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Dining Hall / Early Mornings [Open]
« on: 28 Jun 2013 at 01:28 AM »
Casa woke with a start as a heavy drumroll of thunder echoed through the Lower Caverns. Blinking blearily, she rolled over and sat up slowly, glancing around the room and squinting as her eyes adjusted to the dim light. It was clearly very early morning; everything was still and quiet, except for the heavy rain pouring outside. She shrugged into her tunic and trousers slowly, a yawn creeping from her; after a moment, she slipped on her boots and begin to quietly pad out of the sleeping quarters, absentmindedly flipping her furs over the bed in a half-earnest attempt to straighten them out.

She ran her hands through her hair and pushed the thick mess out of her face as she headed for the kitchens; chances were, a small group of the kitchen folk were awake, prepping food for cooking. With the heavy rains, chances for going out into the garden were diminished to slim, so she might as well help with what there was to do. Slipping into the kitchen, she made a beeline for the klah pot, pouring herself a large mug.

Sipping on the mug and wrapping her fingers around the mug appreciatively, she looked over the workload. It looked like sweet rolls were an option, and there was fresh fruit that needed slicing and prepping for the breakfast rush. She got to work, picking up her knife and beginning to slice the pile of succulent and juicy produce waiting for attention. As she worked, she thought about her dreams; she had been dreaming of dragon wings, before the heavy sound of the storm outside had pulled her back to reality. She wondered idly what it was like to actually ride on a dragon as more than a passenger. Having lived around them her whole life didn't mean she'd ever ride one in that capacity, after all.

Shrugging off her musing, she loaded the sliced fruit onto a tray and grabbed a basket of fresh rolls. She sidled out to the dining area, setting it down in the nearly empty room along with the pot of klah she had kidnapped. Might as well enjoy the quiet before the girls woke up, she mused as she wrinkled her nose and sipped from her mug with a soft sigh.

The Lake Edge / Curiosity and Exploration [R'nd]
« on: 28 Jun 2013 at 03:11 AM »
It was one of those days where the sun was peeking through the clouds, which meant it was as close to sunny as Casa was going to get right after a big storm. After waking up and tending to her chores throughout the Lower Cavern systems, she had promptly snagged a package of meatrolls and fruit and had slipped outside before anyone could track her down for extra kitchen duties. She promptly flounced her way out to the huts, pounding on the door to her father's room before sliding inside. She knew she was likely to catch him off-guard - she had almost counted on it - so she grinned as he scrambled to pull the furs around himself as he blinked incredulously at her.

"Hi papa! I want to go to the lake...any way I could coerce you into a ride, pleeeease?" She stared at him with big eyes, her hands tucked behind her back as she rocked back and forth on her feet. He eyed her pack and patchy clothing with a frown, but eventually nodded. She clapped and grinned, running past him out to where his blue was resting. The dragon opened one eye lazily before getting up and stretching slowly. After a couple minutes, her father begin to slide on the straps, pulling her up carefully. She scrambled up the straps deftly, at this point becoming well practiced with how often she convinced him to take her out to the lake for fishing or swimming.

As they rose into the air, Dae tightened her grip, momentarily disorientated as her stomach fell away. The blue dragon beneath her rumbled, almost as if he was amused, and then they were between, her breath caught in her chest for what felt like several seconds. They wheeled down, landing with a solid thump, and Dae scrabbled back down, leaping to the ground quickly. Her father told her to be good and stay out of (too much) trouble, and that he'd be back before dinnertime, so she could help with evening prep. She nodded, waving goodbye, before she turned and ran off towards the edge of the lake, excited to have some free time to herself.

Communal Kitchens / Piece of...Pie? [Vaelya]
« on: 28 Jun 2013 at 03:53 AM »
It had been a long afternoon of rooting around out near the rivers and fields, trying to find berries and fruit to bake with. This time of the year wasn't the most ideal for them - it was too wet, or too cold, or this that and the other. Casa hated hearing she couldn't do something, though, and was determined to find SOMETHING to put in a pie. She had been promised the ability to make pies - and keep one for herself, a treasure among weyrbrats - if she could find something to do so with. So off she had gone, looking for anything to make into a treat. After a long search, she had managed to gather enough supplies to make several pies.

Victoriously sliding into the kitchen, she slunk her way over to one of the quieter corners of the large kitchens and dumped out her bag. Several redfruit came tumbling out, along with a (slightly smashed) variety of berries. Grinning triumphantly, she began to pull down bowls and baking dishes, setting aside everything she would need to make her pies. However, as she gathered more and more ingredients, she realized what a mistake she may have made. After all, it was mid afternoon now, which meant dinner was not too far off...and she had said she would make them by dinnertime?

