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Personal Huts / Oh.. Hello [N'kal]
« on: 15 Apr 2013 at 07:30 PM »
A peal of laughter ran through the hut followed closely by the full throated laugh of a woman. He had done it again. Rushed off with something he wasn't supposed to and brought the attention of his mother onto his head. The child dashed off with the item clutched between grubby fingers, his bright giggles bouncing around the walls of the hut. Ameris was in hot pursuit of the boy she hadn't wanted but come to love with every breath of her body.

Rislan. Her sweet Rislan. They'd refused her the day she'd demanded to be allowed to go between when she had found herself pregnant after a particularly strong flightlust. She had screamed and demanded and cursed that she be allowed the choice and still they had refused. She understood why in the back of her mind but the only thought she'd had was ridding herself of the pregnancy. She'd despised every day, every week, every month until the night she'd given birth to her son. When his tiny wails had echoed off the walls of the room, when the healer had placed his little body on her breast and she'd gazed at him. She'd been lost. His cries, his love, his mischief were the light in Ameri's life. Her father told her when he visited that Rislan acted just as she did when she was young. And she always replied with a negative "How the hell would you know?". Yes.. She still thought her father was an idiot.

She was reminded of where she was when Rislan giggled again. The item he grasped in his small hands was unimportant but Ameris knew the boy wanted a game so a game he would have. Ducking she chased after the boy laughing loudly as she shouted, "I'm going to get you!" followed by his childish shouts of glee. Down the hall and out the door the little boys feet took him. He was steady on his chubby legs as he darted down the stairs only to screech to a stop when he slammed into a pair of legs. Right behind him, Ameris stuttered to a halt as her son craned his neck back to glare at the owner of the offending legs. "I'm so sorry! He got away from me a bit," she said as she started down the stairs

Gather Square / A much needed break [Vaeyla]
« on: 15 Apr 2013 at 10:56 PM »
Ameris didn't know what to do with herself. Her father had come earlier that morning and asked to take Rislan for the day. After a lot of arguing and ranting, she had finally relented. As long as Midranth was around. Ameris was confidant the brown would call for her should something go amiss with A'mad and Rislan. She didn't trust her father with her son often but she knew she was going stir crazy so she'd agreed.

Leaving her hut had been the only other option. It was much to quiet without the active toddler running about. Ameris found she missed the noise of Rislan and had almost went off to look for her father and son but had been firm with herself. Instead she had found herself drifting towards the weyr. It had been a shorter walk than normal though it had still taken an hour or so. And again Ameris was acutely aware that she was alone. Even walking from the huts to the main portion of the weyr, Rislan was running about. The child hadn't quit moving once he found out he could and from that day forward the boy had been hell on wheels.

Turning to enter the weyr she wandered about, lost in thought. When she reached the square she stopped and realize what her problem was. She was waiting. Waiting for Midranth to call out to her that something was wrong. It was an expectation. A ridiculous expectation but one none the less. Shaking herself she walked farther into the square. Midranth would call for her.. Wouldn't he? Panic was rising as several disasters rolled through her mind and she turned prepared to sprint away when her shoulder bounced off another. "Oh.." she started as she looked to the body she'd hit.

River's Edge / Splash [Open]
« on: 17 Apr 2013 at 01:48 PM »
Ameris watched, an amused smile brighting her face, from the bank of the river. Rislan dashed about the shallows with a wild abandon, his shrieks and screams echoing along the bank. Ameris laughed as Rislan kicked water towards her, his chubby cheeks curled in a grin so big it nearly hurt hers to think of it. Standing, Ameris moved to the waters edge and toed off her boots. She dressed perfectly for this adventure in cut off pants and a simple shirt, clothes she didn't mind ruined.

Walking into the water, her son gave a shout and barreled into her, almost taking her down. "Scamp!" she laughed before swinging him into her arms. Walking further out with the boy in her arms Ameris wrapped an arm around his waist before settling him into a swimmers move. It was a game they played. Rislan playing the swim game. Well. The toddler thought it was a game, but Ameris was determined the child actually learn to swim. 

By the time Rislan got in a few good strokes, amid the gleeful splashing, Ameris was soaked. Splashing the boy as she stomped out of the water, she set his wiggling body down, "Time to get a little warm, Rislan," she said before making a snatch for him as he darted back towards the water, "Now lad! Sit here and playing in the sand like I asked." With a pout and grumble Rislan began his next favorite game. Digging a giant hole. With a chuckle, Ameris sat to lean on her hands, head tilted back.

She soaked in the sun. She wasn't sure how long she had sat listening to Rislan's chortles as he flung sand about, her eyes closed and soft sighs coming every so often as the sun warmed her chilled clothes. Her eye cracked open when a shadow past over her face. The person standing over her was in shadow and a buzz of alarm shot down her spine as her eye darted to look at Rislan from the corner and a sigh of relief sounded as she spotted him digging still. She cleared her throat.

