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Telgar Weyr Boundaries / A Time to Play [Coralaese]
« on: 23 Feb 2015 at 07:55 PM »
D’hys wasn’t one to spend too much time in the North despite dragonriders earning more trust and gaining more freedom to go where they pleased without being shunned. He liked what the Katila region could provide for him in the way of keeping physically fit and fed but it was also a fun playground of people he could manipulate, use as he wished, and even ruled. Sure, R’nya was the Wingleader and bronzerider that was left in charge of Katila but since he was R’nya’s Second and the man didn’t like to do too much of the actual work, D’hys found he had a lot more sway than most would believe.

That being said, he still made a rare appearance in the North to attend gathers or run an errand that involved finding out new gossip or bartering items. R’nya also had a habit of making sure his wing enjoyed themselves and got out from time to time and sent them North to relax for a day. Of course D’hys noticed that usually happened on days that R’nya didn’t have a need to make his own trip to Telgar thanks to having plans with one of the annoying goldriders flitting about.

Since the goldriders were doing exactly that, D’hys took up the suggestion to check out Telgar’s market to see what was available and what was in demand and headed out late morning.

They greeted the watch dragon when they appeared above the Telgar region and circled down, not at all in a rush. D’hys figured he had plenty of time to poke around the market, catch a bite to eat, perhaps find some entertainment, and if he was lucky, find out more about R’nya’s favourite current distraction. Zeianth sighed at his rider’s plans but didn’t object to any of it since it made D’hys happy and he always seemed able to reign in before he got too out of hand, and made himself comfortable in the sun to spend his day napping.

As it turned out, the marketplace was rather boring but D’hys made a mental note that there wasn’t a wide variety of fresh fruits in stock at the moment. If they wanted to continue buttering up the Holders, bribing them with some of the fruit they had in the South wouldn’t hurt. As he was contemplating where to go for lunch and a strong drink, a pretty little thing caught his eye and D’hys watched her for a moment. She seemed familiar, though it was hard to say why. Not many trips were made to Telgar and he doubted she was once a resident in Katila given the innocence she radiated.

It finally came to him that she had to have been one of the ladies he flirted with at Turnover, playing up his charms and leading her on in the way she so clearly desperately wanted to be led. He couldn’t remember her full name, only knowing it sounded similar to the coral found in parts of the ocean, and figured that would be enough to make it seem like he was giving her a friendly nickname and like they had formed a strong bond that night.

A flower was grabbed from a poorly attended to stand as D’hys made his way down to where the girl was standing, checking out something. He came up behind her and held out the flower so it would be in her view, “a pretty flower for a pretty lady?”

Character Diaries / The Green Master
« on: 02 Sep 2014 at 03:50 AM »
I collect and rule over greenriders, among others, but they're the most fun to play with.

Weyrfolk Hall / Mercy [Solo]
« on: 14 Dec 2013 at 11:50 AM »
D’hys staggered out of his hut against the wishes of his dragon. Zeianth typically showed a motherly side to his favourite dragons that either needed protection from others or themselves or the gentle spoken ones he simply liked. It never really showed up for D’hys. It had always been the rider concerned for the dragon, which was something D’hys had always believed was the proper way of things. They had a special bond and D’hys knew he would give his life to ensure Zeianth was safe and happy. In a way, he had given the icy hide dragon his life the day he agreed to go South into exile without his half-sisters. They had meant something to him to a point where even his frozen heart had thawed enough to start letting them in.

It was because of the minor accident that involved getting knocked out by falling rock that gave him a concussion and left him bruised and sore that Zeianth had turned into his warden. You really should be resting still. The concussion is gone; you can sleep peacefully. True; he could rest without being woken every few hours to make sure he was fine and not about to slip into a coma or whatever it was the Healer had explained to him while the room spun and voices faded in and out. He had done enough resting, however, and D’hys didn’t want to stare at his ceiling or walls any longer.

