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Benden Hold / Bittersweet [Solo]
« on: 29 Nov 2015 at 09:44 PM »
He still wasn’t entirely happy with the decision even though it was his idea and he knew it would be for the best. How could it not be? Volfetti had never been happy with life in Katila and among the dragonriders that had kidnapped her and stolen away her future with her husband and family. She resented them all and made no secret of the hatred she held for nearly everyone there. R’nd had always tried his hardest to be friends with her as was his nature. He liked people and enjoyed casual conversations and flirting. Volfetti had taken a bit to the talking but she had never fallen for his advances despite his best efforts. It was only due to flightlust affecting the strong-willed woman while he was nearby that landed them in bed together.

And her pregnant with his son.

That had been quite the shock when she approached him shortly after his birth and said the child was his. Quick math confirmed the timeframe matched and he couldn’t do anything more than accept that Benden was his and promise he would try to be a good father to the chubby boy. Gifts were left for mother and child regularly and he tried visiting and holding Benden when his fears of harming the child finally subsided enough until he thoroughly enjoyed spending the day with his son.

Then everything changed when S’kef announced they could freely go North again after announcing their return to the world. It wasn’t the same world they had left behind so long ago and so much had changed in attitudes and even relationships – which Volfetti painfully found out. R’nd was certain the woman had always believed it would happen with how long she had been gone but to see her husband remarried and with a new family of his own for her own eyes still would have stung deep. That was when Volfetti’s desire to return to her old life vanished and even the thoughts about living her quaint little village with Benden didn’t seem so great anymore either. She had been presumed dead or as a wife that abandoned her family and responsibilities. It didn’t matter that dragonriders had taken her against her will. She’d never fully fit in again.

So R’nd had come up with what he thought was a brilliant solution, although he still kind of hated himself for stating it at the same time. He had spoken with his sister, Eridella, who loved the idea. Volfetti seemed hesitant at first and wondered what sort of angle he was working but after a lot of discussing and promising he wasn’t trying to do anything more than help her and Benden out and provide for them in a better manner, it was agreed the two of them would move in to his sister’s hold that was plenty large enough for two more as her husband was a well-known minor lord with coveted horses that he bred.

Volfetti would be put back into an environment she was more comfortable with and Benden would receive a high end education with his cousins and be allowed to pursue anything that interested him. The only thing that ended up causing a bit of an argument was that R’nd wanted Benden to have the choice to decide if he wanted to stay in the Hold or if he wanted to move back to a Weyr when he was old enough to Stand. Volfetti hadn’t wanted their son to have anything more to do with dragons than was absolutely necessary – like spending time with Ayyonth when R’nd came for visits – but R’nd held his ground and pointed out that he was the son of a dragonrider and had already spent nearly four turns surrounded by dragons and that lifestyle. If the boy wanted to go back to it, it was his decision. He would be twelve at that point and a man grown. In the end, Volfetti had to concede. They both agreed a good education and a ‘normal’ childhood would be good for the boy but Benden would decide his future after that.

Besides, R’nd had pointed out, it didn’t mean Benden would Impress if he did come to Stand. That seemed to satisfy Volfetti.

Now, only two months before his fourth birthday, R’nd was helping Benden and Volfetti from Ayyonth’s back. Their belongings had already been brought up and placed in the rooms Eridella had prepared for them. This was the second time Volfetti had been to the Hold since she wouldn’t agree to anything until she had at least seen where they would live. She hadn’t said anything at the time, or now, but R’nd noticed the look of surprise at the impressive state of the hold and workers on hand. He had stopped by with her to visit his mother as well and couldn’t help himself at that point to mention he hadn’t been lying back then that he was the son to a minor holder.

Benden seemed a little shy around the small gathering of people he didn’t know that were there to greet him as he hid behind his daddy’s leg but R’nd assured the boy they were family and all would be okay. Eridella pushed aside what was lady-like and knelt in the light layer of snow, uncaring about the state of her dress, so she could be more on the eye level of her nephew and spoke softly with him while R’nd assured Volfetti everything was in order and they would be well-tended to when she wanted it but also left alone when she needed the space.

He let Eridella and Benden speak a bit more before copying his sister and kneeling down as well. “This is your new home now, Benden. You and your mom will live here while I stay with the dragons. I’ll visit a lot though.”

Benden’s lower lip trembled and he shook his head at the thought. “No. You need to stay too, daddy.” The little boy gave R’nd a hug, clinging to the bluerider that was finally comfortable with such things. He had never been good with kids but he had learned a lot with Benden and gently wrapped his arms around his son.

“It’ll be like it always is. You live with your mom but we’ll hang out together when I don’t have duties to tend to. I might be a bit further away now but it’ll still be a quick trip here to see you. And now you get to spend time with my sister who will be all too eager to tell you stories about me even if I don’t want you and Volfetti to know some of them.” He shot Eridella a glance and his sister gave a sweet smile in return. He knew he was doomed and every embarrassing story would be told soon enough.

Benden finally nodded and R’nd released the hug so the boy could go back to his mom who scooped him up.

“There’s no need for you to rush off, R’nd. We have a large dinner being prepared and will be served in an hour. Stay a bit and join us.” Eridella was standing now, brushing away any snow that may have clung to her dress and waiting for the reply she wanted. He always had a hard time saying no to her and they both knew he wouldn’t now either.

“Only if there’s dessert,” he replied with a grin as Volfetti groaned over his sweet tooth that was being passed onto Benden and Eridella laughed with a nod. “Then let’s head inside.”

Character Diaries / The Inner Workings of R'nd
« on: 26 Jul 2014 at 11:18 PM »
26.03.235 AL

Next month is going to be horrible.


Shut up. This is serious.

I have a son turning 4 and another one turning 13.

I can't wait for the parties.

The room is spinning.

Katilan Gather Grounds / New Family [T'ryn]
« on: 24 May 2014 at 12:58 AM »
Several days had passed since T’ryn’s surprise announcement and R’nd was still reeling from it. He believed the boy, after a moment of shock and denial, since a good look at the bronze Weyrling made it impossible to do otherwise. T’ryn looked so much like he had at that age that R’nd wondered why he never noticed before. He supposed it was easy to overlook something you weren’t looking for or didn’t want. Not that he didn’t want T’ryn as a son! The poor kid had already mentioned a fear of not being wanted and being a disappointment. T’ryn was a good kid and R’nd had already been proud of him for his work in classes and raising Syrendryth. It was simply that he was, as everyone pointed out, rather flighty and lived up to a lot of the bluerider stereotypes; he had no interest in commitment or having kids.

All that had slowly started to change when Volfetti introduced him to their son Benden and then, of course, his fantasy of hooking up with B’jin not only came true but he fell into a wonderful relationship with the greenrider. Now he had a son that was about to become a teenager. It was still mind-boggling but R’nd thought he was ready for the challenge and it was why he kept his word to meet one afternoon with the boy and his mother.

It had and hadn’t gone as expected. Telerii hugged him and then slapped him for being so dense and cried a lot, apparently in joy from her smiling. Her reaction had taken him aback but R’nd didn’t hold it against her. He knew he had been kind of dense, especially given the reactions of those close to him when he told them. It seemed Kerrin’s joking around for the last half a decade or so was more accurate than not with T’ryn popping up. Maybe all the blonde haired kids running around really were his. That was a thought that made him slightly nervous.

As uncomfortable as he had been, R’nd sat through the light lunch with his son and his past lover, doing his best to ask the right questions and answer the ones posed at him. Luckily, T’ryn was old enough to take care of himself and he really wasn’t needed in helping to raise the boy, though that was something R’nd apologised for. In hindsight, it was easy to say he would have stepped up like he had with Benden but twelve turns ago, R’nd didn’t think he would have. He knew he had matured over that time and mellowed out enough to attempt holding a child. It was perhaps why he hadn’t shut down too much when T’ryn approached him and didn’t run for the hills.

Finally, his luck returned when Telerii announced she had to get back to the crèche so one of the other ladies could enjoy some time away from the children. R’nd heaved a sigh of relief as he stepped out into the warm sunshine with T’ryn shuffling along beside him. The boy was usually on the quieter side but it seemed different now and R’nd had kept an eye on him throughout their little family gathering. With a smile, he put his arm around T’ryn’s shoulder and immediately wished he hadn’t as the boy tensed under his touch. He was so used to his friends and even T’bia, that R’nd hadn’t thought much of the gesture. Still, he didn’t pull away, thinking if he did, that would only make things worse.

“That went fairly well, don’t you think? Your mom looked worried but seemed like her usual self after she realized I wasn’t going to run off.”

Weyrfolk Housing / It Had to Happen Eventually [Parella, B'jin]
« on: 03 Mar 2014 at 02:08 AM »
“Stupid dragon!” That was all R’nd managed to say before he lost himself to the lust of victory.

When he came back to his own mind, there were two things he was aware of. One, he was feeling rather drained and sated. Two, he was mad at Ayyonth but couldn’t fathom why since he had clearly just won a flight and B’jin had tired him out like usual. Their fight probably wasn’t important anyway.

With a content sigh, R’nd shut his eyes to rest up after a good flight but froze when he started to turn toward B’jin to snuggle with his lover for a bit. Larrikith wasn’t due to fly just yet. She was close but neither the dragon nor B’jin had seemed proddy to show she would fly early. So who was he beside? Ayyonth was rather smug and the dragon’s amusement didn’t sit well with R’nd. It likely wasn’t Kerrin beside him and certainly wasn’t a gold since they both gave up on that chase after nearly winning Krypth’s maiden flight.

Suddenly, it all fell together. His anger at Ayyonth, the blue’s smugness, and the memory of trying his hardest to fight the lust. Not sure he really wanted to but knew he had to, R’nd opened his eyes to find Parella smiling sweetly at him. To his credit he didn’t squeak or scream but grey eyes were huge as he stared at the woman, unable to even jump away.

Stupid dragon!

Ayyonth only laughed in response.

