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    Author Topic: [First] SkyFall  (Read 57 times)

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    Timey Wimey

    [First] SkyFall
    « on: 08 Jan 2017 at 10:54 AM »

    Skyfall is a Semi-Canon DRoP roleplay set during the 4th interval.

    Thread was suppose to fall some 9 turns back. The Weyrs and Holds prepared for the threat that the records said was to come. Unfortunately thread never fell, and now the Hold's trust and respect for the Weyr's is fading. Telgar is stirring up trouble by encouraging other holds to turn their backs on their tradition deference toward the Weyrs.

    Pern's smallest Weyr is causing a big stir. A clutch appeared on Ista Weyr's Hatching Grounds, but no one knows where from. What is to be done with it? Allow the mysterious eggs to hatch, or destroy them before they have the chance? 

    We Offer:
    ~ A mature, but relaxed RP geared toward members looking for a fun but casual RP experience.
    ~ No apps, just create your accounts and have at it!
    ~ No sexually based impressions.
    ~ LGBTQIA+ friendly.
    ~ Member driven plots for both Weyr and Hold.
    ~ A grittier version of Pern where not everyone's motives are pure and life isn't all sunshine and rainbows.

    Current Events
    ~ Looking for all sorts of characters in both Weyr and Hold
    ~ A mysterious clutch of fifteen eggs sits on Ista Weyr's Hatching Grounds.
    ~ Weyrleader contest to determine who will help decide Ista Weyr's future.
    ~ And of course a future Hatching!


    Happily Plotting For

    6 Years 3 Month and 17 Days

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