River's Edge / Re: Splash [Open]
« on: 18 Apr 2013 at 02:04 PM »
Ameris watched, a fine tension twitching through her body as the man called out to Rislan. She snorted and smirked at his feeble attempt to speak to the boy. He was a child sure, but he wasn't a dimwit. "His name is Rislan. Might answer a heck of a lot better to it then toddler," she shook her head. While she was a bit tense and concerned her son definitely did not have the same feelings towards this odd new man. The toddler looked at the man standing before his mother and with a curious cock of the head the boy held out his make shift shovel, "Dig? Dig big?" he asked the man.

Ameris was amused at the lack of concern her son held in regard to meeting new people. Amused and a touch frightened at the aspects. As Rislan held out his shovel Ameris sat up and moved slightly so she could better see the man. A shock of red hair topped a lean lanky body with a perpetually worried look about his pale face. His appearance made him seem less intimidating and the unease she had felt slipped away.

Scooting closer to the sizable hole Rislan had created, she glanced at the redheaded man. "Might as well sit. He'll badger you until you give in," she told him before offering up her name, "Ameris and this happy lad is Rislan. You look a bit familiar but I can't place your face so you'll have to help me out a bit with your name." She tried to smile gently and knew it was forced. A gentle smile was not often easy for Ameris to accomplish.

River's Edge / Re: Splash [Open]
« on: 18 Apr 2013 at 10:59 PM »
Ameris sruggled with the over whelming urge to smack the boy upside his head. It was an effort but she succeeded. Rolling her eyes at the man's question she said "He's outside because he's bored. And he is being cared for." Hadn't he ever seen a child before? You'd think they were monsters from another planet, the way he was carrying on. "Dig!" Rislan shouted at the man. Couldn't he tell that the little boy only wanted to play?

With a brow raised she looked him over again, "He'll only bite if you stick your finger in his mouth. Are you going to stick your finger in his mouth?" waving her hand for him to sit next to the boy she said, "Digging is one of his favorite past times. He's digging a big hole. You'd better hurry before he starts throwing sand at you." Rislan was working himself into a state and her warning was right on the mark as Rislan tossed a shovel full of sand at the man.

Oahvakeen. Interesting name the man had. Sounded like some kind of flower. Scowling she watched him raise his hand for Rislan to sniff. Sniff! What in the hell did he think Rislan was? A dog? "He's not a dog Oahvakeen! Tell him hello and sit!" she said sharply before softening a touch, "Congratulations on the day off."

Gather Square / Re: A much needed break [Vaeyla]
« on: 19 Apr 2013 at 11:35 AM »
Ameris rubbed her shoulder with a rueful look on her face. Watching the instantly contrite woman she shook her head, "I'm sorry. It was all my fault not watching where I was going. Are you alright?" Now that she studied the woman she was almost positive she knew her from somewhere. Its not like Katila was overly huge like any of the northern weyrs had been so placing her name shouldn't be difficult. But the name continued to slip her mind.

Her panic over Rislan was momentarily forgotten at the mystery of who the woman was. Had she seen her in one of the gold candidate classes? She couldn't be sure. So she asked, "I don't think I remember your name." Sticking her hand out she offered it to the woman, "Ameris." She smiled softly at the concern that had filled the young woman's eyes. She really hoped the woman wouldn't cry. They had collided rather hard and it would make Ameris feel even worse if she started to cry.

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River's Edge / Re: Splash [Open]
« on: 19 Apr 2013 at 08:07 PM »
Her brow shot up with curiosity as the man moved to protect himself. Abused much? "Stop that, I'm not going to hit you for Faranth's sake," she said. She wasn't the nicest person at any given time but she didn't abuse people. Well.. She didn't think she did. Her father didn't count. She was rather nice to the girls in her candidate class though she never went out of her way to get to know them. Her lovers were few and far between but she'd never gotten any complaints there either. So it couldn't just be her. Maybe someone around the weyr took a liking to smacking the man around.

She watched Oahvakeen play with her son with an almost childlike manner. She smiled kindly and this time it was true. The man laughed at the sand he attempted to stick on Rislan's head and her own chuckle echoed. "Rislan is my son," she answered on the heels on her laugh. Eyes still glued to the pair as the began to dig in earnest she wondered if the man had children of his own. If he did he didn't know much about them.

She frowned at his question. What did she do? Nothing. She kept house, took care of Rislan when he wasn't at the creche and attended candidate lessons. It was the sum of her life. It didn't bother her for the most part but there were those time when she had a craving to explore. "Chores," she answered with a grimace, "I do chores and take care of Rislan when he's home. What do you do Oahvakeen?"

River's Edge / Re: Splash [Open]
« on: 21 Apr 2013 at 11:32 PM »
Ameris sputtered. Was he serious? Cracked? The questions that shot from his mouth were rather personal in nature and she fought to keep the irritation from her voice as she opened her mouth. And snapped it closed. She blinked at the redheaded man as she thought of an answer that wouldn't involve smacking him in the head. He didn't seem to mean anything by it though she could be wrong. "Rislan.. Rislan is the product of flight lust," she said as she shook her head, "His father wasn't mean and his father doesn't know."

Fingers? Rislan had her dark eyes and wide mouth and Oahvakeen focused on his fingers. Rislan still had baby fat wrapped around his little hands but she had no doubt that when he grew he would have the long slender fingers she did. "Rislan is still a baby, Oahvakeen. He's only 2 turns, he's got some time to grow into his um.. Fingers," she said.

