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Gather Square / Re: Rainbow Spheres [Open]
« on: 30 Jun 2012 at 08:56 AM »
The warm spring sunshine was delightful as Aveleth curled up against the side of the Dining Hall building, sunning himself while he waited anxiously for Z'ia to finish his midday meal and rejoin him once more. They were going gathering that afternoon, an activity which Aveleth was particularly looking forward to. With the Weyrleader and his bronze assigned to the same group, the blue finally felt he could relax just a little around his bonded and not end up buried alive in trouble.

He was roused from his wandering, stressful thoughts by a random, wet pop against his hip. Raising his head delicately, Aveleth peered at the spot for a moment, then lifted his head to peer up at the sky. Cloudless, and a very bright blue, it obviously wasn't from any rain. Twisting around to peer up at the windows of the hall, the dragon studied them for a moment, too, before deciding that whatever had caused the wet mark on his hip had not come from there, either. Confused, he touched upon Z'ia's mind - it wouldn't be the first time his mischievous rider had tricked him. However, while the young man was definitely up to something, it wasn't anything designed to target his dragon.

Aveleth, worried Z'ia was going to do something stupid in the Hall when it was full (Faranth only knew what, but Aveleth was sure he'd think of something) the dragon poked around his human's mind long enough to be sure whatever was going on was simply bawdy table manners and bad jokes. The hall was liable to end up in a food fight, but that could be started by anyone. Hopefully. Maybe..?

Pop! Aveleth gave a squeak when another of the wet marks appeared on his cheek with a distinct albeit quiet popping sound, and his head swung around rapidly. Shivering worriedly, Aveleth's head tilted as he saw one of the young weyrlings prancing across the ground, following an almost invisible - Oh! It vanished! Aveleth's eyes opened wide, the colour shooting through to change from stressed silvers to curious blues and greens as he stood up, peering anxiously over his shoulder at the hall. The young dragon hesitated for a moment, swaying worriedly on the spot before he timidly moved to follow the baby blue dragon.

Yes, Aveleth added, timid voice as soft as snowflakes. What are they? Head tilting slightly, Aveleth watched the bubbles as they erupted from the little stick the girl held, and filled the air. He glanced back over his shoulder worriedly, again. It was never wise to wander too far from Z'ia... but... Aveleth swayed anxiously, but his attention returned to the scarred child and her odd creations.

Personal Huts / Re: fly baby fly [open flight]
« on: 30 Jun 2012 at 11:20 PM »
The evening was quiet, and while that wasn't exactly to Z'ia's preferences, it wasn't entirely unenjoyable either. Lips twisted up in a cheerful smile, the tiny man bounded toward the dining hall on spring loaded feet, his curly hair bouncing around his face with the flow of his movements. With no current plans or bets to fulfil, the young man had decided to join a crew of mates in the Hall and spend the evening drinking, being rowdy and (more than likely) warming someone's bed. That was, after all, how all good evenings were spent, was it not?

Of course!

Aveleth sighed softly as he alighted on the building roof, eyes swirling with genuine concern as his rider's mind exploited all the areas of mischief and mayhem he could advance through with the simply activity of drinking with some friends. Trying to sidetrack or scold the man had been useless, and so the dragon simply curled up on the roof, expression notably worried, as he tucked his tail around himself and wondered anxiously if Zeianth would join him. Then again, the addition of D'hys would surely do very little to assist with the taming of his own human. Aveleth sighed sadly.

Fly with me! - the call wove through the weyr like the soft breeze that carried it, and Aveleth's head rose, eyes brightening noticeably as he peered in the direction from which the command had come, head tilting slightly to better admire Twilirth as she shot into the sky. Lust whispered along the bond between dragon and human, though Aveleth freely admitted that his desire for the perky green was as much to distract his human as himself.

She flies, his soft voice, whispery and reserved, took a moment to be received by Z'ia, who paused as the sound of Twilirth's literal bellow filled the air. Glances were exchanged, swiftly flung bets were placed, and blueriders with breaths of alcohol fled the Dining Hall. Take us to her! Z'ia commanded, flinging himself atop Aveleth as the blue landed near by, fighting for room amongst other blues and browns to get his rider and deposit him in the appropriate location.

The young blue swooped down outside Ce'lie's hut, allowing Z'ia to slip from his back without the dragon alighting on the ground. The bluerider landed in a crouch, then swaggered up to the  hut, while his blue gave a bellowing answer to the high flying green's call, the usually reserved and timid beast afire with lust and his bonded's self confidence. Who, after all, didn't want them?!

Z'ia threaded his way through the other contestants, slipping arrogantly through them like a waif as he used his small height to his advantage, outstretched arms and shoving easily avoided, though he made no effort to avoid stamping on toes. Outside, in the sky, his dragon's wings spread wide and his eyes alight with confidence and lust, Aveleth shot after Twirlirth, eye on the prize and ignoring the other dragons that swirled around him, and the cries and challenges that ripped through the air.

I am going with the assumption that there are lots of pretty blues giving chase. And any other colours you wanna NPC in, of course!

Gather Square / Re: Attention all Dragonriders! [ANNOUNCEMENT]
« on: 11 Jul 2012 at 07:11 AM »
Z'ia was having a bitch of a time, the short man weaving his way between the much taller population of the Weyr with a combination of shoves, snarls and elbows into the stomachs of those that just would not move. Occasionally, he would change the tune by stomping on feet, shoving one person into someone else (though he didn't hang around to watch the awkward reactions after the first three) and groping. That usually resulting in people jumping so high he could slip right under them, though occasionally it resulted in results the young dragonrider would have found more interesting if he weren't already occupied with his current quest: Find D'hys.

Where is he, Ave?
The blue dragon's timid voce floated back to him; About two lengths from you, to the left.
Brilliant. The fact that Aveleth meant his length and not that of one of those piss-tiny greens didn't help improve his rider's temperament as he shoved through another gaggle of babbling riders, then stomped on the toes of a weyrbrat that got smart. What was with brats these days? Sweet Faranth! Shoving through another group, Z'ia stood up on tip toes - an action that did remarkably little to assist with his viewing vantage, and then huffed and headed further into the milling confines. It was when Ronarth swooped and everybody (or the vast majority, anyway) ducked that the young man had his best chance, and he quickly spotted the blonde head of his friend over the thongs of ducking people.