“I need to know, Zeianth. You forgot or you’re a bastard that won’t tell me, but I need to know.” It was something he had thought about a lot during his lucid states the last few days; How was S’ren? D’hys thought he could remember Zeianth’s keen and S’ren seeming upset but the world had gone black too quickly in that moment for him to grasp what truly happened. Naturally, the suspicion that Rinzath was too badly hurt and panicking to keep herself on the ground was strong but D’hys hated thinking about such things. He heard enough of the keening as he faded in and out of consciousness since the accident that he didn’t want to hear about one more; and one that was still a weyrling.

Zeianth’s stubbornness was close to setting in and not moving but he relented. D’hys’ need to know was stronger and he kneeled down. Riding straps. You can barely walk straight and I do not like the thought of you slipping off mid-flight. D’hys leveled a flat stare on the dragon and shook his head. No way was Zeianth getting his way on anything that day. The dragon had babysat him enough for the Healers that it was time it ended. “We’ll walk then, but I will be sitting atop you.” With that said and another moment of silent staring, D’hys made his way up to sit on Zeianth’s back.

The devastation of what had been his home for over a decade was enough to break even his heart. It wasn’t a perfect place to live and there were countless flaws – chief among them being the fact they were forgotten by Pern as they hid away – but it was his stomping ground all the same and now, the earth had stomped back. The headache that continued to plague him, lingering just at the surface of his temples, began to throb as D’hys took in one destroyed area after the other. Nothing seemed to remain on the northern end of the Weyr and that meant many lives would be lost. He’d find that out later. First, he had a greenrider to check on; if he still lived, anyway.

D’hys slowly entered the Hall that had been taken over by Healers and wannabe Healers. He didn’t want to return after being discharged soon after Zeianth had brought him in and he regained consciousness, but it seemed to be where S’ren was hanging out. Someone pointed out a small room and D’hys wandered over to it.

What he saw inside brought only a moment’s relief before confusion and even anger took over. S’ren sat in a chair, blanket pulled snuggly around him, and he seemed to be babbling while tears ran down his cheeks. “She’s gone. Gone. Never coming back, gone.” Shockingly blue eyes stared up at D’hys but they seemed vacant with only hints of clarity that was filled with pain showing through. “I don’t hear her, D’hys. She left me. Why would she leave me?”

D’hys had no idea how to answer the Weyrling. He had never imagined what it would be like without Zeianth in his head. When his mother went between with her dragon, he had been furious with her for leaving him but the bond he shared with Zeianth showed him how hard it would be to let it go and continue on without that constant presence. This poor kid hadn’t even been bonded a turn and it was tearing him apart. S’ren should have been worrying about his maiden flight; not wondering why he was left alone.

He wasn’t one to play by the rules unless they were his own and D’hys didn’t think it was fair to let a kid live when his dragon had not. What good would come of this? Sure, some riders survived the severed connection and were able to rebound enough to function in society but he could tell those men were never the same. The knowledge that they were only half complete and even seen as a failure would haunt them forever. S’ren didn’t need that. He had a long life ahead of him but each day would hurt and he’d suffer and feel empty.

“Get up. We’re going for a walk.” D’hys ordered S’ren with a wave of his hand but the former green Weyrling stayed put. “I had a concussion and half my body is more purple than tan. You owe me this walk, kid.” Reluctantly, S’ren stood and finally recognition lit up those blue eyes.

“You’re the one that pulled me out. You shouldn’t have.”

D’hys tossed the kid a look and nodded agreement. “I know. But, I’m going to fix that. Come on.” S’ren either didn’t catch his drift or he didn’t care as he silently followed the bluerider outside to where Zeianth sat waiting. The dragon was typically indifferent on most matters but this one left him conflicted. Was it right to help S’ren like D’hys wanted to or would it be better to leave him alone? You know that answer, Zeianth. You can’t live without me, and I wouldn’t live without you. Look at him.

