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Personal Huts / Re: An UnImpressed Party [Invite]
« on: 15 Jan 2013 at 06:44 PM »
Most of the clean-up had been left to Nyvian, mostly because Ryvian was more concerned with the food and drink. Nyvian hardly wanted it to look like they were living slobs, and while his brother would do an okay job with cleaning up... it wouldn't be as well tended to as it would if Nyvian bucked up and did it. The hut would be destroyed by the end of the night, but at least it would make a good impression for the first two hours. The bed would doubtlessly be well used, and he knew that the couch would probably lose a cushion or two to some other part of the room. Actually, they probably would both use the bed and not care that they were right next to one another with whomever they ended up with.

It was doubtless they would end up with someone. The twins tended to be the life of a party, and since they were the hosts they would naturally get more attention. Tonight they would be more boisterous than usual, since Nyvian wanted to forget that he hadn't Impressed as well as every other Candidate who attended the party. It wouldn't be as much fun with just Candidates. Some could be terrible prudes and dragonriders were more apt to enjoy themselves. They had gone a little bit out of their way to make it known to a few dragonriders that they were having a little get together.

Nyvian and Ryvian had a bit of a reputation - anyone who was fun would never turn their back on one of their parties.

"Like what you see?" he commented offhandedly, not bothering to look behind him to Ryvian. He had a good instinct for when his brother's gaze drifted his way. "It's looking at yourself, so you've got to be the most narcissistic individual I know." Nyvian teased his brother with a toothy grin, and then made a show of crossing the room and climbing onto the couch and his slightly lazier twin.

"I've got a few in mind. Have you noticed that I'shan has one particularly fine ass?" They were probably aiming for the same people, and if that was the case... may the best twin win. Which was Nyvian. He was younger, but clearly the more mature of the two. If they were smart, and by some point they would be, they'd join forces to lure some partners for the evening. Somehow the idea of sleeping with twins was a turn on to half of the Weyr's members. Not that anyone would actually get that, but it was a solid building block to any hook up.

Personal Huts / Re: An UnImpressed Party [Invite]
« on: 15 Jan 2013 at 07:55 PM »
"Do you want me to get naked, then?" Nyvian offered with a half laugh. The offer wasn't serious, and besides his brother had oogled him enough while they took baths together or went to bed together (not together together). Nyvian was a little more subtle when he appraised his brother, on the times he did so. It was nice to be able to see exactly what you looked like without having to stare in an old mirror or through the water's surface. They were identical twins, and nearly every single feature on their bodies was perfectly the same. It gave most people trouble when it came to telling them apart. A good portion of the population at Katila had given up, uniting them with the common nickname 'Vian'. Few people now placed an earnest effort in telling them apart.

"Or Z'ia's. Short and spunky, and his ass is a handful." Nyvian was not beyond appraising any fine specimen. Since the twins had been old enough, they had gotten around with a fair amount of ease. They were attractive and likeable, and known for a giving someone a great time in bed. Some people boasted that they had taken both at the same time, but there was little evidence of that actually being the case. It was far more likely that they were mere fantasies.

"You probably will, because you're the bigger slut. I'll bet a mark at least on that." It wasn't exactly true. Both brothers seemed to get around fairly well. Nyvian was just as notorious for being found in a dark corner. "If you're going for I'shan, I'll lose the bet. It'll take you a little while to get naked. Did you invite E'si? You can get him to sleep with you in a few seconds. As well as A'liran." It was a roundabout way of saying that he was getting I'shan tonight, or at least sharing with Ryvian. It wasn't that he didn't want his brother to get who he wanted, he just wanted to win their bet... and well, outpace his twin. They posed little challenges to one another often enough, and if Ryvian took the bait they'd both be after I'shan tonight.

"Huh?" Nyvian cast a surprised look to his brother when Ryvian admitted that he had different plans for the evening. "You're going for Indivara finally?" Nyvian valued her friendship, not enough to keep from entertaining thoughts of sleeping with her... but his brother was clearly more interested and invested. He took a polite step back from Indivara to let his brother chase after her. It should be fairly easy, considering that Indivara was a popular flight moth. "Good luck - leaves more for me. Think I can reel in two of them?" Okay, maybe failing to Impress wasn't so bad after all.

Personal Huts / Re: An UnImpressed Party [Invite]
« on: 19 Jan 2013 at 07:24 PM »
Nyvian had never been able to explain his brother's, and his own, failure in seducing Indivara. Nyvian quickly got over the blow that would have been caused by his friend not wanting to join him in bed. His pursuit of Indivara was considerably less frequent, since he liked to put his effort into more fruitful ventures. Indivara was a good friend, but she had yet to prove that she was a great lay. Let Ryvian chase Indivara's tail - while his brother was distracted by that silly pursuit Nyvian could make multiple conquests.