You should take a leaf from Ronarth's book, kiddo. Swoop over the throng so I can find Dye. Z'ia was serious, which was probably why Aveleth's response was one of shock and horror. But-! The timid dragon's voice was trembling, and Z'ia sighed through his nose. He didn't need the dragon to articulate that Ronarth was a bronze, and Weyrleader to boot, and if he wanted to drop and swoop over the crowds, well, he could. But Aveleth had no such intention of swooping over the people surrounding his bonded so they could all duck and he could see!
We should have just had you fly over and drop me on the bastard. That was purely for bait, and Z'ia laughed to himself when Aveleth responded with indignation - The trouble that would get them in! - even as D'ren babbled about reinstating the Wing rosters. The young bluerider wasn't listening at all as he teased his dragon and shoved his elbow into multiple kidneys to clear a path.

"Aaannnie," Z'ia purred, finally slipping up beside his friend and quirking an eyebrow questioningly at the other man's curious expression. Green eyes followed his friend's gaze to peer around at a group of rather hysterical looking greenriders. Then back to D'hys in confusion. He had totally missed the entire meeting, and the results while amusing, went over the man's head - like many things in his life.

"What new games?" His intent on that question was predatory, eyes brightening excitedly. Whatever was going on, D'hys would fill him in at some point (or the Weyr gossip would) but right now it appeared there was a new game to play, and as fancy-pants as D'ren was, Z'ia's desire to gamble weighed in higher.

Ugh. New characters.  >_>

Aveleth was curled up against Zeianth's side, his eyes shut more than they were open, tail flicked over his nose. The young dragon was deeply enjoying a moment of rare relaxation, knowing full well that his human was completely caught up in his current activity and was unlikely to cause Aveleth any trouble any time soon. That wasn't to say, of course, that the man he had chosen was currently incapable of causing a hassle; Aveleth was quite convinced it would probably end up dramatic, but at least he wouldn't be harassing him before, during or after. Aveleth had no intention of moving from his comfortable lounge and the comfort of Zeianth's solid presence.

So, naturally, there was a green shrieking and the sky was suddenly aflutter with wings as brown and blue took off after her. Aveleth's head lifted slowly, looking up curiously but with no apparent interest. The young blue had never taken a particular shine to chasing, and his wins could be counted on one hand, much to Z'ia's usual frustrations - he enjoyed it on multiple levels. Aveleth snorted lazily as he watched the equally luck lustre flight of the silly green and her potential mates. Then he lowered his head back to rest across his paws and his tail flicked up to cover his nose once more. Silly greens.

Z'ia growled under his breath as D'hys pulled away, eyes fluttering open with a frown dragging his eyebrows together. His unvoiced question was answered as D'hys began speaking, and Z'ia's frown deepened, eyes narrowing slightly. The expression lifted to one vastly different as D'hys returned to his administrations and the younger man gave a soft hum of approval before laughing out right at the man's question, eyebrows arching high up Z'ia's forehead he gave D'hys a mocking glance. Getting Aveleth off the ground to chase took more effort than Z'ia was likely to admit to; getting the lazy beast to actually win was nigh on damned impossible. Instead, Z'ia allowed his lips to twist into a playful smirk as fingers danced across the top of his friend's pants, pausing dramatically at his belt buckle.

"Hrm," he hummed teasingly, eyes lifting to watch Larrikith twirl over head with her trail of blue and brown. A hand left D'hys' belt buckle to pick up his glass, tossing back the remainder of the liquor the bluerider leaned forward and into his friend, pressing a hard kiss against his lips, tasting alcohol as he bit. "Maybe tomorrow," he murmured, amused, as he leaned back, using the action to tug D'hys' belt clear from the man's pants. Smirking, he tossed it at a pair to their left, watching as it snaked around the woman's ankles and made her shriek. Laughter was on his lips as he returned to the very serious business of kissing D'hys, nimble fingers jerking the other man's shirt up so they could traverse the skin underneath.

Healing Hall / Re: Quietly Sensual [Open, green flight]
« on: 27 Jul 2012 at 05:46 AM »
Aveleth had been acting unusual, in the usual manner that indicated one thing to his rider; one of the blues favourite greens was coming into heat. Of course, Aveleth flew whenever Z'ia felt the need to spur him on, as was their way, but of his own choosing, Aveleth would fly after only two or three particular beasts. Getting the shy blew to chase after anyone else took a lot more effort on Z'ia's part than anyone was wont to know. He supposed he should be grateful there were a green or two that the dragon would chase without prompting, but honestly! Z'ia didn't know why he had to pick the three he did. Not the least of which was J'ver and his silly little dragon.

She is not silly! Aveleth's snowflake voice was suddenly icy, zipping through Z'ia's mind and causing the young man to roll his eyes. She is sweet, and precious and she will fly today. Go! Z'ia huffed and grumbled as he untangled himself from D'hys and tumbled out of bed, kicking the blanket along with him (it was about time D'hys got up anyway; it was well after Noon) and grumbled as he found a shirt, and his own pants. Still grumbling and muttering, Z'ia meandered his way out into the kitchen and set some Klah to heat, dumping a mug on the bench and rubbing a hand over his face as he waited.

"When?" He asked aloud, voice as irritable as his expression. Today. Aveleth's voice had gone back to it's usual mellow dreaminess and Z'ia could feel his bonded rise from where he'd been curled against Zeianth's back, the younger dragon flaring his wings lightly and then lifting off from the ground. "Where are you going?" To wait. "Brilliant," Z'ia rolled his eyes, realising he was going to be without a dragon to travel on for the remainder of the day. Bloody wonderful.

Of course, not being babysat by Aveleth for the remainder of the day should have offered up a multitude of opportunities. Instead, all Z'ia could feel was the countdown until the feisty female took to the skies. Sighing, he abandoned the warming Klah, Z'ia slipped back into the bedroom and leaned against the door frame. "Rilaleeyth is going to fly this evening, apparently." Z'ia didn't bother to further explain; D'hys was as well versed in Aveleth's strange affection for the little green as he was. Giving a mocking salute to D'hys, Z'ia made his way from hut to bathing house. He might not like J'ver, or enjoy winning the flights that had him bedding the greenrider, but he had his own set of standards to uphold, and winning a flight dirty was not one of them. Bath time!

