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Unfortunately for Indivara, being eight did not excuse one from the rigours of a Katilan upbringing. Fortunately for the little girl, she had been assigned to various chores since she was five - like every other brat within the walls of Katila's founding borders, and was more than capable of doing those tasks that were asked of her. Presently, Indivara was carrying a particularly large tray, upon which were balanced two skins of icy cold wine, and half a dozen clean glasses. She wasn't sure where the iced wine had come from, and wasn't about to ask. Likely, it was dragon shifted in from one of the higher mountains up North, but, that was just speculation on the part of a gossiping child.

Grunting, Indivara stepped over a large log of wood, and then approached a large and slightly rickety looking table that had been set up. It held a tray upon it, empty, and there were scattered glasses around if one took the time to look - evidence of a previous rest break in which those currently assigned to construction had taken a rest. Helping her, more than a few of the kitchen workers behind her carried trays, pots and plates of food; the construction teams allocated food for lunch.

Currently, the Weyr was banding together to build a Weyrfolk hall - somewhere for those without dragons to live, as opposed to in one of the huts. Katila was expanding, fairly rapidly, and the outer huts were up to an almost a two hour walk away from the Halls settled within the center. As a result, the Weyr had decided a Weyrfolk Hall was required - a large building, it was planned to hold well over two hundred weyrfolk and their families. Hopefully, most of them would end up Impressing at some point, and as a result, they would be able to eventually move into the out-skirting huts or build their own. That, of course, was further into the future, but Indivara was a gossip and a sticky beak, and as such, was fairly up to date on the latest tongue-wagging of both those of rank, and those that were not.

In the end, however, as much as everyone bemoaned being assigned to the construction course, it would be better for the growing Weyr in the long run. This, of course, was the thoughts of a child that barely reached four feet in height and weighed about as much as a broken twig.

Carefully placing the tray upon the table, Indivara lifted her head and looked around. There were more than a few people about, most of them crawling like vermin all over the slowly evolving construction. Like all of Katila's buildings, the Hall was being constructed from wood, rather than stone, and looked slightly green from all the freshly cut trees. Those with dragons to assist, could be seen instructing the great beasts - from green to bronze - on what action to take, and how to help. They were making progress, all of them, however slow. But, for now, Indivara had decided it was break time.

"OI!" The child cupped her hands around her mouth, and used a well bred set of Dragonrider lungs to yell out, easily capturing the attention of those working construction around her. "LUNCH TIME!"

Those that knew of the child wouldn't be at all surprised by her lung capacity and decibel of voice, though very few of the Weyr had ever heard of or met the girl. A gossips' best work was done when no one recognised you!

Indivara smiled warmly at the dark skinned young woman that came towards her. Holding up a dewed glass of cool fruit juice, Indivara accepted the friendly words.

"Hello, Lymsleia." She greeted, smile still in place. A gossip of the worse degree, and with ears that could hear just about anything at all within the Weyr, Indivara knew every one, though she was aware that a lot of people had no idea who she was; she rather liked it that way, it meant she could surprise them with her knowledge, and still remain anonymous. Being eight, it wasn't hard to do. Her dark hair blended in with the mass of Katila's population, and she was young enough to be easily spied as a Katilan Born - as such, she didn't get poked or prodded about her 'life before being stolen'. That, however, didn't mean she wasn't vastly interested in the stories of those around her. The North sounded pretty amazing, as far as she was concerned, and the idea of visiting it was something she dearly hoped she would be able to do soon. She was a bit young yet, but she planned on increasing her Harper Skills (or, 'evesdropping') so she could be used as an intelligence agent for the Weyr.

But that was all Turns away, yet. For now, she simply took a glass for herself and looked towards where the Hall was very slowly being constructed. Like any large building, it was taking time. The use of dragon power, however, created a fantastic advantage, and she watched the milling blues, browns, greens and bronzes that had been assigned to the task with a fondness. She adored dragons, which was probably a good thing, considering how much negativity they were prone to receiving from those they stole from the North.

"Many splinters?" Indivara asked cheerfully. While she was a part of the construction team, she was lucky enough to be under four feet tall, and a fast runner. As such, most of her required tasks were fetching tools, fetching people, or fetching food and drink. Things she was quite happy to do.

Gather Square / Re: New Turn Celebrations!
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Throwing herself into the conversation without any regard as to what the two may think, Indivara came to a screeching halt as she wrapped her arms around Ph'yn's waist and used him as her breaks. Grinning, and somewhat puffing, the girl peered up at the bronze rider from under the loose hair that had managed to escape from the careful work her birth mother had done. Remarkably well dressed for a child that usually ran around in rags and hand-me-downs, Indivara was currently wearing a pretty blue dress that emphasised the colour of her eyes and yet, didn't at all suit the child who was more at home in the trees. It fell to her knees with a white petticoat, and both portions of the outfit already claimed grass stains and something that looked suspiciously like tree wax on the hem. Indivara's long, brown hair had been braided, but was rapidly coming free in strands as her wild nature refused to be tamed, even for a single evening.

Young and absent minded as she currently was, however, it didn't take Indivara very long to realise she had interrupted something of note, if the tension around Kerrin were anything to go by. Frowning slightly, the young girl released Ph'yn from her double handed grip and stepped away slightly, glancing up at him for a moment before her blue gaze flicked back up to Kerrin. She tilted her head, curious. The girl's frown deepened as Kerrin introduced himself with an air of unhappiness, and confused, Indivara turned her gaze upon Ph'yn with a puzzled expression.

"You don't know Kerrin?" Baffled, the child turned to make sure the older boy was, indeed, the weyrbrat she knew. Blue eyes serious, Indivara looked Kerrin up and down slowly. When she was sure that it was, indeed, the Northern born boy she conned stories out of. Blinking, Indivara turned that same focused gaze upon the tall 'rider, and narrowed her eyes at him. Studying the man now, her expression one of suspicion, Indivara made sure that Ph'yn was, indeed, the man she knew. When she was, once more, satisfied that the person before her was who they were meant to be, she tilted her  head up and grinned.

"You remember me, though, right?" Her grin was wide, cheeky and full of a youthful innocence that could be debated upon, as far as Indivara's claim upon it went. In any case, it didn't even cross the young girl's mind that Ph'yn might not remember who she was or to which adult she belonged, any more than she doubted Kerrin's knowledge of who she was. Such inability to think such things most likely stemmed from Indivara's own ability to remember people once met, and so, unable to forget who someone was, made it quite impossible for the child to comprehend that others may not be so well versed in names and faces as she was herself. Her high opinion of the two, and her eavesdropping - a habit that kept her up to date on gossip - meant she knew exactly who the two men were, and what they spent a lot of their time doing (or were meant to be doing) even if they didn't realise it themselves.

Speaking of rumours... "Have you chosen a name yet?" The question burst out of the girls' lips with wild abandon and a great deal of curiosity. Her eyes were huge and bright as she peered up at Ph'yn with all the attention any seven year old could possess when offered something particularly sweet and sugary.