"Hey," he greeted Indivara with a grin, having always found her attitude to be charming. Besides, she was already pushing his brother around a little bit, and Nyvian enjoyed Ryvian's small plight. He could have mentioned the Hatching then, all three of their failures. It was a good enough moment to bring it up, but he realized that the reason of this party was so that they wouldn't have to think about it. Nyvian had a restless night after the Hatching, he'd been plagued by his failure. Now was a good time to put it behind him and try to look forward to the next Hatching. At least he had his brother to wait it out with him, though if there had been a dragon in the previous clutch for Ryvian, he hoped that it would have picked him regardless if there was a dragon for Nyvian as well.

"Think?" the younger twin scoffed. "I have far more of a chance than you do. D'hys was on the list, but I figured it was so obvious that I didn't have to bother mentioning him." Both twins were perfectly identical, but that hardly stopped from one claiming to be better than the other. Nyvian liked to think he was a little bit more charming, and well, Ryvian had said his attention was focused on Indivara... so who would possibly snatch his potential hook ups from him?

Oh, that's right, D'hys would.

Not that D'hys wasn't an option, but merely moments after I'shan had entered the hut D'hys had followed and sidled up to him. Well there went that idea. He waved lazily to I'shan, an easily smile upon his attractive face. "I'm Nyvian," he added helpfully. He was fairly sure I'shan had looked at him first when he greeted them with 'Ryv'. It was almost expected for everyone to be wrong. Normally Nyvian wouldn't bother correcting them, but since he did think it a fantastic idea to pursue I'shan tonight he wanted to make sure the bluerider knew his name.

D'hys didn't need the clarification because D'hys didn't care, which was sort of charming in its own way.

"Go on, Lace." He ushered his green flitter away from his shoulder. She was not as eager to play - far more shy and sensitive than Tyrst. Instead she flew over to Shit Head, chittering some concern to the gold. She had no idea what had made her screech, but Lace was determined to console her!

"You guys want some drinks? Only time tonight I'm offering to fetch some for you," he called out to I'shan and D'hys. Nyvian wasn't really intending to interrupt them, but he knew that some wine would be the perfect start to everyone's evenings. It wasn't a party without someone getting ridiculously drunk - and Nyvian had plans so it obviously was not going to be him.

Personal Huts / Re: An UnImpressed Party [Invite]
« on: 20 Jan 2013 at 03:47 PM »
"I think us not Impressing was a bit of a scandal," Nyvian interjected with a small smile. His intention, however, was not to be a downer, because this was one of the parties he was throwing, and he refused to have any moping. "Then again, everyone else must be considerably lucky to not have to live with us off limits for another couple of seasons." He looked mildly startled to have his brother peeled off the couch, though his replacement was far from a disappointment. D'hys always had a way of wiggling himself into conversations that he hadn't been invited to, but were always welcome to once he was there. He gave his brother a helpless smile, as if to apologize for D'hys' intrusion. The twins spent nearly all their time together, so it was a wonder why Nyvian wasn't completely eager to be apart from Ryvian for just a little while.

He just preferred his brother's company to most, okay.

D'hys was his guest, and well, D'hys was hard to ignore, especially with an opening statement such as that one. The younger twin laughed lightly at the suggestion, and reached over to sympathetically pat the bluerider's shoulder. "You definitely picked the wrong twin," he commented with an easy smile. "Most people open up their parties with a rousing speech about partying, you know. Sucking dick, while a wonderful suggestion, is not on my immediate agenda." It could be scheduled for later, however. Nyvian was not one to knock D'hys off of his conquests lists for the evening. The bluerider was a fairly solid lay, and everyone knew how much the twins enjoyed getting around. They were young men! They were young men in a Weyr filled with attractive women and men who were far more open about getting laid than holdfolk.

That's why most Northerners sucked (or didn't, to be exact). They were all holdfolk and believed in getting married and having babies. None knew how to have a good time, excluding a few rising stars. But, the rising stars had Impressed, meaning they were already quite suited to the lifestyle at Katila.

"Indivara, you in the mood to start us off with D'hys' suggestion?" he inquired lightly, knowing that the obvious answer would be no... well, unless Indivara decided to prove his assumptions wrong. There was always room for that, but he didn't think D'hys would be so lucky tonight. The bluerider would have to work a little harder than that.

The Hatching Circuit / Re: Suntouched Gemstones [Touching]
« on: 13 Mar 2013 at 03:03 PM »
Nyvian had been through a few Touchings, and he had begun to come to the conclusion that touching egg clearly had no influence over who the dragonet picked. Come time for the Hatching, it seemed like dragonets picked at random. The young man had come to the point of doubting the process a little, but refused to be the negative Nancy of the little party. He didn't quite let Ryvian on to the fact that the process was a little disheartening, but he assumed that if Ryvian hadn't picked up on it yet, he certainly would if Nyvian made it through this Hatching without Impressing. When the twins got up this morning and dressed, Nyvian certainly seemed as chipper as he was normally on any given day.