Z'ia was drying his hair, a towel wrapped around his waist, when Rilaleeyth's challenge rang out. Where is he? Usually, the greenrider stuck to his own hut, but it was always wise to check fist. Z'ia had no desire to go galloping down to the man's hut if he was in the bathing room across the hall! Healer Hall ... What? Z'ia sighed as he heard Aveleth's unusually self assured bellow ring out in response, the dragon shooting into the skies after the timid green with wings flared and eyes fixated. Lust swirled around the edges of his mind as Z'ia tossed aside the towel he'd been using to dry his hair, and gripped the towel around his hips with one hand. No point putting his pants on. He'd only be taking them off in a few minutes anyway!

Slipping out of the room, and down the hall, Z'ia wove through the few people that were scattered around, entering for their evening bath or whatever they were up to. He didn't really care much as Aveleth's mind fought harder to meld with his own, the bluerider focusing more strongly on which foot to put in front of the other, and the hand holding his towel secure. It was both a lifetime and a breath before he reached the Healer Hall, shoving his way in and staring around blankly. A gasped question had him shoved in the right direction, and Z'ia shortly found himself outside the Master Healer boy's office.

"Evening, gentlemen," Z'ia purred, slipping up to J'ver on light feet, poised on his toes. He ignored Talian completely, as the object of his attentions was found and focused upon. Outside, Aveleth crooned sweetly as the evening air smoothed over his opaled blue hide; Rilaleeyth... A soft caress.

Healing Hall / Re: Quietly Sensual [Open, green flight]
« on: 03 Aug 2012 at 06:20 AM »
Normally, Tyrrisath was more than capable of cowing the young blue dragon. Easily intimidated, and lacking a great deal of confidence, it took very little to put him in his apparent place. That, however, did not apply in a flight - or rather, sometimes it did. When it didn't happen was in Rilaleeyth's flights. The beautiful green was the focus of Aveleth's lusty gaze, eyes sparkling and swirling with intensity he was not thrown off by the screaming streak of fury that was Tyrrisath.

Unfortunately, Z'ia was much less lucky, and S'kef's shove send the much smaller man tumbling across the room with a shriek of combined indignation and laughter. Scrambling to his feet once more, the young bluerider revelled in the lust Aveleth was sharing with him, shivering in delight and bounding back into the fray of riders surrounding J'ver. He stepped delicately through most of them, harshly across S'kef's left foot (being sure to grind his heel in) and then over to the other side of J'ver, well out of arm reach.

My honour, Aveleth whispered in return, his voice a gentle caress against Rilaleeyth's mind, carrying all the promise of his strength and devotion he threw into his flight. Rilaleeyth was worth anything; she was worth everything and his feelings on such rippled through his young body, rolling off him in waves as the little dragon spun after the precious green; his precious green.

Z'ia, lost within the confident lust of Aveleth's mind, trembled at the remembered touch of J'ver's fingers against his chest and he wove closer, grinning wickedly as the greenrider pressed back against the wall. The little bluerider swayed impatiently on the spot, fingers twitching, need burning through his veins. In the air, Aveleth, too, trembled as he dipped and swerved amongst the other blues, ignoring their own attempts as he focused his full attention upon the petite and precious body of the glowing green he so desired.

As you wish, he affirmed gently, having not made a vocal sound the duration, simply purring against Rilaleeyth's mind at intervals, as he slipped to the front of the pack. He would catch her. He would. Confidence radiated from his youthful, delicately coloured body. With a heavy downbeat of wings, and a twist, Aveleth swirled ahead, making an unveiled attempt to tangle with the glowing body of Rilaleeyth. In Talian's office, Z'ia moved forward with the same unending confidence, reaching up to jerk J'ver's head down and kiss him; there was no way he was going anywhere without a taste - or without pissing off S'kef!

Healing Hall / Re: Quietly Sensual [Open, green flight]
« on: 11 Aug 2012 at 08:04 AM »
Aveleth gave a soft purring rumble of approval as Rilaleeyth relaxed in his grasp, soft pale blue twining with the sharp contrast of her green as his nose nuzzled her cheek.

"Of course you are," Z'ia purred lightly, fingers shredding the other man's clothing with thoughtless abandon as the quivering thrill of Aveleth winning the flight coursed through his blood. His last mildly conscious thought was an offer of congratulations to his dragon. Then he was lost, and nothing mattered but revealing more of J'ver's skin.

~ ~ ~ You can only imagine all the nasty R-rated goodness Z'ia inflicted upon poor, innocent J'ver ~ ~ ~

Z'ia reclaimed his mind with an amused smile, rolling away from J'ver and sitting up happily, the young bluerider examined the damaged that had been done to the Masterhealer's office with obvious delight. It wasn't often he got to ruin something in such a delicious manner that belonged to someone that could probably require himself and his partner lashed for... inconveniencing him? Z'ia snorted and flicked a hand back through his hair, ruffling the curls.

"Wakey wakey, sweet cheeks!" Devious amusement lingering on his voice, Z'ia - without rising - shifted his seat slightly so he could swing one leg out, aiming a light kick at J'ver's rump. "You could sleep all year and it wouldn't improve your beauty." The wicked light that flashed through Z'ia's dark green eyes suggested J'ver could sleep for an eternity and never be considered 'beautiful'. His honeyed words suggested there was no one the bluerider found more attractive.

Well done Kiddo. You flew well.
Thank you. The dragon replied quietly, lying relaxed beside Rilaleeyth. He didn't nuzzle her again, though his eyes sparkled with gentle shades as he watched her with quiet fondness. She makes it easy, he said fondly. Entranced by the pretty green, he lifted his head from his forepaws and bump his nose softly against the green's chee. He then allowed his attention to shift to his rider, voice soft and not particularly eager as he asked his question mildly; Are you done?
Oh, in a moment, Z'ia replied, turning devious eyes back upon J'ver.

Healing Hall / Re: Quietly Sensual [Open, green flight]
« on: 15 Aug 2012 at 08:38 AM »
Z'ia smirked in response to J'ver's dig at his height, the words rolling off him much like water off and oiled hide. The tiny bluerider had long since stopped taking offence to such remarks, and instead tended to spin them around. The compliment that followed from the greenrider caused his smirk to widen, but an eyebrow also arched upward questioningly. J'ver only gave compliments when he wished to gain something, and Z'ia was far from stupid.

