and completely missed the way Firah tensed up when he saw the knots. T’bia was so proud of finally being a graduated dragonrider, he likely wouldn’t have connected those dots even if he had noticed!

“Oh, no! It’s okay! I’m fine! It’s a girl? She’s strange, isn’t she? What’s her name? Did she name herself? Does she talk to you like dragons? Or is she like a firelizard?” Huge blue eyes accompanied the stream of questions, the words wandering into each other and slurring a little in T’bia’s excitement as his attention wove from man to dog and back again. “What’s she doing? Why does she do that? Is that like when dragons make noises? Does she have a mate? How old is she? Wha-“ T’bia realised he was babbling, rather suddenly, and his mouth snapped shut with an audible clip of teeth knocking against one another and his face went hot red, starting below his collar and shooting upwards to his dark hair. His gaze dropped uncomfortably and he wriggled a little where he was standing, but he didn’t say anything further.

Dining Hall / Re: Quiet Celebrations [R'nd]
« on: 08 Jan 2014 at 04:55 AM »
T’bia’s intent to tease R’nd about ‘small portions’ was lost as the bluerider suddenly stood up and started dragging him off the bench, and towards the centre floor. T’bia’s blue eyes widened quite dramatically and he leaned back, giving a gentle jerk against R’nd’s hand as the other man hauled him onwards.

“Dance?” T’bia squeaked, staring up at R’nd with blue eyes just about popping from his suddenly very pale face. It was quite the startling change from the warm red that had previously been colouring it at intervals, and made both the colour of his eyes, and his lips, stand out more on his face. It was not a particularly attractive image, but T’bia was quite unaware of that as he gaped at R’nd. “D-dance? I. B-but… Oh, okay then.”

The last was said on a sad little sigh as R’nd’s insistent tugging, with the slightly terrifying pout was aimed at him, and T’bia’s shoulders slumped slightly in depressed resignation. Not even the joyful bouncing of his mentor’s steps could brighten him, and T’bia watched with a sad pout as R’nd relaxed into the music. “I don’t have any,” T’bia sulked pathetically, watching with a worried frown as R’nd moved, while trying to keep an eye on those around them. The whole situation was a disaster just waiting to happen!

Relax, have fun, enjoy yourself! the blue’s words were comforting, but more because they came with the warmth of love and less because of what he said. T’bia’s pout increased. “I can’t dance.” He couldn’t even bring himself to the point of trying; if he could not walk without damaging either himself or someone nearby… how could he possibly ever dance? “I don’t know how.” As if saying that would convince R’nd to let him go back to his bench… T’bia’s eyes darted around, worried anxiously he’d cause a meltdown by those dancing around them.

Gather Square / Re: A Hard Day's Night [T'bia]
« on: 12 Jan 2014 at 08:21 PM »
“I know what they are,” T’bia pouted, frowning at Firah and scuffing the toe of his right boot against the ground. Sad blue eyes dropped to the ground as he refused to look at the beastcrafter for several moments. When he spoke again, he did so without looking at Firah. “I’ve never been near one.” The words were sulky and mumbled, and he cast a swift glance at the other before fretting his hands together uncomfortably. He had screwed up, again! How was he supposed to know the answers to his questions, if he did not ask them? Did asking questions really make him such a dimglow?

Who says you are a dimglow, love? The blue dragon’s light, feminine voice fluttered into T’bia’s mind and the boy answered, out loud and without thinking; “Everyone.” His face flushed crimson when he realised he’s spoken aloud, and T’bia’s shoulders sagged in resignation. She likes you, Bibi. The dragon sought to distract his depressed rider, and there was the soft thread of an emotional smile as the boy’s eyes lit up suddenly and turned upon the exuberant dog as she came back with the ball.

Squatting, T’bia held his hands out to her, and was rewarded with a drool soaked ball in his hands. The boy’s entire face crumpled in disgust, but he laughed as he held it up between ginger fingertips. “So gross!” Laughter was in his voice and he gave the ball a particularly pathetic throw to send the mutt off and chasing it again. Dropping back to the ground, he wiped his hands on the grass. “Did you train her?” Wide eyes turned back to Firah, and T’bia slowly stood back up again, dusting his damp hands on his pant legs.

Dining Hall / Re: Quiet Celebrations [R'nd]
« on: 19 Jan 2014 at 09:16 PM »
T’bia blinked up at R’nd when the bluerider smirked at him, a worried frown still furrowing his eyebrows. He had noticed the way R’nd had frozen in shock at his words, and he was worried about how the bluerider would respond. He should have expected the light hearted response, of course, but it still caused the young man to chew worriedly on his bottom lip before R’nd was manhandling him.

T’bia gave a startled squeak as R’nd swirled around him and then pressed up close, far more surprised than anything. Again, something he shouldn’t have been given the past year and a half that the bluerider had been around him, especially when he  had taken to helping the rather excitable teen underwing to help him graduate. Blue eyes darted to his shoulder, where the knots were still very neatly hung, and T’bia tilted his head back to frown up at R’nd.

“I have no natural rhythm!” He pointed out indignantly, eyebrows furrowed and a pout forming. Indeed, he was looking for all the world like R’nd was completely insane for even saying such a thing. How many times had he seen T’bia trip over thin air? Had he not, moments ago, just thrown a knife (or was it a fork? The boy could not remember!) across the room?

