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Dining Hall / Re: Lets please eat correctly?(Open to everyone)
« on: 20 Feb 2012 at 12:24 AM »
O'wain's belly grumbled loudly, so much so that had anyone been around they might have thought there was an angry dragon about. Wandering into the kitchen he helped himself to a mug of ale which he sipped as he hunted about for something to eat. The pickings seemed slim this evening and since he was too hungry to wait for something to cook and somone had pinched all the cooked meat so O'wain settled on grabbing a hunk of bread and some cheese. Satisfied he began to make his way to the dining hall, getting as far as the door before pausing, thinking for a moment and returning to pour himself a spare mug of ale. Couldn't possibly consider walking ALL the way back to kitchen to pour another now, that would just be preposterous. Grinning to himself O;wain made his way into the dining hall, hands full of ale, cheese and bread.

Entering the hall O'wain found he was not alone. Over on one table he spotted a few candidates, including Far with a plate of meat stacked ridiculously high though it was obvious that wasn't the only meat with the young man's attention. Sauntering behind them unnoticed O'wain leant over Far's shoulder, hooking a suitable slice of meat with a free finger.

"Cheers buddy!" O'wain chirped to him. "Was nice of you to grab some for me."

Before he could react O'wain half skipped away from the table, giving the other two candidates a wink and a cheeky grin. Making his way around the end of the table he found a seat on the opposite side, well out of Far's reach, and propped his feet up on the bench. Settling in he munched down on his bread and meat, gazing towards the trio with a cheeky grin still plastered across his face.

Dining Hall / Re: Lets please eat correctly?(Open to everyone)
« on: 21 Feb 2012 at 08:51 PM »
O'wain laughed at Far's comment. "Yes I'm sure you were Far, though I'm betting that's not the only kind of meat you think will benefit them"

Leaning back slightly with one arm propping him up on the table O'wain polished off the last of his first mug. The other two candidates seemed nice enough, though the young man with the vegetables seemed a bit overly focused. The poor kid just needs to relax no doubt. He seemed to warm a bit though as he invited O'wain over which made the brown rider smile.

"I'd love some.....ahhh.....what was your name? But why don't you and your pretty young friend   slide down this way a bit, we wouldn't want poor Farlint catching a nasty case of 'healthy' from your meal now would we."

Now that he took a good look at the girl as she fixed her top against Far's prying eyes he saw she really was quite pretty. Her huge golden eyes in particular were absolutely captivating, definitely too good for Far. She seemed to know the other candidate, but hopefully they weren't involved or anything silly like that. Absent mindedly O'wain took another bite of his bread and cheese, his gaze not leaving those brilliant golden eyes.

Personal Huts / Re: Second Sun [Gold Flight; Open to all males]
« on: 05 Mar 2012 at 07:02 AM »
Nishkath couldn't help but yelp in pain and surprise as Nirinath's claw bit deep into the flesh of his head. Throbbing pain filled the dragon's consciousness leaving him dazed and practically blind to where he was flying. Nearly unconscious Nishkath began to plummet towards the plains below, his skull screaming in pain as ichor trailed off in droplets behind him. Falling, falling into darkness, Nishkath reached out...


Triumphantly O'wain shoved through the last few bodies between him and Tsuen. Now she would be his, a prize to behold. His victory was short lived however as his momentum was broken by an indifferent elbow to the nose from the weyr woman. Knocked senseless O'wain fell backwards and was quickly trampled back under the crowd. Struggling to regain his wits he faintly heard someone call his name before the wind was inexplicably driven out of him.

Although he didn't realise it, Nishkath was now caught in a nose dive. Still dazed the brown only just managed to force his eyes open in time to see the ground rushing to meet him. Flinging his wings open he was barely able to angle the dive, crashing onto his chest at terminal velocity before sliding across the plain a good five or six lengths. Painfully looking back at the great gouge he left in the earth the defeated dragon squeezed out one last thought to his rider before falling unconscious.


Dining Hall / Re: Lets please eat correctly?(Open to everyone)
« on: 06 Mar 2012 at 10:43 PM »
Realising he was making her uncomfortable O'wain flashed Jada a friendly wink before breaking into a grin as he watched Farlint swoop in to the empty seat. The poor boy must have realised he was on the losing side of this fight.

"Really Far? You're offering to show her your bulk then trying to sweet talk her? I thought you were always telling me how good you are with the ladies."

Polishing off the last of his bread and cheese O'wain was struck by a brilliant idea. If Far wanted to put up a fight then he'd get a war like he'd never imagined. Maybe he could even get that other guy to loosen up and have a bit of fun.

"Hey slide some of those veggies over, I'd like to try them. If you wouldn't mind of course." he asked the girl, his grin turning cheeky once more.

Dining Hall / Re: Lets please eat correctly?(Open to everyone)
« on: 16 Mar 2012 at 08:58 PM »
"The names O'wain," the brown rider replied to the beautiful amber eyes, taking the bowl of veg from her. "and your's?"