Weyrfolk Housing / Discoveries [B'jin]
« on: 11 Jan 2014 at 09:48 PM »
Only two days had passed since the mountain turned against them and wiped out their homes and destroyed so much more with the loss of lives. To R’nd, it felt like a month had passed in that time. Sleep wasn’t something he had really allowed himself since there was so much to assist with and in truth, he didn’t want to close his eyes and risk losing his friends and B’jin. The greenrider had been kept under a careful watch when they weren’t able to linger near each other due to the duties that called to them in the aftermath but the fear that something might happen again kept lingering and R’nd couldn’t shake it.

It was only when his wing’s turn at bringing up fresh water from the lake had ended and his wingleader ordered them all to rest, that R’nd finally felt the weight of everything pushing down on him too much. B’jin had said he would be with Indamor that afternoon but R’nd didn’t want to disturb them, despite the desire to hug the greenrider and take comfort in having him close. The father and son needed some time together as well and R’nd really didn’t want to move even further into Indamor’s bad book; the boy was scary enough as it was with his stare! In fact, to stay on the thin line that kept him in the okay book, R’nd realized he should really remember to call the kid N’mor from now on. He had no desire to spite the kid, especially with him now outranking him on a bronze.

Your home is empty right now. Perhaps you should take a turn resting in the bed.Ayyonth head butted R’nd’s shoulder lightly as they lingered behind where their wing had parted ways for the day. Due to being in the area that hadn’t been hit by the landslide, R’nd had offered his home up to his friends that had lost their own in the devastation so they would have somewhere faintly familiar to rest in without any added fears. Knowing it was open for his own use right then was nice and resting seemed even better but he was restless and knew he’d do nothing but stare at the ceiling.

“No, not yet. I want,” R’nd wasn’t sure what he wanted despite the obvious but an idea came to him and a faint smile appeared. “To fly without a purpose, Ayyonth. If you’re not tired, let’s soar on the wind and get away from everything for a bit.” The death, destruction, and the mood of the Weyr was beginning to get even to him and a quiet escape for even a few minutes sounded perfect.

I’m never too tired to help you, R’nd.R’nd laughed and it felt nice to be able to do such a thing again as it brought a bit of hope to him that perhaps life would return to something akin to normal eventually. “Liar. You’re definitely too tired to help if it amuses you to be.” Ayyonth was a playful dragon, enjoying tricks and pranks, especially on his own rider. If R’nd flailing around would bring entertainment, then Ayyonth would happily ignore requests thrown at him. Of course they both knew in dire and serious situations, Ayyonth was a steady and true companion.

Several minutes later and they were flying lazily above the forest in the direction of the lake with Rell keeping pace after he popped in to join them. R’nd refused to look down until Katila was properly behind him. He had seen the mess from above enough times that it was engrained in his memories but he didn’t need a refresher while he was trying to unwind and escape reality for a small while. Ayyonth was happy to oblige that request and carefully caught wind currents and swooped one way and another but always kept the Weyr behind them and the promise of one of their favourite lounging locations of the lake in front of them.

After a little while with more and more of the stress melting away, R’nd spotted a nice area amongst the trees that seemed large enough for Ayyonth to safely land in. A stroll through the forest sounds nice right now. You can join me as much as you can. Ayyonth dipped low and eventually landed in the clearing and R’nd slid free. The riding straps were gently removed and Ayyonth shook himself out, happy to be freed from the constraints for a time. I’ll stay here. Enjoy yourself but don’t stray too far. I won’t be able to squeeze through much of the forest if you find trouble.“I love it when you worry but I’ll be fine. Rest up, my friend. I’ll be back shortly.” R’nd patted Ayyonth’s neck and headed off between the trees. While he much preferred the beach and water, strolling through the forest was another activity R’nd often did to relax. Usually he stayed close to Katila in his wanderings or along the river and lake since Ayyonth couldn’t always tag along but that left quite a fair bit of unexplored – by him – forest between the three areas. The current one didn’t seem all that familiar though R’nd guessed he was about an hour’s walk from the lake. It just showed how vast the land was that so much was left unknown to him.

It was actually a rather open area. There were trees but they weren’t as tightly packed like other parts of the forest. Ayyonth could have tagged along and really not have any worries about getting stuck. At least, until R’nd made his way through the large expanse of what he considered a clearing compared to what he was moving into. The trees thickened again but it didn’t bother him. He was on an adventure now and exploring had definitely taken his mind off of other things.

When water lapping at the edge of rocks was heard, R’nd’s curiosity was completely grabbed and he pushed through low hanging branches and into an area that was completely unexpected. A cautious glance was given to the area; if there was water, there was a good chance animals would be near as well if it was considered a watering hole. Rell didn’t seem on alert, which was a good sign, but R’nd wasn’t taking chances. Careful steps brought R’nd up to the edge and he dipped his fingers into the water that seemed clean and gave off no foul odour. As the warmth of the water spread over his hand and R’nd’s eyes lit up and another smile appeared. “Hot springs?” Had he just discovered a hidden away paradise of clean, hot water surrounded by the silence of the forest?

He had to show B’jin! There was an urge to simply strip down and jump in right away but his lover needed the bath and unwinding just as much. Besides, soaking in hot water was always far more enjoyable with someone else.

He only had to remember his way back to the hot springs.

R’nd frowned for a moment, worried that between stress, fatigue, and it simply being a new place that he would never find it again. It was easy enough to have Ayyonth call to Larrikith and have the green pair come to them but R’nd liked the idea of going back to get B’jin and fresh clothes far better. Since he was thinking about fresh clothes, his current outfit was given a glance and R’nd grimaced. Everyone looked as he did, covered in mud, but the bluerider loved his clothing and loved looking good. Since his shirt was already ruined and despite it being among the last in his wardrobe thanks to shirts either being ruined or mysteriously walking off, R’nd stripped it off and tore it into several pieces. It was only after doing so that he remembered he had a firelizard that could help with navigation. He laughed as he looked at his ruined shirt but decided to still use the idea to make sure it was relocated without issue.

As he made his way back to Ayyonth, pieces of his shirt were left as markers to help guide him back to his private paradise. The large clearing was easy enough to find again but he definitely didn’t want to lose the path he had taken, especially with B’jin in toe. It’d be embarrassing but also a letdown after finding something they could both enjoy and hide in for a while.

As soon as the straps were on once more, Ayyonth brought them back to Katila and R’nd could barely contain the bounce in his step as he headed directly for N’mor’s room after grabbing a bag of clothes and strapping them to Ayyonth at his hut. R’nd peeked inside the room instead of bursting in like his excitement wanted him to do. N’mor was asleep, which was probably best given the pain the surgery had to have left him in, and the dragonet slept as well. It looked like the little bronze had recently fed and R’nd knew B’jin would have tended to that matter personally. Not only was he the weyrlingmaster for the bronze, but Rhezalth had bonded to B’jin’s son. That was more than enough reason to ensure the dragonet stayed healthy. R’nd had already decided to offer to oil the dragonet’s hide that night to give B’jin a break; assuming Rhezalth let him.

R’nd slipped inside, waited to make sure B’jin saw him and knew who was entering, and finally guided the greenrider into a hug with a kiss to his nose. “I found something amazing, B’jin.” Even though N’mor was probably knocked out from fellis or some other medication, R’nd continued to keep his voice low so he didn’t disturb anyone. It was a bit harder right then with his excitement over a bath and surprising B’jin but he still managed. “When you’re ready for a break, I’d like to show you. You’ll love it, I promise.”

Personal Huts / Playing Doctor [B'jin]
« on: 23 Oct 2013 at 12:32 AM »
R’nd had never been one to pay much attention to ailments circling amongst the human population. Like everyone else, if a dragon coughed, he was worried and expected the worst. When a kid coughed, it didn’t really register but children rarely did with the flighty bluerider. It was only in recent turns that he had become an acknowledged father and spent time with B’jin’s kids as well that it started to be something he noticed and even worried about. He cared about Amorandii and loved his son so when Benden started with a cough, it had made for an extremely panicked father.

Volfetti had assured him it wasn’t anything to worry over and it would pass soon enough. It was going around the crèche thanks to the change in the weather but they had a healthy son and she would take good care of him. In other words, R’nd’s worrying was annoying and not needed and he was shooed away. That evening had seen R’nd sulking at B’jin about being a useless father but Amorandii saved the day by saying he was a wonderful uncle and gave him one of her patented little girl sloppy kisses.

Three days later and while Benden was indeed fine and back to playing without a care, R’nd was lying in bed, wishing for a swift death. He was stuffed up but his nose still wanted to run away on him. A cough hit him randomly but it hit hard and made him feel like he would be sick from the strain of it and he was utterly drained. He swore he had slept properly through the night but it didn’t feel like it. Moving seemed like a horrible idea and filled with too much effort so he stayed in bed. Ayyonth was told to pass along his apologies to everyone he was supposed to meet or assist that day and promptly fell back asleep.

The Hatching Circuit / Hot Potato! [B'jin]
« on: 17 Jul 2013 at 02:23 AM »
While he hadn’t been in any shape to enjoy more than sleeping in bed beside his lover, R’nd had still enjoyed the Hatching and watching so many Impressions be made. It had been a bit upsetting to see three eggs didn’t hatch, especially the one that had been cracked open to reveal what was inside those dud eggs. His tender senses that morning had appreciated not seeing anything more or smelling anything. It was hard to watch as one twin Impressed and the other was left standing on the hot Sands alone, obviously in shock and wondering what he was supposed to do. Ryvian and Nyvian were good kids and fun to hang out with before their parties grew too wild and it tore at his heart to see them separated like that. Hopefully soon the other twin would find a dragonet to call his own and the twins would be reunited properly once again.

It was nice to see Indivara hadn’t seem too affected by the rampaging bronze either. He always knew that girl was strong, and while he also knew it was often a front to hide her sensitive and vulnerable side, R’nd genuinely believed Indivara took every bronze’s attitude as a personal challenge now and dealt with overcoming them in her own way. That said, he didn’t have much more of an attention span to continue analyzing his young friend and turned to B’jin.

