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Personal Huts / An UnImpressed Party [Invite]
« on: 15 Jan 2013 at 06:17 PM »
It was the night after the Hatching Feast – they weren’t complete dicks after all.

After the second failed attempt at Impressing, Ryvian and his brother had come up with an excellent way to get over that little sting to the ego. After celebrating with the weyr at large with all the drinks they could stomach, they threw their own party at their hut for those that didn’t Impress and a few of their rider friends. They may suck and not be wanted by the current batch of dragonets stumbling around but they could still have sex which was more than the weyrlings could say for the next eight months!

That was typically the theme of their parties anyhow so it only made sense to continue on in the face of depression with the opportunity to fool around with a person or two. So it was an easy call after their fourth failure to throw another party. The usual set up had been done, in that they had a few drinks and a bit of food swiped from the Kitchens while leaving plenty of space for anything else their guests brought. A ‘bring your own’ attitude was generally preferred for private gathers given how hard it was to come by certain things and how not everyone could cook food they were willing to serve to people and still have friends the following day.

The verbal invitations were issued during the Feast and the following afternoon when people were stumbling their way to the Dining Hall. While the twins didn’t discriminate all that much, they generally stuck to inviting those that knew how to have fun and enjoyed a good party. Naturally any of those party animals that happened to Impress recently weren’t invited and currently deemed a lost cause but there were still plenty of others to fill their hut with!

With a final glance around the hut that had been tidied up for a shindig, Ryvian popped the front door open a bit to indicate they were open for a good time. A moment later and he had a mug of ale and was flopping on the couch, watching Nyvian. Maybe it was a bit narcissistic of him, but his twin made for a fine sight and Ryvian liked to enjoy it whenever he could. “You after anyone specific tonight?” Ryvian had a couple in mind himself but like always, he was just going with the flow and would take any opportunity that came up and seemed like fun.

Personal Huts / Re: An UnImpressed Party [Invite]
« on: 15 Jan 2013 at 07:10 PM »
“Not really. You’re wearing far too many articles of clothing,” Ryvian smirked at being called out for his staring and not caring. It wasn’t the first time and wouldn’t be the last time and it was clear Nyvian knew as well but didn’t seem to mind. Seriously though, how was he expected to keep his eyes off of his mirror image when it looked that hot? Ryvian wasn’t exactly known for standing in front of reflective surfaces for hours on end but he definitely knew how to appreciate what he had and play it up for everyone else to notice as well. The fact that Nyvian had the same face just made it easier to contemplate how he looked when wearing or doing certain things.

“I’shan’s ass is definitely in the running for being one of the finest around right now,” there wasn’t any doubt in that field, just like there wasn’t a doubt that they both had the bluerider marked for some fun. Did the rest of the list match up? It usually held up well in comparison with only a slight difference but given their small crowd they had invited on top of the Candidates, Ryvian suspected it’d be pretty similar this time. Well, assuming everyone turned up and why wouldn’t they? They had all been to their parties before and knew what the night would hold for them if they showed up and stayed for more than one drink.

“Should we bet on who gets laid first tonight? Who gets I’shan tonight?” He was only partially joking as he looked for the extra ways to make sure they both stayed properly distracted from thinking about the recent Hatching. It sucked, but he’d rather be sucking someone off. That was a good mini goal to start the night with. He was certain he could grab D’hys or maybe Z’ia if either man showed up and drag them to the bedroom for a little thanks for showing up gift.

But there was one main goal, his usual goal though Ryvian couldn’t say why it became something he was so fascinated with. “I think I’m gonna try to get Indivara tonight.” He tossed a quick glance to Nyvian to see his reaction. Indivara had been a goal of his since the girl started chasing after the pathetic losers of flights. She was a spitfire and Ryvian had always enjoyed her friendship but lately he wanted to enjoy her a bit more while naked and with her beneath him. Although given the girl he was chasing, it’d be him under her as she rode and dominated him. That thought gave him a bit of an excited shiver. Besides, if anyone needed the distraction that night, it was Indivara. She took being looked over by dragonets harder than the twins with only Kerrin rivalling her anger and pain.

Personal Huts / Re: An UnImpressed Party [Invite]
« on: 19 Jan 2013 at 02:02 AM »
Ryvian didn’t quite like the way his brother said ‘finally’ in regards to getting Indivara into bed. Sometimes having a twin was a bit of annoyance with how well Nyvian knew him and how deep his speculations could run. What exactly did he think was going on with Indivara and him and would he sabotage attempts or try to get them to work? Even with trying to activate his own twin powers, Ryvian settled for a simple shrug, deciding it was best not to dwell too long on that topic, especially, as it turned out, the girl in question was waltzing through the door. A mischievous grin was given to Nyvian before Ryvian tracked the girl’s movement to the bar area and over to them

As she flopped down beside him, he couldn’t help but think how well the start to his goal was going. It wasn’t unusual to hang out like this with Indivara flopping down wherever and however she wanted nor was flirting with her all that uncommon either but Ryvian took it as a positive sign, as he did pretty much everything in life. “Hey, Di,” Ryvian used the playful nickname he sometimes snuck in as he draped an arm around her shoulders. Turns of getting punched and kicked for calling her Indi had taught the elder twin to use her full name but he still couldn’t resist using his own nickname for her. “Nyvian thinks he has a chance with I’shan and Z’ia tonight. Give him five minutes and he’ll likely add D’hys to the list as well if that guy shows up.”

While it wasn’t exactly the right bluerider, Ryvian grinned at I’shan as he made his grand entrance. That was a man that was always fun to have around and it would have been disappointing if he didn’t show. Of course, for a while there it was hard to say if I’shan would put in an appearance given how whipped he was by N’gelt but he had loosened up again and the twins took advantage of it with the invites. “Yo, I’shan! Grab a drink and join us, man.”

Tryst watched Squee circle around and land inelegantly by Shit Head before flopping over. Should he go play? Was it really a question? Giving Lace a little nuzzle and encouraging purr to join him, Tryst flew over and pounced on Squee to take up the invitation to play. It was a party! Everyone was supposed to have fun! Ryvian cast the blue firelizard a quick glance to make sure he wasn’t about to destroy everything and returned his attention to the friends surrounding him.

