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Second Pass

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« on: 13 Feb 2013 at 05:06 PM »
Second Pass Weyr - AU Canon Pern
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Second Pass

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Weyrlinghood; Rules & Schedule
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    Daily Schedule

    Quippy Remark

    Every Day
    Including Restdays

    Contrary to a lot of sites, it should be noted that Second Pass does not adhere to a strict schedule for the Weyrlings. Instead, Weyrlings, much like everyone else within the Weyr, has a basic daily list of duties that they are expected to undergo, but otherwise their day is generally their own to do as they please. That said, the following are tasks that Weyrlings are expected to undergo daily.

    • Dragonets should be fed, and oiled. Bathing should be done at least every other day during the process of their major growth, though it is not 100% required. It will vary from dragonet to dragonet.
    • The Weyrlingmaster should be greeted every morning for general assessment of the dragonet to assist with preventing avoidable issues in the dragonet’s development. The exact time frame will depend on the Weyrlingmaster in question; some are up before the sun, some are most certainly not.
    • All Weyrlings should be back within their Barracks by a respectable hour, or let their Weyrlingmaster know where they will be located for the night, by a respectable hour.

    With regard to those that went through Weyrlinghood in Katila, the following should be noted:
    • By the beginning of the third (3) month, dragonets will be sleeping outside the Barracks, in hollows along the walls or upon the roofing.
    • By the eighth (8) month, Weyrlings will begin constructing their own personal huts, which should be completed as a whole by their tenth (10) month.

    Depending on the Weyrlingmaster, Weyrlings will have lessons as per they are instructed. OOCly, lessons are outlined within the linked threads, but are allowed to be altered as befits the Weyrlingmaster in question, within reason. Som Weyrlimgasters are stricter, with several classes within a week. Other Weyrlingmasters are more relaxed, with less classes and more ‘homework’ assigned tasks.

    Private tutoring can be given to any Weyrling, at any time, either by their Weyrlingmaster, an Assistant, or an approved Dragonrider.

    If a PC Weyrlingmaster is not assigned to a clutch, assume they teach two (2) lessons a week, for a 3-4 hour session.
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    Second Pass

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    Weyrlinghood; Rules
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    Weyrling Rules

    Do as you are told, you little shit!

        Second Pass employs a variety of rules depending on the time frame of the Weyrlinghood the pair are currently within. These rules are generally enforced via dragon's mind-reading and grumpy Weyrlingmasters. In Character rule breaking will, of course, result in In Character consequences. You are, however, encouraged to cause mischief. Please talk to the Player of your Weyrlingmaster if they have one, or speak to a member of the Team if your Weyrlingmaster is an NPC.

        Rules carry on through the following months until they are noted as being lifted.


    Rules In General

    Shut up, and listen!
                The Weyrlingmaster has been there, done that, and knows what he is talking about. As a result, weyrlings are expected to show a little respect, shut their mouths, and listen to what he has to say. His dragon will be more than capable of reading their minds, and will likely do so with little to no knowledge of the weyrling - or his dragon - when needed. Weyrlings should be prepared for their Weyrlingmaster to know exactly what is going on, at all times, regardless of whether he is present or not. This covers all instances, such as attempting something not yet covered in training (flight, between, etc) through to simply being disrespectful - as well as everything and anything else.
    No Drugs
                Drug usage is severely frowned upon, particularly when used by dragonriders. Weyrling usage of drugs is heavily monitored, to be no more than those which are allowed by a healer for medical reasons. All individuals are expected to sober up during their candidacy time, and obtaining drugs post Impression is nigh impossible for most weyrlings. Those suffering withdrawal symptoms are handled delicately by the Healer team on a case by case basis.

    Alcohol Restrictions
                Alcohol is expected to be removed from the diet of weyrlings for the duration of the first 3 to 4 months after Impression. After that initial period, alcohol may once more be consumed, though weyrlings are expected to be understanding of their dragonet, and receptive to the young dragon's limits. Those who are unable to monitor their own usage will have their right to drink removed by their Weyrlingmaster on a case by case basis.

    Intimacy Restrictions
                Intimacy between a weyrling and a fellow weyrling, or a weyrling and anyone else is strictly prohibited for the first 3-4 months. Masturbation during this time frame is also frowned upon, and those with strong sex drives are encouraged to take inhibiting drugs from the Healers to assist with their control. After the first 3-4 month period - depending on individual dragonets - sexual activities may be added to the weyrlings life once more, though their choice in partners is mildly monitored. Weyrlings are allowed to sleep with one another between the ages of 4 and 10 months, and candidates. After the ten month period, most dragonets are chasing or being chased, and sexual activity will no longer be monitored at all. Women who fall pregnant after the first 4 month period are encouraged to carry the child to term.
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    Second Pass

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    Weyrling Training
    « Reply #3 on: 13 Feb 2013 at 06:42 PM »
    Second Pass Weyr - AU Canon PernWeyrling Training --

    From the moment of Impression, to the moment they graduate, those youngsters that Impress at a Hatching are required to undergo two turns of Weyrling Training. So, what is it? Weyrling Training is a series of classes designed to educate the young pair - human and dragon both - on what it means to be a dragonrider, how best to take care of one another, among other things. Weyrling Training can - and usually will - consist of everything from lectures, note taking, 'homework' given tasks, and practical classes that range from games through to learning how to fly and travel between.