He was also certain that there wasn't a dragonet out there who would Impress to a pouty brat! Nyvian tried to shake off the feeling that this was pointless. He rolled his shoulders, trying to ease the tension out of them as they were shuffled out onto the Hatching Sands. Ryvian quickly found an egg that interested him, and normally Nyvian would be right on his heels to test out the same egg as well. Part of him liked to think that it had to confuse the poor dragonet inside so much to have two personalities so similar crash against it. Maybe that was why neither of them had Impressed yet, no dragonet could tell them apart enough to decide which one was right for them!

Of course, if the Touchings were truly pointless, then there was no need to worry over touching the same egg right after his twin. For the moment, he'd try to give it the benefit of the doubt and twist things up. Today he wasn't going to follow on Ryvian's heel, and instead cast his brother an impish grin and headed away from him. He'd let Indivara play the little dictator over which egg Ryvian picked - maybe that would finally convince the girl to get into bed with him. He approached a rather plain looking egg, and rested his palm against the warm shell, gently stroking his fingers over the firm surface.

Sorry but you are not allowed to view spoiler contents.

The Hatching Circuit / Re: Suntouched Gemstones [Touching]
« on: 17 Mar 2013 at 08:40 PM »
Nyvian would never understand the feelings the eggs radiated. Some people experienced different things, there were some who claimed they felt nothing at all. Momentarily, his sight was blinded, and his mind was filled not with nothingness, but with darkness. There was something there, but he couldn't see it through the dark fog. The more he tried to break free from the darkness, the more he seemed to be momentarily lost in it. The only solution for the young man was to pull his hand back. Immediately his vision returned, and his mind was clear. Nyvian frowned down at the egg, and he was not so foolhardy that the reaction didn't unsettle him.

He wasn't sure if he could interpret it as positive or negative, and since it was neither, he was convinced that this egg was not for him. Nyvian fought the urge to walk across the Sands back to Ryvian and seek comfort in the twin that he knew so well.  The twins did nearly everything together, and Nyvian was doubting the purpose of his little 'rebellious' streak. Later tonight, when they were back in their hut, Nyvian would probably explain his own actions to Ryvian. He doubted they were that big of a deal, just... unexpected. His gaze cast over to his twin, watching Ryvian leave one egg and move on to another. He really should be following his twin, but since he had started this strategy, he might as well go through with it. It definitely wouldn't work if he went running back to Ryvian.

Nyvian looked for an egg that was close by, mostly so he wasn't tempted to cling to his brother. The egg was pleasantly white, not starkly so, there was some tone to it that it didn't burn his eyes. Fingers reached out to gently touch the shell. Another Candidate had been to this egg already, but Nyvian hadn't paid enough attention to his reaction. Momentarily, his eyes sought out Ryvian before he turned his full attention to the egg. He had to impress one of them, so that a dragonet would choose him. He had attended far too many Hatchings, and was tired of being turned away. Shells, he was starting to think he'd always be turned away.

Sorry but you are not allowed to view spoiler contents.

The Hatching Circuit / Re: Solar Flare [Hatching]
« on: 22 Mar 2013 at 10:59 PM »
One of the most difficult tasks in the Weyr was not waking up one person, but trying to wake up two who had likely been up into the early hours of the morning. Since there was no one else in their bed or near the vicinity of their bed, there stood the slight possibility that the twins hadn't thrown themselves a small party the night before. However, Nyvian was still slow to get up. He doubted Ryvian fared any better. His mind was still asleep while his body went through the motions of getting appropriately dressed. Shells, he was so tired it was hard to think that he was being woken up for the Hatching. A Hatching. Shells, what number was this one now?

He asked Ryvian - all he got in turn was a push out the front door so they could head over to the Hatching Sands. On his way there he began to more fully awake and become alert. The adrenaline rush lasted about an hour, and when the eggs seemed to halt in the middle of Hatching, Nyvian gave in to the urge to lean on his brother. He dozed off against Ryvian's shoulder for who knows how long, and his brother had little choice in letting his twin take total advantage of him. Ryvian was far more awake than his twin by this point, and Nyvian was roused a little bit later to partake in some gossip... and mostly to shift around to Ryvian could actually get comfortable.

Shame that Ryvian had to be such a sharding movable pillow. As the hours dragged on, Nyvian indulged himself in gossiping with his brother, and the pair proved to be fairly entertaining. There was rarely a dull moment with them, and while Nyvian was still tired, Ryvian dragged him out of his sleepiness enough to take in what was happening. They were at a Hatching! A terribly slow Hatching, mind you, but shardit, this was his chance to Impress and he was spending it napping and -- "You know, Mevrit had twins and I swear her boobs don't look any bigger than they were before she was pregnant." Gossiping.

