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Western Forests / We're Supposed to be Working [R'nd]
« on: 17 Apr 2012 at 12:10 AM »
He is only going to tease you. Niskziath's words were a gentle, even playful warning as her bonded left his hut. V'zire was dressed in clothes that were beaten enough that an outing into the Western Forests really wouldn't inflict that great of a change on their state.

'I know, I don't mind.' V'zire answered her silently, an easy-going smile flickering across his face. It was a wonder why V'zire put up with R'nd's flirtations, especially since he had no desire to ever respond to them in earnest. At this point in their life, though, he assumed that R'nd's flirtations were made out of habit, and had no real intention behind them. It made him feel a little less guilty for every time he rejected him, though his rejections often came in the form of stuttered sentences and uncertain hand gestures to try and get his point across. Really, his reactions were probably the only reason that R'nd couldn't resist making advances on him. From what he heard, R'nd was investing a great deal of interest in someone else, so maybe V'zire would be able to avoid his old classmate's more obvious advances.

If you are certain. I will see if Ayyonth would be so kind as to ask his bonded to tone down his flirting. If I was a human, I would blush for you.

'Thanks, but I don't think that's nec -- You did it anyways, didn't you?'

Niskziath's voice was already reaching out to R'nd's blue as her bonded spoke with her. Ayyonth? If you do not mind, could you ask your bonded to avoid tormenting mine for great lengths today? The green dragon was not coming with her bonded, preferring to spend the day basking in what light there was and daydreaming about all the colors dragons should come in. Pink would be such a brilliant color! It would stand out magnificently against the sky, so no one would miss a pink dragon! She wished she was pink, then perhaps she would get more attention for being so brilliantly colored. Oh, and mine is on his way. I do not think your's is really up at this time, so we would greatly appreciate it if you woke him. Mine can wait, though. He is awfully patient. She really didn't want V'zire to intrude on R'nd!

...Especially considering R'nd's habits.

The young dragonrider was already on his way to R'nd's hut, and Niskziath couldn't bring herself to remind her bonded of this fact. He'd be awfully embarrassed to hear it! (She, however, did not realize he'd be awfully embarrassed to stumble upon it - Niskziath did not always think ahead). Arriving at his friend's hut, he knocked politely on the door. Of course, V'zire was the type to be up early in the morning, so the timing now did not seem bad to him. They needed all the time they could get if they were going to go take care of some chores today.

Western Forests / Re: We're Supposed to be Working [R'nd]
« on: 18 Apr 2012 at 09:09 AM »
"I figured we'd get an...

Uhhmmm. An.... earlystart." R'nd had the pleasure of witnessing V'zire's face shift through three expressions in a matter of seconds. At first he had seemed perfectly cheerful when R'nd answered the door, likely eager to see his friend and get their chores for the day out of the way. The next emotion was undoubtedly confusion when he realized that R'nd was not dressed and ready to go. Then it was just flat out embarrassment that his friend was not dressed (and if he knew any better, he'd suspect it was just so R'nd could see the reaction he was giving him now). V'zire really had no idea why R'nd persisted in pursuing him. V'zire considered himself fairly tied up (though those reasoning were either sketchy or not sound, but at least he seemed to be happy with them) and wouldn't give in to R'nd while he was 'with' R'ore. He wasn't sure he'd even give in to R'nd if R'ore wasn't around. R'nd was a great friend, but beyond that... V'zire just did not just hope around into anyone's bed, at all.

R'nd probably wasn't the person to change that.

"Y-Your... shirt is on your... shoulder," he pointed out helplessly, though he was being careful not to stare at R'nd. Not only was that rude, but he was pretty sure that was what R'nd wanted. It would have taken R'nd two seconds to actually put it on, so V'zire was beginning to suspect that it was intentionally left off. 'I thought you asked Ayyonth to...?'

I did. It does not mean that your request will be listened to, however. I'm sorry. Just look at things this way, he is only shirtless. Us dragons are naked all the time, every day.

'That isn't helping!' he mentally relayed to his dragon, who at least was inclined to let him feel her sympathies. She knew her bonded was a prude, and she was as well. For a green pair, both had really only slept with one dragon and one rider so far. Niskziath wouldn't pick anyone else, though she was beginning to realize what kind of strain she was unintentionally putting on her bonded. If only R'ore wasn't so infatuated with someone else! The dragon was perfect for Niskziath, but the rider was not for V'zire. She didn't want things to change, but perhaps it would be better for V'zire in the long run to find him a more suitable partner.

Maybe R'nd and Ayyonth?

She poked into her bonded's mind curiously, and decided that maybe she should hold that thought. I am greatly relieved that your bonded is mostly dressed. Pass on my thanks, I would appreciate it. At least Niskziath could see that being shirtless was an improvement to being naked.

"We should probably... g-get going." He was still embarrassed, even after he had ample time to acclimate to the shock of a shirtless R'nd.