“Do you want to congratulate anyone, love? I know a few that Impressed but I’ll see them at the celebrations later.” R’nd was a bit excited about that. He had spent the night celebrating, gone home drunk with B’jin, attended a hatching, would likely be going back to bed with B’jin, only to repeat steps one and two soon. It was a nice routine! “I prefer getting you back into my bed and--” his seductive promise of things to come was cut short as Indivara was suddenly swooping in on them and giving R’nd another shock to his system that he didn’t need.

“Here. Play daddy.”

With his arms now full of a child that wasn’t nearly as fat as Benden had been at such a young age, R’nd could only stare at Indivara’s retreating back and wonder what he had done to the girl. He was always nice to her! Why did he deserve this? Varlea was awkwardly held as R’nd shifted her from one nook of the arm to the other, trying to sort out the best way to hold her. Benden hadn’t been held that much early on and his rounder shape had meant different methods had been employed. “I’m going to kill her,” he pouted as he looked over to B’jin, now convinced Indivara did it purposely to cockblock him.

Personal Huts / Nightmares of the Past [B'jin]
« on: 08 May 2013 at 09:15 AM »
R’nd gave a pained moan in his sleep as he turned from one side to the other. Sleep came easily and usually peacefully to him over the past few turns for reasons he never stopped to analyze with the nightmares lessening over time but occur they still did. Ayyonth was often quick to soothe them for his rider struggling within his mind but the fear and guilt were sometimes too strong for the young dragon to do much with and R’nd would wake in a panic and need a whole new wave of soothing and convincing that none of it was real.

This night was worse than it had been for quite some time despite the evening before bed being enjoyable and the attractive greenrider curled up beside him. Ayyonth was awake but quiet so as not to disturb Larrikith as he wandered through R’nd’s mind trying to chase the memories away. They had a terrible habit of popping up to play on R’nd’s guilt and ended up warped with events playing out that never happened. Ayyonth was always uncomfortable when the memories of the Plague were prominent and R’nd’s mind turned friends going between as Ayyonth leaving him instead. It was distressing but not enough to actually make the blue dragon vanish on the troubled ride who didn’t want it to happen but only feared it would.

Love always, Orwind.

Ayyonth cringed as the closing to an unsent letter they both had memorized was read. It wouldn’t have mattered whether the letter was sent or not since the outcome would be the same. They knew of his love and knew where his heart lied and the promises in the letter would be broken with or without the words being seen. The memories were shoved aside by the dedicated dragon and as R’nd settled down again, Ayyonth thought he was home free and could catch some sleep himself. Naturally, luck wasn’t to be on his side that night and it was too late. The Plague had opened the door of memories R’nd didn’t like to think about and the death of the classmates came next, young Orwind devastated by the loss of the boy that had become a good friend. It was something he blamed himself over. Not that he had the power to send dragons between but R’nd believed his interest in people was their downfall.

The girl from V’ler’s class – Ayyonth didn’t dwell on the name – that was lost during a practical class had brought up the memories and nightmares once again but B’jin’s distress and the copious amounts of alcohol the men had shared that evening had dulled R’nd’s own pain and the nightmares weren’t as bad or noticeable. It was odd that it was the death of T’shiro that seemed to bother R’nd and days after the fact as well. It wasn’t like he had seen the death or even been around to hear the keening that had been given for the bronze that had been sacrificed for the actions of a foolish rider. Yet, it had been a strong enough event to finally bring forth what was typically forgotten. There had to be another reason but R’nd’s scrambled memories weren’t sharing that with the dragon.

Finally, it was all too much for the bluerider that moaned once more before grey eyes were snapping open and a nonsensical garbled shout filled the room. R’nd slapped his hands over his ears as he sat up, begging no one yet everyone to make the noise stop. Hush now, R’nd. It wasn’t real; only a dream. There’s no keening, no blame. Let it go.Cautiously, R’nd lowered his hands from his ears, testing to see if the keening really had stopped. Realizing everything was quiet and he was in a pitch dark room – which he thankfully noted as being his room and not suffering in the silence and darkness of between – R’nd took a deep and shaky breath before slowly letting it out. Both hands rubbed at his face before elbows fell to rest on his knees and R’nd cradled his head in his palms. He thought he had moved on and was finally over reliving the past but it seemed like that was never going to happen. The letter, however, was something he hadn’t thought about lately and it would have seemed odd to dream about it again if not for the date and the special meaning to him.

Rell wanted to comfort R’nd but Ayyonth pulled rank and ordered the blue firelizard to stay with the dragons and to sit down again. Due to B’jin’s desire that the Weyr not be shown what they got up to in bed, the flitter was often asked to sleep with the dragons and for the most part he was willing to go though it made for extra cuddling with R’nd on the nights B’jin stayed in the Weyrling Barracks to keep an eye on his class. Keeping Rell away for the time being was just one of the many things Ayyonth was doing to keep his rider calm as much as he was trying to invite B’jin in to help. With a frantic flitter flying around, they would both be on edge.

Talk to him,Ayyonth nudged B’jin gently, as he was always careful with the greenrider. B’jin spooked easily and he was too good to and for R’nd for an accidental scaring him off because of a bad prank or barging into his mind. It was a nightmare born of memories both real and warped.If he was lucky, talking to someone would help rid R’nd of the nightmares. If nothing else, it was a good way to get the eggshell-dancing men to talk and learn more about the other. It was strange to Ayyonth how they were still afraid to ask certain questions.

Personal Huts / Confessions of a Confused Heart [B'jin]
« on: 08 Jan 2013 at 07:44 AM »
“Valerian really wrote this?” R’nd questioned as he finished reading the poem he had found in the pile of unmarked quizzes. At first he thought it had been the greenrider’s work but B’jin was quick to point out who the true author was and they settled in on the couch to enjoy a glass of wine together while R’nd read it over. It was odd that the blue weyrling would leave his precious work unguarded and in someone else’s care but R’nd supposed Valerian had enough trust in B’jin and likely knew a nosy bluerider would end up reading it and another poem left with it as well. Given how lovey-dovey the one piece was, R’nd had a sneaking suspicion that having them both read it was the entire point in leaving the poems behind instead of inviting B’jin to his hut or taking the papers back with him. It was also odd to envision that kid as being a romantic soul but whether he put his inked words to practice was something R’nd couldn’t actually verify himself and was quite content in keeping that record. “You should convince him to make his work public. He’s good.”

He set the papers aside and shifted a bit to accommodate the cuddly greenrider at his side to lightly hold him close. It was strange how much he enjoyed these quiet moments that normally happened in bed before or after far more passionate activities but lately spread out into the living room or even on the Sands during a Hatching. R’nd didn’t mind public displays of affection and even with their initial painting encounter, the bluerider had been careful to keep it to a minimum but B’jin didn’t seem to mind hand-holding and cuddling at various times. Still, intimacy hadn’t been one of the things R’nd had been known for. Sure, he could make his lover feel like the only person in the world with the attention he showered upon them for the night, sevenday, or even month they managed to keep him for but R’nd had always been careful not to get too attached. Getting attached meant he could be hurt far more easily when they left him first. He didn’t like people hating him and he didn’t like being alone so sleeping around and being easy to approach for anything had been the ideal game plan.

And then B’jin finally factored into his life.

When he thought about numbers, R’nd realised he had held a crush on the greenrider for nearly half of his life which was downright scary and would have been deemed as impossible by everyone who knew him and his flighty ways. Just like they wouldn’t believe it unless they saw it that they had been together-yet-not for over a turn. Yet, it happened and as much as he ignored deeper feelings, he couldn’t deny the crush was still there and stronger than ever. It was amazing how B’jin worked his way so easily through all of the carefully placed defences and left R’nd slowly opening up about his past he never thought anyone would actually care to know about or his silly little hopes for the future like becoming a Searchrider – though that topic was always a touchy one with his friends that were Searchers given the methods needed for Katila. 

One other thing B’jin had managed to do without even trying or likely knowing he had succeeded was gain so much of R’nd’s attention and trust that the bluerider had slowly stopped seeing other people to the point where the only bed he hopped into was B’jin’s – until one specific night with I’shan changed that. R’nd didn’t begrudge B’jin for weaving such magic on him and while there had been times where his old ways sparked to life and he itched to see what he was missing by not ‘mingling’ with everyone like he used to, he had managed to ignore them and find himself enjoying the greenrider’s company more and more.

But I’shan…

I’shan was a close friend of R’nd’s and was even something akin to a mentor after Impressing Ayyonth. They had a lot of wild adventures together but even with the countless times they flirted with each other, I’shan never took it seriously and nothing came of it – until that night they made up after drifting apart because of N’gelt. The sexual tension was still there and I’shan had finally felt it and it couldn’t be ignored. After that, they met up for more secret encounters though R’nd suffered quite a bit of guilt from it. He had even made out with Erisi and been close to going too far for his guilt to handle before Valerian showed up. That was likely why the bratty weyrling had left such a romantic poem for them to find. A reminder of what R’nd was throwing away if he wasn’t careful. Like he needed Valerian’s fancy written words and silent glances to tell him that!

The guilt reached a climax when he heard about the lashing I’shan received because of their kitchen sex. He was drowning in guilt the night he found out but fear had kept him from saying anything to his sweet greenrider that deserved so much better. R’nd had told him that after the mess with accidentally Impressing Rell. He wasn’t good enough for B’jin and wasn’t what he was believed to be and would never live up to expectations yet they had still made up and it had been wonderful. Beyond wonderful. The guilt and self-doubt had vanished easily that night and it had been properly ignored for quite some time until right then after reading a sappy poem and cuddling with the man R’nd was afraid of hurting and losing.

B’jin truly did deserve better but he deserved the reason as well.

R’nd finished off his glass of wine and set it down so he could wrap both arms around B’jin and kiss the crown of his head. He really couldn’t get beyond how much he loved this and how… right they seemed to fit together both in the physical sense but in every way like how the silence around them was comfortable and they were usually on the same page. Maybe he didn’t need to tell B’jin anything. They had been living perfectly well with all of his secrets hidden away, right? They could stay right where they were and never bother B’jin in the least. Even before Ayyonth stirred to correct that way of thinking, R’nd saw the holes in that logic. His friend would be hurt even more if he heard it from someone else and it was only fair to confess.