Oddly, since he had all the time to talk for the past couple of hours, when he got in a downright gossipy mood was when the eggs began to hatch. Now he was awake, and anxiously watching as the first dragonet hatched. A little Green, which he wouldn't be opposed to having. Any dragon would do at this point! Of course, he heard flights could be a royal pain in the ass...

Briefly, he considered the idea of stepping away from Ryvian, so to give the dragonets one less thing to be confused over. Shells, it was a good idea. Standing together in the past clearly hadn't worked, but even now Nyvian couldn't quite pry himself from his twins' side. He had managed it in the Touching, but his rebellious streak had been short lived.

The Hatching Circuit / Re: Solar Flare [Hatching]
« on: 24 Mar 2013 at 02:19 PM »
A green was having difficulty Hatching - shells if there wasn't a gold egg he'd believe the entire clutch consisted of green dragonets - and Nyvian was surprised to see Ryvian hurrying over to the distressed dragonet. For a moment concern rose within him for his brother's safety. Dragonets were all gangly flailing limbs and accidental harm could easily be done. But, he understood what Ryvian was doing. Someone had to step in to aid the dragonet, and why shouldn't someone put themselves in her way in hopes of Impressing? Clearly that was why Ryvian was doing, trying to convince the dragonet that he could help her and be good for her, and Nyvian hoped it worked. Any dragonet would be lucky to have Ryvian for a rider, and while Nyvian would miss him, this was what they both wanted!

He wouldn't dare hold back his twin, so he stood back, trying not to let the concern show so heavily on his features as Ryvian freed the Green. The dragonet did not even hesitate long enough to get a look at his twin, and instead beelined for another boy. Disappointment and relief swelled through his chest. He had wanted his brother to Impress so badly, but did not want to lose him in the same moment. Ryvian walked back to his side, and he sent his twin a questioning look. Ryvian didn't explain, and so Nyvian wouldn't pry. But, shells, if Ryvian needed to share, he had his twin right next to him to confide in.

Another Green hatched, and she made a ruckus all of her own. The little Green nearly overshadowed the Gold hatching and Impressing. It didn't take long for the pale Gold to find her chosen within the group of girls. Rhaedalyn, of all people, had managed to snag the Gold! There were worse girls out there for the Gold to have picked, so Nyvian was pleased and happy for the young woman. He was remotely surprised, on reflection, that neither he or Ryvian had gotten around to bedding her. There had to be a good reason for that, but he couldn't recall in that moment. Besides, his moment of admiring the Gold had passed. There were still a few eggs left, and enough that maybe he and Ryvian could both Impress!

The Hatching Circuit / Re: Solar Flare [Hatching]
« on: 26 Mar 2013 at 10:12 PM »
Nyvian couldn't believe it! Eight out of nine eggs had been green. He stole a glance over to Krypth, silently wondering how in Faranth's name this had happened. If she hadn't laid a Gold egg, the entire clutch would have been a disappointment. Her first clutch had been promising, but either she was losing her touch prematurely or Saquith was never meant to sire dragonets. As much as S'kef bothered him at times, it was clear that Tyrrisath was a better father than N'gelt's dragon. He shook his head, and silently hoped the next clutch would fair better.

Of course, putting the blame on Krypth distracted him from the fact that while all the dragonets had been Green, he hadn't Impressed. Even Ryvian stood without a dragonet, and that hurt too. While he'd hate to be without his twin, he hated it even more that they had stood for yet another clutch and had won over no dragonets. Shells, he had good feelings about this clutch from the Touching. He had been convinced that this was his time to Impress! Nyvian tried not to look disappointed, not with his twin standing right beside him. He didn't want Ryvian to know that he was desperate enough to want a Green. He'd take any dragonet that would have him. "You said that last time," Nyvian teased his twin, masking his disappointment. Ryvian was a little more outgoing than him, but Nyvian was well known for being happy and a bit of a partier. Shells, the twins had similar personas, so much so that no one could really tell them apart.

There was an explosion of flitters around Ryvian, and Nyvian suspected before his twin turned to talk to him that Ryvian was going to take off. He flashed Ryvian a confident smile that he didn't quite know how he pulled the expression off. "I know you're not. You know better than to." While he wanted Ryvian's comfort, he certainly didn't need it. He'd let his twin go to comfort whatever distress Indivara had further caused herself. "Yeah, yeah, once I pry everyone else away from him," he answered in good humor, expecting Ryvian to take off at that point.