Personal Huts / Re: An UnImpressed Party [Invite]
« on: 20 Jan 2013 at 03:16 PM »
“Just the usual, no major scandals, and we invited the usual crowd plus a few others that might be fun –hey!” Ryvian found himself suddenly being removed from his very cozy and prime location between Nyvian and Indivara and stumbling away from them. That’s what he got for being a good host and talking with one of his sexy guests! He should have known better than to take his eyes off of D’hys for any length of time since the man was sneaky and liked things going his way. Then again, with the crowd gathering in their hut, it would have been hard to assume the bluerider would hone in on Nyvian or Indivara first, especially with the greeting he gave I’shan.

Frowning only briefly at his sudden predicament, Ryvian chugged back the last little bit of his drink he thankfully didn’t spill anywhere – especially on Indivara – and set his cup down on a table. Well now what? Oh, that’s right, pick on D’hys a bit. “You know, D’hys baby, you picked the wrong twin. He might go down on you in the bedroom but I would have been more likely to entertain my guests.” The smirk he smirked at the older man but his gaze went to Nyvian. Whether his brother wanted to prove him right or wrong was up to him and Ryvian wouldn’t mind either way. He just wanted to get a little dig in at the bluerider that liked to control everything and remind him he should pay attention to which brother was which. Then again, the sexy jerk probably knew exactly who he was trying to get naked right then. He was annoying sometimes like that.

He left that group for a bit, thinking he’d be nice and mingle with everyone trickling in. Indivara wouldn’t sneak out just yet so there was still time to make a proper move on her.

Craft Hall / Re: A Trim [Ryvian]
« on: 27 Jan 2013 at 06:13 PM »
Ryvian had been interested in doing a whole lot of nothing that afternoon. He had unsurprisingly gone to bed late since the days were in that unbearable state of summer and night was much cooler for being active. Unfortunately he had also been early to rise thanks to Nyvian needing an extra set of hands with collecting some berries and fruit the kitchen was getting low on. Since he loved eating and making his brother happy, Ryvian had dragged his lazy butt out of bed and trudged through the forest all morning.

Of course it didn’t end there. His brother was horribly mean sometimes and he proved it after a light lunch when he revealed he had volunteered Ryvian to help some of the older residents by collecting their clothes that needed mending and bringing it to the tailors. If that was all he had left to do that day, Ryvian would be thankful! He quickly blew through the task but ended up lingering around the Crafting Hall since it was a bit cooler in the building. He was busy nosing about cupboards and papers left lying around when his name was called and he turned with a smile to greet the woman.

Only it wasn’t anyone he expected to find. Mevrit was a mystery to him. She seemed impervious to any flirting Nyvian or he did and she always politely declined everything tossed her way. Ryvian thought maybe she was blind at first but her sight seemed to be just fine. His current assumption was that she was only into women and didn’t want to admit it. He couldn’t figure out why but supposed it had something to do with being Hold bred and her morals. Even though she loved women, she was probably ashamed and worried about being judged by the other Stolen Candidates despite the weyr and how open the residents were.

“Hey, Mevrit,” still Ryvian came the woman a winning smile, convinced that even if she loved only her fellow ladies, he could sway her back to the fence so she could dabble in both sides. At the question, he frowned a little in confusion. He sometimes trimmed Nyvian’s hair to keep it fresh and as sexy as ever just like Nyvian did his but he definitely didn’t have any real training in the area. In fact, he wondered how Mevrit even knew about the trimmings he gave. Oh well, it couldn’t be that hard to hack off some hair, right? “Um, sure. Grab a seat.” He waved to a nearby chair before turning back to the counter and cupboard to find everything that was needed.

So much for doing nothing for the rest of the day! At least this would be entertaining and he might win some points with the woman.

Craft Hall / Re: A Trim [Ryvian]
« on: 27 Jan 2013 at 07:04 PM »
These were the only scissors he could find! “Someone moved them,” he countered, not wanting to show he really didn’t belong in that area of the Hall. He probably should own up to that fact but he had the socially awkward – in fact he’d label her more as someone who wanted to avoid social interaction entirely – woman approach him willingly for something. It was a small step but one all the same and Ryvian had set himself the goal of converting her anyway so he’d just go along with the incorrect assumption he knew what he was doing.

At least he found the right scissors! Or something that seemed right. They were smaller than the pair he had initially grabbed and decided they would work. A towel was grabbed as well and he draped it over Mevrit’s shoulders to help keep her bland clothes clean. He wondered if she would accept fashion hints after the haircut since it seemed she was in the mood to improve on her appearance. That was something to consider before asking her though. Ryvian didn’t want to point out her terribly boring taste without having a good example of what she should be wearing.

“You could say that. I did some chores today and my free time is filled with Nyvian,” he purposely name dropped his brother to help Mevrit figure out which one he was. It didn’t bother him, and he barely noticed she had called him Vian before but Ryvian wanted to be nice and continue to warm her up, “and our friends. You should come by sometime.” He knew the question had been asked out of politeness and Mevrit was trying to seem interested and slightly missing. Still, Ryvian liked chatting and didn’t mind her attempts.

Standing behind Mevrit, Ryvian drew his fingers through her long hair a few times to stall. He had only ever carefully cleaned up the tips of Nyvian’s hair but Mevrit wanted a good chunk of hair taken off. How best to do it? Shrugging, he drew it all back to hold in one hand and reached over for the scissors. The moment of truth! He started cutting slowly above where he held the hair and watched as the newly shortened strands slid free to hang back in place. That seemed to be working out well! It worked well until the last snip and Ryvian placed the handful of hair on the counter. He’d likely have to sweep up after so this made it easier.

Turning back he stared in horror at the jagged hair he had left behind. Long strands and short strands were layered all over the girl’s head and he had clearly missed the mark in some areas about not going shorter than her chin. In fact, he was pretty sure she was about to have bangs as well. That wasn’t good! Maybe he could clean it up and give her a fabulous style anyway? The comb was grabbed and Ryvian brushed out Mevrit’s hair and considered it a moment longer before making smaller snips. He could fix this! “I think you’ll like this,” he stated as confidently as if he actually meant it. Currently he was attempting to make everything a bit more even or at least show the jaggedness was done on purpose.

