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The Lake Edge / Re: Revenge is best served...? [R'nd]
« on: 07 Feb 2012 at 03:57 AM »
Thanks to growing up in a sea hold, despite not wanting to learn the craft of his family line, R’nd loved spending time near bodies of water. If fishing wasn’t involved, he was there in a heartbeat swimming or sprawled out at the edge of the lake working on his tan. With a rather quiet day in hand thanks to completing his tasks in the morning which freed his afternoon, R’nd easily persuaded Ayyonth to spend that time at the lake. Of course it wasn’t an entirely innocent plan and while he was curious to see, or even just hear, the reaction to his latest evil ways, he figured being further away was the wiser choice. It would hopefully give his friendly target some time too cool off as dying by your friend’s hands was never a good way to end the day. Without a doubt in his mind, R’nd knew that was what would have happened if he was anywhere near the outdoor class when Kerrin arrived and saw who was holding it.

That had been the plan anyway, but as R’nd emerged from the refreshing water after dunking himself under to cool off from too much sunning, he heard his nickname in a very familiar voice filled with the equally familiar edge of anger. R’nd shot a quick, accusing look at his dragon curled up on a flat rock near the water’s edge which earned a cheerful reply filled with feigned innocence, You didn’t tell me it was a secret swim. He could always count on Ayyonth to create his own fun.

Turning to face the owner of the voice, R’nd ran his fingers through his sandy locks sending trickles of water running over his shoulders and down his toned torso where they were collected by red shorts. He was already smiling and a laugh was forming but upon seeing Kerrin’s expression which was clearly supposed to be anger but looked like it got confused halfway through the process and ended up mildly surprised with the way brows drew together and mouth was set, he lost it and started laughing hysterically. “Good class?” It was all he could manage to say between gasping for the breaths that kept his laughter going.

Dining Hall / Re: An Important Announcement (Everyone welcome)
« on: 07 Feb 2012 at 10:00 PM »
R'nd wasn't one of the first to arrive but he did find his way to the hall and grab a seat early enough to observe those that beat him there and the ones that straggled in behind. He gave a stretch, still feeling a bit stiff from the exercising that preceded the meeting before resting his elbow on the table with his hand cupping his chin and cheek while grey eyes roamed about the room, paying attention to no one in particular but collecting an overall feel for the summons. It was always interesting to see how everyone acted at such times and how some wilder personalities were tamed by the mere presence of D'ren.

No one seemed to know what the weyrleader had to say and it was amusing to hear the whispered rumours and assumptions as to why they had been called together although the ones about illnesses left a sour taste in his mouth until he tuned those chatterboxes out. It seemed the buzz about the room that created a strange atmosphere of nervousness mingling with excitement had an affect on D'ren as well with the way he fidgeted and looked uncomfortable, though that could have just been from the clothing that suited the man well and was a nice change from his usual riding leathers. But whatever the reason, they would soon find out as the weyrleader called for attention.

Dining Hall / Re: Sky High
« on: 08 Feb 2012 at 07:34 PM »
Instinct ended up guiding him more than Ayyonth, who brushed away the request anyway to focus on the chase that was heating up with dragon after dragon, including Ronarth, joining in. R'nd was among the first to arrive at the Dining Hall and while he had been tempted to crawl over or under Grith as she played entrance-blocker, they removed her before he finished his plan on the best possible way. It was a good thing, too, given the way he was losing himself in the chase and lust was taking over every other thought he tried to carry out.

Once he made it inside the room that B'jin had been ushered into. R'nd didn't have time to take in the competition or the prize as he was shoved aside by another rider entering the room with enough force that he stumbled a few steps but caught himself before face-planting. Well that was rude! There was no need to be uncivilized even while pursuing a green. R'nd frowned and then froze as he saw through Ayyonth's eyes as Larrikith did her awe-inspiring dive and casual rise back up while so close to the ground. That move was impressive but it wasn't enough to shake off a determined blue and Ayyonth worked to gain a lead over the pack until R'nd gasped at how close they were to winning the beautiful green.

With victory clearly in hand and his emotions soaring high as they combined with Ayyonth's until R'nd had no idea where he began or ended or even where he currently was as his mind was being pulled to the flight with Larrikith's graceful yet taunting actions before focusing in on B'jin, surrounded by all of the soon to be sorry riders.  One step and then another led him closer to claiming his prize and as he came up beside N'gelt, the brownrider was treated to a hard shove to remove him as the final obstacle, forgetting as he did so his thoughts of moments earlier of being civil. "No, mine."

As Ayyonth moved ever closer, about to make his final play to catch Larrikith, R'nd made his own move, hands lifting to cup B'jin's cheeks to pull him close until lips met lips in a heated, on his end at least, kiss that had him moaning deep in his throat.

The Lake Edge / Re: Revenge is best served...? [R'nd]
« on: 08 Feb 2012 at 10:18 PM »
Even with his laughing fit, R'nd was still able to dodge the rock tossed at him. That should have been enough to sober him up since his friend was actually trying to cause him harm or at least scar his face--which quite possibly was the greater sin of the two options--but it only lessened the merriment into snickering. It was hard to take Kerrin seriously when he was so riled up thanks to knowing his usual personality and only seeing his goofy expressions instead of the full blown anger. Besides, it really wasn't his fault that he withheld information so the weyrbrat would end up in an embarrassing situation, that was just a part of their relationship. They hung out together in free time, Kerrin helped tend to Ayyonth, and they played pranks on each other that usually resulted in them not talking for a sevenday. It was just his time to get revenge.