But, his twin didn't, and his next comment made Nyvian's smile falter momentarily. At this rate, he didn't think he was destined for any dragonet at all. He knew Ryvian was being upbeat for the both of them, and shells, Nyvian was trying to be too! But, it was hard. Hatchings always seemed to take the younger twin hard. He could accept sucking at anything else, but he really wanted to sharding Impress. All these Stolen Candidates were faring better than him! Nyvian shook off an impending bad mood, instead strutting across the Sands to be sharding happy for someone else. Kerrin had Impressed, and he intended to give the man congratulations twofold for the twin that had flaked off after Indivara!

Gather Square / Lighten Up [T'lian]
« on: 03 May 2013 at 10:14 PM »
It was a rare sight to see one twin apart from the other, mostly because Nyvian enjoyed his brother's company far more than he enjoyed anyone else's. That did not mean that they shared one mind, and wanted to do everything the other wanted to do. Nyvian was fairly sure that Ryvian was with Indivara, likely trying to secure a future of having her in his bed. If nothing else, his brother was persistent, and he was sure that Indivara would cave to his advances sometime in the future. So, while Ryvian was busy chasing tail, Nyvian had busied himself with doing something far more menial and far less entertaining. He had started out early this morning to go fishing with a small group of men. Some people would find fishing to be fun... Nyvian found it kind of boring.

Fishing was a waiting game, and while he had a fair amount of patience, his company had not been so great as to keep up his spirits, especially when the fishing wasn't all that great to begin with. They had only arrived back just a candlemark ago with their unimpressive catch. Nyvian was convinced that Lace was a far better fisher than the whole lot of them put together, and that was because she managed to snag a tiny fish right out of the water. It was fairly impressive, especially for the dainty green flit. Lace now was asleep in his lap, rather like a canine he had never owned.

Nyvian's bare feet were stretched out in front of him, his pants rolled up to his knees so that his limbs could dry out after wading into water. The weyrbrat was sitting on one of the benches set up across the Weyrbowl, which was a heavily trafficked area. That meant that Nyvian was bound to find someone who was remotely more interesting than a lame fishing trip in the morning. He picked at his nails, cleaning the dirt out from underneath them as he contemplated what to do with his day. It was likely he'd just remain here for a while and snap up any interesting conversation that came his way.

In a while, he'd probably meander off to find his brother and reprimand Ryvian for spending so much time away from him. That, or he'd find someone to make his time away from his twin forgettable. He doubted that D'hys would be up for fooling around, but that was only because the bluerider was surprisingly starry eyed for a very demure greenrider. It didn't make sense, but Nyvian wasn't going to waste his time contemplating that puzzle. There were far more interesting things he could do, after all!

The Hatching Circuit / Re: Of Drunks and Dragonets [Hatching!]
« on: 10 Jul 2013 at 02:44 AM »
Nyvian was really drunk when he was woken up at the asscrack of dawn for a Hatching. Normally he would be nervous but determined to Impress, but with a certain amount of alcohol in his system that he did not sleep off... well. He was just pretty sharding drunk. He hadn't tried to go to bed until about an hour until dawn, shells, it was probably because he had lost Ryvian somewhere during the night. The twin swore he had his brother by his side and then the next moment, whoosh, he was gone! Nyvian actually dedicated quite a fair bit of time to relocating him, though Nyvian was considerably drunk at the time. It was likely he spent all of five minutes looking for Ryvian before collapsing into drunken shenanigans with a few of his friends.

Most of them were actually at his hut by the time the call went out. Some were riders, a few were Candidates much like himself, and all were in various stages of drunken stupor. Nyvian himself was convinced that it was a dream until one of his friends attempted to drag him off of the couch by his ankles. He assumed that his friend wasn't nearly as drunk as he was because shells did they have some amazing body strength to be able to haul him about! Oh, he had absolutely no idea why that mattered to him right now. Nyvian pushed himself up off the floor, and after being caught expertly by one of his friends he managed to make his way into his room to grab his Candidate's robe. Where was Ryvian? He certainly couldn't get dressed on his own.

Apparently he could, because he did, and likely left the hut minutes before Ryvian arrived. Of course, he found his twin on the Sands quickly enough, and Ryvian may or may not have been harassed a little by his brother's drunken antics. In previous Hatchings, Nyvian was always quiet... this Hatching he just wouldn't shut up. The eggs couldn't hatch nearly quick enough, because Nyvian spent most of the hours waiting for the Hatching to progress by failing to sober up to a decent level. His twin was smart to drink plenty of water, and Nyvian was convinced to have a little... and well, he managed to sober up somewhat but not nearly enough.

