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Dining Hall / Gotta getcha grove on [Vaelya]
« on: 26 Apr 2013 at 06:32 PM »
He whistled as he made his way towards the kitchens. A pretty girl and a pretty meal was what he was after and if he had his way he'd have both. Not necessarily in that order. Crooked grin firmly planted on his face, K'ton pushed his way into the kitchens calling greetings here and there as he went. Ducking around the kitchen matron he filched a fruit before sweet talking a pretty little kitchen drudge into filling him a tray. And was rewarded for his efforts by a delightful proposition and a tray full of steaming food. 

Balancing his tray in one hand while he crunched a bite from his fruit, K'ton scanned the room as he entered the dining hall. He scanned for a likely dinner companion and possible bed mate. Ironth's winning of Lith's flight had done a number on his perception of himself and he was near desperate to find a willing partner. He knew that he couldn't change the dragon's lust or what would come in the morning but it never stopped him from feeling like shit about it. I do not know why you worry so much about how you look to others K'ton the brown in question told his rider quietly. Ironth did not understand K'ton's aversion to greenflights. They were fun. Its not so much what others think, Ironth. Its what I think, he replied even quieter. It was difficult to explain the feeling to Ironth, after all greens were female not male so the dragon could not and would not ever be hung up on the same things as his rider.

I still do not understand. It shouldn't matter to you either Ironth said with a touch of confusion. K'ton scowled slightly, Just drop it, would you Ironth? He felt Ironth retreat from his mind, most likely to dwell on what K'ton had said. The brown was forever trying to figure out the workings of his rider. Sometimes he did but most times he did not. Scanning still, K'ton's vision stopped abruptly. A dark hair vixen with smoldering brown eyes was seated just to the right of him. A beauty he'd been trying for the last few turns to settle into his bed.

Striding with purpose now, K'ton came to a stop at her table and not bothering to wait for an invitation to sit, he slid into the seat across from her. Grinning as he grabbed his fork in one hand, "Vaelya! How is the most beautiful woman in the weyr this morning?" he asked before taking a quick bite of his food. "Everything is well with Evritt?" He couldn't remember exactly when he realized that the excited stolen candidate had turned into a woman but when he had he'd tried everything in his power to get her in his bed. Thus far she'd been able to decline all his offers. But he was wearing her down he was sure of it.

The Lake Edge / Stupid heat [M'din]
« on: 30 Apr 2013 at 11:55 AM »
He was sweating. He hated sweating - unless of course he happened to be sweating in his bed with a lovely woman beneath him - he disliked the rapidly smoldering heat of the south. He bit into the redfruit he had packed. He glanced out to the water where the big brown behemoth he called lifemate, frolicked and played like a hatchling. Ironth had pestered him until he'd relented. He had been content to spend the day in the shadows of his well ventilated hut, catching a cool breeze here and there. But noooo.. Ironth had insisted. Even went so far as to play on his anxiety to get K'ton to come to the lake. He shook his head as he ripped another bite from the fruit. It wasn't like Ironth to settle with deceit when cajoling and pesters didn't work. I was hot and you weren't listening the brown said as he sank beneath the water, bright eyes shining from beneath the waves.

Of course I wasn't listening. I was comfortable Ironth, he told the dragon. He sighed with pleasure when a breeze rolled off the blue water in front of him, momentarily drying the sweat that coated his skin. But his pleasure was short lived as the breeze was cut short and sweat sprang up again. I hate it here Ironth, his words were miserable as he attempted to create his own breeze. Oh I don't know. I kind of like it down here. Its warm most of the time. There's no snow and I get to play with fire lizards the last was said rather slyly as the dragon swam about.

Now don't you start that again, Ironth! he huffed. Firelizards. The bane of his existence. They were loud, obnoxious and got into everything. And of course Ironth had a penchant for the nasty little buggers. The brown continually bothered him about one. He wanted a friend he said. Like K'ton couldn't be all the friend he needed. I think one would be fun the brown said then I would have someone to talk to when you're... Busy K'ton rolled his eyes, Why can't you just make friends with another dragon? You'd still have someone to talk to who is at least moderately intelligent. The dragon lumbered out of the water to waddle over to K'ton, dripping on his rider as he did so. Ironth! You're getting water all over me! Move! he said as he attempted to scramble out of the way.

I have friends that are dragons, he said as he went to settle under the shade of a redfruit tree. Uh huh.. Sure you do. And I'm Sorka Hanrahan The dragon huffed, I do. And you can't be Sorka Hanrahan. You're a man and I am definitely not a gold The dragon said, which brought about even more eye rolling from K'ton. Grabbing at his basket as he chuckled at Ironth words, K'ton grabbed another fruit. As he turned to lean back against the tree, he spied someone coming this way. Look Ironth. Here's your opportunity to make a new friend! For the life of me I can't remember his name though, he said as he furrowed his brows in mock concentration. M'din of brown Armath Ironth supplied and would have rolled his eyes had he been capable.

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Weyrfolk Hall / Re: An Evening Star [Open | Gold Flight]
« on: 30 Apr 2013 at 03:32 PM »
Ironth's tail twitched and a low rumble came from his throat. Lust rolled through the brown as he head swept up and he darted from his wallow. A rise. Someone was rising and at the strength of his lust it could only be a gold. Ironth had only chased one gold before and the result had left him a loser. Today he would give chase again.

K'ton's head snapped up as Ironth's lust swam through his blood. Shards. Another green flight he was certain. He'd wake in a strange man's bed disgusted with himself as he usually was. Ameris no longer allowed him to climb in her bed afterwards and there weren't many he trusted with his sensitive dignity. A green flight.