Western Forests / Re: We're Supposed to be Working [R'nd]
« on: 19 Apr 2012 at 01:44 AM »
"I figured helping you would count as 'gathering'," V'zire answered cheerfully. Now that R'nd was dressed, he didn't have much reason to keep stumbling over his own words. It was unclear as to why he got so embarrassed every time someone hit on him. Maybe he felt inclined to respond, but knew better than to. As V'zire saw things, he was tied up with someone else. It wasn't likely, however, that he'd be all that much more receptive to flirtations even if he wasn't bound to a different bluerider. V'zire wasn't seeking a physical relationship, he got enough of that in Niskziath's flights. He wanted an emotional bond, one that he kept trying to find in R'ore but never received. Since their relationship was physical, it was the closest he could get to what he wanted.

Do you want me to come with? Niskziath offered, changing her mind a little when she felt the flickering of V'zire's thoughts.

'No, I'm fine. Enjoy sunning yourself, you deserve it.'

If you are sure, then I certainly will. Niskziath relented, and her presence left his mind completely as she minded herself. Her bonded could take care of himself, but she was prone to worrying about him over even the smallest slight. She knew how poorly he took to being flirted with, and was not the sort of dragon to take pleasure at her bonded's expense.

"I figure your chore is horrible enough that you wouldn't mind the help? If there's anything useful nearby I'll pick it up to at least make it look like I did my own chore." He really did feel infinitely better with R'nd having his shirt on, and was even more pleased that the bluerider wasn't hovering over him. He knew R'nd by now, and knew what to expect when it came to the man's flirtations. Of course, even though he knew what was coming, he never knew quite how to respond to it. V'zire figured that before giving R'nd the chance to make some advances on him, he'd steer their conversation in a safe direction - away from him.

"So, what's been going on with you lately? Anyone new in your life? Oh, right, you had a baby, didn't you? Congratulations!" It was far easier to talk about someone else's life than his own, after all.

Western Forests / Re: We're Supposed to be Working [R'nd]
« on: 20 Apr 2012 at 10:15 AM »
"If you stop picking on me, I'd be more keen to help you with your chores more often," V'zire offered. He already knew that R'nd wouldn't rise to the bait. Despite having turned him down more times than any human could count,  R'nd kept trying. They were two different types of people, and he would have assumed that R'nd realized this a while ago if the man did not continue to try and encourage him into his bed. R'nd was all about physical trysts, and V'zire was all about an emotional relationship. The physical side to relationships was the icing on the cake, and while nice, was not all that important. Since R'nd wasn't interested in having his cake and eating it, V'zire wasn't all that interested in him in that way. As a friend, R'nd was a great guy. As anything else? Nooo way.

It was the first time that V'zire actually managed to get R'nd back for all the times he made him feel awkward by flirting with him. He stared at his friend with shock as the man nearly tripped. Well... V'zire wasn't the type of person to have fun at someone else's expense, but he couldn't help but laugh at the man's reaction to the turn in their conversation. It was a helpless sound, as if he just found their new situation too hilarious to ignore. He paused in their movement forward long enough for R'nd to regain control of his own body, and probably so his next inquiry wouldn't actually trip the man.

"But that's good! We all assume you have a few children floating about by now, but I'm glad you've recognized one as your's. He's guaranteed to be well off with your looks and his mother's care." And no, he wasn't hitting on R'nd. He was just being polite! V'zire wasn't sure R'nd had much to offer besides his handsome looks. However, he was sure that R'nd had zero parenting skills, otherwise he would have known if he had more kids roaming about, and would have stepped up to the plate for them all instead of the one that was forced on him. "You'll like having a baby, I promise."

Dining Hall / Re: Righting Wrongs
« on: 22 Aug 2012 at 12:07 AM »
You are... all right? Right? Niskziath's voice made the softest invasion into his thoughts. V'zire had managed to keep his dragon at bay for a while, but he knew she'd eventually find out what had happened. Niskziath was such a gentle and sweet dragon that V'zire didn't want this to bring her down with him. They were a pair, though, and they had gone through trouble together before. It was evident they would have to do so again.

'I'm okay.' Even his own thoughts didn't reassure him that much. However, it was enough to persuade Niskziath that her bonded was well enough for now. He could feel her concern pressing on the edges of his consciousness, but she respected her bonded's boundaries. Niskziath couldn't understand why her bonded didn't want to let her in on her thoughts, but she wasn't about to upset him by doing what he didn't want her to. Niskziath was a good Green, not like all those silly Greens who liked to know everyone's business. Not that she did not like those Greens! Because she certainly did, she just didn't... agree with nosing around.

I will be here. Come home soon, I don't want you to be alone. Something was wrong, she just did not know what. She just knew enough that expressing her care for V'zire was essential.

'I'll be there in a little bit, I promise.'

S'kef had left, which V'zire was silently thankful for. He had no idea what the brownrider was capable of, and he didn't want to get dragged into anything worse than he had already been pulled through. He was all right, or so he told himself. This sort of thing happened to Greenriders. It was just the way things were. Though he had said he'd tell someone about it, he wasn't sure if he could actually bring himself to move right now let alone actually tell someone that S'kef had forced himself on him. What would they do? Pat his back and tell him that it'll be all right?

