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Tagging Your Threads
« on: 20 Oct 2012 at 07:42 PM »
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Second Pass uses a series of small additions to the Thread Title in order to indicate who a thread is for, as well as a Date box to put in when the thread takes place. Further indication about the thread can be obtained by which board it is placed in (or which appropriate archive it is filed within).

This Thread is divided into four sections:


Tagging Styles
  • Square Brackets: []
    • Please be sure to do all thread tagging in the square brackets. This is due to the fact that the rounded brackets () are used to enclose hotlinking. For example, (Name) will hotlink to a character's profile. So, using it in the thread title as a tag will make it messy as it doesn't parse BBC codes.
  • [Open]
    • These threads are open to anyone that wants to jump on them. It is most common that the [Open] tag is not removed; as a result, it is generally polite to seek out the members of the thread if you wish to join in after several exchanges have been made, to be sure you're not interrupting unwantedly.
  • [Character Name]
    • These threads are designated to the characters that are named.
  • [Player Name]
    • This is a much less regularly used tag, and means that the player tagged may choose a character from their pool to play (or even an NPC) when they join the thread.
  • [Invite] or [Private]
    • One of these is usually used when a thread has multiple Players or Characters joining it, and no room to name them all. Or, perhaps, used in exchange of the [Player Name] tag, if two (or more) Players have decided to play together but haven't finalised what characters will be used.
  • [Solo]
    • This is the tag used to indicate a single post, which is not a thread opener but rather used to tell a part of a character's story that is rather irrelevant as far as a whole thread is concerned, but the Player feel sis significant to their development.

Dating Styles
  • AL
    • Second Pass uses the above manner. Please keep this in mind when dating your thread; We realise that the American process of month-day-year is more common for a lot of people, but consistency requires we keep to the same method, and two out of three admin are Australian, and they say we use this process.
  • Time
    • You can use any manner of detail when putting down the time your thread begins at - Please use an Earthern clock style (1am, 3pm, etc). The timing of threads is important, for those that take place on the same day, or where important events are concerned.


  • RP Time Line
    • When you start a thread, please go to the RP Timeline and add your thread to the list, filling out the small form in order to do so.
  • Bi-Annual Stories
    • When a thread is complete, please have a member of the Thread go to the Bi-Annual Stories thread, and fill out the form there. This will ensure the thread you all wrote will be included in the PDF file that will be released approximately every 6 months following the completion of each In Character year.

Mark Docking

  • Beginning April, 2013
    • For every thread that a Team Member has to go through and add to the timeline, or create a blurb for that they themselves didn't participate in, will lose all participating members 50 marks each. This will include docking fellow team members if they are being lazy.
  • New Threads
    • New threads need to be added to the RP Timeline within 3 days of being created, or the original poster will be docked marks.
  • Finished Threads
    • Completed threads have 7 days from the final post to be added to the Bi-Annual Stories thread, or all participants will be docked marks.

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