Ryvian had his twin hanging off of his arm for a good portion of the Hatching, even as Nyvian started to think straight. By the time the first eggs began to hatch, Nyvian could form coherent sentences and had the good sense to realize he was tired. But, they were in the middle of a Hatching, and as he sobered up his nerves returned to him, and he stopped chatting his twin's ears off. The young man grew silent, his eyes sharpening with the first signs of sobriety. He could still be categorized as drunk, and the Hatching to him seemed to be moving too fast. He couldn't quite keep track of what was happening, and a voice rocketing through his head didn't help matters.

You reek.

"Mhhmmm..." Nyvian mumbled, a little slow to the take.

I will get you cleaned up after I am fed. The dragonet seemed to have completely dismissed everyone else on the Hatching Sands - even Ryvian didn't get so much as a glance as Skorzanth's eyes connected to the younger twin's. They flashed rainbow, the colors of Impression, but again Nyvian was... terribly slow to realize what was going on. Can you walk? The bronze didn't even seemed concerned whether Nyvian could or could not - he just wanted to know.

"Of course, Kor." He wasn't going to try and say his dragonet's name right now.

The lengthy pause from the newly hatched Bronze was weighted with disapproval and what was likely begrudging acceptance. Skorzanth, the dragonet supplied helpfully.

"Sure thing, Kor." Nyvian was sure he gave his dragonet a thumbs up.

His dragonet.

It sunk into his mind then that he had just Impressed. Nyvian had stood for plenty of Hatchings before with his brother, and he had slowly grown convinced that he would never have a dragon of his own. But, yet, here one was, a Bronze too! Nyvian glanced over to his brother, offering Ryvian a smile that ended up a little goofy. He wasn't sober enough to realize the look on his brother's face, and not nearly sober enough to come to the realization that while he had Impressed... his twin hadn't.

You can do this. It is just a few steps to the side of the Sands. The bronze dragonet was beginning to believe that Nyvian needed a little encouragement to walk his smelly butt over to the edge of the Hatching Sands. He was terribly hungry, and Nyvian was being both negligent of himself and him. Skorzanth extended his neck to press his head to Nyvian's backside, trying to steady his bonded... but in the end only proved to imbalance him. Nyvian stumbled forward, and tripped forward in an awkward heap onto the sands.

Are you going to get up? The bronze wasn't exactly the picture of a doting dragon...

It took a few minutes, but the pair managed to stumble off to the side of the Hatching Sands, where Skorzanth could finally be fed and Nyvian could make an earnest attempt to not cry as he thought over the fact that he had finally sharding Impressed! Once Skorzanth was settled in, Nyvian looked around for his twin, and was vastly relieved that Ryvian was coming to him rather than the other way around.

"Hey, come meet Kor!"

Skorzanth, the dragonet supplied helpfully.

"Skorzanth." A pause, and then a grin that was reminiscent of childish glee flashed across Nyvian's face. "So, what's your dragon's name?" he asked his twin.

The Hatching Circuit / Re: Of Drunks and Dragonets [Hatching!]
« on: 10 Jul 2013 at 01:04 PM »
There was nothing more sobering than realizing you had just asked your twin the most insensitive question possible. The expression on Nyvian's face did a total 180 as Ryvian replied to him, the stupid grin on his face disappearing in favor of a frown. Shit, he was such an idiot sometimes. "I'm sorry." Skorzanth butted his head into Nyvian's shoulder, and before he could wallow in self-pity along with Ryvian, simply from the fact that his twin hadn't Impressed, Indivara arrived. Nyvian wasn't sure he felt all that fantastic in that moment, but he took the cup from the young woman and testily sniffed it. He was too drunk to tell what it was. It was probably water and he thought it smelled like a festering pool of vomit. Ugh.

"Of course you can call me Ny, why would that change?" he was so confused as to why Ryvian would ask such a question. Even Indivara knew that it was a stupid enough question that she had to set the older twin right. His hand fell to Skorzanth's head, slowly petting the newly hatched dragonet while he tried to take a sip out of his cup with his free hand. His coordination wasn't all that great, and Skorzanth warily leaned away from his bonded. The dragonet didn't seem to pay all that much attention to Ryvian, as if a little repulsed by how sad the twin was at not Impressing.

Ryvian needed to get over it and be more determined for the next Hatching! Skorzanth's opinion seemed to align rather nicely with Indivara's, and he tilted his head up to look at the girl with interest. Here was someone with a backbone, even his bonded was being a little sad, and Skorzanth was in no mood to baby him. Nyvian had Impressed to him, there was no reason for the young man to be so pouty.

"I'm think I'll go with N'vian," the twin announced with a shrug of his shoulders. Talking about him and Skorzanth was the best way to keep him from thinking about Ryvian not Impressing and what that actually meant. When he sobered up he'd likely realize that this meant a painful separation from his twin, whom he spent most of his days with. Shells, they even shared the same bed in their small hut, and he'd loathe to have to leave it.

"His name's Kor."