I took artistic license with your characters xD Ph'yn likes kids, ergo, Indivara feels he loves her, adores her and would do anything for her. Kerrin is king of the brats, there for, Indivara is his queen. LOL. She thinks rather highly of herself haha. Their opinions on her are entirely up to you, of course. I just enjoyed the narrow minded approach of the seven year old =D w00p!

Indivara's gaze shifted, slowly, to look up at Lymsleia with an expression that darkened considerably at the use of the nickname. Indivara was particularly tempermental about her name. Her parents had given her one with three or four syllables, depending on how one stressed it. For some reason, that appeared to be about two or three more than most people could seem to link together. Was it really so hard? What really blew Indivara away, however, was that the people that most commonly slaughtered her name were those that had the education and, hence, the braincells to say the entire thing.

"Indi-vah-rah" She replied, emphasising the remainder of her name with an eyeroll and an irritable expression aimed at Lymsleia. The woman was intelligent - and a healer! The child knew she could speak a full name! Just because she liked her name shortened. An irritable expression pulled the child's lips into a flat line, before the pregnant woman snatched another fresh glass of fruit juice from her grip. Startled, Indivara turned her ferocious eight year old scowl upon the woman.

"You're welcome," she said tartly, not at all impressed by the woman's manners and not the least bit forgiving to her situation. Pregnancy was about as common as the sun at Katila, and it didn't excuse the woman for being rude! Scowling irritably, Indivara loaded up another plate of food, and, without any invitation at all, seated herself delicately atop the log the two women had claimed. Just because they were rude didn't mean they wouldn't be a good source of gossip.

Indivara made absolutely no attempt to join the conversation that Lymsleia initiated, nor did she appear to be listening, as she nibbled delicately at her food and watched the rest of the construction team mill about.

bwhaha, what a little snot <3

Indivara answered Lymsleia with a frown and a shrug, not really interested in why the woman had shortened her name - simply adamant that it not happen again. Indivara was particularly fond of her name, and not fond of the Pernese tradition of shortening them. If she wanted a short name, she was pretty sure she would introduce herself with a short name, not a long one! Grumbling under her breath to herself, Indivara nibbled on a redfurit she'd snatched on her way out of the kitchen. She wasn't in the mood for a lot of food, really, she'd simply offered to bring lunch out so she wouldn't have to log wheelbarrows of gunk or logs of wood around. That's what dragons were for, or their riders at any rate, not children who had far more talent at discovering secrets and spreading gossip.

Indivara prided herself on her 'craft', and enjoyed the fact that it allowed her to sit a little behind the two women, and watch them prattle to one another. She had heard of both of them, naturally, and knew a little about each. But, it never hurt to further one's personal library. Indivara smiled slightly, as Lymsleia brought up the topic of arriving at the Weyr, and shifted her gaze to look at Volfetti with amusement behind the light blue, lighting them up with mirth. She knew well the story of Volfetti's arrival, as did most of those within the Weyr, and she was more than a little curious to see how Volfetti would explain it to another.

She, of course, would be more than willing to add her two - or twenty - marks, but for now, she would just listen and enjoy a topic that was probably going to become very sour very quickly. Her lips twitched in amusement, and she quickly busied herself with her fruit. One mustn't look too interested, of course.

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Indivara threw an irritable look over her slim shoulder as she shoved the door leading to Hell open, throwing an ominous "You owe me!" over it as she did so. Whomever the threat was being thrown at was apparently less than worried, as laughter flowed before Indivara kicked the door shut with her foot, her arms being somewhat preoccupied. In them, she held a bundle of clothing; there appeared to be some few dresses included, and from the sleeves and pant legs hanging out, they too were screwed up in the ball of cloth the young girl was hauling with considerable ease, despite the bundles rather's awkward size.

"Hey," she greeted, not really interested in breaking up the conversation between the two candidates (you could always tell a Northerner by their sunburn, irritable expression, explosion of freckles, age or combination there of) as she marched through the room. Her blue eyes gave them both a once over (Talian, master healer, Larrikith's; Breccan, Jr. healer... ) Indivara frowned slightly when she realised she had no idea who stole the young woman; not even a dragon colour! That was not a good sign. Of course, with all the tantrum throwing Indivara had been doing since D'ren had told her in no uncertain terms she was too young (what was one turn?! One!) to Stand, Indivara wasn't really that surprised that her notes on the Northerners were not one hundred percent. Obviously, she would need to work on her ability to both throw an amazing tantrum and still keep up to date on the goings on around her. That, certainly, could be arranged.

Tuttering to herself, Indivara dumped her pile of clothing carelessly in the centre of the room, and gave it a nudge with her foot; she watched as the clothing sprawled, resulting in separating the mass some. The items that became visible varied, in size and style enough to indicate that most of it came from riders and other children. Indivara had gone around collecting from some of the huts closest to her mother's before winning a lift out of the green dragon. The girl had no desire to make clothing - besides the fact that Kerrin had told her in no uncertain terms she failed at it (and Indivara didn't really like being made a fool) she also had no desire to make anything for anyone. There were more interesting things to do, better places to be, and while Candidates were an interesting source of information about the North (having been born in Katila, Indivara knew very little about the lands) they tended to spend a great deal of their time bitching and moping. Frankly, Indivara would rather scrub her mother's green Khainth with a twig than listen to them mope about how they don't want a dragon. Who didn't want a dragon?! Their first trip between obviously addled whatever brains they had!

"You can get away with this chore by just sewing up the dodgy leftovers." She said mildly, speaking to her companions but hardly attempting to claim their attention. "Patch ups, mostly, are all that is expect. Most of the women will go bug the Weyrwoman if they want a gown, and the tailors around the place do a much better job than we ever will." She lifted her gaze, eyes bright as she took in their obvious lack of interest at being in the room she shared with them, and extreme interest in each other. A small smirk flickered over the corner of her lips before she continued, offering a bland explanation as to why they were doing menial chores. "You're kind of expected to heal - it is your craft. The chores are meant to bore you while also mixing you in with the Weyrfolk." The girl shrugged. "I suppose they think you'll cause less trouble or something. Of course, mixing the 'brats in has caused some issues." Her cheerful grin indicated she was usually in the centre of those situations. It hadn't been much issue when Renewed Hope had been the only batch of Candidates - the Weyrbrats had been too young (Indi was one of the eldest born to the Weyr) and the Candidates were seen less as a threat and more as a novelty. As the weyrbrats grew, issues had been cropping up.

Generally speaking, there were more than a few Weyrbrats who were insanely jealous of the Northerners Standing, and the fact that they didn't want to had the tendency to cause scuffles.

Craft Hall / Re: This Is The Best [Clothes Making Chore]
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Indivara snorted in amusement at Par'a's comment, and rolled her eyes with good nature. "I doubt anyone really cares, Par'a." Amused, Indivara poked at the clothing pile with the tip of her toe, further spreading them out. "They really aren't anything more than rags." Not that she expected anyone with any love of their clothing would hand anything but rags over to a chore group. Besides the fact that dragonrider garments were likely to come back with the legs sewn shut or the arse cut out of them by vindictive candidates, everyone had been shuffled through the stupid chore at one time or another, and knew well enough that pride and ethics rarely came into play for the deplorable hours.