Indeed, the young blue’s light, feminine voice floated freely back to Ayyonth and was filled with laughter. Bibi is too innocent to make anything of it, Jycenth added, eyes sparkling with colours of fond amusement. Oh, one of his classmates would undoubtedly point it out to him later, and T’bia would flail most magnificently for a short period of time before Jycenth calmed him down with what had become a trusted routine. After all, if T’bia wasn’t making anything of it, and R’nd hadn’t made anything of it, why should there be anything to it?

Dining Hall / Re: Quiet Celebrations [R'nd]
« on: 11 Feb 2014 at 10:16 PM »
T’bia pouted. Couldn’t they go and find dessert now? But he did not say anything, instead puffing out a long suffering sigh and did as R’nd had asked, his face screwed up in a frown of concentration as he focused on putting his feet and arms, hips and Faranth knew what other part of himself in the right places at the right time to match R’nd. As a result, all of T’bia’s movements echoed R’nd’s, but were several beats behind him. With his face screwed up and his eyebrows furrowed, it was clear that the teen was putting far more thought and effort into his should-be-carefree dancing than he was letting go and enjoying himself, but that was the way T’bia rolled.

Unfortunately, for him – though perhaps fortunately for R’nd – T’bia’s vicious concentration on his movements meant he missed the opening to tease R’nd about his and B’jin’s unorthodox make out session a few graduations previous. By the time T’bia had processed that comment, woven between ‘hand – foot – hip, oh shit foot’, the music was fading and even T’bia knew the chance to make a teasing comeback had been lost. He shrugged; loosening stiffened shoulders as the music finally came to a halt and before R’nd could change his mind, T’bia grabbed the blueriders hand gave a hard yank towards the dessert trays.

“C’mon! Before all the good stuff is gone!” R’nd wasn’t the only one with a sweet tooth, and T’bia dropped his mentor’s hand to dart through the crowd, tripping over his own feet several times and almost falling entirely to the floor. Instead, his flailing arms grabbed a classmate around the waist and buried his face in the other man’s lower back – much to his irritation. T’bia was shoved off none too gently, but his cheerful grin and a hot flush were firmly in place and the teen bounced back to his feet and darted the last of the way to the dessert trays. Only to discover he had forgotten a plate.

Jycenth’s amusement could be felt in waves as T’bia swayed from foot to foot anxiously and stood up on tiptoes, trying to see where the plates were kept. He was going to miss out on everything because he forgot the thread-be-damned plate! Spinning around to try and get to the other side where the plates were kept, T’bia slammed heavily into R’nd’s chest with a grunt, and toppled back to land on the floor on his behind. Pouting terribly, the teen lifted his gaze to meet R’nd’s.

Dining Hall / Re: Quiet Celebrations [R'nd]
« on: 22 Feb 2014 at 11:11 PM »
The pout vanished in an instant as the plates in R’nd’s hands were noticed, with the teen nearly springing to his feet as he grasped the offered hand, blinking at the words but far more interested in loading up the plate R’nd offered him, barely standing still as the bluerider brushed him off and straightened his knots. Cake! Grinning at R’nd, T’bia spun his attention back onto the tables loaded with goodies, and wove his way through the people, elbowing those that would not move so he could get closer to his prizes.

T’bia worked his way around the dessert tables with efficient speed, and returned to where R’nd had been standing but no longer was. Figuring his fellow bluerider was still loading up his own plate, T’bia shifted anxiously on the spot for several moments before Jycenth reminded him of what R’nd had said previously – sneaking off to the side! Grinning brilliantly again, T’bia bounced off to one side, carefully holding his plate with both hands lest he lose his mountain of sugary goodness. When a nice spot was found, T’bia leaned back against the wall and slid to the ground, asking Jycenth to let Ayyonth know where he was, so R’nd could join him if he wanted to.

With his legs crossed, and the loaded plate sitting delicately on his crossed ankles, T’bia stared with huge eyes down at his plate, and tried to decide which one would be the best to start with. Picking a large, sugar coated cinnamon bun, T’bia picked it up and shoved the majority of the cake in his face, looking up as he bit down, blue eyes searching to see if R’nd was going to join him once more.

Weyrfolk Housing / To Say Thanks [R’nd]
« on: 28 Feb 2014 at 12:02 AM »
T’bia fretted, internally, anxiously, as he scrubbed Jycenth’s hide down, working with almost laughable dedication on each small portion of his bonded’s body. He had ever been terrified of leaving even one spot uncared for, lest his beautiful suited blue come out with a scar or mar upon his hide like those which Larrkith was home to. T’bia had never forgotten the day B’jin had forced each of them to examine the green’s mangled hide, and told with such a serious expression the lack of care that had brought it about. He couldn’t ever bare that Jycenth have any such marking upon his pretty hide. Ever.

Which was why his eyebrows were furrowed and his lips pursed as he circled around and around his dragon to make sure he got every last bit of him. Why he made Jycenth sit on his haunches and hold his arms out so that T’bia could get right up under his belly and under his arms and giggle softly when Jycenth complained of it tickling. But mostly, T’bia’s worry was because he wanted to do something nice for R’nd, to thank him for all the help he’d given, and he just couldn’t think of anything!