Skorzanth couldn't help but wonder how long it would take for his bonded to clear his head and remember his full name. He was suspicious over the idea that Nyvian may never be able to pronounce his name correctly. Skorzanth, he projected clearly to Indivara and Ryvian, but his name was all they were going to get right now since his Weyrling was clearly a little incapacitated. His voice sounded rather similar to the twins', as if he had modeled his own tone after Nyvian's. Of course, his voice was a little deeper, but at first it could be a little startling to hear a dragonet who's mindvoice was so similar to his bonded.

"Hey, Indi." He was still a little too drunk to say her whole name, despite her preferences. "I got your bronze. He's mine." And he grinned, the biggest grin possible.

The Hatching Circuit / Re: Of Drunks and Dragonets [Hatching!]
« on: 11 Jul 2013 at 05:32 PM »
Oh, the dragon seemed a little surprised, and perhaps a little ruffled by the fact that he could not keep his conversations private. He would simply have to work on that and fix it. Good, this will be easier. The bronze dragon may have tried to make it seem like his public broadcasting was intentional. Skorzanth lowered his head into Nyvian's lap, their bond already strong despite Nyvian being terribly drunk and Skorzanth having to act the babysitter when he was the baby. Later he would claim that it was a testament to his will power that he could find his bonded even with his mind clouded by alcohol.

"It is nice, isn't it?" Nyvian seemed to be picking up on his twin's change in mood. If Ryvian was happier, there was little doubt that Nyvian would be as well. They usually fed off of each other's moods and likewise amplified them. Some would consider them painfully similar, but there was no one in Pern that he would want to be most like besides his brother. It was a blessing that Nyvian didn't even realize that him Impressing without his brother meant that they would be separated. It was a hurdle they would both have to overcome, and it would likely reveal how painfully dependent Nyvian was on his brother's attention and love. Without their parents, they were all each other had, and as far as Nyvian was concerned, the only person he needed besides his twin was Skorzanth.

"I don't need more klah," Nyvian protested, even though Indivara had refilled his cup, and even though he was dutifully drinking from it like a good Weyrling. Oh, he was a Weyrling now! Nyvian still felt terrible that his twin hadn't Impressed, but he was so unbelievably happy and excited that he had Skorzanth! The dragonet looked a little gangly and awkward, but shells, he was a bronze, and pretty cool too. Skorzanth was already giving him a confidence boost, and all the dragonet had done was repeatedly correct him on the way he said his name. "Kor," he mumbled in a small display of drunken rebellion. When he sobered up, he'd likely be completely ashamed of his own behavior, and that he couldn't even be sober for Skorzanth's Hatching Day.

Nyvian's eyes narrowed with suspicion as Indivara listed what was the most valid reason as to why the girl and his twin hadn't Impressed. It was slowly coming to him... wait for it! "Woah, no way am I less cool than you." Apparently he was less cool than Ryvian - he could accept that. But Indivara? She wouldn't even sleep with him! It made her painfully less cool... but then again he supposed that was a pro as well, since she had gotten knocked up. He could happily raise his hand and go 'NOT MINE'.

He almost did in that moment, but had realized in time that no one else...

I am beginning to grow concerned for you.

Shit, okay, no one else besides Skorzanth, could follow his train of thought.

"It's okay, though, I'm sure your dragon won't realize that you're far less cool than I am and pick you. And you know what, your dragon will be fucking amazing. Almost as cool as mine, and almost as cool as Ryvian's." He was back to maintaining a positive outlook on his twin's and Indivara's futures. Just because they didn't have a dragon yet didn't mean they wouldn't have one in the future. They just had to be patient!

Hot Springs / Re: Bronze-Plated Dreams [Indivara]
« on: 04 Mar 2014 at 10:31 PM »
He'd waited so patiently for the touching to be finished. Those things always took forever and it was one of the many since impression that he was glad to be through with. He didn't really like to think about all the touchings and hatchings he'd endured and failed at. Granted he hadn't ever been alone in any of them and it pained him now that Ry had stood alone after he'd impressed Skorzanth. Not that he'd change the fact but he would have gladly walked off the sands that day beside Ryvian and his dragon. 

He leaned against a post set close to the hatching sands as he waited for his brother and straightened before shooting towards the entrance of the building all morose thoughts forgotten as Ryvian exited. "Well?" he demanded and stuck his own tongue out when he'd receive nothing but the same from his brother. "Ry! You know it's going to kill me if you don't spill!" He grumbled to himself when his brother still wasn't forthcoming with the details of his touchings. It really would kill him. He tailed Ryvian closely as his twin dodged his questions.