It is no green Ironth said, his rut heavy in his voice from where he waited on the side lines as he watched the golden hide of Okalianth shimmer and glitter in the dying sun. His eyes whirled a brilliant red with his rut and he waited ever so patiently as the little queen blooded her kills. Not a... K'ton answered dumbfounded. Ironth hadn't attempted another gold flight since Nirinath's first and K'ton groaned out loud as a wave of lust nearly slammed him into the door. Before he could call Ironth away, the brown was in the air following the golden form of Okalianth with a fierce bellow.

The Lake Edge / Re: Stupid heat [M'din]
« on: 30 Apr 2013 at 08:44 PM »
K'ton waved back to M'din as the other man walked towards him. M'din had been smart and worn a wide brimmed hat and K'ton kicked himself for not thinking of the same. You are not always the smartest, K'ton Ironth said with amusement. Truth be told the brown often thought his rider acted something like a wherry at times, always rushing ahead and never thinking things through. He, of course, would never tell the rather sensitive man that. K'ton could feel a small sense of foreboding from Ironth as the pair approached. His brown had something of social anxiety and every now and again would feel just a small ounce of fear when confronted with others. It wasn't anything large or handicapping - for the most part - but there were those random times.

I do not know why I feel this way. I even like Armath. He is funny when he teases his rider. Not at all like you the brown told his rider as he fought to quash the tickle of fear. Oh be quiet Ironth. I'm funny and you know it, K'ton told the brown with affection, I don't know why you feel this way either, dear heart. Its just you I suppose.

"M'din! Enjoying it very well! How was your walk?" K'ton asked, amazed really that the man had walked this far in the smothering heat of the day. He would never have walked this far, thats for sure. One of those times K'ton was glad he impressed and could be here and then there in a blink - or six - of an eye. The thought of the chill of between almost made it tempting to hang out there for a few seconds just to relieve the pressure of the searing heat, but good training and better judgement never did let him try it. With a wave of his hand K'ton said, "Sit, sit! Get out that heat for a few."

Ironth hesitated at the slightly demanding tone of Armath as the other brown darted into the water, diving nose first into the cool depths. Go, Ironth! You will be fine, K'ton mentally shooed the dragon. Eyes whirling a pale blue shot with shades of yellow the brown followed suit with the urging of his rider. Ironth, though, did not sail into the water. The lumbering brown took as many quick steps as he could and with a jump slapped his body against the water, a draconic version of a canon ball.

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Weyrfolk Hall / Re: An Evening Star [Non-Chasers]
« on: 01 May 2013 at 02:00 PM »
Brown wings beat quickly after the rising golden hide. He would win and he would be triumphant and none would match him. He wasn't the largest brown around but he was fast and he was agile. Red eyes whirled like a dervish as Ironth rose behind Okalianth. His bellows echoed out behind him as strong wings beat the air. K'ton gasped and paused in his movements towards the bath house as a fresh wave of lust flowed through his bones. He flowed after the gold as she flung herself rapidly ahead of him and he roared another challenge.

K'ton stumbled over a rock and Ironth stumbled in his flight as a bigger brown followed but he quickly righted himself, driving forward. He would still win. He was faster than Ghaeth. He knew he was faster, wings beat harder. His elation was short lived and with a cry of rage, Ironth was delivered a blow to the ego as Toranth entered the fray with a roar of challenge to all who followed. A bronze. They could not win against a bronze. With a cry of sorrow, Ironth pealed away from the chase, nose diving, lust abating. And at the ground, K'ton stumbled against a doorway.

Glancing up he squinted his eyes. Vaeyla. He'd found Vaelya's home. With a desperate pound of the door, K'ton waited body hard and fidgeting for the dark hair beauty to open the door. When she finally did, K'ton could do nothing but slant a hard, hungry mouth across hers with a groan. She pulled away from him, both panting hard. Vaelya took in his flightlust and sweat soaked body and gave a tiny sigh of sympathy. Taking his hand the dark eyed woman, dragged him forward and into the house. Guiding him to her rooms she pushed him to the bed and slipped his boots from his feet. It would not end how he wanted this night. But she would give him as much comfort as she could.

Slipping in beside him Vaelya was immediate in poking at his hand as it came around her to grip her chest. Maybe she should get him some wine first. Kill the lust that way but she didn't have to as K'ton shivered against her, fighting the lust that rode him hard, it was easier now that Ironth was drifting away from the weyr to lick his wounds and right his ego. His hand still gripped her but she didn't move to remove the offending limb. With a sigh Vaelya settled back against him, listening to his quiet whimpers as he drifted off to sleep.

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The Lake Edge / Re: Stupid heat [M'din]
« on: 02 May 2013 at 11:08 AM »
Ironth as at a loss for words. Armath was much like a green in his excitement for the swim and Ironth wasn't quite sure what to make of the other brown. I.. I don't know. I've never thought to try he answered a bit shyly as the other brown asked about betweening beneath the water. He didn't think it would be a good idea but if Armath wished he wouldn't try to stop him.

K'ton chuckled as M'din slid to the ground beneath the redfruit tree next to him with a groan. "Don't like sweating, so I make Ironth cart me where ever I need to go when its hot like today," he said as he offered a fruit to M'din. He watched Ironth play. Or think about playing anyway. The big brown was still apprehensive but K'ton was sure it would fade before too long. The dragon's hide or eyes hadn't taken a greyish tint so K'ton wasn't particularly worried on that front. He just wanted the brown to make more dragon friends and stop pestering him about firelizards. It was unnatural, Ironth's obsession with the flying tunnel snakes and K'ton was trying his damnedest to ignore the requests for one. "Ironth needs more friends. I think him and Armath will get on just fine," he said with another chuckle.

He had just turned to see what M'din was talking about when Armath disappeared. What the? K'ton leaned forward a touch concerned for the other man's brown when said brown blinked out from between and slammed into the water at a quick pace. The ensuing wave nearly reached them where they sat and if the redfruit tree hadn't been directly behind him, the brownrider would have darted back as fast as he could. He could swim. He just disliked it. Nearly drowning a couple times would do that to you.

