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Title: Brushie, Brushie, Brushie [Open]
Post by: Casa on 16 Sep 2013 at 04:55 AM
Today had been a busy day from early on. Knack, Edge, and Kaylee had awoken her even earlier than normal; from somewhere in the Weyr, the sounds of a flight or a very distressed dragon seemed to catch their attention. Whatever it had been, it had made them restless enough that Casa had snapped awake, stumbling out of bed to soothe them and make them content. Once the three of them had been placated, she found she was unable to sleep. Shrugging it off, she had started her chores early, the more to get them out of the way.

Sometime just before the lunch rush, the three had returned for their own food. She grabbed a huge spread of food when lunch was served, curling up in one of the quieter corners of the Dining Hall to feed the masses and herself. While they had all been eating, she noticed they were starting to flake again, which meant it was time for a bath and a thorough oiling. As soon as they were all done, she trotted off to her room and gathered the sand, rags, oil, and brushes she used to maintain their hides.

Knack quickly settled across her shoulders as they headed out towards the river, cooing and grumbling to her as the other two flitted through the air and among the trees. Scratching his eye ridges with a gentle smile, she led the little group right up to a quiet curve in the bubbling waters, where they normally did their laundry. Clicking loudly, Casa called down the other two, settling Knack right up near the water.

"Alright you three, get to it," she murmured, yawning herself as she sat down and pulled out the sand and scrubbing brush. "You know the procedure, so hop to it!" Edge chirped, dipping himself into the water and flinging it about. Kaylee decided that seemed like fun and began to mimic him, flapping her wings in the water and creeling in delight.
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Post by: O'wain on 18 Sep 2013 at 11:39 PM
The sound of firelizards chirping and creeling along with the sound of splashing rose about the normal sounds of the river roused O'wain from where he had been napping. Looking up at the spread of trees above him he tried to recall why he was here.

I failed to catch her and you came here to sulk. the brown informed him. He was curled in the sun nearby shielded from view by a screen of trees. The green had started her mating flight so early by the time he was roused she was quite high in the sky, a group of blues already in hot pursuit. The dark brown normally had no trouble catching up but today just wasn't his day.

We can't win them all...wasn't I with some girl afterwards however? I seem to remember coming here for some post flight lust relief. Waking up naked was a good indication he had not completely failed in relieving his rather high libido. It also means he may have to walk home naked. Wouldn't be the first time. Sitting up he looked around and noticed his trousers hanging off a nearby branch.

Once he pulled on his trousers and failed to find his shirt, O'wain started to walk towards the sound of firelizards. The sound of firelizards was always a good indication some weyrfolk was around. He had yet to see a wild firelizard this close to the Weyr. Then again O'wain doubted he would be able to tell if a firelizard was tame or wild even if it bit him on the nose.

Along the way to the river he found a shirt and from the color and size he guessed it was his. Pulling it on he spotted a young woman tending to a group of firelizards.

"Good afternoon, looks like you have quite the handful there." O'wain wasn't sure on her age but guessed she was old enough to be a Candidate. He was certain he saw her around too but never talked to before.
Title: Re: Brushie, Brushie, Brushie [Open]
Post by: Casa on 19 Sep 2013 at 12:53 AM
Casa giggled at the antics of the two in the water, shaking her head. At least they seemed to be enjoying themselves. Life would be much more difficult if she had a brood of the critters who didn't enjoy things like bathtime or oilings. She had been lucky with her group, unlike Quenym.

As she watched them, Knack raised his head, eyes off to the side. Noticing his intentness, she turned her gaze over towards the bushes, raising an eyebrow. He chirped once and then lay his head back on her shoulder, his gaze still firmly on the foliage.

A handful of second later, a rider came out of the tree line, his eyes watching the pair in the water splash around. He commented on the two, and Casa relaxed almost immediately, offering him a pleasant grin and nodding him over to join her. "They are an interesting little group, but I've been pretty lucky." She glanced over his mussed hair and chuckled, reaching into her bag and pulling out the leftovers from lunch, including a skin of wine. She'd become quite adept at nicking them, she thought with a hint of pride.