Personal Huts / Re: An UnImpressed Party [Invite]
« on: 27 Jan 2013 at 07:15 PM »
Ryvian turned around from the small spread of food to find Erisi being his usual grumpy self. It oddly worked on the man and the twin was pretty sure he’d told Erisi that a time or two before or after getting him between the sheets. It was part of the fun of playing with him! The weyrling was completely different in bed, usually, it all depended on if he was getting his way. Ryvian liked to play around but he wasn’t much into mind games or games of dominance in bed like someone like D’hys. He just wanted to have fun! The same could be said about Erisi not knowing he was a twin. Ryvian hadn’t purposely led the weyrling to believe that and neither had Nyvian. They didn’t hide when one was with Erisi and they figured everyone within the weyr knew who they were and that they came in a pair. Why wouldn’t someone know there were twins – sexy ones at that – running around?

“Ryvian,” he grinned, knowing full well Erisi would never know which one was which and he’d still call them Vian like everyone else. Sometimes he wondered how many people remembered they had their own names and what they were. “And no guessing needed. It’s why we get called Vian. We answer to that as easily as our proper names.” Indivara was good at getting their names right though it sometimes seemed like luck. At the thought of their female friend, Ryvian glanced over at her and saw her still sitting far too comfortably beside D’hys. The man was hot and amazing in bed but he was so frustrating as well! He got lovers easily and didn’t care if they were marked as someone else’s target that night. No doubt D’hys would end up with Nyvian, Indivara, and I’shan before the party ended. Bastard.

“Glad you still wanted to come by. You know the drill. Make yourself at home and have fun, Erisi!”

Craft Hall / Re: A Trim [Ryvian]
« on: 28 Jan 2013 at 12:25 PM »
Oh, good! Distract her with conversation! “Chores suck. But who says you have to do them all of the time or the same ones over and over?” Ryvian brushed away some of the bits of hair that clung to the towel, more out of a way to keep his hands busy while he surveyed the damage he had done. He was oddly having a lot of fun snipping away more and more and needed to stop before the woman ended up with little to no hair at all. “And you’d never be intruding, Mev! In fact, come by our hut anytime you want to skip out on work for an afternoon. Whether we’re there or not, you can hang out.” It wouldn’t be the first time he returned home to find a random friend hiding out for the day. Several of their friends knew the door was always opened to them and it wasn’t like the twins were overly private. So long as something extremely bad hadn’t happened that day, it was always a nice surprise to see someone sprawled on the couch.

“So no more fretting, okay?” It was almost adorable how she worried over being an intrusion when she had just been given an invitation to come visit. She was a lot like Rhaedalyn in that area as well. Both girls seemed strong against the flirting and didn’t want to step on toes and ended up worrying more than was needed. He was sure both were supposed to be outstanding qualities in women but they just weren’t needed with him! He liked having people around and people that knew how to relax and enjoy themselves were even better.

Another snip was given before Ryvian realized too late that Mevrit was reaching for a preview via her fingers. Not good! His masterpiece wasn’t done yet! He lightly tapped at her fingers, attempting to shoo them away, “I thought something a bit more… edgy,” literally, going by how choppy some of the pieces were, “would be fun and suit you. Trust me, Mev!” The pressure was on now; he had to make something that wouldn’t leave the woman screaming and ready to kill him. He knew how important hair could be to a person since he himself had a fabulous head of hair. It always looked like he just rolled out of bed after some great sex but that usually wasn’t far from the truth and he totally rocked the look as did Nyvian.

As he stopped cutting and started styling by swooshing some of the front shorter pieces to the side for some sort-of-but-not-really bangs, Ryvian almost laughed at the realization that he gave Mevrit a style somewhat similar to his own. Well, if it worked for them, then it could maybe work for her as well! Standing directly in front of her, Ryvian busied himself with running hands through the dark locks to see if he had managed to make everything even. Nope, not exactly! He wouldn’t attempt to any further though since he had a feeling Mevrit would end up with no hair soon if he did.

“I think we’re done! I like it,” for the most part, he did. It wasn’t something he saw a lot of women sporting but it seemed to work well enough on Mevrit with her quirky features. Even so, perhaps he should leave before she found a mirror. It wasn’t entirely what she requested and given the length he cut off, it would no doubt be one heck of a shock!

Ryvian took off the towel around her shoulders and slowly backed away a few steps.

Craft Hall / Re: A Trim [Ryvian]
« on: 29 Jan 2013 at 12:29 AM »
It was a lot shorter than he expected as well! At least he had tried to clean it up and make it look presentable. Ryvian was slightly proud of his job and thought it would be easy to maintain for someone who didn’t come across as the type that spent a lot of time on appearance. He didn’t point that out though since he was trying to earn points, not lose more. Then again, he probably lost a lot with his choice of styling since he didn’t believe any of the polite words Mevrit gave him. It was clear she had been raised to always be kind and while she was good at saying the words, the sincerity seemed a little off at times. Saying her hair was very nice was one of those times.

So long as she didn’t come after him with scissors, he’d take what was given and be happy with it!

“I think you look good, Mevrit!” Ryvian closed the gap between them again since she was weaponless and came up behind her to play with a few strands again, setting them just right. If there really was a ‘right’ to be had. He wasn’t lying though when he said it looked good. It likely needed a skilled hand to clean up parts but he was an artistic genius with what he had created! Being the touchy-feely sort of person that he was, Ryvian slipped his arms around Mevrit’s waist and dropped his chin on her shoulder. “I hope you do like it but I won’t be offended if you get it changed soon. Some styles are a bit drastic for a sudden change.” His playful mood was taking over and a quick kiss was dropped on her cheek before Ryvian danced away from the woman.

“And maybe I’ll take you up on your offer to help you work sometime. Ny’s always volunteering me to help with extra tasks to keep me busy but I’d rather help a pretty woman I want to be around.” His grin widened as he upped the flirting he suspected still wouldn’t have an effect.

Gather Square / Re: Playtime! [Open!]
« on: 02 Feb 2013 at 08:59 PM »
Ryvian was bored thanks to Nyvian still playing the nicer and more dedicated twin as he continued to help someone with some chore or another. No one had come by the hut yet that day either which wasn’t entirely odd since the day was still young and his younger friends were probably still in a lesson or doing homework while his older friends were likely tending to their dragons. He supposed that was fine as well but didn’t they know he was bored and didn’t have anything to do or anyone to see? Well, he’d just have to change that!