Sighing, she began to frantically scurry around the kitchen, pulling ingredients from here and there. This had been a bad idea, in retrospect...but the thought of pie was too good to pass up! She groaned and begin to mix together dough, knowing it would take a while for the dough to set up and rest. Maybe she could find someone to help her...she might even share her pie, though she was loathe to do.

River's Edge / Fishing for Fun [Open]
« on: 28 Jun 2013 at 05:33 AM »
Someone had once told Casa that right after it rained was the best time to go fishing; the water settled and the fish felt free to come up and scrounge around without risk of the rain pelting them. As she glanced up at the heavy clouds that seemed to be slowly wandering away from the Weyr, she hoped that advice had been right. She had been asked to go fishing and seeing what she could find - fish made for a good meal when it could be found, and was great for preserving besides. Seeing as she enjoyed fishing, it wasn't much of a chore for her, and she had gladly accepted the task.

However, due to the fact the rain had cleared up, she wasn't in a position to pester her father for a ride to the lake. This meant she would have to try the river. She didn't seem to have as much success with the river. The moving water seemed to discourage the fish from curiosity of lures and baits as they moved along. However, she was willing to give it a try. And after a morning of washing and repairing her clothes, a trip to the river sounded much better and far more entertaining than checking glows or sorting vegetables.

Skipping outside, she scooped up her basket of bait, her net, and a pack full of meatrolls. She had also stuffed a couple pairs of pants in there; several of them had recently become more and more worn out. She would have to go request new clothes before much longer, and she didn't want to deal with the fuss of measurements and such. Or, the risk of skirts. She was 13 now, which meant she was destined to be forced into dresses soon. She wrinkled her nose and set out for the river side.

Upon arrival, it looked as if the river was mostly quiet. She didn't notice any riders or dragons, which meant the fish were more likely to catch. She threw the net out, pulling the edge onto shore and sitting on it while she munched on a meatroll. After brushing her hands clean, she pulled out one of her pairs of trousers and begin to sew in slow, even lines along the bottom hems, focusing on the soft sound of the river flowing by along and the minute, detailed stitches she was creating.

Craft Hall / Sweet Sounds [B'jin]
« on: 28 Jun 2013 at 06:37 AM »
It had been a long day of Weyr clean up and prep; food had come in needing sorting, supplies had to be sorted and sent on their way to various parts of the Weyr, and she had somehow gotten glow duty. What this had meant was she spent the whole day running around the Weyr...checking this, delivering that. Eventually, it had come time for dinner prep, and she had been stuck in the corner with root duty. She didn't mind the activity, but it meant she was almost bone tired, and there was still the tail end of clean up from dinner. Sighing, Casa got to work clearing dishes and putting away what was left to deal with.

Once the dining hall had been cleared and cleaned up, Dae darted outside, ready for a break. She loved the days when time seemed to fly by, as it meant she wasn't left feeling bored. However, she was definitely ready to do something that didn't involve running all over the grounds. She left herself wander aimlessly at first, not sure what to do with herself just yet. She wasn't ready for bed; she wanted a soak to relieve sore muscles, but she'd prefer to save that until just before she went to lie down. Eventually, her feet and curiosity led her to the crafter's hall to see what the talented people of the Weyr may be doing with their evening.

When she first slipped in, it seemed creepy and still; she thought for a moment no one was about, which did happen from time to time. Still, this somehow inspired a sense of disappointment from her. She enjoyed watching people work on projects, as it was one of the only ways she could really ask questions or learn anything new without getting into too much trouble for being nosy. But after a moment, she heard soft sound echoing towards the door from the back. She perked up immediately, slowly padding towards the back to see who it was that was tuning about. She loved music.

Eastern Hunting Ranges / Birthday Wishes [K'ton]
« on: 28 Jun 2013 at 01:22 PM »
Today was an important day. Today was in fact a day of celebration and joy and fun. However, that didn't stop Casa from feeling down. After all, today was her birthday. She turned 13 Turns today...and yet here she was in the gardens, all alone. She knew that she couldn't expect the Weyr to come to a stand still because it was her birthday, but...she would have liked to have spent the day in the company of someone. However, most of her friends seemed to be otherwise occupied with chores or work. Her father likewise was probably busy with dragonrider business; she knew better than to bother him most days, even if she did want to see him.