"Feel free to come join us, if you're so inclined. The two in the water, that's Edge-" she nodded to the frolicking blue, "and his best friend, Kaylee." The little brown around her neck curled his tail around her throat tighter, and she gently adjusted it, touching the stone choker at her throat absentmindedly. "This is Knack."
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Post by: O'wain on 19 Sep 2013 at 01:11 AM
O'wain smiled as the young lady pulled food from her bag. He was feeling rather hungry since he apparently slept through lunch, given the late hour. "You certainly are prepared for anything, including a stray dragonrider coming out of the trees."

He took a seat on the other side of the food she pulled out and helped himself to a meatroll. "Edge, Kaylee and Knack, interesting names."

"I am O'wain, the brown beast out in the sun back there somewhere is Nishkath," He introduced himself, suspecting she may only have seen him around and not picked up his name, much as he seen her around and couldn't recall her name. Too young to be any of the those who were taken from the North, that was certain. "I have seen you around, usually with another young weyrbrat but I can't say I recall your name."

Looking her over O'wain wondered if any of the weyrbrats were his. He slept with many women both in and out of flightlust if one became pregnant and never told him, he doubted he would have noticed a past lover being pregnant. He shrugged, one of these days he may take a weyrmate and make sons and daughters for him to enjoy. For now he just liked his carefree lifestyle to worry too much about the consequences of his lusts.

"Time for their bathing and oiling I gather?" O'wain guessed, spotting the pot of oil and small brush at her side. "They make good practice for when you get yourself a dragon, if you intend to Stand. You certainly look old enough to Stand."
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Post by: Casa on 19 Sep 2013 at 01:47 AM
She laughed and grinned at him, not failing to notice how much of a charmer he was. His gentle pushing for information wasn't missed either. Stretching, she leaned back, watching the two. "Yeah, I'm a candidate. Newly converted, granted. If it hadn't been for Quenym, I'd probably still be on the fence about it."

Glancing back in the direction of the treeline, she caught a hint of the brown hide in the sun. Her eyes perked up as she glanced over him. Another brownrider! She did so love browns. They were such reliable companions. Though, she had learned how sarcastic and amusing they could be. "Nishkath, hmm? Well, its a pleasure to meet you!"

She raised her voice a little bit, letting it carry over the river towards the dragon. He'd respond or he wouldn't. She'd learned that some were more social than other. Turning back to O'wain, nodded at the firelizards again. "It's a pleasure to meet you, O'wain. I'm Casa." Knack nipped at her cheek softly, and she slowly untangled him from her neck, setting him in the water. He chirped and began to let his wings, stretching his little frame slowly.

"It is indeed bath and oiling day. This group tells me when they are ready for more, and I try to stay on top of it. I've seen what happens when you can't keep up with a cracking hide. I wouldn't ever want that to happen to them." She pulled out a handful of sand, scooping up Kaylee and beginning to rub it into her wet hide. Her croon of enjoyment echoed for a moment. "So, do you have any?"
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Post by: O'wain on 19 Sep 2013 at 03:32 AM
He smiled broadly as she revealed she was a 'convert' then grinned even more as she mentioned the name of her friend. "Oh you are a friend of Quenym."

He suddenly realized he knew what this young lady's name must be but before he made a guess he decided to just ask it. It wasn't all that long ago he helped a certain young man the ins and outs about making love to a woman. O'wain was tempted to ask her if the young man had succeeded in making her first time a night to remember.

It isn't your concern the mating of these young people. Nishkath spoke firmly into his rider's mind. He stretched his dark wings and trotted out of the sun towards them.

Since when do you care if I ask about the mating of others, as you put it? O'wain was startled out of his thoughts by the brown's comment to the point he nearly missed the girl giving her name, confirming his earlier hunch.

"Casa, so you are the redfruit in the eye of the young man you mentioned before, Quenym," O'wain grinned. "I had the opportunity to meet him not all that long ago. I certainly hope the knowledge I shared with him resulted in a ni...."

Shut it! Before O'wain could even finish his sentence he was nearly knocked into the river by the large brown head that butted him. She is but a weryling, her time to fly isn't yet nor is it for you to chase her.

