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Weyrfolk Housing / Bursting Bubbles [Rhaedalyn]
« on: 24 Aug 2014 at 12:35 AM »
Z’ia took a deep breath, closing his eyes and controlling a grimace as Plague came in chittering a warning in a tone that Z’ia found far too amused, of the woman approaching. A gentle outreaching found Aveleth off by the lake playing with Destiny and Chastity. Z’ia retreated from the link before his dragon was alerted to his poking around, and the little bluerider stood up tall from where he’d been doing the very mundane task of cleaning up his rooms – a rather spontaneous party with several other blueriders the night before had turned the area into a disaster zone.

With the window open and some fresh air flowing into the little set up, Z’ia had been looking forward to wash and something to eat – the sudden knowledge that Rhaedalyn was about to visit was not something that the little bluerider was swallowing very well. His thumb and forefinger pinched the bridge of his nose at the light tapping on his door that announced the girl’s arrival – at least she was too Rhaedalyn to actually stride right in. He wondered idly if she had ever wondered about his lack of inviting her to do so. The last thing he needed was her walking in while he had someone visiting in a capacity that would probably make her stupid little brain explode.

Running a hand back through his hair as he turned, Z’ia tugged the curls back and tied a leather around the tail before opening the door, a warm smile on his lips – he was surprised the girl hadn’t realised it didn’t reach his eyes yet; at least when they weren’t in public, anyway. Z’ia was always careful to put every bit of himself into his efforts when there were people who could see them, but he was growing bored with the game, and with the baggage the little gold whore was bringing along with her.

“Hello Rhae!” Z’ia leaned forward to kiss her lightly on the cheek, and then backed up slightly to take in her expression. Rhaedalyn was someone Z’ia had learned very early on could enter a state of euphoria simply by the sky being the right shade of blue or a butterfly passing within her sight or the sun coming up in the morning. As easily, he’d found her quite simple to crush; a frown could have the girl just about crying as she begged to know what was wrong. So, seeing the mixed emotions – almost completely overwhelmed by delight – on her face wasn’t as alarming as it probably should have been.

“I was just heading to lunch; do you want to join me?” Oh, for the love of his dragon, he hoped she said no! He really was not in the mood to parade around the main quarters, even with the majority of the dragonriders up North. The only outward evidence of his desire to see the back of Rhaedalyn moving far away from him was the nasty sneer on Plague’s face as she hissed at Rhaedalyn.

Character Diaries / I am so much cooler than you.
« on: 20 Jul 2014 at 08:06 AM »
~~ I am Z'ia and I am so much more awesome than you are ~~

Northern Mountains / ... Busted [Rhaedalyn]
« on: 01 Aug 2013 at 10:53 AM »
Z'ia was, admittedly, a lot of things. Generally speaking, stupid was not one of them. But everyone makes mistakes.

The day had gone genuinely well, and the young bluerider had completed all his required tasks - both those on the books and off - before making himself, and his dragon, scarce for the evening. The day hadn't been too bad, weather wise, and while it was certainly still far too warm, it had not been a wet or too-muggy day. The dry heat was far more favourable, in Z'ia's not at all humble opinion, but escaping it for a while was still paramount. After carefully checking his riding gear, the young man had geared up his dragon, tossed on a rucksack filled with tasty treats (including several cinnamon buns for his wriggling dragon) and together they had fled the Weyr.

Flying was something Z'ia enjoyed immensely, and it was something the pair of them were very good at. Aveleth was a particularly talented blue, and while he would never be quite as nippy and quick as the greens, the young and timid dragon was quite good at zipping through the sky at high speeds, and doing interesting ducks and turns that kept his adrenaline seeking bonded happy. Despite all that, it could only satisfy the junky so much, and while Z'ia's first try at leaping off his dragon and plummeting to the ground had frightened Aveleth so badly he had barely managed to coordinate himself in time to actually catch his life mate, the pair had managed to figure out a routine in the years since, and perfected their very secret hobby.

Aveleth knew he out his tiny human in great danger every time Z'ia jumped off his back, and he also knew that he should find a more productive way for Z'ia to get his thrill. Despite that, Aveleth was also well aware of how much simple and pure joy the activity brought the man, and who was he to deny his lovely curly haired human what it was that made him happy? So long as Z'ia didn't trick him again, and promised to keep their hobby a secret, Aveleth had agreed to take part in it willingly. For his part, Z'ia was happy with the conditions.