The Greenrider sucked in a shaky breath, pressing his bare back against the cold storage wall. He held his cut shirt in his hands, vaguely sad that it wasn't repairable. It was one of his favorite shirts too... That loss was easier to think about rather than what he had truly lost in this situation. He lost his sense of security, and maybe a little bit of his innocence.

He was forced out of his own thoughts as the door swung open and he heard a voice. For a second he was convinced that it was S'kef again, though he had no idea why the brownrider would be after him again. It took him a few moments to realize that it wasn't the brownrider, and that set him into panic again. He didn't want anyone to see him like this. "O-Oh, hi A'liran." He knew the rider as more of an acquaintance, but still well enough to be able to tell who he was even in the dark.

Dining Hall / Re: Righting Wrongs
« on: 22 Aug 2012 at 12:48 AM »
He visibly flinched when A'liran demanded to know who had been responsible for V'zire's current state. It was shameful how easily A'liran pieced everything together. V'zire hadn't meant for his distress to be so obvious, but then again he had no idea someone was going to walk in on him before he could find his composure once again. All he would have needed was just a little more time to settle his thoughts, long enough for the ache to leave his body and the pain in his heart to recede. He could have at least looked fine then, but as things were he was far from being fine.

V'zire pulled his legs in against his chest, trying to hide what had happened to him regardless of it already being too late for that. Hazel eyes peered anxiously over to the other Greenrider, observing the flourish of emotions on his face. A'liran had the anger that V'zire could not bring himself to feel. He was sad, ashamed, but right now he just couldn't feel angry. He should be, had every right to be.

The shirt had been passed over to A'liran, and V'zire crossed his arms awkwardly at his chest to hide that nakedness. Normally he wouldn't be this sensitive, but considering what had just happened he was well within his rights to try and hide himself, protect himself. "Y-you don't have to. I'm not sure it'd even turn out well if patched. T-the seam would be noticeable, and I couldn't look at it." It was easier to talk about his shirt than it was to talk about S'kef. He couldn't bring himself to even answer A'liran's question of who had done it. If he didn't talk about it, maybe he'd forget it ever happened quicker.

"It's... okay. It wasn't a-as bad as it could have been." He felt so wrong for even saying that, but it was something he'd say to Niskziath to keep her from worrying over him.

Dining Hall / Re: Righting Wrongs
« on: 22 Aug 2012 at 01:13 AM »
V'zire wasn't the type of person who could truly feel the sort of anger that A'liran felt. He couldn't bring himself to think of getting S'kef seriously harmed for what he had done to him. He wanted the man to be punished for what he did, but who really would rise to his defense? V'zire certainly didn't think far enough to want the brownrider dead either. He just wanted some justice, which was what Katila seemed to be sorely lacking these days. "I-I would prefer it if you didn't, too." Again his voice was soft enough that if someone wasn't listening for it, his words would be unintelligible.

He really didn't want to talk about S'kef though, and as A'liran commented about the previous Weyrsecond winning Astoreth's flights he grew uncomfortable. V'zire knew what the man was capable of firsthand, and did not want to have to hear what else he could do. A lot of people probably suffered because of that one man, and it was terrible. It made him feel sick, so much so that he wasn't sure he could move if he wanted to. "I j-just don't understand why he would..." and he really couldn't get out much more than that. He'd start crying if he thought about it more.

V'zire hesitated just a little when A'liran held out a hand to him. His gaze tilted upwards, eyes a little glossy but trusting nonetheless. He reached out to take A'liran's hand and pulled himself to his feet. His other hand bunched the fabric of his pants at his hip, holding them up. S'kef's knife had cut a slit through them that had made it easy for him to remove them. V'zire had quickly reclaimed them when the dirty act had been finished, desperately needing the security of being clothed. "O-okay," he answered mutely. "I don't think anyone would want to t-touch me right now anyways."

After a few seconds, he offered A'liran the tiniest, most uncertain smile. "Thank you."

Dining Hall / Re: Righting Wrongs
« on: 23 Aug 2012 at 11:39 PM »
V'zire couldn't think of a reason why S'kef would come back so soon. The man had gotten what he wanted, and unsurprisingly had went on with whatever tormented business he had in store for the rest of the Weyr's population. The brownrider was sick, and V'zire wondered how a dragon found him fit enough to Impress. He pitied the poor beast, because V'zire couldn't imagine anyone wanting to willingly be bound to that man. V'zire would consider himself fortunate if that was the most he had to deal with from S'kef. But... he wasn't sure, and that thought scared him.

There really was no reason for him to make A'liran stay and watch over him. It was a mildly greedy thought, and yet at the same time the thought of having anyone close to him for an extended period of time made him sick. "I-I don't need to take up more of your time, A'liran," V'zire answered with a hollow smile. The offer was certainly kind, but V'zire had no idea what he was going to be like when he got to the sanctuary of his own hut. He felt like breaking down again and crying where no one could see him. Even then he was scared to release his emotions. He had Niskziath's well being to think of.

