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NPC Accounts
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NPC Accounts

Non-Player Characters, or better known as NPCs, are accounts that are no longer listed as Player controlled. This could occur for any number of reasons, but is usually the result of a lack of continued interest in the character, or because the Inactivity Preference (IAP) has been put into motion following a Player leaving the site or being deemed Inactive.

Click on an Account name to view the characters assigned to it.

NPC - Adoptable

These characters are available for Adoption. They will almost always come with a profile, though the amount of information given in their profile can vary greatly. If a Player wishes to adopt an Adoptable, they must complete the profile as well as make any adjustments to the character to better fit their play style. It should be noted that any edits should be minor, so as not to alter the character too dramatically as an Adoptable NPC is likely to have been in play and as such, has their own reputation and history with the site.

NPC - Faded

These are the most common type of NPC. NPCs put into this category should have any threads they are involved in wrapped up, but otherwise they aren't available to be mentioned or made too much note of by other Characters. They have literally been put in the background and should be ignored where possible until such a time as their original player is able to come back to the site, if they so desire.

NPC - Public

While these NPCs are not available for adoption, they are available to be used by the Players of Second Pass if they wish. Log in information for the Public NPC account can be found here. Players are encouraged to play the Public NPCs whenever the urge takes their fancy.

NPC - Team

These NPCs are usually characters of rank that cannot simply be retired to Faded due to their rank and/or standing. Such characters are often Goldriders, or rank holding individuals such as Weyrleader, Lord Holder, or a Master Crafter at one of the Halls. Sometimes Players also request that their character be Team controlled should they leave the site, and as such some of those characters can be found subbed to the Team NPC as well.

When a Character dies, their account is removed from the Player's lists, and assigned to the Grim Reaper account, where they can be safely stored. This means all posts by that character are still neatly titled and accessible, and the character name can still be linked. We find this to be the cleanest way to maintain the site after a character's story has come to a close.
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