The next words that came from him brought as quiet gasp from her throat. What kind of person would rather send a dragon between then impress. She was a candidate. She would impress. Someday anyway. She hoped. As much as she disliked her father, the bond the brownrider had with his dragon was enough to sell Ameris on the idea of impression from the time she was small. "How could you say such a thing?" she said a bit harshly, "A candidate and you'd wish a dragon's death?" She didn't understand how a candidate would rather have a pet rock - a damned rock! - over the life long companionship of another being.

River's Edge / Re: Splash [Open]
« on: 22 Apr 2013 at 09:45 PM »
She watched him with something akin to pity. He seemed so down trodden, so alone. On a good day Ameris was surrounded by people. Granted most were the girls in her candidate class. The other girls chosen to stand for any gold egg. She didn't have many friends and those she did were usually former lovers. On a bad day Ameris was much like Oahkvakeen. Alone. Her pity turned to sympathy when it dawned on her that he had been stolen. He was one of those who had been kidnapped for Nirinath's clutches. She reached out and patted his hand as she answered, "If you'd like, Oahvakeen, I can teach you to talk to women and children."

She contemplated his words. Words spoken like a holder. He'd never grown up in a weyr, watched the magic that was impression. Seen the looks of utter love and adoration bloom on the faces of those lucky - yes lucky - enough to find that lifemate. She'd grew up watching her father and his brown. She could say many things about the man who had sired her most of them not very pleasant, but she could say he was a changed man, a better man when he was around his brown. She watched that brown bring out the best parts of her father and loved him for it.

Rislan crowed with delight at the new game Oahvakeen has unknowingly instigated. The dark haired little boy began shaping the wet sand into something with the vague outlines of a dragon. Rislan adored his grandfather's big brown life mate and the dragon adored him in return, so it came to no surprise to Ameris when he shouted with delight, "Ama! Midranth!" She chuckled and nodded. She waved a hand at her son, "You see Oahvakeen. Even the children love the beasts. They give you affection, unconditional love and understanding. Granted they can not give you romance, but I have seen the care with which a dragon takes with their rider when they sit together or fly together. I have witnessed many splendid things, over the years. I grew up here, in this weyr, my father a dragonrider. I wouldn't change it Oahvakeen. And I wouldn't change my candidacy either."

River's Edge / Re: Splash [Open]
« on: 24 Apr 2013 at 02:51 PM »
She nodded gently, "Yes they are rather like children." She gazed at him as she watched him reflect on her words. She could see the minute doubt that ranged across his face and was secretly glad that perhaps she had caused him to think about his feelings on the matter. She hadn't meant to of course but if her words did a bit of good she would be happy for it.

Rislan still chuckled with his happiness as Oahvakeen slipped more dirt into his pile. The lad patted the pile all the while whispering the name of his grandfathers dragon. When Oahvakeen asked if they could bury him, Ameris raised a brow. Bury Rislan? She thought not. He was much to small for play like that but Ameris had a much better idea.

"You don't bury a child, Oahvakeen. I think he'd get a bit lost in the sand there," she answered, "But I've a better idea.. Why don't he bury you?"

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Personal Huts / He comes a-callin' [Solo]
« on: 24 Apr 2013 at 07:18 PM »
Mud settled nicely on the chest of Ameris. The small brown firelizard chirped quietly as he cocked his head to the side and regarded the sleeping woman with a slowly whirling green eye. Reaching forward with his snout he gave her a small nudge. When that didn't bring any reaction Mud chirped louder. Ameris cracked her eye open and fought to hide the grin that wanted to bloom across her face. The little brown seemed puzzled by her lack of response to his summons and it was entertaining. She'd gotten the little brown's egg shortly after standing for the Rhythm Life clutch with instructions on how to care for the egg as it hardened and what to do when the firelizard inside hatched. She'd been expecting a green or a blue but when Mud's little mottled brown head had popped out she'd been pleasantly surprised. Mud was no where near as large as most browns, more like the size of a large blue but she wouldn't trade him for the world.

With a little hop and a cheep, Mud nudged her lightly again. The smile that had threatened bloomed on her face as she popped both eyes open and said, "Boo!" the brown squawked loudly and pop between and out again chattering with his irritation. Ameris laughed and Rislan, beside her, giggled with his childish appreciation of the joke. Mud fluttered back to Ameris still chittering with his scolding as she held out a hand. Chuckling she stroked the little brown, "I'm sorry, Mud, I won't scare you again." She knew it wasn't so and she knew the firelizard didn't mind so much from the look of his bright blue eyes. "Come, my boys! Lets get fed and dressed," she called as she slipped from the bed and with a slight toss of the hand set Mud to flight.

She had battled with Rislan to dress him, per usual. The boy hated to get dressed, preferring instead to run around naked but for a pair of short pants. She doubted the watchers at the creche would care much if Rislan showed up naked, but Ameris would. She had just gotten herself into her chore clothes when a loud and rather obnoxious knock sounded on the door. "Enter!" she called as she reached for a cup.