When clothing started to be removed, a task that R'nd typically liked overseeing, he knew it meant something not nearly as fun this time with Kerrin's adorable scowl in place and the words flung at him. "But being good-looking gets me out of everything!" He called back just as the younger lad took off running at him. He knew what was coming. Dodging a rock? Sure, he could do that no problem. Dodging Kerrin's flying tackle attack? That was a bit harder if he miss-timed it since Kerrin was quick to change direction and there was always that side of himself that insisted on making sure the kid didn't end up hurting himself if he went tumbling to the hard ground.

This time he didn't get the chance to make a decision on what to do as he saw Ayyonth from out of the corner of his eye stretch out his wings and seem to give a yawn as if he just woke from a nice long nap. It was just enough distraction for R'nd to turn back in time to fling out his arms and try to catch Kerrin as he came flying at him, arms tightening around the smaller body as they were both sent into the water with the bluerider fairing the worst as he had his legs knocked out from under him and a body on top of him to keep him from righting himself or surfacing.

Ayyonth didn't seem quite as concerned as he watched the humans interact. It was nothing new to see them goofing around like that and he knew Kerrin well given the time the boy spent with them since his hatching. In fact Ayyonth felt like he had Impressed two boys! So when Kerrin launched himself at R'nd, he simply chuckled, sending his amusement to both men. That was a good tackle, Kerrin!

Stupid two-timing dragon! was the only thought R'nd aimed back at Ayyonth.

The Lake Edge / Re: Revenge is best served...? [R'nd]
« on: 09 Feb 2012 at 04:28 AM »
He was fine with the tackle and thought that was where this line of revenge would end but when hands went to his head to hold him under water, R’nd knew this time was a little different from the norm. He was already low on breath stored in his lungs thanks to the sudden impact of a smaller body against his and being tossed into the water without preparing so he had to work fast if he wanted to survive. He knew his charming dragon wouldn’t come rescue him given his encouragement and backing of Kerrin’s antics! Sometimes he wondered about that dragon and where his priorities and loyalties lied. Don’t trouble yourself, Ayyonth; I got this!

Thankfully, he was taller with a larger build so out manoeuvring the weyrbrat that was quickly becoming an ex-friend shouldn’t be too big of a problem. Adjusting his hold on Kerrin, R’nd gave a twist of his torso with as much force behind it as he could given his position until the momentum was enough to reverse their positions. When his head broke through the water’s surface, a large gasp of air was taken before diving back under where he smirked at Kerrin now being held under with stronger arms. There was no need for him to be holding his breath as well since his longer reach could hold the boy under easily but R’nd wanted to keep a close eye on Kerrin and make sure he really didn’t drown the brat though his attempt at murder did sort of warrant it in his mind!

Dining Hall / Re: An Important Announcement (Everyone welcome)
« on: 10 Feb 2012 at 03:03 AM »
R'nd was moving dangerously close to daydreaming while waiting for the announcement so it was a good thing Kerrin always seemed to be around in such times to keep him alert. The seed to the cheek didn't hurt but it startled the bluerider back to reality and a quick glance in the direction it had to come from revealed the weyrbrat he actually liked. Most days, anyway. Today had been one of those days and has his lips started to curl into a devious grin, D'ren naturally chose to start speaking. He mouthed the words 'I'll get you later' before turning back to watch the man while he listened since he felt body language could often say so much more than mere words. That belief ended up being correct as he watched D'ren try to remain calm and confident while delivering news that would be met with mixed reactions and likely dampen the weyrleader's attempts at blending in with the commonfolk and showing he was approachable. Indeed he was approachable given the way a woman stormed up to him afterwards.

Going back over the speech left R'nd wondering if it was appropriate to cheer. He had just been told by their leader to go have more sex. Not that he needed that permission given how active he already kept himself partially out of the need to enter flights but also because he simply enjoyed bringing pleasure to other people. The only downside to the announcement was the child portion. He wasn't foolish enough to believe he wasn't the father of at least one of the babes still being cradled or getting under feet as they start to walk or get their hands into everything but that was easy enough to ignore with women having the option to go between. Now, however, they were being told it'd be appreciated if they avoided doing that which meant there was a higher chance of being told he was a father. Maybe. Most of his partners weren't exclusive with him so there was no guarantee it was his. Besides, as a dragonrider he wasn't expected to do that whole parenting thing anyway. So he was back to mentally cheering at the prospect of serving his Weyr well and proudly although he did give a moment's pause to acknowledge there were some great female riders and it wasn't entirely fair to deny the current generation of potential Candidates a chance to Impress.

He watched people arguing their points with friends as others clinked mugs together in cheer for a short while before wondering if any of the Candidates were good-looking. He hadn't seen many of them around given the way they kept to themselves or had classes that he wasn't allowed to teach yet but given he didn't recognize the young woman now arguing with D'ren and Tsuen, R'nd suspected that she was one of them. Since she was up there and looking rather upset, it was safe to say she wasn't for the idea which was almost a challenge to R'nd. Perhaps he could show her how nice some dragonriders could be. But that could wait a little longer, first he wanted to let D'ren know that he did have the support of at least one of his riders.

Standing, R'nd turned and gave a light smack to the back of Kerrin's head both as payback for the seed tossing, "come on, Squirt. Let's go tell the Weyrleader we support his decision. You're in need of the few extra bonus points that gesture will bring you."

Dining Hall / Re: Good morning, Sunshine [R'nd]
« on: 10 Feb 2012 at 05:29 AM »
R’nd had no desire to obey the whispered command as he was worn out and had interesting aches in several locations. “Don’t wanna,” he was about to roll over, his usual and pointless response when Ayyonth tried to wake him before he was ready to rise when memories started to surface and that husky voice connected to them. There had been a Flight, an important one at that, and Ayyonth had shown what he could do when chasing the petite green. But was it real? Dare he open his eyes and find out if that truly was B’jin lying close to him and the last… well, he wasn’t sure how long they had spent together, but the blissful high was spent with the rider he had taken an immense shining to all those turns before when Katila was created?