"Alright, alright, take it easy Nishy," O'wain raised his hands in surrender. There were times when the brown took it into his head to be his conscious and it always happened at the oddest times. "Be careful else you will send her fair into Between in fright."

I mean no harm to my little cousins nor the weyrling. The brown sent to not only his rider but to the firelizards and Casa. I am pleased to meet you and hope you can excuse my rider, his mind is too often upon the flight and rarely on the ground.

"Like she will understand what you are talking about," O'wain chuckled. "Don't mind him, he gets crazy ideas in his head at times."

"Now, if I remember correctly, sweet Casa, you were asking me if I had any firelizards. Unfortunately I have not the fortune of finding any of their eggs. I have considered doing a bit of beach combing myself to find a clutch but, to be perfectly honest I am not sure if I am responsible enough to care for one properly. It was hard enough taking care of this big brown brute here."
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Post by: Casa on 19 Sep 2013 at 03:58 AM
She raised an eyebrow briefly at his infectious grin mentioned Quenym. This man had dealings with her best friend? Somehow, that didn't realize surprise her. Quenym was a troublemaker and liked to spread his mischief around as far as possible.

As he began to mention Quenym again, she heard his tone turn...lusty and amused. She stopped him in his tracks with a finger to his lips gently, shaking her head. "Redfruit, no. Best friend, yes. He's the best wingsecond I could ever ask for. It's no surprise to me that you have met him."

But the words he had said hadn't escaped her notice. So Quenym had asked him about her? She wondered what had been said. Maybe he had asked advice, just like she had started to do?  Or maybe he was learning how to explore sex. O'wain looked like the kind of man who would be good to learn about sex from.

Maybe they had practiced together? Maybe not. Quenym and her, they'd shared kisses, but not much more yet. They had both agreed practice was necessary, as well as experimentation. But she wasn't sure Quenym was interested in sex with men. She shrugged it off with another devious grin at the man.

"Yes, I'm Casa. It's a pleasure to meetcha, O'wain." Turning to the brown dragon who came rumbling out of the trees so pleasantly, she offered him a warm smile in return. "And you don't have to sensor yourselves. I'm no fool to the flightlusts that happen around here. I may not know what I'm doing myself, but I'm no idiot."

She shrugged and leaned back again, listening to him buttering his talk again. She bemusedly wondered if he did it subconciously, and wrinkled her nose when he called her sweet. Ha! Boy, did he have a lot to learn about her.

"First off, I'm not sweet. Sweet is what you call girls in frilly dresses, cooing over babies. Second, I think you'd be up for the challenge," she said with a soft laugh, gazing drifting over Nishkath again. "You seem to know what your doing, at least in the regards to dragon rearing." The insult was subtle, but she wanted to see just how playful this man was. He'd survived Quenym, after all.
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Post by: O'wain on 19 Sep 2013 at 04:29 PM
O'wain smiled as she pressed her finger against his lips. He was tempted to kiss her fingers but decided not to be so forward. She was younger than he preferred in his bed partners and flirting didn't seem right to him. In a few years when she was more a woman then he'll consider her fair game.

"Ahh, he's your wingsecond. It is always good to have a trusty wingsecond to watch your back and keep up the formation when you are occupied." O'wain heard about a rash of weyrbrat led pranks occurring about the Weyrfolk hall. It brought to mind the colored stone he had found in a basket of glows. "He's a great kid, wonderful personality and a heavy dose of fun. I hope you two never grow out of it, life is boring when everybody gets all tense and grouchy once they get older."

"Pleased to meet you Casa...a truly lovely name for a girl made of sterner stuff than many of the silly Hold bred girls who wouldn't dare sit on the ground and tend their beautiful firelizards on their lap." O'wain grinned and shrugged as she made it clear she was no stranger to the effects of flightlust even if she never was drawn into them yet.

So she didn't consider herself sweet? Definitely a rough and tough  kind of girl. Weyrbred through and through as far as O'wain was concerned. This girl had a brain and was very practical, he did like that sort of girl.  Then she said the words, the words that would get him to take on any challenge.