"Ameris, my love!" came the call from the door and she groaned loudly while Rislan rushed down the hall calling, "'Ton! 'Ton!" as he ran. K'ton came into view with Rislan in his arms and she gave a unheated glare. "Why must you always bother me this early in the morning?" she asked with no real rancor. K'ton was the closest thing she had to a best friend, regardless of their past and she could never really be angry with him. Mud chattered loudly from his perch next to the window and taking flight came to land on K'ton's shoulder. Ameris laughed at the put out expression on her friends face as the brown landed on him. K'ton carried a dislike for the little firelizards and she had a feeling Mud knew and took pleasure in torturing the brownrider.

K'ton shooed his hand at the firelizard a few times before giving up. He knew it was useless and scowled as the little brown crooned and nuzzled his cheek into K'ton's neck. "Sharding things. I don't know why you just didn't give it back when they gave you the egg," he said to her, "They're rather useless, Ameris, not at all like a dragon you know." She chuckled. She knew where this was going. He would start bitching and complaining about his own brown - dragon of course - asking and pleading for his own firelizard. K'ton's brown was obsessed with the little things and begged his rider for a new friend on a daily basis. Trying to head the conversation away from the complaints Ameris asked as she took Rislan from him, "What exactly are you doing here, K'ton?"

"What would you say to a bout of raw nasty sex?" he asked. Ever the one to come straight out and say it. Well with her anyway. He could get away with things like that with Ameris. Had she been another woman he probably would've ended up with a hand across his face. "Ironth won a green flight didn't he?" she asked, voice nearly sympathetic. She knew about his issue with green flights. He'd come to her a few times to reaffirm his sexuality afterwards, but after the third time she refused to be anything more than his friend. She couldn't imagine what would happen if the brownrider had managed to plant a child in her. Nothing good.

With a grumble in the affirmative, K'ton dropped his head in his hands, "Well? How about it?" She shook her head as she settled Rislan in his chair and went to get him a bowl of fruit. "Who's flight did he win this time?" she asked, rather curious. She knew there were some women in the weyr who rode green but they were few and far between. Ironth had most likely won a male greenrider's flight or K'ton wouldn't be here. He looked at her as she asked. His blue eyes bright with his own self loathing and disgust he said quietly and quickly, "Lith's."

Ameris cocked her head, "I'm sorry.. I think I missed that. Could you say it again?" She fought the laugh. Fought the grin and waited patiently her own eyes sparking with her humor. He glared at her. If looks could kill Ameris would be six feet under. She shrugged as she laughed, "He's never going to leave you alone now." B'sen was a jovial type. Rather pleasant for the most part and he loved nothing more than watching K'ton's face turn bright burning red. The greenrider was incorrigible. "One kiss, Ameris. That's all I ask. One kiss so I don't forget what a woman's mouth tastes like," K'ton was plaintive in his request, his voice holding a slightly desperate note.

She sighed and stood, K'ton following suit, "Fine. One kiss and only one kiss, I've got to get Rislan off to the creche and my chores started," she said as she squinted an eye at him, "A kiss K'ton and nothing more." He nodded his agreement as he moved towards her. K'ton wrapped his arms around her and slanted his mouth across hers. As he deepened the kiss K'ton couldn't help but slip a hand down her back to grip her rear and squeeze. With a indignant snort Ameris jerked from his grasp. "A kiss, K'ton, does not mean grab my ass," she said as she walked past him, pausing long enough to give him a whack to the back of the head, "Idiot. Now be off. Go bother someone else for the day." With a bright grin, K'ton walked past her, grabbing her ass as he went. "Idiot," she said again with a shake of her head as she heard her door slam shut.

Communal Kitchens / Gonna kill that pie [Open]
« on: 30 Apr 2013 at 10:04 AM »
Irritation pulled the corners of her mouth down as she slapped the knife against the board. She was stuck in the kitchens on chore duty. Duty that was supposed to end over an hour ago but no. Someone had suggested pies for dessert. She could barely cook much less bake a sharding pie. She'd told the beastly woman behind her that she couldn't bake a pie to safe her life but the woman had insisted she learn. After all it was a womanly hobby, the baking of pies. Three burnt pies and two burnt fingers were all she had to show for several hours of work. She detested pies. She would never eat a pie again. She glared over her shoulder at the woman, who shooed her with chubby hands. Yeah like flapping her hands was going to make Ameris move faster - which it did, but she'd never admit it.

She sighed as she scraped the last of the fruits off the knife and into the waiting pie crust. It was full of various fruits and berries and if this one actually turned out would taste well. Hopefully anyway. Too bad she couldn't slip some kind of laxative or some such into it and be sure the frowning woman behind her got that exact piece. Hilarity would ensue she was sure but she couldn't take the chance that a rider got that selection. Though.. The hilarity from that would be tenfold. No. Even at the chance of some fun it wouldn't be anything good. Probably more kitchen detail. With a growl Ameris shoved the pan into the brick oven as Mud chittered from his position on a chair.

She slammed the door of the oven as she turned to shoo Mud from the chair so she could sit. The woman in charge of her gave her a death glare straight from hell as she sank into the cushion. She resisted the urge to stick her tongue out at the woman as she allowed her head to tip back. Baking was exhausting. She'd much rather be at home, playing in the dirt than baking pies in a sweltering kitchen.