After more wine.

He knew B’jin had only planned for a short visit since he had been on his way to Valerian’s to return the poems and get the Harper to mark the quizzes, but a little more wine would be okay, right? B’jin seemed eager for reasons to get away from the Barracks for a while though he’d likely change his mind after he heard what R’nd wanted to say. “I’ll refill our glasses,” he spoke softly and detangled himself from B’jin. The glasses were grabbed and R’nd meandered over to his kitchen where the bottle had been left. He was glad he did so instead of bringing it to the living room with him like he normally would. It offered him a chance to try to shake the sudden antsy feeling he had and to remove himself from the comfortable hold. He didn’t want to drop his bad news while they were cuddling. That would likely only make it extra awkward.

A moment later a glass was being offered back to B’jin but R’nd stayed on his feet and paced around his hut. He had several pieces of B’jin’s art hanging around the main room with the original painting of Larrikith and kids crawling on her hanging in a prominent area. That had been an amazing day even if it was the reason D’ren ordered B’jin’s lashing. He smiled sadly at the art, convinced he wouldn’t have such a moment again before turning to face B’jin with a deep breath. “I have a confession. Two, actually, I think.”

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Personal Huts / Father in Training [R'nd Solo]
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R’nd never thought he would be a father. He figured he would father children given his habits but his habits were also the reason why he didn’t think he’d have to play the role of a parent. He was completely okay with the assumption that most of the blonde children running around Katila were likely his but no one had made him acknowledge a single one of them

Until twenty months ago when Volfetti proved him wrong.

R’nd had somehow managed to convince himself he could be a father to that fat but adorable child, if only because Volfetti had asked him to be and he had always tried to get the woman to open up and be friends with him. No, that wasn’t the only reason; R’nd felt he could be a better person if he tried to help raise a child. Thankfully, Volfetti was okay with taking on the majority of tasks and raising their son while R’nd continued to behave as he always did and occasionally remembered to drop off gifts for his little family or to spend time with his son, as supervised as it was.

In recent times, Volfetti was letting R’nd hang out with Benden unsupervised a bit more while she rested or did some chores. Every visit was a learning experience but R’nd grew more confident every time and knew the brat he spoiled rotten was working his way deeper into his heart. Still, it was surprising to have Volfetti announce she wanted to drop Benden off early one afternoon and pick him up again late that evening after chores and just being a woman on her own, not a mom. Not a single protest was made from the flighty bluerider as R’nd felt he was ready for a large chunk of time with his kid, especially since he seemed to spend more time with B’jin’s daughter lately. He had warmed up to the chatter box but knew it was going to start to look odd if he was always with Amorandii but not Benden.

From past visits, R’nd knew how to Benden-proof his hut and when Volfetti came and did the over-protective mother thing of checking out the surroundings, he was rewarded with a chubby baby boy in his arms and a nod of approval. When Volfetti left, R’nd had the usual battle with Benden being sulky and asking for his mama but they never lasted long, especially now that the boy was remembering who his daddy was and he was the provider of toys and sweets. Thankfully the silent tears only lasted several minutes before R’nd was able to convince Benden they would have fun together and Volfetti would be back later on.

But that begged the question – what exactly would they do to pass the time and have fun? R’nd went to the small box he kept hidden behind the couch and pulled out some wooden blocks. Everyone loved those, right? Benden usually did though the bluerider knew it was more because they made for a good projectile during a tantrum. That screaming and violence definitely came from Volfetti. “Hey, kiddo. How high do you think we can build a tower?” R’nd wasn’t expecting too much in the way of verbal answers since his son was babbling a lot but he hadn’t mastered the art of full and comprehensive sentences just yet. He wasn’t worried though; he was a master wordsmith and knew his son would be as well. The ladies didn’t stand a chance when Benden was set free on the weyr!

The playing with blocks went over well but it wasn’t enough to keep either of them interested for the entire time together and soon enough Benden was growing fidgety and R’nd was wondering what else they could do. He hadn’t really thought the day through when he agreed to spend more time with his son. More toys were brought out but nothing seemed to be overly entertaining to the boy and R’nd finally gave up on the idea of staying. This was the child of two people that were of Sea-crafting families and loved the sun and water – surely Benden enjoyed the outdoors more than he did hanging out inside all day? With that idea now firmly rooted in his head, R’nd roused Ayyonth and did a quick preparation for a beach trip.

The only real question left to the bluerider that held a bag in one hand and a child in the other was, would Volfetti kill him slowly or quickly when she realised he took Benden on a dragon ride? He assumed Benden had been on a long trip with his mother before since he was aware of a few swimming lessons she was already giving the boy but R’nd hadn’t asked who the kind rider was or how much Volfetti trusted him. He liked to think she had trust in Ayyonth and him, though. Had he given her any reasons to fear for anyone with the cerulean blue dragon in the sky? With that bit of confidence and Benden’s giggling at Ayyonth nosing at the grabby little hands, R’nd carefully got them situated and they took off for a leisurely flight down to the beach.

It was a bit cool still for a child to splash around in the lake so even with Benden’s obvious delight at the idea of being at the water’s edge, R’nd settled them in a bit further up the lake to where the sand just started to go from wet to dry as Ayyonth sprawled out on the beach to continue sunning but to also block the light breeze coming from the west. “Do you want to see if we can turn our castle of blocks into a sand castle?” R’nd pulled out a bowl from the bag he had quickly packed and started dumping small handfuls of sand into it. Benden was soon helping and when they had it patted down firmly, R’nd flipped it over, tapped it – with Benden giggling as he helped, and slowly removed it to reveal the base of their castle. “Not a bad start, kiddo!”

They worked together for a bit with the same routine, switching out between a few bowls of different sizes, until they had a castle and four towers around it. It wasn’t the best one he had ever made but R’nd liked it all the same. There was a unique charm to it with some of the sides being a bit wonky and roofs having a child’s handprint on it. “I like that. We should do that as our signature – a sign to show that we made it.” R’nd smoothed out an area in front of the castle and pressed his hand down in it to show his print and then pointed to a spot where Benden should leave his mark. After that, R’nd used his finger to print their names under their respective handprints. He may not have been as worldly as the original riders or as well-educated as the Northerners, but he could still read and write and R’nd was comfortable with that fact of life but decided Benden would know that and more. If he was going to be an active father, then he was going to spoil his son and make sure he had the best in everything. In a few more turns, B’jin could take Benden into one of his classes and help guide his son.

“Do you like it?” R’nd questioned the toddler as they sat back to admire their work. Benden gave an enthusiastic ‘yeah!’ and left another handprint though this time it was a wet sand one on R’nd’s thigh. As much as he liked to always look his best, R’nd just laughed, never upset over sand getting on him. Well, almost never. He hadn’t been too thrilled when Indivara dumped sand on his head. That had been annoying to wash out!

“What do you want to do now? Should we head back?” R’nd imagined it was time to check on the kid’s diaper – something he absolutely hated to do but Volfetti had cornered him early on in how to do it – since Volfetti said she was thinking about starting the potty training soon and that sounded like a whole new nightmare. Benden pointed at the lazy dragon. “Ayonf!” R’nd laughed at the pronunciation of his dragon’s name, more because of Ayyonth’s startled curiosity over being addressed than Benden’s attempt on the strange name. He had to admit, he was glad the kid didn’t have to try saying ‘R’nd’ like Amorandii did. She had given up early on and went with ‘Uncle Orwind’ instead. Ayyonth and him made quite the pair with their names!

As Benden got to his feet, eyes glued on Ayyonth as much as the dragon’s were on the child, R’nd figured that meant it was time for them to go and stood as well. It would have been a successful plan if Benden’s excitement and sand weren’t a bad mix that sent the child falling forward after a few steps. Benden rolled over when R’nd knelt beside him and they stared at each other for a moment, both in shock. Would Benden cry? What was he supposed to do? “Oops,” R’nd opted to go with, since nothing else would come to mind. He figured it was best not to make a big deal out of it, especially since sand wasn’t exactly a rough landing spot and there didn’t seem to be any marks on the boy. The only thing that looked out of place was some sand stuck to pouty lips and R’nd wiped it away only to be rewarded with his still shocked son sticking his tongue out, showing it had sand on it as well.

Well, that sucked.

 “Keep your tongue out, Benden. Like this,” R’nd demonstrated by sticking his tongue out and keeping his mouth open as he picked up and carried the wide-eyed child to the water. Benden copied his daddy like he often did, something R’nd took advantage of, like now, or in getting the boy to mimic him when it was time to be quiet with a simple finger to the lips. R’nd couldn’t say if Benden knew exactly what he was doing or why but he felt his son was rather clever for his age and at least knew when to keep secrets. Doing so meant more gifts, right?

R’nd set Benden down just out of reach of the water and used the end of his shirt it to wipe at the little tongue to get most of the sand off. Next, he scooped up some water in cupped hands, “I want you to sip a little water but don’t swallow it. Spit it out, okay? Like this,” again, R’nd demonstrated by sipping up the water, gave a quick swish and spit it back out, aiming away from them. Another scoop of water and he held it out for Benden who took a little sip. A wrinkled nose was the only indicator that the boy didn’t like holding it in his mouth and soon was spitting it back out as well – into the face of the man who was foolish enough to continue crouching in front of a boy drinking lake water.

Again they stared at each other with wide eyes. “Oooops,” Benden finally spoke and both were laughing again as R’nd wiped at his face with his shirt that was turning into a towel. “But is your tongue better?” When Benden showed it off and confirmed all was well, they packed up and made their way home again.

After a harrowing journey into the land of diaper changing upon returning to the hut, Benden seemed in better spirits but hungry. The staff in the kitchen would have helped him out and snuck him some food but R’nd didn’t want to make the trip over there and figured he could try to whip something together with the few ingredients he had already gotten out of his favourite kitchen workers. He wasn’t the best in the culinary arts, it was true, but R’nd figured he could make something simple for his son. How hard could it be? Putting Ayyonth on baby-sitting duties for a bit, which both dragon and child seemed happy with, R’nd set about his masterpiece.