The first time he had jumped off Aveleth, Z'ia had done it on impulse. He hadn't thought about how his dragon would respond, or what people would think if they saw him. He had had th sudden idea, and before it had even fully processed, he had taken a flying leap off his gleefully innocent dragon. It had nearly cost him his life, and earned him quite the scolding from D'hys, who (thankfully!) had been the only person to see the reckless move. While D'hys hadn't required it, and Z'ia hadn't out and out said anything, it was heavily implied by the tiny dragon rider that he wouldn't do it again, and in fact, as far as D'hys was aware it had been a one-hit wonder move. The degree to which Z'ia had frightened his precious dragon had, in fact, prevented him from repeating it any time soon. But he had, naturally.

Trips such as their current expedition were carefully managed. No company could come with them, because Z'ia had no desire to ruin his carefully maintained reputation as a mostly innocent little fellow who was great for a laugh and good company. He was aware of some of the nastier (and far more truthful) rumours that were spread by greenriders who had a tendency to be known as troublemakers. As a result, they were very rarely believed and Z'ia was the recipient of far more pity and understanding for being bad mouthed, than he ever was accused of such being truth. The little bluerider liked it that way, and had no desire - at all - to ruin any of it.

Additionally, Aveleth was generally very good about making sure that there was no one within range that would be able to see them playing their game of catch. He had grown to rather enjoy the challenge, and had perfected the trick of vanishing between to reappear well below Z'ia in order to catch him, in the unlikely event that he faltered too much in the beginning to catch up with him. It was a precaution that he had demanded to be well in control of before he let Z'ia jump for the second time.

Unfortunately, Aveleth almost exclusively broadened his senses to check the sky, rather than the mountainous terrain below them on such expeditions. He really should have known better, but they were rather a king distance outside Katila proper, and it had never occurred to the youngster that others might have been in the region, and landed for a snack, or to stretch their legs. He didn't check below, and so completely missed picking up on the very recognisable minds of Aradissicath and, in particular, Rhaedalyn. It was, perhaps, a good thing - Aveleth was like a moth to the light that was Rhaedalyn's mind; he so thoroughly enjoyed the active imaginings that went on within it, he would likely have been entirely distracted if he had known she was there.

The pair landed in a small clearing, Z'ia joking with the dragon with bright laughter and energetic gesticulation as he tugged off Aveleth's strapping, and tossed it on the ground, alongside the rucksack full of snacks. Plague, ever the pairs faithful companion, gave a chitter and a hiss before landing protectively beside the leathers and puffing up importantly. Z'ia worked very hard not to laugh as he petted her on the heas and quietly commanded Destiny remain with the other green. Chastity, as usual, was busy moping after D'hys. It was better that way, and Z'ia usually went out of his way not to bring the more quiet green firelizard in such expeditions; she was not a very good secret keeper. Destiny and Plague could be trusted, however, and they enjoyed the show!

Still laughing with Aveleth, Z'ia bounced up on top of his dragon, and Aveleth took off, Z'ia sticking to the smooth dragon hide without a care in the world. The little blue flew upwards lazily, swirling in woozy patterns and continuing to chat mildly with Z'ia, teasing him gently as they gained altitude, finally vanishing behind some of the low sitting clouds. It was, just as they vanished, that their leathers were discovered. A moment later, and the curly haired speck that was Z'ia, was toppling down through the clouds, followed a split second later by a plummeting dragon.

While, undoubtedly, the pair looked very much in distress to those upon the ground, the dragons unseen eyes were swirling pleasantly as he watched his human enjoy the sensation of freefalling, while he waited to be caught. Z'ia, reaching out suddenly (in a manner that made him look as if he was struggling to grab Aveleth) caused his controlled fall to become a spinning vortex, twisting rapidly around and around, before Aveleth's out reaching paw sent him steady for a moment, and then he was toppling head over heels.

Aveleth spotted their company about then, and the blue faltered in his flight, letting loose a bellow of surprise and terror that caused Z'ia's spinning to alter, and the man gave a harsh cry if his dragons name, snapping Aveleth back to reality - the dragon having fallen rather frighteningly behind in his effort to gawk at the people on the ground. Startled, Aveleth winked between and reappeared, snatching Z'ia out of the air at an alarmingly close range to the ground - certainly closer than the blue usually allowed Z'ia to become, and dropped the last couple of lengths to the ground, landing shamefully and curling up tightly. Z'ia, for his part, was unsure whether to be outraged or thrilled, as he wriggled out of Aveleth's grip.