"Of course I am up for the challenge," O'wain thought back on his earlier words and realized he indicated he just wasn't responsible enough. True he probably would forget to feed them but if they were anything like Nishkath, he wouldn't sleep an extra minute once they woke up creeling in hunger. It would mess up his morning routine but he would adopt.

"If I ever get a chance to get my hands on a firelizard egg, I certainly will raise it up as successfully as I have Nishkath here."  Reaching up he scratched the brown's chin. For his part Nishkath exhaled a warm puff of air over him, ruffling his hair in the process.

It will be interesting having a little cousin to care for. They are very endearing, I have watched many of them while I rested in my wallow. If you get a green or a gold, their eggs would make very nice gifts to the ladies you leave behind.

"So how did you get these three?" O'wain inquired, looking at Casa's collection.
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Post by: Casa on 19 Sep 2013 at 05:01 PM
She grinned as he rose to the bait, pleased to see he was actually interested. She had fallen in love with firelizards, and they had served her well. She hadn't been around all those years ago when they had supposedly started the sickness that led to the low dragon population; all she knew was that they were loyal and friendly creatures. How could a creature like Knack hurt someone?

She leaned over Kaylee, continuing to scrub sand into her hide before setting her in a bubbly section of water. Edge, noticing Kaylee was getting attention, hopping over to her awkwardly, covering her in a fine layer of mist. She shook her head and laughed, scrubbing into his skin and tapping him on the nose to still his protests. After a thorough rub down into his back and tail, she set him down too, where he proceeded to excitedly dip himself into the running water.

As she went to scoop up Knack she finally answered O'wain's question. "These babies were found while exploring out along a private section of river by one of my friends." She glanced him over, feeling she could trust him. With a devious smile, she continued. "I was bored, so he decided to show me the joys of alcohol. Wine can be a funny thing, it can."

Knack rolled onto his back with no asking, and she carefully rubbed the sweetsand into his skin, sighing contently. "We were poking around and we stumbled over a whole clutch of the little things! Most of them Impressed, but not many people showed up. So I somehow ended up with these three."

Knack hopped out of her hands to rinse off while the other two barreled up into her lap, demanding to be oiled at the same time. Rolling her eyes, she glanced to O'wain. "Any chance you want to try your luck? These two like to demand attention at the SAME TIME - makes it hard to oil them both without the oil ending up spilled or worse."
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Post by: O'wain on 19 Sep 2013 at 06:55 PM
O'wain stretched his legs out, watching Casa tend to Kaylee. The process looked no different than tending to Nishkath except on a very small scale. No need for a long handled brush to tend to these little things. "So they definitely do Impress much like dragons, feed then at hatching till they are too stuffed to fly off. A friend for life just like Nishkath here."

I am more than just a friend. Nishkath lowered his head beside O'wain, wishing he could be attended to like the little firelizards. If you get one, I will help you keep it fed.

O'wain chuckled. "It seems I am going to have to get one now, Nishkath volunteered to help keep it fed."

"I will be glad to help, if they are willing to let a stranger rub their pretty hides." O'wain finished off the meatroll he had picked earlier and brushed the crumbs from his hands and lap. "Oiling hides I am certainly an expert with I had lots of practice."

That he has and he does it very well, Nishkath tells both his rider and the young woman.
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Post by: Casa on 19 Sep 2013 at 07:16 PM
Casa chewed over this thought. Having a dragon must make it a little easier to feed firelizards. After all, dragons were perfectly capable of hunting down big prey. And the scraps left from a feeding would definitely fulfill the needs of a firelizard. Another advantage to her babies and possibly Impressing.

However, in the meantime, she was willing to bet she could get friendly enough with some of her rider friends to let her tag along when it was feeding time. She grinned when she recalled her birthday and how K'ton's beast hated feeding in front of her. It didn't phase her. It was a normal part of weyr life! You got used to seeing dead things.

Casa grinned up at the big brown. He did look well oiled, and she trusted O'wain. Glancing over, she handed Kaylee to him. She creeled in protest until Casa scooted next to him with Edge. Once they were close again, she crooned, rubbing her head against O'wain's cheek before staring at him expectantly.