Briefly O'wain's eyes flashed towards Farlint as the young man asked for a taste of the vegetables. As much as he liked him he had left himself way too open for such an opportunity. Chewing a small mouthful of the meal O'wain scooped up a suitably large hunk of tomato and looked back to his competition. "Wow this is really good Far, you really need to try some of this tomato! Here!"

Grin stretching from ear to ear O'wain launched the tomato from his spoon, flinging it directly into Farlint's forehead. Slightly he prayed the young girl had a sense of humour. Even embarrassing Farlint wouldn't be worth missing the opportunity to get to know her.

Dining Hall / Re: Lets please eat correctly?(Open to everyone)
« on: 17 Mar 2012 at 08:57 AM »
Just as he launched the missile O'wain noticed that the pretty young girl had stretched her hand out to him. "My name is Jada," he heard as he watched the sloppy red projectile splatter across Farlint's forehead. Eyebrow raised he admired the slender hand she offered, particularly the soft, olive skin. Tracing his gaze up along her arm O'wain once more became lost in her eyes and for a moment nothing else existed but those amber orbs before him. At least until a soft ball of mush thudded into his chest and fell into his lap. So, O'wain grinned to himself, battle had been joined it seems.

"My lady," he said regally as he swung around to stand at the head of the table and took Jada's hand. "For your own protection I suggest you take cover"

Taking the beautiful hand in his he spun the young maiden to her feet and placed himself between her and his opposition.

"We couldn't have a vision as perfect as your's marred in the cross fire of warfare." He explained with a bow. Before waiting for a response he turned and flourished his spoon, sweeping up the bowl of ammunition with his free hand.

With a wink to Far he proclaimed his challenge. "Stand good sir or I will have your head!"

The Hatching Circuit / Re: Wish Upon A Star [HATCHING]
« on: 17 Mar 2012 at 10:13 PM »
O'wain stood watching the hatching, sipping at a mug of ale he had brought from the kitchens. Whilst it was interesting to watch the impressions and bet on the new dragons he was more interested in the girls. There was inevitably always at least one pretty young thing that doesn't impress and when that happened he would make sure he was there to comfort them. As such he had ensured that he was standing near the healers lurking at the edge of the sands, just in case he was needed to swoop in to the rescue for some poor lass in danger.

So far the hatching hadn't seemed out of the ordinary, a few scratches here, an impression there. How ever as soon as the Bittersweet Tundra Hatchling broke from it's egg it was apparent things were going to go badly. As it ripped a tore it's way through the candidates O'wain knew that at least one conquest was going to present itself. With a sickening crunch and a yell he saw a moderately attractive young girl hit the dirt, prompting someone to call for a stretcher. The healers sprinted out with a stretcher in tow O'wain saw another girl helping the injured candidate to their feet and to his surprise the injured girl tried to wave the stretcher away. "What the hell was she thinking!" O'wain screamed in his head. It was only a matter of time before another hatchling barreled through them. Without a second thought for his bare feet O'wain sprinted out onto the scorching sands. As he reached the candidates how ever he let out an exasperated sigh.

"Far you knuckle head get on the sharding stretcher!" The brown rider was pratically kicking himself now. He'd come running all the way out here for what he thought was a girl. Even so he was here now and he did have a certain respect for the young fool.

"You there, candidate." O'wain growled at the girl holding Far up as he swung the young mans free arm over his shoulder "Get out there and find yourself a dragon, you're not needed here."

The Lake Edge / Re: An Introduction To Water [O'wain]
« on: 14 Apr 2012 at 08:20 AM »
O'wain was only half awake lying on the sands of the lake. For the first time since spring he was actually clothed as he snoozed on the shore of the lake. It felt good to be away from the hustle and bustle of the weyr and even though it was too cool to bake nude it was still nice and relaxing by the water. Beside him Nishkath was stretched out, gentley itching the scar on his face.

"You know you shouldn't scratch at that." O'wain thought teasingly to his dragon. The scar had been irratating Nishkath ever since their botched attempt at flying Niranath. The poor dragon was always absent mindedly rubbing it and if he got too hot it was almost painfully itchy. O'wain was constantly trying to keep it cool and clean, even rubbing numbweed on it if it got too bad, but he thought it added a certain charming ruggedness to his companion. More then once he'd even managed to woo another girl to help him care for his poor, suffering dragon, right before they helped care for the "poor and suffering" rider as well.

You know shouldn't hide at the lake when you should be doing your chores. The brown replied, carefully grooming the pale strip of hide. Casually the dragon peered along the shore of the lake.

Come on now O'wain thought defensively "They can't honestly expect me to fix clothes can they? I mean really if it were up to me we wouldn't even need them."

No of course not. That would be horrible wouldn't it. Nishkath crooned condescendingly, still gazing up the shore. By the way you should hide a bit better, someone is here.

