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Gather Square / Attitude Adjustment
« on: 25 Jan 2012 at 11:11 PM »
Perhaps it was a simple refusal to adjust behind why Erisi was still unhappy. As he could recall, up North he had been a far more pleasant person. Up North, he didn't have a reason to be angry every sevenday. The way he had been scooped up and sent down for the sake of some dragonrider purpose had been humiliating and violating of his right to make his own choices. His anger, for once, was perfectly justified. But, by now one would expect that Erisi should just let it go and roll with the punches. Nope. He refused. He had been kidnapped by a group of wherry-brained dragonriders who had no real purpose anymore. Thread wasn't even going to come back, so why, for Faranth's sake, were they really this eager to get their numbers back up?

Erisi visibly twitched as he strung a chord on his gitar and it sounded about as sharp as he felt. These past few sevendays since his arrival on Candidate Isle had been filled with a whole lot of him not wanting to do a thing. He imagined he should apply his trade more, since that was all he had now, but he was still feeling particularly sour. The dragonriders had made a mistake if they thought he was going to do any teaching. Entertaining was more his thing, anyways, but he doubted that would be considered as useful right now.

He didn't much care, he was going to play anyways. It was, quite possibly, the only thing that would settle his mood. Then again, when he stopped playing and remembered where he was, it'd probably come right back again. It was a miniature war going on with his moods, and the nasty one was winning. "For Faranth's sake!" he hissed underneath his breath, frustrated that he couldn't find the right note for the one string he had started tuning. It was going to be a longer day than most.

The Harper was dressed just bearably thin. He'd strip naked to escape the heat if possible, but his integrity would not allow it. The sleeves of his shirt were cut off, the top dropping down into a v-neck. He usually did not enjoy wearing shorts, but they were a necessity for today. For some reason, the sash around his waist simply couldn't be let go despite the heat. He liked it. It was the only thing that made him feel like he was dressed nicely today. The colors weren't to his liking, either. He needed to find someone who was decent at dying clothes and cheap. He longed to have more outfits in a cool blue.

The young man wasn't entirely unnoticeable within the Gather Square. He had taken care in separating himself away from most of the people - he was vindictive enough not to care about making friends. In the North, he had been in his environment, he had a nice set of friends that he liked and knew. Down here, he had nothing, and still hadn't found the drive to make anything out of his new life. This stage should have passed by a long time ago, but he was inclined to hold a grudge.

Or hundreds of grudges, for every dragonrider down here that went along down this sharding merry path their Weyrleaders wanted.

Gather Square / Re: Attitude Adjustment
« on: 25 Jan 2012 at 11:12 PM »
Erisi's gaze cast upwards to the sky as a dragon circled by, lines of irritation creasing his forehead. Then again, it was hard to escape the reminder that he was stuck at some makeshift Weyr. Any sight of any dragon was certain to make the young man frown. Turning back to his instrument, he experimentally strung a few chords, and deciding that it sounded all right, began to play. His music, at least, did not talk back at him, and rarely gave him a headache. It was the one thing he had a true talent for, though if he had applied himself to his learning just as much as he did his music well, he could have said the same thing for teaching. Maybe he had fallen into the wrong Craft, learning and teaching was a huge part of being a Harper, and one part Erisi was stoutly refusing to partake in.

The dragon landed nearby, not close enough that his landing should trouble Erisi, but he could still feel a little gust of wind. It was actually a relief. The day was getting late, but the heat had yet to let up. Erisi wasn't going to be out to enjoy the Gather of a place he hated for very long, sweating made him feel gross. Again, he went back to his guitar, determined to block out everything and everyone. If someone enjoyed or hated his music, he didn't care. He liked it, and right now he was the only person around that mattered.

He was a good portion through a soothing tune that was helping to calm him down more than anything else when he heard a resounding 'hello' in his head. His fingers struck a decisively ugly note in his shock, shoulders jumping and gaze immediately seeking out whatever in Faranth's name had talked to him. Erisi couldn't quite figure it out, and that was frustrating him more than the fact that he had been talked to at all. His hand laid flat over the strings of his guitar to silence it. He hadn't drank at all yet (his taste for wine had been a little soured after his kidnapping, but not permanently so), thus the voice was definitely not just in his head.

He was irritable, not crazy.

Glancing to his side again, he noticed a dragonrider (there was really no mistaking them), and from his estimation a bronzerider. It was a step up from being a Searchrider, since it was usually the Blues and the Greens that got tasked with kidnapping defenseless craftsmen. Oh yes, that was the man that had dismounted from the grossly large bronze dragon. All dragons were grossly large. Erisi enjoyed things that were more his size, or at least not a good twenty times bigger than he.

Erisi had a split second decision to make. He could pretend not to notice the dragonrider and go back to playing, or talk to the man. He wasn't sure which option was more appealing. "Yeeesss?" he drawled in a way that was not entirely mocking, but it was still starting to hint at it. Maybe he needed to vent his irritation a little. This bronzerider was stupid enough to approach him, anyways.

Gather Square / Re: Attitude Adjustment
« on: 25 Jan 2012 at 11:13 PM »
Erisi was comfortable with dragons, as long as they remained at a distance. This one, however, was walking at him. He was no weyrbrat, for Faranth's sake, he had been convinced that all the dragons had died in the plague before he was drugged and hoisted down south to this Weyr. He had no experience with dragons, and no idea what to assume Ronarth was doing by walking towards him. Ronarth was big. Erisi was not. The Harper was convinced that he was going to be trampled by an overlarge dragon. If he had a dragon's eyes, they would be flashing yellow with fear. Instead, his eyes widened, lips parting slightly as if he would yelp. His guitar was very suddenly placed between himself and the dragon, though in hindsight it would probably do nothing to protect him.