He started when Indivara's blue popped in front of them and a moments sorrow for his lost firelizard was felt as Saph relayed whatever message he had. Indivara probably chickening out most likely was his initial thought but immediately tossed it aside. If Indivara was anything it definitely wasn't a coward. When no comment was forth coming from Ryvian, N'vian did the only thing he could. He followed along after Ryvian until they came to the newly discovered hot springs. Oh fun! He hadn't had a chance to explore them and now was the perfect excuse to relax in the warm water.

He stripped out of his clothes as Ryvian did the same, unabashed by the fact that unlike his brother he wore no underclothes. He liked letting it all hang free without constraints. He groaned as he slipped into the water after Ryvian. There was nothing like hot water to sooth away the general aches and pains he always seemed to end up with. "Finally!" he said as Ryvian broke the silence, "Come on, Indi, do tell. I'm literally dying over here from curiosity!"

Character Diaries / Fo' shizzle
« on: 22 Jul 2014 at 09:21 PM »
                   come for the party; stay for the insanity
The inner workings of N'vian's mind. Beware the things.

Character Diaries / Re: Fo' shizzle
« on: 26 Jul 2014 at 11:45 PM »
Out of their fucking minds. All of them.

Except me and R'vi of course. Should include Indi in that…. Naaaaaah she's outta her mind too.

Character Diaries / Re: Fo' shizzle
« on: 15 Aug 2014 at 01:21 AM »
Chase her


Just a small chase……

Not happening

Just once


Fuck, I ain't never gonna get laid am I?


Character Diaries / Re: Fo' shizzle
« on: 06 Feb 2015 at 10:37 PM »
Little slime ball motherfucker.


Fucking J'ver

What did the little green man do this time?

That hint of reproach was in Kor's voice again. Dragon was always muttering about the cursing. If I didn't enjoy poking at him so much I might curb it a little. Naaaah. I wouldn't. Cursing around Skorzanth was so much fun…

…. N'vian? What did he do?

Hmm? Did what now?

J'ver! What did J'ver do?!

Oh! J'ver…

Yes, J'ver! What did he do this time, N'vian?

He tried to get me agree to his little idiotic plan of a turnover of sorts. A power play.


I said no of course. Ignored him mostly. Until he brought R'vi and Indi into it. Said he couldn't promise that they would be out of harms way should his plans succeed or fail. What the fuck was I supposed to do Kor?!

Skorzanth's growl rumbled through my legs, before that big bronze brained fool answered me.

You must do what you must do. R'vi and his blue along with Indi and hers must not come to harm.

Good ol' boy, Kor. Always good for the obvious.

Character Diaries / Re: Fo' shizzle
« on: 11 Jan 2016 at 12:13 AM »
*head desk*


We are Weyrleaders.

We will rise to the occasion… Get it? Rise?


Telgar Weyr / Re: Standing in the shadows [N'vian]
« on: 04 Nov 2016 at 06:40 PM »
Skorzanth had caught Okalinath again. N'vian hadn't really thought the bronze would catch her or try to the first time, but he had and he'd won. Now the big bronze had a set of weyrlings and another batch on the way. It made sense, if he thought about it, Kor was old fashioned and it made sense that the weyrleader's bronze would fly the oldest gold at the weyr. Knowing Skorzanth, the fucker wouldn't look at another the entire time they remained near Okalinath. N'vian didn't know what he thought of that.

Kahleena is nice the bronze offered from where he glided towards the feeding pens. And dull, came the rider's reply. That's really not fair, N'vian. She is not weyrbred like some of the others. She just doesn't understand. Maybe you could be a little more... Diplomatic, the bronze interjected in defense of the woman who rode his gold, Talk to her. She is right in front of you afterall. That made no sense. Right in front of him. Okalinath had a clutch on the sands and N'vian was sure that the gold and her rider were back at the weyr. Where they belonged. If you say so. There was a hint of amusement in the drawl of his bronze's voice that N'vian did not like and his eyes narrowed as he walked along.

As Kor hit a wherry and began to consume his prey, N'vian blocked out the utter satisfaction of the feeding that leaked into his mind. The first couple times he'd connected to Skorzanth as the bronze fed had been... Interesting and N'vian did not like the sensation at all. A large shadow passed over him and the very loud voice of Okalinath slipped into his mind. Son of a bitch. So much for avoiding the pair. He sighed loudly as he walked on, meeting the amused face of Kahleena as she patted her dragon. "Kahleena. Okalinath," he greeted them with a nod of the head, some of the amusement he felt at Okalinath's assertion that she did not need a diet still clear on his lips.

He quirked a brow, "A diet? Who needs a diet?" He knew exactly what at transpired, Okalinath's penchant for loud saving him from not knowing, but he wanted to see what would happen. "Are you enjoying yourselves?" He asked politely, something he had rarely been growing up, but being weyrleader had a necessity of politeness. Some of the holders were stodgy old bastards that demanded manners and polite action. But he was better at it than R'vi, his brother hedonistic for always.


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