It had been one of his classmates (T’bia couldn’t even remember  who, now) that had pointed out, rather snidely, that the only reason T’bia even knew which end of his dragon was the front was because R’nd had babied him through their entire Weyrlinghood. T’bia hadn’t been sure if he was outraged at the implied insult to Jycenth or not, but the hurt over the remark had won out in the end and the boy had cried most of the trip to the far end of the lake. He wasn’t that bad, was he?

Jycenth had stopped him before he’d fallen completely into the mess of emotions that comment had very nearly brought about, pointing out that – true or not – R’nd had indeed been very helpful throughout their Weyrlinghood, and maybe the bully was trying to say, in his less than eloquent way, that they ought to thank the man a little more. After all, he hadn’t had to help them, now had he? That had brightened T’bia up visibly, but only for a moment… The question then had been, what do you give a bluerider as a thank you gift? Especially one who already had everything!

R’nd already had a mate, and while the idea of putting a bow on B’jin’s head and presenting him to R’nd made T’bia giggle and Jycenth puff out an amused laugh, it was not very practical and he had a feeling his Weyrlingmaster would not particularly approve. B’jin was very proud.

T’bia and Jycenth walked up out of the water, the dragon pausing to shake himself free of excess moisture while T’bia unstopped the large bucket of oil and waited for his dragon to finish rolling in the hot sand, effectively drying himself. When he stood up, he shook like one of T’ken’s dogs, spraying sand all around him. T’bia smiled vaguely and snuggled the offered nose, placing a kiss on it as he pet Jycenth’s eye ridges with gentleness. Love for one another rolled off the pair of them, but T’bia’s mind was still unsettled with the disquiet of being unable to think of an appropriate gift.

He didn’t know how to cook, and besides, R’nd’s friend I’shan was like, the best cook ever so that was out. He couldn’t draw or write songs (or really write, to be honest) and he couldn’t play instruments like B’jin could (No one can, love) so those things were out, too. He wasn’t very good at making oil for a dragon’s hide, and with how regularly he washed Jycenth, he didn’t have time to make some for anyone else. T’bia knew he didn’t have to wash and oil his dragon as often as he did (Quite a few are jealous of my regular pampering, you know.) but he couldn’t stand the idea of mars, and besides, Jycenth really enjoyed it!

He didn’t trust his skills with working the leather to make R’nd and Ayyonth new riding straps, and his artistic skills in making them look pretty were extremely limited. He also couldn’t sew or embellish and – Enough of what you can’t do, love. You need to find something you can. R’nd likes you, you’re his friend. Why are you so anxious? You could give him half wilted mushrooms and he’d think you were brilliant and treasure the gift.
“Eww!” T’bia couldn’t help it; he burst into giggles at the idea of giving anyone dirty old mushrooms, and shook his head. “Because he’s been so nice,” T’bia pouted. “And he didn’t have to be. He’s still being nice to me, even though we’re not Weyrlings anymore and he doesn’t have to be around us.”
He’s your friend T’bia; that’s what friends do. They spend time together, and they enjoy each other’s company.
“But I want to give him a present.” T’bia was still pouting fantastically, his voice sulky, and Jycenth sighed as the boy began working oil into his nice clean, dry hide.
Pick him some pretty flowers, and some nice redfruit on the way home and you can give him that. And a hug, he likes hugs.

~ ~ ~

Jycenth’s suggestion won out, but really, T’bia was not very surprised in hindsight. Jycenth was infinitely smarter than he was, and he was always right. It was reassuring though, and T’bia took refuge in his dragon knowing what was best. He didn’t think dragon bonds were supposed to be like that – that the human defer to the dragon – but he supposed that was why he had a nice, sensible blue instead of a bronze or something. Those dragons were too lazy to think for themselves and green dragons were too hot headed. Blue was a good colour, and T’bia lazily petted the side of Jycenth’s neck as the dragon strode calmly towards the new Weyrfolk Hall.

Even though they could fly, T’bia was uncomfortable spending too much time in the sky, and the pair had reverted back to ‘pony rides’ more often than not once that was figured out. T’bia liked riding on Jycenth; he liked the connection and the quiet companionship and the lack of falling over his own feet. But flying made his stomach squeeze up and his eyes water and while he trusted Jycenth unquestionably to keep him safe… why make himself unnecessarily uncomfortable? That had been another one of Jycenth’s suggestions. Always right, his blue. Always knowing what is best.

In front of him, T’bia had a little satchel that was filled with a dozen or so redfruit, a few of them slightly over ripe and perfect for eating, but most of them just shy of being ripe, so the bluerider and his mate could take their time enjoying them without them spoiling too fast. In his spare hand, T’bia held an assortment of flowers, mostly shades of blue that, with a few pink and yellow thrown in for visual effect. He had tried to stick to the type of flower that was most closely coloured like Ayyonth’s hide, but it had not been easy.

Jycenth crooned a quiet greeting to Ayyonth as he stopped, glancing at the sleeping Larrikith but he could tell by the steady rise and fall of her side that she was truly asleep. They’d need to be quiet, but Jycenth was a quiet dragon by nature, so it was nothing to deter him. T’bia, on the other hand, froze atop him when he saw the sleeping green. Did that mean B’jin was home? Was he interrupting them? Blue eyes widened slightly and a flush coloured his cheeks as his mind nipped down one path that T’bia had to struggle not to end up thinking on too heavily. He did not want those kinds of images!