"Have you any new paints?" Indivara asked, turning her bright blue eyes upon Par'a with interest. "We ran out of red, blue and orange." She paused for a moment, and then gave the greenrider a wide, beaming grin, heedless of the missing canines she showed - or rather, didn't show. "She needs glitter Par'a!" Picking up a pair of pants and flicking them so she could find where the repair was needed, Indivara babbled on. "It would look amazing. Especially in some of the pattens she gets. She could outshine Nirinath!" Beaming happily, the girl examined the size of the hole, and scrambled to her feet with no grace at all so she could find a bolt of similar-coloured fabric and cotton.

"Grith is amazing," Indivara gushed the answer to Breccan, barely giving a pause before she continued. "A lot of the greens are real snots, but Grith lets us paint her, and she doesn't always demand a bath afterwards. Sometimes it's fun, though, to bathe her, but it ruins all the paints." Indivara scrunched her nose up. She didn't like putting all that work into painting the green, only to have her turn around and demand a bath. Of course, when Grith did that you knew something was up, because that girl loved her pretties. "You should come paint her some time. Its a lot of fun! Oh. I'm Indivara, Katilan born." The girl ignored the cold tones and distance exhibited by Talian, content to peg him as a stick in the mud. She grinned at him all the same, however, as he eyed off Grith with obvious apprehension.

"You should come too," she offered, grinning. Grith would enjoy breaking in a new candidate. She really was a delightful dragon, and definitely one of Indivara's favourites. The fact that the green wasn't above speaking to her and her fellow brats was, perhaps, one of the more defining factors of why the girl and her play mates enjoyed painting the beast. "She's really very sweet."

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Indivara hadn't been paying a lick of attention the entire lesson. Of course, she prided herself on at least looking like she was paying attention, unlike the idiots two isles across who were mindlessly babbling throughout the entire lesson as if they knew more than their teacher did. In the general scope of things, Indivara would consider that they would be likely correct. After all, the Northern born Candidates were a group of idiotic know it all's that could barely survive a week on Candidate Isle. However, as far as being educated went, Indivara was just as likely to hand them over some credibility. Professionally trained, and claiming a rank that caused them to see far more of Pern than any Katilan born could claim gave them some automatic respect from the pre-teen.

At any rate, however, Indivara was not prepared to have her name called to assist with clean up duty. Her expression as she turned to look at Jada rated somewhere between 'What!?' and 'you have got to be kidding?!' It was swiftly followed by a highly irritable scowl and a grumbling under her breath as the rest of her class filed out, and she kicked one of the boys roughly in the shin when he made a smart arsed gesture that equated to 'LOL'. The fact that he almost ended up landing face first on the floor as a result had Indivara wearing an incredibly smug expression as she slipped out of her seat with liquid grace and walked serenely to the front of the class.

"I do mind," Indivara replied belatedly, once the classroom was empty, "though I hardly think you were actually interested." Her voice was low pitched and dry, with no additional bite as she went around the classroom, straightening desks and pushing in chairs. Her expression was mildly thoughtful as she glanced up at Jada from the back of the room, making her way back to the front as she finished her self appointed task.

"Touching that good, hrm?" She was impressed by her own ability to not flood the question with biting jealousy. Instead, it simply came out drenched in the same low pitched and dry state the previous words had been. Pushing her hair out of her face, Indivara's blue eyes searched her teachers with mild curiosity, as if she weren't dying to know what had gone on on the Sands; she hadn't been able to find Kerrin and bug him yet. Lucky bastard! His second clutch while she was still being shoved onto the side lines. A turn! Hrmph!

Craft Hall / Re: This Is The Best [Clothes Making Chore]
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"Nope!" Indivara chirped, daftly sewing a patch onto the pair of pants with swift, sure movements before she tossed them casually to one side and jerked a shirt out of the pile. Examining it, she made quick work of uprooting a new piece of matching fabric and some cotton that wouldn't stand out too terribly against the marred and obviously well worn shirt. "Which is what makes Grith so amazing! She loves it and you don't have to be good at art!" Indivara waved such a silly concern aside with a shake of her head as she used her upper arm to push her long and very untamed hair out of her face. "Kerrin couldn't spell 'dragon' if one sat on him (which Grith would probably do, if she had any concept of the situation) and some of the kids are as likely to colour Rukbat purple as gold!" She giggled gleefully as she made her dig at her friend. Kerrin, of course, was totally deserving of every insult she threw his way and she was pretty sure he'd make a lovely throne for Grith.

"Bathing them is only good if you want to get wet!" Indivara warned, examining the shirt before looking up at Breccan. "Especially Grith, but she, at least, is polite!" Very few dragons were very polite about not getting their washer as wet as they ended up. Winter was always the worse, even at Katila where it was generally warm enough that swimming wasn't completely ill advised. Indivara wasn't a huge fan of water, and bathing wasn't high on her list of dragon care priorities. As a result, there were only a few dragons she would walk away from the opportunity to wash. Larrikith, for example, was a demon in the water and Indivara would rather roast alive on the Hatching Sands than bathe that dragon. Her mother's green was another. As likely to end up drowned as not, going near half the greens in the Weyr and water was inadvisable.

"Oiling is fun, though!" it didn't look as pretty as the paints, but it did make the hide supple and sparkling in a way that only oil could do. Finishing with the shirt, Indivara held it up to make sure before she tossed it, too, aside with the pants and jerked another item from the pile. Her eyebrows arched at the pair of well worn pants with more holes in them than there was actual material left to sew a patch to. "He's joking, right?" She asked of no one in particular, before scrunching them up and tossing them in the opposite corner, almost managing to get them in the bin. "If he wants those fixed he can do it himself." She had no idea whom they belonged to, and didn't care at all.

"She won't fall through," Indivara smirked, seeing the expressions on Talian and Breccan's faces. "Katila was constructed with Grith in mind." She paused, then amended, "Well, Grith and summer storms."

Western Forests / Well, screw you! [Open!]
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Indivara had fled the Weyr, and everything it contained, her small body zooming between huts and dragons alike as she made quick her escape following the completion of her morning chores. Dressed in three quarter length pants (most likely to be because of her latest growth spurt as a fashionable decision on her part) and a sleeveless shirt that revealed wiry arms as she threw herself at the first tree, and swung up in a manner that was somewhere between an expert gymnast and a Terran monkey. Bare feet gripped the tree as she scrambled with practised ease up the tree and into the top most branches. Once there, she made quick work of leaping from tree to tree, she quickly put the Weyr well behind her, fingers grasping at branches even as her voice began to filter through the leaves, fuelled by anger.

"One stupid, sharding turn!" Her voice went several octaves higher on the curse word, and she ripped a branch from a particularly defenceless tree, stalking along a branch as she whipped the limb she'd stolen around, slashing at over hanging branches as she went. "A turn!" That time it was hissed between her teeth, and she swung so heavily at another branch that the girl lost her usually incredible balance and went careening out of the tree. Instead of attempting to grab a branch or scream like an idiot, the girl curled herself into a ball and toppled to the ground, landing heavily on her left hip she gave a chocked gasp as she flattened out, glaring up at the tree on her back as her branch, the one she'd been swinging wildly around, came plummeting down to land beside her. She shifted her gaze to look at it sideways, before turning to look back up at the tree she'd fallen from.