    It is absolutely required that every Weyrling attend his class, as a full education is required before they can graduate, and only those that are considered worthy of such are 'tapped' into a Wing - not every dragonrider becomes a wing rider! Additional classes are made available for those that are unlikely to be wingrider quality, just as Searchriding and dragonhealing classes are opened for those that would like to partake in them, further down the track. More on that a bit later.

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    Second Pass

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    Teaching Staff
    « Reply #4 on: 13 Feb 2013 at 06:45 PM »
    Second Pass Weyr - AU Canon Pern
    Teaching Staff --

    Weyrlings are educated a little differently on Second Pass than they are in a lot of other fandoms. The main difference one will find when viewing Second Pass and their classes will be that each and every class has its own Weyrlingmaster - and that there are no Candidatemasters.

    The reason for this is that a Weyrlingmaster (or several of them) will take part in making sure all the available Candidates are educated in everything required pre-Impression. To find out more about Candidate lessons, please view THIS topic *Link to come*. A Weyrlingmaster will follow his entire class from the moment of Impression through to their graduation, before taking on another class if they so desire, or taking some time off to rejoin the Wings. The Weyrlingmasters report to the Weyrmaster, which is a fancy term the Pernese at Second Pass use to refer to the 'Principal' (if you would) of the 'School' of Weyrlings at any given Weyr.

    You can view the current list of Past and Present Weyrlingmasters by viewing this topic.

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    Second Pass

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    Standing Requirements
    « Reply #5 on: 13 Feb 2013 at 07:11 PM »
    Second Pass Weyr - AU Canon Pern Pre-Impression Requirements --

    All Weyrlingmasters have different 'house rules' about what they will or will not accept in their classes, and what one might accept another may not stand. A lot of Weyrlingmasters will not take on female candidates unless she's aiming for Gold, and the Weyrmaster will not force them to. Women candidates are generally frowned upon by the majority of the population (Pern at large, from Hold to Hall to Weyr), and are not easily taken in on Search. As a result, those that do allow women candidates into their classes, often have a lot of heavier 'house rules' she is required to conform to before she will be accepted.

    Weyr-wide Pre-Impression requirements are as follows, and will be updated as required. If a Candidate has not fulfilled these requirements by the time the class is to take part in the Touching, the Weyrlingmaster has full permission of the Weyrmaster and the Weyrleaders to dismiss them from his class.

      • No virgins, of either gender. Homosexual experimenting is heavily encouraged.
      • Women must produce at least one child for the Weyr if trying for a fighter dragon (Katilan candidates)
      • tba

    These requirements are unavoidable for all candidates that wish to stand, especially for fighter dragons. Gold candidates are given a little more freedom - they are only required to lose their virginity before being accepted onto the Sands.

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    Second Pass

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    Wingspan & Height Calculator
    « Reply #6 on: 13 Feb 2013 at 09:25 PM »
    Wingspan and Height Calculator
    Please only fill in the dragon's length as it will not work if you attempt to input other fields. Thank you.

    All measurements should use whole numbers or periods. Example;
    25.4 - Please note that 11 inches won't work and you should scale up to the next foot for more accurate calculation.

    Dragon Length:
    Dragon Wingspan:
    Dragon Height:

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    Second Pass

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    Growth Calculator
    « Reply #7 on: 08 Aug 2013 at 01:47 AM »
    Second Pass - Dragonet Growth Calculator
    (Month) Growth Calculator
    0 - 1 16% of adult size

    Here you can calculate the size of your Weyrling on a per-month basis.
    Use the percentage that is given to the side, where the 'of' value is the dragonet's adult size.
    For example, 16% of a 40 foot dragon would be 6'4 feet, while 16% of a 20 foot dragon would be 3'2

    Size Calculator
    What is % of ?
    1- 2 26% of adult size
    2 - 3 36% of adult size
    3 - 4 46% of adult size
    4 - 5 56% of adult size
    5 - 6 66% of adult size
    6 - 7 76% of adult size
    7 - 8 86% of adult size
    8 - 9 88% of adult size
    9 - 10 90% of adult size
    10 - 11 92% of adult size
    11 - 12 94% of adult size
    12 - 13 97% of adult size
    13 - 14 100% of adult size  

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    Second Pass

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    Guestimate Size Charts
    « Reply #8 on: 05 Dec 2013 at 07:22 PM »
    NOTE: Size charts may not be overly accurate, in regards to human/dragon measurements. They are for basic visual representation only, to keep everyone more or less on the same page.
    Sizes are representing the average mature length for each colour, which will be shown in the adult chart following.

    If you have any questions, please ask in the HelpDesk.

    HATCHLING SIZES - Day of Hatching

    ADULT SIZES - Representation of AVERAGE colour sizes.


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    Please note that all our Players communicate between themselves, and all threads are done between concenting adults. Second Pass takes no responsibility for any personal offence taken from subject matter within the site's boards, and if there are any issues between Players the Team should be notified immediately and privately.


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