Maybe it'd be a good idea to have A'liran stay, so he could keep himself composed.  But that thought had come too late, as he'd already politely declined the offer. "I don't think he'll come around again so soon. He got what he wanted, after all." V'zire reasoned with A'liran. It really would be selfish of him to have A'liran fuss over him more, and V'zire was in general far from being a selfish individual.

He walked alongside A'liran, carefully staying close to the other greenrider, as if he'd use him as a shield if any more trouble did happen to come their way. V'zire was sure he couldn't take much more than what he had already been made to suffer through.

Dining Hall / Re: Righting Wrongs
« on: 24 Aug 2012 at 12:10 AM »
V'zire was used to being unconditionally nice, but was not necessarily used to receiving such kindness, especially out of a stranger. It would have made him smile if he had the energy to, so instead he just nodded his head in a silent acceptance of A'liran's comfort. Some would be skeptical to V'zire's naturally trusting nature. He had just underwent an experience he hadn't yet been forced to go through, but already was so willing to trust a greenrider he was only vaguely familiar with. As far as he saw it, things couldn't get much worse than they already had. A'liran really had no reason to take advantage of him, and he recognized kindness when he saw it.

"I just... didn't want to be a bother. You've already done enough for me," he reiterated, but it was clear now that he did want A'liran to stay with him. It didn't have to be all night, as far as he was concerned. Just... a little bit of time, so he wouldn't get scared, so his mind wouldn't drift back to what had just happened to him. He needed a distraction, and he wasn't about to drown himself in alcohol to get away from his own treacherous thoughts.

"I guess I just don't understand why someone would want to take anything away from someone else. I've never been like that myself, though. I don't find it much of an accomplishment to take away something that isn't going to be given to me willingly. It's... wrong, and I always like to think people know the difference between right and wrong." His pace was slow, his body evidently sore. V'zire, despite being a greenrider, did not get around much. He had one partner that could only remotely be considered steady, and that was because his dragon kept on winning Niskziath's flights. Outside of that, V'zire was not with anyone. He didn't want to be, and that feeling was now intensified after what he had gone through.

Personal Huts / Wrongs Righted [A'liran]
« on: 28 Aug 2012 at 11:17 PM »
You are back! Niskziath's voice was filled with an almost childish eagerness. Despite sounding excited at her bonded's return, she did not move to greet him as she usually would. He was with a guest, after all, and she would never dare invade somebody else's space! Niskziath was a polite and sweet dragon, and while she wanted to greet V'zire's friend, she did not. That would also be an invasion of someone's privacy and space. The same logic applied to asking V'zire what had happened to him. She wanted badly to know what was upsetting him, but when she got close to touching the rampant thoughts in his mind a warning would flare up. It wasn't something she was supposed to pry into. She just had to trust that her bonded would remain well. He was in one piece now, but she could feel the threat of grief looming on the horizon.

It would be just fine, though, because she was here for him always.

"I haven't played dragon poker in a long while," V'zire was saying as he made his way up to his small hut. He sent a silent greeting to Niskziath, and a flow of comforting feelings to her as well. They both could read each other so well by now that they knew how to do just the right things to make one another feel better. Silently, he did want to just go lay down next to her and fall asleep. But, he also knew there would be so much difficulty in the simple act of falling asleep. There were a lot of thoughts and feelings that he had yet to confront. He kept on shoving them to the side to address later, because he was simply too weak to do so now.

The better option, undeniably, was to let A'liran keep him company. V'zire still felt a little awkward next to the other Greenrider. A'liran knew what he had just gone through, and was going out of his way to ensure that V'zire wasn't left to the dangers of his  "U-ummm, feel free to take a seat wherever you like," he instructed A'liran with a hesitant smile. V'zire wasn't used to being the host of conversation. He was the type of person that liked to sit back and listen to the chatter that went on between his friends. "A-and if you want something to drink, I've got some wine around here somewhere. I'm not sure it's the best, though."

Personal Huts / Re: Wrongs Righted [A'liran]
« on: 29 Aug 2012 at 11:29 PM »
Oh, good evening Astoreth! You and your's are up late tonight. Niskziath loved all the other dragons, and she loved all the humans. That Astoreth was giving her attention was a highlight of her evening, and a distraction from her bonded's unusually darker thoughts. Niskziath rose, putting some more distance between herself and Astoreth to ensure the other Green had enough room to spread out and relax. Niskziath had learned to be a polite host! The Green liked to think she did a very good job of being polite, and not showing how overeager she was to make new friends.

V'zire was a naturally forgiving type of person, so he didn't seem the least bit miffed when A'liran just happened to flop down onto his couch. That was why the couch was there, to be sat on! He wasn't even bothered that A'liran still had his shoes on. Tidying up tomorrow would give him something else to do other than dwell on what S'kef had done to him. V'zire realized that the best way for him to move on from this was to focus on anything else possible. A'liran was here to help him out now, but A'liran wasn't always going to be around, and V'zire didn't feel like confiding in anyone what had happened to him. It was enough that a single person knew and cared about him.