Still...what was a birthday on its own, especially this one? She was all but on her way to be an adult! Sighing, she wandered out towards the edges of the Weyr at a slow and meandering pace. At least she had been given a little bit of leeway in chores, and had managed to get them all done fairly early in the day. She had been sent off with a half-hearted request that she bring in any fresh flowers or herbs from the gardens, so off she'd gone towards the farms to see what was growing.

Luckily, she mused, it was warm out. As she approached the flowers growing along the edges of the holding pens for the feeder beasts, her senses were assaulted with the fresh smells of dirt and growing things, and she flopped down, inhaling deeply. She loved the smell of the growing plants, and she had a good view of anyone or anything that decided it was a good time to come out and feed while she idly played with the blossoms that had started to grow along the sides of the big open space.

Weyrfolk Hall / Bedside Service [Briyden]
« on: 28 Jun 2013 at 05:10 PM »
In a Weyr, there was always about 1000 things that needed to be done. From checking glows to harvesting the fields, it took a lot of work to keep everything running smoothly. Luckily for a Weyr, there always seemed to be people to do these necessary chores, especially with an abundance of Weyrbrats around and the candidates that seemed to appear from up North or within the weyr complex itself. After dinner was one of the busiest times of days, and on this particular evening, Casa found herself stuck with laundry duty.

Sighing at the seemingly huge amount of fresh furs in her arms, Dae trudged into the Weyrfolk Hall. She had been instructed to check all of the rushes and put the freshly aired furs back where they belonged. Picking a doorway at random, she popped inside and noticed the many beds waiting for attention. It wasn't a big chore, just one that took a while. She set the furs down by the doorway, looking around the room and trying to decide where she should start.

Picking one of the first beds, she began the task of fluffing up the rushes. Most of the beds seemed to have been restuffed fair recently; she didn't notice any mattresses, at least near the front, that seemed in crucial need of fresh material. Still, this was going to take a while. Hopefully some of the candidates or other weyrfolk had been assigned to help her get it done. Looking back at the entryway to this room, she glanced hopefully about, waiting for someone to appear as if by magic or sheer force of will.

Weyrfolk Hall / Re: Bedside Service [Briyden]
« on: 28 Jun 2013 at 07:43 PM »
After staring into the doorway for several moments, Dae considered that whoever was going to be along to help may still be getting clean linens. Shrugging, she turned back to the mattress at hand, making sure it was plump and not overly flattened. Little did she know, someone was on their way...when Briyden inquired after her, she yelped and jumped, startling and falling back on the bed. Blinking, she slowly turned around, her eyes wide for a moment before she burst into laughter, grinning. "Oh, you startled me!" she declared, shaking her head and scrambling up to rearrange the mattress again.

"You must be the other person helping with linens's nice to meet you! I'm Casa. Dae works though, everyone calls me that." She moved around to the next mattress, pausing when she saw Briyden standing there and watching her, a look of confusion on her face. "What am I doing? You've never checked the bedding materials before?" She frowned for a moment, pulling the mattress in front of her up to shown her new friend. "Part of making sure the bedding is super comfy is making sure to check the material inside, see. Have you ever slept on a lumpy mattress? It's easy to avoid that. If you make sure the rushes inside - that's the filling in the mattress - aren't too flattened, then its way more comfy." She flopped it down before moving on to the next bed.

"Anyway, I check them to make sure they are still all fresh and plump. If they aren't, then you gotta restuff 'em. After all...have you ever had to deal with the Aunties and Uncles? They grumpy if they don't sleep well, and no one wants to deal with a grumpy adult." She continued to work her way through the row of beds on the side of the room she occupied, bustling around energetically. "Hey, I know! You don't seem to know much about the I'll do the fluffing if you can start lying down the furs. It should help speed the chores up. No one wants to be stuck with chores all night, after all!"

Personal Huts / Sneaky Snacks [L'te]
« on: 28 Jun 2013 at 08:11 PM »
It had been a long day. A very long day. A day full of chores (she had had to go and work with some of the Brats she was not fond of) that had left her frustrated and needing a break from people. Especially after they had started picking on one of the other girls, which she simply wouldn't stand for. She may not like girls, but that didn't anyone the right to start a fight or tease! She'd almost gotten into a scrap with the bully, and had finally stormed off, just this side of taking a swing. But she knew that nothing good would come of it, only punishment and stern looks, so she had huffed off to find a way to cool down.

Cooling down, as it turns out, meant going into the kitchen and snagging a huge pile of cakes. She bit her lip as she snuck out of the kitchen, eyes peeled for a sign of notice, but no one seemed to be paying her much mind, especially this close to dinner. Successful in her mission, she took off towards the huts, hoping to stow away in her father's living space while he was out at dinner or oiling his dragon or whatever he was doing this afternoon. However, she realized that she hadn't been paying as much attention as normal, and had somehow managed to get lost among the huts.