"Sorry!" Sarcasm was thick in the tone, and she hurled herself to her feet, not bothering to dust herself off, the girl threw herself back at the tree, and began to monkey her way back up into the safe net of branches. She wanted to mutter something snide to the tree, about how nothing they could do to her would be as bad as D'ren banning her from the sands - again - but she had broken enough bones from mistreating trees to keep her mouth shut on that particular line of commentary. Instead, she let out another explosive, "One. Freaking. Turn!" She snarled. "I'd make a better dragonrider ten times over than all the Northern crap combined! ONE turn! AHG!"

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Usually, Indivara wouldn't have blamed one of her teachers for singleing her out; she was smart mouthed and not afraid to show it. However, despite having at least a dozen openings, Indivara was quite proud of the fact that she had bitten her tongue and reamined focused. Part of that was, perhaps, because her mother had promised to take her flying if she behaved herself, and while Indivara and her mother had a good relationship, the woman barely endulged Indivara's dragonrider fantasies (since, apparently, that was all she was worthy of! Fantasies!) and a flight was a very tasty treat to look forward to. Now, however, the girl was going to really have to work her magic to convince A'din she hadn't been naughty to be held back. Maybe Jada would write her a note if she behaved herself.

The tightening of Indivara's lips when the Harper answered her question, however, indicated to the girl herself that she was going to have to work quite hard to be worthy of such a note if she truly wanted to go flying. Then again, maybe Par'a and Grith would take her out for a spin in Indi promised some particularly pretty painting on the green's hide... Her eyes narrowed slightly as she took in Jada's words, and her lips pressed flat, showing her irritation.

"Hmph." As much as the girl wanted to tell Jada to shove her 'interesting' up her -- Indivara crushed the thought before it showed on her face, and instead relaxed her jaw so she could lick her lips, the expression altering into mild curiosity from the hard angry look that had flashed across it. "I know," while those two words could have come out in a condesending manner, they were instead lightly spoken with a teasing spin, as if mildly rebuking Jada for not realisng Indivara knew just about everything about anything that went on in the Weyr - particularly if those things had to do with the Hatching she was banned from! Her eyes flashed dark for a moment, before she once more pushed her irritation aside.

"Which did you Touch?" Her voice was warm curiosity, as she picked up a sheaf of parchment that had floated unnoticed off the side of Jada's desk, and handed it demurely to the Harper. If Jada had voiced her thoughts, she would have got a long speil about how Indivara was quite aware of Northern Impressions, where the limiting age was meant to be twelve, but she could have named several of the Katilan riders that had Impressed at ten turns. D'ren was simply being an impossible -- Again, Indivara cut herself off mentally, not willing to even think of insulting terms for the Weyrleader.

Dragons were busy bodies, and she was well aware that some of them liked to poke around in random brains to find random pieces of information. Didn't anyone wonder where half the gossip in Katila came from?! While Indivara knew all of it, she was hardly one of those that started most of it.

"Which was your favourite?" She added, tilting her head and shoving her hair back with one hand, as if doing so made any difference; the locks simply fell back in their tangled waves around her round face, framing her intense blue eyes.

Craft Hall / Re: Child's Play [Indivara, invite]
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Indivara's expression altered slightly as Jada expressed sympathy that the younger girl had been unable to join them. Her eyes narrowed suspiciously into blue slits, while her mouth turned down in a frown. Being taunted by the Northerners wasn't unusual, and while Indivara hadn't chalked Jada up as the type to do so, she wasn't about to simply lie down and be walked all over if that was what the trained Harper was expecting. When the woman continued without any digs, Indivara relaxed a little and nodded her head slightly, once, at the thanks she was given as Jada took the sheaf of parchment.

The small girl's expression was calculating as she listened to the information she was given about the eggs. She nodded slightly, connecting what she had heard at Renewed Hope to what she was hearing now, and the stories her mother and other dragonriders had told her. "As they get Harder, the emotions should become stronger and more distinct." Indivara offered, her face smoothing out into a polite neutrality as she tilted her head thoughtfully.

"I was born shortly after Nirinath recalled the survivors. There were others born while they were Banished, of course, but I was the first born to the Weyr." She didn't think she really had to add that that meant she'd been around dragons for her entire life, but she did anyway. "My mother rides a green. My father was a riderless that was brought along. He died a few turns back. Those who never bond don't live very long, in comparison." Indivara said stately, "Mumma was in her forties when she had my baby brother," she added, as an example. "Dragonless die in their forties, they certainly don't have babies! Dragonriders live to be over one hundred." The girl's blue eyes widened dramatically as she said this, and she leaned forward towards Jada, as if she were going to diverge some huge secret. "They stop the aging process, somehow! Pretty neat, hey?"

If Indivara were aware of any negative impact dragon bonding could have on someone's life - and she probably was - the girl obviously considered them pathetic in comparison to all that bonding to a dragon could be. Leaning backwards a little, the girl gave Jada an unabashed once over, sizing the woman up before meeting her eyes boldly. "What do you want to Impress?" It didn't occur to the girl that Jada might not want to Impress. The harper woman wasn't nearly irritable enough to be against it, which to Indivara meant she knew of how much she was being honoured!

Western Forests / Re: Well, screw you! [Open!]
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"My name is Indivara!" The girl snapped, dropping onto a lower branch and glaring down at Valerian with narrowed, icy blue eyes. Her hair was long and wild as it framed her face, decorated with leaves and twigs from her misadventures in the branches of her favourite trees. Crouched as she was, she probably looked quite feral; which was her intention as she eyed off the well manicured Northerner.

Her lips pursed as she considered the rest of his baited comment. He was likely justified in that opinion, but Indivara really didn't feel like paying him a compliment, when his spoiled arse would be on the Sands when the dragonets decided to crack shell, while she'd be lucky to get within the stands for viewing! Irritated, Indivara shoved her hair out of her face, and then ignored it when it fell right back to where it had been, dirty finger pointed directly at Valerian. She paused for a moment, her lips flattening, before her right hand flung forward, throwing a stick aimed directly at Valerian's forehead.

Not waiting to see if it landed, the girl leaped back up into the upper branches, and scuttled along them very much like a monkey (if only the Pernese knew what they were!) to drop down on the lower branches of a tree on the other side of Valerian, and slightly behind him. Another stick made it's passage from Indivara's hands to try and find a target on the young man's body. Shooting back up into the tree tops, Indivara started cursing as she travelled along the branches. "Stupid sharding Northern junk!" she dropped down again, throwing another stick she had collected on the short journey, "Ungrateful!" she threw another, then vanished into the leaves to drop out on the otherside, and beside Valerian. "Useless!" Drawing her arm back, she threw another with as much might as she could, misjudged her balance, and toppled out of the tree with a curse.