Ironth had squealed in surprise when Armath had suddenly popped between. He stared around worriedly looking for his new friend. Ooh.. He had a new friend. A dragon friend. How exciting! He still wouldn't give up the need for a firelizard but a new friend like Armath was good too! He whistled when Armath dropped back in from between. He dived beneath the waves as they barreled into him, flying underneath the water. When he surfaced he gave an excited bugle closely behind the one Armath shouted along the water. Their bugles would echo for miles.

K'ton laughed outright at the obvious pride that M'din took in his dragon. He was rather enjoying himself watching the two. The other brown was exuberant and outgoing and K'ton hoped he could get Ironth to finally leave the last visages of the shy hatchling he was - never mind the dragon was close to twenty-one turns old - behind. "Swimming? Not for me, no. Ironth loves a good romp in the lake but not me!" he answered with a slight grimace. The first few years in the south had not truly been kind to K'ton and his brown.

Yes! I will drop from between like you. Maybe if we time it right we will land at the same time Ironth suggested That way the wave will be even larger! With that Ironth rose a few feet above the water. He was brave but not brave enough to start from beneath the waves. With a slight pop and a hiss he slipped between not checking to see if Armath did the same.

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Dining Hall / Re: Gotta getcha grove on [Vaelya]
« on: 06 May 2013 at 08:13 PM »
Bored she may look but K'ton's sharp blue eyes spotted the grin that she barely suppressed as she rolled her eyes better than he could have. He chuckled quietly at the words that came from her on the heels of his flattery. It wasn't really flattery. Well it was but wasn't. For once in his life, it might be that K'ton was serious in his joking flirtations. It was an odd sensation really. And not a little confusing for the brownrider. One of these days he would figure it out and when he did, K'ton would be lost. But for now, a little fun never hurt anyone.

"Wine? Never touch the stuff. Bad for your health," he grinned as he answered her, "If anything, my eyes are as sharp as ever, my bright eyed beauty." His breath caught - just a bit - at the bright smile that graced her face at the mention of her son. "I hear they do that. Quite a bit in fact," he laughed at her comment about his growth. Children. He was sure he had some floating around here and there but whether he wanted to take an active role and actually look for them. Well that was the question. He probably didn't and wouldn't take much of any role with the bastards that he'd created. It just wasn't in him. The father material that everyone came with seemed to be missing from K'ton.

He comforted himself in his bond with Ironth instead. He didn't need to be a father to anyone. He was a dragonrider. It was what he knew, what he was good at. Maybe if he analyzed it a bit more he'd find himself frightened at the prospect of letting a little boy or girl down. But as it were he just shrugged the feeling off and contented himself with who he was now. "You know if you came to visit every now and then, you could ask him yourself. He likes you. Did you know that?" he asked, "Crazy brown just jabbers about you. Vaelya this and Vaelya that. When are you going to bring that pretty Vaelya to visit and her sweet little one too" He mimicked the brown nearly perfectly, though whether the statement was true or not was to be seen.

The Lake Edge / Re: Stupid heat [M'din]
« on: 07 May 2013 at 01:48 PM »
K'ton watched the dragons blink between at around the same time. Crazy browns. Even though the prospect of the two of them getting hurt, K'ton couldn't bring himself to chastise or make Ironth stop. The shy brown needed this. Needed friends, needed to be able to get himself out of a funk. The brownrider waved noncommittally when M'din shouted he'd swim for the both of them and scrambled towards the water. He chuckled at the other man's enthusiasm. The older man was like a child in his play, but that was just fine wit K'ton.

He jumped to his feet quickly when he watched M'din swim out onto the water just as the two brown entered the air above it. Mouth open in preparation to shout a warning, K'ton was seconds to late when the dragons splashed down, nearly on top of M'din. Did we kill him? Ironth asked, deeply concerned. No silly. Armath is still here isn't here? K'ton replied with a touch of amusement as the darker brown carted his rider out of the water. Well.. Thats good I suppose. Do you think we can still play then? the brown asked K'ton quietly. He wanted to still play. He was having a good time. His earlier foreboding and anxiety completely forgotten in his enjoyment. Yes.. You can still play. I'll make sure M'din doesn't keel over and die while you and Armath make nice K'ton chuckled.

K'ton squeaked and jumped in surprise at the dry tone that had entered his mind. Hunching his shoulders he angled his head as Armath spoke to him. Well that was unexpected. He was so used to Ironth's decidedly picky voice. His dragon rarely spoke to another and even then it was usually Vaelya or Ameris only that he spoke to. On occasion, K'ton had caught Ironth speaking to random children and he'd often wondered if those children were his, the brown so interested in them.

He nodded to Armath, "I'll make sure he can't do anymore serious harm to himself." He would too. Even if he had to sit on the other man he would. He grinned at them when the brown slipped the man's hat over his face. Sitting himself back against his tree he reached for a fruit and grabbed another for M'din. "Fruit?" he asked.

Ironth grunted when Armath landed in the water once more. His eyes whirled a worried yellow as the other dragon resurfaced. Your rider? He's alright? the brown asked Armath tone still concerned. The man looked okay to Ironth. But looks could be very deceiving the brown had found in his life. M'din may look fine on the outside but might not be on the inside.

The Lake Edge / Re: Stupid heat [M'din]
« on: 10 May 2013 at 11:27 PM »
K'ton watched M'din eat the fruit with wild abandon, his brow cocked. Apparently the man ate with as much gusto as he went through life. "Of course he asked me. I dare say your dragon may be a bit put out that you place yourself in harms way so often," K'ton commented rather dryly. He shook his head as M'din noted how much it hurt being smacked in the face with water. "I wouldn't doubt it," he replied.