Communal Kitchens / Re: Gonna kill that pie [Open]
« on: 30 Apr 2013 at 12:40 PM »
Mud squeaked as the gold firelizard winged towards him. New friends! He liked new friends. Never mind that he'd most definitely met this one at some point in his life. He was a simple creature with the worse memory on Pern. The little brown chirped and chattered as he took flight to circle around the gold as she came to greet him. Without opening her eyes Ameris's head tilted towards the sound of the not so quiet hiss. She recognized that hiss. Indivara. Great. Just what she needed. The mouthiest woman in all of Katila. Probably came to steal something, Ameris was sure.

Mud squawked, a bit indignant as Indivara snatched the gold midair. He had been playing with her! With a chitter he turned to settle on the knee of Ameris. She absentmindedly reached out to stroke the brown along his back, earning her a soft croon. Her brow shot up at the words that reached her ears. "Shouldn't you be puking?" she asked, her voice nearly as dry as Indivara's. Oh yes. Ameris had heard of her pregnancy and didn't feel sorry for the ragged morning sickness she suffered. Ameris herself hadn't suffered from the infliction so could offer no words of encouragement, had she wanted to. Which she didn't.

Her head fell forward as her eyes opened to watched Indivara scan the counters. Yup. She'd come to steal something. Maybe she'd fish around for the burnt pies and offer them to her. The matron hadn't tossed the out yet and Ameris would love to see if Indivara's pregnancy hunger would make her eat them. Probably shouldn't. Then she'd have to listen to R'nya lecture. Which would not be a highlight of her day but could be worth it. "There's nothing for you to steal today, Indivara" she said fighting the sneer that laced her voice, "Don't you have better things to do that don't involve pilfering from the kitchens?"

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Personal Huts / Re: Oh.. Hello [N'kal]
« on: 03 May 2013 at 10:32 AM »
Ameris watched the pair with amusement. Rislan was a rough and tumble boy who ran hell bent for leather at any opportunity and this time was no different than any other. She had become a touch concerned when he had plowed into the legs of the man who now stood looking down at her son with mock severity but the amused words that came from him quickly quashed whatever she had been about to say. She chuckled out loud when Rislan spoke in his childish voice, "Ris'! I Ris and I always polite!" THe boy was in fact polite. When she reminded him to be. Ameris stood just behind him, one arm wrapped around her middle as the other came up to attempt to smother the chuckle that continued to brew.

When his gaze flicked over her Ameris stood up straighter. He was attractive, in a morose and sad sort of way. Though his hair was longer than she preferred he had kind eyes and something of a pleasant smile. If the tiny smile he had given her was any indication anyway. "Yes. Children certainly love to play," she laughed, "If he had fallen the little devil would have blamed you, I'm sure!" Rislan was a good lad, for the most part, and rarely cried, so a yelling match would have been a given if he had fallen.

Ameris cocked her head to the side at his introduction. N'kal of bronze Torath. A bronzerider. He had that look about him, that look that spoke volumes of a person and their dragon. Why she hadn't pegged him as such she couldn't decide, she was fairly good at picking the riders out from the drudges. "Why wouldn't it matter?" she asked quietly as Rislan began to snoop around the man, "That little scamp there is Rislan and I'm Ameris." The dark haired boy stopped in his quest around the rider to poke at the stack of wood, "Whatcha doin'?" he asked.

Communal Kitchens / Re: Gonna kill that pie [Open]
« on: 06 May 2013 at 09:50 PM »
Ameris resisted the urge to stick her tongue out at the sour look on Indivara's face. The girl was much too defensive in her facial expressions for Ameris's taste and if the woman didn't know better she'd wonder if it was a front for something quite different. She didn't particularly care to find out either so she didn't poke at it. Perhaps one day - when pigs flew - Ameris would get to the bottom of Indivara's prickly nature but for now she just shrugged at the sweetly spewed words. "Don't think I've never been puked on. Or shit on for that matter," she herself smiled just as sweet, "Babies tend to leave a bit of puke and crap in their wake."

Ameris was a very hands on mother, unwilling to really leave the care of her son to another. She had rarely left him at the creche and only then when she was on chore duty. He lit up her life like nothing else could and Ameris didn't trust the workers of the creche with his safety. She probably should have allowed it anyway with no argument but she just couldn't do it. She had lost her mother at a key moment in her life and her father had been absent for all of the important things and she refused to do the same to Rislan.

She raised a brow and rolled her eyes as the girl gave her a triumphant look as she filched a piece or three of roasted wherry from the passing plate. "Very mature, Indivara. You know.. Asking for a bit probably would work a whole lot better. Probably be less painful too," she said dryly. Mud cocked his head as he watched the other girl with intent eyes. He had a thought that perhaps a bit of wherry would be fantastic and just as he bunched to leap and snatch the bit out of Indivara's hand, Ameris slapped her own against him effectively halting his movements. The little brown squeaked and chattered as his wings flapped to get away, the movements futile. Shaking her head all Ameris could do was chuckle under her breath as it never occurred to him to blink between.