Still wide eyed and slightly flushed, T’bia turned his attention on Ayyonth, eyebrows furrowing slightly as he struggled for a moment with himself before speaking to the dragon. On the one hand, Jycenth said R’nd was a friend so it wasn’t that out there to talk to his dragon. On the other hand, T’bia wasn’t comfortable talking to other people, and dragons were even worse because proper manners dictated one should not really talk to someone else’s dragon, especially when they weren’t present and what if he upset R’nd? T’bia barely kept a pout under control as he took a deep breath and puffed it out slowly.

“H-hello Ayyonth; is R’nd busy?” His voice was quiet, and despite Jycenth curling up contentedly against Ayyonth’s other side and looking quite at home, T’bia didn’t dismount; instead he fiddled anxiously with the tie on the little bag, and wriggled uncomfortably where he sat.

Dining Hall / Re: Quiet Celebrations [R'nd]
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T’bia hurriedly swallowed the mouthful of food he had been in the process of masticating and threw a grin at R’nd when the compliment was given, the boy leaning forward to take the glass of juice with a thankful murmur before taking a sip. It was nice and cool, too, which meant someone had probably been up on the top of the mountain burying the drinks in snow for a couple hours. Not a job T’bia was envious; Katila was hot, but at least it wasn’t cold! …

T’bia blinked, frowned, pouted and then shook off the redundant thought, thankful Jycenth was not paying enough attention to him to notice it. His dragon was sweet, and very rarely poked fun at him, but sometimes he took to teasing T’bia and he was not really in the mood. Tonight was supposed to be about making him and his classmates feel grown up and mature, not like bumbling idiots! You’re not an idiot, Bibi. Relax and enjoy your food before R’nd steals it all.

“Hey!” T’bia pouted, staring up at R’nd with great big heartbroken blue eyes. “I went to great lengths to secure that!” He was still pouting, but the edge of a smile was curling the corners of his lips and there was a subtle sparkle in the pretty blue of his eyes. T’bia eyed off the piece he had been given back even as he playfully moved his plate to the other side of his lap with a smug sideways look at R’nd. “Now it’s got your spit on it.” He was clearly teasing, but he was also just as clearly slightly freaked out by that thought. Utterly virginal, T’bia had never so much as even kissed someone and the idea of swapping spit was not on a list of good things. At all.

His eyebrows furrowed and he carefully put what was left of the square on the edge of R’nd’s plate. “You can have it.” A genuine smile followed up; he was not really upset about losing the piece of sweet, but he wasn’t about to eat it now, either. It did not occur to T’bia that his actions or his words might be offensive to the friendly bluerider, and any expression that might have indicated such on R’nd’s face was missed as he turned his attention back to what was left on his plate, and then the people milling around.

“I think Weyrlingmaster B’jin is pleased to be free of us,” T’bia spoke slowly, a slight smile curling up one side of his mouth as he nodded towards the Harper stage, where B’jin was sitting on a stool. His guitar was settled across his lap, strings facing the ceiling, and he was smirking as he laughed at another greenrider, while two others were setting a ring of shot glasses around the rim of his guitar, being careful to set them where they would not slide off. “He’s going to drown himself…” T’bia sounded somewhere between awed and shocked. He had not been one to get out or stay out when Katila partied, he was, after all, just barely sixteen; as a result, he had never seen his Weyrlingmaster drink.

As B’jin started throwing back shots of Katilan spirits, T’bia took more note of the men surrounding him, and frowned slightly. “Why are they all greenriders?” Tearing his eyes away from the scene, T’bia looked up at R’nd. He was too curious about why B’jin was only hanging out with what was clearly half a dozen other greenriders, and not a mixture or blueriders or just other Weyrlingmasters, to wonder what R’nd might think about his mate getting very drunk very fast in front of his just-graduated class and without his company.

Weyrfolk Housing / Re: To Say Thanks [R’nd]
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Despite growing up in the Weyr, T’bia was sure he would never get used to the sound of another dragon’s voice in his head – even Jycenth’s voice occasionally startled him! – and his nose scrunched up just slightly as Ayyonth’s voice tickled along the edge of his mind. Not that the blue had anything less than a pleasant voice, but it was just strange and T’bia was relieved when Jycenth’s presence was all that was left a short moment later. “Thank you,” was murmured, though T’bia was not yet positive he was not interrupting.

Blue eyes widened, and T’bia’s young face turned a beautiful shade of red that would have put most sunburns to shame as R’nd came out, his quick mind quickly taking in the state of the bluerider’s undress and rather mussed looking appearance, and just as swiftly leaping and bounding down that path. Huge eyes dropped to stare at the back of Jycenth’s neck and T’bia shook his head. “N-no,” he could only imagine how angry B’jin must be! He was pretty sure everyone in his class could remember when one of the green dragonets had choked, and B’jin had stormed out of his room, and down the hall, and shoved his hand down the little dragon’s throat to retrieve the chunk of meat the greedy girl had not chewed properly. He had said about three clipped words as he shoved the chunk in the boy’s hands before stalking back to his room. Moreover, that was just for waking him up too early!

You are jumping to conclusions, Bibi, Jycenth’s soft and feminine voice brushed gently against T’bia’s mind and the boy shook his head again. R’nd hadn’t even done his pants up, and he certainly didn’t look like he’d just been using the toilet! He’s going to think you quite rude if you don’t answer his questions, love.