“We’re reuniting you with Rinzath.” S’ren shied away from the blue dragon as tears started to fall again and then approached with an outstretched arm to pet Zeianth. It was obvious he was seeing Rinzath in every dragon he saw, despite the difference in height and size but D’hys stayed calm and didn’t interrupt the moment. Zeianth wasn’t huge on strangers touching him and D’hys didn’t like it much either but this was a special exception. “You deserve peace, S’ren, nothing else.”

S’ren spun around on D’hys and the bluerider actually startled somewhat; a feat that was rather rare. It went even further as the lost Weyrling threw his arms around D’hys and hugged him tight. “You’ll give me my Rinzath back? Truly? Thank you! I just want to be with her.” Sighing, D’hys nodded and returned the hug. No one deserved to be without their dragon and it was cruel to even make a man wait an hour, let alone three days.

Zeianth collected S’ren and D’hys finally gave up on trying to climb atop the protesting dragon. It didn’t seem right to stay with his feet firmly on the ground while Zeianth did the deed but he was feeling a bit woozy again and the shock of between quite possibly wouldn’t agree with him in his current state.

“Thank you.” The smile that broke through the distress brought back a bit of the D’hys his mother would have been proud of for using manners and actually meaning them.

“You’re welcome, S’ren. Go home to Rinzath.” They nodded in farewell and Zeianth took flight, waiting for D’hys’ signal in case either human had a second thought about the matter but he sensed both men dedicated to the idea. Do it. Within seconds, Zeianth vanished between and returned empty-handed. D’hys hung his head in a moment of silence. He really didn’t know S’ren outside of their dragons being friendly with one another and that he was rather easy on the eyes, but he had earned a bit of respect. S’ren had tried to toughen it out, or perhaps he was still in shock and didn’t believe the truth enough to end his own life. Regardless, it had made an impression on D’hys.

He went back inside the Hall and found one of the Healer-types running around. “S’ren of the recently deceased green Rinzath has died.”

The Healer started scribbling on some paper he pulled from a pocket. “Cause of death?”

“A broken heart.” D’hys didn’t elaborate and ignored the questions as he turned and left the building again, intent on returning to his bed after all.

Personal Huts / Reluctance [Solo]
« on: 09 Dec 2013 at 04:48 AM »
“No. We’re getting down to the lake where you’ll be safe.” They had been arguing for several minutes about what the plan of action should be. D’hys often found it amusing that his dragon that barely talked to others and seemed to have a personality that matched the icy pattern of his hide could have such compassion for some of his fellow dragons.

This, however, wasn’t a time for such things. It seemed like half of the mountain had come down on Katila with the amount of keening, shouting, and sorrow that filled the air. Zeianth had led them to the Gathering Square since he wouldn’t stop and argue, knowing perfectly well that D’hys would mount him and refuse to move until they were at the lake. He hadn’t heard or seen the destruction until that moment and D’hys wasn’t sure he would forget it either.

The keening had woken him initially and Zeianth’s curt response of so many dying had prompted the bluerider to roll out of bed and toss on pants with nothing else. Clothing wasn’t important when the belief that the plague was back spurred him on. Zeianth’s safety was all that mattered and he wouldn’t a second more than needed to ensure his blue was well and truly away from the commotion. Zeianth insisted it wasn’t the plague but perhaps it was something worse given the damage it did to all lives but D’hys decided that meant it was still dangerous and neither of them needed to be near it.

Everyone is needed. Your safety is important to me as well but there are others that need assistance. We can offer some. Zeianth’s tone was even if a tad cold. D’hys would have laughed at the lecture he was being given but he knew when stubbornness kicked in and that his dragon wouldn’t let go of the idea. He sighed and relented, though he had no idea where to start. The assurance that Z’ia and Aveleth at least were still a presence to Zeianth was a comforting thought and they weren’t immediately sought out. There would be time later on, he was sure of it. Given those personalities, D’hys didn’t see either of them giving into death so easily.