Strolling between the huts with Tryst flying in lazy circles over his head, Ryvian had no real destination in mind as he simply went looking for familiar face that was fun to be around. He stumbled briefly when Grith’s loud voice aimed at ‘Ra’ hit him and Tryst squealed at the interruption of their peaceful meandering as if he could make the noise stop or attack it. When Grith did fall silent, Tryst gave a creel of victory and landed on Ryvian’s shoulder, earning a quick petting as the young man perked up. Grith was sometimes unpredictable in her playing but she was entertaining all the same and he knew Indivara was the girl that had just been contacted, which was even better!

Knowing his friend wouldn’t turn down a chance to play with Grith – mostly because the little green would make a larger fuss until she got what she wanted – Ryvian made his way through the rows of huts and finally out to the Square where two green dragons were playing with a bunch of kids and Indivara was joining them. He was about to call out a greeting to everyone when the idea to come up behind Indivara seemed far more delightful. Tryst was shushed so he wouldn’t ruin the fun though Ryvian barely held back a cackle of laughter when Indivara beamed a kid in the head with one of the balls.

Coming up behind the younger weyrbrat, Ryvian grabbed her by the upper arms and angled around a bit to the side to show who had just dared to grab her and grinned. “Hey!” His eyes sparkled with mischief and Ryvian let go of Indivara so he’d have enough space and time to dodge any flying fists that were likely to come his way if he startled her enough.

Laughing, a quick glance and a greeting were sent to the greenriders as well before he wisely turned his attention fully back to his spitfire of a friend. “Aren’t you too old to be playing ball, Di?” 

Gather Square / Re: Playtime! [Open!]
« on: 05 Feb 2013 at 01:07 AM »
“Hey, Grith!” Ryvian laughed as he tried to dodge the ball that Indivara was winding up for tossing at him but only managed to save his head as his shoulder took the hit instead. He winced at the connection and was quickly reminded about the strength the petite girl possessed. He’d do well to remember that along with her ability to strike fast with a punch or a kick to the junk! There was no denying her verbal attack either as even though he was several turns older than Indivara, Ryvian was still just as playful as her. He gave the obligatory protest as she grabbed a wrist and dragged him along before willingly following after several steps. No point in fighting the prospect of some fun!

Unfortunately while he caught the ball R’ana tossed his way – to which he gave her a smile and a wink – Ryvian missed the next one that had the force of a playful dragon behind it and ended up taking a ball to the head. He yelped and stumbled but kept his balance which he was proud of. The ball he had managed to catch was tossed back at a group of giggling kids so he could rub at the spot that had been introduced to the round object of doom. “That’ll teach me to take my eye off the – son of a wher!”

Ryvian suddenly found himself on the ground and clutching both sides of his head. He had visually missed Grith whacking the ball at him but his skull certainly hadn’t missed it! “I’m not the only one with a twin right now,” he told the two Indivaras before him. He shook his head hoping to clear his vision, rubbed at both locations, and got back to his feet. He wasn’t mad at any of his attackers and the laugh and shake of his head showed that clearly. “Wanna play Healer to all my boo-boos later?” He asked on a low whisper meant just for the young woman he leaned in close to before once more dancing away from Indivara with a grin.

Gather Square / Re: Playtime! [Open!]
« on: 08 Feb 2013 at 08:53 PM »
He was a horrible man but he couldn’t help it; he laughed at Indivara getting hit by a ball. Ryvian didn’t even try to stifle the loud bark of amusement as he stared down at her by his feet even though laughing seemed to make his head pound a bit due to a lightly forming headache. He’d live as it wasn’t anything serious just like he knew Indivara wouldn’t be seriously hurt either. Her ego might be and Ryvian was sure he was playing with fire by still snickering at her but that was the way of their friendship. Since Nyvian and him had crossed paths with the young girl early on, they teased each other as often as they defended each other. It was a fun mix up. “No worries, Shanith! We’re both fine. Indivara has a hard head,” he spoke cheerfully to the green dragon and smiled when she turned back to join the game.

Ryvian crouched down and extended his hand to Indivara with an attempt at a concerned expression in place. “May I help you up, my lady?” His did his best impersonation of R’nd by mimicking his manner of speech and the tones of his voice though it was hard to keep it up as Ryvian wanted nothing more than to grin and laugh again. The bluerider was a good guy but that was why he was fun to pick on! It was all innocent teasing, as everything was with Ryvian and while R’nd would probably pout at first, he’d still see the humour in the moment as well.

Gather Square / Re: Playtime! [Open!]
« on: 22 Feb 2013 at 04:07 AM »
Ryvian pulled a R’nya by arching a brow in response to Indivara’s bet and he watched her expertly toss the ball at a brat. Her aim was spot on and the child went toppling down which was entertaining enough to get him to laugh. “Not bad. But I have a feeling that not only can I knock one off, I can knock off more than you.” He wasn’t really one to get into serious betting like some of the dragonriders they hung out with but if it was all in the name of fun, like now, Ryvian was all for it. There wasn’t any harm in something so playful – unless you were one of the kids that were now seen as moving targets anyway.

Ryvian scooped up a ball that came rolling back to him and tossed it back and forth between his hands as he eyed up the children, trying to pick the best target. No way was he going to pick one of the clever brats that would dodge in time! With his target sighted, Ryvian wound up and let the ball fly, catching the child on the shoulder with enough force to send him staggering. For a moment Ryvian didn’t think he would fall over but finally the boy went sliding down Grith’s side with a shout. Smug, Ryvian turned back to Indivara.

With arms crossing his chest to stand in a confident pose, Ryvian opened his mouth to offer his friend the next toss when a ball came sailing towards them and hit his shoulder, much like he had done to a brat. Glancing back at the dragons and children, the older weyrbrat spotted the boy he had hit copying the smug stance he had held a moment before, and then he waved. “He fought back!” Ryvian stated the obvious, clearly shocked by the turn of the events before the real barrage began with kids hiding behind Shanith started throwing balls at them.

“Playtime’s over for us, I think!” Ryvian managed with a laugh as he dodged one back and was hit in the knee by another. They may have been older but they were clearly outnumbered and they didn’t have a dragon to hide behind so there wasn’t any shame in calling for a retreat. Ryvian grabbed Indivara’s hand, not caring if the girl would protest or punch his arm later for doing it and gave her a tug before leading them away from the children and out of the Square, still laughing the entire time.