"Shards!" O'wain swore aloud, rolling over and scrambling towards the shrubbery at the sands edge. "Well come on you great oaf!" He thought angrily to his dragon, "Go between or something!"

Why? Nishkath replied, returning to the all important job of scar itching, I'm not the one doing anything wrong.

Rolling his eyes O'wain dejectedly settled into the brush. So much for a day of relaxation.

Craft Hall / My Least Favourite Candidate [Farlint]
« on: 14 Apr 2012 at 09:02 AM »
Leaving the kitchen O'wain began his saunter to the healer hall, bottle of wine in his right hand and small cask of ale slung under the same arm. In his left hand he carried a pair of large mugs and a small stack of dried meat hanging by the string off his middle finger.

It had been a few weeks since the hatching and the brown rider felt it was time to drop in and visit the victim lucky survivor candidate who had been the recipient his amazingly brave and courageous heroics. Poor Far's leg might have been shattered but he was a candidate, candidates were expected to to break and bend and such. Brown riders however were not expected to run out onto the hatching sands and burn their feet. O'wain had been stuck lazing about his hut for nearly a week after his effort at the hatching, despite the healers and Nishkath both insisting he was fine after the second day.

Truth be told O'wain felt sorry for the young lad. Not only had he been injured but he didnt even get to impress, something O'wain was sure would feel horrible. Not that he could relate, he'd scored Nishkath at his first hatching, but he was certain Far must be in a terrible mood. He liked Farlint well enough, it was good to have a bit competition when it came to game of seduction and as much as he hated to admit it the candidate was nearly a bit too much competition. Regardless Owain had decided the boy owed him for his grand theatrics and would repay it but sharing a good deal of drink with him.

Arriving at the healer's O'wain stopped briefly to ask an attractive female healer where Far was staying. Forcing himself not to pursue the healer he made his way to the room, gentley kicking the door a few times with his boot.

"Oi!" He called into the room. "Where's my least favourite candidate?!"

Craft Hall / Re: My Least Favourite Candidate [Farlint]
« on: 19 Apr 2012 at 01:18 AM »
O'wain gave the healer a wink of thanks as they held the door for him. He couldn't help but grin as he was greeted to the muffled cry of "No visitors!" from the strangely articulate lump of bedding before him. As the healer shut the door behind the brown rider he quietly set the bottle of wine down on a small table before replying to sheets.

"Come now Farlint you owe me one. I was stuck in my hut for nearly a week after I scorched my feet to save you and this is the thanks I get?"  As O'wain spoke he set the cask of ale and stack of meat strips down next to the wine before settling down into a chair beside the bed. As he continued  O'wain began to fake sniffles, as if he was starting to tear up. "All I need is one *sniff* little favour and you're to *sniff* selfish to even lay eyes on me."

Grinning widely O'wain kicked back in the chair, holding the mugs in plain view and giving the a shake to clatter together. O'wain knew there was no way Far would resist a few drinks, or at least he hoped not; it was such a long walk back to the huts. Then could always go find that healer again...

Dining Hall / Re: Are You Pondering What I'm Pondering? [Open]
« on: 08 Aug 2013 at 01:10 AM »
Dinner was always enjoyable here at Katila as far as O'wain was concerned. He was easily pleased when it came to food however so as long as the kitchen didn't run out he was happy. While chewing on some bread he let his eyes roam over everybody present. He picked out the men and women he knew on an intimate level trying to decide which he would select to have the honor of going home with him tonight.

Before he could decide, a woman showed up and boldly greeted him as she took a seat before him. O'wain looked up and grinned.

"Why, good evening Ce'lie and I am quite certain I am not busy at all on the thirteenth," O'wain flashed his charming smile. "What do you have in mind my dear?"

It had been awhile since he seen Ce'lie around and he had heard rumors she was ill. Looking over her now O'wain would never have thought she was sick. "Good to see you are back on your feet. Did you get the flowers I sent?"

Sorry but you are not allowed to view spoiler contents.

Dining Hall / Re: Are You Pondering What I'm Pondering? [Open]
« on: 08 Aug 2013 at 10:48 PM »
"V'riy's a year older on the 13th, how wonderful. I always enjoy a party especially when a young man like V'riy will definitely attract plenty of attention." O'wain remembered the bronzerider and definitely felt he should celebrate his own birthing day.

"I expect he avoids his own birthing day celebrations because he doesn't like getting older. We will just have to put our heads together and come up with the best way to convince him you are only as old as you think you are. He's younger than I am and look at me, the life of the party, chased by many fine ladies and even a few men."

O'wain leaned forward and flashed a mischievous smile. "Unless we just forget to mention it's a party to celebrate his birthday. We can always say it's a party to celebrate something else entirely."

"I had thought I included a bit of parchment wishing you well soon but perhaps it was misplaced. The important thing you noticed the flowers and liked them. I picked them myself." O'wain admitted.

