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IC Date: RaidCall Audio Chatroom

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Second Pass Audio & Group Chats
« on: 17 Mar 2013 at 05:58 AM »
Second Pass Weyr - AU Canon Pern

Second Pass is proud to present their very own chat room!


  • RaidCall {link}
    • RC is a free download client, much like AIM, MSN or other IM programs.
    • It focuses solely on group text and optional audio chats; there is no video.
Second Pass Group:
  • Search for our ID: 5848922
  • Click to Enter
  • Top right hand corner; click to join Membership

Chat Rooms:
  • Lounge:
    • Think of it as the entrance way. Here is where you can chat in general, about anything and everything.
    • Lounge is accessible to members and guests both. Please keep this in mind if you are chilling in it.
  • Hatching Room:
    • This is where Hatching Chats will take place. The Announcement portion here will alert you to when the next official group chat will be run by a Team Member, and at what time for their local zone.
    • HR is restricted to Members only.
  • Site Event Corner:
    • All other Admin run chats will take place here, lest it is decided they require their own channel. As with the Hatching Room, details will be posted in the announcement box
    • SEC is restricted to Members only.
  • Member Mayhem
    • Member run Plots can be conducted here.
    • MM is restricted to Members only.
  • The Pub:
    • Officially run 'Boozeahole' events will be conducted via The Pub. The Announcement portion here will alert you to when the next official group will be run by a Team Member, and at what time in their local zone.
    • Members may run their own Boozeahole event. Please contact a Team member if you wish to do so.
    • TP is restricted to Members Only.
Admin Rooms:
  • Hatchery & Plot Master
    • Mostly because we can. Whether or not these are used, and to what degree, depends.

Team Members

Second Pass Weyr's forum rules apply to our Chatrooms.

Members are expected to be mature, adult and respectful to their fellow members. The chat room is designed to add an extra element to the community and to encourage friendships, not to form a base for bitchery. Any member who causes issues, or unreasonable hassles, will promptly be banned from the chat room. Length of punishment will depend upon the reasoning for the banning taking place.

Chatroom banning is highly unlikely to echo onto Second Pass itself, unless the member does something that is really, really not acceptable. Such will be handled on a case by case basis.

Administration Account
Please post in the HelpDesk for a quick response.

The Second Pass Team
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Re:  Second Pass Audio & Group Chats
« Reply #1 on: 06 Jul 2013 at 04:54 AM »
Bumping this!

Everyone is encouraged to jump into RaidCall during the next few days for Hatching Shenanigans! :D


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