The Hatching Circuit / Re: Suntouched Gemstones [Touching]
« on: 12 Mar 2013 at 10:58 PM »
Another Touching.

Ryvian loved them and the various emotions that he was swamped with based on the egg he put his hand on, especially since he was a man that was pretty one-note when it came to them. It was hard to keep him down and anger him; the elder twin always preferring to smile and laugh to the point where he barely felt disappointment or stayed upset for long. The strong emotions some of the little hidden dragonets got out of him were amazing to experience and while he may have casually told Nyvian about it, Ryvian wasn’t quick to point out how he felt about Touchings either. It didn’t help that twice now over the course of hatchings he had been a part of, that he felt a slight connection to the dragonet within. In the end it had been one sided as the creature bonded to someone he felt needed him more and Ryvian understood that.

Maybe he just wasn’t ready for a dragon yet and they all knew that. It wasn’t a crime not to Impress at the first or second Hatching and it wasn’t a sin to be over twenty when it happened either. Still, there were eggs to be Touched and one might be for him this time!

Ryvian strolled onto the Sands with his classmates, loitering somewhere near the front but not technically at the start of the line since he didn’t want to seem too eager to get out there. On the way, his gaze went here, there, and everywhere, taking in the sight of the eggs he had already stolen peeks at over the past several days and who else was watching them. His smile widened when he saw Indivara and it only brightened at her scowl. It wasn’t fair that she couldn’t Stand again and Ryvian knew he was on his way to a punch later on – if Indivara didn’t jump him then and there for being so chipper – but he couldn’t resist waving and greeting his fellow ‘brat. “Hey, Di! Which one should I start with?” Ryvian barely contained the eye roll when the grumpy weyrlingmaster sent him a glare for daring to talk so loudly. Indivara couldn’t be a part of it but he wanted to include her in some way regardless! Not that her bronze would be in this Clutch, he assured her over and over until they were finally both sick of his voice.

Taking the glare he got in response as a guide to which egg to Touch, Ryvian nearly skipped over to the egg that was closest to where Indivara and the gold crew were and eyed it a moment. It was a pretty egg; cream with pale grey vertical stripes on it. Ryvian wondered what lay within. Was it a tiny dragonet that longed to grow tall, like vertical stripes often made humans appear to be? Was it a dragon that would enjoy symmetry or everything in order? One way to find out! Still smiling, Ryvian placed his palm on the warm shell.

ooc: Silver Horizons!

The Hatching Circuit / Re: Suntouched Gemstones [Touching]
« on: 13 Mar 2013 at 10:57 PM »
Ryvian furrowed his brows in confusion as the emotions hit him. There was so much fear! Yet, there was a hint of excitement and that was a strange mixture. Why would the dragonet have those two sensations mingling when it felt like it feared a major event that would change everything they knew and loved? What was even stranger was how Ryvian didn’t feel any other connection with the egg. It neither embraced him to keep him close and learn more about him nor did it actively try to send him away like one egg did in a past clutch. The egg simply existed and feared, which was strong enough to make Ryvian fear and anticipate the unknown.

He slowly slid his hand over the shell, trying to find a way to remove his hand as his vision blurred while looking at those vertical stripes. He was afraid but wanted to see what it was! The unknown was scary, yes, but the mystery was exciting! He could understand why the little creature within felt that way as well. With more luck than actual willpower, Ryvian finally broke contact with the smooth shell as his palm and soon the fingers slipped free of the surface. “It better be something amazing, eggie. I’ll be right there with you to see if the excitement ends up stronger than the fear.” He whispered softly to the egg and stepped back for someone else to experience that.

Nyvian normally would have been the next one to Touch it and afterwards they would compare if they had the same experience but as Ryvian looked to one side and then the other, he didn’t see his twin. A quick glance over the eggs found his brother at another egg entirely and it brought a frown to lips that couldn’t hold such an expression for too long a time. Why was he over there? They were allowed to do things on their own, of course, but they did a lot more together! Well, this just meant they had more to talk about later if they didn’t get a chance to Touch them all each. With a grin back in place, Ryvian turned back to Indivara who looked ready to vomit or to smack him – probably both.

An eye roll was given at the instructions to Touch the egg that was clearly golden though Ryvian had to admit that would be amusing! Everyone’s reactions would be priceless though the punishment might not be. There was a chance his touch would scare or screw up the dragonet and Ryvian didn’t want to be blamed for anything happening to a gold. As he turned away from Indivara, he gently slapped his ass and blew a kiss over his shoulder to silently tell his friend she could kiss his backside as the eggs were scoped out.

A small egg that seemed to have a bit of orange around the base had just been abandoned by a Candidate and Ryvian was drawn to it. Once he tried to close his eyes and be guided by some sense of fate that would lead him to the right egg to Touch and bond with but now he went to the ones that had cool patterns and seemed to be extra unique amongst the other shells. The orange band was pretty nifty and it earned Ryvian kneeling down and setting a steady palm on its shell. Tryst was silently observing from Krypth’s back where he had boldly taken up a place of residence to watch what Ryvian and Nyvian were up to. He didn’t want to be left behind but Ryvian wanted to make sure he didn’t cause trouble so they compromised by allowing the little blue firelizard to watch from somewhere close by. Krypth was possibly a bit closer than planned but Ryvian wasn’t concerned, especially if he had eggs to Touch!

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The egg was warm, warmer than the others, and Ryvian almost liked it. He was a child of summer with having been born in Ista and then going to the southern continent at an early age so Ryvian loved the heat and sun and took comfort in the warmth radiating from the egg. His fingers tingled from it, like when a foot or hand dipped into a bath that was prepared a bit too warmly but he knew that wasn’t anything to worry about. Or so he thought! The sensation quickly spread throughout and it intensified to the point that Ryvian was suddenly snapping his hand away from the shell and hissing in pain as if he truly was burned. He eyed his palm for several long moments to make sure he actually hadn’t received some degree of a burn before shaking his head at it and then the egg. What was going on with these dragonets?

He hadn’t really felt a true connection with either creature that he had tried to meet but instead felt like he was being scared away by some form of pain or another. In past clutches the dragonets seemed far more curious and prodded at his mind, but these ones wanted nothing to do with him – unless they were testing his limits. That could be if they were crafty little things hidden behind the hardening shells. Perhaps one more egg to test the theory was in order?