Only because I suggested it would be a nice thing to do, Nishkath commented idly. She is a nice woman, will she be coming to the hut tonight? I wish I was cleaner before we have guests.

O'wain caughed slightly as Nishkath made his inquiry. O'wain had been chasing Ce'lie on and off for some time now but so far, she had been elusive. Perhaps Nishkath's inquiry could benefit him.

"How is Twilirth? She must have been worried during yoru sickness. In fact Nishkath is wondering if you will be coming over to my hut, he wants to make sure he has plenty of space in his wallow for Twilirth to be comfortable should we plan late into the night on how best to surprise V'riy." O'wain winked. "I am sure we can get quite a bit accomplished if we spend the night together discussing it."

Dining Hall / Re: Are You Pondering What I'm Pondering? [Open]
« on: 09 Aug 2013 at 12:57 AM »
"We can say it's just a celebration of hmm over 14 turns of surviving in the south?" O'wain suggests. It was no where near his own birthing, nearly 9 months too early. But would V'riy know that? O'wain didn't know the bronze rider that well mostly just in passing. "Or claim it's mine. I doubt V'riy has a clue when I was birthed."

Seeing her blush when he mentioned he picked the flowers pleased O'wain. He was very much a player and enjoyed the chase but he always did try and ensure the women enjoyed him chasing them as well. A challenge was always welcome too and so far Ceilidhe had failed to fall for his charms...yet.

Perhaps next time Twilirth rose to mate Nishkath would catch her. That would certainly guaranteed he had the older dragonrider in bed. O'wain found she carried her age quite well and had a very natural beauty he expected she would carry to her grave. Not many women aged as pretty.

Twilirth is a very agile flyer, very tricky to catch. I have tried several times. informed him. The brown was watching the green moving about the hall flaunting her skills.

I would think by now you would be able to anticipate her movements. O'wain pointed out, doing his best to focus on what Ceilidhe was saying.

I watch her now, she loves flying.

"I am glad to hear Twilirth wasn't too worried and Nishkath tells me she's flying quite skillfully above us now. She's truly quite spectacular when flying. A prime example of all the best attributes of a green dragon. Fast, agile, skillful and beautiful."

"Very understandable you don't want to over extend yourself so soon after your recovery," O'wain smiled. "A wise choice to take it easy till the party begins."

"We can say the party is to celebrate my birthing day,  you heard about it and since you find me such a handsome rogue, decided to throw a party to celebrate the wondrous day of my birth. All are welcome, especially those young of mind, body and spirit who enjoy a good time, good drink and good company." O'wain suggests in such a way it didn't seem like he was bragging or even aware that may be exactly how others may see it.

Personal Huts / Re: Go Fly a Kite [open green flight]
« on: 09 Aug 2013 at 07:00 AM »
Waking up with a hard on certainly wasn't unusual for O'wain. Waking up to the sound of Nishkath's tail thumping against the side of the hut however, wasn't.

What's bugging you, Nishkath? O'wain inquired, sitting up in bed debating if he should just go back to sleep or take care of other physical needs.

Caxith rises! the dark brown announces.

That is all the incentive O'wain needs. Grinning he quickly strides out of his hut, heading for the greenrider's hut. Go get her stud!

Not too far away O'wain heard the challenging scream of a green rising to mate. Even as O'wain started to jog towards the sound Nishkath launched into the air.

O'wain broke into a run so he can be at the greenrider's hut when things really tart heating up. As the lust roiled into him from Nishkath, O'wain didn't take long to find the handsome greenrider. O'wain was more into female conquests but riding a man didn't repel him at all. Already other riders were gathering, eyes glazed as their minds stayed with their dragons as the chase continued.

Oh Caxith, here I come. he sends, his mind voice a purr even as he beat his wings with powerful strokes to catch up the blues. His eyes were fixed on the green, tracking her acrobatic movements. He was an agile flyer and had staying power even if he wasn't quite as agile as greens. There were other ways to get his prize than just fancy flying.

Bugling loudly he made clear he was intent on winning this flight. That and a good loud bugle had startled the little blues away in a mating flight before. Usually just the yearlings who are chasing for the first time. Even if he lost this flight, Nishkath knew O'wain would find himself a pretty girl to enjoy and when they woke up she probably be nice enough to give him a good brushing.

Dining Hall / Re: Are You Pondering What I'm Pondering? [Open]
« on: 15 Aug 2013 at 11:09 PM »
O'wain could see how pleased Ce'lie was with his compliments to her dragon. The blush was a nice touch and one he certainly enjoyed.

She was older than most of the girls he shared his bed with, or the boys bot O'wain didn't mind. The older women often had less hangups and there was less chance of fathering a child on them, not that he was against such action. A man of his virility and frequent love making most likely had a few children out there. O'wain wished he did know, he did adore children, especially after they were old enough to do more than sleep, eat and poop.