“We fly. Assessing the area as a whole is the best way to start,” it was still dark out but Zeianth would see far more clearly than he could and if they were low enough, the damage would be seen by both. Not that the sight from where they stood in the Square wasn’t already enough to convince D’hys that it was utter devastation and it wouldn’t matter where they were, they would find someone in need. Still, he could find a safer area that didn’t seem to be as unstable as the huts between the mountain and Barracks would be; if they still stood to begin with.

They hadn’t had to go far, as predicted, before Zeianth spotted a green struggling to stand while pawing at a hut that was partially collapsed. He circled down to land not too far away and against his better judgement, D’hys jumped to the ground to see what the issue was, carefully navigating the muck that, while not as deep as other areas, was still an obstacle course to move through.

He’s stuck! He’s still in there and can’t get out. I can’t reach him! The green was panicked and Zeianth stepped in to help calm her but it didn’t seem to be working. She had a broken leg from the way she favoured one and it seemed like a wing was damaged as well on top of her fear for her rider and D’hys knew there was no way to calm her until she saw him safe.

“Who is her rider?” She looked familiar but he wasn’t going to waste time trying to dig through the names and faces of everyone in the Weyr. This is Rinzath and her rider is S’ren. Now it made even more sense as to why Zeianth went to the green’s aid so quickly and without consulting him. She was friendly, if a little ditzy, and Zeianth had taken to his usual interest in such dragons. They had yet to fly the pair since they were still early into their Weyrling time but D’hys hadn’t seen the harm in allowing Zeianth the fun of the chase when she rose.

“Rinzath, I’ll get him out but you need to wait, okay?” While he did suffer from bouts of colourism in which he thought of greenriders as fun toys for his amusement, D’hys cared about dragons. Zeianth was the most important thing in his life, and had even been the reason he left his half-sisters behind in the North when ensuring the blue’s safety. Seeing dragons suffer, regardless of colour, was not something D’hys took pleasure in. He’d drag the greenrider out by the hair if he had to if it meant the dragon wouldn’t be so stressed.

D’hys ducked into the door, scanning everything as he moved. The front portion of the hut seemed to still be standing and stable but the bedroom area was demolished. That was, naturally, where he found S’ren. The boy was pinned down by a chunk of rubble on his leg but from his demeanour, D’hys was willing to bet he was simply trapped but the leg wasn’t broken. No doubt the pain of a break would have had the kid knocked out by then.

“S’ren? We need to get you out of here. Rinzath needs you, kid.” D’hys crouched down and examined the area to find out the exact issue and what would shift if he moved anything. There wasn’t much else to do but lift and hope for the best. He wasn’t prepared for anything else and S’ren seemed to be getting as antsy as his dragon. “When I lift the rock, you slide your ass on out of here and head for the door, okay?”

At the nod of understanding, D’hys yanked on the rock enough for S’ren to slide free but everything started to rumble and the bluerider knew they had to get out. “Go, now!” Whether it was from his efforts to free the kid or the landslide still had a bit of energy left in it, didn’t matter. More mud shifted through the pile of stone and the remainder of the hut was shaking.

S’ren! No, no, no! Rinzath was frantic and Zeianth couldn’t keep the panic from consuming her. Just as the ceiling of the living area started collapsing, the little green that was already wounded, in pain, and fearing for her rider, let the panic take over and she betweened, leaving them S’ren behind.

D’hys saw the confusion set in as S’ren got outside and didn’t see his dragon. He would have felt their bond severe when she left him but the disbelief had to be too great. He couldn’t imagine what it would feel like and wondered if he should have wasted their time saving the kid after all if he was going to be left behind, feeling utterly empty and alone.

He never had the chance to even ask S’ren what he was feeling thanks to the hut heaving one final time and falling into another pile of rocks to match the surroundings. It wouldn’t have been an issue except that D’hys hadn’t fully slipped outside himself. He had stumbled a bit when Zeianth keened for the little green vanishing beside him and it was long enough for a large chunk of ceiling to fall square on his head, sending the bluerider to the ground.