She looked at Indivara again and her previous thought wormed its way back into her mind with insidious grace. "I've some pie if you think your stomach can handle the sweets," she said oh so nicely, "I can get some for you and find a chair to sit on. After all a girl in your condition shouldn't be on her feet for so long."

Communal Kitchens / Re: Gonna kill that pie [Open]
« on: 08 May 2013 at 01:26 PM »
The more Indivara spoke about her pregnancy the more she reminded Ameris - and rather painfully at that - of her self during her own pregnancy. She hadn't wanted Rislan. Hadn't wanted to be pregnant and had despised every minute of it and counted down the days until she could pawn him off on the creche women. But that had all changed and for the better. Some how though, Ameris seriously doubted that the same would be said for Indivara. But then again she could be wrong.

Fat arse, her arse. And the hell if she would give up her chair to Indivara. Never mind the damn thing wasn't cushioned and was probably the least comfortable one in all the kitchen, it was the principle of the matter. She motioned for a girl to come over to her. When the small dark child reached her, Ameris whispered into her ear, bidding the girl to bring one of the burnt pies - preferably the one that didn't look burnt - and a cushioned chair for Indivara. A single raised brow at the girls protests sent her scurrying.

"Now why would I need to actually get off my fat arse, as you so nicely put it, to give you my chair when another can simply be brought?" she asked before waving a hand at the approaching girl, "And here it is. A nice chair and pie, just for sweet little old you." The chair the girl brought was a sturdy one with a large multicolored cushion and low back. It was actually rather comfortable and Ameris damned her pride. She could have simple traded chairs, and gotten the better out of it, but no. She smiled when she saw the pie the child had brought.

Perfectly flakey and perfectly golden brown on the outside but a burnt gooey mess on the inside. The matron had been pretty disgusted with that one. Ameris was vaguely proud of the fact that she had some how managed not to burn the outside but had turned the inside into berry flavored runner crap. "Sit, sit!" she motioned towards the chair, "Now that pie's just for you, so enjoy it." She would have to keep a sharp eye on the girl if she decided to puke every where. Baby puke was one thing. A fully grown girl's puke, an entirely different one.

Communal Kitchens / Re: Gonna kill that pie [Open]
« on: 10 May 2013 at 10:55 PM »
Ameris sat with a bemused expression on her face. The girl was suspicious and indecisive. And rightly so. Ameris usually wasn't one to try a bit like this but there was just something about the other girls attitude that rubbed her the wrong way. She'd done nothing to her to deserve any bit of animosity or disrespect. Well.. She had been a bit harsh at the beginning of their conversation but damn it, Indivara started it. It would be her excuse too, if R'nya found out about her little trick on the chit, provided of course the girl actually ate the pie and threw up all over the kitchen. If she didn't.. Well no one had to know, right?

She smirked as Indivara inched her way over to the chair the girl had brought. With a quick thought, Ameris shooed the girl away before her down cast eyes place any more guilt on the whole situation. Her smirk quickly turned into a bright smile at Indivara's question, "Why, Indivara, what makes you think I'm up to something?" she asked , "Do nice things not happen to you often enough for you to recognize the signs?"

Mud squeaked under Ameris solid palm. He watched the pretty gold wrap herself around her bonded's shoulder with an utter fascination that was not very usual of the tiny brown. He wanted to play with that pretty gold. Play until he dropped, it would be so much fun! He squirmed to be let go but Ameris's hand held fast. Ameris nodded politely as the girl started picking at the pie, "Come now, Indivara! It's not going to bite you!" She was going to get in so much trouble for this.

This is an extremely entertaining thread.
Also I had to look up metaplaying! Makes you work a bit harder lol!

Gather Square / Happy frickin' birthday [Open]
« on: 14 May 2013 at 01:19 PM »
It was her birthday. Big whoop. Another year older and another hatching come and gone. So many she'd gone through, most just before or just after her birthday, and not a single impression was made on her part. As each birthday crept by without a dragon to call her own, she was beginning to have some serious doubts about her ability to attract a hatchling. There must be something wrong with her. Had to be her for them to find her less than appealing. Her father told her not to worry about it. Told her that she'd impress one day. Of all the things he had said to her through out her life, this was the only one she'd ever believed in. But after this last clutch she was certain that he was wrong, like so many other things.

Ameris leaned back in the chair she had dragged with her. Her father had forgotten her birthday and Rislan was much to young to really remember that it was a big day today, so she sat. Alone. Her father was off doing what ever and Rislan was at the creche. Alone was fine. She needed some air and a chance to shirk some of her duties. Birthday's were no excuse for laziness, so she had snuck out of the kitchens - always with the kitchens - and brought herself to the square. It was fine being alone, she didn't mind really. Gave her a chance to think about things. Think about how she truly felt in the south and if standing for any new clutch was worth it to her.

Her father wouldn't hear of her idea to cease standing. He was convinced that she would ride gold and he refused to allow her to stop. She wasn't so convinced. She'd much rather ride green. The headache of being a goldrider would be too much for her. Hell. She wasn't entirely convinced she'd even ride green. But it would be something if she finally heard a tiny voice calling to her come hatching day.

