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Character Diaries / Meh
« on: 17 Aug 2014 at 05:53 PM »
                   K'ton's merry-go 'round

Things to go here

Personal Huts / A sigh of relief [Vaelya]
« on: 03 Jan 2014 at 05:12 PM »
It had been hard getting Vaelya to finally settle down and agree to keep standing. It had taken all of his considerable charm to get her to stay with him that night and the next. The first night had been a study in patience for the brownrider but his patience had paid off. For both of them. It had been a long time coming and completely worth the wait. It was something he would ensure happened much more often. The following day was spent in preparation for the celebration to come. He'd been so very proud of his boy when Leyton - L'ton now - had impressed and to a brown no less! Ironth had rumbled his delight in the russet brown hatchling and had promptly informed his rider that Kaliqueth and L'ton were perfectly suited. Some how he'd managed to drag Vaelya and Evritt to his home once again. And then chaos had erupted.

Dragon's keening and Ironth's desperate voice had woken him. A quick and panicked explanation from the brown had put it all in perspective. It hadn't taken long for him to stuff Vaelya, her son and that fragile little gift he had for her onto the back of Ironth. Demands to keep them safe were agreed too and they had gone off. Of course the brown had come back with an empty back and assurances that Vaelya and her son were quite safe and out of harms way, but that he was needed here - thank you very much - and he would stay at his rider's side. 

A black eye and a deep gash in Ironth's thigh later, K'ton and his brown lay together panting from their exertions and the dregs of their left over panic. He worried now. He had spotted a familiar dark haired sight sometime ago and kicked himself. He should have known his Vaelya wouldn't stay where she was left. Should've known she would be in the thick of things, helping where she was needed. Do not beat yourself up too bad, the brown murmured, She is not easily swayed and nothing you could have said would have kept her where I left her. K'ton muttered his agreement. Besides.. She is making her way here now so you will have plenty of time to chastise her.

He perked up and winced. The various bruises and scraps he had received digging people out were rearing their ugly heads. His back ached and he face stung and he could feel the pain of Ironth's leg like it had been his own. He hoped she brought some sort of healers kit. Ironth's leg needed mended and he could use some numbweed for his throbbing face.

The Lake Edge / Life got a little bit crazy [Vaelya]
« on: 28 Jun 2013 at 01:00 AM »
Life... Sometimes life threw you curve balls and just before you reached up to catch it the ball switched sides and slammed into your face at lightening fast speed. Life had thrown a curve ball at K'ton and slapped him up side the head for good measure. He, apparently, really was a father and to a teenaged boy at that! One that didn't even look like him but instead looked just like K'ton's father, Tonan. The only thing K'ton seemed to have passed to his son was his brilliant blue eyes. The lad didn't even have the decency to be of a height with K'ton, instead was inches shorter than him - this in fact was true, however the boy was only a couple inches shorter. K'ton still couldn't believe how he'd ever missed finding out about the boy, given the boy looked exactly like his grandfather. It would help if K'ton wasn't so self involved and actually took the time to get to know the people in the weyr. In a random world, K'ton's son may have gone completely unnoticed by his father if K'ton hadn't quite literally knocked him down out side the dining hall.

When K'ton had bent and offered a hand up for the boy, stark blue eyes had met a near replica in the face a younger version of his father's and all movement had ceased. Of course he'd been shell shocked and had stood gaping at the boy until he'd finally sputtered a demand. Who was his mother? Where was he born? What was his name? All normal questions, though they had been clipped and a touch forceful. The boy, Leyton had been birthed by a female greenrider just before the exile. Luck had it that the older infant had survived the flight south and the firehead that took his mother. Once Leyton had realized K'ton was alright with his existence the kid hadn't shut his yap once. By the time he had left Leyton, K'ton had known the kid's entire life story. Not that he minded really. He had been thinking about the various children he may have running around when he'd knock the boy to the ground. A rather serendipitous meeting.

You know if you'd just gone looking like I suggested several times, you could've been in Leyton's life the whole time, the brown said from the shallows where he was currently soaking. K'ton rolled his eyes at the dragon. Ironth had indeed suggested he look for K'ton's lust product but his rider had always declined. If he was honest with himself and Ironth K'ton hadn't really wanted to find them but now with the undeniable glaring him right in the face it was difficult to forget about it. Forgetting about it would be the dumbest thing you could do, K'ton the great brown rumbled at him rider. "Well for sure I know that Ironth! I swear sometimes you think I'm an idiot," K'ton grumbled.

There are occasions, the brown said with such amusement he earned a hot glare from his rider. Mumbling about dirty tricks and nasty browns, K'ton moved into the shallows with the brush he'd already soaped up and laid the flat of the bristles against the side of Ironth. The brown rumbled with pleasure as the combination of sand and the bristles scratched a particularly itchy spot. We are about to have delightful company. Perhaps speaking to her will help ease your mind, Ironth suggested. "Her?" he said, turning quickly and nearly losing his balance.