Very pretty, I wonder when she will rise to mate next O'wain tilted his head as he heard his brown's comment.

Will you give chase if she does? I certainly would enjoy a tumble with Twilirth's rider. Do you think you can catch her? You did say she's a very skillful flyer.

Of course I will chase, I chase greens many times and caught a fair few. Those blues can be sneaky though, but so can I. I watch how she moves and she so enjoys her tight tumbling but I can see where I can slip in and intercept and once my paws are upon her my wings will still hers and we will be locked. The dark brown rose up on his hind legs, eyes whirling bright blue as he spread out his wings and gave a bugle loud and deep enough to rival a bronze's.

O'wain chuckled, hearing his dragons' bugle faintly through the walls of the dining hall. It was then he noticed the conversation had stopped for some time. Looking at the woman before him, O'wain recognized the tell tail signs of of a dragonrider busy communing with their dragon, or lost in thought. It gave O'wain time to study the woman. He let his eyes roam over her, focusing more on her face than her other physical assets, not that he didn't appreciate a good set of tits but that wasn't all he admired. Hair was a definite, O'wain enjoyed running his hands through hair, long silky and soft, or short and coarse, as long as it was clean, O'wain wouldn't be mean.

"Quite alright my dear, quite alright," O'wain flashed a wide friendly smile at her. "I enjoyed quietly contemplating what a wonderful person you are while you were lost in thought."

"As for where we left off, I think it was working on the exact time for our next date...oh wait, it was how to trick V'riy to show up for his own surprise party." He better get his mind focused on arranging the party before he was too distracted and ended up seeing how adventurous Ce'lie could be by pulling her onto the tabletop and showing her paradise right here and now. Now that was an image that brought a rather silly grin to his face.

"Right, seems your distraction is catching," O'wain pulled himself back to reality. "I am sure we can find somebody with a birthing day this month who we can use as the excuse to party," O'wain glanced around trying to see which of the many riders and weyr folk currently filling the dinning hall would fit the bill. he was about to make a suggestion when she ran her hand through her hair and that just completely blew the suggestion from his mind. "What I wouldn't give to do that to your hair..."

Don't forget to breath, O'wain,

Shut up Nishkath, it's not that distracting O'wain heard Nishkath's mental laughter and sighed.

Dining Hall / Re: Are You Pondering What I'm Pondering? [Open]
« on: 17 Aug 2013 at 05:16 PM »
O'wain arched his eyebrows as he waited for Ceilidhe to respond and grinned as he watched her lick her lips in a rather provocative manner. O'wain had noticed the wink and understood she was teasing playfully. Before he could continue the game he was distracted as another Greenrider approached. Instead of being annoyed at the interruption, something O'wain most certainly wasn't, he smiled warmly.

N'del was an older rider certainly but as far as O'wain was concerned all ages were fair game if their greens rose to mate. Well he was more hesitant about letting Nishkath chase the Maiden flights of greens or golds for that matter, if their riders were still in their early to mid teens.

"Good day to you N'del and rest assured I have been quite careful not to let Ceilidhe wear herself out. So far all we have done is talk and eat with a little bit of flirtation and plotting in between." He winked at the older green rider. "I hope the day finds you in good order."

Sipping his drink O'wain quietly listened as Ceilidhe explained what they had been talking about. He licked his lips in appreciation at how skillfully she was trying to entice N'del to join them in working on a surprise party.

"I never understand why that was such a big deal, women on fighting dragons having their names hyphenated. It's the dragons who like the shorter names, makes for communication all the more easier for them. O'wain shrugged. "But that's what the Weyrleader wants so be it. Who are we to make a fuss over such a small thing anyway?"

Not wanting to dwell upon anything that could result in choosing sides, something he rather not do, O'wain quickly moved to change the topic back to something he always enjoyed, parties!

"We most definitely have to keep it a surprise, Ceilidhe and I were trying to figure out what excuse to use to lure V'riy to the party without tipping him off it's for him. I suggested saying it's somebody else's party, somebody who is also birthed on the same date. Or who is so new he couldn't possibly know or find out when that person really was born."

Dining Hall / Re: Are You Pondering What I'm Pondering? [Open]
« on: 19 Aug 2013 at 11:57 PM »
"Yes, the heat and humidity can be a should be optional just for that reason alone." O'wain grinned. He certainly had no qualms about walking about naked, he attended many flights wearing very little to no clothing at all. The early morning risers, in more ways than one, made getting dressed rather pointless. "Perhaps we should pass a partition around seeing how many would agree to such a policy, clothing optional, especially on rest days and during the worse of the heat."

"I think we are all too old for lashings and I can think of worse punishments," Like no sex for a seven day but O'wain kept that to himself. The last thing O'wain wanted was somebody actually using that as a punishment, especially on him. "But let's not think of such things, we have a party to plan!"