"If you're sure. If you need anything, just tell me." V'zire wouldn't drink himself if A'liran didn't want to. He was a social drinker, who often got a little carried away when he drank. Since he did not want to to turn into a hot sobbing mess on A'liran, he kept himself away from the alcohol. When V'zire drank, things could get ugly... in the embarrassing way, really.

He took a seat down next to A'liran, running his fingers through his hair as he observed the man shuffling the deck of cards. "I think I've only played this when I was drunk. I'll probably do terribly," he warned A'liran with a small smile.

Personal Huts / Re: Wrongs Righted [A'liran]
« on: 30 Aug 2012 at 07:19 PM »
Oh, Niskziath hesitated, I am sorry that it has been. The Green wasn't the brightest of dragons, but she could assume that her bonded's grief was the cause of Astoreth's long night. It was very nice of Astoreth and A'liran to go out of their way for her bonded, and she'd thank A'liran personally if it wasn't so rude. Usually she'd ask V'zire to inquire if his friends would mind if she spoke with them, but she was keeping distance from her bonded tonight. He didn't want her catching onto his thoughts, and Niskziath respected it. When he was ready, he would tell her. Until then, she'd curl up here with Astoreth and doze off. A'liran was doing a good enough job of taking care of V'zire that she had no need to worry.

"I don't have much I could bet with either, and since I'm really not good at this game, I think I'm better off with having nothing to bet." He was slowly coming out of his shell. The game would do well to distract him from himself, and silently he decided that it was a really good thing A'liran had come along. V'zire couldn't imagine walking all the way back to his hut alone, couldn't imagine trying to fall asleep right now by himself. A'liran wasn't going to stay all night, but it was nice for the time that he was here.

He looked at the hand he was dealt and frowned. Now, it was rather clear why V'zire didn't play card games often. He was an honest person, and what he felt tended to show on his face. Either his hand really sucked, or he couldn't figure out what he actually had in it. He rearranged his hand, organizing it so he could try and get a better understanding of what he got and... nope. "It's a really good thing we're not betting," he mumbled. A'liran laid down his hand, and V'zire's frown deepened. "I think you won," and flashing A'liran his cards, he revealed that all he had was a low numbered pair.

"I usually just hang out with Nisk, or some friends. Um, no kids." He could be sure of that one, at least. The young Greenrider looked vaguely pained at the inquiry over a Weyrmate. No one ever seemed to understand him when he tried to explain his Weyrmate situation. "Uhhh, I kinda do? R'ore's dragon always wins Niskziath's flights, which is why I don't normally... have something happen like what happened." He quickly steered away from that train of thought. "But R'ore already has a Weyrmate, and I find it a little... weird to look for anyone else when Niskziath so clearly favors him and his dragon." V'zire considered it enough of a relationship that he didn't look around for an actual relationship.

Personal Huts / Re: Wrongs Righted [A'liran]
« on: 30 Aug 2012 at 08:39 PM »
V'zire was easy to read, and easy to fool. The look on A'liran's face told him that the man had been dealt as poor a hand as he had gotten the last round! The disappointment on A'liran's face almost made V'zire feel bad about winning. He was fairly sure what he had counted as a run, and if it didn't well then... he was out of luck. In reality, all V'zire knew was good to have were matching numbers and runs. He really did not play card games often enough.

"Ah! I got a run! I won, right? I think I won." V'zire, for a few moments, looked genuinely excited that he had actually beaten someone in a single round. It was a childish sort of glee that oddly suited him.

"Oh, I understand that. I just... I don't know. Sometimes I don't think I'm really suited to this lifestyle. I'd feel bad for being with anyone else when I know the next time Niskziath rises I'll be back with R'ore." It sounded silly even to V'zire as he began to explain it. It wasn't that he didn't want a Weyrmate, it was just that he still retained pieces of a different lifestyle. It felt wrong to pursue someone, and he was probably too shy and awkward to actually do such a thing to begin with. Whenever R'nd playfully hit on him, he couldn't even talk straight enough to reject him. Anything and everything dealing with relationships was just... awkward for V'zire.

"Oh, I... I'm sorry. I'm sure you would have been a great dad and she a good mother," he didn't quite know how to respond to such a statement. At least he replied earnestly and genuinely. A'liran would have been a fine father, he liked to think. His children would have been blessed with good looks, too. The subject was uncomfortable for V'zire, even if he wasn't the one experiencing the loss. He felt sympathy for A'liran, even though he really did not know his feelings about it.

" just got a good draw, didn't you?"