T’bia gave a little squeak and looked up again, clinging to the bag and eyes bugging at the thought of adding to the reasons why R’nd should be angry with him. What questions had the bluerider asked? Idiot, he was such an idiot! Flailing mentally, T’bia fell back on why he was there, hoping it had been included in the questions R’nd had asked. “I b-brought you and B-b’jin,” the greenrider’s name was said in slight terror and his eyes darted towards the door R’nd had come out of, “some fruit.” And some flowers, the young blue spoke brightly in his light hearted, girly tones, his voice less designed to speak to R’nd, and more open to be heard by anyone that was open to hearing it.

“Yes,” T’bia managed not to stutter on that one, and shoved the hand forward that held the flowers in it, only to realise he was still sitting on Jycenth and even with the dragon lying down, he was well out of reach of R’nd. Flushing all over again, T’bia dropped his arm, retracting it back to himself, and flailed mentally (and visibly) for several seconds before lifting one leg over his dragon’s neck, and sliding ungracefully down Jycenth’s side to land with a grunt on the ground. He did manage not to squish anything, and once his balance was regained, he shoved the handful of flowers and the bag of fruit towards R’nd again.

Weyrfolk Housing / Re: To Say Thanks [R’nd]
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There you go, Jycenth purred sweetly, his voice filled with his placid amusement as he and T’bia both took note of the words R’nd had spoken. The greenrider isn’t even here. Please relax now, Bibi. The blue rumbled softly at the gentle pet to his nose, speaking privately to his young bonded as he watched at the boy relaxed slightly as instructed, smiling as the fruit was examined and the flowers sniffed.

“He held me up so I could reach!” T’bia grinned, weight shifting forward slightly on the balls of his feet so he swung forward excitedly, hands gesturing as he demonstrated out Jycenth had held him up; He was so unbalanced when R’nd pulled him in for a hug, with T’bia squeaking as he fell forward against R’nd. The boy scrabbled to find his footing once more and not somehow damage the flowers and bag of fruit he knew R’nd was still holding even as he flailed.

He accepted the hug easily, once he had regained his and returned it gleefully. Bouncing on the spot when R’nd released him, T’bia was still grinning brightly, at ease now that he was convinced B’jin was not going to come storming out half-dressed and murder him! “They were Jy’s idea, because I couldn’t think of anything,” the sentence was spoken with a very clear pout, and the dramatic air given to the final word was almost funny, but T’bia was not trying for dramatics; it just came naturally to the sixteen year old.

“Yes we did! We owe you so much!” Eyes huge, T’bia stared up at R’nd as if he were slightly insane for thinking nothing was needed. T’bia was sure he would be gifting R’nd and B’jin gifts of thanks until he was as wrinkly and old as … as… someone old! He said as much, throwing his arms out dramatically when his mind failed to think of a suitably old and wrinkly example.

Dining Hall / Re: Quiet Celebrations [R'nd]
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T’bia screwed his lips up, twisting them to the left as his nose scrunched up and he frowned towards where the greenriders were. “Yeah, I remember,” T’bia said slowly, his lips and nose returning to normal though the frown still furrowed his eyebrows. He clearly remembered the way B’jin danced around (in particular) the brownriders in his class. Not that T’bia didn’t, because some of them were really quite mean, but B’jin was their teacher and when the Assistants weren’t around, one of the young brownriders was especially self-righteous and down trod B’jin. Not that anyone said anything, and even then, T’bia did not dare. Faranth only knew how R’nd would have reacted to that.

T’bia puffed out a long breath. Being a dragonrider was so much harder than it looked! Even with all the information and things that had been shoved into his brain alongside Jycenth, T’bia was quite sure – especially of that moment – that he’d be learning about being a dragonrider for a very long time. It was very good that R’nd was still interested in having him tag along! He really did hope he would be assigned to the other bluerider’s wing! It would make life much, much better! “But… Why are they only greens?”

Despite what he knew, that did not explain why the other coloured riders did not join the group of greenriders. It was a social event, and he could see many other riders milling around, but the group looked as if they were in their own little world. Even when B’jin started playing the guitar and a rider on the far side of the room they were in (T’bia could not see his knots or face to know who they were) called out a song to be played,  there was the suitable response of cheers and catcalling and jeers, no one joined them and the group didn’t disperse.

They are most comfortable with their own company, love. Like you are more comfortable sitting there with R’nd than if you were with our classmates. The young dragon paused, his usually light and playful voice less buoyant than usual, but compared to the majority of other dragons, still bouncing gleefully. Unfortunately, it doesn’t help the divides between you humans, a little sigh followed that, and the dragon turned his mind from human concerns, attention returning to the conversation he was participating in with various other dragons. Dragons had no concerns for such silliness as company divided by hides!

T’bia’s nose scrunched up again as Jycenth’s thoughts and opinions bled through to him, even if the exact wording was not there. “Dragonriding is complicated,” T’bia pouted, though a light smile pulled the corner of his lips up as he reached over to steal a piece of dessert off R’nd’s plate and grin brightly at his companion. It lasted for several seconds before a naughty giggle burst free. “How did you meet them?” His head nodded slightly towards the group of greenriders, while T’bia’s eyebrows did a little jiggle to imply R’nd had known them before B’jin introduced him to his friends. He giggled again, and took another bite of the dessert.