An hour later, R’nd had nothing to show for his efforts except for a messy kitchen and a plate of burned food. He couldn’t serve that! He wouldn’t even eat that mess so there was no way he was making his son try it. “Ayyonth, a few more minutes, I promise!”  As R’nd ran out the door in the direction of a neighbour he knew could cook, he spotted Benden climbing on Ayyonth’s tail and for a moment he hesitated, worried someone would get hurt and most likely it would be him when Volfetti saw that form of play. Quit worrying. Benden is fine and has been having fun for the last hour you’ve been destroying things. I didn’t think you hated food so much. R’nd answered with a glare and a, “stupid dragon,” mumbled good-naturedly under his breath before continuing on his mission.

Ten minutes later, R’nd had a plate of kid-approved – or so he was assured – vegetables, fruit, and a little bit of meat to share with Benden. It wasn’t a masterpiece but it was good enough for the bluerider that was losing energy after all the adventures of the afternoon. Benden didn’t seem to mind too much either. He pointedly avoided some of the items and gave the pout to end all pouts when R’nd tried pleading with the kid to eat a bit of everything. R’nd was starting to regret teaching his son how to pout so effectively. So far, from what he could tell, Benden only used it on his father to get more treats. The brat was good.

After tidying up Benden and making a small effort in cleaning up the disaster his kitchen had become, R’nd was wiped and Benden wasn’t looking much better. Volfetti would likely be by in an hour or so but R’nd decided nap time was in order all the same. A row of pillows was set up along one side of the bed, Benden was placed beside it, and R’nd crawled in after to create the other wall that helped to block the child in. He had no idea if any of that was necessary, but he wasn’t risking anyone rolling out of bed and getting a single bruise. He had no desire to add horrible father to the gossip about him!

R’nd tried to think about stories he had been told as a child but nothing was coming to him. Going off of the way Amorandii liked to tell her own stories and the way it sounded like B’jin just made things up about the people in their lives, R’nd decided to tell Benden about his aunt and uncle and he’d never get to meet but turned them into a prince and princess that grew up on the sea. He didn’t get far into the story before they were both nodding off and story time ended for nap time.

At one point, R’nd startled, woken by what sounded like someone coming in. Through sleepy blurry eyes, he spotted the figure in the doorway to the bedroom and lazily smiled at the visitor. He was far too tired to be embarrassed over being seen in such an adorable set up with Benden curled up beside him, fast asleep although he felt later on he would be given the expression B’jin wore as he took in the scene. The greenrider loved his brats and no doubt had experiences similar to what he stumbled upon. He likely would also want to know the details of the day leading up to that moment. Don’t worry, I’ll fill him in on those. R’nd would have groaned but instead went for kissing his fingers and blowing the kiss to B’jin. B’jin returned the gesture but silently entering the room, placing a kiss, on R’nd’s forehead, and slipping back outside. They would meet up again later on.

A few minutes later when B’jin was heard laughing outside, R’nd knew Ayyonth had indeed shared the adventures of the day and cringed. He would be hearing about it for a month, at least!

Not too long after that, Volfetti arrived with Ayyonth giving R’nd enough notice to crawl out of bed and start the process of getting Benden up and ready. When they got to the front door, R’nd paused before passing Benden over to his mother, “I’ll see you again very soon, okay, Benden?” The answer he was given wasn’t one he was expecting but R’nd smiled all the same when the boy threw his arms around R’nd’s neck and gave him a hug. Apparently their time together had been good for everyone.

“Thanks, Vol. For trusting me, I mean. I’ll come by soon, I promise.”

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Personal Huts / Bluerider Blues [B'jin]
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Six days.

Six days and seven hours to be precise.

One hundred and fifty-one hours since B’jin made last contact with him, but who was counting?

R’nd shuddered again at the memory of the look B’jin gave him during the firelizard discovery when he came in to rush Amorandii and Larrikith away from the creatures.

And him.

R'nd didn't blame B'jin for that reaction or how he had kept his distance since then. Firelizards had picked up the plague and spread it to the dragons, causing widespread pain and heartache. He knew he had been lucky, so to speak, by having not been at Benden long enough to forge tight friendships nor did he have relatives that were dragonriders. He still felt the loss and remembered it as clearly as the true survivors though. Even as the little blue firelizard ate from his hand that day on the beach and bonded with him, R'nd wasn't sure what to do or feel, convinced the firelizards would be bad news and that they would end a lot of relationships. After B'jin's anger at the eggs being discovered and whispers that they contained firelizards, R'nd was the first to know what that adorable little lizard clinging to him meant.

He was going to lose the man he counted as one of his closest friends and someone he cherished.

Still, it hurt when it happened just as it still hurt six days later.

Perhaps the plague had affected him in some way without him knowing about it, along with the exile. He hated having people hate him or want nothing to do with him. It was likely why he was so friendly to the point of complimenting and flirting with everyone he came across. R'nd liked having friends and everyone happy with him. Any time someone was upset with him without it being mutual -- like with Kerrin and the arguments they often had, or the deep seeded hatred for S'kef -- ate away at the bluerider to the point that he was miserable when alone in his hut, which in itself was ironic given his need for friends stemmed from his fear of being alone. In a way, it was why he never did commitment and loved the gossip saying not to get attached to him. If he ended up attached to someone, they could hurt him more easily if they decided they didn't want him anymore. It also meant if he was with just one person, it might upset another. There was more than enough of him to go around!

Except there hadn't been lately, had there? Somehow, somewhere, his bed wasn't as open to the public as it normally was with less and less being invited over until it was solely B'jin that visited. Well, until I'shan needed comforting and they ended up sleeping together and had a few more times since then. And wasn't that just an entirely new bag of guilt to go through! He'd refocus on that later, if it even mattered anymore with how he didn't even have the greenrider's friendship anymore. For now, R'nd was happy to wallow in the guilt of accidentally Impressing a firelizard he didn't want at the time and was only earlier that day fully starting to warm up to as more than a host hoping to make a guest comfortable.

It was because of the understanding he had over B'jin's reaction and Ayyonth's belief everything would work out as it was meant to that R'nd never once sought out the man. He had never pushed B'jin to share anything about his life when he didn't want to and never made him do anything he didn't want to do. Chasing him down now and begging to keep their friendship wasn't something R'nd could do even though he had wanted to after the first night of sulking and having too many drinks alone. Instead, he tried to come to terms with the firelizard he had named Rell when Amorandii had been bouncing around, excited, and looking for a name. The little blue had been named after a nickname he had given his sister while in shock and barely functional but R'nd felt she'd approve and would even like the little guy and how affectionate he was.

He had also spent some time with a few of his other good friends, something he hadn't entirely negelected over the months but it still felt slightly different. Word had spread within the first day that B'jin hadn't been pleased and rejected R'nd because of a flitter and the bluerider found he received a lot of looks of pity from the ones who knew and those that didn't know made comments about how odd it was to see him without B'jin attached to his side. They hadn't done everything together! Apparently they did enough for it to seem like they had, though.

That evening, he was alone in his hut again with a bottle of wine in one hand and Rell curled up beside him. That was something the miniature blue enjoyed doing, almost too much so. He craved affection -- whether because the reception he received at Impression was a bit chilly or not R'nd couldn't decide -- and liked to stay near R'nd when either of them was sad or it was time to rest. Rell had even taken to stealing a section of his now far too large bed. That was a habit that would have to be broken for when R'nd started to entertain again. He was certain lovers wouldn't want a firelizard walking or sleeping on them. Maybe a little blanket nest on the table beside the bed would keep them both happy.

Idly, R'nd reached over to pet Rell, finding a bit of comfort in the act as he took a swig from the bottle of wine. "I'm sorry I wasn't nicer when we met. I was surprised; shocked, really. I shouldn't have even had a single thought that you were to blame for my new exile." It was a wonder he was still functioning with all of the guilt he was currently living with! "I guess you kind of are... but you weren't there when the plague happened and I still have Ayyonth now. So I guess you aren't to be blamed now either." While it was natural to talk with Ayyonth and know he'd get a reply, when the dragon wasn't in a mood to tease him by ignoring him, it was odd talking to the firelizard despite the way he had perked up and turned to face R'nd as he spoke. The soft chirp he received after all the babbling made the bluerider smile and with another swig, he decided maybe it was better when the blue couldn't speak and argue with him.

"Ayyonth still talks to Larrikith, from across the weyr of course, but that's a good sign. Even if I don't get my friend back, I'm glad our dragons keep in touch. They're rather fond of each other," as Rell tilted his head, as if wondering why R'nd was babbling about dragons and their relationships, R'nd chuckled and shook his head. "Sorry. I'll be quiet now and let you sleep."

Personal Huts / Caged [R'nd Solo]
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ooc: This takes place during Larrikith's flight in "Third Time's a Charm" I copied over the tag he left there and continued on.

Of course he was confused!

Ayyonth still sat in the same spot he had landed minutes before when they arrived for their practice and barely showed any interest in the squabbling greenpair. The only time he seemed to even acknowledge the proddy green was when she glanced at him and Ayyonth crooned softly in return, their fondness for each other quite evident. So why wasn’t he preparing to Chase?!

R’nd was practically beside himself already with the scene playing out before him starring B’jin and S’kef. The only reason he hadn’t already stormed over there was because the greenrider was a big boy and didn’t need constant rescuing. It irritated R’nd to no end that S’kef was harassing B’jin again but until it was clear his lover was in for more than he could handle, R’nd was trying his best to stay out of it. So he turned that irritation onto Ayyonth, which anyone would notice with one look at the bluerider glaring at his dragon, obviously having a private conversation. Why aren’t you chasing? We’ve always entered Larrikith’s flights since our first attempt! I figured since our time with them has even you two so cozy, you’d be more inclined to. Are you two fighting again? Did you look at another green? It was unfair to blame Ayyonth like he was but he simply couldn’t understand!