Personal Huts / Re: Wrongs Righted [A'liran]
« on: 02 Sep 2012 at 10:20 PM »
"I don't think I'm necessarily doing good as just getting good hands?" It wasn't as if they were actually betting. What they were playing was a game of luck, and in that at least V'zire had a chance to win. If this were an actual game of poker, V'zire would be losing terribly. He couldn't bluff, and it was up in the air if he could tell whether he had a solid hand or not. Right now he was guessing, and hoping that A'liran would point out to him what he had. He drew his next cards, a little dismayed that he had a low pair. A'liran had beaten that before, and V'zire suspected that he would beat him again.

"I kind of want... an actual one," he admitted with the smallest blush. "But if Niskziath is happy with picking R'ore's dragon again and again, then I'm going to be happy too." A weyrmate seemed out of the picture to him, or at least a weyrmate who wasn't already weyrmated with someone else. For someone who wasn't a stereotypical greenrider, he had a lot of complications in his relationships. He supposed it was unavoidable from the moment he had Impressed Niskziath. She was everything he wanted, and if that meant his human relations were skewed... so be it. He had her, and that was all he really needed.

"Still..." It seemed as if V'zire had something to say on the subject of A'liran's baby, but decided that he was better off respecting the man's boundaries. Whatever thought was on his mind withered and died. A child was a difficult subject to discuss, especially one that was lost. If A'liran knew he was having a child, the pain had to be similar to losing one that had been born. But, maybe A'liran had already conquered that grief, and maybe he was being a bit of a dick by bringing the subject up.

V'zire glanced at A'liran skeptically, and then took a cautious peek at his hand. "Why do you sound so happy to have lost?" He was sort of excited that he was winning, though!

Personal Huts / Re: Wrongs Righted [A'liran]
« on: 14 Sep 2012 at 12:41 AM »
"I k-know, it's just..." It was a mixture of embarrassment, mixed feelings of obligation, a large degree of shyness when it came to romantic involvement, and a little bit of fear. V'zire was clearly embarrassed just from talking about it, and so it wasn't hard to see how he was with relationships outside of flights. The greenrider wanted a relationship, but inhibited himself so greatly that having one was improbable. Having the same rider winning Niskziath's flights was an easy crutch to lean upon. V'zire wasn't really hurting from the lack of a love life, he had Niskziath, and a great deal of friends. He just thought that maybe... it would be nice. "It's just difficult for me, I guess." It was the best way he could sum it up.

"I hardly win games like these," he admitted, and was a little eager to move away from the conversation he had drug up himself. "It's kind of nice to win, every once in a while." V'zire was naturally a graceful loser, but he couldn't deny that he got a little giddy when he won, especially since he hardly expected to. As A'liran had clearly witnessed, V'zire was terrible at keeping a poker face and terrible at determining someone else's expressions. He couldn't even see through A'liran's bluff, and was completely unaware that the man had been bluffing a few times throughout this game.

"That should be nice, though, shouldn't it?" he asked with an obviously curious tone. "It provides some stability, to have the same dragon win. I like that Niskziath habitually chooses the same dragon." Of course, maybe he was wrong about such stability being a good thing. He flashed A'liran a sheepish, almost shamed smile when the other greenrider mentioned that the man who won wasn't entirely pleasant.

"Oh, I'm sorry. I uh, I guess that wouldn't be too much fun." He was so distracted that he didn't play his current hand, and likely would need a friendly reminder in a few minutes when it became apparent to A'liran that V'zire had forgotten they were in the middle of a round.

Personal Huts / Re: Wrongs Righted [A'liran]
« on: 16 Sep 2012 at 07:45 PM »
"Zi'a... seems nice?" Of course, V'zire had never really associated with the Bluerider to really tell if he was anything else. But what he had seen of Z'ia, the man had appeared to be decent. V'zire had never been the focus of Z'ia's attention, though, so he likely had no idea what A'liran put up with. The greenrider just liked to think optimistically! He categorized nearly everyone as 'nice' until they proved otherwise, and then V'zire would just try to find something else that was a positive attribute. Of course, he was yet to figure out anything that was good about S'kef. But, he was also trying not to think of the brownrider. It was easy to tell when his mind drifted back towards what happened. He really did not have a poker face. His lips would crease just slightly at the corners, and his eyes would become distant. V'zire would look remotely saddened for a moment before his attention was successfully diverted by A'liran.

"O-oh," V'zire replied meekly, gaze dropping back down to his lap. He clearly did not handle negativity well. In reality, he had no idea what to say in response to A'liran's comment about Z'ia. He knew it was wrong of Z'ia to think that way, but he couldn't bring himself to criticize someone he did not know. V'zire wouldn't dissuade A'liran from it, but he certainly wouldn't participate.

It was for the best, then, that A'liran let the subject drop and gave V'zire something to smile at. The smile really didn't blossom, but the effort to be happy was there. It was the best V'zire could do after his encounter with S'kef. "I hope someone nicer wins Astoreth's flights, for your sake. You deserve to end up with someone who treats you like an equal." That was one thing V'zire could say with certainty. A'liran deserved to have whomever he wanted, and if he didn't want Z'ia, V'zire could hope someone else would come along for him.

Dining Hall / Colors [D'hys]
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What do you think this is?