"Years of practise," he quipped, watching J'ver with lazy amusement as the greenrider quickly scampered away. Of course, he doubted that J'ver considered any action of his scampering, but Z'ia knew a runner when he saw one and the greenrider was definitely running. Highly amusing, considering Z'ia couldn't recall ever dragging J'ver down for another round. Delaying him was an entierly different kettle of fish, of course. The young rider had no desire to bed J'ver of his own free will, the man did nothing for him, but pissing off S'kef was ever an obtainable and delightful pastime, and keeping a greenrider delayed tended to keep his mate's mind active.

Z'ia snorted. "He'll cope," the man's voice was light, and still carrying his lingering amusement, as he sauntered to his feet and gave J'ver a poke in the rips as he passed him, hoping to get a reaction, before picking his towel up off the floor. "At least he keeps his inks safely stored." A wink was tossed to his current partner, and the towel was wrapped tightly around his hips. It was damp from the bath water still, but Z'ia put up with it as he noticed the issue J'ver currently had. Green eyes danced with amusement.

"You usually strip faster." Teasing, or insulting, J'ver would have to decide for himself as neither Z'ia's tone nor expression gave hint either way.

Indeed, Aveleth mumbled softly to the pretty green, licking her cheek gently in reassurance as he gave a soft, almost purr at her concern and attentions. The little blue's fanclub was, perhaps, even smaller than his companions. He rarely flew with gusto, and even more rarely won of his own choosing, and as a result took a special interest and housed gentle affection for those that he claimed without the focused though of Z'ia.

He enjoys amping them up, it was a timid admittance, as if worried the green would take fault with him for Z'ia's thrill of danger. Why his spunky human felt the need to cause trouble with the brownrider and his dragon was beyond Aveleth, who was more worried about trying to tone it down. He knew his avid desire to win Rilaleeyth's flights had the opposite effect (almost as if they spurred Z'ia on) but the blue couldn't find it in himself to abandon her. She was far too wonderful, and she didn't laugh at him.

You take care, too. It was as close to an order as Aveleth was capable of coming, his eyes flickering with concern. Tyrrisath may not be willing to see that Rilaleeyth had been claimed instead of choosing, and so she would be blamed. But Aveleth was no knight in shining armour, and as much as it shamed him, he knew he would be no shield for the pretty green if Tyrrisath decided to scold her; he was far too easily cowed himself.

Healing Hall / Re: Quietly Sensual [Open, green flight]
« on: 18 Aug 2012 at 07:14 AM »
A word of thanks from J'ver probably would have sent the young bluerider into cardiac arrest; he didn't do anything to deserve a note of thanks. The bare fact was that he didn't desire J'ver so he didn't demand more: the story had been different with other greens. Their playful banter the two shared was another thing, the words familiar and easy, and it had surprised Z'ia how not awkward coming into his own mind and seeing the greenrider had been, both the first time and those that followed. Their flight induced friendship was catty and playful and completely forgotten until the next time they woke up together. Z'ia enjoyed it, and found it refreshing. It was certainly much more preferable than the dewy eyed greenriders that decided you were their One True Love until you either broke their heart or their silly minx took to the skies again.

Z'ia gave a snigger of amusement at the dig at B'jin. That was one green the young man hadn't yet managed to get Aveleth to chase properly. The young blue was luck lustre at the best of times, and Z'ia hadn't yet had much luck getting him to actually put in after Larrikith. She is Ayyonth's, Aveleth put in quietly, his voice mild and whispery. Z'ia's eyebrow arched upward. Is not Rilaleeyth Tyrrisath's? Only when she wishes to be.

"That too," Z'ia smirked, letting his dragon's strange logic go without a fight. What did it matter, either way? Winning was always nice and he was pretty sure he won at least one in five of Rilaleeyth's flights. Maybe more, which when he stopped to think on it, was rather interesting... Speaking of interesting. Z'ia's lips twisted into a smug smirk as J'ver with satisfaction. "Clearly," he purred huskily, green eyes sparkling as he leaned up to steal a kiss, a firm hand on the back of J'ver's neck refusing the greenrider an immediate escape. His eyes were bright with mischief, the action taken only to rile up J'ver for no other reason than to amuse himself.

Aveleth allowed Rilaleeyth's gentle words without fight, but his quiet gaze was less than reassured as she snuggled up close beside him. He wanted to believe her when she said that Tyrrisath would not harm her, for dragons were not generally violent beasts and Aveleth had difficulty seeing one attack another. But there were other ways to hurt someone than to attack them! Feeling it would be pointless to bother the pretty green by stressing his worry, Aveleth simply nuzzled her gently and mentally frowned at the spike of playful abandon in Z'ia's emotions. A sigh escaped the dragon, and he looked sadly at Rilaleeyth.

He has no idea how to behave, Aveleth said meekly.

Communal Kitchens / Re: Green Lumps [Private]
« on: 19 Aug 2012 at 09:32 AM »
Z'ia? ... Z'ia? ... Zee?! ... Zaiopia! The bluerider startled, blinking and shook his head. Aveleth didn't often become forceful, and even less often used his rider's full name. The young man shook his head, and rolled over, blinking up at the dark roof. Even when Aveleth was getting temperamental, the dragon's voice was soft as snowflakes. Though, it also managed to carry the cool ice of them at such times, too. What, kiddo? Z'ia replied lazily, as he rolled out of bed and stood up, stretching his pathetic height and listening with satisfaction as bones crackled and muscles groaned. You slept through the evening meal, Z'ia. Aren't you hungry? As if in answer, even the dragon could hear his human's stomach rumble. I'll take that as a yes, Z'ia grinned at the dry tone that lathered the words. He loved his dragon.

The lazy bluerider took his sweet time in finding something to wear and finally tugging it on. He was oddly pleased the dining hall was likely to be more or less empty, considering the time of evening. He was feeling rather inclined to avoid company, possibly because of all the idiocy that had surrounded the Lashing of that Northern brat. He really didn't care, once all the fun had been blown up by D'ren and his obnoxious opinions and party pooper ways. Listening to the Weyr whisper about it all behind their hands had lost its appeal after the first twenty seconds. "Let's go, Kiddo!" Slipping out of his hut, Z'ia leaped aboard his tall blue without issue and the pair made their way to the Dining Hall, hoping there would be something worth eating left over.

It didn't take the rumbling tummied bluerider long to realise that the Dining hall had been stripped of even scraps. Apparently, he had slept past cleanup time. Sighing dramatically, Z'ia wasted no time relocating to the Kitchens, pausing with an arched eyebrow when a familiar screech was heard. A smirk tilted the young man's lips up, and he practically pranced in the direction from which the irate words were coming. Erisi. Always squawking at his dragon like a fisher's wife. Typical greenrider, that kid. Z'ia's smirk twisted into a sly smile. It didn't take him long to find the boy.