He had to know and couldn’t play dead, showing disinterest, that would be an insult to them both. He slowly opened his eyes and a small gasp escaped parted lips as B’jin’s face came into focus inches from his own. Okay, all doubts were now kicked aside and his day of sexual adventures wasn’t some pathetic dream that belonged to a teen and not a grown man. With a quick change of expression from surprise to devious smirk, R’nd had to resist acting on natural instinct to greet with a kiss and try for another round. In fact, he was actually at a loss for words, not sure what he was supposed to say to the man he had wanted in his—or a randomly borrowed—bed for far too long. “Okay, I’m glad I did the wakey wakey thing.” Like B’jin probably knew of his reputation, R’nd knew of the greenrider’s and was glad to be given a few minutes of post-Flight time with the older man before he took off.

Dining Hall / Re: Good morning, Sunshine [R'nd]
« on: 10 Feb 2012 at 07:32 AM »
R’nd started to believe he was back to dreaming because there was no way such a kiss was happening outside of a Flight, until he dared to lift a hand and run fingers through the sun-bleached blonde locks arranged in a tousled mess that probably still looked far better than his right then. Since they had substance and fingers didn’t pass through a good-looking hallucination, R’nd was finally content in the knowledge that he wasn’t crazy and his ego shone brightly. Why else would the greenrider wake him and tease him with another taste if their time together was anything but spectacular?

Taking advantage of those curious fingers, R’nd tangled them within B’jin’s hair to keep the man from straying any further than that short but still too far distance, “show me how glad,” he murmured against kiss-swollen lips before allowing himself to return the deep and perfectly alluring kiss with one of his own, his confidence in full swing now that it seemed B’jin was interested in keeping him company for a little while longer.

Dining Hall / Re: Good morning, Sunshine [R'nd]
« on: 10 Feb 2012 at 09:11 PM »
Flushed and fully sated, R’nd fell back against the bed, panting, sweating, and for once not at all caring about his physical appearance. That was good, no, amazing. Older men clearly knew all the best tricks. It didn’t matter if he’d be sore or sporting a few interestingly located bruises for a few days because that had been a wild ride and with the man he didn’t think he’d ever have a chance at. R’nd gave a content sigh and shifted onto his side so he could watch B’jin for his expressions now that they were coming down from the high of the moment. He also wanted to take in every inch, every nuance of having the greenrider in a bed beside him. Everyone knew Larrikith’s preferences when it came to Flights and that she never allowed a repeat which was enough to break an infatuated kid’s heart but having B’jin in the heat of a Flight and again afterwards on their own terms? That quite possibly was enough to satisfy his ego and his crush. Or, it would only tease him, leaving him with a craving for more. Once you had a taste of B’jin, was it possible to walk away, or limp as he felt he would be doing soon enough?

Making himself tear his gaze away from B’jin for a moment, R’nd glanced about the room they had taken over and chuckled at its state with clothes and bedding flung everywhere. He probably should have felt sorry for the owner of the room that had two randy riders occupying it for far too long but that would take a clearer mind and his was still hazed with lust. He couldn’t even think of what to say now that his time with B’jin was coming to an end.

Dining Hall / Re: Good morning, Sunshine [R'nd]
« on: 11 Feb 2012 at 05:24 AM »
R'nd wasn't the sort to love 'em and leave 'em nor was he the type to want to cuddle for hours afterwards though he had been known to do so with some of the clingier greenriders since they seemed to need it. He fell somewhere in the middle of the two extremes, usually rather good at reading body language and finding the proper moment to return to his own bed or send his playmate of the night back to theirs. With B'jin, however, he was completely out of sorts. He struggled with knowing he should go and the crazy desire to stay right where he was particularly if the other blonde rider was beside him. It was probably just greed that wanted B'jin to stay, hoping for a third helping before parting ways and continuing on like usual. Then again he was actually rather worn out which was extremely impressive since R'nd felt he had a good dose of stamina to work with.

He also wasn't the type to ask a lover to stay when they rose before him. So it was odd to see his hand seemingly moving on its own accord to reach for B'jin and gently brush his fingers over the man's bare back. "mm ...Stay," R'nd nearly gave himself a heart attack when that one little word came out in a soft moan that was nearly purr. Why did he just say that?! He had worked hard to keep his infatuation from everyone, especially B'jin, and now he was acting so out of character, albeit it'd be out of character to B'jin based on rumours he heard, by wanting someone to stay in bed with him. He wasn't even sure what the reason was behind that request. They both seemed tired and wouldn't be up for that third round and it wasn't either of their beds to occupy for as long as they pleased. Then again, given how long they had stolen the room, the proper owner was likely long gone and not expecting it back until whatever the next meal was.

So he went with that idea.

"I mean, we've already laid claim to this bed and they won't expect it back for some time," his ego would have him believe they didn't expect the room back for days which made R'nd smirk as he tried to continue on with his reasoning for prolonging their parting ways, "so why not stay and sleep? Why rush when they aren't banging down the door just yet?"

Dining Hall / Re: Good morning, Sunshine [R'nd]
« on: 12 Feb 2012 at 01:32 AM »
"Okay," R'nd replied, slowly, carefully, echoing B'jin's whispered one. He was starting to go through that unusual emotion of self-doubt, thinking he had for once misread a situation and took a wrong step. He had thrown himself into unfamiliar territory by asking someone to join him back in bed, to sleep, and his intended target didn't seem so sure about it either. Just as he was about to give up on the whole idea and laugh it off while forcing himself to find his pants, B'jin flopped back down beside him, momentarily sending grey eyes wide with shock. And then the reason for doing so came. Larrikith had told her rider to stay in bed with him? How much did that nosy green know? R'nd was suddenly suspicious of both of their dragons but he'd grill Ayyonth later on sharing secrets or anything Larrikith had said because when fingers brushed away an unruly lock of hair, his mind began shutting down every stray thought that didn't focus on B'jin and the here and now.

