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As you wander around Second Pass, you will notice each of the members have a Badge under their avatar. Depending on the group in which they are placed, the badge will be slightly different. To help make it a little bit easier for everyone, we've included a little table below indicating which badges belong to which user groups. This is especially useful for those couple of gropus which use similar lettering or colours.


* Founder This badge is worn by Honey Love and Featherpirate, the two site Founders. They are both Administrators and can be contacted for any reason.
* Administrator Though they weren't part of the Founding, the Administrator has all the Power that Is at the touch of a button and are vital members of the Team.
* Moderator, Application Critique Assisting the Team, these members have permission to critque the profiles that are put up for processing, as well as possibly being in charge of particular boards of the site. These memebrs are trust worthy, and have proven both their dedication and knowledge of the site.
* Random Event Exactly as it says, this account is an Team controlled account that is responsible for some of the Random Events that can occur upon the site. It is also the account used to post Rumors and if you have any ideas, Members are encouraged to PM gossip topics to this account and they will be posted.
* Rated 18+

A membergroup specifically for those over the age of 18 who would like to read or write explicit content. By asking for membership to this group, you are agreeing that you are over 18; members found to be lying about being the minimum age will be banned from the entire site, permanently. Characters seeking permission to RP in this forum must also be over the age of 18.

You can request membership via Profile -> Modify Profile -> Group Membership -> and click the link asking to join. Your request will be processed by an Administrator. If you do not want your Primary membergroup to be this, please note so when applying with a Player account, else you'll rock up purple.

This group is assigned per account - so if you want membership on more than one, you will need to apply with each account individually!

* Player These are the people that have had at least one character approved for play.
* Pending Every fresh face on Second Pass is automatically awarded this member group. They will retain it until they have a character approved for play, at which point they will be changed and put into the Player group.
* Male Character All male characters are members of this group!
* Female Character The female characters will all have this badge to display.
* NPC The NPC account is a free-for-all and the log in details are available to approved Players at this location.
* Deceased Deceased characters are given this rank and reassigned to the deceased board. In the near future we will have opportunities to make characters specifically designed to die - more information on this will be made available with a newsletter when this is brought into play.
* Inactive Character Characters that have gone inactive will have this badge assigned to them. In most cases, inactive characters are likely to be made available for adoption.


Administration Account
Please post in the HelpDesk for a quick response.

The Second Pass Team
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M18+ Warning

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Second Pass is rated M18+


Before exploring our forums, we would like to take a moment to warn you that while most of our RP is PG rated, we do allow for heavy subject matter to be posted, and not all of it will come with a warning in the header. Please take care when browsing our threads, and be sure to look after yourseylf. If anything in a thread makes you uncomfortable, please leave it.


Please note that all our Players communicate between themselves, and all threads are done between concenting adults. Second Pass takes no responsibility for any personal offence taken from subject matter within the site's boards, and if there are any issues between Players the Team should be notified immediately and privately.


To recap, this website may contain mature themes, course language, strong violence, nudity, drug usage, and other material that may be offensive to selected individuals.


Regards, SP Team

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