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IC Date: Updated: 5th October, 2013

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Posting & Activity Guide
« on: 21 Jan 2012 at 05:14 AM »
Information; Posting


Use Account

This will list your available accounts. The default will be whomever you are logged in as, usually your Player Account. In the drop down, you will have all your Sub Accounts available. This is useful if you don't fancy changing accounts manually or if you post with the wrong account - simply edit the post, and change the drop down option!

Post As Alternate user

Some few people (Administration, Katila Weyr, and some Moderators) will have the option to post as an Alternate User. What this means, is that they are able to post as someone other than themselves, and/or a Sub Account they are in possession of. For this reason, who has access is carefully monitored. If you have access to this option, and do not think you should, please PM the Katila Weyr account.

Select Prefix

In some locations, and for some members, the 'Select Prefix' option will appear. Most commonly, this will refer to the [xxx AL] that the Admin will place upon each Thread when it has been added to the RP Timeline. This is done so as that it is easy to find and add those threads that haven't thus been placed. The Select Prefix is also available to Guests to lable their advert when they so post on the site, with a [First] and a [LB]. Members are asked to please not post any Prefix, or similar, in the title of their Threads unless otherwise asked to by the Administration.


This is what your thread will be called. You can name it anything you like. Additionally, the Subject should be used to notify as to what style of thread it is; Open, Private, Invite or a certain character/s must also be labelled. This lets the rest of the community see whom you are angling a thread towards.

Thread Date (Compulsory)

This is very important for the RP Timeline, and fitting your thread into the scheme of it! All dates should be set out in the system of AL; for example, '21.01.231 AL. Then you should set the time, for example '2pm'. The time stamp should indicate the time at which the thread started, and need not include an ending time. If you have any issues or concerns, please contact a member of the Administration team, or ask an established player - they'll be happy to help!


Post Length

While it is generally considered polite to 'mirror' your fellow poster's length, Second Pass does not adhered to a Word Count or Post Length Requirement. Post what you are comfortable with. Second Pass already claims an extremely variant array of writers, from long to short, new comers to old pros. We welcome everyone, and encourage everyone to improve their style and skills while enjoying themselves in a relaxed and entertaining community.

Post Activity

  • OOC Rank Holding; eg, Moderators and Administration

Ideally, we encourage Staff members to be as active, if not more so, than the average member of the site. For example, if the average member activity is bi-weekly posts, then Team Members are encouraged to post at least as regularly, if not more so. It is not, however, a requirement and members that are promoted Moderator ranking are not expected to change their present activity, simply upkeep it.
At the end of the day, staffing members are setting an example for other members. If they are willing to be active and take part, they will better encourage others to do so as well. Out of character interaction is a personal preference, but all staff members should be reachable and personable to the member base, whether through Personal Messages, private IM services, the HelpDesk or the CBox.

  • IC Rank Holding; eg, Weyrleader, Wingleader, etc.

No single character is expected to be any more active than any other character, regardless of their rank and standing IC. With that said, however, those with a ranking character must be approachable, and open to RPing with anyone who requests a thread with their Ranking character. This is the only requirement placed upon a ranking character.
A player of an IC ranking character should be reachable by at least PM to other members for plotting and threading.

  • General Activity

Members and Players in general have no activity expectations or requirements placed upon them. They are encouraged to post as much and as often as they are so able, and simply post in the Absence board when they are going to be away for a period of time, especially if they are currently involved in threads or plots. Members are encouraged to hang out in the Cbox or take part in playing the Spam Games during times they don't feel like posting but want to chill out onsite.
Please Note; if a Player has been MIA for in excess of 30 days, especially without note or leave, they may be the recipient of a 'we miss you!' email, and or have their account deactivated. Reactivation is simple, and instructions will always be emailed to deactivated members.

Administration Account
Please post in the HelpDesk for a quick response.

The Second Pass Team
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Second Pass

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Thread Update!
« Reply #1 on: 05 Oct 2013 at 02:06 PM »
This thread has been updated! Please take a moment to read through it. If you have any questions, comments or concerns, please post at the HelpDesk, and a member of Staff will be along as soon as possible to assist you.

Please note that these are the current and updated requirements for the above information; If you find older, alternate rules or requirements, please disregard them, and alert the Team via the HelpDesk.

Second Pass documentation is undergoing an update, and we appreciate your assistance and understanding.

SP Team.


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M18+ Warning

Untitled Document

Second Pass is rated M18+


Before exploring our forums, we would like to take a moment to warn you that while most of our RP is PG rated, we do allow for heavy subject matter to be posted, and not all of it will come with a warning in the header. Please take care when browsing our threads, and be sure to look after yourseylf. If anything in a thread makes you uncomfortable, please leave it.


Please note that all our Players communicate between themselves, and all threads are done between concenting adults. Second Pass takes no responsibility for any personal offence taken from subject matter within the site's boards, and if there are any issues between Players the Team should be notified immediately and privately.


To recap, this website may contain mature themes, course language, strong violence, nudity, drug usage, and other material that may be offensive to selected individuals.


Regards, SP Team

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