Western Forests / Re: Well, screw you! [Open!]
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Indivara struggled valiantly against the foot pressing down on her chest, her eyes full of fire as she glared up at the harper, her desire to murder him written all over her face. She jerked, and froze, however, when Valerian spoke of Larrikith, before she spit at him, disgusted by his accusation that she were trying not to cry. "Haven't cried in turns," she boasted, returning to her wild attempts to escape from under his foot. The last time she could recall crying was because she'd fallen off a rock and broken her left arm. Since she was only six at the time, that was plenty enough excuse. Never mind that she'd broken the sharding arm! She bet the primped up Harper had never broken a bone!

Indivara frowned up at Valerain with a slightly puzzled expression, before hauling herself to sit when he stepped back. Released from his confinement and confident in her ability to vanish up into the branches if he so much as twitched to move in her direction, the preteen climbed to her feet arrogantly and shoved her tangled hair out of her face with her left hand. She ignored his claim to being Katilan without so much as blinking; it was as if she didn't even hear his claim at all. The young girl was eyeing Valerian boldly, taking in his height, his form and general appearance. Her lips pursed suddenly and her bright blue eyes narrowed thoughtfully.

"You would get along with Larrikith." She said suspiciously, voice spiked with irritation, the girl still less than pleased with his snide go at her being a cry baby. She supposed he might have had a point about her tantrum throwing, but nothing she threw would ever outclass some of the more explicit Northerners that came in. Besides, she was born of a dragonrider! She'd been living with dragons her entire life. She was not some wide-eyed holder brat that was bitching about being spirited away to live a secret life. She was a highly pissed off, more than capable of Impressing Weyrbrat. The Weyrleader was just a prude, with his stupid ideals and ridiculous rules. Restricting female impressions! Pah!

"That dragon is worse than Threadfall, and just as small."

Craft Hall / Re: Child's Play [Indivara, invite]
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Indivara seemed content to let talk of the Hardening eggs drop after she'd gained what information Jada could give her about it. It wasn't that she was uninterested, or even that Jada's descriptions were unacceptable; to the contrary, they were very informative and the young woman had a good voice for recollections. However, Indivara had learned what she could about the experience from the Harper's point of view, and saw no reason to further persue it.

"Mumma is almost fifty; she's A'din of green Khainth," Indivara said, amused by Jada's reaction. The girl considered carefully, frowning with a thoughtful expression. "Um, I think some of the riders are nearly eighty, but I'm not really sure. Sometimes you can get a hint when they talk about the past, but not many actively tell you how old they are," she explained placidly, giving Jada a slightly exasperated look as she finished. This was information Indivara considered blatantly obvious, but she humoured the older girl without any snark, amusement lingering in her features.

The next comment, however, earned Jada a blatantly irked expression before Indivara rolled her eyes heavenward and answered with a lazy, "well, duh." She paused long enough for that to sink in, before smirking evilly. "Which is why the Weyrleader has lost his brains between if he thinks he can limit the Impressions to all men!" She rolled her eyes again, this time directed to the bronzerider who was no where near them. "I'm going to Impress," Indivara told her teacher seriously, her blue eyes hardening with determination as she stared up at her.

"Girls usually get green," she went on, her features twisting into a thoughtful expression as she pursed her lips. "But sometimes they might bond to a blue or a brown. Bronzes don't seem to be interested in women, but I think they're just super rare combinations." The girl's eyes flashed. "Reckon I'd get bronze." Another pause. "So? What do you think you'd get?" Apparently, as far as the child was concerned, gold were irrelevant or unimportant, beyond creating more baby dragons. The idea of Impressing gold was about as appealing as being dropped between while tied to a rope. If Jada asked, Indivara would likely be inclined to tell her exactly how useless golds were for anything but baby making, and well, she wasn't interested in breeding her life away. Why in the name of the Red Star would she want a dragon that spends their whole life doing exactly that?

Gather Square / Re: Sticks and Stones [M] (All welcome)
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Indivara held tight to Jada's hand as the young woman lead her through the throngs of people, the girl's eyes wide as she stared at them all. Indivara wasn't completely naive, she'd known it would be a big event. The Weyr had been alive with whispers and gossip for the past few days, and she'd been in the thick of it to learn as much as she could. Indivara knew B'jin as a teacher - his were some of her favourite classes, if only because the Rider had a tendency to take groups of the younger kids to the lake or he'd give them random lessons, that Indivara had no idea how they were related to the harper craft, but they were enjoyable. He told good stories, too, Indivara reflected, bumping into someone she didn't see step in her way. The girl crept closer to Jada, focusing as they navigated the crowd.

When Jada finally halted, and drew Indivara to stand before her, the girl was frowning and was feeling more than a little overwhelmed by the sheer number of people that had come to see one of their own be lashed. She knew what lashing was, of course. Indivara was a girl that loved stories, and would ask questions no matter how personal or improbable it was to do so. She had heard tales from some of the older riders, and seen scars that marred shoulders and backs from their own lashings. She knew what the day would be, and she wasn't entirely sure what it was that had enticed her to go with Jada. Indivara was a lot of things, she knew, but she wasn't really one to take pleasure in another's pain and humiliation!

The first crack of whip on skin caused Indivara to flinch back into the reassuring body of her teacher, and the girl pressed firmly against Jada. She'd been startled by the young woman's cry, and clung tighter to the hand still held in her own, oddly not offended by the way Jada had stuck her free hand in front of Indivara's face. The weyrbrat's other hand rose tentatively, to grasp at Jada's fingers there, too, and she lowered the woman's hand so it wasn't obscuring her gaze of the two men, the girl shaking as the sound of whip and flesh mixed again and again. Her blue eyes were wide, and horrified, unable to tear her gaze away.

"Very bad," Indivara murmured in a belated reply, her voice slightly higher than usual. She wasn't sure that she was talking about any one thing, however, as she watched the lashing come to a close and the crowd grow restless; the poor man's back! Indivara pressed further back against Jada when one of the harper candidates took off after D'ren and she squeezed both of Jada's hands, wrapping herself in the woman's arms, suddenly very worried. "I want to go," the girl whispered, her over active mind suddenly seeing Erisi being lashed by the cruel brownrider, and her own back being exposed for all the trouble she threw herself in. Indivara shuddered.

The Hatching Circuit / Re: Wish Upon A Star [HATCHING]
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Indivara was eating dinner, like any reasonable young woman should be doing in the early evening hours at the end of a long day. Her next move was going to be a long, hot bath in the women's facilities; after assisting with chores that she wasn't assigned to, Indivara was particularly grubby. The preteens hands were the only part of herself that were currently literally clean though she was spoiling even that as she picked at her food with absent fingers, already full but loath to walk away from the remainder of her delicious plate.

It wasn't actually the humming Indivara caught wind of first, but the frantic woman that shot through the length of the Dining Hall, her eyes furious as she grumbled about dragons and their impeccably bad timing - after she'd just finished making a splendid meal! Then there were chairs scraping and voices being raised as dragons alerted their humans to the upcoming event and joined in the thrumming welcoming tune. Indivara was sure she caught Grith's excited babble, the dragon ever vocal, and she removed herself carefully from her seat before ducking under the table and crawling as fast as she could under the wooden structures that were lined up, effectively avoiding the milling crowd and crushed toes.