"Well," R'nd gave an amused smile now that things were back on track and he was getting what he wanted, despite it still being a trifle confusing to him that he'd want it in the first place, "if Larrikith thinks it a good idea to stay then I'm certainly compelled to listen." It was just too bad he straddled that awkward border of being too bone-weary tired to want to move and beginning to be aroused once more with the nearness of B'jin and the brief contact he made. He decided he was losing his mind and R'nd was okay with that since he couldn't think of too many better ways to be the cause.

So, since he was already floundering a bit and B'jin likely had a horrible impression made upon him for his post-sex desires, R'nd took a chance in catching the hand that played with his hair in his own and leaned over to give what he reasoned would be the last kiss he would be granted. It wasn't a sweet and dainty kiss nor was it one that begged for more, despite that desire he was trying to keep at bay. It was simply an action brought on by the moment and one he pulled back from seconds later, still smiling and pleased with himself.

Gather Square / Re: His Good Deed for the Day [Open!]
« on: 13 Feb 2012 at 01:07 AM »
For once, R'nd was awake in the early hours of the morning and with little complaint. All right, he ammended his thoughts, there  had been the usual complaining of waking before he felt was an appropriate hour but Ayyonth had insisted it was the perfect morning to bathe and be pampered. R'nd had agreed though he wanted to be pampered, not do it. But, like always, once they arrived at the river and settled into the routine of scrubbing, washing, and oiling the cerulean hide, R'nd forgot about the rude awakening and the early start to his day. Although next time he'd try to get Ayyonth to pester Kerrin into giving the crack of dawn bath. That thought had him smiling brightly as he sauntered towards the Dining Hall to grab something from the tail-end of the meal.

That had been the goal anyway, until he saw Ilveriath looking rather comfortable in the grassy portion of the gather square. It didn't take him long to spot I'shan sprawled out beside the blue and R'nd's already sunny disposition brightened that much more at seeing a friend he hadn't been able to catch up with lately due to their tasks and the drama that kept cropping up with announcements and rumours. With a bounce to his step, R'nd came up upon I'shan to stand at his head and looked down, smiling brightly, "good morning, I'shan."

His arrival and greeting came at the same time as another and more curious than startled at the female voice calling out for one or both of them, R'nd glanced up to see a cheerful dark-skinned woman heading their way. Still smiling, he responded in kind, with a slightly more flirtatious tone now in his voice, "and a good morning to you as well, young lady." It took only a moment but R'nd placed her as the woman that had argued with D'ren and Tsuen after the announcement was made that women were encouraged to have babies and not Stand anymore. He wasn't sure what they were in for but he was never one to turn his back on a new face without getting to know the owner a little first and it wouldn't be fair to judge her solely on that one impression when everyone's emotions were high.

The Lake Edge / Re: Revenge is best served...? [R'nd]
« on: 13 Feb 2012 at 03:34 AM »
R’nd was a bit slower in surfacing thanks to that kick to his stomach. He had doubled over from the pain with the breath he held coming out in a gasp as his now empty arms circled around the offended area. Kerrin was spirited, he knew that and would even label him as feisty at times but the kick had been completely unexpected. It was more the need to vent his anger at the entire attack than the lack of air his lungs now held that finally sent R’nd surfacing, though it was the issue of breathing he had to deal with first.

He came up with a cough, followed by another thanks to having swallowed a bit of water somewhere in the midst of their struggle. Lovely, now he could add stomach pains and choking on water to the list of injuries that sevenday had brought him which had thus far only contained fading bruises from his time with B’jin. When had his gorgeous day turned so rotten? Oh, right, when Kerrin forgot how to take a joke! With a frustrated sputter, R’nd brushed back the dripping mess he would later call hair when it was properly styled once more and narrowed his gaze on the brat that was close to losing friendship status,  “what is your problem?!” He grabbed at Kerrin’s arm, intent on dragging him back to the shore where they could properly duke it out since it seemed that was going to be the only way to appease the kid.

Still on his rock but wide awake now, Ayyonth stretched, rising to his feet, and kept a watchful eye on the men. Their fighting was somewhat of a normal occurrence but this time was beginning to make him a bit anxious and he felt it was time to intervene, doing so by speaking solely to R’nd. Keep calm, R’nd. Kerrin is a friend. He’s angry and has a lot on his mind. Let him vent.

“Stay out of this, Ayyonth,” he spoke aloud for Kerrin’s benefit though he didn’t deserve that honour. Still, R’nd listened to his dragon’s sound advice, and released his hold on Kerrin, turning his back on the man so he could slosh his way back to the shoreline to find his towel.

The Lake Edge / Re: Revenge is best served...? [R'nd]
« on: 13 Feb 2012 at 08:00 AM »
Wait, Kerrin was interested in the bruises he had nothing to do with but showed not an ounce of remorse for the kick? R’nd hesitated briefly in reaching for his towel when that realization hit him but quickly resumed the task so not to show he was affected by the question that almost seemed more like a jab. “Why?” He shot a glare over his shoulder as he straightened before wrapping the towel around his shoulders, “do you want to hit them if they do?”