O'wain turned to Ceilidhe and grinned, "Was that Sweetums or Honeypie?" O'wain inquired, referring to what Ce'lie liked to be called by hre friends.

Taking a meatroll from his plate, O'wain took a bite and chewed for a few minutes. "I probably do have children, none have come forward to proclaim they are my secret love child," O'wain had been with so many women, even a few Candidates who wanted to get rid of their pesky maidenheads, a duty he was always happy to perform. But to his knowledge his wild oats haven't taken root in anybody. "Want to announce being with child Cei and we can say it's ours?" O'wain winks.

Dining Hall / Gathering Notes on Sexual Bliss [OPEN]
« on: 21 Aug 2013 at 07:50 PM »
O'wain stretched and felt nobody beside him on his large bed. It had taken some wheeling and dealing to get a large bed for his personal hut. In fact the bedroom was quite larger, bigger than most bedrooms his fellow dragonriders built for themselves. Because of it's extra size, he was able to fit a much bigger bed. He also had a small table and chairs in the bedroom so he could entertain 'guests' before moving to the bed.

He enjoyed the chase and the romance of drawing women to his bed for a night of exquisite bliss. None complained about spending a night with him, male or female. Not all came back for additional nights of bliss but O'wain just assumed they could only handle so much of a good thing. Because of his enjoyment of sex and everything leading up to it, O'wain took great care into making his home a place of romance. No gaudy reds or pinks but masculine and just a touch of feminine to balance.

Getting out of bed he washed up in the wash basin and dressed. Running a tooth stick over his teeth he then chewed on some mint before rinsing his mouth. Clean, dressed and refreshed, O'wain spent a few minutes with Nishkath before heading off to the dinning room.

It was early and out of habit, as one never knew what interesting things showed up on the bulletin board set up by the Dinning Hall, O'wain was pleased to see yet another mysterious note. He stood and read it through, reading it out loud for the benefit of a few curious passerby who either couldn't read or didn't notice.

"It seems I have competition in providing such levels of sexual bliss." O'wain stated, getting a laugh from one of those slowly gathering around him to see what was going on. "Always good to hear our Weyrleader is recovering nicely, if he's able to be satisfy Jada's sexual appetites."

Dining Hall / Re: Gathering Notes on Sexual Bliss [OPEN]
« on: 21 Aug 2013 at 10:56 PM »
Hearing his name spoken in such a warm manner, O'wain turned and smiled at V'riy. "Good morning V'riy, how's my favorite bronzerider doing this fine day?"

"Our mystery writer of such fine romance has struck again with a new note," O'wain gave a flourish with his hands to indicate the note on the bulletin board, stepping back enough to allow the bronzerider to see. "It seems our recovering former Weyrleader has help in keeping his spirits up."

O'wain watched V'riy's expression as he read the note, curious how the bronzerider will react. As far as O'wain was concerned it was all in good fun and not meant to be taken seriously. A part of him was tempted to write up his own dirty little tales.

"What do you think?" O'wain inquired once V'riy was finished reading.

Dining Hall / Re: Are You Pondering What I'm Pondering? [Open]
« on: 22 Aug 2013 at 05:01 PM »
O'wain let his eyes travel up and down what he could see of the older rider's body and smirked. "I think there's nothing wrong with your body, N'del. You can get naked before me any time and I won't ever have a thought within my head wishing you put your clothes back on."

"I shall see what others think about the idea," O'wain leaned back in his chair contemplating how best he can approach this. Before he could say much more on the topic they were joined by a woman he recognized.

O'wain's features spread into a wide grin as Alerae joined them at the table. He had some fond memories of sharing a bed with her and found her personality rather interesting and he sensed a vulnerability beneath her proper and caring way. Not that he sought to exploit it but he truly just liked pleasing people via sex. If it made his partner feel good he will gladly enjoy the physical closeness.

"Alerae my dear, so good to see you but for shame, claiming the beautiful Ceilidhe who couldn't possibly be any more than twenty five turns be incapable of producing more children." O'wain said with roguish delight. He so enjoyed flattering women of all ages. "If you rather volunteer to be the one baring my love child, perhaps we should slip away to my hut and get to work, practice makes perfect and being seen together certainly will help promote the lie."

When Ceilidhe spoke, O'wain turned and caught the bright color of her cheeks and blinked. "My my, how you blush so, it is most striking."

"The whole idea of the pretend pregnancy was to celebrate being pregnant and shower the expectant mother with gifts and whatnot for the baby. Perhaps it is more something the women do and not for men." O'wain paused, considering the best way to trick a young man to a birthing party. Then an idea came to him, not as fun but more likely to happen.

"Do you know any of V'riy's rider friends? Somebody he knows and trusts but who will keep a secret? The fellow could just claim taking V'riy out to do a bit of drinking and male bonding. Perhaps one of the other bronzeriders?" O'wain pondered. If V'riy had been a blue or greenrider O'wain would just send a weyrbrat to fetch the man at the right time and claim he wished to meet with him. Unless.. "I could always fake a message from S'kef requesting V'riy to come here for a discussion."