At the mention of children, K'ton himself was a bit glad M'din didn't bring his kids, especially if any had the same affliction as their father. They would've been fetching small bodies out of the way of the dragons all day and he couldn't say that it sounded like any fun. And then he asked if K'ton had children. He kind of hoped he did. It was would be nice knowing there were little versions of himself running around causing as much mischief as their sire. Maybe a boy to take after him, one he could teach all the proper ways to speak to a lady. He grimaced before answering, "I haven't the slightest. If I do, none have come forward with the knowledge. I wouldn't mind knowing, you know?" his voice had taken a slightly wistful tone, "I don't mind kids. I don't like them as much as Ironth does, but I don't mind them."

Ironth rumbled as Armath shook the water from his face. The pair were odd to the brown and he wasn't quiet use what to make of them but he was determined to try. K'ton rarely does things like that he explained, I don't often have to come to his rescue. Unless there's felines involved. Those I eat. The brown floated upon the water, wings slightly splayed as Armath sank beneath the water to swim like a fish. I bet you can flap your wings underwater and move quicker Ironth suggested.

He squeaked a bit as the other brown popped out of between next to him. Perhaps going between underwater is a bad idea if its so cold. You wouldn't want to get sick, he said quietly. He contemplated if he wanted to continue their play. He decided quickly that he did but didn't quite know where to begin. Splashing was the only thing he could think of. Sure I still want to play, he said, what do you want to do next?

The Lake Edge / Re: Stupid heat [M'din]
« on: 17 May 2013 at 01:06 PM »
K'ton leaned back on his hands as M'din chewed his fruit. As he watched the man wiped juice and bits of fruit from his beard it made K'ton doubly glad he'd never thought to grow a full beard. A bit of scruff here and there was about all he allowed. He didn't think he could handle it, needing to clean random bit of food from the growth on his face. He chuckled quietly at the words of the man and his dragon. Not for the first time, K'ton thought what an odd pair but they seemed to work out well together and as they always say the dragon always knew.

He laughed when M'din offered to watch for little K'ton's running about. He'd never noticed any, but then he rarely thought to look either. He just might have to look a bit more closely to the rug rats that Ironth spoke to. Perhaps he'd find a little girl with his smile and bright blue eyes. Who knew? He grunted a little at M'din's next suggestion. "I'd have to remember the women for that to happen," it wasn't said proudly or with shame. It was said rather, neutral. It wasn't that he chose to forget the women he slept with, its just that. Well… They were all so forgettable. "Good thing your girls don't look like you! They never get mates or have more little rugrats running around," he laughed.

The pair amused Ironth. He'd never met a dragon who picked so delightedly at their rider before and he found that he was looking for ideas. Ideas with which to fuss and pick at K'ton with. Ironth's delivery was never very good and he always came back with a clever reply far to late to do any real damage, so he'd stopped bothering turns ago. Alright, he agreed as he watched Armath dive deep. He didn't mind diving, in fact he enjoyed it, perhaps they'd find something fantastic near the bottom.

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Dining Hall / Re: Gotta getcha grove on [Vaelya]
« on: 20 May 2013 at 11:18 PM »
He gave her a cheeky grin, “Best be prepared then.. Sure as I’m sitting here, it’ll be dry tomorrow!” He enjoyed their easy banter. It was always light hearted and could generally cheer him up in a pinch. Between her and Ameris, K’ton was set for life in the friend department. Not many men would admit that two of his best friends were women, especially around here. Most women were viewed as chattel, as less than men but K’ton knew who the back bone of the society was and it certainly didn’t have any dangly bits between its legs.

“I never would’ve thought such a lovely lady like yourself would have such a hard time believing compliments, Vaelya. You must get, what? A hundred a day?” he said lightly. He’d wear her down one day. He smiled as she went on about Evritt. He almost wished – almost, just a pinch, mind you – that the boy was his. She was incredibly proud of the accomplishments of the toddler and deep down he wanted to see the mother of his child or children speak to him of them with such pride. But it would never happen so he soaked in the stories of Evritt and his antics.

“Oh sure! Like I said he talks about you two all the time. Can’t get the brown beast to shut up for two seconds,” he said with a chuckle. It was true. And not. Ironth did ask after Vaelya in her son, but not as often and not as insistent as K’ton said he did. His blue eyes widened at her accusation with feigned horror. “Vaelya! I would never do such a thing,” he exclaimed with a dramatic clutch of his chest, “Why that just breaks my heart that you could believe that I would do something like that!” It was difficult keeping a straight face as he declared that, especially with Ironth immense amusement broadcasting through his mind.

The Lake Edge / Re: Stupid heat [M'din]
« on: 22 May 2013 at 11:35 AM »
There might be some one worth the effort but K’ton didn’t want anyone to know that he had an eye on Vaelya. He didn’t know what they were. Friends only – so far – with a healthy dose of flirtation sprinkled here and there, much like the topping of a cake. He couldn’t quite figure out where the two of them stood and it confused and frustrated him on many occasions. His imagination wandered as he listened to M’din talk about spoiling women. He could imagine Vaelya in the roll of weyrmate, spending her days being doted on or doting on him, with little Evritt screaming about his home, playing with Ironth. It would be happy times

The pictures that roamed freely in his mind brought a quiet, small smile to his face. It was unconscious and lit up his eyes, even such a small on had that ability. K’ton’s was definitely an expressive face. At the mention of break ups K’ton frowned. He’d never had a break up. Never experienced the pain of heartbreak that usually accompanied it. He never allowed himself to get that close to another for anything other than a little release. Sex and love were to very different things to K’ton and were placed in two very different containers in his mind. One was for gratification and one was simply ignore, the ramifications much to terrifying for him to explore. “Never had a break up. Never care to really,” he replied, “Plus you kind of need to be in an actual relationship to have one. And frankly that’s never going to happen.” His gaze wandered out along the water as he watched the brown frolic and dive. He was glad Ironth had made him come down today.