Are you done yelling at me? Ayyonth replied in an almost bored tone, though he wasn’t overly thrilled to be receiving one of R’nd’s rare outbursts. His rider could overreact with the best of them sometimes. This win is not meant for me. I will find you a suitable flight win soon though. He knew that wasn’t what R’nd was upset about but it was the best he was going to get. Larrikith had told him about the fun game of driving B’jin crazy by Veeth winning and Ayyonth was intrigued. It would end up messing with R’nd as well and the way their riders freaked out over other things pertaining to their relationship and flights, he knew this would be amazing and had to happen. So he had agreed and while Larrikith looked ever so beautiful that day, her mossy hide reflecting the sun better, in his opinion, than that of a gold’s and R’nd tried to urge him to move, Ayyonth stayed grounded and quietly watched all those interested in his charming lady move in closer.

R’nd could feel everyone’s gaze moving from him to Ayyonth to the greenpair and back to him. No doubt they believed there was trouble in paradise or they had dissolved their weyrmate status privately the night before. That was hard to do when they weren’t actually weyrmated! After that initial shock when D’ren announced it to all of Katila, they saw the benefit in letting people believe it since they could be in a wing together and somehow had decided through not a single word shared on the matter to both ignore the label and tune out the gossip about them. That had been hard to do at first since he loved knowing the crazy rumours and the gossip going round about him but R’nd found some of the topics to be too heart-stopping and finally managed to disappear whenever he was mentioned in the same breath as B’jin.

He briefly wondered what would be said about this. Did they fight before coming to practice? They had, after all, arrived separately. Was there an issue between the dragons? Perhaps they had made an agreement to have other flights to spice things up? Did they do that because they were looking for someone else to join them in bed? R’nd barely stifled a laugh at that last thought, knowing B’jin would never want anything like that. Knowing what he did know, however, R’nd knew no one else would guess correctly. Larrikith and Ayyonth had planned something again and that was never a good thing. He didn’t know who was meant to win the flight but when the adorable blue weyrling appeared on the scene, it was pretty easy to guess.

As Larrikith took off with her trail of suitors, R’nd found himself hoping Veeth actually did win. His gaze swept across the dragons in pursuit and while a few had decent enough riders, it was Tyrrisath that bothered him the most. That was a cunning dragon and the bluerider had witnessed more than once, both from the chase and innocently watching from below, the way the brown dragon swooped in and stole victories. He was getting nervous and his fists clenched at his sides as B’jin took off running with S’kef close behind. R’nd was so focused on the men that he barely noticed two of his wingmates moving in to stand closer to him. Had he spared them proper thought, he’d know exactly what they were there for; waiting for him to freak out at either not getting his dragon to move his lazy ass or having issue with who the winner was.

This wasn’t going to end well, he knew it deep within. “B’jin…” His lover’s name came out on an exhale, his fear barely restrained. One slow and shaky step and then another took him that little bit closer to the weyrfolk hall where B’jin was leading his followers. He wasn’t at all surprised at B’jin’s intuition to get somewhere private given so many of his past flights. A part of R’nd was proud to have claim on three of the embarrassing locations with the greenrider. He didn’t get any further than those few steps before one of the men near him placed a hand on his shoulder which R’nd obeyed and fell still and silent, grey eyes not leaving the little green and her acrobatics.

His anger at Ayyonth for not chasing and the fear of who would win started to let up when Veeth entered the race and put in a good effort of chasing. R'nd had seen a few other green flights as an innocent bystander and had watched the way the small blue weaved around the crowd and made up the distance rather well, though he always lost in the end. Poor kid! It had to suck being an endless loser but from R'nd had heard, Valerian at least always found a way to relieve the tension built up during a flight. This flight, he was sure of it, would be the one that broke the loser streak. It had to be! With every second that passed, R'nd continued to hold his breath and watch Veeth fly. It seemed at one point that Larrikith was ready to be caught by her young admirer as well but just as they were about to collide, Tyrrisath swooped in and stole the win.

"No!" R'nd screamed, a shriek if one was being technical, when the accursed brown dragon pulled his usual stunt of stealing the prize. He had done the same thing during Krypth's maiden flight, taking the pretty little gold away from Ayyonth and Veeth without so much as a backward glance. He called out his disbelief once more and tried to run for the building B'jin had likely ran for but two sets of hands were on him again, this time restraining him far more than the light touch of hands had earlier. He struggled in vain, wanting desperately to be away from the men holding him back from saving B'jin from a far worse fate than just a simple random win that wasn't his supposed weyrmate. R'nd could have cared less -- well, that wasn't entirely true since he cared but he would have been fine with it after a few minutes of pouting -- if it was anyone else in the weyr that won Larrikith's flight but S'kef terrified the greenrider and with good reason.

R'nd was always cautious around S'kef during his time as WeyrSecond but it wasn't until B'jin's lashing and the joy the brownrider so clearly took from wielding the whip that he truly started to dislike the man. The scuffle at Turnover had been foolish on his part but the growing hatred for S'kef since the lashing had finally consumed the bluerider when the molesting of B'jin took place. It had felt good to at least mange to land a solid punch before winding up barely conscious and in a lot of pain. Thankfully he had been drunk which eased a lot of the pain before Talian got the numbweed on the injuries and fellis in him! But it was when B'jin finally confessed to the past he shared with S'kef that R'nd truly despised the brownrider and wanted to keep all those he valued away from the man. So far, his friends had enough common sense to stay away and B'jin did his best to do the same but now, for some reason, S'kef had felt like entering a flight and of course the bastard had to win.

But he would stop the outcome. He had to!

Again, R'nd struggled and, caught up in the anger and fear that was overwhelming him, his mouth started babbling out random protests that would likely earn him another close encounter with S'kef's fists if the man heard what he said. "Not S'kef! Anyone but him! He's pure evil! Don't leave B'jin alone with him!" R'nd shot a look around at his wingmates, hoping someone there would understand and help him but most stared at him sadly, if they could look at him at all. J'ver, at least, seemed as visibly upset, a dark glare on his face with lips pursed tightly. There wouldn't be any help there, R'nd knew with a certainty, but he was glad to see the turmoil the win had caused between the two despicable men. Rilaleeyth, though, earned a brief shot of pity as R'nd caught the way the green curled in on herself in a tight ball, looking utterly rejected. A moment later and she took off to parts unknown while J'ver stalked off by foot.

Through his fear for B'jin, R'nd barely heard R'nya calling an end to the disrupted wing practice, which was likely why J'ver took off. The greenrider was a brown-nosing suck-up and wouldn't leave before being dismissed despite how upset he was. In the back of his mind, R'nd knew he was making a scene and even a fool of himself but neither mattered. He only wanted his freedom to help B'jin! He hadn't heard R'nya also order him escorted to his hut until he calmed down but when a voice far closer to his ear told him they were bringing him home, R'nd tensed and froze for a moment. It wasn't the order that bothered him, it was the voice. Of course it had to be B'ker as one of his wardens! Kerrin's dad always seemed to be around in such precious moments of these when he was acting in an unbecoming manner, the brownrider always seeming to keep a close eye on him. It was understandable since Kerrin was such a close friend and easily influenced. But as intimidating as R'nd found B'ker, he was also a somewhat calming presence and R'nd heaved a sigh and seemed almost ready to give in and go silently to his hut.

Except T'shiro came over, intent on helping out and asking S'tox, the other brownrider holding him in place, to step aside and he'd handle the bluerider. Instead, they started debating the merits of T'shiro carrying R'nd by the feet as the three of them carted him home. It may have worked except by this point, Ayyonth was starting to get agitated from R'nd's mood and the way everyone was man-handling his rider. The dragon was both pleased people were holding him back since he'd only end up in a lot of pain and could injure B'jin as well for getting between a flight pair but all the men around R'nd were causing the rider distress and Ayyonth, calm and collected Ayyonth, was reaching his own limit. He gave a low rumble of his disproval and neared the group at a slow pace, more intent to be near R'nd to help each other calm down rather than to intimidate anyone. It was enough of a distraction for the three men around R'nd and enough of a kick to reignite R'nd's fears that the bluerider started struggling again, this time freeing his arm from S'tox's hold and elbowing T'shiro in the nose as he did so.

He heard the bronzerider curse at the surprise connection but R'nd didn't notice as he was restrained again and softly being urged to co-operate. Another sigh of resignation and R'nd nodded. "I'll walk. No one has to carry me." As B'ker and S'tox moved to better hold him and walk with him, the bluerider felt utterly defeated and useless. Neither brownrider talked as they moved through the rows of huts and that was probably for the best. No doubt they felt in an awkward position since S'kef was one of their own and the former WeyrSecond. They may have viewed the man differently than a young and emotional bluerider. At least they didn't try cheering him up, to which R'nd was extremely grateful. He didn't think Kerrin would appreciate a fight between his father and best friend.

When they reached his hut, he allowed them to escort him inside and he waited until both men were back outside before slumping to the floor. He didn't need to check the door to know S'tox and B'ker would be standing outside, if one of their dragons weren't sitting there playing door blocker for them. He would be held under a small house-arrest until B'jin and S'kef parted ways and if he was lucky, he wouldn't be punished for his behaviour. Right then though, that was the least of his worries as a fist balled and smacked the hard ground beneath him. He was useless! He had let B'jin down! He had wanted to keep his friend safe from any form of harm yet there he was, locked away on the other side of the weyr while B'jin was trapped in a room with S'kef drunk on flightlust. He knew the brownrider wouldn't stop after the flight released him either and that was the final thought needed to send tears sliding down tanned cheeks.

Ayyonth reached cautiously out to his rider and was relieved when R'nd accepted the mental touch and relaxed a bit as he curled up on the floor where he had dropped when the brownriders left him. He let him sulk for a while, lending R'nd the strength needed to get over the idea that he failed someone but perhaps he should have left well enough alone as anger started to form inside his gentle human and it turned towards him. It's your fault, Ayyonth! They're both going to be hurt and upset and you're to blame! We could have won and protected them. Why didn't you chase?