Shaking her head, she picked up one of the rags she'd brought, opening the oil jar and setting it down as she began to work the oil into the skin around Edge's head. Knack, seeing he would have to wait his turn, quietly winged over to Nishkath, crooning gently before curling himself into a little brown ball between the dragon's front limbs, his head resting on the bigger brown and watching Casa patiently.

Watching him, she offered him a soft smile, gently brushing his mind affectionately. "They are very easy to care for - stuff the little gluttons full of food, and they fall asleep content. We can go looking for eggs if you and Nishkath would like sometime! I know most of the wilds around here."
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Post by: O'wain on 19 Sep 2013 at 08:18 PM
O'wain accepted Kaylee and immediately scratched the little eye ridge, pleased when Kaylee cooed in much the same way as Nishkath from the attention. "Miniature dragons, that is exactly what they are."

Dipping his finger into some of the oil Casa brought, O'wain started applying it gently to Kaylee's hide. "I can see they would be easier to care for, we can oil these three up far faster than it took me to oil Nishkath even a day after his hatching. Being a dragonrider means being very good at washing, scrubbing and oiling hide. Makes taking care of these little guys a piece of cake."

Nishkath cooed softly at the little brown curling up between his forefeet. Because of the position of his eyes he had to turn his head to better study the miniature version of himself.

I would enjoy looking for eggs with you, Nishkath answered before O'wain could. The brownrider chuckled.

"Well I am sure you heard, Nishkath and I will be quite happy to have your help in looking for some eggs." O'wain tried to think the best time to do a good search. His next patrol? No he doubted S'kef would take to kindly upon learning he spent most of his patrol searching for firelizard eggs nor that he brought a girl with him. Free time it would have to be.

"When I am not stuck doing a patrol or other wing related duties and you aren't stuck on a chore assignment, we can get together and check out all the wilderness you are mistress of." O'wain looked her over a moment then smiled, "I am sure we can find you some flying leathers, unless you already have a set. It's hot down here but a few dragon lengths in the air it can be much cooler."
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Post by: Casa on 20 Sep 2013 at 12:46 AM
She beamed in delight to see O'wain so comfortable with the little creatures, and Kaylee absolutely soaked up the feelings. She held still, showing off her pretty green hide while he so carefully rubbed it in, her head tilting to the sides as she cooed up at him, making pretty eyes at him and curiously investigating this man her bonded seemed to like.

Edge, not to be upstaged, chittered at the man and tried to nose him. Casa bopped him on the head, chastising him into submission while she carefully worked oil into his limbs. He crooned to Kaylee, trying to cooperate but obviously wanting to play where she was, with this new friend of there. Casa rolled her eyes, keeping him still as she worked.

"If they are miniature dragons, then I should be just fine," she said with an amused glance between the two. "However, they are a bit more simple than dragons...not so much on the talking, but very attuned to emotional responses and simple commands." She offered a bright grin to Nishkath, obviously pleased at his offer to look for eggs as well.

"I don't have any flying leathers...I always just wear multiple layers when we go short distances and to between. It is always miserably cold, but worth it when I can convince Papa to take me to the lake. That's generally the only time I get to fly." Knack snuggled further into Nishkath's paws, gaze torn between the bigger cousin and Casa as they worked.
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Post by: O'wain on 20 Sep 2013 at 01:32 AM
O'wain found the little green he was oiling quite charming with her flattering glances. Was she trying to charm him into taking longer in rubbing the oil into her soft hide. He smiled and winked at her. "Yes you are a sweet darling little green sure to make any brown or blue swoon with those pretty little eyes."

She is way too small for me to chase, I would lose her in the sun, Nishkath said, his voice fully of teasing amusement. O'wain smirked.

I certainly hope you don't give chase to a firelizard, that would never work at all. Besides, Casa is far too young for me, give her another four or five years then we shall see. O'wain wondered if by then she wouldn't be weyrmates with Quenym by then and generally unavailable. Unless she did Impress a green, then that would mean Nishkath could chase her dragon. It was a nice thought but O'wain wasn't one to make such long ranged plans.

"I expect these little things are far simpler than dragons. For one thing you won't be spending the bulk of your day in weyrling lessons when Impressing a firelizard and you can Impress quite a few and you can only have one dragon, till death do you part."