Frowning, she tried to backtrack and figure out which space was his. But, all of the huts looked the same this time of day, especially when you had a pack full of stolen loot. She pulled one of the cakes out, biting into it and frowning as she peered around corners and glanced into doorways. Eventually, she flopped down in the middle of a patch of dirt. "Shards!" she all but yelled, cake half-eaten in her hands. As she glared around her, she looked up to see a blue dragon and rider very near by, both looking right at her. Gulping, she stuffed the cake in her mouth guiltily, her frustration forgotten as she stared right back awkwardly.

Gather Square / Troublemaker [Ryvian]
« on: 28 Jun 2013 at 08:38 PM »
Casa was bored. It was not unusual for a 13 year old girl to be bored; when you spent most of your days working on chores (especially when you were creative and prone to exploration), your brain tended to find a thousand other things to do. Having finished with noon meal clean up, she gave a huge spectrum of excuses, trying to convince someone to let her go so she could slip outside and enjoy the sunshine coming out of the sky. Eventually the woman grew exasperated with her almost-whining, and told her to go away.

It was almost summertime, and Dae was itching to have outdoor adventures - maybe she could even convince someone to arrange a beach trip! That was a long ride by dragon back, she knew, so it wasn't likely. But wouldn't it be fun? She could just imagine splashing around in the waves and looking for spiderclaws. But she knew that wasn't something for today, so she settled for seeing who was around in the Gather Square. Chances were there was someone down there doing something at least vaguely interesting.

She all but bounced her way down there, full of energy. In addition to the feel of spring and almost-summer, there were clutches on the Sands...and the nervous, excited air that came with potential hatchings permeated the entire Weyr. As she prowled into the Gather Square, she noted it wasn't overly busy. Frowning, she stalked about, finally finding someone sitting further back and seemingly soaking up the sun. He looked vaguely familiar...ah, he must be one of the two twins. She had heard rumors that they were troublemakers. She crept closer, a curious smile on her face as she sidled up to him. "Hi there!" She said, eyes bright as she sat down beside him. Maybe she'd make a new friend today.

Healing Hall / Scrappy Solutions [T'lian]
« on: 29 Jun 2013 at 03:16 AM »
It had started a good day. Casa had been productive, and had even had time to snag a bubbly pie or three. After dinner, she helped clean dishes and prep for meals the next day before heading out to the open spaces of the weyr to wander around. After dinner was one of her favorite times to walk around and enjoy the fresh air when it wasn't raining; the weyr was large enough it was easy to find a quiet space to sit and relax. It was a pleasant evening, and she was looking forward to sit down somewhere and watching the stars.

However, it didn't seem that this was to be the case. Her good day very quickly was flipped on its head when she found one of the older weyrbrats picking on a little girl. Without a second thought, she stomped up to him, demanding he leave her alone. He had sneered at her, suggesting that she make him. Unfortunately for him, he didn't expect her to do just that. Dae snarled another warning at him, eyeing the girl and nodding to her to run. The bigger boy shoved the little one down, and then Casa lost it. She launched herself at him, tackling him to the ground.

After several minutes of wrestling around, she came out on top. The little girl had vanished, taking the opportunity to get away from her tormentors. However, Dae was not so lucky. She had left the boy with a black eye and several scratches down his arms, as well as having gotten in a good kick to his ribs. However, she hadn't gotten away without some punishment of her own - a long gash across her forehead was now bleeding freely,  along with several bruises across her chest. Her back also hurt, and she felt like maybe there were scrapes and cuts along there too. She also found she could barely walk from where her ankle had twisted in the struggle. Shards. She left the older boy in a moaning mess, warning him to leave the little children alone, before she began to limp away, a thunderous expression on her face.

Shortly after, she began to regret the fight, if only for the pain she was in; the weyrfolk would not be pleased she had tangled with someone else, which more than likely meant a punishment down the line, but she didn't care about that. No one had the right to pick on a little kid. No One. After what seemed like a long walk up to the Healing Hall, she limped in and stood awkwardly at the door, the blood on her face starting to drip down onto her tunic and across her cheeks. This caused her to scowl further - now she would have to thoroughly scrub her worn down clothes. And to think, she had just wanted to see the stars...