Ryvian glanced over at Indivara to see what she made of his current reaction and which egg she suggested next but he saw her with Isscer. He frowned, unsure why a Northerner was trying to chat Indivara up but the expression he could see on her face showed it wasn’t going in Isscer’s favour and that made up for being ignored. Ryvian smirked, knowing the guy didn’t have a chance in whatever he was playing at and turned back to the eggs. One more; that was all he was going to allow himself to see what this clutch was all about.

He walked over to a grey egg that seemed to be ignored, at least for the moment and Ryvian felt a bond already. Nyvian was off exploring his own eggs and Indivara forgot all about him so the little grey egg that seemed to have darker grey dappled on its base was meant for him right then. He was about to find out if that statement was true or not when his palm connected with the shell.

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For all the back and forth the dragonet did, Ryvian was glad for it. A proper reaction! There seemed to be more interaction from this one and he was thankful for it. It was loud within his min at times, true, but it wasn’t trying to hurt him or scare him off. If it did want that, it seemed to quickly change his mind when it started sulking and hiding within his mind. Ryvian gave a little smile when the dragonet did that and a slight protective streak emerged. He wasn’t sure if he was the cause of the hiding or if he was a safe place for the pouty creature to rest in but he wanted it to be calm and welcomed. He also wanted to encourage the inhabitant to stop being so loud when it acted up but at the same time it was almost familiar. Indivara was brash as well and he was used to her comments and her mood swings.

Ryvian suddenly laughed aloud as he made the connection between his friend and the dragonet. Had he just found himself the perfect match? “I hope you’re for me,” Ryvian chanced speaking his wish aloud though it was on a soft whisper meant only for the little egg he petted. The dragonet decided then was a good time to act up again and Ryvian winced but he didn’t chance his opinion; this little guy was kind of fun! He doubted he’d be bored with the mood swings and even coddling the beast when it wanted to hide away could be enjoyable. He opened his mouth to ask the dragonet to remember him and look for him but he suddenly felt silly and knew he was really jinxing himself with that.

Instead, he gave a final pat to the shell and stepped away, a new bounce in his step as he glanced first to Nyvian to see his brother seeming to enjoy his experience as well – which he was definitely going to get all the details about later – and then looked over to Indivara. “Hey, Di, I think I found your twin in dra--” Ryvian didn’t get to finish his sentence as he saw Indivara tensing for what he knew would be a fight. She couldn’t fight on the Sands! Worse, she was on Krypth! She was going to be banned forever and never get her bronze or any other colour. He wasn’t that far from her but Ryvian still didn’t think he’d make it in time to prevent a fist from connecting with a Northerner’s nose but still he took off toward Indivara hoping to catch her in time.

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Ryvian cringed when he saw a fist connect with a nose and blood spray one way as bodies went in the other. He had been too slow, which he knew he would be but hope had been clung to all the same. Since he couldn’t prevent the fight, all Ryvian could do now was keep it from escalating and possibly working it to be self-defence. One hit could be passed off as retaliation for something that was said or done to provoke her if anyone cared; and he was certain someone would. Bloodshed on the Sands during a Touching? If G’rem was here, they’d all be whipped with his stick by now! Thankfully that grumpy old bluerider was busy preparing a graduation for his current weyrlings.

Before Indivara could get back to her feet or leap back on her prey, Ryvian was there, an arm slipping around her slender waist as he crouched down near Indivara. He knew she could easily jerk free or turn on him to unleash her fury on both men but he was willing to risk it. “A clever dragon,” Ryvian spoke in a harsh whisper to Isscer as he caught the latest insult flung at his friend. In truth, Ryvian could be called a friend to everyone with how easily he got along with people and was always in a good mood but a select few ranked higher than the rest of the population and Indivara was one of them. “Her dragon will be drawn to her spitfire energy, love her attitude, and enjoy her humour. Much like I am. Do you have anyone or any dragon that can say the same about you?” He wasn’t one to pick fights or insult people and he really didn’t have anything against Isscer in general but sometimes a situation called for it and when it concerned Nyvian or the girl he tried to pull a little closer, all bets were off.

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Ryvian felt pretty worthless in that moment. He stood frozen in fear when S’kef came storming in their direction and only gaped when he pulled Indivara away to punch her. Weyrleaders didn’t punch young women! He didn’t say that though, didn’t even move as he stared at the angry brownrider and his injured friend. How he would have loved to jump on S’kef and fight him or even speak up and say he was the one that hit Isscer but Ryvian failed in every way as a friend right then and only thought of all of that as Indivara grabbed his hand and dragged him away.

In a moment of clarity Ryvian sought out Nyvian and waved at his brother. “Everything’s fine, Nyvian! You better Touch every egg and tell me about them later!” Contrary to popular belief, the twins couldn’t communicate like dragons could and he still had to use actual words with a clear voice that carried over the Sands. His brother would worry about him and Indivara as well but it wouldn’t do to have a pile of people in the room while the Healer checked her over. Actually, Indivara would likely be better off with Nyvian, the one that had a clearer and calmer head – not the twin that couldn’t even stand up when his female friend was being smacked around.

Still, he allowed himself to be dragged away since he still didn’t want to leave Indivara’s side. “Sorry I didn’t step in against him,” Ryvian murmured when they did stop for a moment that seemed designed for Indivara’s colourful and creative cursing. That was one thing no one could dispute; she had quite a mouth on her! Ryvian himself wasn’t known for swearing too much since he hardly even got upset but again, sometimes a situation called for it. “Isscer is a fucking douche. He deserves a broken nose or worse.” It likely wouldn’t come from him though even with Ryvian’s decision to stay close to his friend in case the Northerner tried to retaliate while in the Healing Hall. What better location and time than when your target was drugged up or napping on an uncomfortable exam table?

This time Ryvian took the lead, keeping Indivara’s hand in his as he continued their walk to the Hall and medical attention for both her face and hand. He hadn’t missed how she cradled it against his body after swinging at isscer and he’d make sure the Healer tended to it as well.

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 A Hatching! It didn’t matter to Ryvian that it was the fifth one he was Standing for, the excitement was still there. Of course it was slightly muted now after being rejected by forty-three dragons in four clutches but he still had a chance! That belief was all that kept him going with each clutching, Touching, and Hatching and Ryvian knew his energy and smile kept others in high spirits – his brother included. How could he let the ball drop and frown or drag his feet?