R’nd gave a growl of frustration at their fighting and brought the towel to his head to run it over his hair, though he was careful to keep his eyes on Kerrin in case he had the urge to strike again while the target was blinded. Having an attitude wasn’t going to get them anywhere and he didn’t need his nosy dragon to point that out. He counted to ten to help bite back the urge to continue with sharp replies, eyes never leaving Kerrin. There had to be another reason for the rage besides the little prank of not mentioning G’rem as teacher. Given the only things Kerrin had mentioned so far were G’rem and the bruising, R’nd was led to believe it had to do with the latter, which still didn’t make sense despite both of their love of always looking perfect. The only way to find out, naturally, was to try talking without letting anger guide them.

Removing the towel from his head, R’nd replied in a calm and even voice, hoping to cancel out the bite and suspicion in his previous reply, “They don’t hurt as much as they did yesterday.” He ached all over for two days after the encounter but it was well worth it and still the thought of that time brought a small, goofy smile to his lips, which R’nd didn’t realize he was doing at first. Once he did, teeth clamped down on his lower lip to stop the uncharacteristic response to a flight coupling and lifted the towel in offering to Kerrin as a further wordless distraction.

Gather Square / Re: His Good Deed for the Day [Open!]
« on: 13 Feb 2012 at 08:33 PM »
“Too long in my opinion,” R’nd clasped hands with I’shan even as he wrapped his free arm around the man’s neck to drape himself in an over-friendly manner that was reserved for only a handful of people. He liked I’shan; the man was laidback and knew how to have fun and R’nd approved of both of those aspects. Just like he approved of the taste in fashion and the way he carried himself. It didn’t surprise him in the least that they had turned their casual greetings into a proper friendship after he had bonded with Ayyonth. A quick glance to the dragon in question showed him settling in next to Ilveriath where they would likely do their own form of sharing gossip and catching up. “You’ll have to tell me about the mischief you’ve been into lately but first, it would be rude if we ignored a lady any longer.”

R’nd watched with interest as Lymsleia seemed to lose her composure before stumbling to recollect what she could. He was used to such reactions, knowing he was considered handsome, something he unashamedly used to his advantage regularly, but this poor girl also had the added bonus of I’shan’s pretty face overwhelming her.  It was a wonder she could still speak! “The pleasure is all ours, my dear Lymsleia, and no, thank you. I wouldn’t deprive a lady of the sweet nectar of redfruit.”

But the continuation of what R’nd attributed to being nervous babbling caught him a bit by surprise and left him baffled. What sort of experiment could she want that involved them, or rather, their dragons? If it involved altering their appearance she would have better luck tracking down Grith but the only way to find out was to ask. Still perfectly at home with using I’shan as a leaning post, R’nd quirked his head to the side in consideration and smiled, “that depends on what you have in mind and if Ayyonth and Ilveriath agree.”

The Lake Edge / Re: Revenge is best served...? [R'nd]
« on: 13 Feb 2012 at 09:38 PM »
“I didn’t realize I had had any sense knocked out of me,” R’nd was already getting tired of the riddles Kerrin had taken to speaking in. If this was simply about the prank played by not mentioning G’rem would be in charge of the class then he could twist things around enough for it to fit. No one wanted to be on the receiving end of the grumpy bluerider’s wrath, not even other riders, so he could see it from Kerrin’s point of view that it was a huge betrayal and a lapse in judgement to purposely place him in such a situation. He should apologise for it and whatever punishment was doled out, perhaps even offer to help if he could. It still seemed odd, however, when the weyrbrat normally grumbled about the revenge played on him and then ignored R’nd for several days to all of a sudden try to murder him.

“Look, I’m sorry I didn’t tell you it was G’rem. What did he task you with?” He really didn’t want to help out and would probably only land both of them in more trouble if he was caught assisting but it really was only fair to put the offer out there, especially if it worked to calm Kerrin down. Although that lovely kick to the stomach begged for the rider to stay out of everything and to keep the apology to himself. That train of thought brought him back to Kerrin’s interest in the bruising. Oh, shard it, it was time to get out of the haze of confusion he had been left to stumble around in.

“Kerrin… I’m not a mind-reader and I’m not going to ask Ayyonth to do it for me either though that temptation is growing with every verbal assault I take. It can’t be G’rem that has you so upset and while your lack of even trying to feign concern in the bruising was ever so touching it’s also baffling. Why point them out now when you haven’t since the first time you saw me after a flight?” Growing increasingly frustrated, R’nd ran both hands through his hair, leaving it in a beautifully chaotic mess that he didn’t even attempt to tame as, for once, his appearance wasn’t ranking too high on the list of priorities right then.

“And just so you’re aware, Ayyonth won’t leave that rock,” naturally just to further irritate him, Ayyonth dove from his rock into the lake and merrily swam around, “…or the lake without both of us on his back, so trying to wait me out and not answer won’t work.”

Gather Square / Re: His Good Deed for the Day [Open!]
« on: 14 Feb 2012 at 12:28 AM »
R’nd laughed at the playful shove he knew he deserved just as he knew there were quite a few fun stories being withheld from him. He’d get them out of I’shan later, he didn’t doubt that, but their conversations weren’t always appropriate for public settings especially when a Candidate was nearby. And boy, what a Candidate this one was! R’nd had already suspected the girl would ramble given how she was already behaving but he didn’t expect the rapid change of topics that even she didn’t seem to know where they would take her.

It was actually the easiest question that startled R’nd the most. He hadn’t realized neither of them had introduced themselves, so used to everyone knowing who they were already thanks to their reputations and gossip. So it was with wide grey eyes that he glanced at I’shan to see his reaction to not being known and if he wanted a crack at the tumble of questions. R’nd, I don’t understand the term ‘dragon nip.’ R’nd gave a small smile at the confused voice that interrupted his thoughts. We’ll worry about that in a moment. Let’s start with the easiest, though most upsetting in my books.