Slipping out from the end of the table, Indivara shoved her way through the milling people, stomping heavily on toes that got in her way and kicking shins that weren't quick enough to move. Finally getting out of the building, Indivara found herself at the mercy of excitable dragons, rushing people, and screaming commands. Snarling to herself, the girl quickly shoved her way through the excitable throng of people, and quickly made her way into the Hatching Circuit. Sheesh! People needed to relax! It was just a Hatching!

Smirking to herself at that thought, Indivara inched around alongside the wall, not actually joining the other spectators but keeping close to the edge of the Sands, watching the eggs rock and shift with a tight, focused gaze.

Craft Hall / Re: Child's Play [Indivara, invite]
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Indivara giggled cheerfully at the scandalised expression on Jada's face when she realised how long some of the Katilan dragonriders were. Her amusement lingered as Jada informed her about the amusing state of the male mind, turning into a sly smirk as she soaked up the information and twisted it around, sorting it and tucking it away for future use. The devious sparkle that lit up her blue eyes was bright as she grinned up at Jada. Coming over with quiet steps, Indivara climbed up on the desk beside the harper and made herself comfortable.

"Sounds about right," she said in agreement, voice light and amused. The girl pushed her hair out of her face, nodding slightly at Jada's comment about D'ren, but the child didn't add any more to the statement. She understood where Jada was coming from, and definitely agreed. There was really nothing more for the child to add as she pulled her legs up, crossing them and resting her elbows on her knees. Her chin found itself at home in her palms as she grinned at Jada.

"Hrm," Indivara hummed thoughtfully, her blue gaze focused on Jada's face for a moment. She then gazed at the other woman boldly, taking her in head to foot and back again. "Stereotypically? Maybe a blue." She shrugged slightly, "but they vary greatly, so you could get anything. That's why I asked what you think you'd like. Colour is an indication of rank," Indivara continued, "so, your options are given depending on that. Personality of your dragon isn't defined by the colour. Larrikith and Grith are as different as sand and sun, but they're the same colour." The child raised both eyebrows and gave Jada a smile.

"Golds?" The shudder that shook the girl was present in her voice. "Why would I want a dragon that isn't any good for anything, except laying eggs and guarding them? Golds can't even breath fire!" What kind of dragon couldn't chew firestone?! Indivara looked scandalized at the very idea of such an Impression and the child gave Jada a sad look. "Besides, the paperwork!"

Western Forests / Re: Well, screw you! [Open!]
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The pre-teen wasn't interested in talking about the horrible green dragon that enjoyed torturing selected children; Indivara hadn't been able to figure out what the difference was between drowning this child or loving that one, but the girl had quickly realised she was one of those liable to be damaged. As a result, she had a strong tendency to ignore and avoid the snarky green beast, especially when Grith was so much more enjoyable to be around.

"I'm not desperate," the girl scowled, irritated. "I'm determined." She tilted her chin arrogantly and gave the young man an aggravated look. Just because none of the northern folk could understand what an honour it was to be bonded to a dragon! They were all so... thick headed! Her lips pursed as she bit back further insults and the girl would have let Valerian go. But he pressed probably her biggest button without even realising it, and the already irate young woman snapped.

"Indivara. Vah-rah. Why in the name of Faranth can no sharding wherry in this Threadburned Weyr pronounce my name?" The girl threw both her hands up in the air, her voice a low growl of irritation and exasperation. Dropping them from the air, they rested on her hips, fingers splayed as she scowled at Valerian like he was the personal vendetta against her name. "I will Impress this clutch," the girl insisted, watching as the harper turned to move off, her voice heightening with her determination. "Just you watch!"

To back up this statement, Indivara swooped down and picked up another stick, throwing it with force at Valerian's retreating back.

The Hatching Circuit / Re: Wish Upon A Star [HATCHING]
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Indivara watched with jealousy and determination as the first few Hatchlings made their way onto the Sands, and the first one Impressed - to a girl no less! Indivara's chin jutted out stubbornly and she threw a smug look in the direction she knew D'ren had ended up in for the viewing. That would show him and his silly decrees! Feeling incredibly smug, the girl looked around with a narrowing gaze as she realised how dark it was getting. Some idiot had forgotten to bring along glows and torches. As a result, the growing lateness of hour and the dying season meant it was growing dark quickly. Indivara suddenly smirked widely, white teeth flashing in the faint light. Perfect!

She didn't move, as she heard murmurs that another Impression had been made, and she gazed towards the entrance way where another young woman was tending to a green. The sight did nothing but solidify her determination; there was a dragonet here for her, and D'ren would see how much the young greens favoured women over men! Pushing her hair out of her face, the child tugged out the leather thong that had been falling away and quickly retied it, keeping it out of her face as two young men were Impressed to blue dragons.

She waited quietly for several minutes, her small body shifting from side to side as she swayed on the hot sands. Fifteen minutes later, and very little was happening as she heard the new Weyrlings chatting and feeding their babies. It was darker now, Indivara realised, and she had to seriously squint in order to see what was going on on the Sands. Pursing her lips, she inched along the wall, angling along until she was even with the closest batch of Candidates.

Becoming even with them, the child slipped away from the wall, and with swift steps joined them quietly. They were mumbling to themselves as they swayed anxiously. Not recognising any of the voices or faces on closer inspection, Indivara slipped quietly away, weaving through the spaced young men and women until she finally spotted a familiar face. Her lips twisted into a smirk as the slinked along in the sand to pop up suddenly behind Kerrin, her hand touching the older boy gently on the waist.

"Hello," the girl whispered, her voice bright with eager anticipation as she joined her friend, standing close as she gazed up with bright blue eyes. "Bet I Impress first." Her voice was low pitched, and her smirk teasing; she ignored the other three. Valerian had claimed open friendship with Larrikith (there couldn't be a worse sin) and the girl only had mild knowledge on the other two. She was there to be with a friend, and, in all likely hood, out Impress him!

The Hatching Circuit / Re: Wish Upon A Star [HATCHING]
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The girl let her hand fall to her side as she peered around curiously, taking in those she could see clearly and squinting past those she could just make out. While the child wasn't particularly afraid of the dark, she wasn't all that keen on it either which she portrayed by her close stance beside Kerrin, blue eyes alive as she gazed around. The last Hatching had occurred when she was only seven, and had spent the course of it sitting with her friend in furious anger at being denied.

"Ooh," she whispered, thrilled, as a sudden shriek detonated the soft murmuring of the crowd watching the Hatching, and the young girl's fingers wrapped around Kerrin's forarm in excitement, her gaze focused on the shifting shadow she could see, and the wildly whirling eyes of the Hatchling as it scrambled to it's feet. She giggled, "someones pissed."