Ironth cocked his head with puzzlement. Plants that grew underwater? That was odd. He dived down below the surface to see for himself and sure enough there was a veritable forest below the waves. Huh.. I don’t know. Maybe the sunlight comes down far enough, he said. He didn’t think so though, the bottom was so dark. K’ton! he called to his rider, How do plants grow underwater? How should I know? Maybe they wait and wait and then eat dirty brown dragons that dive, to stay alive down there, K’ton replied mildly and waited for the explosion.

He wasn’t let down as Ironth suddenly blew from the water, eyes whirling yellow-red as he hovered above the water, Quickly Armath! K’ton says they eat dragons! he broadcasted with a tinge of fear. On the shore K’ton roared with laughter before shouting out loud, “I’m only playing Ironth! Plants live underwater because they live underwater! I’m positive they don’t eat dragons.” The brown grumbled with disgruntlement as he sank to float on the waves, That wasn’t funny, K’ton

Dining Hall / Re: Gotta getcha grove on [Vaelya]
« on: 30 May 2013 at 12:41 PM »
He watched her skeptical face with a feigned horror and heart ache, "Would I tell such a lie, Vee?" He couldn't stop the grin this time and it bloomed along his lips as he fought to keep the laugh contained. "Perhaps you should. He would be absolutely delighted if you came to visit him you know," he replied before clutching at his chest. With a gasp and a stutter he lamented, "Oh! There you've gone and broke it once more Vaelya!"

You are utterly ridiculous Ironth sighed in his mind, Am not!, he shot back. Ridiculous indeed. He was far from ridiculous and if the smiles and chuckles Vaelya was currently rewarding him with were any indication, he was indeed winning. He opened his mouth once more to spout more flirts and lovely comments, when a rather large and rather juicy bit of fruit sailed through the air. It struck him in the forehead - girl was a good shot apparently - and landed with a muted thump on the table next to his plate. Oh.. She was gonna get it, he thought as he narrowed his eyes at her retreating back.

He was armed and dangerous when she made her way back to him to stand looking quite smug against the table. Luckily for him  and unluckily for her she was standing rather close to him. With a wicked look K'ton reached out and gripped the fabric of her dress. With a triumphant look, he jerked her to him. With devilry in his eye, K'ton simultaneously stuffed some of his red fruit down her blouse as his mouth crushed hers. He wouldn't take the kiss to far, didn't want the kitchen drudges to get the wrong idea about him and Vaelya. A nibble here and a nibble there and he released her with his own smug smile upon his face, "Worth it."

Personal Huts / Re: Unscheduled Visits [K'ton]
« on: 03 Jun 2013 at 12:28 AM »
He stood in the shadows of his porch roof, warm and miserable. Shards he hated the heat here. Hated it with almost a large a passion as he did the felines that roamed the southern continent. Hated it almost as much as he loved women. He'd tried to get the lazy bones he called a dragon to come out with him and down to the lake but the contrary brown preferred his shaded wallow than a romp in the lake. He should've jumped on the chance  after the little trick he and Armath had played on them. Ironth knew he disliked being wet unless he was actually swimming (which rarely happened) and the two browns had doused their riders with huge maws of water. It had ended their outing and a fun beginning to a new friendship but the beasts had done it anyway.

The memory was kind of funny when he thought of it. M'din had sputtered and he had shrieked at almost the same decibel of a woman. It had been slightly deeper than a woman's scream and had saved his manly pride. He would never admit that on those rare occasions he did scream like a girl and woe be to those that brought it up. Though rarely did he do something so demeaning in front of another male. Shaking his head at himself he watched a dark haired woman wandering behind a running boy. As they neared his back straightened. Vaelya. She rarely visited and by the way she followed her small son he would wager that she had no idea where Evritt was actually leading her. He chuckled as they got closer and his ears picked up the sound of the childish screams coming from the boy.

It looks as if you have a visitor, old boy, he told the brown. Of course I do. Evritt likes me and I like him. He's a good boy not at all like some one I know, the brown replied with a snort. Well crap... was all that floated through his mind as he watched the toddler take a dive in front of his porch. He leapt down the stairs in time for Vaelya to reach her son and he to begin what K'ton was certain would be a monstrous tantrum. "You never have to ask, Vaelya. He's more than welcome to climb all over Ironth if the brown will let him," he answered by way of her statement to her son. He watched her as she wiped the boys hands and face. He didn't look the worse for wear and he grasped towards the dragon in his wallow. "I don't think he's done any lasting harm," he offered as Ironth drew his bulk from his wallow.

The brown watched them with a quizzical eye before reaching out to touch his muzzle to the small boys hands. He'll be fine. Let him come to me, Vaelya, and he can use me for a jungle gym, he interjected his smooth lyrical voice at Vaelya. K'ton stood still and not a little dumbstruck. Ironth had spoken to her. Ironth never spoke to another... Well.. He rarely did and it was usually an emergency if he chose to do so. "Well I'll be damned," K'ton whispered under his breath.

Dining Hall / Re: Gotta getcha grove on [Vaelya]
« on: 05 Jun 2013 at 01:21 PM »
A smug grin grew on his face at the blush that bloomed across Vaelya's cheeks. He'd managed once again put one there. It wasn't difficult that feat but it was certainly entertaining. Plus he'd gotten a kiss out of it. It may have been a touch one sided but it was a kiss nonetheless and one that had made his prim and proper Vaelya whimper. The sound had instantly hardened his body to an uncomfortable point and even now as he watched her breathless and panting caused him to shift in an attempt to lessen the discomfort, chair tipping back slighting.