Closing her eyes, Ameris pictured herself going through weyrling lessons, flying thread, dealing with the aftermath of a flight. It was a grand daydream. One she'd had for most of her life growing up. Her father was a dragon rider and by damned she'd be one to! That had been her mantra as she'd gotten older, the words never changing. If her moronic father could do it, then she could to. But thus far that had not been the case. She didn't know why it was so important for her to impress. She had Rislan after all. A beautiful son to call her own. But no matter how much she loved him or how close they became it would never be the same. She sighed as she picked a bit of flour from her skirts and tossed it to the ground, unaware she was no longer alone.

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Gather Square / Re: Happy frickin' birthday [Open]
« on: 17 May 2013 at 01:35 PM »
Ameris started with surprise when the small blue firelizard darted past her. The little beast had something clutched between his talons and she had a feeling the owner of the something was not going to be all too pleased. The actions of some of the ill manners firelizards about the weyr reaffirmed her belief that they all needed training and discipline. Mud was a rather well mannered little thing, always coming when called and never stealing. He did however seem to have a ridiculous fascination with all the golds running about and one she hadn't managed to curtail. Silly creature. Its not as if he would catch any who rose. He was much to small to out fly any of the bronzes and other browns. She blamed Indivara for his fascination. If he hadn't met her little gold that fateful day with the pie, then none of this would have started, but he had and it did.

She sighed again as she picked another bit of flour from her skirts. Tossing it to the ground she grumbled quietly under her breath. Baking pies seem to be the only thing the kitchen matron would allow her to do now a days. And she always went away with clothing full of flour and bits of fruit smashed willy nilly on her skirts. She still couldn't figure out why the woman wouldn't let her cook anything else. Its not like pie was the main course of the night or as important as anything else. She hated pie.

She jerked when a voice came out of the quiet of the square. Turning quickly she saw the source. Peorray. She had never really gotten to know Peorray. They were both in the same candidate class but seemed worlds apart. Ameris was not the most social of butterflies and she often avoided the other women. "Actually.. I did see your little thief," she answered, "I take it that bit he was holding belongs to you?"

Communal Kitchens / Re: Gonna kill that pie [Open]
« on: 21 May 2013 at 01:26 PM »
Her eyes narrowed at the snide comment. People like her? What exactly did that mean? She wasn’t normally mean or cruel. She might not like everyone but she didn’t go out of her way to beat them down or make them cry – she had on occasion done so during childhood. People like her indeed.. “People like me? And what, exactly, does that mean?” she demanded. She hated being lumped into generic groups with other people, especially with people she probably couldn’t stand.

She resisted the urge to sneer back, pasting a tiny smile on her lips instead. She would come out of this either covered in puke, hating Indivara with a passion or feeling horrible and actually liking the little twit. Which would probably end in all sorts of cat fights and trouble. She watched the girl in front of her stick her finger into the pie and bring it to her mouth and tensed in preparation for the spewing.

Her eyes winced and her shoulder hunched as Indivara’s face twisted and she came to an abrupt stop. Did that little twit girl not get a burnt pie? Was this one of the ones the matron had used as an example for Ameris to follow? She was going to kill that little girl. Her eyes shot open and widen slightly as Indivara stared at her with large blue eyes. It moved? What the hell did that mean? “What are you talking about Indivara? It’s a goddamn pie! Pies don’t move!” she hissed at the girl. Pies didn’t move. Was she trying to play some trick on Ameris by swinging it around on her? Moving.. Moving.. Ameris’s own eyes widen in horror when it dawned on her what exactly Indivara was talking about.

Personal Huts / Re: Oh.. Hello [N'kal]
« on: 22 May 2013 at 12:24 AM »
Ameris laughed out loud at his words. “Certainly. The most terrible man in the whole weyr!” Her eyes twinkled merrily at his attempt at a joke. It sounded rough and a bit out of practice but she figured with time, N’kal would be a regular comedian. Her head cocked to the side at his simple explanation. She had a feeling that he was far from just another man in the weyr. He had an air of mystery about him and coupled with his seemingly down trodden demeanor it probably set most of the girls about all a flutter.

Rislan watched with rapt attention as the big man explained to him what his was doing and why, “Ris likes dragons!” His grandfather had a big brown that the toddler adored. He could often be found climbing all over Midranth or catching a nap cradled in his big paws. The young boy’s eyes widen as the big man whirled around and Rislan’s little face split in a smile so big he lost his dark eyes in his cheeks. “Ama! Dragon!” he called to his mother as she smothered a chuckle at the antics of the big bronze as he sat between a hut and the dense trees.

“A good thing then, that he is so fond of children because Rislan is extremely fond of dragons,” she laughed as she waved brightly at the shining bronze and wince lightly at his loud bugle. N’kal’s entire face lit up when he was looking at Torath and Ameris had a feeling he had no idea how different he looked in the company of his dragon.

Darting to the man, Rislan grabbed ahold of his pant leg, tugging insistently, “Ris, dragon!” He was such a demanding boy. Ameris shook her head as she scolded him lightly, “Rislan, ask nicely and say please, my lad!” She narrowed her eyes at him as the scamp turned to look at her as he pulled face. One that spoke volumes. Arching a brow she just looked at the toddler until he finally tugged again, “’Kal take Ris. Take Ris, dragon.. Pulease?”