He knew dragons didn't hurt people, but instinct said that it was a high possibility right now. The dragon stopped short enough to keep from running him over, but the creature's head lowered to his eye level, and Erisi was sure there were sharp teeth in its mouth. Erisi tried to placate himself in those few moments by using reason over emotion. Dragons really didn't eat people. They were capable of it, but they didn't do it. He had not heard of a single case of a dragon killing and consuming a human, so surely there was no possibility of it suddenly happening now...

Okay, he was still feeling panicked.

And, just maybe, he whined a little as the dragon nudged him. His dignity would never allow for him to openly admit that he had, though. The dragon's rider finally told the creature off, but it did little to calm the young Harper down. At least he was in one piece, right? His panic turned quickly to self-defense, and his blue eyes were a little more harsh when they fixed on D'ren again. "Friendly?" Erisi's voice was a little steadier, but he was still embarrassed by it. "I guess personal space isn't an option." It was difficult to tell whether Erisi was joking or genuinely sour. He felt a little bit of both, anyways. He needed to joke around a little to calm himself.

After a few moments, the color in his face started to return. He had heard Ronarth's apology, and could only assume that it was directed at him. At least the creature felt bad about nearly running him over, right?[/size]

Gather Square / Re: Attitude Adjustment
« on: 25 Jan 2012 at 11:14 PM »
Erisi genuinely hoped that the dragon wouldn't be getting too close again. Dragons were okay at a distance, but when close up Erisi was sure he'd have a stress attack. Hah. That would certainly stick it to the Weyr. They went through all that trouble to kidnap him and he ends up dying not even a turn after arriving. Sure, it wasn't the ideal plan for Erisi's well being, but if he had to die, he at least wanted to stick it to someone while he was doing it. "I suppose when the plague struck, manners became less of a priority." There was little way to discern whether Erisi intended those words as an insult or was merely making an observation. Eventually an individual would learn that it's always safer to assume that Erisi is being insulting above all else. It was a natural talent of his.

A fine eyebrow arched upon his forehead at being called 'son', but if he was going to pick on things today, that was probably going to be the last thing he fixated his ire on. "Erisi," he introduced himself, making somewhat of an attempt to be nice, "Junior Journeyman Harper." It was probably easy to tell that he was not quite happy with his new arrangements. Erisi found it hard to believe that anyone could be happy to be whisked away on a dragon's back to some miserable overheated lands with even more miserable dragonrider company. But, some people didn't shine as brightly as others.

If it was difficult to tell that Erisi was unhappy with his situation, it became insurmountably easier when D'ren introduced himself as the Weyrleader. "Oh." The note was flat, bland, as if D'ren had lost every chance there ever had been to get on Erisi's good side. Whatever warmth there was to Erisi's face faded. Okay, he'd take having the dragon close rather than this man.  D'ren's hand was left hanging in favor of Erisi putting his guitar gently down onto a bench. His arms folded against his chest, eyes casting themselves back to D'ren to give him an unamused expression. "So, how's the kidnapping faring this time of the season?" And he smiled, the sweetest smile he could manage.

He probably shouldn't pick fights with a Weyrleader, especially with his sharding huge dragon looming directly next to him. But, Erisi was in a daring mood, and at least intended to do nothing more than voice his voluminous amount of displeasure.

Gather Square / Re: Attitude Adjustment
« on: 25 Jan 2012 at 11:15 PM »
Perhaps mouthing off to the Weyrleader was a bad idea, but it certainly felt good. This was a genuine target on which Erisi could vent his frustrations on. This is the man who had at least approved of uprooting people from their lives and thrusting them into new and wholly unpleasant ones. How D'ren could not see the wrong in this situation was beyond Erisi. The dragonriders' needs were not greater than the need to preserve people's free will. "It's not a feeling, it's a fact." Maybe people went willingly with the dragonriders, but if that was common then why was he drugged and brought back here? The impression that Erisi got was that they simply didn't ask. They took what he believed they had no right to take.

The voice that Erisi took to be Ronarth's spoke up again, and he visibly grimaced. The island was not a wholly pleasant place to be dropped on. "These sacrifices aren't necessary. You're taking things way too far, way too extreme. It's absolutely baffling to me that you think that your need justifies what you're doing to people." There was some reason in his voice, but it was greatly clouded by his own ire. How could he not be angry? He had been the type of person to feel vindictive and continue to feel that way for a long time beforehand, and this was not going to change, especially when he was being pushed to do so.

"I was there for a while. I imagine someone took pity on me, or I seemed to be nice enough for half a day." He really did not want to talk about the sharding island, though, and he certainly didn't like the sound of D'ren's voice. These people were absolutely out of their own minds, if this was how they took to treating others who didn't comply to their desires. "Can you really expect every person you steal to automatically adjust? Do you honestly think sticking them on an island for a few days does anything good? We get stolen, that's punishment in itself, and then stuck on a fardling hot piece of land for a few days as even more punishment, when in the beginning we've done nothing wrong. I think your processes are all wrong, D'ren." Right, he wasn't going to address the man as Weyrleader. Why? He was in a bad mood.

"Or, well, maybe that's just what you enjoy doing to people. I couldn't possibly know."

Gather Square / Re: Attitude Adjustment
« on: 25 Jan 2012 at 11:16 PM »
The Weyrleader looked... mildly regretful, and Erisi wasn't sure if he should take some comfort in that or none at all. He felt no comfort. He had family in the North, even if they had irritated him at times, and there were far too many children for his liking... they were his family, and it was now likely he'd never see them again. What were they to think about what had happened to him? Assume that he had died? It was probably better, since there was no way back to them now. He was as good as dead to them now.

"I don't think this weather suits me," he commented softly after a long silence. The comment had far more meaning in it than it seemed. He didn't like it here, he probably would never fully adapt. There was no way he could rebuild everything that he had lost, everything that had been left behind in the north. "Anyways, it's been explained to me before, and from every angle what you've done and will continue to do is unappealing. If I had ever wanted to be a dragonrider, it would not be in a Weyr like this, run like this." The idea of being a dragonrider had never been appealing to him as an adult. As a child, before the plague wiped a great number of dragons off the face of Pern, he probably daydreamed about it as any other young kid. What child did not want to fly? But, as an adult, all he wanted was to sing and play music, and live the life he wanted to live.