"Kiddo -- the fuck?!" The exclamation was as far as Z'ia got before he was fed a very sudden image of the curly haired girl and her dragon, and Z'ia spun around, staring at them with massive eyes. When had they-? How had they-? Why were they-? Oh, damn. The blue riders face blanched. "Busted." Z'ia whispered, shrinking back against his dragon as well. The sudden furry of subtle relief he felt from Aveleth for their chosen theme was just as reassuring to Z'ia. Aveleth would never be able to convincingly lie to anyone, but especially not to the girl he liked so much for whatever reason. The truth, then, was the far better choice. Z'ia's face recoloured into a shameful blush, while Aveleth attempted to make himself invisible.

Plague settled on Z'ia's shoulder, while Destiny took up residence on Aveleth's nose. Z'ia's displeasure with the firelizards was not visible, but both were beign heavily reprimanded for not removing the girl from the clearing, or doing something to warn him. What good was a secret, if they let someone in on it?! Thankfully, Plague's displeasure at being scolded just looked like her usual grumpy self; Destiny was ignoring him, as per usual.

Personal Huts / House Hopping [Open]
« on: 22 May 2013 at 08:02 AM »
Aveleth was curled up within the vicinity of Rilaleeyth; Z’ia could tell by the contented emotions and gentle amusement rolling off the young blue as he conversed with his friend. There were very few dragons that Aveleth would relax around, and relaxing around Rilaleeyth, while not entirely uncommon, did indicate heavily that Tyrrisath was otherwise occupied in another location. Or the brown dragon was in a sportingly good mood. Z’ia was betting on the former.

The young blue dragon’s contentment meant that Z’ia himself was free to do as he pleased without upsetting the dragon, something that rarely happened either because Z’ia enjoyed playing little games of teasing, or because he genuinely didn’t want to upset the dragon. But, it was still fun to spend time along upon occasion and occasionally Aveleth would trust Z’ia not to wrap himself up in trouble should he be without his timid but watchful gaze for a few minutes, or a few hours. Aveleth was not overly impressed by Z’ia’s current chosen form of entertainment, but he was not upset or stressed by it either, which counted for a lot, really.

Z’ia, for his part, was entertaining himself by scrambling across the rooftops of the Weyr, a game most children played on their parent’s furniture, Z’ia had taken it several levels further by using huts, with a great desire to not place his feet (or any other body part) upon the ground itself. As a result, the tiny bluerider was alternating between throwing himself through the air to land upon the roof of a close by house, or scrambling through trees, and occasionally, pouncing on an unsuspecting dragon in order to use their bulk to get from house to house.

Naturally, not everyone was particularly pleased with the young man’s chosen form of entertainment, and Z’ia had already stuck his tongue out – or given the finger to, or laughed at – several people who came outside to try and scold him for clattering over their roof, or startling their sleeping dragon. For every half a dozen sour suds, however, there was a decent person or a good natured dragon to pop up, and Z’ia was greatly enjoying those rare moments when a dragon thought it was the greatest game ever and watched him until he vanished.

There were also several pre-teens that Z’ia knew he’d be blamed for when they fell off roofing and broke their arms, but whatever. That was their parents’ issue, right? They should teach their children better than to do things they weren’t capable of doing without hurting themselves! Grinning happily to himself, Z’ia threw himself from one hut, to land with rather neatly upon the roof of another; he was almost to the Gather Square!

Personal Huts / Little Beauties [Solo]
« on: 27 Feb 2013 at 07:58 AM »
Z’ia was beyond smug, as he sat calmly before the fireplace. It had been living on hot coals the past few days, which had made his hut a little more on the uncomfortable side, considering the early summer heat, but not unbearable. Besides, as he watched the little eggs wriggle and tremble, the sounds of the contents squeaking and chittering to escape, he was quite sure it was worth it. Smug, and quite positive he was going to Impress every one of the seven eggs he had in his possession (though he was quite positive there had been more like eleven eggs at one point!) Z’ia made his way into the kitchen, digging up the supply of meat rolls he had gathered earlier that day and came trotting back to watch as one of the eggs finally made a decent crack in the shell.

“Soon!” He cooed, quite pleased, and was about to settle down right there and force-feed the entire batch as each face appeared, when Aveleth poked his nose in through the open door, and crooned softly, half in question and half in anxiety. Looking up, Z’ia didn’t need his dragon to articulate his desire to be a part of the excitement, and the tiny bluerider gathered up the container within which the eggs were nestled, and he urged his dragon to get out of the way while Plague swooped around his head, humming her pleasure. Aveleth joined in softly, eyes swirling with pleasure at being included, and a soft and almost timid excitement as he curled around Z’ia. The tiny bluerider settled himself down and leaned against his dragon, though he quickly shifted again to lean forward anxiously, tearing the meat rolls into smaller pieces; he tapped Plague across the nose playfully when she snatched a piece for herself.