As if the Hatchling had heard her very words and the soft giggle, suddenly it was upon her and Indivara's hands flew up, not making it past her stomach as the vicious little creature gripped his sand hardened claws into her face. Her scream was filled with pain and shock, but very little actual fear as she staggered, the weight of the baby dragon driving her back so she knocked into Kerrin; the momentary wall of flesh behind her offered a counter balance and she gained her own. She was unaware of anything but the feel of claws slashing through her flesh. Blood soaked her chest and arms as the creature's feet slashed, and the girl drew a fresh breath in shock, the sound ripping from her throat in a high pitched scream of pain as the claws ripped open her chest and arm.

Then he was gone, thrusting himself off her and sending the girl flying backwards, landing with a breath stealing oomph on her back, where she stayed. Her icy blue eyes were huge in her pale face, contrasted sharply by the deep slashes that went diagonally across her face, from above her left eye - and shockingly close below it, across to her right cheek. Her lips were shredded, one claw having gone straight through and sliced both top and bottom open. Typically for facial wounds, there was blood everywhere; what skin was still intact was pasty white, with the girls freckles standing out starkly.

Indivara was oblivious as the Hatchling made for Jada, then mauled a Candidate, and finally Impressed. Her eyes were blank, staring at nothing as her entire body shut down and began to shake, shock setting in. She was oblivious as Jada hauled her to her feet, blue eyes incapable of taking in the sight of the harper woman before her as she blankly took the piece of cloth passed to her and held it with a robotic motion to her lips. She didn't respond as the healers and Jada swept her off to the side, nor when her A'din came shoving through the little crowd of people and flung herself at her daughter.

"Sweet Faranth Indivara! What were you thinking?" The horror in the greenrider's voice was apparent as she sat beside her daughter, carefully brushing away hair that had come loose around the girl's face. Indivara, in deep shock, simply continued to stare at nothing with blank eyes as the Healers fussed over her and attempted to implement some kind of damage control.

The Hatching Circuit / Re: Wish Upon A Star [HATCHING]
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A'din's eyes shifted from the mangled features of her daughter to look at the crying harper with serious eyes. "Correct." She stated simply, turning her gaze back to her daughter for a moment before looking at Jada with a brow knitting frown. "You should be on the Sands," she informed the young woman blandly, an opinion that was echoed by the Healers that surrounded them, apparently and the woman turned her attention upon her wayward daughter with frustration and fear. Getting the child out of trouble was a usual adventure for the woman. This, though? A'din sighed. Maybe having her face mauled would be punishment enough?

There was talking, voices, noises and the rush of commands being spewed forth and acted upon, but the child - wide eyed and in shock - was unable to get her brain to focus and that might not have been a bad thing, Indivara thought with sudden clarity, as new voices started barking and pressure was released, and antiseptics applied, and the girl gasped out at the new and sharp pain, the feeling different to the low, endless throb her face, chest and shoulders were currently subjected to. Blue eyes focused, sharply, staring at the world laid out above her with eyes feverishly bright with pain as she shifted her gaze to lock with her mother. Her face blanched further, and the girl trembled, though whether from pain or fear of the woman wasn't determinable.

It was then that Jada's comment filtered through her murky brain, and Indivara's right eyebrow twitched, but the motion was a bare flicker. There was so much pain! Her blue eyes met the harper woman's, and the left corner of the girl's lip managed a half hearted twitch before she breathed out a soft sigh, words lingering on it just barely though she refrained from moving lips puffed up to several times their size. Her left eye was swollen and she couldn't see properly. "Mmmm," she affirmed. She would Impress, and damn it, she was still set on a bronze. Amusement flashed behind the pain, and the girl did her best to gulp the fellis that was poured down her throat. It would help, right? But shards! She was so sore

Tears burst into life in the girl's eyes as some heartless healer poked at the mess of her face, and the child's stomach clenched with sudden and horrible nausea. She held it down for a moment, before her entire body convulsed and Indivara hurled herself up to heave over the side of the table she was on, barely missing one healer's feet as the fellis she'd just swallowed, her dinner, and whatever else exploded passed her shredded lips. It hurt! It hurt! Indivara's breaths came in choking gasps as she tried to breath and her nostrils flared, attempting to put off needing to move her lips in order to breathe - they hurt. She hurt. So much hurt!

You're hurt The voice bashed into her mind like a clap of unexpected thunder, and Inidvara jerked. What? Why are you hurt! Get away, only I can heal her! Huge blue eyes twisted around to stare at the dragonet that had come barrelling towards the highly emotive gathering, and Indivara just stared, dumbfounded, at the creature.

Additional footsteps caused the girl to shift her position to see who it was. Unfortunately, in so doing, she turned her head into the cautious attention of a healer, and their fingers pressed rather suddenly and painfully into the slice just under Indivara's left eye. The girl's entire face lost what blood wasn't pouring down it to the center of her stomach. She was faced with a crossroad; puke, or faint.

Fainting won, the girl crumpling into the arms of the healer who laid her down, tuttering.

Craft Hall / Re: Child's Play [Indivara, invite]
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Indivara nodded thoughtfully, a small smile pulling up the corners of her lips. "Blue is a nice enough colour," she agreed. She did enjoy the company of the more brightly coloured greens and blues, when they weren't of a nature that was designed to make being a Weyrbrat difficult. The other three colours were more standoffish, for the most part. Well, that was unfair, since Nirinath was the only gold, but Indivara could only go by what she knew, and what she knew told her gold was not at all interesting. Bronze was, though, even if to be a rider of one came with a lot of responsibility; they also had lackeys that the boring jobs could be dumped on -- Indivara was smart enough to do exactly that, too!

"I dunno, really," Indivara shrugged, looking less than put out but such an admittance. Why would she? She was going to be Pern's first - and only, no doubt! - bronze rider. The bizarre ranking system of the Weyr community would hardly be of any real significance to her once she was mounted up on that sparkly hide. "I guess because green are so popular and gold is not they decided that meant Goldriders were better?" The girl shrugged. Green riders were just as capable as any 'higher' coloured rider, she knew that. But, that said, it seemed legit that they would make ranks assigned for the commonality of a colour. After all, it isn't special if everyone can have it, is it? (Perhaps that was half the allure of being a bronze rider for the little girl, too!)

Indivara snorted. "Um, they reassign the chores regularly, tabs have to be kept on Northern trips and who goes where for how long and whether or not they come back with someone. Book keeping is kept on every new import - human and goods - as well as births and deaths within the Weyr. Um." She blinked; for someone who hated paperwork and the idea of being tied down to it, Indivara did know the basic runnings of the Weyr. Between gossiping and stickybeaking, she probably had as much idea as most the Wingleaders, though her ego insisted she knew even more than the Weyrleaders themselves. "That kind of stuff." She finished, almost lamely though her tone was dismissive.

"Depends on what hatches," Indivara answered truthfully. "If a gold cracks shell, both Weyrleaders will take a personal interest in that new pair. Otherwise I guess they just keep doing whatever they were doing before they were stuck on the sands." The girl turned bright blue eyes on Jada, and shrugged.