He hated having control over his own life snatched away from him like this. "I'm not sure your apology would really be sincere, since if you had to do it twice, you probably would have, for the sake of your Weyr." His hand waved in the air flippantly, as if dismissing D'ren's apology altogether. It wasn't unpleasant to hear one, but it could not possibly be sincere in this situation. "The world can take care of itself. It doesn't need you to do it."

Gather Square / Re: Attitude Adjustment
« on: 25 Jan 2012 at 11:17 PM »
The tension was slowly beginning to ease again. Erisi probably wouldn't consider it wise of himself to start bad talking the Weyrleader, but he was an opinionated sort of person, and more often than not his word was going to be heard. In the end, he wasn't sure he really liked or disliked D'ren. In all likelihood, his emotions leaned towards dislike merely based on the man's position in the scheme of things. D'ren probably had a hand in instigating the ridiculous plot to drag people from the north to the south against their will. That was still unforgivable, and not something Erisi could dismiss.

"I hear being polite is for Senior Journeymen Harpers. I'm still at liberty to talk in any way I please," he said airily. He bent down, picking the guitar up again to give his hands something to do other than grumpily fold over his chest. It was a good thing he did, because his guitar may be needed as a shield when Ronarth's head lowered close to him again. He heard the dragon, and assumed that it meant he was being spoken to.

"Has a hard time of showing it, don't you think? When you feel bad about something, most people usually don't do it." It was a step to be talking to Ronarth, though he felt... mildly embarrassed to be speaking out loud to a dragon that didn't have to move its lips to talk back. It probably seemed like he was talking to himself to anyone who happened to catch what he was saying. "Your dragon is fine... as long as he stays still." Perhaps Ronarth wasn't intentionally seeking out Erisi's death, but it could certainly happen accidentally. One bump from Ronarth would probably break a bone, or five. Probably ten.

Erisi figured he was probably overreacting. "Mmm, no. I like my feet on the ground. I like singing, and I like playing my music. I've never wanted anything much more than that, except for the occasional dimglow to leave me alone." Ronarth was making far more progress with Erisi than D'ren. The dragon couldn't be blamed for his bonded's actions, anyways.

Gather Square / Re: Attitude Adjustment
« on: 25 Jan 2012 at 11:18 PM »
The words were on the tip of his tongue, tempting to incite another argument. He was not sure, however, that he would walk out of it completely unscathed. That was enough to reel his temper in a little bit, enough so that whatever words were about to be born were kept locked in the back of his mind. Erisi knew how D'ren was talking to him, knew that the words were a threat he should heed. The Harper already hated it here, and D'ren could very easily make him hate it more. His words were kept at bay, but his blue eyes were harsh on D'ren's face. At least he wasn't speaking, though his expression said everything. Do you threaten everyone who steps out of line?

After a few moments, he dropped the look, gaze lowering to his guitar as he strung a few simple notes. Erisi usually liked parties, he liked being tipsy, enjoying chatting with people he liked and cared about. But, this party had nothing for him. He'd find no fun mingling with these people who were simply accepting their fates and going along with the dragonriders. "I'm sure that I'm not the only one he's hurt by doing this, but he justifies it because he believes it necessary. Who knows who's really right or wrong, but I'd bet my marks on myself in this situation. Ah, no offense to your rider," he added to try and placate Ronarth in the case he said anything wrong. "But I don't think anything good will come out of stealing people from their homes and lives and plopping them down here."

With the rider quickly disappearing into the crowd, Erisi expected the dragon would likewise stop talking to him soon too. That was probably for the better. There was no stopping the dragon from relaying whatever Erisi was saying to D'ren, but Erisi was not in such a cowardly mood that he'd prevent himself from saying what he wanted.

He was at peace again, playing an intricate tune on the guitar and singing softly to himself. The song was neither particularly melancholy or angry, as if he was trying to hide the fact that he was feeling both of those things.

Communal Kitchens / Dignity
« on: 26 Jan 2012 at 08:30 PM »
This was completely beneath him, and Erisi wasn't just saying that. The young man was fairly confident that dish scrubbing was not in his job description. He was a Harper - at the very least he would instruct children over cleaning up after the slobs that this makeshift Weyr contained. His point was that his talents applied to a vastly different area of skills than the one they were forcing upon him. Sure, other candidates were getting stuck with the same tasks, or even worst ones, but if anyone in this Weyr had any sense, they'd give meaningless tasks to people who couldn't do anything else. That was what Erisi would have done, and well, he was fairly confident that the way he wanted things done was the right way for things to be done in.

Black hair was falling into his eyes, but he didn't dare brush them back with his hands - for one, they were dirty because the dishes were even more than disgusting; and secondly, the water had long ago soaked his hands, and he did not enjoy the feel of them touching the dishes let alone his own face. It was very likely at this point that Erisi was pissed at his own hair, rather than his general situation. If he had any more of a rebellious streak in him, though, he would have just not done his chores like he was supposed to. The threat of being put back on the sharding island was enough to get him to do what was requested of him. He wasn't a dimglow. He'd rather bake to death in a place with some luxury than a sandy beach with none.

He was sitting down with his legs crossed one of the other, and to his right was a pile of dirty dishes, and to his left was a pile of clean (if not a little soapy) dishes. He considered it a job well-done, because as far as he was concerned it was a sharding miracle that he was doing this in the first place. Erisi had successfully segregated himself from the other workers, because it was far easier to brood on his own than it was in a group. His lips were pressed in a thin line, brows knitted as he furiously scrubbed a plate down. Oh yeah, this was definitely beneath him. Erisi had sunken to an all time low, just by touching a single dish that he did not dirty himself. He could pick up after himself fine, it was picking up after others that he had an entire dragon-sized bag full of issue with.