Zeianth shrieked and nearly bowled over the still very lost and confused S’ren as he went for D’hys. D’hys was thankfully close to exit and Zeianth was able to claw at some rocks to clear a better path and pulled his rider to freedom. D’hys? D’hys! This is no time to nap. The lecture went unheard as the bluerider laid lifelessly in Zeianth’s paws. The dragon was beginning to panic but there was still enough going on mentally within D’hys’ head that it kept Zeianth from joining Rinzath.

Still, he didn’t know what to do. Healing Hall was gone and there would be Healers running around everywhere. Perhaps the lake was the best place to go after all. They could wait out the chaos like D’hys had wanted and he would wake up to the pleasant sound of the water lapping at the shore. Zeianth was clever enough to know that wouldn’t help his rider. He had been hit hard on the head and there was even some blood.

Poor S’ren was almost forgotten in the urgency to save his own rider but in the end, Zeianth grabbed the boy that wouldn’t have anyone else to care for him, and hanging onto both men, returned to the Square to find assistance. Others may not have liked D’hys but he was Zeianth’s and the dragon wasn’t going to lose him.

Gather Square / Perfectly Timed [V'zire]
« on: 31 Dec 2012 at 01:19 AM »
D’hys wasn’t one to spend an abundance of time with his head stuck in his closet trying to decide what to wear. He had casual clothes that more or less all went well together and suited him and he had a two outfits kept for more formal or important moments – like a Hatching feast. Tailored black pants and a nicely fitting dress shirt in a shade that accentuated his eyes nicely counted as the perfect outfit for the night’s plans. While most people were simply excited to have another successful Hatching and a reason to drink excessively together in public with good music playing, D’hys had targeted the night as being perfect for his next stage in seducing V’zire.

He had easily managed the friendship stage within their first real conversation together but it had taken the following few months to strengthen that bond and earn as much trust as he could from the greenrider that guarded himself against most everything. He wasn’t the type of man to be okay with a kiss on the first date and holding hands one evening to guide V’zire to the Dining Hall for a celebratory drink had been a risky move D’hys felt would be allowed. After all, V’zire had given him a hug as a congratulations for the promotion so the bluerider was feeling a bit cocky and sure of his moves.

Tonight, however, would be different from their usual routine. It would still take perfect strategy and well-timed actions and words but V’zire would be in for a surprise and hopefully it would be well-received. No, D’hys corrected as he ran his fingers through his short hair to style it, it would definitely be well-received. They had a bit of a spark between them but in the end, who could truly resist him?

Twenty minutes later and D’hys was dismounting Zeianth who was soon taking off to hang out nearby to watch the humans at their usual silly antics. D’hys had asked the icy blue to find Niskziath and mingle with her for a bit but Zeianth had no desire to do so right off the bat. Instead he found a larger open area and hoped to see Aveleth soon so they could spend time together. He was fond of and protective of his young friend but also genuinely enjoyed his companionship as much as D’hys did with Z’ia.

For the first little while, D’hys went around chatting with people he could tolerate, dancing with those he liked on a sexual level, and enjoying a drink with a good conversationalist. Finally, after thinking enough time had passed, he approached the man he had kept a casual eye on since he arrived. “Hey, V’zire!” D’hys greeted cheerfully as the Harpers were between songs and it was calm enough around them to do such a thing with a large smile and a quick wave for added attention-grabbing. “I hoped you would come. What a Hatching, huh?” He couldn’t actually say if his sweet friend had been in attendance or not since he had been focused on all of the bets and talking with some of the men that had placed them, but he couldn’t see V’zire missing such an occasion.

When the Harpers struck up a lively tune that begged to be danced to, D’hys gave them what they wanted. With his large smile still in place, he held out one hand to V’zire to take and jabbed the thumb of the other hand in the direction of the open dance floor area. “Would you like to join me?” Normally the invitation would have been left with only actions or simply dragging his partner to him for that dance but he was being on his best behaviour as he always was around V’zire. A lot of who he was around the greenrider was exaggerated or completely false to who he truly was but V’zire believed it all and that created persona was what was needed to eventually reach the long term goal of getting the sweet soul beneath him in bed.

