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Personal Huts / The End Of A Chapter [Solo. B'sen death post]
« on: 06 Dec 2013 at 01:37 PM »
He groaned awake at the thunder outside - or was it in his head? - and cursed the rain yet again. It hadn't let up since the beginning of last month and the disgustingness of it made him cringe. The thunder sounded again and B'sen crawled from his warm bed intent on something. What he had no idea. Maybe some fruit. Maybe some klah. He didn't know. He cocked a head listening for Lith over the sound but the green was oddly quiet. Li- and his thought was cut short as the thunder finally hit his hut, slamming him into a wall that quickly collapsed, and filling his hut with wet sticky mud.

B'SEN! screeched through his battered and torn mind. He could hear the scrabble of claws above him as the mud pressed down on him. Something was broken and he coughed, mud filling his mouth. He tried to cough it out but to now avail. B'SEN! Lith shrieked again. How long had he been buried? Minutes? Hours? It seemed like an eternity. His brow furrowed at the minute touch of light - though dimmed it was - and the tiny chill of the air against his fingers.

Lith…. he moaned, get me out. Lith screamed as she tossed more mud and muck behind her, Trying.. Trying… she muttered. The dragon knew something was wrong. She had nearly panicked herself between when the mud had first hit, but the soft and tenuous link to B'sen had stayed her course. She could feel the pain of her rider and she desperately flung more mud. She had to get him out. Had to. What would she be without B'sen? She would not be without B'sen. She had to get him out. There! A hand. A B'sen hand. Furiously she dug about that hand, talons scrapping against the rock that had come down with the mud. A shoulder and a head and finally she could see his precious face.

He coughed the mud from his mouth and gulped the clean air that flowed around his face. "Something's broken, Lith," he whispered and coughed again, "Something's broken." The mud had crushed his chest and snapped most of his ribs. A shard had punctured his lung and his broken sternum pressed deeply against the muscle of his heart. Coughing wracked his body, one lung attempting to breath for both, as Lith pulled him from the muck. He could feel the warmth of blood as it trickled at the corner of his mouth and he knew he was lost.

"Take us home, Lith. Take us home," and he shuddered as Lith gingerly cradled him in her paws. Her lift off would be awkward as she cradled the man who was hers against her chest. Home. We'll go home and we'll be fine, she said on a long moaning keen and the cold of between was fleeting as the life drained from the dark haired man and his dragon.

The little green firelizard knew nothing of the mud. Knew nothing of death really, all she knew was her friends were gone. Nothing held her here, nothing that would feed her would come. The little green firelizard, known as Bounce screeched in anger at her missing friends and blinked between. She would find new friends!

And thus comes the end of a chapter.

Personal Huts / Peace & Quiet [Solo]
« on: 18 May 2013 at 12:52 AM »
He'd finally gotten some peace and quiet. Lith had gone hunting. Thank Faranth she had decided to do so alone instead of insisting he went with. He could feel her in the back of his mind, content as a dog with a bone. She hadn't found a stray herdbeast or wild wherry yet but she was on the prowl. He sipped his klah as he sat on his front porch, feet kicked up and watching the people wander by. He nodded hello to a few, shouted outrageous things to others. All in all he was having a fantastic time alone for once.

I don't like that train of thought, B'sen, she complained suddenly, You love me don't you? He rolled his eyes at her overly dramatic hurt tone. Now you know I do, Lith. Its just sometimes... How did he go about telling her that sometimes he just needed a break from her loud self? It was difficult to tell her things like that. She got so hurt for far longer than he ever thought she could, so usually he just avoided the issue. I know.. You need a break.. she lamented. She never could understand why he thought her so loud and so obnoxious all the time.

He ignored her. She'd be fine. They'd gone round this before and she'd always forgiven and forgotten. Until the next time anyway. He could feel her sudden pleasure, followed by a quick burst of her hunger and knew that she had finally captured a meal. She'd stuff herself to the gills and waddle on home. Content now that his dragon had forgotten his little irritation with her, B'sen closed his eyes and drifted off into a light slumber.

He was rudely awaked by a large green snout shoving his feet off the railing. With a grunt as his feet hit the floor B'sen's eyes flew open to glare balefully at Lith. She had the remnants of ichor around her bulging jaws. Wait.. Bulging jaws? What had she done? Eaten half and decide to save the rest for later? "Well? What have you got?" he said, eyes narrowing. She rumbled with delight as she set her cargo on the floor, Look what I found! she exclaimed with elation, I found a pretty egg!

His eyes darted to her treasure with shock. An egg? What could she possibly mean by that? An egg. She was crazy. But as he looked the thing over it dawned on him that indeed it was an egg. Given the size he was guessing firelizard. It will hatch and I will have a little minion, she crowed. "If it's not a dud, Lith. It could be a dud you know. It happens with firelizards a lot more often than dragons," he tried to reason. But she would have none of it, No! It will hatch and probably right now, if the shaking its doing is a guess,. Shock turned into delighted surprise as the egg began to shake and rock.