His discomfort and smugness was short lived when the dark haired woman slapped the flat of her hand against his shoulder. He started to laugh at her as she shook her hand against the sting in hand but his laugh quickly turned panicked as the force of her blow tilted his already ready tipped chair. His breath flew out of him with a very audible "Oof!"  as he and his chair hit the ground with a loud clack and he lay blinking at the ceiling above his head. Before he could recover and flip his body back into an upright position Vaelya leaned down and smashed, and smeared the remnants of his red fruit against his head.

He stayed there, partially in shock.. Okay mostly in shock as the room filled with chuckles and cat calls. Someone shouted a rather descriptive suggestion for pay back but K'ton just shook his head as he struggled to his feet. He turned to scan the room for Vaelya and couldn't catch a glimpse of her. Damn the girl was quick. He stood in the chaos of his leftover breakfast and waved a drudge over to clean the mess. He flicked a large chunk of redfruit of his shoulder before taking another from his other shoulder and popping it into his mouth. As he swallowed the piece he threw back his head and laughed.

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Personal Huts / Re: Unscheduled Visits [K'ton]
« on: 06 Jun 2013 at 12:35 AM »
"Evritt!" K'ton hollered back and thought to hold his arms out for the boy but knew if he did he'd be by passed quickly for the brown that was now rumbling, so he settled instead for ruffling the boys baby soft hair. He really needed to find out if he had any rugrats running about. It would take him some time to remember all of the possibilities that were out there because lord knew Ironth probably wouldn't wouldn't help him. If you'd ask I would help you. You know I'd never withhold that kind of information from you K'ton. the brown rumbled in his mind. I will one of these days. I don't think I'm quite ready for that yet, he replied softly.

The brown rumbled as the young boy pressed his flushed little face against his muzzle. Ironth enjoyed being around the youth of Katila. Their innocence and gentle ways were refreshing compared to the things that were said and done by the adults here. Ironth and K'ton had spent a very large portion of their lives in the southern continent and the brown was certain he would never get used to anything. His great eye regarded the mother of this young boy that hung from him. She was a good person, sweet and gentle. K'ton did well to have her for a friend. Its no honor really. I simply like you Vaelya he rumbled to the woman as he lifted his head and Evritt a few inches from the ground before setting him gently down for the boy to run to his mother.

K'ton watched Ironth interact with the child with a grin and a chuckle. The brown did so love children. He glanced down at Vaelya as she turned to him surprise brightening her eyes for a moment as she realized just how very close he was. His grin grew into a full smile at she fidgeted with her dress before bursting out with an apology. "I've told you more times than I can count, that you're always welcome here, Vaelya. I don't know why you insist on not believing me," he said, laughter ringing in his voice, "Stay as long as you'd like. " His hand reached out to settle gently on her shoulder as he began to steer her towards his hut, "Come on. I've got some juice and klah. We can have a couple drinks while these two kids play like animals."

The Lake Edge / Re: Stupid heat [M'din]
« on: 11 Jun 2013 at 05:21 PM »
Ironth was more than willing to go along with the trick that Armath suggested. In all their long years of being bonded, K'ton had played many a trick on him and the big brown felt that perhaps it was time to return the favor. With a quiet rumble Ironth filled his mouth  with the brackish water that was the lake and with a quick flick of his wings he lifted from the lake to glide to where his rider sat looking smug.

Before he could lose his nerve the brown opened his maw and tilted his head, to dump the chilled and dirty water down upon K'ton. With a triumphant brugle, Ironth darted into the sky to give in to the childish urge to rub it in with aerobatics.

K'ton sputtered and shrieked as the cold water hit his head first. It quickly soaked his clothing and K'ton shouted at his dragon. He could hear M'din doing much the same beside him and glancing over he saw that the other rider was indeed just as soaked as he was. With a disgusted flick of his arms, K'ton clambered to his feet, "As much as I enjoyed your company, M'din, I'm going to have to say the meeting will have to be cut short."

With his last words, K'ton turned on his heel, tripped and nearly went down much to his dismay. With a backwards shrug and pained chuckle he stomped aways. You're not angry are you? the brown asked his rider, worry rife in his voice. You know I don't like the lake water. You know I dislike being wet even when its blistering hot out, K'ton answered, disgruntled. It was only a joke. Like you played on me. I'm sorry, K'ton, don't be angry, the brown said as he landed before his rider. K'ton glared hotly at the dragon before the worried look about him soften K'ton. I'm not mad. Just don't do it again, he said as he swung himself up.

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The Lake Edge / Life got a little bit crazy [Vaelya]
« on: 28 Jun 2013 at 01:00 AM »
Life... Sometimes life threw you curve balls and just before you reached up to catch it the ball switched sides and slammed into your face at lightening fast speed. Life had thrown a curve ball at K'ton and slapped him up side the head for good measure. He, apparently, really was a father and to a teenaged boy at that! One that didn't even look like him but instead looked just like K'ton's father, Tonan. The only thing K'ton seemed to have passed to his son was his brilliant blue eyes. The lad didn't even have the decency to be of a height with K'ton, instead was inches shorter than him - this in fact was true, however the boy was only a couple inches shorter. K'ton still couldn't believe how he'd ever missed finding out about the boy, given the boy looked exactly like his grandfather. It would help if K'ton wasn't so self involved and actually took the time to get to know the people in the weyr. In a random world, K'ton's son may have gone completely unnoticed by his father if K'ton hadn't quite literally knocked him down out side the dining hall.

When K'ton had bent and offered a hand up for the boy, stark blue eyes had met a near replica in the face a younger version of his father's and all movement had ceased. Of course he'd been shell shocked and had stood gaping at the boy until he'd finally sputtered a demand. Who was his mother? Where was he born? What was his name? All normal questions, though they had been clipped and a touch forceful. The boy, Leyton had been birthed by a female greenrider just before the exile. Luck had it that the older infant had survived the flight south and the firehead that took his mother. Once Leyton had realized K'ton was alright with his existence the kid hadn't shut his yap once. By the time he had left Leyton, K'ton had known the kid's entire life story. Not that he minded really. He had been thinking about the various children he may have running around when he'd knock the boy to the ground. A rather serendipitous meeting.