Weyrfolk Housing / Re: To Say Thanks [R’nd]
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See, love? You really shouldn’t jump to conclusions. The young dragon’s tone was far more amused that scolding, but T’bia still pouted in response, glancing over as Jycenth gave a soft, contented rumble and snuggled up against Ayyonth’s side. The pout was redirected at R’nd when he tried to forestall any further gift giving, sulking in the one-armed embrace.

“Bu-” T’bia got half the word out, before sighing dramatically and nodding his head sadly. A resigned ‘fine’ hung over his head as clearly as a storm cloud might, though he returned the contact R’nd had initiated by looping his arm around the other bluerider’s waist. He followed easily enough when R’nd directed them towards the door to go inside, but T’bia froze when he processed the words.

A frowning pout, directed at R’nd, studied the bluerider with incredible seriousness and furrowed eyebrows. “Those aren’t for me,” he pointed out empathically, eyes widening in response and he shook his head slightly. He had not brought them over so he could eat them! They were for R’nd, and B’jin, to eat! Not him! Besides, T’bia followed up the statement with an explanation: “I ate plenty already.” He smiled just slightly, pleased that he had managed not to get juice all over himself and thus give away his feast of fruit.

“But I guess I can come in?” T’bia’s slight frown went from R’nd to glancing at the sleeping green, and then his own dragon curled up and very happily napping pressed against Ayyonth, and gave another dramatic sigh. Jycenth had clearly made his mind up for him, but Jycenth was always right so T’bia nodded slightly once more and threw a hesitant smile at R’nd. “If it’s okay?” He really didn’t come to over step boundaries, was still terrified of the idea of B’jin coming home (or worse, actually being home. And not dressed… And oh Faranth why?!) T’bia gave himself a little shake and allowed R’nd to steer him inside (where there was, quite clearly, no B’jin).

Dining Hall / Re: Quiet Celebrations [R'nd]
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T’bia was frowning down at his lap as he tried to make sense of the numbers R’nd had presented, his expression changing dramatically as he shifted through the numbers, the men and finally eyed R’nd sideways. “How many times did you count B’jin?” The greenrider in question could fit into… three? Of those categories, maybe? T’bia’s nose scrunched up and he shook his head slightly, throwing the thought to the wind as he turned hungry eyes back on his plate. So many lovely sweets!

“Wha?” T’bia, mouth full of some sweet or another, turned his head fast enough to near give himself whiplash, and gawked at R’nd. The grin on his fellow bluerider’s face was not at all reassuring and those wide eyes widened more. Choking down the mouthful he had taken and barely chewed, T’bia shook his head empathically. “Th-tha’s okay!” The idea of the introduction the expression on R’nd’s face was indicating was slightly terrifying, and the boy’s features lost a lot of their natural colour, even as a flush heated up his cheeks. How would he ever look at any of them ever again?

It was like when they had their sex ed. class and there had been all those riders (granted, mostly blue and green) and some of the men and women T’bia had learned were termed ‘flight moths’ all milling around and willing to lead off interested individuals to ‘finish the course’. He had gotten lucky (to his way of thinking) by being only fourteen at the time and no one had looked at him twice. Now though… he was a graduated dragonrider and a bluerider and what if Jycenth chased one of them? What if he chased Larrikith!? Would R’nd hate him if he did that? Oh Faranth, what if h won?!

I won’t, the dragon’s soft, sweet voice was tinged with amusement, reassurance and the quiet faith that slowly had T’bia relaxing from the brink of panic. Have faith, Bibi. I would never do anything to upset you, and nor would R’nd. He paused for a moment, wondering if he should add anything further, but T’bia was smiling again and eating once more, so Jycenth left well enough alone. His poor boy was far too eager to jump to conclusions!

Dining Hall / Re: Quiet Celebrations [R'nd]
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“Of course!” T’bia waved off anything else he might have said to gawk up at R’nd in surprise and slight dismay. Why wouldn’t he want to hang out with R’nd? The older bluerider was the closest thing to absolutely amazing that T’bia could think of and B’jin was okay, too, but T’bia was utterly terrified of the greenrider for reasons he didn’t quite have words for. Probably it was the man’s eccentricity; when the greenrider was as inclined to laugh happily, as he was to munch on heads, T’bia never knew what to expect! Jycenth’s soft amusement at that went over T’bia’s head, despite their close bond.

Taking his confused attention away from his amused young blue, T’bia fiddled with a piece of dried fruit as he turned wide blue eyes back on B’jin and his companions. A shy glance was given to R’nd, before the group regained T’bia’s attention. “Which one?” His voice was soft and low; T’bia himself was not quite sure if he wanted to be heard or not as he finally lifted the fruit to his lips and nibbled on it anxiously. The boy was not interested in anything more than the proposed friendship, but that was enough to make him squirm. T’bia was not overly good at making friends!

While clearly overwhelmed by the prospect of meeting someone new, T’bia finished the piece of fruit he had had in hand, and frowned worriedly at the greenrider in the centre of the little group. It looked like he had finished playing or singing (how many songs had they talked through? Any?) and was being hauled to his feet by a couple of other greenriders. “I don’t think he can stand… How will he dance?” Genuine confusion showed on T’bia’s face as he shifted his blue eyes to R’nd’s, then back to the giggling greenriders.