Gather Square / Cause for Celebration [V'zire]
« on: 12 Nov 2012 at 11:08 PM »
D’hys left the Weyrleader’s hut with an extra bounce in his step. The meeting had gone even better than he had expected and it was so quick and efficient as well! But he was now a wingsecond and D’hys actually couldn’t wait to step into the roll for their next practice and start properly getting everyone into shape and on the same level. It wouldn’t work for them to fly as a unit if there was one weak link that had to be covered. He would go home that night and start making notes on what he had observed in practices thus far and add to them once he could properly start examining his wingmates and interviewing them for what they felt would be strengths and weaknesses they possessed. No doubt the wingleader had notes and D’hys would be willing to work with him, naturally, but he wanted to add his own assessment.

After all, he only had a month to show he was the right man for the job before D’ren made the promotion permanent or found someone else to take over.

First, however, he wanted to celebrate. Z’ia was off camping with the Candidates for some reason D’hys couldn’t understand, and that green weyrling he fucked the other day had been spotted heading out to camp as well. He still had numerous of bedmates he could call upon for a good victory lay but he’d get to that later as well. There was something else this promotion brought along with it that D’hys liked the idea of; he could use it to spend more time with V’zire to help his cause in making the trusting greenrider open his bed to him. With that thought guiding him, D’hys went off in search of V’zire, Zeianth reluctantly reaching out for Niskziath to see if the pair was together.

The hunt for V’zire was easier than anticipated as he was spotted when they flew over the Gathering Square. He was chatting with a friend but D’hys didn’t let that stop him. He was on a mission and no doubt the friend would vanish when he arrived. He seemed to have that affect on some people whether through reputation, a past experience, or just intimidated by his stature. “V’zire!” he called out cheerfully a moment later when Zeianth landed a few dragonlengths away out of respect for those on the ground. He ran up to him with a large smile in place and managed to look a little embarrassed at so rudely interrupting a conversation. “Sorry! I didn’t mean to interrupt, but I have some great news and I wanted to share with you.”

Personal Huts / The Right Man For the Job [D'ren]
« on: 06 Nov 2012 at 01:32 AM »
D’hys wasn’t exactly impressed with the leadership of the wing he had been assigned to. He had tolerated it as much as he had thus far thanks in part to the amazing line up of fellow riders. Z’ia, A’liran, and V’zire? Down time before and after practices always ended with large smiles; except A’liran who seemed to enjoy scowling more than smiling. But even he had a limit that could be reached and while the wingleader was actually good at his job and fairly understanding of his wing and what was expected, the second was an increasing problem.

In short, the guy was a douche bag of the highest order and lacked in any real leadership qualities. He just liked ordering people around, likely over-compensating for his shortcomings in other areas.

With some of his wing off camping and the weyr being decidedly quiet that day, D’hys felt it was the perfect time for an unplanned meeting with D’ren. He supposed he could have gone to his wingleader but D’ren was the one in charge of everything and likely had the final say in any major positions changing hand. After all, he had originally assigned the positions so it was only fair he knew the mistake that he had made. So it was time to take advantage of the well-known fact that the weyrleader was always approachable.

Once he had an idea in mind, D’hys didn’t like to let go of it – which explained why he had settled into what would be a long haul of getting V’zire into bed – and preferred to act quickly when possible. It was no different that afternoon when he arrived at D’ren’s hut after having confirmation the weyrleader would be found there. Both Zeianth and D’hys greeted Ronarth when they approached, the blue having been instructed to play nice if Ronarth took an interest in him while their bonded spoke. If all went according to plan, it would be a short and successful meeting.