You know if you'd just gone looking like I suggested several times, you could've been in Leyton's life the whole time, the brown said from the shallows where he was currently soaking. K'ton rolled his eyes at the dragon. Ironth had indeed suggested he look for K'ton's lust product but his rider had always declined. If he was honest with himself and Ironth K'ton hadn't really wanted to find them but now with the undeniable glaring him right in the face it was difficult to forget about it. Forgetting about it would be the dumbest thing you could do, K'ton the great brown rumbled at him rider. "Well for sure I know that Ironth! I swear sometimes you think I'm an idiot," K'ton grumbled.

There are occasions, the brown said with such amusement he earned a hot glare from his rider. Mumbling about dirty tricks and nasty browns, K'ton moved into the shallows with the brush he'd already soaped up and laid the flat of the bristles against the side of Ironth. The brown rumbled with pleasure as the combination of sand and the bristles scratched a particularly itchy spot. We are about to have delightful company. Perhaps speaking to her will help ease your mind, Ironth suggested. "Her?" he said, turning quickly and nearly losing his balance.

The Lake Edge / Re: Life got a little bit crazy [Vaelya]
« on: 30 Jun 2013 at 09:49 PM »
K'ton had sprayed water in all directions when he'd spun around and sputtered as the water caught him in the face. So much for smooth. Ironth rumbled in amusement, his mental chuckle deep and K'ton glared at the brown as he looked back at their delightful company. Vaelya was indeed delightful. Especially damp from the water and covered in a light cotton outfit. "You're always a distraction, Vaelya my sweet, and you well know it," he said with a lopsided grin. Truth be told there were plenty of times the woman was such a distraction that he couldn't very well stand up straight, but he wasn't going to tell her the that.

You ought to.. You might be surprised, the brown inserted privately to K'ton before turning his whirling blue eye to Vaelya. He liked Vaelya and considered her a welcome addition to their little circle of friends. Much better than some of the women K'ton went galavanting off with, I am well, Vaelya. I hope today finds you well It did also help that Vaelya always paid the big brown a compliment when she saw him. Ironth wasn't much for vanity or ego but he knew he was a handsome brown and liked to hear it whenever possible.

You really should speak to her of Leyton. She has a son. Perhaps she can help you figure out how to be a father, Ironth suggested again. You have noticed Leyton is a man grown and little Evritt is just that? Little? K'ton asked dryly before looking Vaelya up and down. His eyes twinkled as he asked, "Would you like to help wash this great lout? He is kind of big and I could use some help." He hoped she'd accept his request and perhaps he'd get around to talking to her about Leyton, in between the flirtations anyway.

The Lake Edge / Re: Life got a little bit crazy [Vaelya]
« on: 06 Jul 2013 at 11:28 PM »
Ironth rumbled his agreement when Vaelya asked if it was alright with him. The way the brown saw it, the more hands the better. She'd be able to get places K'ton couldn't because he was busy with other places. I don't mind at all, he assured her. K'ton chuckled before passing the brush he had been using to Vaelya. Good thing he'd brought more than one. Turning back from retrieving his other brush, he watched Vaelya as she scrubbed at the brown hide of Ironth. She looked good scrubbing down a dragon.

He cleared his throat a bit as he laid the bristles against a lightly whistling Ironth. Even before Ironth could voice his opinion once again, K'ton had decided to talk to Vaelya about his surprise child. "Vaelya," he started, "what would you think if I told you that I found one of my bastards?" He grimaced at the last word. He disliked the term bastard. It implied the person was no good, a shameful thing, and K'ton was definitely not ashamed of the fine boy Leyton had turned into.

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Personal Huts / Re: Unscheduled Visits [K'ton]
« on: 07 Jul 2013 at 09:35 PM »
He looked at her from the corner of his eye at her exclamation. If she only knew. He couldn't very well tell her everything he'd do - if he did she just might run screaming for the hills. Or at the very least discontinue their friendship. "Why, I'd have to kiss you Vaelya!" he laughed, "The place could use some color, don't you think?" His laugh faded as he watched her falter as they started up the stairs. Looking back to find what the problem was, his laugh returned. Little Evritt was indeed using Ironth as a jungle gym. That little scamp was running up the leg of the brown only to slid back down with glee.

Laughter still written on his face he glanced down at the woman next to him to find her dark eyes looking up at him. He caught himself before lowering his mouth to hers and instead bowed low as he cleared his throat, "After you, my lady." He knew he was foolish and he knew she would laugh but that was his intention so he wouldn't mind if she did. He rather liked the brightness of her laugh. One of these days he'd have to tell her how he felt but for now he would have to content himself with her friendship instead.

Entering his hut, he moved towards the small dinette to find the fixings for klah. He'd modified some of the kitchen in the recent years and had replaced the burnt out fireplace with a new and improved one of cobble stone and hardwood. It was a neat setup and let him cook with much more ease than the one that had been installed before. Filling a small kettle with water and the klah mixture, he turned to hang the pot above the small mound of hot coals. He looked back at Vaelya as he waited for the beverage to begin its small boil and motioned for her to sit, "Sit. Make yourself comfortable. My house is yours," he said with a grin. If only.

Eastern Hunting Ranges / Re: Birthday Wishes [K'ton]
« on: 08 Jul 2013 at 01:00 PM »
You know.. I think I may be hungry Ironth commented to his rider and K'ton rolled his eyes. Ironth's words gave the impression that the dragon had no real idea whether he was actually hungry or not and K'ton couldn't figure out how you couldn't know if you were. "If you're hungry why don't we go find a herdbeast or three at the pens?" K'ton replied dryly. Ironth rumbled and agreed that this would be the best of choices. After all even if he wasn't hungry it didn't hurt to choose a beast for his next meal.