The Lake Edge / Stupid heat [M'din]
« on: 30 Apr 2013 at 11:55 AM »
He was sweating. He hated sweating - unless of course he happened to be sweating in his bed with a lovely woman beneath him - he disliked the rapidly smoldering heat of the south. He bit into the redfruit he had packed. He glanced out to the water where the big brown behemoth he called lifemate, frolicked and played like a hatchling. Ironth had pestered him until he'd relented. He had been content to spend the day in the shadows of his well ventilated hut, catching a cool breeze here and there. But noooo.. Ironth had insisted. Even went so far as to play on his anxiety to get K'ton to come to the lake. He shook his head as he ripped another bite from the fruit. It wasn't like Ironth to settle with deceit when cajoling and pesters didn't work. I was hot and you weren't listening the brown said as he sank beneath the water, bright eyes shining from beneath the waves.

Of course I wasn't listening. I was comfortable Ironth, he told the dragon. He sighed with pleasure when a breeze rolled off the blue water in front of him, momentarily drying the sweat that coated his skin. But his pleasure was short lived as the breeze was cut short and sweat sprang up again. I hate it here Ironth, his words were miserable as he attempted to create his own breeze. Oh I don't know. I kind of like it down here. Its warm most of the time. There's no snow and I get to play with fire lizards the last was said rather slyly as the dragon swam about.

Now don't you start that again, Ironth! he huffed. Firelizards. The bane of his existence. They were loud, obnoxious and got into everything. And of course Ironth had a penchant for the nasty little buggers. The brown continually bothered him about one. He wanted a friend he said. Like K'ton couldn't be all the friend he needed. I think one would be fun the brown said then I would have someone to talk to when you're... Busy K'ton rolled his eyes, Why can't you just make friends with another dragon? You'd still have someone to talk to who is at least moderately intelligent. The dragon lumbered out of the water to waddle over to K'ton, dripping on his rider as he did so. Ironth! You're getting water all over me! Move! he said as he attempted to scramble out of the way.

I have friends that are dragons, he said as he went to settle under the shade of a redfruit tree. Uh huh.. Sure you do. And I'm Sorka Hanrahan The dragon huffed, I do. And you can't be Sorka Hanrahan. You're a man and I am definitely not a gold The dragon said, which brought about even more eye rolling from K'ton. Grabbing at his basket as he chuckled at Ironth words, K'ton grabbed another fruit. As he turned to lean back against the tree, he spied someone coming this way. Look Ironth. Here's your opportunity to make a new friend! For the life of me I can't remember his name though, he said as he furrowed his brows in mock concentration. M'din of brown Armath Ironth supplied and would have rolled his eyes had he been capable.

Sorry but you are not allowed to view spoiler contents.

Dining Hall / Gotta getcha grove on [Vaelya]
« on: 26 Apr 2013 at 06:32 PM »
He whistled as he made his way towards the kitchens. A pretty girl and a pretty meal was what he was after and if he had his way he'd have both. Not necessarily in that order. Crooked grin firmly planted on his face, K'ton pushed his way into the kitchens calling greetings here and there as he went. Ducking around the kitchen matron he filched a fruit before sweet talking a pretty little kitchen drudge into filling him a tray. And was rewarded for his efforts by a delightful proposition and a tray full of steaming food. 

Balancing his tray in one hand while he crunched a bite from his fruit, K'ton scanned the room as he entered the dining hall. He scanned for a likely dinner companion and possible bed mate. Ironth's winning of Lith's flight had done a number on his perception of himself and he was near desperate to find a willing partner. He knew that he couldn't change the dragon's lust or what would come in the morning but it never stopped him from feeling like shit about it. I do not know why you worry so much about how you look to others K'ton the brown in question told his rider quietly. Ironth did not understand K'ton's aversion to greenflights. They were fun. Its not so much what others think, Ironth. Its what I think, he replied even quieter. It was difficult to explain the feeling to Ironth, after all greens were female not male so the dragon could not and would not ever be hung up on the same things as his rider.

I still do not understand. It shouldn't matter to you either Ironth said with a touch of confusion. K'ton scowled slightly, Just drop it, would you Ironth? He felt Ironth retreat from his mind, most likely to dwell on what K'ton had said. The brown was forever trying to figure out the workings of his rider. Sometimes he did but most times he did not. Scanning still, K'ton's vision stopped abruptly. A dark hair vixen with smoldering brown eyes was seated just to the right of him. A beauty he'd been trying for the last few turns to settle into his bed.

Striding with purpose now, K'ton came to a stop at her table and not bothering to wait for an invitation to sit, he slid into the seat across from her. Grinning as he grabbed his fork in one hand, "Vaelya! How is the most beautiful woman in the weyr this morning?" he asked before taking a quick bite of his food. "Everything is well with Evritt?" He couldn't remember exactly when he realized that the excited stolen candidate had turned into a woman but when he had he'd tried everything in his power to get her in his bed. Thus far she'd been able to decline all his offers. But he was wearing her down he was sure of it.

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