“You would be hard pressed to find a rider who is more friendly and charming than us though it breaks my heart that you haven’t heard of us before. However, because I long to hear my name on your lips, I’ll tell you only this once,” he circled around to stand behind Lymsleia, bending down to whisper in her left ear, “I’m R’nd,” and then moved to the right with a, “he’s I’shan.” No one ever said he played fair in such matters.

He straightened and walked over to Ayyonth, petting the blue’s neck with a gentle touch, “as to your question about experiments, I’m not sure I can give my permission or encouragement to something that may bring harm to my bonded. I hope you can understand and won’t hold it against me.”

You’re adorable when you worry. Ayyonth moved to rest his head atop R’nd’s, eyes swirling with affection. Oh hush, you silly beast.

Gather Square / Re: His Good Deed for the Day [Open!]
« on: 14 Feb 2012 at 09:15 PM »
R'nd laughed at I'shan's exuberant introduction of their dragons and continued to do so when Ayyonth turned toward I'shan and gave a good gusty exhale, intent on ruffling his hair for the slight. He was quite the handsome dragon and wouldn't let such teasing go by without some form of punishment. It didn't matter that he was just as likely to tease another in just the same way or encourage R'nd to do so.

But the laughter quickly subsided and R'nd was left staring at Lymsleia in bewilderment. Had his whispered words actually caused someone to go weak in the knees, dropping to the ground in what seemed to be scant seconds away from fainting? Well, well, look who just earned new bragging rights and even had a witness to back up his tale! That didn't mean, however, that he was entirely self-centered in that moment as he took a step forward to assist the woman back to her feet but hesitated when she started to munch on the red fruit he was glad he did decline earlier and once more rambled out a variety of topics. One, yet again, stood out amongst the others and one brow quirked with mischief brewing in his devious mind.

"Who says you have to choose just one of us?" R'nd grinned and taking advantage of the fellow bluerider being just as playful as he was, went up behind I'shan and slipped his arms around the slender waist, dropping his chin to a shoulder for a sweet embrace. "Some things are far better in pairs." He could practically feel Ayyonth giving him a mental eye roll and shushed him before the chiding began. R'nd knew I'shan's preferences and it wasn't fair to tease the young Candidate like he was but it was practically programmed into his very being.

Still wrapped nicely around I'shan, R'nd eyed the small stuffed animal as Lymsleia explained her desire to make more for the upcoming clutch. "That's somewhat easy to answer," he answered softly so not to come across as yelling in his friend's ear that he had to ignore the urge to nibble on out of a habit when in such a position with a lover, "dragons have personalities like us and each will have a scent they're drawn to more than others. A lot of us scent our oils we use on them with something that pleases us both, like lavender or mint."

Gather Square / Re: His Good Deed for the Day [Open!]
« on: 15 Feb 2012 at 02:40 AM »
While I’shan was still playing along, R’nd sensed it was only done half-heartedly and he wondered what could be the cause of the hesitation. “You’re drifting off on us, Shel,” the statement was softly spoken and meant for I’shan’s ears only but the pout that soon formed was Lymsleia’s doing. She was rather unique. She spoke her mind quickly enough and had no problem in admitting she was attracted to them both but couldn’t seem to bring herself to act on it and go after one or both of them. Then again, she was still new to weyr life and her loyalties to how she was taught to behave would be hard to break. He had been younger than Lymsleia when Searched and brought to Benden Weyr so changing his way of thinking hadn’t been such a hardship though he supposed living alone with a dragon and rider for several turns during the plague could alter the way a young and impressionable mind worked.

“She thinks we’re a couple, not that I can blame her with how well we get into trouble together and the way you fit against me,” R’nd grinned at I’shan before finally releasing his hold on the man with his attention targeting back in on Lymsleia. She seemed so… sad. He couldn’t tell if it was more to do with her experiment not working out or that she couldn’t break up their apparent partnership.

R’nd simply couldn’t let such a thing continue on and knelt down before her, fingers lightly brushing under Lymsleia’s chin to guide her face upwards so he could look her in the eyes. “And what exactly is there to envy? You are an attractive young woman with your own opinions and unique ideas and you don’t seem like you will settle for anything but you want to obtain what’s best for you. We are simply riders that enjoy a good time and sometimes get up at the crack of dawn because of a noisy dragon demanding to be scrubbed.” He smiled softly and offered his hand for her to take. “May I help you to your feet, my lady?”

Dining Hall / Re: Good morning, Sunshine [R'nd]
« on: 15 Feb 2012 at 03:25 AM »
R’nd had decided somewhere during the madness of their flightlust he had hit his head and was now lying dying in a stranger’s bed because every moment since waking earlier had been bizarre, yet extremely welcomed, though still crazy. It wasn’t the way he had asked someone to stay in bed with him or the sweet gestures that kept cropping up like the gentle brushing of fingers over a back or holding a hand or giving a farewell kiss that had made him come to the conclusion. No, it was how he thrilled in the way B’jin took over his body as bed and pillow and gave his own delicate caresses before stilling and feeling secure enough in such a vulnerable position to fall asleep. Slowly, so as not to wake the man by any form of movement, R’nd wrapped his arms around B’jin to complete the intimate cuddling. There was an urge to place a kiss atop the head of blonde but thankfully his determination not to disturb the man he had been infatuated with for so long held off that final blow of sappiness to his playboy status. Instead he let the overwhelming need of sleep take over, his breathing slowing and his own tension melting away at last.

When next he woke, they were still entangled in much the same way as when he had drifted asleep. That wasn’t entirely a good thing since he couldn’t feel his left arm and dreaded the moment when feeling started to rush back with that nearly painful tingling sensation. He still didn’t know what to think about his time with B’jin, other than it being mind-blowing and amazing, but it was probably too early in the day for deep thoughts anyway and shrugged them off for later review.