He wasn't a team player sometimes, to put things nicely.

Communal Kitchens / Re: Dignity
« on: 26 Jan 2012 at 09:45 PM »
The look that was sent in Talian's direction was not exactly friendly. To be honest, it was probably the exact opposite of friendly with a little dash of impatience to top it off. Erisi was having a rough enough time at doing his own chore. He did not have the time nor the desire to help anyone else with their's, especially some soft-spoken candidate. Erisi wanted to be done with his own chores so he could do nothing else for the rest of the day (which he was still a long way from accomplishing), and chatting it up with another candidate was only going to make things go slower for him. He felt justified in wearing an agitated expression on his face.

Wiping his hands on his pants, he pushed his bangs back out of his face so he could stare the other candidate down more effectively. Really, there was a whole group of weyrfolk in the kitchen, so why did Erisi have to be singled out? It was exactly like the time he had to deal with that bronzerider. People he did not want to talk to always had a way of talking to him anyways. "What do you think I'm cleaning dishes with, my own spit? Of course I have something to hold water in. Great job on asking something we both already know the answer to." Erisi was unimpressed, and probably was not in the best mood to be impressed to begin with.

With a sigh, Erisi considered ending the conversation there and leaving the other man to fend for himself. But, he was in a mood to vent, and there was some poor fool standing next to him to vent at. "I'm a sharding Harper, and I get to do dishes for a living. I am stuck in a miserable makeshift weyr doing dishes. Here, you can have my bucket, dump the crap out of it and refill it, and if I'm lucky maybe that means I'll have no chores for the rest of the day." He threw his arms up in the air in a severe gesture of not caring.

Communal Kitchens / Re: Dignity
« on: 26 Jan 2012 at 10:28 PM »
"I am pretty sure you put yourself in a bad spot to begin with anyways," Erisi commented with a dismissive snort. Talian had just made an unfortunate choice by seeking Erisi out for aid over anyone else. Erisi had thought that segregating himself from the core group was enough of a hint to leave him be, but people seemed to be incapable of taking his subtle hints. It was like he was inviting them over by being as off-putting as possible, and it made absolutely no sense to him.

Talian had taken his bucket, and he was actually unsure if he was happy about that or not. He certainly didn't have to share, but perhaps it was his fault for saying Talian could use it and expecting the man to pick up on the subtle inclinations of his tone that said to not touch what was his. Thinking on that, he decided not to bite the other man's head off for taking his bucket. Erisi would just get up and grab another one when Talian left. His legs could probably use the stretch, since he could not recall how long he had been sitting in the same position. Stiff knees were the worst, and he could use a small break from doing his chores.

"You sound a great deal more content than I," Erisi scoffed. He wasn't really buying Talian's sympathy ploy. In the end, everyone seemed to think it was better for the weyr to steal people from their homes and drop them off in deplorably hot conditions. "I'm assuming that your arrival was fairly jolly?" Why he was even bothering to try and talk to Talian was beyond him. Perhaps he was really just that bored, or perhaps he had gone too long without venting. Erisi was concerned that if he didn't express himself every so often, his mind would implode from all the frustrations it was trying to keep in. "Nothing beats getting drugged and swept off your feet to a new wondrously sunny land," he continued in a mockingly singsong tone of voice. At least he wasn't mocking Talian this time, and his singsong voice was far less grating than his normal one.

Communal Kitchens / Re: Dignity
« on: 26 Jan 2012 at 11:10 PM »
"Well, good, glad to know that not everyone here is delirious." Erisi did take a small amount of comfort in knowing that he was not the only one who was displeased with the situation. But, then again he doubted that anyone could be happy with being kidnapped. There was no active display of hate for the Weyr, though. With so many people being unhappy, one would expect them to band together and try and make a difference. Sure, they were all stuck down South with a bunch of twisted dragonriders, so there was no sure way to leave... but that didn't mean they couldn't make the dragonriders lives equally miserable. They certainly deserved some small amount of payback.

But, Erisi would never be the one to take the lead in such an idea, if only because he valued his hide too highly to allow it to be burnt back on Candidate Isle. He'd already been threatened with it once, and the idea of roasting in general was highly unappealing to him. "You know, perhaps it's because I've been running into more dragonriders than anything else. I haven't been particularly thrilled by Candidacy, and have been... avoiding a great deal of it." He did what was required of him, but it was clear that Erisi had not gone out of his way to make friends. This was the biggest stretch to talk to someone that he had done in a while, and Talian wasn't even that friendly to begin with. However, they shared similar views, and Erisi felt more at ease with Talian because of it.

"I was perfectly happy at home. I got to sing, and I got to drink, and I believe drinking is a little more frowned upon here. I think they could have at least asked me, then I could have gotten the pleasure of telling them 'No' before they did what they were going to do to begin with." Talian looked like he was leaving, which didn't particularly bother Erisi. If the man wanted to go, he very well could go. Erisi's judgment of him was less harsh than it was on others, if only because they were stuck in the same position. He did not like the man enough yet to flat out say 'come sit and chat with me'. That was a little... too forward for Erisi's tastes.

Communal Kitchens / Re: Dignity
« on: 27 Jan 2012 at 12:11 AM »
"If we were interested in dragons, I doubt we would have dedicated ourselves to our craft, but then again I didn't think any dragons survived until I was forced down here." If he had a choice, he'd still be a Harper. It was a lifestyle he enjoyed, and felt like he had his own little niche in the world. Katila Weyr had completely thrown him out of his element, and now was expecting him to desire being a dragonrider on top of being a better Harper. There was no way to stress that he didn't want to be a dragonrider and have the other dragonriders understand that. They'd claim he was just having difficulty adjusting, and Erisi would claim that he wasn't going to adjust at all. It was his only method of stubbornly sticking a boot up some dragonrider asses.