Niskziath was currently as far away from her bonded as she would ever be. She was rather attached to V'zire's side, unless he was actually talking to someone. Only then did she give him and his friends proper space! She was a polite Green, after all. The sleek Green dragon was currently at the Hunting Ranges, staring intently at the ground. Her forelegs tried to grasp the object in question, but to no avail. After a few moments, she sent her bonded a mental image of what she had obtained... and just couldn't carry. Niskziath was worried about putting strange things into her mouth.

'Ummm, sweetie, that's a rock.' V'zire was all the way in the Dining Hall. The friendly greenrider took a seat by himself, not at all bothered that no one was talking with him. V'zire was the type of man who simply enjoyed being in the presence of others. He knew how to contribute to conversation, but for the most part he smiled, and when asked a question eagerly answered. He was undeniably sweet, and almost exactly like his dragon except for the fact that he was... much smarter.

But it is so colorful! No, it can't be a simple rock! I think it is an egg. What if a Gold bird hatches from it and I Impress it? The rock in question was only tinted pink, but for Niskziath this was a remarkable difference that just had to be noted! The Green sounded positively excited with her find, and V'zire just didn't have it in him to tell her that she was completely incorrect.

'Nisk... it's really a rock. But, if I think a Gold bird was to hatch from it, I do not believe it would Impress to anyone. Besides, you have me, why would you want to have another creature?' The tenderest smile curled his lips, and while he was partially crushing Niskziath's fleeting hopes and dreams, he sent her reassuring vibes to make up for it. In a few minutes, the dragon would be wondering about some other fantastical thing. She had quite the imagination, and little motivation, so he imagined there was not much else she wanted to do but make things up.

I would like to have two yous. Then one of you can bathe me, and the other can scratch my eye ridge and ooo! The Green crooned sweetly as she finally, and by some miracle, managed to scoop the small rock onto her toes. I do not think I can carry this home. Will you come pick it up for me later? She had already dropped it, to her greatest dismay.

'Sure, sweetie!' She'd likely forget about it by then, and V'zire would still fetch it for her. He wouldn't dare lie to his dragon, even if she was incapable of determining if he was. So, later he'd be sure to try and find it, though he imagined Niskziath would be of little help by then. 'Where exactly is it?' He better find out now before it was too late.

By a really big rock! And then there's this pointy rock to the other side that I almost stepped on.

Oh... well, okay, he was doomed. He couldn't help but chuckle to himself, sometimes his dragon was just too endearing!

Dining Hall / Re: Colors [D'hys]
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Niskziath was running a very lengthy list of an area description to him when D'hys slipped over to his table. V'zire was not expecting company, but he couldn't recall anything negative about the bluerider to make his company unwanted! V'zire knew most people by name, but he actually didn't know people. He was a bit of a social butterfly, and while gossip flittered to his ear every now and then, he couldn't recall D'hys' name following such rumors. "Oh, hello D'hys!" he greeted with ease. He actually hadn't socialized with the bluerider before, but to recall the man's name was an easy thing.

There is a pointy green leaf right next to it, if that helps! Niskziath was still going off in his head, but he ushered her words to the back of his mind so he could focus his attention on D'hys. "I don't mind if you join me, I wasn't expecting anyone else." V'zire rarely sat on his own. He had a group of greenriders that he loved to hang around. They were gossipy and very amusing! He'd sometimes sit with R'nd too, but the man was fairly tied down with B'jin, and V'zire did not want to be a nuisance. He thought it was wonderful that R'nd and B'jin were together! It gave him some faith that maybe he could find someone that was a good match for him. Not that his current... semi-partner wasn't bad! They were just attached to someone else. V'zire was a third wheel, and it was almost tragic that he didn't seem to mind.

"Niskziath is just being amusing. She wants me to pick something up for her but her directions are usually... fairly horrendous. If she had it her way she'd sleep on a pile of odds and ends she has me fetch for her." V'zire had no reason to be wary of D'hys. He was genuinely excited that someone was going to sit and chat with him. The greenrider was just about this friendly to everyone he met, so there was no reason for him to act any different to the bluerider. "How is Zeianth?" he inquired sweetly. Niskziath did not need to fill his head with information about the pair - V'zire likely remembered far more than she did.

"I'm sorry, actually. I think I should have caught up with you myself now that we've been assigned to the same wing. I need to catch up with everyone, really. I'm probably better off knowing all my wingmates." Now, he did feel a little bad for not going out of his way to see D'hys sooner. He'd made the poor bluerider chase him down for conversation. With how social V'zire was, it was a wonder how he hadn't gotten around to actually having conversation with D'hys. The bluerider was hard to locate! Or well, they didn't hang around with the same people. V'zire would have to amend that.