The Lake Edge / Re: Geronimo! [O'wain]
« on: 23 Aug 2013 at 12:13 AM »
O'wain lounged on an outcrop as he watched Nishkath dive after another large fat wherry. The brown was a great hunter, selecting his pray and striking with quick efficiency. A final squawk and the wherry was limp in Nishkath's talons. The dark brown settled back on a ridge, already dark with the blood of several previous kills.

"I hope that's the last one, I am getting quite bored here," O'wain said, yawning to emphasize.

Chasing those greens is thirsty work, they are quite fast and maneuverable, Nishkath said matter of factly, like this should be perfectly clear to O'wain.

"A very valid point, being with the fine ladies and gentlemen as often as I tend to be, I too have to eat good wholesome meals. Speaking of which, think you can save me half a breast of that wherry? I can roast it near the lake while you bathe." O'wain enjoyed cooking a meal once in awhile and fresh wherry was a nice treat, especially if he didn't have to do all the messy part first.

Why should I share?

"Because I asked nicely?

Oh very well. I will leave you a chunk of breast. I just hope you don't mind my spit on it.

"Have I complained about it before?"

O'wain heard Nishkath's snicker in his head and chuckled himself. A few minutes later the darkly marked brown landed next to him a little awkwardly for he held a bloody lump of flesh in one fore claw.

"Perfect, just hang on it for a minute, I will get some broad leaves to wrap it in." O'wain found a broad leafed plant and layered it so he could wrap the chunk of wherry meat up in it. Once he did this he shoved it into a pouch. With an affectionate pat on Nishkath's leg, he climbed up and settled between the neck ridges. "Let's get to the lake, my Dear."

Nishkath responded with a rumble and leap into the air, his powerful wing beats thrust him into the sky with all the eagerness of a randy blue chasing his first green. O'wain loved flying, it was a sensation nothing compared to save that moment of out worldly bliss at the moment of orgasm. With a laugh O'wain enjoyed the feeling of air rushing against his face and through his hair.

Somebody is at the lake, it's Ghalath. She should be rising soon.

"Really? This mean you are going to try to give chase with a full belly?" O'wain loved it when his brown gave chase to greens, loved it even more when Nishkath caught them but after a meal of heavy meat it wouldn't be a good chase at all. Dangerous even.

Not that soon,  a month or two I would guess. O'wain relaxed. He trusted Nishkath's instincts about such things.

"Lets go down and we can get you clean and perhaps Ghalath's rider will enjoy some wherry and company."

I like the idea, perhaps he will help clean me, you always get so distracted and miss spots unless I point them out. Your women are more careful, a shame Ghalath's rider isn't a woman.

O'wain chuckled and directed Nishkath to land not too from the young green. Slapping Nishkath's shoulder, O'wain slid down and strolled away from the dark brown dragon who immediately launched into the air again only to dive into the water.

"Greetings young rider, I hope you don't mind some company...I intend to roast up some wherry, there's plenty to share." O'wain said cheerfully as he approached the green and her rider. "I am O'wain, Nishkath's rider."

Dining Hall / Re: Gathering Notes on Sexual Bliss [OPEN]
« on: 23 Aug 2013 at 12:34 AM »
Oblivious to the seething rage boiling inside of the Bronzerider, O'wain was more interested in seeing if the smutty tale would rouse the bronzerider in other ways. O'wain typically enjoyed his male partners via flightlust but he certainly didn't object to seducing them the old fashioned way.

In general O'wain was more inclined to pursue women but there were certain attractive men all around him who he just found incredibly sexy. V'riy's teardrop face and mussy hair certainly attracted O'wain.

"I agree the writing leaves much to be desired, one of the reasons I am quite tempted to steal this fellow's thunder by posting up far better smut upon the board." O'wain announced, slipping his arm around the Bronzerider's shoulders in a way most would consider rather personal but O'wain was quite confident he could easily just pass if off due to his normally good natured demeanor. "Then again it has crossed my mind the author of these notes may intentionally be writing it in such a poor manner so nobody could possibly take this seriously and see it as the joke it's meant to be."

"The part I like the most, is this here," O'wain then read out the section he liked in a clear voice.

Now, her fierce lover was still wild and with good stamina but they had to take it slower. He didn’t last nearly as long as her needs desired so extra hours were spent together to make sure Jada left sated.

"One thing I consider very important in any coupling, is making sure your partner is fully satisfied. I take great pains to ensure I am not the only one having fun."  O'wain winked at V'riy.

The Lake Edge / Re: Geronimo! [O'wain]
« on: 23 Aug 2013 at 01:10 AM »
O'wain had noticed how squished Ghalath appeared and wondered if the dragon was shy. Some were, especially before they were fully grown. Not one to want to upset a dragon, O'wain gave her a small bow, not too elaborate, it wouldn't do to be seen as condescending.