As he took his final chance to revel in the knowledge he had tempted B’jin into a post-flight encounter and to share his bed for proper rest with eyes roaming over every dip, contour, and marking on his body, a playful grin appeared. What better way to complete the role-reversal of their waking than by choosing the same method that B’jin had? “Wakey, wakey,” he whispered softly, voice husky from just waking while fingers drew lazy circles on the older man’s back.

Gather Square / Re: His Good Deed for the Day [Open!]
« on: 16 Feb 2012 at 02:24 AM »
Grey eyes flashed briefly with confusion and then intrigue at Lymsleia’s soft mumbling when he swore he heard something about rolling around in the grass with him. R’nd could already tell she felt a bit awkward around two riders and so asking her to repeat that a bit more clearly wouldn’t do well with his attempts at encouraging her out of her shell and to relax, even though that sounded like an open-invitation for sex to him. Most other riders would have used that as excuse enough to steal her away to their hut and R’nd admitted he could be that type in some situations but this time, he’d leave it as an unheard mumbling of a lost girl. Chuckling softly with a sweet smile, R’nd helped Lymsleia back to her feet, careful to watch for knees giving out again or loss of footing, whether done accidentally or not.

“I assure you, my dear, for all of our playfulness and how comfortable we are with each other, I’shan and I are not weyrmates,” R’nd was proud of himself for not stumbling over that word of commitment. He was more the type to make sure everyone was given a chance, fancying himself an equal opportunity lover. “And I encourage you to follow your desires, wherever they may lead you.” He honestly wasn’t sure where that would be either. Normally he could read a person quite well and hazard a fairly reasonable guess as to how things would play out but Lymsleia still seemed hesitant and changing her mind often. He was also thrown off by the way she couldn’t choose just one but didn’t want to pick them both together either, had possibly propositioned him, but now… sometimes he understood why men frequented his bed more regularly than women.

“No, I don’t think you’d settle for anything less than what you truly want. I was there when the weyrleader presented his decision and saw you arguing it. You follow your heart which is admirable.” He finally released Lymsleia’s hand, having held it during his confirmation she wasn’t about to be a wedge between an unstoppable duo and giving it a faint squeeze when he spoke of encouragement.

He returned to Ayyonth’s side, lightly hip-checking I’shan along the way as revenge for the way his friend had tried to scramble free of his hold earlier. There was definitely something there, and not just a desire to avoid ruining any play R’nd was after either. The glance he gave I’shan was brief but spoke volumes of how he would get every last detail currently being withheld him the second they were alone together. But all of that was still just a way to avoid the touchy subject of the Stolen. Leaning against his lifemate with one hand idly stroking the soft cerulean hide, his attention went back to the woman and he dove in with the best answers he could provide to soothe the envy she didn’t need to have; at least not in those areas.

“While I was traditionally Searched, in a way, I still didn’t have complete control over going to Benden Weyr or not. I was thrilled by it so I did end up going willingly but it doesn’t compare to what some of the Candidates from my Clutch and the current one are going through. You also have to remember that coming South wasn’t really our choice either,” R’nd didn’t want to bring up the specifics of the plague or how it was to leave his family for this life and live nearly alone until the call to unite came. He assumed I’shan felt the same way and hoped Lymsleia would pick up on that being a sensitive subject given how his voice softened at the mere hinting and gaze drifted to the other bluerider both for support and to make sure he hadn’t upset the man. There were some souls you just didn’t want to rouse the wrong way and that strange sensation of guilt would eat at him for being the cause of hurting I’shan.

Western Forests / Re: Stress [R'nd]
« on: 17 Feb 2012 at 02:14 AM »
R’nd really couldn’t say why he was wandering out in the forest at sunset other than that he was a tad on the restless side and simply wanted to be away from everyone for a while. It wasn’t that he was feeling out of sorts or avoiding a particularly mad past lover, though those sometimes did appear as did the weeping ones,  but even a flirtatious bluerider sometimes had need of shutting down and enjoying quiet time and a stroll through amongst the trees with dusk approaching always suited that requirement. Ever since the exile brought on by the plague, he had learned to enjoy being in nature, though it also helped that Ayyonth couldn’t as easily follow him on his outings. You know it doesn’t matter if I’m beside you or not. R’nd smiled, sending his fondness for the blue beauty as he replied with a laugh, Don’t I know it! You can pester me no matter where I go. I only stroll through the forest for peace of mind while you socialize with the others so don’t try to guilt me for leaving you behind.

At Ayyonth’s laughter, R’nd rolled his eyes, knowing he had just been teased into defending his actions without the dragon even trying this time. Clearly he actually was out of sorts. It made sense given everything that had been happening lately. Kerrin was being completely odd—more so than usual—he had won the flight with B’jin which still made him a little giddy and I’shan’s secrets and gossiping still swirled in his mind. It was sort of amusing how all of the issues linked together in some way or another whether it be circumstances leading to initial meetings or emotions riding high from one wonderful day and night. So perhaps he did have more reasons beside wanting to get away from everything for a while.

It was thanks to being so caught up in his musings about some of the men in his life that R’nd didn’t see the figure leaning against the tree, partially tucked away in the growing shadows of the forest. Normally his keen eyesight would have spotted something out of the ordinary and had him approaching with caution but one step and then another led him straight towards outstretched legs and he connected, sending the bluerider stumbling. R’nd managed to keep on his feet but only just and spun around to see what had obviously jumped out in front of him to trip him up. Finding a less than pleased man sitting there brought on a startled expression which quickly turned apologetic as R’nd dropped to one knee for a better look at who it was.