With a snap of his wings Ironth lifted off, K'ton scrambling to grip the neck ridges before him. That was uncalled for Ironth. You could've at least waited until I was completely seated before taking off, K'ton screeched at the brown. The only response he received was the vibration of Ironth's amused rumble. The beasts in the pens scattered at the approach of the brown and K'ton gave an amused snort. Silly animals herdbeasts were. Their attempt at escape was thwarted by the high fencing that contained them and they began to mill and bellow in fear.

Sliding from Ironth, K'ton gave him a hearty smack on the shoulder, "Go! Find your next meal!" With a whirling eye, Ironth regarded the man next to him and snorted a negative. There is someone here, the dragon whispered, And I don't think I can eat while she's here. I don't want to frighten her. Shaking his head at the idiosyncrasies of Ironth, K'ton glanced about to find the source of the brown anxiety. "It's just Casa Ironth! For Faranth's sake. She's been around dragons her whole life, its not as if she's never seen a gorging dragon before," he said, tone a touch testy. I know but... She's just a little girl and little girls don't like blood Oh how would you know? K'ton asked in answer to the ridiculousness that was his dragon.

Turning from the brown the rider made his way to the sunning girl. He knew her father and had known of her mother and her untimely death at the birth of her daughter. The resulting death of the woman had thrust the tiny baby into the care of an entire weyr. Not only did the child have one father, she had several "uncles" and various "cousins". Casa was a sweet girl and often curious though K'ton didn't mind. Curiosity was what made a person tick in his opinion. "Casa, my love!" he greeted her with his usual over exaggeration and flare, "how are you this fine afternoon? Been enjoying the sunshine?"

The Hatching Circuit / Re: Of Drunks and Dragonets [Hatching!]
« on: 08 Jul 2013 at 09:07 PM »
He always hated hatchings. To loud, to crowded and too bloody. And this one proved to be all three. He'd come to watch his two favorite girls stand and impress - for he was sure they would. Never mind that there were tons of girls waiting on the sands with Ameris and Vaelya, those others didn't matter. He watched askance as neither of them impressed the first gold, or the first of the greens. A few rounds of hatchings later and the second gold popped her regal little head out and wouldn't you know it.. Impressed right to his best friend without a care in the world. He chortled with glee as Ameris made her impression and lead her new charge away. He watched her murmur low to a healer, pointing in the direction of the very young Flora and K'ton nodded once as the healer left in a rush towards the mauled girl.

He turned his blue eyes on Vaelya. Would this mean she was definitely out of the running? He had so hoped his dark haired vixen would impress this round. Perhaps being a dragonrider just wasn't for her. Do not be foolish. Obviously she is fated or she wouldn't be here, Ironth rumbled from his vantage point. K'ton nodded his agreement as he continued to watch the girl in front of him. Besides. Should she impress gold she will never be for us. A green is what she needs, Ironth suggested. He could only nod again as he watched the explosive hatchings of even more dragonets.

Tray balanced in one hand, K'ton licked the last bit of stickiness from his thumb. That pie.. Best damn pie he'd ever had. He glanced around the dining hall as he searched for a place to sit, tray still balanced in one hand. His brow cocked slightly as he noticed Casa and a boy he'd never met huddled around a table farther along the room. Now what was that girl up to? Curiosity got the better of him and the dark haired man made his way towards the table.

"Hey Casa! Whatcha got there, kiddo?" he asked lightly. Peeking around her shoulder he saw what he thought at first were a bunch of rocks. Now why would a couple of kids have brought rocks into the dining hall? His eyes widened and he began to backpedal as he realized just what exactly they were.

Firelizard eggs! Hard and ready to crack if he had any guess. He needed to leave before one of the little pests hatched and decided he was a good enough person to cling to. I think you should stay! Ironth inserted and K'ton rolled his eyes as he slowly backed away. Of course you do! How long have you been pestering me for one of the little snakes with wings? he shot back. He could hear the whine in Ironth's voice when the dragon replied, Whats the harm in it? Whats the harm in it?! Why he could end up with one of those things and then where would he be?

The Lake Edge / Re: Life got a little bit crazy [Vaelya]
« on: 12 Jul 2013 at 08:26 PM »
"I dislike that word," he said, "I never could understand why people use it." It didn't either. He felt much the same as he had a feeling Vaelya did. Like it was a dirty word, like the children who carried the term were meant to be hidden away never to be spoken of. He watched her as she shifted inch by inch towards him and allowed her the feeling of it being sneaky and unnoticed.

"He's not a child," he snorted, "he's a man grown. Seventeen. I have a seventeen turn old son, Vee!" He still couldn't believe it. He'd fully expected a small child, a toddler not the strapping young lad he'd bowled over. He was thankful she was willing to listen. He appreciated that she sounded so sincere about it too.

After he realized who Leyton was and when he was born, he remembered the flight that conceived him like it was yesterday. Leyla's Ministrith flew and rank young Ironth had been strong enough and fast enough to catch her. K'ton had been just as rank as Ironth that day and surprisingly enough had been as virginal as a holder girl on her wedding night. They'd gone their separate ways the next morning and K'ton hadn't seen the woman again. He never knew she'd conceived that night. Never knew he had a son until just a few days ago.

"His name is Leyton," he started as he scrubbed at Ironth's side briskly, "he's seventeen and his been alone for the past ten turns. Did you know he doesn't even look a thing like me? He looks just like my father." It pained him that he was such a self involved wank that he hadn't even realized that Leyton had been here in Katila this whole time and he'd never even known. That the boy's mother had died of firehead when he was seven. He should've looked harder. Don't beat yourself up so much, K'ton. Its done and in the past. Think of the future you'll have now, the brown spoke soothingly to K'ton.

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