It was a bit hard to smile and bounce around that morning though when the humming started given he had only been asleep for a few hours at most but Ryvian was quick to perk up once the robe was slipped on and shoes laced up. They were going to a Hatching! Nyvian’s lack of enthusiasm was attributed to his lack of sleep but Ryvian still wondered if the rejection was getting to his brother as well. It was hard not to let it bring them down, especially with the mixed reactions of the eggs; most of the ones he had Touched being negative and trying to be rid of him. That had been depressing but the last one before getting caught up in Indivara’s latest drama had renewed some hope.

So bouncing along with Nyvian being dragged behind him happened once again only to be slammed into a wall of boredom and waiting. Ryvian didn’t mind being a pillow for his brother, too much, and wrapped an arm around Nyvian’s waist early on to hold him close and upright. Once it appeared the eggs had no intention of being early risers after all, Ryvian guided them to the side with the other Candidates and took up a spot on the cool floor, parking himself and letting Nyvian rest on him again even though there was a lot of gossip and chatting to do!

Ryvian enjoyed himself for the most part, enjoying the distraction from the very real fact that eggs had been shaking and then stopped which could mean a variety of things but chief among them that something might be wrong with the dragonets. When they got on the topic of boobs, Ryvian laughed and agreed with most opinions and flat out called a fellow Candidate a liar when he said he had been with the busty bluerider that had mothered one of B’jin’s brats. The guy didn’t stand a chance with slutty kitchen worker, let alone that woman!

When a hatchling finally burst free, Ryvian was one of the first ones to bounce back out to the Sands and wait anxiously. Tryst, who had appeared in the down time for attention vanished again when Ryvian shooed him away so as not to discourage a dragonet. He didn’t think a green was suited for him but he wouldn’t complain! He wouldn’t even complain if the little girl went to Nyvian and her sibling next to appear came to him. That would be just as amazing. A quick glance was given to Nyvian and he saw the hope in blue eyes and Ryvian really wanted a dragon to be there for his brother.

Before his attention could safely return to the green and the eggs, Ryvian scanned the surrounding area for Indivara to see where the girl was and what state of mind she was in over this Hatching. Would she be happy if Kerrin, Nyvian, or him Impressed? What if they all did? Ryvian was certain there would be pain and potential death if that happened.

The Hatching Circuit / Re: Solar Flare [Hatching]
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What was with all the greens? Ryvian didn’t have anything against them but he was still convinced that wasn’t the colour for him. Likely the entire clutch would be female and he’d be shafted again. His tune changed quickly however when an egg grew green legs and started having trouble getting out. Everyone seemed confused but Ryvian had attended enough Hatchings now to know it was fine to help a dragonet in need and everyone else be damned if they actually did have a problem with it. He sprinted off from Nyvian’s side to the struggling creature’s when it was clear no one else would and quickly set to work assisting the poor dear.

When her head was clear, Ryvian smiled and continued helping anyway she seemed to want it. “Please find Nyvian,” he suddenly whispered when his gaze sought out his brother’s to see his reaction. They both wanted to Impress, what weyrbrat didn’t? Nyvian, however, deserved a dragon more than he did. Ryvian certainly wasn’t a selfless individual as he had his moments where he thought about himself first and foremost but Nyvian was his brother, his twin, and his happiness always seemed just as or even more important than his own. “Please?” Did he sound desperate? Ryvian didn’t care and held his breath when the little female went racing across the Sands…

…and to someone else.

Ryvian’s face fell but it wasn’t because he wasn’t picked which everyone would assume had happened. There were still five more potential dragons to come though! Hope still lived within the older twin as he returned to Nyvian’s side without a word on the incident. He didn’t need to know what had been said as he assisted the green.

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He wasn’t too surprised to see Rhaedalyn had Impressed the little gold since she seemed to be exactly the type Those That Knew thought was perfect for such a delicate creature. It had still been a bet he wasn’t willing to place with D’hys though since Jisralna and even Mevrit at times seemed to be a good match as well. Then again, Jisralna just had a baby so maybe the dragonets sensed she wasn’t mentally prepared for the task of raising another creature just yet and went for the other pretty girl that seemed far too sweet to be real. Once, he had thought she was playing up the cutesy the attitude but he had quickly learned she was entirely genuine.

With the last shell left behind, Ryvian couldn’t believe he had called it and the clutch, minus the adorable gold, was made up of green. That meant they hadn’t missed out on much, right? “There’s always next time!” He said with his usual chipper voice several minutes later though Ryvian knew his brother would be the only one to know how forced it was. Another Hatching had come to a close and while it produced eight greens and a gold which he honestly had no desire to Impress with, it was still disappointing to not even be looked at again. The one that came racing between Nyvian and him had lifted his hopes for a brief shining moment but it was over before it really began and Nyvian was still Nyvian and he was still Ryvian and neither had to share their head with anyone else. It was horrible to say but he was glad he didn’t Impress alone and Nyvian was with him empty-handed.

Son of a bitch, Kerrin wasn’t though! Ryvian couldn’t believe he had missed that Impression given Kerrin was part of their little weyrbrat crew and they had grown up together. He was as outspoken as Indivara when they left a Hatching solo but there the bastard was with a green dancing around him and… Ryvian tensed as he saw Indivara run toward their friend and practically throw herself at Kerrin for a kiss. Ryvian wasn’t foolish enough to believe he had real feelings for Indivara and knew that while she was one of his closest friends and he was attracted to her, it was only a little crush. He also knew he didn’t have a chance with her but still he tried here and there in case the day of miracles happened and she wanted to sleep with him.

Psh appearing before his face, squealing her outrage at everything that was happening blocked Ryvian’s view of what happened to send Kerrin to the Sands and Indivara running. Did he reject her? Friend or not, he might have to kill Kerrin for that. He reached out and scooped up Psh, cradling her close for a moment as he tracked Indivara’s movements across the Sands for an exit. The gold flitter started squirming around in distress once Indivara was out of sight and Tryst appeared though Ryvian had no idea if Psh summoned him or if his emotions had been too strong for the blue to ignore. Either way, he now had two agitated flitters to contend with, a brother that hadn’t Impressed, a friend that had that seemed overcome with joy and had a bluerider assistant, and another friend that seemed upset. Who did he deal with first? His own disappointment and desire to nap after the long day and to hide away for a little way didn’t even factor into his plans as Ryvian put those of importance before him.