Dining Hall / What's the Story, Morning Glory? [S'jin]
« on: 29 Jun 2013 at 04:18 AM »
Noon meal, and boy was Dae famished. She had been working out in the fields since just after breakfast, weeding and watering to make sure crops were growing appropriately. It wasn't complicated work, but it was hard - it required endurance, to constantly bend over and check each and every plant. She didn't mind it though - the smell of growing things was one of her favorite things about the chore in general. However, it did tend to get a bit messy, and Casa hated being dirty. So after she had finished, she had had to rush to the bath halls to scrub herself off and change her clothes.

By the time she slid into the hall, stomach rumbling, lunch had already been served and people were busy chowing down. She stared around, frowning as she looked for a spot where there was still food to be found. She noticed one of the tables in a back corner looked mostly unoccupied, so she started heading over that. As she watched, one of the weyrfolk brought out a fresh platter of wherry meat and meatrolls. Grinning, she pounced onto the food, loading up a plate and tearing into it.

As she begin to eat with gusto, the crowds around her begin to clear out, returning to their various duties. It gave her a bit more time to eat, and she slowed down, finally remembering to chew again. The hall continued to empty out, and she sat back as she loaded her plate a second time, this time with meatrolls that she planned to take her time on. As she glanced around the more hollowed out room, she noticed one of the few people still left with her - a rider that looked vaguely familiar, and very lonely. Without a pause, she picked up her plate and trotted over, sitting down near him and smiling brightly. No one should have to sit by themselves at lunch! "Hi there, I'm Casa!" she declared, beaming up at him cheerfully.

Western Forests / One Banana, Two Banana... [Flora]
« on: 29 Jun 2013 at 04:54 AM »
Fruit season! Casa LOVED fruit season, when the delicious treats that grew on the trees in the forest began to ripen. When the fruit began to grow, it meant that it would inevitably need to be harvested, which gave her a chance to explore through the woods. She knew the woods were potentially dangerous; she'd heard of various dangers out and about. But...fruit season! She wanted the bananas badly. They were great for all kinds of things - fruit as a snack, baking into sweet breads, making desserts with...

When the world came that she could finally go out and check on the growth of the fruits in the forest, she all but yelped with joy. She had been waiting FOREVER. However, the weyrfolk who agreed to it told her she had to go with at least one other of the children - the buddy system was more effective, she reasoned, in case something happened. Casa tried to suppress a groan, due to the fact she didn't know anyone who would even be vaguely interested in exploration around the forest like she was.

Grudgingly, she agreed to wait at the edge of the forest so the woman could find someone else to tag along with her. As she trudged out towards the edge of the weyr where the trees began to get a little thicker, she wondered who she would end up with. Maybe if she was lucky, she'd get one of the boys. They always seemed to poke around up in trees and stuff. As long as she didn't get one of the girls, she'd be fine. Well, she thought ruefully, she'd be fine with a girl if there were any that weren't too prissy and whiny. But she didn't know any of the girls well enough to determine if such a thing existed. With a sigh, she flopped on the ground to wait.

Craft Hall / Sew and Stitch [Jisralna]
« on: 29 Jun 2013 at 02:56 PM »
Clothing was one of those things that you just didn't go without. Not only because one shouldn't run around naked, but because it was useful for protecting your hide from things like too much sun. Some people would also have you believe that it gave the illusion of status and importance, but Casa seriously doubted this was the case. After all, it all came off at the end of the night anyway, and why spend time and money on really nice things just to impress people? She was pretty sure if you had a good personality, you could do the same thing.

However, at this point in had come time to figure out what to do about clothing. Not only was her clothing not likely to wow anyone, it had gotten to the point that it looked closer to rags than to clothing. She firmly believed in patching and repairing things until you simply couldn't anymore, which is where she seemed to have gotten herself. She knew there was clothing to be found SOMEWHERE in the weyr, but its not like you just waltzed up to the Headwoman and demanded new clothing! She was hoping, instead, that maybe she could find one of the craftsfolk who had experience in clothing. Maybe they could give her advice.

Frowning, she slowly headed towards the Crafting Hall, wear her least threadbare tunic and trousers. Despite her effort to keep them in good shape, the hems at the bottom were non-existent, and in the lower section of the tunic you could almost see through the cloth in some sections. She ducked her head, not really wanting to waste anyone's time, but knowing she had to get this done. She'd hear no end to it if someone important noticed her in thin clothing. She peeked into the main hall of the Crafter's area, hoping there would be someone who could advise her on what to do next.

Candidate Barracks / Shiny! [Farren]
« on: 29 Jun 2013 at 04:40 PM »
Casa had just begin to recognize enough of the candidates around the Weyr that she even felt comfortable peeking throughout the Candidate Barracks. Technically, she could come here if she wanted - she was 13 now, and Weyrbrat to boot, which meant she could stand if she wanted. But she had always figured that people were Candidates for a reason, and they were the ones who were meant to Impress. She didn't really have much of a head for politics at 13 either, and from what she could tell, dragons meant politics. And kissing. Kissing was gross.