Do you really want all of them, Z’ia? Aveleth asked softly, nuzzling affectionately at Z’ia’s cheek and crooning when the young man pet him lightly. “Maybe just the best ones,” Z’ia compromised, not unaware that seven little firelizards would be unmanageable on top of Aveleth’s required care, and that of little miss Plague – who chirped cheerfully and excitedly, attracting the attention of both the bluerider and his beast. The first little face was being shoved out of an egg, and Z’ia paused for a moment, before shrugging leaning forward to pull the eggshell away from the critter, helping the little bronze to free himself. His reward was the creature taking a chunk out of one of his fingers, and quickly zipping away. Plague screeched at him in fury, while Z’ia stared in shock at the rather large piece of flesh now missing from his pointer finger.

“Cunt!” he gasped, even as Aveleth crooned anxiously; Are you alright? It is bleeding a lot! “I’m fine, Kiddo,” Z’ia scowled, shoving his finger in his mouth and swearing around the appendage as a little brown freed itself and dashed off, Plague again chittering distastefully, glaring at the creature that was abandoning her good human after all the effort he had put into making sure they hatched. How ungrateful! Z’ia smiled around his finger, picking up on Plague’s mindset and petting her lightly as another nose poked through a shell. Not waiting to comprehend what colour it was, Z’ia shoved a chunk of meat down its throat, then proceeded to pull off a bit of shell, and shove more meat down the baby firelizard’s throat.

“Oh.” He wasn’t sure if he was pleased or disappointed when the thing was revealed to be another green, but he shrugged as she struggled from the last of her shell and slithered up his arm to curl around his neck. Plague watched her thoughtfully before giving eveyr indication of a humph while Aveleth crooned a gentle welcoming. It was destiny? he asked softly, not quite sure on how his input would be taken, but Z’ia turned to flash him a smile, being careful not to offset the creature. “Destiny indeed,” he concluded; the little one made a muffled snoring sound that Z’ia decided was acknowledgement of her name.

While they were welcoming Destiny into their little group, another egg hatched, the perfectly formed little gold peering around anxiously. Her little creel of distress was ignored, Plague making no attempt to call her human’s attention to what would become an obnoxious burden, and when she didn’t receive any food of welcome, the tiny queen threw her wings wide and flew away, unseen and unacknowledged. As the bluerider returned his attention upon the eggs, another bronze and two greens all broke their shells, creeling and snapping a green and the bronze threw themselves at each other, Z’ia’s dark green eyes widening with surprise as they tore each other to shreads. The other little green, trembling in terror, threw herself down his shirt, hiding from the green and gooey mess before her siblings both vanished between.

A resounding silence hung over the dragonrider and his bondeds, Z’ia’s eyes still remarkably wide with utter confusion at what he had just seen. How did one even respond to that?! “Wow.” Seemed the best course of action, and Z’ia shook his head, before peering down his shirt front comically. “Hello little one,” he crooned softly, voice warm and tender as he stuck a hand down his shirt and gently gathered up the tiny green firelizard. “Aren’t you precious? Hrmm?” the tiny creature was still trembling as Z’ia offered her a piece of meat, being much more gentle and letting her nibble at it cautiously as her shaking slowly subsided.

“There you go, little sweetling, hrmm?” Z’ia watched in amusement as she finally gathered the courage to eat properly, before curling up in the crook of his arm, after crawling up his sleeve, and falling asleep. The bluerider shook his head slightly, highly entertained by the events. He would have loved to have gotten one of the bronzes – that one that ate his sister would have been stellar! – but he was hardly going to complain about the rather dramatic duo he had gotten. “What do you think for this one, Aveleth?” Since the timid blue had named the previous firelizard, Z’ia offered him the honours of naming her sister. Chastity, the dragon spoke gently, for she is too sweet and pure to handle the actions of her siblings

“A bit like you, Kiddo,” Z’ia teased affectionately, and Aveleth’s eyes sparkled a combination of colours that showed his embarrassed pleasure. “What do you think, Plague? Destiny and Chastity?” The elder flitter chittered her agreement, rubbing her face against Z’ia’s cheek and making the young man laugh softly.

Sorry but you are not allowed to view spoiler contents.