T’bia pouted. He did not understand at all. Being a graduated dragonrider was going to be a lot more work than weyrlinghood had, clearly! But such fun! Jycenth’s voice was filled with good cheer, and it melted T’bia’s pout into a soft smile. Maybe, he allowed.

Weyrfolk Housing / Knotted Losses [Peorray]
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Five months. He had not even managed to make it for five months, and he had lost the knots that signified his qualification as a fully-fledged rider. Those knots were more important to T’bia than likely any other object the boy owned or claimed. Indeed, they were almost as important to him as his dragon was. For just as Jycenth told the world with all his gorgeous blue-ness that T’bia was a worthy rider, the knots told the world that he had learned everything he had need to be taught, and that his teachers had found him worthy of processing, graduating, and recommending to a wing. T’bia could not believe he had been so careless as to lose them.

Tears stood out clearly in the large blue eyes of the teenager as he sat, confused and lost, in the middle of the floor space in his room. Outside, Jycenth had his eye even with the small window so he could peer in, though he did not say anything. The young dragon had already tried to comfort his rider, to no avail. T’bia was placing an uncommonly large amount of importance on the piece of string that dictated his rank, and Jycenth was quite sure even T’bia was not fully aware of why. Jycenth, for his part, had his suspicions but he was quite happy to let them lie dormant and unproven.

Bibi? Why don’t we check by the lakeside? We spent a lot of time there, yesterday, and you took your shirt and knots off to swim and bathe me, while Jycenth wasn’t sure they were there – even his shoddy memory was quite certain he’d seen T’bia carefully retie the knots upon his person – the blue was determined to help his little rider find peace. He cringed just slightly with how swiftly T’bia leaped upon that idea, and sprung to his feet in the room. Jycenth watched quietly as T’bia threw himself across the room, flung the door open, and promptly ran bodily into Peorray.

T’bia, for his part, went tumbling backwards to land on his rump in the doorway; he stared up with teary eyes, shocked far more than he was possibly hurt, and blinked at the goldrider. His jaw slacked, and suddenly T’bia was flailing to his feet, arms waving and eyes wide with horror. “Oh! Dear! I’m are so you? Sorry! Okay! You are?” The boy flailed as his words mangled, finally settling for planting both hands splayed-fingered in his hair (which was sticking out in every which direction) and staring at Peorray once more with huge eyes, and a very pale complexion.

Weyrfolk Housing / Re: Knotted Losses [Peorray]
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T’bia flushed crimson as the goldrider spoke, realising he hadn’t been at all understood – and no wonder, really! He had never mastered speaking clearly – and he resisted the urge to curl up in on himself and vanish. On the roof above them, Jycenth peered over the edge and down upon the group, watching with gently swirling eyes all that was going on below him. “Yes. No. Oh, bother!” T’bia groaned as he realised his answers were coming out all wrong to the woman’s own questions and his shoulder’s slumped as he peered up, chin tilted toward his chest, so he was looking through his eyelashes.

Jycenth slithered down from the roof to curl placidly up behind T’bia, nosing him gently to give the boy some confidence and peering up at Peorray with one placidly whirling, albeit amusement coloured, eye. Thing, Bibi, and speak the words slowly, the blue commented peacefully, and watched with satisfaction as T’bia took an almost comically deep breath in, choked on it, and spluttered it back out. The boy flushed darker, and wrung his hands together. Jycenth crooned.

“I am okay.” T’bia spoke each word carefully, and with great thought, a combination that had the almost universal effect of making people think he were slow witted, or not witted at all. He took another deep breath, and lifted his face, but he avoided looking Peorray in the face, instead staring over her shoulder for a moment, “Yes,” he answered her questions, but was almost immediately side tracked by the sight of Wydrith, and he tilted his body slightly to one side, peering around Peorray to stare avidly at her dragon.

Incredibly shy, prone to teasing, and without a gold (or any girls!) in his own class, T’bia found himself suddenly avidly captivated by the growing gold dragon. Blue eyes were huge as he stared at her; she was so big! He could tell she was still growing, even if he had not been paying attention to his own Weyrling classes. How old was she? Almost a year, if he remembered correctly – so she was almost fully grown… Almost. T’bia’s eyes widened when he realised she was still likely to get bigger (granted, not much but still!) those huge eyes turned on Peorray.

“She’s huge!” he gushed, completely unaware of any insult that could be taken with the words. She’s not that much bigger than me, Jycenth was amused, and waiting patiently for T’bia to remember why he’d been rushing around – the boy would remember shortly, he had no doubt; there was no need to remind him just yet. Instead, Jycenth crooned a soft greeting to both Peorray and Wydrith, though he didn’t actively speak to either of them.

Dining Hall / Re: Quiet Celebrations [R'nd]
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R’nd’s suggestion that they wait until the other half of the introduction was sober once more was met with a dazzling, relieved smile and T’bia nodded once in consent. The little bluerider would have followed R’nd over to the rowdy looking greens if he had insisted, but the boy was visibly relieved that such was not being asked of him. Still smiling, T’bia picked at his plate some more, choosing a new treat to chew on.

T’bia giggled quietly to himself as R’nd tugged him closer and babbled about different styles of dancing, the teen’s mind going in rather obvious directions as he glanced towards his Weyrlingmaster, and then back up at R’nd. Giggling again, around a mouthful of cake, T’bia shook his head in amusement and leaned comfortably into R’nd. Looking around the gathering, T’bia picked a rider at random, and quietly rattled off his name, dragon and current rank before picking another one out. A game that had been played to help him learn his fellow weyrfolk.