"Considering you finally got laid, I'd have hoped for a sweeter disposition." Z'ia's voice was a light drawl as he stood behind Erisi, leaning lazily against the door frame. The bluerider was well aware that Erisi couldn't do 'sweet' if he rolled himself in sugar, but that was beside the point entirely. Z'ia's green eyes sparkled mockingly. "Though M'bal would not have been my preference." His preference would have been himself, naturally. Z'ia had a pretty penny resting on the fact that he could get Aveleth to fly more of the latest Weyrlings than D'hys could get Zeianth to. Despite that, however, the tiny man's traitorous blue hadn't even twitched a wing when Charath took to the skies; something about the flight being won before she'd even decided to fly. As if he cared about that!

Some things are not yours to take, Aveleth put in softly, his voice barely brushing against Z'ia's mind as the blue carefully avoided making himself a visible target for Charath. He didn't like the little green: she had a tendency to be mean, and Aveleth had a talent for making himself a target.

Sorry. I rushed it so I could go to bed >_>

Communal Kitchens / Re: Green Lumps [Private]
« on: 20 Aug 2012 at 06:17 PM »
Z'ia watched with visible amusement as Erisi bickered with his dragonet. Weyrlings were so readable. It was amazing. Of course, Z'ia conveniently forgot the part where until the World Above had Hatched, he and his classmates had still been considered Weyrlings by the Weyr at large, and most particularly those that had survived the Plague. Well, he'd survived it too, but without his beast of burden. Aveleth was like a consolation prize, for putting up with Z'ia's damned prison guard for the turns of exile. Don't do this, kid, don't do that, kid. Well damn you, old man.

If it makes you unhappy, do not think of it, Aveleth put in wisely, his voice a soft brush against Z'ia's mind. The bluerider resisted the urge to roll his eyes, and instead smirked wickedly at Erisi as the young man finally finished bitching with his dragonet and paid attention to him. "So I've heard," Z'ia purred in response, more amused than anything else as green eyes studied the greenrider. He'd heard a lot of things about Erisi. Weyr gossip had it's uses.

Z'ia gave a wicked laugh at the dig at M'bal. "I don't doubt." The bronzerider was about as bronze as they came, and the entire blueriding society knew it was all for show. There were bronzes, like D'ren, who would legitimately die of heart failure if they flew some random green (Z'ia still had money laid on Ronarth flying Larrikith) - then there were bronzes like M'bal, who talked big and strut like they were straight but definitely dreamed about dick every night.

"He should have Impressed a green himself." His bronze was about as bright as one. Le duh! That's uncalled for, Z'ia. Gold's are dumb, not greens. The rider couldn't help it, he gave a spluttering little snort of laughter and shook his head, sending his curled hair bouncing.

Sorry! Its bad *dashes for work*

Healing Hall / Re: Quietly Sensual [Open, green flight]
« on: 21 Aug 2012 at 08:55 AM »
Z'ia was deeply amused by the way J'ver took control of his teasing kiss, the bluerider letting him have at it with a sense of childish abandon, his eyes laughing and the sound escaping his lips as the greenrider pulled away, looking as smug as ever. Z'ia simply smirked. "Feel better?" he asked coyly, an eyebrow arching smoothly above dancing green eyes.

"After you," Z'ia replied, bowing with a theatrical flourish and opening the door dramatically with a wicked grin. He didn't comment on J'ver's assumption of his being a messy dumper of clothing, figuring what the greenrider didn't know wouldn't hurt him. The tiny rider's clothing was in fact perfectly kept and carefully put aside before bathing. While Z'ia didn't wear anything flippant (and those who did were subject to cruel mocking) the bluerider took a great deal of pride and care in his clothing. Not that J'ver needed to know that. It was much more amusing to watch the greenrider make his snide assumptions.

It would be wise, Aveleth agreed softly, following the pretty green's example and sitting up tidily and curling his tail around himself. Have you finished playing your games? The young dragon's eyes were mildly disproving as Z'ia came springing out of the Hall, the man's steps as light and poised as ever, the towel secured with one hand.

"For now," his words were almost sung, as he stopped by his dragon's nose. You did well, Kiddo. Thank you. Are you walking? I believe so. Would you like a bath tomorrow? It was much too late to bathe his pretty beast now, but the blue deserved to be as clean and sweetly scented as he himself would shortly be. That would be lovely.

The young dragon's attention shifted, gaze resting delicately on Rilaleeyth. Walk with me? It was a timid request, as if he weren't sure the pretty lady would be interested, in the walk or with spending time with him, or perhaps both. Perhaps it was unwise, to tempt fate after their flight together - surely Tyrrisath would be most displeased - but Aveleth could always use the assistance with controlling his human. Perhaps we can keep them separated. Unless, of course, the other pair were going to fly. In either case, it was a fairly moot point as Z'ia paid J'ver not a lick of attention as he prattled on mentally to Aveleth. Sinze Z'iz had no immediate plans for the following day, it was adding up to include a long bath, followed by a dedicated massage, and (more than likely) a lot of sunbathing for the pretty blue.

Aveleth decided rather abruptly that he should win more flights.

Communal Kitchens / Re: Green Lumps [Private]
« on: 22 Aug 2012 at 08:29 AM »
Aveleth flinched back, mentally curling closer to Z'ia as Charath's less than sweet voice touched on his mind, the young blue recoiling from her though not so much that he wasn't still receptive to her words. He didn't comment on that which she said, nor did he pass any of it on to Z'ia. Inside, the human had paused with a slight frown contorting his features as he felt his dragon's timid response to Charath. Soothing the passive blue dragon, Z'ia didn't pay much attention to Erisi as he bickered with his own beast.

"Oh, no doubt," Z'ia put in cheerfully, leaning back against the doorway now that his dragon was a little more calm. The silly blue was actually breathing correctly once more, though Z'ia could still sense the impending panic attack if Charath decided to push the boundaries. which, he admitted quietly to himself (and well away from Aveleth) was entirely too liable to happen.

"Maybe you'd learn something new," a sly smirk slowly wove itself over Z'ia's lips, green eyes sparkling merrily with a depth of challenge. P-please don't, Aveleth's voice was barely a whisper of objection, but Z'ia heard it none the less. The stutter caused the rider's smirk to twitch just barely, before he sent reassurance to his dragon and refocused on Erisi. You worry too much, Kiddo.