Nishkath stretched his neck and reached over O'wain to nudge Casa lightly on the head. He blew air into her hair affectionately. We will find eggs together, I am certain of it.

"No flying leathers?" O'wain was surprised, especially as she explained she did go flying with her father time to time. He would have thought if her father was a dragonrider he would have arranged to see her in proper flying leathers. Well, he could easily find a warm jacket for her to wear just in case they go Between. "Well warm clothing worn in layers would work for straight flying, Faranth knows I don't always dress properly when I fly with Nishkath."
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Post by: Casa on 20 Sep 2013 at 01:53 AM
Casa couldn't resist the little smirk that darted over her lips as he mentioned flying not always properly dressed. She could see that, especially with the way he seemed to appear out of nowhere, seemingly a part of the wilds themselves...she was willing to bet that he had been out here with someone. It seemed plausible, but she couldn't tell if that had been what spawned today's appearance from the trees.

"It will be nice to get something warmer," she admitted, lips pressing together briefly as she considered the bone chilling cold of riding between. She didn't fear heights, she thrilled in the feeling of the freedom of the air, but the cold and numbness that came from vanishing into nothingness and then reappearing...well, she couldn't imagine getting used to it. It was shocking in every definition of the word.

As Nishkath leaned over and nudged her, a shiver of delight shot down her spine, and her hands froze for a moment before resuming the oiling on Edge. After a moment, she let her eyes slide back open, a bemused half-smile on her lips. She absolutely loved dragons, and brown ones in particular were her favorite; having this one so affectionately interact made her warm inside.

After setting Edge down (who promptly crawled onto O'wain's shoulder and settled down to sun himself), she wiped her hands dry, gently running her fingertips across his face. Her eyes slid closed again, and a soft sigh of contentment escaped her lips. she let herself just enjoy the moment before slowly nodding, carefully collecting Knack and beginning to work the oil into his beautiful brown hide. "I believe we will, Nishkath," she said quietly, eyes warm as she turned to focus on the little brown lazing in her hands.
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Post by: O'wain on 20 Sep 2013 at 03:14 AM
"Between certainly is as cold as you will ever be but the warmth of the South chases that cold away as fast as the desert near Igen." He had never been there but he knew enough about the north to know Igen was hot and dry. "A good set of fur lined wher hide riding leathers does help to keep that chill from your bones."

O'wain was finished oiling Kaylee by this time and was rather surprised when Edge crawled upon his shoulder. He smirked and lifted Kaylee carefully to his other shoulder. "It seems they like me."

Nishkath blew more air at Casa, eyes whirling a bright blue. He definitely enjoyed attention. He would gladly take Casa flying at any time even if they found eggs the first time they go looking.

O'wain chuckled. "He's a big suck, give him any attention and he probably end up following you home."

I couldn't follow her home she lives in the Weyrfolk Hall, I don't fit in there, The brown lowered his head down to rest on his forepaws now that he had no firelizrad nestling there.

"I expect she lives in the Candidate barracks, Nishy, but if you follow her home I will be very lonely." O'wain teased his dragon who simply snorted.

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Post by: Casa on 20 Sep 2013 at 06:04 AM
She leaned her head against Nishkath's one final time before he lowered his head to rest on his paws. She sighed briefly, sad to lose contact with him, but she turned her attention back to her own beloved little brown, humming while she worked the oil into his joints and down his tail.

"I do live in the candidate halls now...doubtful you would fit there either. But that doesn't mean I can't come to visit you instead. If you are somewhere in the tangle of huts around, I'm sure I can find you. And if I can't, these troublemakers can, I have no doubt of it." Knack chirped at her, blinking his eyes slowly and relaxing like putty into her hands. She rolled her eyes, a content look on her face.

Kaylee and Edge, meanwhile, decided they would take advantage of this obvious invitation to explore the new friend. Edge lifted his head to sniff heartily into the man's hair, head poking about at odd angles before he decided he had to try it. Kaylee, however, decided it was snuggle time, and proceeded to try and crawl down O'wain's shirt; she snuggled herself right against his chest, crooning her approval as she sniffed around and investigated.

