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    Author Topic: [LB] Pern's Last Chance [18+ Mature Board]  (Read 123 times)

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    [LB] Pern's Last Chance [18+ Mature Board]
    « on: 07 Nov 2016 at 08:51 PM »

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    Thousands of years before, Pern was destroyed by a series of changes that brought about the end of life as they had known it. History speaks of a man named Aivas, found lost and wandering the echoes of the south, and his manipulations and sweet promises brought about Pern's downfall.

    Climates changed, land masses shifted and over thousands of years, the lush and fertile planet became deadly. Thread still fell from the skies, but the soil became harsh and unyielding for crops, deadly dust storms whipped up where lush forests had been, and vast jungles sprung where flat land had been before. Over thousands of years, Pern herself became a weapon against her people. With the constant struggle for food, shelter and Thread, Pern's population dwindled until only one weyrhold remained.

    There were those who lived in what became known as the Dead Zones, those who raided and stole for their living, and those who were born with strange aberrations that became known as Tainted. Dragons dwindled in size, and it was discovered they could no longer between, but they were still needed for Thread. Life, dwindled.

    Pern may have become hostile, but her inhabitants are nothing if not survivors.

    This is Pern's Last Chance.

    The Champions of Kirkwall have hatched! Mostly successfully. The death of two of Autynnith's clutch weighs heavy on the weyrhold, just in time for the rains to begin. With the scouts returned from the wilds, the startling news that Last Chance is not alone in the world forces a realization of many, and offers salvation to the clan members of Iyavere. There is, however, always threat on the horizon. Rainy season means the threat of the raiders rise, and the ever overshadowing fears for Frozen. But there's always the brighter aspects too, allowing many something to look forward to.

    Upcoming & Important Information

    • Holiday Flitter Clutch
    • Wher Hatching in January
    • Next Dragon Hatching in February
    • Small Holiday Gather Events
    • Unique Clan Characters Available
    • Adoptable Weyrlings Available
    • Leadership positions needed
    • Family Members & Pre-existing plot connections available


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