Unlike the far more sensitive dragons, Ayyonth let the words wash over him, knowing that while R'nd meant the accusations in that moment, he would hate himself later on for yelling and blaming someone else for what he found to be his own failings. When it seemed like the accusations were finished, Ayyonth finally dared to counter them, his voice still the low and calming tone it always was. You know as well as I that the end result would not change if I entered. You saw and even acknowledged the way Tyrrisath snatched Larrikith away from Veeth. He would have done the same with me. He is a cheater in the way he waits for an opening and dives in; there is nothing to be done about it.

He paused, letting the truth sink in, knowing R'nd was smart enough to accept it instead of fight it and then continued, There is nothing more to be done now either, except wait for B'jin to return here or to his hut. Either way, you will be there for him and comfort him as you always do. He will need your embrace and your quiet strength. Remember, I chose you because of that inner strength you possess and the way you will do anything in your power and beyond to keep your friends safe and happy. You care deeply and cherish everyone in their own special ways and everyone loves you because of it. Do not let B'jin down now. You couldn't prevent the pain, it's true, but you can ease it and erase it. Both knew R'nd couldn't truly erase the memories that S'kef would leave behind but R'nd appreciated the pep talk all the same and vowed to do his best.

He still didn't have to like the flight happened how it did though!

Ayyonth wasn't getting off that easily either and R'nd made a note to properly glare at the beast later on as well though his temper had cooled and he was left more with the worry about how B'jin was doing and the shape he would be in.

At some point, R'nd, or maybe it was Ayyonth, decided it was best to stop counting the minutes that passed and to get up off the floor. A blanket was grabbed but he didn't stay in the bedroom, instead making curling up on the couch, still miserable, now completely silent, and much calmer. Only when the door slowly opened did R'nd sit up, jumping to his feet with the blanket being cast aside, "B'jin?" he called out anxiously but when B'ker came through the door, the bluerider's energy vanished and his head hung in disappointment.

"I've had word that S'kef and B'jin have parted. Technically, we can let you out now since you won't disturb them and you seem a bit more level-headed again." He stepped into the room and S'tox was close behind, keeping a careful watch on R'nd. If it wasn't for his show earlier, R'nd would have been insulted by all the caution the men took around him now. "Can we safely leave you alone now? I don't want to hear that you've gone after S'kef and you got yourself mangled for stupidity. True, loyalty to your mate is something to respect, but a flight's a flight. Leave it alone now, R'nd."

R'nd wanted to explain exactly why he was so upset about the flight and S'kef, show the world how horrible the man could be, but he held his tongue. B'jin barely wanted to tell him, he would definitely hate having the entire weyr know what he had been through under S'kef's attention. With a nod, R'nd looked first S'tox in the eye and then B'ker, "I won't go after him. I can't promise to stay away nor can I promise to never touch him if provoked but I won't go looking for him, especially right now. B'jin is my focus." R'nd hoped that was approval he saw on B'ker's face before the men left but it wouldn't be anything new if it wasn't. He always felt like he was being judged around that brownrider anyway.

Wait. Ayyonth's simple command held R'nd rooted in place a few steps from the couch when he started to make a mad dash for the door and to find B'jin. He didn't need to voice his confusion or ask why he should. Let me speak with Larrikith first. She'll know where B'jin wants to go and who he wants to see right away. You're likely at the top of the list, but his healer-son might earn a quick visit before seeing you or, R'nd cut Ayyonth off with a mental nod of understanding and finished the thought. Or, he'll want to clean up and put a smile on his face before seeing me so he doesn't worry me or upset me enough to go after the bastard that harmed him. He had learned enough during their friendship to know when to avoid certain topics, which questions would have walls tossed up in defense, and how B'jin reacted in situations he wasn't comfortable with. The greenrider had been close to begging him after the lashing to stay away from S'kef in order to keep R'nd safe. He knew now would likely be no different.

"I'll wait, Ayyonth," he finally spoke aloud since agreeing to walk without issue to his hut though it was barely an audible whisper. "But don't make me wait too much longer. I... I need to see him." Quietly, R'nd sat back down on the couch and stared at the wall Ayyonth sat on the other side of. He had managed to survive the waiting needed for S'kef to leave B'jin, surely he could last a little longer?

Unless B'jin denied him and didn't want to see him because of his own anger at the bluepair.

That thought tore at him to the core and he tried his best not to believe it was true. He'd know soon though. Just a little longer and Larrikith would tell Ayyonth which hut B'jin wanted and he'd be holding the greenrider in his arms soon after.

Just a little longer...

Personal Huts / I Almost... [B'jin]
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If R’nd had to list things he hated, he was pretty sure losing a flight would top it. The sudden sense of loss as reality crashed back in on him while he stumbled away from the winner and the prize that were tearing away clothing wasn’t fun and certainly didn’t fluff up the ego any. The confusion that sometimes accompanied the loss, whether due to wondering how he managed to get to the current location or why he had been so desperate to win that particular flight when enough sense returned to clearly see the rider, never helped matters, only adding to the unfocused staggering steps back. What he did enjoy about those moments, however, was when there was a fellow loser that appealed to him within reach. The pity and slight comfort sex that came out of that wasn’t quite as frantic as when he was completely absorbed in the dragonlust from the win, but it was still pretty satisfying.

That afternoon, however, when he saw I’shan throwing himself at Par’a, R’nd couldn’t even raise an eyebrow of invite at J’dan. They had been chasing Par’a and Grith! That was bad enough but seeing that I’shan had won was slowly causing R’nd’s brain to leak out his ears. His friend wasn’t going to take that well when he came to later on. It was best to get going while he could.

As he stumbled out of the hut and back into the sun that seemed far too bright, R’nd could feel Ayyonth’s own disappointment and a moment later his beautiful blue had landed in front of him. R’nd wrapped his arms around Ayyonth’s neck, each feeding off the comfort they gave each other until rider was mounting dragon. “Let’s go…” R’nd wasn’t sure where he wanted to go so Ayyonth offered a suggestion, Home? He knew he wanted to go home and sulk as he wasn’t a big fan of losing either, but R’nd shook his head a moment later.

“No. B’jin’s.” He was still a bit in a daze but it seemed like a marvellous idea. After his own moment of pause to think about it, Ayyonth clearly agreed as he took off in the direction of B’jin’s hut. It was a lazy flight, almost as if they were crawling compared to the flying Ayyonth had done while chasing Grith – Grith! – but R’nd appreciated it. The cool breeze was refreshing and helping to snap him out of the shock of losing though when they finally did land outside of B’jin’s hut, R’nd’s mood had improved but not quite enough. It was a sign of exactly how out of it he was that R’nd didn’t wait outside or even lightly knock before opening the front door and peeking in. Typically he was far more cautious, not wanting to run across one of his friend’s children or to interrupt anything the man might be getting up to but right then, R’nd had one thing on his mind.

When B’jin was spotted, he was greeted with a large pout and arms circling around his waist as R’nd laid his head on his friend’s shoulder. “I almost… Par’a… but losing still sucks.”

Personal Huts / Emotional Hangover [B'jin]
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R'nd rolled over and, wait, no he didn't. Something was wrong with that and the bluerider had a brief moment of panic as to why he couldn't roll over when he wanted to until he realized he could still wiggle his toes and knew nothing was wrong with him. What was wrong was the warm body snuggled up to him and keeping him from changing position to avoid the morning sun that had managed to find its way into his bedroom. Grey eyes cautiously opened against the light until he could make out the window that never had the curtain drawn the night before even though it was part of a set routine. A quick glance to the man beside him showed it was B'jin and that made sense. Not a lot happened outside of pleasuring each other when they were caught up in the moment. But shards! Who ordered the sun to be extra bright that day? Oh, that's right, the two -- or was that three? -- bottles of wine he had consumed yesterday giving him a headache now had.

With a low groan, R'nd did his best to roll over, this time into B'jin's hold to bury his face into pillow or hair, and fell back asleep.

Unsure of, nor did he care, how much time had passed since last waking whether it had been twenty minutes or three hours, R'nd found himself awake again and still not in all that great of shape. B'jin having rolled away to leave the bluerider eating mattress. Not in the mood to try sleeping again and risk B'jin sleeping directly atop him or smothering him in the pillow, R'nd crawled his way out of bed, far more literally than he normally would have. Thanks to that creative way out of the sheets, he landed in a mess of limbs on the floor and was very tempted to stay there. At least it was darker!

Some more crawling was done, now with Ayyonth's soft chuckling as he stirred awake from where R'nd imagined Larrikith was curled up with him, until he came across a pair of pants. It took some wriggling but the pants finally started to slide up long legs until the waistline was about midway up the thighs and realization hit. These were B’jin’s pants. Life was not going so well that morning. Sighing, the pants were wriggled out of and R’nd shuffled to his closet where he found a pair of pants he knew without a doubt belonged to him. Figuring that was close enough to being clothed, R’nd glanced back at B’jin before making his way to the kitchen. Klah. He needed klah and a lot of it. Maybe fellis so he could sleep through the hangover, but he’d try the klah first.

As he went about preparing the drink, making an extra large pot in case B’jin woke in the same condition, R’nd tried to recall all the details of the previous day. There had been dancing and flirting, both normal activities, but there was something else that had led to him going home earlier than planned. He hadn’t minded B’jin and I’shan dancing rather close, too distracted as he was with Erisi, but even if he hadn’t been with the green weyrling, R’nd didn’t mind seeing his friends dance. But apparently N’gelt had. R’nd had moved as quickly as he could to get over to his friends before N’gelt attacked either of them but the brownrider left without causing a scene which sent I’shan fleeing. He could only imagine what shape his fellow bluerider was in today.

That left him with B’jin, only it hadn’t. R’nd winced as all the memory recalling started to aggravate the headache and he sat down at the kitchen table, arms moving to pillow his head that came to rest on them. The greenrider had smiled as if all was well, something R’nd would have done in the same situation so not to worry anyone, and turned in the opposite direction to dance with someone else. That had startled him and R’nd still didn’t know why he didn’t chase after B’jin and steal him away for a dance together but instead fled the scene as quickly as I’shan had. Then again, perhaps his choice had been for the best since it wasn’t all that long before B’jin had appeared in the hut and easily guided them to the bedroom.