Personal Huts / Bonding, Binding [D'hys]
« on: 08 Dec 2012 at 04:27 PM »
Only when Z’ia was sure his dragon’s trembling had lessened, and the poor creature would be able to manage it, did the tiny bluerider begin the task of coaxing his dragon into standing, and finally into the timid walk back to their home. Both Aveleth and Z’ia would have preferred the swift journey that a trip between would have offered them, but neither were willing to risk becoming lost in the endless black void while emotions were riding so high. Generally, Z’ia would be able to counter Aveleth’s timid and antsy nature, but his own flighty emotions over the events that were unfolding had the bluerider unwilling to further the events by adding a(nother?) death to the toll.

Plague chittered quietly in Z’ia’s ear as he walked beside Aveleth’s shoulder, the young dragon hunched up and pulled in on himself as he slunk timidly along beside his lifemate, flinching and twitching whenever someone ran past or a dragon flew over-head. His high-strung emotions were wearing Z’ia thin, who was jumping and twitching himself whenever someone yelled or dashed by. Between the pair of them, by the time they managed to make it to the hut Z’ia was trembling from the mental exhaustion of keeping his dragon calm and relaxed, green eyes wide and slightly wild as he finally caught site of his own hut. The sight of the icy blue dragon making himself at home outside it sent a rippling effect of relief through Z’ia, an effect that relayed heavily on Aveleth who gave a half chirp, half squeak and trotted swiftly over to his friend.

Z’ia was still trembling, his face a pale green as he pushed open the door to his hut, searching eyes easily spotting D’hys’ form making himself at home. A half-hearted wave was tossed toward him as Plague fluttered over to land on the table and stare at D'hys with one eye and a tilted head, as Z’ia made his way to the kitchen, his pace neither here nor there in terms of speed, though he made it to the sink in just enough time to scoop his hair back from his face before heaving up his dinner. It wasn’t an particularly unusual example of how strongly Aveleth’s emotions could affect the young man, but it wasn’t especially common either. The bluerider groaned unhappily on an exhaled breath as he rinsed his mouth, refilling the cup with fresh water from a jug and wiping his face on his shirt sleeve.

“Fucking dragons.” It was grumbled, without any real malice, as he wandered back into the living area to join D’hys. An eyebrow arched slightly as Z’ia finally had a chance to take in the less than attractive state of sweat and dirt his friend was currently enamoured in, and then frowned. “Don’t you dare go near my bed.”

Sorry but you are not allowed to view spoiler contents.

Gather Square / Cinnamon Rolls! [Ellaira]
« on: 23 Oct 2012 at 08:07 AM »
The Weyr was still miserable since lousing the green weyrling pair a few days prior, but the bluerider had never been one to let such events get him down; besides - they were just a couple of greens. Had it been a blue pair, like that blue Weyrling lost during his own Weyrlinghood, than Z'ia would likely  have been more deeply affected by the loss. But the young man had no investment in a silly little girl and her stupid green beast, so being someber and mopey wasn't on his list of current activities. Oh, he'd bowed his head and kept to himself for the day the Weyr was in shock and horror of the event, but he'd not lingered that way by midday the following. He'd tended to his dragon, who had been sadder - but then, Aveleth was much more sensitive than Z'ia was and the young man had been more concerned about cheering his dragon up than maintaining any stupid appearances when he just didn't care. It was just a green pair! There would be six more to replace them when one of the gold's decided to rise again. It really wasn't any great loss, and for that reason, the spunky young man had decided he didn't give a crap what anyone thought; he needed some entertainment and his dragon needed a treat.

So being said, Z'ia slipped easily into the Kitchens, the tiny man bouncing between workers with a grace uniquely his own, filching cinnamon rolls as he passed and popping them into his mouth or onto the plate he was carrying on one hand, twirling and dancing through the workers, battering off their giggles and playful banter with charming words and sticky fingers. What do you think, Kiddo? Z'ia asked playfully as he skipped outside, curls bouncing around his face as he joined his blue dragon who was basking in the sun in the Gather Square.

You are ridiculous, Aveleth returned gently, his voice mellow and pleased as his rider bounced over to join him, somehow managing not to spill so much as a drop of the food he was carrying on the very overloaded platter. Ooh! Aveleth crooned sweetly, eyes swirling with pleasure as Z'ia presented the young blue with a cinnamon roll, bowing dramatically with a great flourish before popping it in the dragon's mouth, giving him a poke in the nose as he reclaimed his fingers from the beast's jaws.

"Enjoy, Kiddo, 'cause the rest is all mine!"

Aveleth snorted, eyeing both Z'ia and the plate of cinnamon rolls playfully.

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