For some reason, Talian was still lingering, and they were holding some semblance of a conversation between one another. It was the first time Erisi really actively engaged someone at Katila Weyr in amiable conversation. He had certainly thrown a few tantrums at those who deserved it, but genuine conversation was something he had been sorely lacking these past few sevendays. It was likely because he was so determined to hate everyone involved in this sharding Weyr. "If I could leave this place, I really would. I'd consider it the best decision I made in my entire life." He rubbed his hand over his face, wearied by the thought of his doom. There was no silver lining in this situation for Erisi. Rather, it was consistently bleak, and there seemed to be no light at the end of the tunnel.

"Well, you'd imagine that most of us would say 'no'. We had lives, and I think by our age we were done with foolish fantasies of riding dragons all across Pern." There would always be a childish wonder, but that was just that... childish. Erisi was grown up, set in his ways, and he did not doubt that many other Candidates were too.

"Hmm, I think that would be an excellent way to pass through Candidacy before they realize I'm just not going to Impress, by being happily drunk." Erisi actually did not enjoy being completely drunk, it led to things like... oh, getting kidnapped. However, he did enjoy getting tipsy. It would probably make him more likable. "You should drink with me some time, and if we're lucky we can forget that we were kidnapped altogether.

Communal Kitchens / Re: Dignity
« on: 27 Jan 2012 at 08:46 PM »
So, this wasn't exactly friendship, but it was the closest thing Erisi had gotten to it since arriving at Katila Weyr. He had secluded himself out of sheer stubbornness. The Harper had wanted nothing to do with anyone in the Weyr, and thought that congregating with the other Candidates would undoubtedly be depressing. Erisi liked to complain plenty himself, but when it came to listening to other people complain... his patience was limited, if not nonexistent. He could handle this conversation with Talian, though, mostly because he was directing it. There was a certain feeling of security when he was in control of the conversation, dictating what they talked about and what they didn't. While he had seemed nearly completely antisocial before, it was most likely due to the environment.

He was far more vocal back home, whether that be for better or for worse. It was likely worse.

"You don't really look like the drinking type," Erisi drawled with an inquisitive arch of his brow. It was hard to tell whether he was disapproving of Talian's tame nature. He could already tell that the other Candidate didn't well... get out as much, he just didn't seem to be the type to enjoy drinking and partying. "So you should definitely get some experience in now rather than later. What's the worst that could happen, anyways? It's not like we know anyone here." It was very unlikely that Erisi would get so drunk as to embarrass himself. He needed that sense of control over situations at all times to get drunk off his ass. But, hey, sometimes it was nice to entertain the idea.

"What?" and Erisi definitely sounded envious when it seemed as if Talian had somehow managed to get out of attending a Hatching. Erisi had been trying to think of ways to get out of it without getting his ass put back on Candidate Isle. "...Really? Well, congratulations, they removed you from your life for nothing. That's pretty ridiculous - not that any of us really want to Stand, but they've kidnapped you for little reason now. They want nice little Candidates for their nice little dragons, more than they want us for our actual skill." He kind of felt bad for Talian, almost as bad as he felt for himself.

"Maybe they'd be nice enough to send you back home... but I doubt it. They're really not that nice."

Communal Kitchens / Re: Dignity
« on: 29 Jan 2012 at 06:58 PM »
Erisi looked unimpressed, mostly because he was. It was clear that Talian had grown up in a completely different environment than he had if only drank wine with dinner. Erisi resisted the urge to rub his forehead, "We are really going to need to fix that." Someone was going to have to introduce Talian to actual living. Eri's opinion of the man was that Talian did not enjoy life much at all. The other Candidate certainly seemed like the type who would sit down all day and work, forgetting to eat every now and again because his work was that important. That was the impression Talian gave off, which wasn't bad, but Erisi didn't consider it good either.

"That their dragons made a mistake doesn't surprise me. Maybe they're getting sick again," Erisi could hope. It wasn't that he actually wanted dragons dying all over the place again, rather he was just feeling particularly vindictive against these dragons in this Weyr. Perhaps it wasn't even the dragons that were the problem either. If there was a dragonrider specific sickness, then well, Erisi would be pretty content over the dragonriders here getting what they deserved. Maybe not a deathly sickness either, just one that made them all painfully miserable for months. That would be perfect.

"They're covering their asses," Erisi replied with a roll of his eyes. His dishes were momentarily being neglected, but he thought that was well enough. They'd probably be happy he was talking to someone, even if that someone was equally displeased with the current situation, and even if all Erisi was doing in the conversation was whining about Katila Weyr. It was improvement to... a very small degree, but any improvement was better than none. For a while Erisi had been determined to be of absolutely no use to anyone. "Honestly, who cares about working right now? This isn't even within my skill assets." Erisi was basically telling Talian to stop working completely to sit and chat with him. He figured it was doing two things for him at once, making a friend and sticking it to some dragonrider asses.

Communal Kitchens / Re: Dignity
« on: 29 Jan 2012 at 09:50 PM »
"If, in part, the reason that they remove us from our homes is so we can use our skills here... it's pretty frustrating that we're doing dishes and... whatever it is that you're doing." Erisi honestly had no idea. He had been here long enough that he should be familiar with all the chores, but perhaps Talian was stuck with something so undignified that Erisi blocked it out of his mind. That such a thing could happened would be no real surprise to him.

Erisi smiled as Talian sat back down, the sort of smile that was derived less from happiness, and more from self-pleasure at convincing his companion to do what he wanted. It was a sort of subtle self pat-on-the-back. Obviously, chit chatting was far more satisfying than doing work that people with no skill whatsoever could accomplish. Then again, it wasn't like Erisi was much use in any other department. His teaching skills were less than favorable (he had not an ounce of patience, and was not invested in gaining some), and his actual interest really benefited nobody but himself. Singing and playing music was well and fine, but it really did nothing other than provide some entertainment value. Maybe that's what these dragonriders needed, though. They were all a little too serious for all the wrong reasons.