Yes, that way of thinking was the better way, R’nd decided as he glanced up at the pot that still wasn’t steaming with hot enough water. If he thought of it in any other way, too many strange questions popped up. Why did it hurt to have B’jin turn away instead of come to him immediately? Why had he left instead of finding someone else to spend time with while at the feast? The mental sigh Ayyonth gave when the questions were shoved away and ignored confused R’nd but he chalked it up to a tired dragon being bothered by loud thoughts. The thoughts were pretty loud to him as well.

Personal Huts / ...May Break My Bones [B'jin & Talian]
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It had taken Ayyonth kneeling low, R’nd already on his back, and another rider in the crowd to help get the unconscious greenrider atop the dragon as well but they managed it and R’nd didn’t waste more time than it took to nod his thanks for the assistance before Ayyonth took off towards B’jin’s hut. They avoided popping between despite that being the quickest method of travel but R’nd didn’t want to risk exposing all of the torn skin to the bone-chilling cold that incurred in the seconds travel took. When Ayyonth landed with the utmost grace and care for the injured passenger, once again crouching into the best position to be of assistance, R’nd worked them both down and hesitated for only a moment in deciding the best way to carry the smaller rider which ended up being tossed over one shoulder with his arms securing the hold under a firm bottom.

He didn’t make it far in the charge for the hut when the firmly closed door presented itself as a worthy opponent. R’nd fumbled for the handle, growing increasingly frustrated with every second he wasted in getting B’jin tucked away somewhere for a healer to look at. When he finally caught the knob and turned it just enough to pop the latch, his booted foot swung out to kick the door all the way open, causing the bluerider to wince momentarily as the door bounced off the wall it swung heavily into. He hoped there wasn’t any damage but would explain later if there was and he imagined B’jin would be understanding just this once.

Once he crossed the threshold, R’nd froze as the realization hit that he was in B’jin’s hut; the hut no one was allowed into outside of his family. Of course he had been invited in the heat of the moment brought on by playing with paints until both men were in need of a shower. Despite his desire to get a peek into the man’s world, R’nd had chosen to take them to his hut where children weren’t likely to intervene like they had tried to do earlier in their time together. Now, as much as he wanted to snoop with grey eyes glancing over everything, curious to learn what he could, R’nd knew it wasn’t the time and headed for an open door across the living room which he assumed would be the bedroom if the layout was anything like his own. Any self-congratulations he would have done at navigating the basic hut design were killed instantly at the sight of toys scattered all over the floor. He suddenly had a flash of his own bedroom looking like that now that Volfetti had brought Benden into his life and panic threatened to overtake him thanks to that image coupling with his concern for B’jin.

He had to focus! He knew B’jin had a couple of brats and toys underfoot were to be expected even if they were a bit of a turn off and a danger to bare feet and heads when they smacked against the floor or wall after tripping on something. Again, that wasn’t the issue of the moment, and R’nd chided himself while Ayyonth made his own efforts in calming R’nd until the man was able to get over his aversion to children and all things related to them to once more focus on the man in his arms –and in his arms for all the wrong reasons at that! With his eyes drawn to the bed, R’nd moved almost on autopilot, everything around him becoming indistinct blurs as he ignored all the distractions and only focused on getting his friend much needed aid. There was just one problem.

How was he going to get B’jin on the bed without harming him?

R’nd was already worried he had done more damage with the way he had caught the searchrider, moved him, and even now carried him but he wasn’t foolish enough to do the simple method of leaning over and depositing B’jin on the bed, on his back. Carefully he knelt until B’jin’s limp feet touched the floor and R’nd moved his arms from under the buttocks to under the arms so he could guide the unconscious man onto the bed to lie on his stomach, head turned to the side as suffocating the man you had a crush on and were befriending didn’t help the relationship. R’nd visibly relaxed as the tension caused from his task eased upon seeing B’jin lying safely in his bed.

Without hesitating, the bluerider crawled onto the bed beside B’jin, grabbing one of the man’s hands to hold in his own, “Oh, B’jin… I’m so sorry,” his words were nearly a whisper but the emotion behind each word was strong and genuine. He still blamed himself as the final reason for D’ren to issue the lashings and blamed himself for not convincing the weyrleader to revoke the punishment.  It wouldn’t do either of them any good to dwell on what was done and couldn’t be changed. He would have looked around the room for something to talk about if, when B’jin woke with him still there but the toys still weren’t an accustomed sight yet and so grey eyes lowered their gaze and that’s when R’nd saw his shirt. It wasn’t one of his best shirts but it was among his favourites and it was now smeared with blood from when he caught B’jin as he blacked out from the pain. This was the second shirt ruined by the greenrider and it earned a small pout if only because Kerrin liked to lecture him on the amount of clothing ruined in the passion of flightlust and now he was earning a pile of stained shirts.

Speaking of shirts, where was the one B’jin had tossed at him before the lashing? R’nd tried to mentally retrace his steps, wondering where he would have dropped it and hoped it wasn’t back in the Square where anyone could take it or trample it. You left it on my back. You placed it there when you climbed up to get B’jin up. I’ll guard it if you’re that concerned and you can get it later. Well that was a relief! He didn’t need to add lost property to his list of sins against B’jin. Then again, maybe he would add to that list but by holding the shirt hostage until B’jin was feeling better and could appreciate a little humour in the form of the bluerider’s twisted playfulness.

“We’ll get you patched up and right as new soon, B’jin.” With one hand still holding B’jin’s, R’nd brushed the other hand over the greenrider’s forehead checking for a fever. He wasn’t an expert in such things but it made him feel a bit more useful to at least try.

The Lake Edge / Baited [Invite]
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It felt like his whole life had revolved around fishing. To be fair, it had until he was Searched and it was a rather important means of survival during exile, and even after Katila’s creation he was rotated into the chore a fair bit. So R’nd supposed it was a major part of his life. He had to laugh at how that turned out for him considering he took little joy from the task as a child and found being Searched as a way out of that life. Still, he was a dutiful worker and while everyone liked to complain when the new chore assignments came out, and he was no exception, R’nd still followed his orders, knowing there had to be some sort of method behind the madness of it all.

At least this time he had Kerrin shuffled into the mix. It was a rarity when they were put together, no doubt whoever was in charge purposely tried to keep friends apart to bring as little enjoyment to the process as possible. Or maybe it was just the two of them that had orders against them given how distracted they could become with their pranks on each other and the occasional passerby. Not that the weyrbrat was all that helpful. Most chores they shared broke down into R’nd working while Kerrin goofed off and Ayyonth supervised from the shade or sun depending on his mood that day. This time would be different as Kerrin would be trapped on a boat with him where R’nd hoped he could get the guy to at least feign interest in the utterly boring task.

R’nd surveyed the tools of the trade he had already placed in the boat and was satisfied they should have everything they would need for a successful haul provided their patience and attention spans could last long enough. Now all he had to do was get Kerrin into the boat, which was easier said than done. “Are you going to do this the easy and dignified way or will I have to pick you up and toss you in there so we can get this outing started and finished in record time?” Not far down the beach, already comfortably curled up in the warm sand, Ayyonth rumbled his amusement at the two.

Personal Huts / Verbal Keysmashing [Kerrin & Erisi]
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It was late into the morning and R’nd was surprisingly up though it was debatable about how awake he actually was. He was currently curled up in one of the chairs in his living area, wearing only a pair of black cloth pants that were typically worn while lazing around his home. In hand he held a mug of klah, rejoicing in the cinnamon scent with every deep inhale and rejuvenating with every long swig of the hot drink. His gaze drifted to his bedroom where he left the door open and part of the bed could be seen, though the current occupant was hard to make out due to the furs R’nd had piled on the man. Last night had been wild and waking up next to one of the Harper Candidates still tucked in beside him was a bit of surprise. That was until he recalled how worn out they had been and how his euphoric-addled mind had suggested Erisi stay right before they passed out anyway.

The guy had been a good lay and R’nd wasn’t averse to sending him on his way with a morning romp and an invite to find him again sometime; no accidental tripping required. The only requirement, however, would be to either meet with less clothing on or tone down their enthusiasm in stripping it off. The main room of his hut had their clothes tossed around, mostly near the entrance, but it would still require sorting and that delectably petit body proudly strolling through his home nude, acting all the more temptation than it already was.

Speaking of that temptation, he should probably wake Erisi soon. Who knew what the Candidate was close to missing or already had from sleeping in. Maybe after he finished his klah. From what he heard, Erisi probably wouldn’t care if he missed a chore or lecture on Weyr life.

Personal Huts / Boozahol [Invite Only]
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He could have waited; seeking out his friend and fellow bluerider another day and thus showing he wasn’t dying for more information on the hook up with N’gelt and the general catching up on I’shan’s life, but R’nd felt waiting until that evening was plenty enough time. Besides, he had stated he wanted a meal and drinks out of the man that had landed a well timed information bomb that morning so it was only right that he followed through with that and not leave I’shan hanging. Of course if a meal was made and he didn’t show up there was a good chance the brownrider companion would gladly take it as an offering. Sometimes he hated having a streak of curiosity and hated even more that while their friendship was only several turns old I’shan knew about it and liked to tease him. He wasn’t entirely innocent in withholding fun tidbits either but R’nd enjoyed being an evil tease when he could be.

Despite his reputation of bed hopping and knowing I’shan loved cooking, R’nd still had some manners and could play the romantic lead when called for. This wasn’t one of the romantic seduction visits but a call upon a good friend still demanded he bring something to the table and in this case, one of his own bottles of Benden wine was held in one hand while a tray of pastries he had sweet talked out of the kitchen staff earlier balanced in the other. Even if I’shan had forgotten or just didn’t want to cook, they would at least have something to enjoy with their wine while reconnecting. Tucking the bottle under his other arm, R’nd continued playing nice—it was never wise to waltz into a bluerider’s hut unannounced—and gave a good knocking to the door.

I’shan had better be in or R’nd would have to resort to tactics used on and by Kerrin and ignore the man for a sevenday, complete with the physical tussle leading up to the silence.

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