Aveleth's font looks much prettier on my desktop than on my laptop :|

Communal Kitchens / Re: Green Lumps [Private]
« on: 24 Aug 2012 at 07:09 AM »
Aveleth trembled unhappily as Charath's voice continued to pound against his mind, the blue dragon's wide open eyes swirling faster in distress. The young dragon whimpered at the green's cheerful announcement that she would disobey her human just to speak to him. That was not what he wished to hear, and the dragon curled up into a literal ball, his tail flicking over his nose as he attempted to hide from the entire world in the darkness and shadows beside the building.

Z-zee! While he didn't repeat the exact words the hatchling had spoken to him, Z'ia got the gist of the issue and sighed softly even as he watched Erisi's face contort as he had a mental showdown with the green beast. Easy, Kiddo. His dragon was worse than a toddler, at times! (Not that Z'ia had the slightest idea of what it was like to be stuck with a toddler) and he rolled his eyes dramatically as Aveleth picked up on the irritation he felt at the bickering and shrank in further on himself.

"Oh, for Faranth-!" Kiddo, why don't you go home? - that extracted a spike of pure horror, and Z'ia didn't need the dragon to put into words the fact that leaving Z'ia alone to cause trouble was far scarier than being abused by an obnoxious hatchling. Z'ia smiled, pleased, and returned his attention to Erisi as Aveleth's eyes peered warily about in the darkness.

"Oh, of course, my apologise." Sugary sarcasm oozed from every syllable. Aveleth's eyes flashed with amused tolerance for a moment, before he startled visibly at a shadow and shuffled into a tighter ball.

Ugh. These dudes do not want to work for me.

Communal Kitchens / Re: Green Lumps [Private]
« on: 28 Aug 2012 at 09:06 AM »
"Was it?" The blue rider purred, smirking devilishly where he leaned lazily against the door frame, green eyes dark and calculating despite the playful air as he stared at Erisi. "Did you enjoy it?" Of course, Erisi was a greenrider and everyone knew they were prone to enjoy even the most extreme of things, added to the fact that Erisi was a well honed slut before Impression only really compiled the fact, as far as Z'ia was concerned. The kid was also well known to play a decent game, and Z'ia enjoyed games. Most particularly when he won.

"I was preoccupied earlier," Z'ia replied smugly, giving Erisi a sly sideways look that clearly told of exactly what part of 'preoccupied' he'd been involved in. Poor little Weyrling, stuck in No Sex Land for so long. Well, his little hussy flew, now. Sexland just became accessible again.

Z'ia, Aveleth's voice was mellow, barely above a whisper and brushed against his human's mind with dedication. His silly bonded was going to cause a hassle, and Aveleth wasn't completely oblivious to the green dragon's rather uptight mannerisms when it came to her bonded expressing interest in getting laid. The blue wasn't sure if it was because she was so young, or because it freaked her out in general, or if she just liked to make her human's life painful.

Can we go home, please? It was a useless request, and Aveleth was well aware of that. But he had to try. Empty bed, Z'ia replied without taking hungry and challenging eyes from Erisi.

So, where'd that Escalation meme go? Cause shit just escalated man. Wtf, Zee?? Have fun, Krys XD

Gather Square / Re: Breaking Point [Invite]
« on: 29 Aug 2012 at 06:10 AM »
Z'ia had been enjoying himself - immensely - as he watched the unprecedented level of drama unfold before his laughing green eyes, leaning casually against D'hys as the short bluerider made snide comments at appropriate points in time, designed to break the building tension in the small circle of people that surrounded him. It worked, for the most part, causing a lot of subtle snorts and giggles though the frowns the laughing audience got from those who didn't hear Z'ia's input were dampening the fun.

Standing up straight, the tiny bluerider watched with interest as Ronarth came bellowing in to join the fray, and people were sent (figuratively) flying in every direction. D'ren was always a party pooper, and Z'ia had quickly learned not to expect anything else from the uptight and upright man. The man just about had firelizards if you walked around without a shirt on. His precious Northerner getting lashed was hardly going to sit well to start with. The bluerider smirked to himself as the man tore into Tsuen and N'gelt, quite publicly and without apology. "He must be really pissed."  The comment was low, and designed for his immediate group of listeners. Some sniggered, most shot him glances that clearly implied he should shut up. Z'ia's smirk widened.

Then his eyebrows shot up, shockingly fast, as the next person to jump in on the drama was D'hys. With subtle movement, Z'ia slid away from his friend. He enjoyed D'hys' company and the man in general. He wasn't however, interested in sharing whatever wrath he might bring down upon himself by - Ooh, the F word! Z'ia swallowed a laugh, watching him with amusement as D'hys spat out words of attack; the little bluerider was listening to them with avid interest. His relationship with D'hys was founded on what had to be known (and a good deal of particularly skilful sex) but not a whole lot of what didn't need to be known.

The hand that shot out to grab him by the upper arm had a pointedly given look to it, before green eyes turned to stare up at D'hys, remarkably aware of the other man's additional height and included strength but not the slightest hint of fear or worry. Instead, Z'ia's eyebrows arched almost mockingly and a moment later his arm was released. He was no green, to be jerked around like a piece of meat! As his expression mellowed, Z'ia eyed D'hys thoughtfully as the older man shoved his way through the crowd, unsure if he should bother following.

It would be wise, Aveleth put in mildly, taking wing from his own rooftop perch to glide lazily over the crowd, well and truly high enough to prevent any need for caution by the humans. Z'ia snorted, highly amused, but did stride off after his fellow rider. Since when has 'wise' been a part of my persona, Kiddo? Despite his question, Z'ia picked up the pace and darted on light, hummingbird feet through the crowd until he bounced to D'hys' side. The smaller man trotted along on the balls of his feet, light and poised, as he silently kept his friend company.

Since now, apparently.

Communal Kitchens / Re: Green Lumps [Private]
« on: 29 Aug 2012 at 08:16 AM »
Z'ia's amusement spiked at Erisi's mild response, the bluerider's eyes brightening with the emotion as he ruffled his fingers back through his curly hair. The bluerider had quickly learned not to both playing too coy when he decided he was interested in someone. D'hys was taller, prettier and generally more easily caught the fish. Z'ia didn't like missing out on something he wanted, so tended to throw his interest out there fairly quickly. It was easier. Besides, if they decided they weren't interested, it made the game that much more fun.