"I talked to the Weyrleader before, got snotty at him, got threatened in return. I've decided that conversation with you is preferable." He had a way of speaking that made it seem like talking with Talian wasn't that great, but better than talking with anyone else. It didn't seem intentional, since he was enjoying talking with Talian. His way of talking down on others was habitual - it sometimes made him very unpleasant company, since he only seemed to lighten up around friends.

"I'm Erisi, by the way. I think I've told you that I'm a Harper already." He might as well finally introduce himself, since he was starting to like Talian. Talian was a step up from every dragonrider and wherry-headed candidate in this Weyr.

Communal Kitchens / Re: Dignity
« on: 31 Jan 2012 at 12:58 AM »
"It's their problem that they're not making children, and also their problem that I have no intention in aiding them in that particular endeavor, and even less intention of filling a child's role in this Weyr." The way Talian explained their tedious chores made the chores somehow seem even more degrading. They really were doing work intended for children and people who had no skills. Each Candidate these dragonriders were picking out had particular skills, particular assets that would benefit the Weyr's population. These assets weren't even being used because the dragonriders needed all this menial chores done. It was frustrating, and Erisi had such a high level of dignity that it was embarrassing to him to have to do dishes. These were chores he did as a child, and he was not a child anymore.

"That sounds right. You definitely look like a Healer." That was a trade that Erisi would have never picked up. He didn't like the idea of stitching people back up, taking care of the sick. It would probably help if he actually liked most people - it seemed like a prerequisite to being a Healer. Shells, it was probably a prerequisite to being a Harper, and somehow Erisi lucked out. The only time Erisi was truly likable was when he was tipsy, and less inclined to snap someone's head off for being a wherry. Surprisingly, he was a happy, if not a little flirty drunk. In his case, it was much better than being an angry and emotional drunk, since he was already angry enough and emotional enough from day to day.

"See? He shows up to take you away from the island, and the next time I see him is probably because he'll be taking me back to the island." It wouldn't surprise Erisi, mostly because he believed that the dragonriders thought they were doing right by sticking people on an a sharding island until they calmed down. Erisi didn't care to hide his opinion about his current situation. He was unhappy, and he was just the sort of person to make sure that everyone around him knew just how unhappy he was. His only personal goal right now was to make the Searchrider that picked him up really regret it.

Communal Kitchens / Re: Dignity
« on: 31 Jan 2012 at 02:05 AM »
"What I mean, is that you just seem like the type of person a Healer would be, which is someone that is almost entirely unlike me," he answered with a little laugh. His laughter was the kind that was always seemed to be a little forced, and he likely was forcing himself to be friendlier right now. Talian was the first decent human he had bothered to converse with since arriving to Katila Weyr. He had snippets of conversations, small pleasantries to get through the day, pleasantries that were practically required by proper etiquette. Somehow, despite saying the right words to be pleasant... no one really believed him to be. That was also perfectly fine by Erisi.

"And I've got dishes to finish..." Erisi had interjected before Talian could finish his sentence. The expression that followed when he heard that Talian would like to have some drinks with him was one of mild surprise. He did not think he had been so pleasant that Talian would want to spend more time around him. Talian wasn't even the drinking type... so maybe Erisi had converted him. If there was any good that he brought to the Weyr, it was teaching Talian that drinking was a good idea. For Faranth's sake, the guy looked like a few drinks would do him wonders. "Oh, that sounds like a plan then. I'll meet you there."

Wait a second.

If Erisi had heard correctly, and there was nothing wrong with his hearing, Talian had invited him back to his room for a drink. The young man arched a brow, gave Talian a once-over, and decided that his hearing had to be wrong. It was that or Talian was completely oblivious to how that sounded. The healer certainly did not look like the type to be inviting people back to his room for anything less than innocent. So, whatever misconceptions he had immediately drawn up about Talian's offer he discarded. While he wouldn't have minded it if Talian was making that sort of invitation, he clearly wasn't, and Erisi was fine with that too. He'd very happily have a few drinks with a friend.

Faranth knew he needed some.

Candidate Barracks / Down the Hatch [Talian]
« on: 31 Jan 2012 at 02:44 AM »
The young man was sure that he was at the right room. Dinner had ended a little while ago, but it was terribly like Erisi to be a little late. He had to return to his own room so he didn't look like a slob and to grab some wine. He honestly did not trust Talian to have anything good on him, especially since the man himself admitted that he did not drink very often. It was Erisi's obligation as the veteran drinker to initiate Talian properly. If they were going to be friends, Talian was going to learn how to drink without puking up his stomach contents the next morning. Erisi considered it a prerequisite to any relationship, whether it be friendship or even mere acquaintances, and shells, flings too.

He didn't bother to introduce himself at Talian's doorway. His new friend should be expecting him, and if Talian had any faith in people who also hated Katila Weyr, he would not have gone to bed yet. "I brought some wine, since I figured you'd be lacking in provisions of that sort." Who knew, though? Maybe healers had a stash of wine to calm patients with... or make them belligerently drunk. All right, so wine didn't seem to be the medical answer for everyone's problems, so it was a good thing that Erisi had brought wine himself. Talian really couldn't be trusted with having a stash of his own. "I also brought some sweet rolls just in case." He really did not have to add that he brought them just so Talian had something to dilute his intake of wine with.

This was supposed to be a casual drink and get-together, but one could never be too careful. "This is the only way I think I'll be able to survive this candidacy - if I drink my way through it." He was being fairly conversational for someone who had been so off-putting when Talian first approached him. But, he was taking a chance on making a friend. He couldn't survive at this Weyr alone - at some point he'd get lonely, because even Erisi craved some human company every now and again. It was just a huge bonus that Talian wasn't a dragonrider. It made him out to be far more favorable company than Erisi could have hoped for.

"So, you've really only drank when you eat dinner? That makes you seem... really sheltered."