"Greetings to you Ghalath, feel free to join Nishkath," O'wain suggested. "He loves attention, of any sort, the big ham."

I do like attention, especially greens and blues, they are the best to ensure I am meticulously clean, Nishkath cut in, broadcasting to both O'wain and Ghalath.

O'wain chuckled then turn his attention fully on the young greenrider. "Pleased to meet you Z'jan. Lets leave the dragons to get to know each other while we quickly gather some wood. After that, i can handle the domestic parts."

"How was your swim?" O'wain asked, noticing the wet hair and clothing. "Once we get a fire going you could strip down and lay your clothing on the sand to dry. I have no problems with nudity, in fact I think more of us should walk around without clothing. The South is so incredibly hot and humid, clothing really isn't practical."

The Lake Edge / Re: Geronimo! [O'wain]
« on: 23 Aug 2013 at 04:00 PM »
O'wain raised an eyebrow at Z'jan's comment to his dragon to stop being needy. Greens were so varied in their personalities in his experience, usually to some extreme.

"Nishkath is an attention whore, but he's fine swimming alone if Ghalath rather not frolic with another." O'wain offered, not wanting to put the green ill at ease. O'wain turned towards the green and looked her over briefly, "You are a fine looking green Ghalath and as much as Nishhath and I like to get to know you more, we won't force our company upon you."

Looking over at Z'jan he grinned, "I will just lead your fine rider over there some and we can summon up some wood," O'wain winked at Z'jan at the double meaning.

"I expect the reason Katila wasn't built on the lake shore may be due to flooding during the rainy season." O'wain took a guess. He was sure the area around the lake had risen well to the treeline the last rainy season. "No matter, it gives us a nice cool private place to be during the heat of the day."

O'wain laughed as Z'jan expressed his concern about burning a certain part of his anatomy in the sun. O'wain never had a problem with that the few times he was out in the sun naked. "It is all part of the same skin that covers the rest of your body Z'jan, it will tan if you are prone to tanning.  Besides there's a reason why it's covered in all that hair so unless you are a walking hardon, you aren't likely to even get much sun down there."

Taking off his jerkin and shirt, as O'wain was definitely warm by this time, he tossed the clothing aside. He knew he had an impressive body, people kept telling him often enough for it to sink in.

"Swimming after dinner sounds like a good idea, we can also swim while the meat cooks, among other things." O'wain grinned. "Shall we gather wood so we can make a fire?"

The Lake Edge / Re: Geronimo! [O'wain]
« on: 23 Aug 2013 at 07:22 PM »
It pleased O'wain greatly to see Ghalath relax and unable to resist he mentally labeled himself the 'dragonwhisper'.

Hardly, I think she just realized you are so not a threat, the brown commented, sinking below the water to enjoy the cooler depths.

O'wain chuckled, then laughed as he heard Z'jan talk about floating about a flooded Katila on a raft with a candidate's robe as a sail. "If we all did that, every candidate we have will end up naked on the sands come hatching."

"Not all blueriders are always sporting boners, some browns do to. Browns are great dragons they aren't limited to chasing greens, a fast one with good endurance may even get a queen. Not that I would let Nishkath chase a senior queen...the last thing I want is being shouldered with serious responsibilities. I can do it but life is much more fun when the challenges in it, don't come along with a huge headache of responsibility." O'wain chuckled again. "But yes, tanned cocks,  they do exist and not just on Igen men. Most of them naturally are dark and tan even darker."

"A Whole new definition of a 'tanned ass'" O'wain knew of other ways to tan an ass and it didn't require any sun. Not that he was much into the rougher stuff but spanking he didn't mind. More to give than to receive. "So, this mean I won't find any tan lines on you?"

"Sounds like a good plan," O'wain agreed, heading in the opposite direction Z'jan indicated he will look for wood. "Oh if you seem some fresh fruit, pick a few. They do make good cooling treats after a good meal."

Heading into the treeline he quickly searched for dry branches and found a few. O'wain laid his shirt onto the ground, arms spread out and piled the wood on top. He didn't need a huge among of wood and he already planned to cook the meat in the leaves he wrapped them in. Spotting some dark berries, the sort used in bubbly pies and often eaten by wherries to supplement their usual diet of flesh, O'wain gathered some. As he didn't want to squish the berries he carefully filled a pouch.

The last thing he gathered was a long straight stick he could use to poke and prod the fire and keep the leaf wrapped meat cooking evenly on the coals.

Once he had enough wood and berries, O'wain used the sleeves of hsi shirt to wrap around the bundle and carried it back to where he left Z'jan.

"We have enough wood for a good fire," O'wain said cheerfully. "The only other thing we need we can get at edge of the lake. A couple flat stones would make a perfect surface to place the food on while it cooks."

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