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IC Date: Officially Beginning September 10th

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Time Frame Ratio & Information
« on: 06 Sep 2013 at 11:08 PM »
Hello everyone!

After taking into consideration all the points brought forth by everyone, and the results of the poll, the Team has decided to follow through with the change of the time ratio, slowing it to a 1:1 ratio. This is listed as a 'trial', but it does not come with a dictated end date. As a team, we will keep an eye on the site, the members, and the way things go over time. If we decide a change is needed - whether it be to permanently alter the time flow, or return it, or try a different scale - you will all be alerted once more.

In the mean time, we have composed this information for your beneift, and to asist with the change. If you have any questions at all, please feel free to post them in the HelpDesk, and someone will be there as soon as possible to answer you.


As of September 10th, Second Pass will be running on a 1:1 time frame, for an undetermined trial period. Below we have outlined some information for hte benefit of members both present and future to assist with any questions.

IC: OOC Months
01 is May
02 is June
03 is July
04 is August
05 is September
06 is October
07 is November
08 is December
09 is January
10 is February
11 is March
12 is April

We did it this way both to avoid time scrambling with the change of scales, and also to avoid IC and OOC holidays from aligning. By having the IC New Year in April, it is not clashing with the OOC New Year, thus meaning not as many people will be otherwise occupied and unable to enjoy any parties or events that occur In Character.

In those Real months that have 31 days, those days will count towards the 30th of that same month to avoid confusion. In Character, Second Pass runs on 12 months with 30 days each. If you have any questions, please contact the Team via the HelpDesk.

Second Pass dating should be done as day.month.year AL, time frame to keep the dating system uniform. When threads are created, Players should post in the RP Timeline to request their thread be added to the listing. When the thread is added to the listing by a Team member, the thread opener will be edited to add the appropriate year's prefix (eg, 223).

Regarding Dragons

+ Flight to Clutching will consist of 90 real life days.
+ Clutching to Hatching will consist of 35 real life days.
+ Weyrlings will have their graduation time changed from 24 months, to 15. This change will occur In Character.

Female dragons can become sexually active as young as nine months of age, and as old as two turns. Male dragons become sexually active as young as nine months, but usually cannot capture a female until they are at least 15 months due to more experienced competition. Dragons bonded to any character younger than 16 years of age will not fly until their rider has reached at least age sixteen; fade-to-black RP is required of all characters under the age of 18.

Regarding Thread Creation
A Player may start a thread on any date, from the present date or previous, but may not start it on a date that has not occurred yet. For example, if today is the 10th, a thread may nto be started on the 15th of this month, until that date has arrived in real time.

Occassionally, the Team may put a 'hold' on starter dates, for events such as Hatchings or heavy Plot events, to avoid confusion or unintended metaplaying or ever the need to retcon something.

With the change over, all threads currently started are exempt from the future-date requirement, but any new threads should not be started beyond the 10th of the fifth, until such a time as that real date has passed.

Again, if you have any questions at all, please feel free to post in the HelpDesk, and we will do our best to clear it up for you.

Thank you for your patience and assistance as we make this time scale adjustment.

SP Team.
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The Second Pass Team
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Before exploring our forums, we would like to take a moment to warn you that while most of our RP is PG rated, we do allow for heavy subject matter to be posted, and not all of it will come with a warning in the header. Please take care when browsing our threads, and be sure to look after yourseylf. If anything in a thread makes you uncomfortable, please leave it.


Please note that all our Players communicate between themselves, and all threads are done between concenting adults. Second Pass takes no responsibility for any personal offence taken from subject matter within the site's boards, and if there are any issues between Players the Team should be notified immediately and privately.


To recap, this website may contain mature themes, course language, strong violence, nudity, drug usage, and other material that may be offensive to selected individuals.


Regards, SP Team

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