Western Forests / Re: Two Peas in a Pod [Erisi]
« on: 31 Jan 2012 at 03:21 AM »
Erisi needed a break. He probably would have run away if it was even remotely feasible, but since he was stuck on the Southern Continent... escape was unlikely. He had little to no survival skills to boot, so actually living through his escape attempt was unlikely. The best he could do was leave the Weyr and escape into the forest for a few hours. He doubted anyone cared enough about him to actually look for him. His chores had been done to the best of his abilities... which he was also lacking. Then again, washing dishes took no particular talent, just a whole lot of patience that surprisingly yet again Erisi did not possess. It was a common theme, apparently. Erisi was good at one thing, and that was music. He did not have the energy and motivation to invest his learning in anything else.

Sadly, dragonriders did not take that as a plausible excuse for not doing chores.

Erisi was dressed down for once, because sitting on the ground was bound to be dirty, and he didn't want to ruin his good clothes. Earthly tones, admittedly, were not his color. Harper blue was, but that color was hard to come by, and Erisi lamented every day that he had to go without it. First, he was kidnapped, and then he had to discover that he had none of his things with him. It was two blows, one right after another, and it gave Erisi an even greater excuse to be unhappy. Really, he did not think he needed an excuse.

He was perfectly justified in his hate of dragonriders.

Grumbling to himself, he took a seat at the trunk of a tree, leaning his back against the hard bark. The area was delightfully quiet, and the perfect break from Weyr life. Closing his eyes, he could very well pass out for a few good hours. He would have, too, if he hadn't thought he heard something. Sitting up, he rubbed irritably at his eyes, turning to carefully peek around the corner of the tree.

What the...?

"How long have you been there?"

Candidate Barracks / Re: Down the Hatch [Talian]
« on: 31 Jan 2012 at 03:45 AM »
Erisi tried his hardest not to arch his brow at spotting Talian sitting on a bed while waiting for him, but failed. It was difficult for him not to read into Talian's actions too deeply, because the man was giving off the completely wrong impression without even trying. While he may have failed to prevent some eyebrow arching, he did succeed in not getting the wrong idea. "Where can we sit down?" he asked, mostly because he wasn't going to sit on Talian's bed and give him the wrong impression.

Scanning Talian's room briefly, he noted that it wasn't a bad place. Really, what his attention focused on was the bottle of wine that Talian had in his possession. It was a surprise to him. For someone who didn't drink, it was awfully handy to have a bottle of wine in his room. "Well, the more the merrier." Erisi never truly enjoyed getting drunk. He liked reaching that perfect state of alcohol-induced tipsiness where he could live a little without losing control. It was a hard state to reach, and he usually either overshot it or undershot it. The times he overshot it were terrible. Back at home, he was renowned for being the worst person to meet when he was sober, and the best person to meet when he was drunk. Or at least, that was how it was amongst his friends.

Yeah, Talian definitely wasn't making a move on him with that 'friends' comment. Erisi almost rolled his eyes again, but this time managed to resist the urge. He was almost disappointed, since Talian was cute enough for his tastes. Then again, he really wasn't that disappointed. He had the creeping suspicion that romance was never going to be in Talian's range of skills. "You have any cups, if not we can certainly just drink straight from the bottle. I promise I have no incurable diseases, or any disease. Unless, y'know, hating this Weyr can be considered a disease. I'm pretty sick from that one." Erisi smirked, apparently satisfied with himself for that snarky comment about their new home.

Candidate Barracks / Re: Down the Hatch [Talian]
« on: 31 Jan 2012 at 04:09 AM »
There was... no place else to sit, other than the bed and floor. At least this explained why Talian was sitting on the bed when Erisi first walked into his room. He knew he was right to believe that Talian was giving off ridiculous signals unintentionally. Erisi wasn't the type of person to sit on the floor, so while Talian seemed content to situate himself there, he took the more comfortable spot on the bed. It was really his only option. However, he did leave Talian enough room to climb back on it. "Man, they really didn't feel like giving you any provisions? It's fine." Erisi decided to let Talian have his own bottle of wine, and work on consuming his own. He had built up a considerable tolerance to alcohol, so it was of little surprise that he took a good first sip of his own.

Releasing a soft, content sigh, he looked back down to Talian, readying to direct the conversation into territory he was comfortable with. Having Talian staring straight into his face completely sidetracked him. What was this man doing? If Erisi hadn't figured out how oblivious Talian was to the signals he gave off, he would assume Talian was coming on to him. It was rather bold, anyways, for Talian to look him straight in the eyes. To shake off the weight of that look, he took another sip of his wine. Maybe he was over-thinking things, reading too much into what Talian was doing. That thought alone frustrated him. Either Talian was coming onto him hard, or he was completely oblivious to what he was doing. It would be easier to believe that Talian was hitting on him, but he still doubted it.

Fine. He needed to figure this out. "I don't know why you're sitting on the floor," he commented, while subtly suggesting that Talian should get back onto the comfort of the bed. He honestly could not tell what the man's motivations were, and it was going to irritate him all night until he figured it out.

"I'm from Fort Hold. Harper, sucked at the teaching aspect of it, but my masters were lenient enough since I have a pretty good voice. Grew up with a big family, the basics." He assumed that was what Talian was getting at - he was trying to get to know Erisi, and Erisi was feeling particularly forthcoming this evening.

Candidate Barracks / Re: Down the Hatch [Talian]
« on: 31 Jan 2012 at 04:44 AM »
Talian certainly hadn't hesitated to climb back onto the bed, which only gave Erisi more questions rather than answers. He decided to play things safely, leaning back to give Talian some space. While he wanted to figure out what exactly Talian was doing, he was not so wherry-headed to come right out and ask him. It would probably be the quickest way to find an answer. 'Hey, are you hitting on me?' would be easy enough to say. But, if Talian actually was hitting on him, that would not be an enjoyable way of finding out. So, Erisi kept his peace. All that the Harper was noticing was that Talian was paying close attention to him. But, that was to be expected. Erisi was Talian's guest, after all.