First, it had to begin and D’hys did that with a proper knock on the door even though his presence had likely been announced already. Playing up the manners when one was about to insult the leader’s decision and recommend oneself as a replacement was often a smart move.

Gather Square / Breaking Point [Invite]
« on: 19 Aug 2012 at 10:29 AM »
D’hys honestly didn’t care one way or the other about the lashing and wouldn’t have gone at all, except there was a huge potential for making some easy marks. With Z’ia, they had set up a betting pool for the number of lashes the runaway would get and if the boy would cry. Other than that, he was there to see what kind of people would cheer or protest and for the sheer amusement it was bound to bring.

He was actually surprised how quickly it came with the kid spitting on N’gelt and then the girl that seemed to like arguing with every decree and so-called injustice opened her mouth again. She was definitely entertaining, if only for how childish she was with her ideals, but the knife fight? That was pure gold. Speaking of gold, Jada was a bit amusing with her naïve ways as well. “Too bad S’kef still isn’t Weyrsecond. He would shut her up and the precious baby goldrider as well. Both of them are barely weaned from sucking their mommies’ tits, do they really expect to know shit about the weyr?” D’hys actually wasn’t sure who would annoy him more if he wasn’t currently having a laugh at their expense.

Naturally, D’ren had to appear to stop all the fun, though watching N’gelt and Tsuen get reamed sort of made up for it.

He was starting to tune the Weyrleader out, however, when the man began prattling on to the audience. Still, he heard enough to voice opinions in a casual speaking volume, anyone close enough could catch, “if the children need us so badly, let them run away, face predators, and drown in the ocean. Their whiny asses will quickly realise how much they need us then.” He knew they needed the kidnapped brats to Impress and there likely had to be a better way to go about acquiring them to make them stop whining so much, but Katila wasn’t a bad place to be anymore! A little gratitude wouldn’t kill them.

The more D’ren spoke, the more D’hys realised the man was just as delusional and naïve as his little pet goldrider. “Most of us don’t have a home to return to!” He called out before he could stop himself. The fate his mother suffered because her sweet green caught the plague, and how he turned his back on his sisters who he had been close to came back to him with a flood of other memories that had been better left buried. D’hys started to tremble with rage aimed at D’ren. He knew he deserved some of it himself but the leadership were far easier targets. “I found peace once more here in Katila and now you want to take it away from me to satisfy some whiny bitches? Fuck you, D’ren!”

Confused by the bombardment of emotions, D’hys missed any reply he may have received along with D’ren’s promise about the change in punishments. Once, he had held onto the hope of returning north but turn after turn passed and he knew it just wasn’t feasible any longer, so he learned to enjoy what the south could offer and it was safer for Zeianth as well. Now, though, he liked where he was and the life he had settled into and was pissed at the way D’ren tried to handle them while coddling the brats brought to them. Right then, he wasn’t much better at handling anyone either. As he turned to leave, D’hys grabbed Z’ia by the upper arm before realising what he was doing and quickly released his friend. “I’m out of here. You coming?” He switched tactics by asking instead of simply dragging Z’ia along before starting his way through the crowd by shoving aside anyone that didn’t move.

D’hys, you’re not acting like yourself. What’s wrong? Zeianth’s normally mellow tone was coated with his concern as he ruffled his wings in aggravation from atop the roof he had claimed to keep an eye on everything. Nothing’s wrong. I’m fine. Their bond was too strong and they had been together too long for that lie to ever be considered a truth and D’hys was called on it. No, you’re not. You never get this riled up.

I’ll be fine once I’m away from these fools. How he hoped that was true when he was also currently haunted by his forgotten family.

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Please note that all our Players communicate between themselves, and all threads are done between concenting adults. Second Pass takes no responsibility for any personal offence taken from subject matter within the site's boards, and if there are any issues between Players the Team should be notified immediately and privately.


To recap, this website may contain mature themes, course language, strong violence, nudity, drug usage, and other material that may be offensive to selected individuals.


Regards, SP Team

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