She isn't interested. Aveleth told his bonded quietly, curling up and pressing back against the building. Like he expected, his comment didn't make al ick of difference. It's not her interest I'm interested in, Z'ia replied smugly, attention returning to Erisi just in time for the young man to speak. The words had barely finished leaving Erisi's lips before Z'ia gave a highly amused snort of laughter.

Outside, Aveleth echoed the reaction, the usually very reserved young dragon giving a cough and his eyes brightening against the darkness of falling night. Z'ia? Sated? The little man's sex life before Impression may have been near non-existent, but he'd taken to the 'bluerider lifestyle' with enthusiasm (and Aveleth far more blamed D'hys than he did his blue hide for that). Z'ia was always hungry, and being taunted by a sassy greenrider wasn't dampening his desire to shove the little slut up against the wall at all.

"I never snack," Z'ia replied cheerfully, slipping forward with light, poised steps to stand before Erisi. He plucked the piece of fruit delicately from the Harper's fingers, going out of his way not to touch the young man. Green eyes never left Erisi's light blue.

Dining Hall / Re: So...We Meet Again [Z'ia]
« on: 31 Aug 2012 at 03:42 AM »
"Well hello," The word was purred against an ear, the short man leaning into A'liran's space without touching him from behind, clear of any elbows or heads that might jerk back from the sudden announcement of someone in his space. Z'ia had very little in the way of a body; he didn't need it taking critical damage!

Slipping back and across, Z'ia seated himself light and poised on the bench near the greenrider, his eyes bright with deep amusement. He'd been watching the older man since he entered the Hall, the play of emotions on the greenrider's face had practically begged him to be approached and Z'ia had never been one to need much begging: He was more than happy to oblige, when it would result in his own amusement and entertainment.

Must you? Aveleth asked softly, peering through his rider's eyes at the expression on the greenrider's face and then grimacing. The dragon withdrew with an utterance of disdain at Z'ia's soft mental laughter. Stop? Why ever would he do something like that?

"Good morning?" It was almost a conversational comment, but the underlying laughter in Z'ia's voice would be liable to cause the greenrider to think the blue knew more than he actually did. Z'ia knew nothing of A'liran's fall; he just found the spunky green amusing.

Gather Square / Re: Breaking Point [Invite]
« on: 31 Aug 2012 at 04:11 AM »
Like D'hys, Z'ia was at a loss for words, and so, he trotted along beside and slightly behind the other rider without saying a word. It was remarkably reminiscent of his post-graduation days, when D'hys had been introducing him into the society from his part of town. Trotting along, wide eyed and wondering what exciting game was about to crop up next. The eyes were wide, he was definitely trotting, but Z'ia had quickly decided this wasn't the time for games. At least, not yet, anyway.

A sly sideways glance was thrown at D'hys, and the little bluerider tried to recall the last time he'd seen so many emotions fight for dominance on the other man's face. Honestly unable to recall (and ego demanded Z'ia had a great memory) Z'ia shrugged it off. Whatever the issue was, he was pretty sure D'hys would keep it to himself. They'd never been part of the touchy-feely circle of emotions, and he knew the older rider shied away from such conversations with others as much as he did.

Reaching the hut was desirable and Z'ia sighed softly through his nose, allowing his steps to slow and his shorter legs drop back behind his friend. He had no real qualms about the walk, but he did wish D'hys had had the mentality to walk a little slower! At any rate, they had arrived at least and Z'ia skipped through the door on the balls of his feet, apparently unaffected by the distance they'd covered.

Spinning around in the main room to see what his friend was up to after hearing the door close but no words or steps, Z'ia's eyebrows arched up on his forehead, a half smirk twitching the corner of his lips as he realised D'hys was eyeing him off. He spotted the look in the other man's eyes a split second before D'hys was reaching for him and Z'ia complied easily, pressing up against the much taller man invitingly.

Outside, Aveleth's wings rustled as he folded them against his sides and greeted Zeianth with a gentle croon. An interesting turn of events, he commented mildly, not speaking of their riders in the slightest but rather the silly human squabbles that had put their lifemates in such interesting moods.

Gather Square / Re: Worst. Day. Ever. [Invite]
« on: 31 Aug 2012 at 06:22 AM »
"Are you sure?" Z'ia's voice was almost singsong as he announced himself from behind A'liran, hands reaching out to tuck the tips of his fingers down the back of the greenrider's pant hem and give them a firm yank. So doing offered a nice eyeful of the arse hidden underneath before the little bluerider danced delicately back out of reach with a wicked cackle.

"Such a dirty little mouth," Z'ia continued, bouncing around to rest delicately alongside D'hys, green eyes sparkling with wicked delight. "Trying to sharpen your tongue to match your claws?" One hand raised, Z'ia curled his fingers and gave a mocking 'm'row!' as he clawed at thin air, a sneer on his lips as he stared up at A'liran.

Z'ia! Aveleth's voice was scandalised and his eyes swirled in uncertain emotions as he stood up, wings flaring dramatically and head rearing back on his neck as he hissed. Enough! Oh, relax Kiddo. What's he going to do? Claw me? Z'ia's expression morphed into a devious, hungry one, green eyes predatory as he smirked up at A'liran.

Oh dear Faranth. Aveleth's sigh was almost a prayer. Why couldn't the silly little man ever just go to eat a meal nice and quiet like? Why did he have to wrap himself up in trouble that did not have his name on it? What had he done to deserve this?! It was shameful.

I'm going to go and die of embarrassment with Ave. LOL

Dining Hall / Re: So...We Meet Again [Z'ia]
« on: 31 Aug 2012 at 07:13 AM »
"Isn't this the Fun Table?" Z'ia asked, widening his eyes dramatically in a motion a lot of greenriders seemed to have perfected but simply came off as remarkably mocking on the young man's laughing face, wide smile flashing straight white4 teeth, an act that killed the mocker of innocence entirely.

Green eyes were bright with amusement as Z'ia lounged on his seat, kicking back with very obvious lack of intention to remove himself from the greenrider's presence. It went without saying that for the time being, if A'liran attempted to escape from him, the tiny bluerider would bounce around like an unswattable fly until the greenrider exploded.

Oh but that sounded like amazing fun! ... Is that what you have been reduced to, Zee? A fly? The bluerider laughed out loud, uncaring for how his companion might take such an action. I am a lot of things, my dear child. The mockery Z'ia's tone wasn't lost on the dragon, who gave a mental eyeroll and flicked his tail.