That being said, she did like most of the candidates, and they were friendly enough, if you took to mind that some of them needed to adjust. Some of them were just plain rude, and she tended to avoid them. It being a less work heavy day, she had come to see who was around, and to see if there were any unfamiliar faces to make friends with. Creeping into the quarters, it seemed to be rather quiet today. None of the classrooms seemed to be occupied at the moment, either. She was willing to bet her next bubbly pie they were all oogling over the eggs in the current clutches. That's what Candidates did. They ooh'd and aah'd.

Padding down the hallways, she shook her head and grinned wryly. Eggs. They certainly were pretty, and there was definitely something to be said for the excitement that came with the Hatchings. She peeked her head into one of the rooms, seeing if anyone was around. It was empty, but she quickly forgot her search when she spotted something shiny in the room. She glanced around before slipping in, sitting on the bed opposite the shelf with the pretty things on it. What were they? Glass? They were beautiful! She wondered who had made them. She really liked them.

River's Edge / Lonely River Blues [M'din]
« on: 29 Jun 2013 at 11:16 PM »
Morning came far too soon for Casa the day after her scrap with one of the other weyrbrats. The visit in the Healing Hall hadn't been the most pleasant to start with; she had been (still was, really) a mess of scrapes, cuts, and bruises, not to mention the cut in her head and the ankle injury. Then there had been the awkward questions, which invariably led to a severe talking to, and assignment of punishment. After all, she had somewhat instigated the actual fight. But she didn't regret it one bit. No one should ever have to be picked on, no matter what the supposed reason for it was!

However, due to the fact this hadn't just been a bruised-and-split-lip sort of incident, she had to work on modified chores. What's worse, there had been almost no tolerance for what she did. This meant she got the most unpleasant chores they could think of that wouldn't push her to heal slower (or at least she felt that way - who wanted to peel vegetables for an extended period of time? NO ONE). She didn't expect pity or sympathy, but who were they to tell her off for defending a little girl?! Her blood had been boiling at this. So after bribing another one of the 'brats to help her get through what was supposed to take all day, she limped as fast as she could out towards the river, where she could be away from people.

By the time she got there, her ankle was more than a little sore; it was next to impossible to not heavily favor it. But she didn't care. It was well worth the pain to have a quiet place to reflect. After a couple minutes of a lazy breeze coming off the water, she sighed and leaned back, cursing as she bumped her head on the ground that sent a dizzying wave of pain through her. Oh well. At least there was no one to yell at her right now. That was worth the risk of her stitches splitting open or her ankle hurting for a thousand turns.

Western Forests / Re: One Banana, Two Banana... [Flora]
« on: 30 Jun 2013 at 12:33 AM »
After a short time, she heard the sound of someone approaching, so she stood and dusted off her trousers. Peeking curiously, she saw the girl was roughly her age. But, unlike the other absentminded fluffs that called themselves girls, this one seemed pretty practical. She had worn boots that were meant for prowling through the trees, and while she was wearing a dress, it had the look of use to it. She beamed in delight. A practical girl like herself! She was willing to bet this would be a great hunt after all.

Silently sizing her new companion up, she thought there was a good chance it would be a successful hunt for fruit. They were roughly the same size, though she might be a little more wiry. Still, she felt she could get up a tree with little to no problems, and hopefully that meant this new person would be able to catch it. Or maybe she would want to climb? Dae certainly didn't mind sharing, though she was partial to the joys of scrambling up the trees. There was a great vantage point up there.

She nodded and smiled at the girl, extending a hand in a friendly way. "I am. It's a pleasure to meet you...I'm Casa, though Dae works just fine. What's your name?" she waited patiently, continuing to eye the girl curiously as she looked her over. Today's adventures through the woods seemed like they would be fun and productive. She idly wondered if the other girl liked exploring and wouldn't mind if they enjoyed their time outside. The other girls were too prissy and wanted to get the fruit and head back to the kitchens, and that was no fun.

Dining Hall / Re: What's the Story, Morning Glory? [S'jin]
« on: 30 Jun 2013 at 12:44 AM »
When he looked up, Dae blinked and tilted her head curiously. He looked vaguely familiar; maybe he was one of the green or blueriders? She wasn't great at keeping them all straight in her head - there were so many dragons all over the Weyr. And not being privy to lessons or many good reasons to spend time around the riders, she had to really work to keep them all straight. When he introduced himself, she smiled softly. "S'jin of Green Araith." Ha, she had been right!