“Ny, you know I’m not abandoning you, right? I’ll be home soon for our traditional drink but I gotta check on Indivara. Congratulate Ker for me, okay?” He was close to hugging his twin but refrained, mostly because Psh was fidgeting and Tryst was encouraging him to hurry up as well. “And… I was foolish earlier. You’re destined for something greater.” Ryvian gave a secretive grin and took off after Indivara. Nyvian was his rock; steady and constant. He, on the other hand, was a bit wild despite his friendliness to nearly everyone. His brother was certain to get a brown, even a bronze! A green could never make the most out of Nyvian’s potential so it was clear now that this clutch wasn’t for either of them and nothing was truly lost.

Now, to find out what sent Indivara running and Ryvian had a good idea about where she might be – though the flitter escort certainly didn’t hurt either.

Ryvian glared daggers at Isscer when he saw the fool was already getting looked after by Talian. The man didn’t deserve that much attention! He didn’t say anything about it however, partly due to picking up on Indivara’s interest in ignoring Isscer and partly because he was still baffled over the way Indivara wouldn’t let go of his hand. The joint wave made him smile thanks to his imagination coming up with ideas as to why they were joined at the palm. A freak glue accident? A tailor stitched them together? Light rope bound them and they didn’t know how to untie that particular knot used? He was just being silly and knew it but it helped ease any worry he had over his friend so he didn’t look like a complete basket case in front of everyone. It was best to remain cool at all times!

Belatedly he wondered what happed to Tryst but figured his prissy little blue was still taking up residence on or around Krypth to watch the Touching as well as keep Psh company. He was fond of the gold and would spend as much time as possible around her when he could. Ryvian mentally rolled his eyes at his flitter who probably entertained lofty goals of mating with Psh. Then again, Tryst could easily think the same about his goals with Indivara. They both currently seemed to be doomed to failure with the females in their lives! Ryvian, at least, was content with the friendship he had and knew Indivara fairly well – which meant what he was about to do would likely earn him a foot to the shin soon.

Taking advantage of their difference in height and his slight muscle against her light weight, Ryvian shook his hand free of Indivara’s – which proved they weren’t bound forever in one of his crazy ways – to place both of his hands on Indivara’s waist and lift her up to sit her on the table. Quickly Ryvian stepped to the side which he hoped was out of kicking range and grabbed her hand once again to show a solid alliance between them as they waited for Talian to examine Indivara.

Bathing Houses / Re: Facts of Life [Ryvian]
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Ryvian hated leaving the excitement – and disappointment – of the Hatching behind and hated even more that he was ditching Nyvian in such a time but something seemed off with Indivara and he was confident it had more to do with Kerrin Impressing and kissing the new green weyrling. He would have chased after a small handful of his friends if they were in Indivara’s shoes and this definitely wasn’t the latest attempt to sleep with the girl – though it certainly wouldn’t hurt his chances!

He ran as fast as he could but Indivara had a good lead on him and she’d always been faster than him despite his longer legs. Tryst held pace with him when he wasn’t flying in circles due to the anxiety and concern coming off of Ryvian. He had an idea as to where the brat was going but it became obvious with one turn and then another. Naturally, he lost sight of Indivara and what room she went in when she entered the bathhouse before he had reached the door but that didn’t deter Ryvian and he wasn’t concerned about what he might walk in on, whether it was his friend or someone else.

Slowly he worked his way from one room to the next, peeking inside each to check for any sign of Indivara. He almost passed by one room, thinking it was empty like the others when he saw a firelizard sitting on the edge of the tub that was clearly Blood. Silently, Ryvian slipped inside the room and locked the door behind him. It wasn’t for any nefarious purpose, only to give them some time alone to talk without interruption. “Di?” The friendly nickname Ryvian still wasn’t sure how he got away with so often given the girl’s preference to be called by her full name, slipped easily from his tongue in a calm question but that calmness was forgotten seconds later when he saw the girl on the floor looking terrible. “Indivara! What happened?” he dropped to the floor to sit on his knees before his friend and did his best to sit patiently as he waited for an explanation. Tryst went to sit with Blood and see if he could get answers of his own or at least some cuddling. That was quite the sprint they had made to find each other!

Bathing Houses / Re: Facts of Life [Ryvian]
« on: 04 Apr 2013 at 04:40 PM »
He wasn’t that blind. He could see quite clearly that not only was Indivara lying about nothing happening but he knew she didn’t want to entertain a friend right then. Too bad Ryvian was sometimes stubborn and wasn’t about to shrug this encounter off and go find someone who was willing to smile and have fun. He was concerned and since there obviously was something wrong, he wasn’t sure it was safe to let the girl hide out of sight on her own when it could be something serious. To prove he had no intentions of leaving her just yet, Ryvian plopped himself down on the floor, narrowly missing a puddle only to find he had landed his butt in a smaller one. Unfortunately, that wasn’t going to be the most traumatic experience of his day and neither was trying to sit in the Candidate robe without showing off his goods.

“You’re what!” Ryvian had gone through puberty turns ago but his voice definitely cracked again on that exclamation and blue eyes were large with shock as he stared at his friend. She was pregnant? How could that happen? He knew the literal way of that happening but Indivara was always so good at taking a trip between after her encounters with randy riders. This didn’t make sense! Unless, that is, she wanted the kid because she loved the father. The kiss she gave Kerrin made more sense now. It wasn’t just to congratulate their friend but it was a show of her feelings for the man she was obviously sleeping with in secret.

“It’s Kerrin’s, isn’t it?” It was surprisingly hard to say those words and they came out in a low whisper as Ryvian continued to stare at Indivara though instead of shock it was now confusion. There was another emotion there as well and the twin only barely managed to recognize it as something akin to jealousy. The only time he ever truly felt jealous was when Nyvian was off with other people and spending time with them instead of with him. He’d never felt it over any of his friends getting close with one another before. It was likely due to Kerrin scoring first with Indivara that Ryvian felt so bothered. He liked the girl and knew they could have a fun and casual relationship given their friendship but he certainly hadn’t been planning a family with her. Apparently Indivara wanted one though and that was possibly the most mind-blowing thought he’d ever had.

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