As soon as she noticed, Casa snapped out at them, telling them to behave. They knew better then to crawl all over the man! Edge squeaked sheepishly, laying flat against the man's shoulders, while Kaylee stopped wiggling about and curled up to nap. She sighed, frowning slightly. "They can be, um...trouble least they are mostly behaving. You'll have to meet Quenym's sometime, they are really a handful..."
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Post by: O'wain on 20 Sep 2013 at 05:12 PM
"My hut isn't too hard to find, in fact it's fairly central." O'wain gave directions to it as well as he could from memory. "It may be a good idea to send one of your flits to find me, sometimes I do have company."

You will always have me.

Of course, Nishy, but you don't always stay at the hut, the sun isn't always the best there in the afternoon. O'wain smirked as the dragon conceded the point.

Then he had a firelizard poking and prodding his hair which was a very new sensation. Before he could make any response to Edge poking in his hair, Kaylee was diving into his shirt to nestle against his stomach. O'wain's main concern was claws raking up his chest but the firelizard was rather careful. Now if only her tail didn't tickle him too much.

"Ah, well no harm done," O'wain looked up at Casa as she scolded  her firelizards. "Kaylee has settled, before she was tickling me. "I expect they are young still and full of play. In a way it's rather an honor they feel so safe with me."
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Post by: Casa on 20 Sep 2013 at 08:47 PM
Casa nodded sagely, understanding what he meant. She might find it amusing to show up out of the blue, but it was probably embarrassing for adults to be walked in on when they were busy with someone. She wouldn't know yet; it didn't seem like the sort of thing that would bother her much, but it hadn't happened to her.

I may just ask you too, once we get close...though you seem fond of the little ones, so maybe you'd prefer if I sent them. She grinned up at Nishkath, offering him a gentle scratch along his eye ridges.

"I'm surprised they have taken to you so quickly myself - they are very friendly, very trusting, but they do seem most interested in you. Just proves you are definitely meant to own one of the little beasts."

Knack, mostly oiled at this point, crooned in concern at the word 'beast'; Casa giggled at his protest, shaking her head at him. "Hush, love, you know I didn't mean you." Stroking him affectionately, she thought about it for a moment. "They'll want to come along on our little adventure; Kaylee and Edge are fascinated by the bigger cousins, so they will probably bother Nishkath. Knack however, is named as such for a reason...he's very good at finding odd little things."
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Post by: O'wain on 20 Sep 2013 at 11:42 PM
Nishkath crooned softly as Casa scratched along his eye ridges. You are always welcome at my wollow and please don't stop what you're doing now, I am enjoying it very much.

"Must be my natural charm," O'wain chuckled. "Given how they are taking to me looks like I am definitely going to have to find myself a clutch. I know I don't want a dozen eggs but a few would suit me fine, the rest I am sure I can find good homes for."

"They are all welcome to come along, either riding on us or they can follow Nishkath in the air," O'wain didn't think it would be any trouble for the fire lizards to come along. In fact having them around may make it easier to find a nest, if they know what a nest of their own kind would look like. "If Knack is good at finding firelizard clutches that certainly will be beneficial."

"It seems you are just about done with Knack there, how about we walk to my hut, this way you will know where it is." O'wain suggested.
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Post by: Casa on 21 Sep 2013 at 02:53 AM
Casa nodded softly, standing and recapping the oil. She took a couple of minutes to gather up the brushes and rags, along with the remnants of lunch, shoving them all into the bag. As she stood and stretched, the firelizards carefully detached themselves from O'wain, winging over to attach themselves to her in various formations. Knack curled himself around her neck, while the other two bickered before clinging to arms and shirts.

Glancing over, she helped O'wain up from where he was on the ground, offering a genuine and relaxed smile to the man. She genuinely liked him, and they seemed to get along fairly well. She looked forward to their exploration and the looking of eggs. It would be a good thing.

"So...I guess you take the lead then. Lead on, mister brown rider," she said. Turning to Nishkath, she started scratching along the eye ridges again, keeping pace with the big brown's head as they headed back towards the weyr, her firelizard chores over and new adventures beginning.