"It's a pleasure to meet you. I hope you don't looked kind of lonely over here." She glanced up then at the three firelizards, blinking slowly. "Then again...I didn't notice them right off hand...maybe you weren't as alone as I thought." She eyed the gold sitting around his neck, her curiosity piqued. She'd never been this close to a Gold firelizard...they are so pretty! This one seemed to be watching her pretty closely, so she stared right back.

"If you are busy, I can go...I was more interested in making sure you weren't sad or something. No one should have to eat by themselves or be sad." She switched her gaze to the green one who had made that delightful sound when she had showed up. A lot of the weyrfolks seemed to not like the little things, but they were so endearing! And they looked just like tiny dragons.

"May I...may I offer them a treat?" If there was one way to get a creature to like you, it was with food - she had heard one of the women say so. That may have been in reference to a man...but surely it worked like that with firelizards? Dragons liked food during Hatchings! She broke one of her meatrolls in half, cautiously waiting for permission before she just stuck her hand out. After all, she didn't want to offend them, especially the little gold beauty.

Personal Huts / Re: Sneaky Snacks [L'te]
« on: 30 Jun 2013 at 01:00 AM »
She could feel the dragon staring right at her, could all but feel his curiosity and amusement. She realized she had likely been watched for a while, and sighed internally. She was a dolt. Still, at least she didn't seem to be in trouble...yet. Swallowing the mouthful of cakes, she licked her lips nervously, her gaze shifting between the cakes, the rider, and the dragon over and over.

"I...uh...oh, Shards." She almost covered her mouth as it slipped out, but that would mean dropping the cakes. This led to a surprised and comical expression on her face for about two seconds. "Hi there, L'te...I'm Casa. I...well." She sighed, frowning. "I am kinda lost...I was headed out to hide in my father's hut. But I lost my way."

Her gaze darted back to the blue, and she grinned sheepishly. "Look, don't tell, okay? I'll share my prizes with you!" She picked up one of the cakes and waved it around excitedly. "There is plenty to share with you, if you can keep my secret...." She looked at Teegarth, trying to turn on her charm and slip away from being marched back to the kitchen with far more cakes than any girl her age should have.

Western Forests / Re: One Banana, Two Banana... [Flora]
« on: 30 Jun 2013 at 01:21 AM »
Dae all but squealed. Flowers? Picking the good spots? She'd found a fast friend in Flora! She giggled, making a note to thank whatever weyrfolk had paired them together. This girl was perfect for her. She was even impressed to hear she had gotten lost in the woods once, nodding in agreement.

"We'll definitely stay close to the paths this time round. It must have been exciting, camping out in the woods...that sounds like a lot of fun!" Peering around, she shrugged and pointed to the path. "We'll just follow the pathways for now, and check the fruit trees as we pass by to see if they've got anything ripe on 'em yet. If they do, I'll do the climbing, and you can spot me, okay?"

Flora looked as excited as she felt, so she began to walk down the path with her new found friend, feeling more cheerful than she had in days. "So, Flora, tell me about yourself! Are you a weyrbrat, like me?" She still couldn't get over the fact there was another girl just like her. They were even close in age! Her luck seemed to have worked out for the better.

Personal Huts / Re: Sneaky Snacks [L'te]
« on: 30 Jun 2013 at 01:32 AM »
Casa beamed in delight, a grin spreading over her face. "Oh thank you! I promise, I'll share as many as you like. I can always make more later." She smiled at the dragon, her eyes hovering over him curiously. "Does...does he want one? I've never heard of a dragon liking cake, but I once saw a firelizard chase one of the kitchen women around to steal one. She screamed and ran away."

She laughed at the thought, following L'te in and setting the cakes down on the table once there was a dish to put them on. She shook herself off, still unable to believe her luck. Not only wasn't she going to be turned in, but she had made a new friend...and he wasn't going to tell her father or anyone else. There was nothing worse than trying to be sneaky, and failing. The fact she had been so blatantly caught didn't make her feel great either.

Dining Hall / Re: What's the Story, Morning Glory? [S'jin]
« on: 30 Jun 2013 at 02:03 AM »
"Well, I think they are lovely. They look just like dragons, but they are so tiny!" She bent down over the table, taking the meatroll in her hands and breaking it into two even pieces. Putting one in each hand, she reached each one out to the two tiny creatures slowly, so they wouldn't startle. She sat very still until they took the pieces from her, giggling as she watched them work on their snacks. They were so dainty, especially the Gold. The brown on the other hand, was quite a little pig. She was fond of all of them.