“Oops,” it wasn’t the most eloquent of first words for a first meeting but that was what R’nd was going with as he offered a small smile at the man he had already deemed as handsome and unknown to him. “Sorry about that. That was completely my fault and I’m rather embarrassed about it. I typically don’t trip over people,” no, people were more likely to trip over themselves when near him, his ego easily supplied.

Dining Hall / Re: Good morning, Sunshine [R'nd]
« on: 17 Feb 2012 at 02:56 AM »
R’nd wasn’t a fool; he knew the way B’jin stiffened upon waking to his voice had to do with something more than simply waking up after an interesting night brought on by a flight. He even allowed the suspicion that the way they were embraced had brought up possible old memories that he wasn’t a part of and had been replaced with a past lover. Of course he didn’t particular like that suspicion even though he wasn’t one for commitment and usually preferred his partners to stop their line of thought before reaching the ‘I want to cuddle and wake up in your arms, R’nd’ portion. But this was different! Maybe. He really wasn’t sure and blamed the intense workout, lack of sleep, early morning, and need for klah for the trouble he was having in holding onto a clear thought. Although, perhaps it was comforting to know B’jin was so at ease around him that any old memories popping up showed he was good for the older man. Inwardly he groaned again at his thoughts making little sense.

As B’jin detangled himself, R’nd was floored by how easily he could bounce between relief at not being so intimate with someone any longer than needed and regret that it was over. They would soon part ways and go back to the occasional greetings at gatherings or meals with this never having a chance of being repeated. In a way, his admiration, no, adoration, for B’jin had been sated. He hoped, anyway. Some people just left a craving and wow, that bruise was impressive. His mind quickly jumped the tracks from one line of thought to the new one presented to him blue and purple glory. That wasn’t from him, was it? No, that looked more like B’jin had run into something. Having no definite answer himself, R’nd chuckled softly with a shake of his head and shrug.

With a sigh both to mourn his laziness at having to move and one of contentment at taking in the sight of one very nice masculine form, R’nd sat up, running his hands through his hair as well in a mock attempt at smoothing the wild mess. “I could possibly sleep for another day or two solid,” R’nd grinned as he complimented the greenrider’s prowess with how drained and content it left him. “But I suspect our own beds will bring about that recuperation far better than continuing to steal this one, as tempting as the idea of never moving from here again may be.”

Determined to not sound like some clinging mess of a man, R’nd finally made his way off of the bed, legs stiff and sore, causing him to wince with the first step as he started the hunt for his pants, not at all ashamed of doing so while naked with an observer. Upon finding a pair, he held them up and shook his head, “yours?”

Western Forests / Re: Stress [R'nd]
« on: 17 Feb 2012 at 03:14 AM »
The man was taking it better than he suspected though he did still have some spunk. R’nd was intrigued by the mysterious man already and chuckled softly, “you would be surprised at what I have had done to or around me to get my attention.” He had had a woman toss herself literally into his arms, items dropped in front of him to halt his stride, and fake incidents that would have him rushing over to offer assistance because he was still a decent man underneath his bed-hopping, so someone purposely tripping him so he would stop to talk to them wasn’t out of the realm of possibility. However, he believed this was entirely unintentional and simply the result of two men in their own worlds that got lucky it wasn’t anything worse or with someone else that would have thrown down the gloves and already demanded retribution for the slight.

“What are you doing out here at this… well, not entirely late hour? Have I stumbled upon you waiting for a secret lover?”  Good luck with that! It was hard to keep anything a secret in the Weyr, especially if it was who won the latest flight, but the weyrfolk were far too bored given how often they gossiped but any and everything. It wouldn’t surprise the bluerider, though, for some to try escaping watchful eyes by coming to the forest or the lake and hoping no one else had the same idea. As he did another scan of the man, content in the knowledge his carelessness didn’t seem to have caused injury, the attire that had been chosen and lack of a blanket to make such a meeting more comfortable changed his mind rather quickly. The skin of wine also led R’nd to a new conclusion.

“Or perhaps you’re out here for the same reason I am. To get away for a while.” Sucked to be them both if that was case since they were now together. R’nd found he wasn’t in a hurry just yet to correct that either.

Western Forests / Re: Stress [R'nd]
« on: 17 Feb 2012 at 04:04 AM »
“Hmm,” R’nd gave another appraisal, taking in not only attire but mannerisms, and even the way Erisi spoke before a smirk appeared, “no, you look like the sort that would look amazing sprawled out naked on a bed of fine materials with his hair tousled free of the binding, fanning out on a pillow.” It was remarkable how well his creative mind could bring that image to life and it wasn’t necessarily a bad image to have at that. It was in that moment that R’nd decided he liked the snippy man that seemed a bit tipsy and had no desire to leave until he was expressly told to. It was possible his little quip about how he viewed Erisi might earn him that dismissal though! But he was willing to chance it and shifted to move from his crouch into a proper sitting position. His pants might come away dirty and with a damp bottom from the ground but if he was lucky, the meeting of this man would make it worth it.

“The Weyr can be a bit of a handful at times, especially when you’re new to the life,” R’nd suspected Erisi of being a Stolen Candidate as they seemed close to the same age and the man hadn’t Stood for the Renewed Hope clutch like he had. It didn’t help that he knew most of the weyrfolk and riders by sight, if not by name as well given his outgoing and friendly personality. But those that were Stolen were a bit harder to deal with, as he had found out during his time as a Candidate. They weren’t too thrilled at being at Katila, which R’nd could understand why but he also knew why it had to be done. It was going to be an unavoidable topic given both of their positions within the Weyr but he was confident in how well he could handle it this time around.

“May I have the honour of knowing your name along with your company for a while this evening? I promise I’m far more entertaining than sitting in silence and won’t beg for a sip of your wine.”

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