When he spotted one he didn’t recognise, T’bia paused, frowning – before squeaking softly after R’nd had started to fill in the blank and waving a hand as he excitedly filled in the rest, expression bright.

Hot Springs / A Terrible Burden [R'nd]
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Those are becoming more frequent, the young blue dragon’s gentle, feminine voice brushed lightly against T’bia’s foggy mind as the boy came awake, drenched in a thin film of now-cold sweat; his stomach coiled unhappily with guilt and shame as he turned just enough to bury his face in his pillow. Jycenth soothed the youngster gently, wrapping him in the warm embrace of his love and affection as T’bia cried silently for a few minutes. The young bluerider’s shame was thick and heavy, and Jycenth could feel it weighing down on the boy, despite his best reassurances.

Come, Bibi; let us go down to the pools. He pushed gently, firmly encouraging his upset rider to struggle out of his tangled sheets, kicking them to the end of the bed and to drag on the clothes he had worn the day before; fresh clothing was gathered up for wearing after his bath. Jycenth crooned gently when T’bia appeared, nuzzling the boy’s cheek with his blue snout and breathing warmth and love on him, quite literally. T’bia clung to his dragon for a few moments, before scrambling aboard his eager companion and allowing the naturally cheerful dragon to lumber off towards the open pools that remained, mostly hidden within the out skirting trees of the new Weyr.

A soul shaking yawn stretched T’bia’s jaws as Jycenth made it to his pool of choice; it was a large one, though not large enough for the now grown dragon, it was one that was favoured by the youngsters that were still growing. Warm baths were preferred on growing hides than cold, though T’bia had never asked if that was because the dragonets were small enough to benefit from them, or if there were a true health reason behind it. He figured it was just kinder to the riders; Jycenth was as happy to bathe in the centre of the lake in the heat of summer as he was in the depth of winter.

Sliding ungracefully from Jycenth, T’bia set his fresh clothing to one side, and stripped off without bothering to see if anyone were around; while hardly as confident in his appearance as he could be, T’bia was not ashamed of it either. His ability to shove his foot down his throat had caused most bullies in his youth to bypass his physical appearance in order to target his hazardous speech patterns; as a result, he was far more worried about what might come out of his mouth, than he was worried about what others might think of his body.

After kicking his pants at Jycenth’s nose with a fleeting smile, T’bia slide with the same gracelessness into the pool that he had displayed dismounting his dragon. The action sent water lapping over the edges and stubbed his toe; the sudden sting brought tears to the boy’s eyes, and he bit his lip to keep from crying out as he hopped a little on the spot. Are you alright, Bibi? Jycenth’s gentle voice held the softest inflection of amusement, just the right amount to push the poor young man over the edge and he burst into tears.

Jycenth gave a squeaking cry of distress and inched as close to the pool as he could, scrambling so his chest was right to the edge, and his forearms reached out to encircle the boy carefully, crooning apologetically as T’bia clung to him and cried. His thoughts were a muddled mess, but Jycenth could clearly see that his amusement had not been the cause, simply a trigger, and he nuzzled the top of T’bia’s head gently and did his best to sooth the boy.

Weyrfolk Housing / Re: Knotted Losses [Peorray]
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“It is!” T’bia nearly cheered, turning to pat Jycenth on the nose and give the blue a kiss to the side of his delicately crafted muzzle, hugging the dragon exuberantly around the face before remembering that Peorray was talking to him and he flushed as his dragon gave a soft exhale of amusement. “Jycenth is all length though,” T’bia added solemnly, flashing a smile at Peorray; her question then caught him off guard and T’bia gawked for several moments (causing Jycenth further amusement) before he snapped his jaw shut.

“Wrong?” He blinked owlishly at the woman, then frowned thoughtfully before looking up at Jycenth. In the process, his hand lifted to fiddle reassuringly with the knots he wore with almost religious intent since earning them. Those fingers fell on empty air and Jycenth’s amusement was clearly written on his face as T’bia clutched at his shoulder before spinning around dramatically on the spot, searching the ground as if they had fallen off right at that moment.

“My knots!” It was a despairing cry and T’bia turned frantic eyes from his dragon to the goldrider and still his hand clutched at his empty shoulder. “I lost them! How could I do that?” There were tears in his words, and pools were quickly forming in his large blue eyes. R’nd would be so disappointed in him! His new Wingleader would be ashamed of him! The whole world would laugh at him and mock him for his stupidity for who lost their knots?!

“I Have to find them!” He exclaimed suddenly, offering the woman and her dragon a frantic bow, before spinning on the spot again, anxiously unsure of where to even start. What had he done yesterday? Where had he already looked? T’bia gave a soft keen of distress, and Jycenth nuzzled his head gently, but he was clearly amused. His soft, very feminine voice reached out gently to Wydrith; he was not willing to include Peorray for fear of upsetting the other dragon.

Perhaps you and yours are free to assist us in our search? Bibi’s thoughts are much too muddled for me to figure out what he did with his knots. They’re very special to him. The young blue dragon’s lyrical voice held within it his amusement, and his deep love and affection for T’bia; his eyes held curiosity as he waited to see how Wydrith would respond to his speaking to her. He could tell she was a flighty creature, but he also was aware his voice was not what most expected from him.

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