"Well shit..." he whispered before rushing into the hut. Slamming cupboards and platters around, B'sen searched for a likely bit of food. "Aha!" he yelled when his hand encountered a basket that held a bit of bread and meats. Good thing that kitchen drudge loved him so well or he wouldn't have had anything in his spare kitchen. Tripping over the threshold he landed with a gasp right in front of the rocking egg. Just in time for a crunch to sound as the egg split in half. A small green body tumbled to the hard floor and began immediately to creel and cry its hunger. With a grimace, B'sen stuffed as much food down her tiny throat as he could. A minion! Lith purred, I told you, I'd have a minion. He laughed, "So you did, love. So you did."

The little green cocked her head and regarded B'sen with a look of fascination. She bounded forwards and backwards, spreading her drying wings for balance. He chuckled as he skittered his hand across the wood floor. The firelizard watched with curiosity as he brought it back and forth in front of her. With a little cry the green hopped twice before pouncing on his moving hand. "Ouch! Watch the teeth! Crazy little thing," he burst out before playing the game again. The firelizards eyes spun with a brilliant blue as she bounced back and forth and finally onto his hand once more, this time going easy with the teeth.

"What should her name be Lith?" he asked. The green dragon cocked her head this way and that as she watched the little version of her bounce across the floor, She bounces real good. She almost bounces better than me. Bounce is a good name, we should call her bounce. "Bounce it is!" he declared.

Personal Huts / Leap for the Sun [Open green flight]
« on: 05 May 2013 at 09:51 PM »
B’sen scowled. He’d been scowling a lot lately. Something he rarely did. He’d even snapped at a child the other day. His scowl darkened. His bedmate sat at his table. Sat there like he owned the place. Sat there and crunched – crunched! – loudly. It was obnoxious and boorish. Couldn’t the man chew quietly? Was it so difficult for the addle-brained fool to chew like a normal person and not like a dog? He started when Lith’s voice whispered through his mind, Just kiss him already. You know you want to. It was rather seductive and low, that voice. Seeping into his mind and bringing his body to attention.


Outside, Lith stretched. Her body as lithe as her name suggested. Her hide began to shimmer, the green brightening as she walked from her wallow with a sensuous grace, eyes brimming with red. She stopped to stretch her neck out, a sharp burgle of challenge ringing through the huts. She would have them. Have them all if she could. Come my brawny loves! Catch me if you can! she called before darting to the sky with a raucous cry, green hide glinting brightly in the noonday sun.

B’sen stumbled and barely caught himself against the door frame. Stupid to try to go out side. Why was he going outside when a perfectly serviceable bed waited for him down the hall? He stumbled again as Lith’s lust poured through his body. Desire and passion heated his skin as he made for his room. The man at the table bolted up from his chair as Lith's lust shuddered through the hut. B'sen turned and snarled, lips pulled back over even white teeth, as the dark haired man tried to reach for him. The man winced at the animalistic sound that came from his lovers throat and took a step back. B'sen nodded sharply before demanding he move back to the table and wait.

Sorry but you are not allowed to view spoiler contents.

Personal Huts / Wake Up Call [Open]
« on: 21 Apr 2013 at 10:40 PM »
B’sen! she shouted loudly in his mind. B’sen! Wake up, B’sen!

He groaned as he rolled onto his back. He had been having such a fine dream, snuggled as he was against his current lover. What do you want Lith! he said heatedly wiping a hand down his face. Really, love I’ve told you time and time again there is no need to shout. Glancing at his bed partner, B’sen reached over to run a hand through the black hair that flowed down his back.

I am itchy B’sen. Get up and oil me she whined, not so loudly this time and B’sen was grateful as the last of his hangover was still clutching his head in an iron grip. Sliding a finger down the back of the man beside him, B’sen sighed as he sat up to swing his legs over the side of the bed. Huuuuurry! the green grumbled and the amusement she felt at waking her rider drifted through her voice.

Glancing at the wall that separated B’sen’s room from Lith’s wallow he noticed a rather large eye peering at him through a crack in the curtain. The eye was whirling a gentle blue as it gazed at him. He had a sneaky suspicion that Lith didn’t really need to be oil at all and the irritating green just wanted someone to talk to. You were very drunk last night B’sen. You brought home a friend and didn’t tell me Lith said to him, rather put out that he hadn’t at the very least introduced the sleeping man to her. Does it really matter Lith? You don’t have to know every person I bring home you know, he said softly. Why was he being quiet within his own mind when the man next to him couldn’t hear a thing? Because he was polite that’s why.

Slipping his pants and boots on B’sen slowly made his way out of the room and to the kitchen and started searching for the fixings to make some klah. As the brew was making he ran a hand through his hair and grimacing as a snarl snagged on a ring. The scent of the klah filled his hut and he moved to make himself a cup. As he was pouring, Lith chose that moment to bugle loudly and shout even louder in his mind, B’SEN! . Cursing loudly as his hand jerked slopping klah all over the counter, B’sen slammed the pot down. Damn her wherry hide! B’sen scrambled down the stairs and towards Lith’s wallow, “Lith! You overgrown wherry! Be quiet for once!”

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