Bathing Houses / Reflections [Kerrin]
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It hadn't even been three whole days, and A'din was waking her daughter up with a gentle shake that morning, her voice apologetic; "The Weyrleader wants to see you this afternoon." Indivara had sat stoically as her mother sorted through clothing options, the woman's stance and attitude tense. The girl didn't bother to say anything. She'd been stitched up, and yesterday she had been allowed to return to her own home so long as she went to the Hall every day to have her stitches checked and the progress monitored. Everyone knew Indivara was a grub, and as she was told - repeatedly - her scarring would be 'minimised' if she avoided infection, didn't pop her stitches, and did not pick her scabs. The girl had stopped listening, after the third healer shoved the same information down her throat sideways, probably hoping to choke her in the process.

When A'din had finished picking what Indivara would wear, and told the child what to say - what not to say! - and to make sure she looked properly miserable! Indivara had given the greenrider a dour look as she walked out the door, waving absently to her younger brother when he cried his good luck to her far too cheerfully, (He wasn't spiteful, he just didn't understand.) and made her way through the tangled mess of huts to the Bathing Houses with her arms carefully hugging the tangled pile of clothing to her stomach. Bathing; another thing she had been lectured about. Don't get them wet, do get them wet, not too cold, not too hot! The girl had no idea what she was meant to listen to, and so she chose the easiest method; a quick bath, practically pouring water over her head in her haste and she avidly avoided touching her face at all. Her chest and shoulders were treated to cautiously, fingers light and delicate as she washed around the areas being held together with thin threads of material. Drying off had been just as timidly approached.

As the sun slowly moved closer to the later afternoon hour that the Weyrleader had apparently specified, Indivara stood before one of the long mirrors provided in the housing. She was dressed in a pair of shaped, loose pants that fell to her ankles in sleek black. She had no idea how her mother had gotten her hands on them, but expected she'd brought them back from a trip North, rather than had them specially made. The child usually lived in hand-me-downs, the only clothing Kerrin would let her wear without snide remarks, not the fancy outfit her mother had put together for her, ruined only by the well worn boots on her feet... Her gaze lifted from her pants to take in the top - delicate blue it brought out the stark colour of her eyes - and was loose, she had brought it in at her narrow hips with a black sash. The neckline was shaped with a wide, low hem that her mother had obviously picked because it gave a shockingly terrible view of the claw marks that raked Indivara's shoulders to vanish under the neckline of her chest. The girl's lip trembled, as she lifted a hand gently and ran a finger as lightly as possible over the raised bumps of the stitchery. So many.

Her finger came to a halt at her neck line, and lifted without thought to her lips, brushing over the stitches that had fixed the slash that had burst right through the middle of both. Her lips were swollen, still, and so tender she was living off mushy goop food, unwilling to exert the facial muscle requirements for chewing on meat and vegetables and fruit. Her finger shifted to the one just under her left eye, tracing the length of it, eyes glassy with unshed tears. Her face was a swollen, stitched up mess and Indivara's shoulder shook as she fought to swallow the desire to cry. The girl wasn't an overly vain creature, and often scoffed when adults told her she was 'pretty' or that she'd be lovely when she grew up. She didn't care; so long as she had her dragon in her future, what were looks worth?

But staring at the horribly scarred monster before her, Indivara's bottom lip trembled as she made a startling discovery. She was hideous.

Bathing Houses / Re: Reflections [Kerrin]
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The young Weyrbrat was brought out of her deep thoughts by the soft steps of someone entering the room - though those same steps stopped just as swiftly and while Indivara knew she should feel enraged by such a reaction - should spin around an tear whomever it was apart with her sharp tongue and attitude she was home to - it took all the child's willpower not to burst into tears right on the spot. Obviously, she was now so horrendously marked that even being in the same room as her was terrifying; overwhelmed by all the emotions of the past few days, Indivara was hard pressed not to fall apart at the drop of a hat. Her boast to Valerian weeks earlier had become a past achievement; the girl had spent more time crying over the past three days than she could ever remember giving in to such an act. It was pathetic, and it was disgusting, and yet she hadn't yet been able to make the fire it should ignite stay alight and burn the self pity away with wild fury she was more comfortable with.

The girl brushed cautiously at her right eye, blinking rapidly as she swallowed the lump in her throat and then brushed both hands down her front, smoothing the material of her shirt out. So done, her fingers rose to her hair, the movement stiff and jerking as she fought to enact a motion that was once so easy and natural, as the stitches across her shoulders and chest pulled and objected. Her hands fell in defeat as the other occupant stepped forth and bright blue eyes met amber, the girl's lashes laced with tears, in the reflective glass pane. The right corner of her lips twitched in greeting, the girl resolutely shoving aside her tearful self pity in the face of Kerrin's simple greeting.

"Thanks," her voice was a dry husk, like autumn leaves tumbling in the winter wind, indicating her irked humour at her friend's word choice. The girl barely moved her lips in order to speak, the word slipping out with caution not to what was spoken, or to whom, but how it would affect her physically to say it. Her eyes were narrowed with mild irritation at Kerrin, knowing well and full he was talking about what she was wearing. Were she in a better mood, Indivara might have been inclined to agree that the outfit was nice -- and then follow up with a bland comment about how holes in the knees or dirt on her elbows would make it more comfortable. Except that she couldn't find the energy to do so, and instead she just gave Kerrin a dead, blank look.

Stepping away and crouching down at her pile of clothing (which were much tardier in appearance and hazardously placed in a very Indivara-manner of scrunched up who-gives on the floor) the girl picked up the hairbrush her mother had included and returned to the older weyrbrat's side, her eyes flashing with irritation as a potential frown was warded off by the feeling of unhappily pulled flesh when she moved her arm to brush the dark hair falling in damp tangles down her back. She couldn't even purse her lips - her immediate response - because that hurt too, and Indivara was once more reminded of just how heavily she relied on facial expressions she hadn't been aware she shuffled through so readily.

"Shards!" She hissed quietly, and stamped a foot in sudden and high irritation, thinking better of throwing her arms up in aggravation just before she did so. Frustration darkened her eyes at her inability to express the emotions she wanted to, when she wanted to, and she clenched her teeth. Fighting to keep from kicking her foot through the mirror that reflected so innocently, the cause of her heightened emotions, Indivara threw the brush at it, pulling at those stitches instead.

"I hate dragons!" She hissed vehemently, seeing as clearly through her lie as Kerrin would and knowing full well it wasn't the dragons she hated. She didn't even hold it against the little bronze that had shredded her any more than she regretted sneaking onto the sands. She hated the situation she had found herself in, and she hated it with a wild, burning passion that had previously been struggling to rear its head passed her moping, crying distress. She glared at the brush, having dropped at the base of the mirror as she cradled her arm, sulking angrily as the tender stitching objected to the motion she'd forced it through. The stupid brush hadn't even had the decency to break the glass!

Indivara had no idea how Kerrin would handle her crying. She did, however, know how he'd respond to that her throwing a tantrum - something she'd done regularly since they'd first met - it would be nothing new, for the spirited girl to break things, kick things or swear with words she shouldn't know. That she hadn't managed to break the mirror, or that Kerrin's shins were not being kicked at, would be a far keener indication of her distress than crying, anyway. Indivara glared at herself in the mirror; maybe if she stared hard enough, it would shatter, since she was unwilling to risk cutting her feet open, too, by kicking it.

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