Once the tiny creatures had finished their snacks, she reached out again to try her hand at scratching their eye ridges. She reached out and ran her fingers over the eyeridges of the little queen and her smaller green companion. Maybe she'd have to look at getting one of these things, provided she could find one. She had heard eggs weren't uncommon, but they were kind of expensive. She'd have to see if she could find some eggs maybe.

While she focused on the little creatures in front of her, she answered the question he had asked. "I'm not a candidate, least not officially...I'm just a weyrbrat. My father is a bluerider here." She shrugged. "I know I could technically stand, but I mean, that's what Searches are for. I figured...if I was meant to be a candidate, maybe someone would tell me. I don't feel like one. Besides, I have no idea what dragons look for in people."

Western Forests / Re: One Banana, Two Banana... [Flora]
« on: 30 Jun 2013 at 02:27 AM »
Casa paused for a moment, turning to give Flora a light hug. She understood that situation herself, to a degree - she had lost her mother at birth and as far as she knew, didn't have any siblings. And she hadn't known who her father was for the first couple of years, and had only found out later. She often wondered what her mother had been like; however, she knew she would never know and tried not to dwell on it too often herself.

"Don't you worry about a thing. I can mama passed away giving birth to me. I don't think I have any siblings. At least, my father doesn't think he has any other children; he doesn't know if he does. I didn't know who he was at first either. There's still hope down the line. And even not, I like you! We'll be friends for a long time."

She tried to smile reassuringly, focusing on the knife the girl showed her. "That's a good idea! I'll have to see if I can find one for myself. Being able to defend yourself is important. I'm glad he was there to help you out, though you sound plenty brave on your own." She started walking again, meandering until she reached the first banana tree. She peered up, frowning back at Flora. "I don't see anything...what about you?"

The Lake Edge / Re: Curiosity and Exploration [R'nd]
« on: 30 Jun 2013 at 03:05 AM »
As she approached the shore, Casa noticed the blue sunning itself on the rock turn its attention toward her father's dragon. She wondered if they talked to each other a lot; she hadn't ever really asked. But it stood to reason that if they spoke with their riders a lot, they likely spoke to one another too. This led her to the thought of two dragons going on a date, like riders did, and the thought made her giggle. Shaking her head, she turned her attention back towards the water. She was really looking forward to swimming.

As she got close, she noticed the blue's rider in the water. She paused to watch while he was swimming; he was very graceful. It was clear he spent his a lot of time keeping busy. He had a well build body, even for a dragonrider. She started moving back towards the water as she came up onto the shore, waving as she closed the last of the distance. Maybe he would be friendly enough to share this part of the lake; if not, she could always move on. Some riders simply didn't like the weyrbrats around here.

However, he seemed friendly enough as they came into easy talking distance. She stopped where she was, nodding as he commented on the weather. "Hello there," she replied politely, offering a casual yet somewhat nervous smile. " you mind if I share this stretch of beach with you? I've been allowed to come and swim for the day. It's not often I can get out here without a ride, its a bit of a walk otherwise." She glanced from him to the dragon once more, before returning her gaze to him, shifting from one foot to other.

The Lake Edge / Re: Curiosity and Exploration [R'nd]
« on: 05 Jul 2013 at 03:54 AM »
As she stood there and listened to the rider respond, she continued to switch from foot to foot. He was staring at her intently. Had she done something wrong in the past? She didn't remember running into him before, especially when she got into trouble. Maybe he was was related to her papa somehow, or he was looking for...well, she didn't know what a dragonman would want to look for in her.

Maybe he was one of those Searchriders? She'd heard some of the dragons or riders were just better at finding out the Candidates. As he scrutinized her, she straightened up, trying not to fidget. Her eyes slid to the dragon, but he seemed quite relaxed. Finally, R'nd responded and she felt she was okay to relax at last. She nodded a thanks and splashed over towards the water, sliding into it with all the natural grace of one who took to water, rolling around and grinning in delight.

"Oh, does he like to swim? That would be lovely. He's a really beautiful shade of blue, he is. And he has such big wings. Papa's blue is slightly smaller than that." Her eyes shot up hopefully to Ayyonth as she twirled and bobbed in the water. It felt heavenly here; it was cool and seemed to melt away the stresses of the last couple days. Furthermore, it was calm enough for her to swim back and forth with ease. She swam in a couple short laps before paddling over to look up at the blue. "Oh, please come down! I'll offer you scritches if you! I know you lot like scritches."

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