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Gather Square / Re: Happy frickin' birthday [Open]
« on: 02 Jun 2013 at 03:22 PM »

She inclined her head as Peorray stated it'd probably not be a good idea to insist on chasing the firelizard. She was right in her assumption, it would be a pointless chase. The flits hid and hid well when they wanted and trying to find them often proved fruitless. "It probably wouldn't be worth the chase. Unless you can find his owner there's a large possibility that you'll never find your bracelet," she agreed.

Mud chose that moment to pop out from between and light on her lap. He crooned his greeting and promptly curled into a ball and fell asleep. Little bugger was probably off chasing golds when he shouldn't have been. At least he was somewhat quiet with his buzzing snores. She gazed at him fondly as she stroked his back. "They're not all bad. Just takes proper motivation and training and they mind pretty well," she said.

Ameris glanced over as Peorray asked about her trouble. The woman looked to have had her fair attention from that overly large woman who ran the kitchens. That woman was a stern task master and unpleasant when she found you doing what she told you not to or not doing it correctly anyway. "Damn woman insists I make pie every time I draw kitchen chores. Every damn time. I hate pie."

Gather Square / Re: Happy frickin' birthday [Open]
« on: 05 Jun 2013 at 11:35 PM »
Ameris cranked her head around to stare at Peorray. "Pie's not so bad?" she asked, "Pie is the devil." Her hand moved idly across Mud's back as she though back to the reason why she made pies always now. That woman had found out she had attempted to make Indivara vomit in the kitchen and knowing how much Ameris hated making the stupid things, decided the perfect punishment would be to supply the kitchens with the bubbly concoctions. She had gotten rather good at making them and only burned them once in a while.

She thought about how to go about explaining the situation to the woman standing by her. She couldn't very well tell her she was forced to bake pies as a punishment. She probably wouldn't understand. She was probably one of those proper misses that didn't question a thing they were told and did so with a smile upon her face. With a grimace she opened her mouth and spouted, "I'm horrible at them. Just horrible. Every one I make burns to a crisp. The matron wants me to make as many as it takes until I can actually make one without burning it." It was a slight lie and nothing else.

Communal Kitchens / Re: Gonna kill that pie [Open]
« on: 06 Jun 2013 at 01:19 AM »
Ameris started sharply at the whine that came from Indivara. Indivara whining? Now she'd seen everything. The plaintiveness of the sound tugged at her, her blasted maternal (these were new) instincts demanding she make the girl in front of her feel better about the situation. Ameris frowned. "You can't make it stop, Indivara. It just happens," she said gruffly. She could remember her own pregnancy and how much she had hated every minute of it. At the first flutter of movement she had felt, she'd thought something was going to burst from her with a ferocity that made a wher look timid. It didn't and she'd survived, though she complained and whined - much like Indivara - until the birth of Rislan. How she didn't miss it.

All thoughts of maternal flew out the window when Indivara insisted she couldn't do it. With a snort she responded with a, "Of course you can't." Indivara was much to full of herself from what Ameris had gleaned about her. Much to involved and probably the least loving woman she'd every met. Just as well the girl left her child in the creche and forgot about it.

Looking at her again, her previous pity came back full swing. The girls eyes were wide, whether with utter terror or wonder who could really guess. "It'll happen again. You get used to it," she started before shrugging, "Usually when they start moving the sickness goes away, so I suppose something could be said for it." She tried to be reassuring, tried to make it sound not so bad, and tried to make the movements something to look forward to but she failed miserably. She just couldn't do it. Aside from the delightful little being that came from it, Ameris wouldn't wish pregnancy on her worst enemy. And a girl barely out of childhood? Definitely not the best of mother materials. Sometimes she curse D'ren's decree that all woman would birth a child before standing. It had been a ridiculous demand and had thrust to many young girls into the motherhood role. She shook her head at the thought as she stroke the little brown body under her hand.

Gather Square / Re: Happy frickin' birthday [Open]
« on: 14 Jun 2013 at 12:53 PM »
Lying was never Ameris's strong suit. She couldn't tell them very well and they were generally unconvincing. She disliked lies and usually had a policy of not creating them. It usually wasn't long before you were caught out in one, so there really wasn't much of a point in the telling of one. But she couldn't very well tell Peorray the truth, now could she? Trying to trick Indivara with the pie had not been a high light of her life and she was rather ashamed of the attempt. She also didn't think Indivara would want Ameris to go about blurting their little confrontation about the weyr. Ameris might dislike the girl at times but she wasn't cruel.

"Doubtful," she snorted as she took in the rather disbelieving look on the other woman's face, "That harridan wouldn't let a fly get away with anything, much less me." Now she'd attempted bribery, another low point and even tried begging, but the damn woman was dead set on her punishment. Although.. Ameris wasn't quite sure now if it was punishment or the fact she'd gotten so adept at baking pies that they were quite tasty. "Blackmail is distasteful and besides.. The woman is clean as a whistle.."

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