Gather Square / Re: Worst. Day. Ever. [Invite]
« on: 31 Aug 2012 at 10:03 PM »
"That's all you've got?" Z'ia responded smartly, eyebrows shooting up his forehead as he leaned lazily against D'hys and smirked up at A'liran. The greenrider was amazing for a laugh, and the little bluerider found the ease with which he could be rattled far too much fun. The fact that he was definitely proddy only encouraged the young man.

"Isn't he precious?" Z'ia gushed with an evil smirk, just after A'liran's hissing and spitting, watching with deep satisfaction as D'hys petted the other man on the head in such a wonderfully condescending manner. After the better part of three turns - and how many flights? - he still thought he'd succeed in breaking Z'ia's nose. It was positively adorable.

Z'ia? What, Kiddo? Leave off or I won't chase. Aveleth almost sounded convincing, but the little bluerider simply snorted in amusement. Liar.

Gather Square / Re: Worst. Day. Ever. [Invite]
« on: 04 Sep 2012 at 06:22 PM »
She's mine! The usually meek and whispery voice of the young blue dragon was harsh and shocked as he stood up suddenly, wings extending and a hiss of outrage tearing free. Zeianth's proclamation that he was going to not only chase, but win, riled the younger blue in a manner he very rarely displayed capable of. Zeianth knew he rarely won flights, Zeianth knew which greens favoured him, and Zeianth knew Aveleth won next to nothing, regardless, when they chased together. The young dragon spat out another outraged hiss, eyes hot and angry.

"Neither one of us is," Z'ia purred, unworried by Aveleth's sudden spark of outrage our D'hys' own sudden attraction to the spunky greenrider. He probably should have been, knowing as he did the older blue's tendency to out-fly him in any chase they entered together, but Z'ia was always up for a good time, a challenge and well, winning one of his favourites out from under D'hys would definitely qualify as a great time.

Forget Zeianth. Focus on Astoreth. Z'ia gently guided his dragons outraged mind to focus on the item of their intent; after all, they didn't want to fly Zeianth! The last thing he needed was his pretty boy getting scratched up by starting a fight with the older dragon. That he might actually be concerned about Aveleth starting a fight confirmed to the young bluerider exactly how hooked his dragon was on his favourites. Interesting.

Z'ia watched D'hys stalking A'liran, a wicked smirk on his features as he did so. "Better the devil you know," He purred.

Shitty tag is shitty *dashes to work*

Gather Square / Re: Worst. Day. Ever. [Invite]
« on: 05 Sep 2012 at 07:17 AM »
The dual shriek had barely left the greenpair and Aveleth was screeching his response, the young dragon's already extended wings pumping down while he thrust himself into the air, missing not so much as a beat as he shot after the green dragon with unusual determination. He would not bow down before Zeianth - not this time! Hissing viciously at his mentor, Aveleth flicked his wing-tip in the other blue's direction and promptly ignored him, guided by Z'ia's less irate mind.

Z'ia gave a wicked cackle of delight the same moment Aveleth's shriek pierced the air, the tiny rider spinning to pelt after A'liran with enthusiasm. His legs were short, but he was light, poised and fast. The bluerider zipped along after the spitting greenrider, eyes wide and focused on the prize before him, though the sight shifted between swirling greens and blues, and the darkness of indoors. Z'ia never paused, the sound of his light and springing steps changing from one whisper to another as they went from grass to flooring.

Aveleth knew he had to act fast, the threat of Zeianth's arrogant words hanging like a gold carcass over his head, ready to drop upon him and leave him worthless and in the dust. No! Bellowing a reply to Astoreth's screeching, Aveleth twisted his young body powerfully through the air, violent and determined gaze locked solely upon the slightly smaller dragon, her hide stark contrast to the autumn sky. You're mine! Pushing himself forward, Aveleth twisted to imitate the green, and reached out for her, more determined to twine than perhaps ever before. She was his!

Z'ia skidded to a halt, green eyes dark and sparkling with malicious lust, he threw both arms out, using them to plug the doorway as he stared up at the person within the room. "Hello, sweetheart," what should have been an endearment, came out a sadistic promise, capable of crawling skin.

If Ave doesn't catch, Z'ia can be in the wrong room with some poor NPC >:D

Gather Square / Re: Breaking Point [Invite]
« on: 05 Sep 2012 at 07:41 AM »
The tiny bluerider's mind was running faster than usual, as he joined D'hys in the ballpark, green eyes dark and calculating when not hidden behind lowered lids. Something was definitely up with his friend, and the young Rider wasn't quite sure where to lay his bet. At least, not yet. Eyes opening slightly when D'hys' pulled back, Z'ia studied him with a narrowed frown, chin tilting arrogantly he tossed D'hys' a dismissive glance when the older rider got lost in whatever thoughts were currently causing him such hassles.

Z'ia gave an irritable half-snort, half-huff and gave a great reef on D'hys' shirt front to pull the man back down and their mouths together once more. Apparently, it also enticed the other bluerider to act on more incentive ideas, since he quickly began fiddling with Z'ia's pant buckle. Regardless, the little bluerider was incredibly displeased; what the shards was going on in the man's brain, that he gave up half way through an incredibly good make-out, to consider it with such depth?! Hissing between his teeth, Z'ia made damned sure his friend didn't get distracted until he was bloody well ready to let him.

~~~ sexy times ~~~

When he was satisfied that needs had been met, and D'hys' had picked up on his irritation - and only then - did Z'ia decide it was time to find out what the shards had been going on in that damned brain of his friend. Fancy pausing on him! His sessions were amazing and he bloody well knew it! No one paused--! Lip twitching irritably, Z'ia slung a leg over D'hys' body, and perched himself on the taller man's abdomen. When he was comfortable and secure, Z'ia leaned forward, one hand placed across his friend's lower throat with just enough pressure applied to keep D'hys where he was. He was getting answers, and he was getting them now. And, eloquent as a charm, Z'ia demanded them.

"What the fuck was all that about?!"

Enough, Aveleth replied quietly, flicking his tail to curl around himself as he made a neat ball by the side of the hut in his usual place. He extended his wings, stretching them, before folding them with great delicacy to his sides. Not really one to speak when he had nothing to say, Aveleth instead tuned into his rider to watch the turn of events with mild curiosity and brazen amusement.

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