"I'm of the opinion that all the good people come from Fort," he responded with an easy smile. Erisi was already starting to relax, less so because of the wine, and more-so because he was comfortable with Talian. Talian was feeling less like a stranger, and more like a friend. When Erisi was in anyone else's company, his guard was up. He didn't trust the dragonriders in this Weyr at all, and he saw little point in putting his trust in future dragonriders as well. In reality, it left him with very few people he would choose to associate with. Talian was one of those few, which was why he wasn't opposed to the idea of hooking up with him... if that really was what Talian was trying to accomplish here.

He still had his doubts.

"My parents... definitely weren't Harpers. I was happy enough to move to Harper hall, though. I never got along well with my siblings. In fact, I have a terrible record with handling kids anyways. It's really a wonder why I was apprenticed." Erisi was definitely not a family man. He probably would have been horrified if he got any girl knocked up - thankfully, such a thing had not happened, and now was very unlikely to happen. There were hardly any girls around for him to like. They were all involved with the Weyr in some obscure ways, or less-than-obscure ways.

Candidate Barracks / Re: Down the Hatch [Talian]
« on: 31 Jan 2012 at 05:41 AM »
"Yeah, I did too. Far more than I'll ever enjoy living in this place." He gestured to the room around them, though it was clear that he meant the entirety of Katila Weyr, and likely the Southern Continent as well. It was a small gesture that meant big things. Erisi wasn't adapting, not because he couldn't, but because he didn't want to. Maybe the fact that he didn't want to was obscuring the possibility that he couldn't, but that was delving far deeper into the problem than Erisi wanted to. "If anything, that's what I wouldn't miss, having so many younger siblings. I'd visit them from time to time, promptly get a headache and take my leave." He loved his family, sure, in the way where all he needed from them now was meeting up every now and again. There were too many, and Erisi's patience wore out long before the day ended when it came to visiting him.

"I spent a lot of time going back to Fort Hold, though. I could stomach seeing my family for a little while, and the taverns were always a good place to pick up some marks." He wasn't half-bad as a singer, truthfully. It was just that his personality was so rotten that it was hard to get past that to realize how good he was. Maybe that was why he earned more marks when performing in front of an unfamiliar group. They had no idea what kind of nasty personality laid underneath a somewhat attractive face.

Erisi's blue eyes lowered to Talian's hand, his brows knitting in momentary confusion. All right, shard it, there was no way at this point that Talian was being subtle or oblivious. The healer's fingers were teasing the bedsheets, and that was the last clue that Erisi needed to confirm his suspicions that he was being hit on. He could disregard Talian's personality, because there was no way any person could be so oblivious to the kind of gestures he was making. So, fine, he'd take the bait. Talian was attractive enough for Erisi to consider more with him, but that was usually the only requisite Erisi needed. Partners had to be attractive, and well, he'd tack on now that they couldn't be dragonriders either.

The slender man leaned back, crossing one leg over another as he took a sip from his bottle of wine. "Here, try some of mine," he suggested, holding out the bottle of wine for Talian to take. "I don't teach, can't stand it," he continued on with the conversation. "I sing. If you want, I might even sing for you."

Candidate Barracks / Re: Down the Hatch [Talian]
« on: 31 Jan 2012 at 06:48 PM »
"Perhaps that's why you liked them, since you only got to see them once in a while. I promise you, the more time you spend with them, the more time you have to notice that they're ridiculous and frustrating. Ridiculously frustrating too. My mother had a craft, but she ended up popping one kid out after another every turn and a half. After that she really had no time to dedicate herself to her craft. I viewed it as a tragedy." It had likely scarred him for life. Erisi couldn't look at a child without feeling the corner of his mouth tick downwards and his teeth grind together. His dislike of children wasn't so bad when he was still an apprentice. The moment he was promoted, though, he had made the foolhardy attempt of trying to put up with kids. Now, he never did. It was the greatest revelation of his young lifetime.

Erisi was beginning to feel a slight buzz, and that only because he continued to sip his wine between conversation. He was far more alcohol tolerant than Talian, so he'd say it was his duty to drink more so Talian didn't feel like a drunken fool alone. With his wine bottle back in the safety of his hands now, he indulged himself in taking a sip of Talian's. He couldn't help but promptly pass it back - he did like his wine sweeter.  "Not bad, a little too mild for my tastes. You could have done a lot worse," he commented.

He knew Talian was eying him again, and he was silently debating what to do. It should have been obvious to Talian by now that Erisi had caught on to his flirtations, so why the boy wasn't pressing forward with them was beyond Erisi. This would normally frustrate him, but with a little alcohol in his system he was feeling happier. Certainly, he was feeling more flirtatious too, but he figured Talian was a little new at this, and he didn't want to overwhelm the man by coming on to him too hard. It should be fine, since Talian had been doing the same exact thing to him. Erisi wasn't willing to take the risk, though.

He pressed his tongue against the inside of his cheek, musing over what short ballad he could sing. Ah, that one would work well enough he supposed.

"Harper, your song has a sorrowful sound,
Though the tune was written gay.
Your voice is sad and your hands are slow
And your eye meeting mine turns away."

It was a short ballad, but it felt appropriate. He could have picked one of those silly old dragonrider ballads, but considering his new disposition towards dragonriders, he wasn't going to sing a single sharding thing about them that was pleasant. Erisi really did have an enjoyable voice, a sort of tone that was easy on the ears, soothing and sweet. It was truly the exact opposite of how he talked normally. His voice was normally cold, with a condescending tone that grated on most of his acquaintances. It usually felt like he was talking down to someone rather than at them. "And that is all you're getting, unless you really want more." Personally, Erisi felt like he was almost serenading Talian, and it was mildly demeaning.

The things he did for someone attractive, shells.

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