Dining Hall / Re: Colors [D'hys]
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"You're right. I never get bored now that I have her," he answered with a warm smile. V'zire tried not to dwell on every moment he spent with Niskziath, since he had company, but it was hard. She was a whimsical dragon, and it was not unusual for her to draw him in to her whimsies. "It's nice, while she's a little silly, she never really stresses me out." He had seen a few other riders struggle with dragons who were clearly more dominant. Niskziath never pained him, in fact, they were a perfect and neutral match. Their personalities only amplified their partner's instead of completely contradicting it. "Oh, no, Zeianth doesn't have to. Honestly, Niskziath won't remember what she wanted a day from now. I only like to go out of the way because... well, in the moment it's important to her." V'zire was a sucker, especially for his dragon.

I am giving you very nice directions. Zeianth can help if he wants, I do not mind help. Can I say hello?

'I'll ask him in a little bit. You know that most people don't want to have a distraction on top of the distraction of their own dragon.'

I know. That is why I was asking you to.

"N-no!" he momentarily stumbled over his own words, looking embarrassed at himself. "None of any supposed blame is your's, really. I usually go out of my way to talk to people, so it'd be more expected of me to at least give you a 'hello' every now and then." He really didn't think they should be squabbling over something so silly as trying to take the blame for not talking to each other sooner. They were talking now, weren't they? That solved the aforementioned problem. V'zire just refused to let D'hys take the supposed guilt! He wasn't a stubborn individual, however, and D'hys could probably distract him a little within the next few minutes from their current topic.

"Oh, I am hardly popular! I just like to talk, so I might be easy to recall? I don't know, I'm a far cry from popular." He wasn't popular like riders such as B'jin. Maybe it was because his dragon didn't fly nearly every other month? Not many people actually knew him. He was a familiar face, but when someone tried to remember specifics about him? Well... that's where most people would struggle. V'zire wasn't really memorable. He was just a pleasant face, and Katila certainly needed a few of those.

D'hys actions were setting off a little alarm bells in his head. He eyed the bluerider cautiously, from the slight bow of his head to the way D'hys' eyes glanced at him. V'zire was entirely uncomfortable with relationships, and had always felt like he should remain dedicated to the man who kept on winning Niskziath's flights... even if the said rider wasn't very dedicated to him. V'zire could understand that, really! He knew he wasn't as interesting as most people in Katila. The Weyr did seem to have a few eccentrics and a few crazies. In summary, V'zire did not consider himself 'available', and panicked every time someone seemed interested in him.

R'nd gave him heart attacks daily.

He visibly calmed when D'hys said 'friends', as if that made everything better. He was gullible enough to believe it, and he flashed the bluerider a happy smile. "I-I a-am glad too!" the stutter in his voice betrayed his previous discomfort. "You've always seemed fairly nice, and I... really would like to have you as a friend." V'zire was far too naive, and likely far too happy to have D'hys' attention.

Dining Hall / Re: Colors [D'hys]
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"I know!" V'zire chirped happily, "I just didn't want to let you win that one." The greenrider was already warming up considerably to D'hys, but he was that way with everyone. The moment kindness was shown in his direction, he responded to it. D'hys had given him no reason to doubt his sincerity, and well, he was starting to have fun in the bluerider's presence. It was a shame that he hadn't taken the chance to talk to D'hys sooner, because he was sure they would have been good friends by now. But, they had plenty of time to do that, if D'hys really did like hanging out with him. V'zire couldn't help but have some self-doubt from time to time. He tended to think that he was not nearly as interesting as most people in Katila. D'hys looked like the type who was attracted to big personalities, and V'zire had a small one.

"O-oh, I'm not!" he protested with a little smile. V'zire had no idea why D'hys was flattering him so much, but it was really nice to be told that he was well liked. "I was just..." he paused, and that smile turned a little sheepish as he gave in, "okay." V'zire had a 'weaker' personality, where if pressured he seemed to cave. Well, cave in nearly every area that wasn't sex. That seemed to be the only place V'zire put his foot down. He was very awkward in rejecting people, but hardly incapable of it. He got embarrassed and flustered, but always managed to get the point across that he wasn't available. However, D'hys would soon enough discover just how easy it was to push V'zire around without offending the greenrider.

V'zire found toasting to their friendship to be a little silly, but he reacted to D'hys raising his mug anyways. He blushed with mild embarrassment over their cheesy actions, but went with the flow regardless. Extending his own mug, he lightly tapped it against D'hys'. "To new friendships? And umm, hopefully a lasting one!" He felt really stupid, but in a silly childlike way that made it acceptable. It was a little fun to be silly every once in a while! He brought his mug back to his lips, and took a sip of his cooling klah. He didn't even mind that klah tasted bad when it went cold, because right now he had company.

Gather Square / Re: Cause for Celebration [V'zire]
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V'zire truly had no idea how some dragonriders were able to effortlessly hold conversation with other people and their dragon at the same time. He had always suffered a little, mostly because usually what Niskziath had to say was... interesting. Most of her conversations were nearly entirely random, and based on what her mood was for the moment. Usually, she was in a happy mood, so she went off on all sorts of silly tangents. V'zire secretly thought she was far more interesting to listen to than most of the people he knew, though he'd never insult someone so much as to speak that thought aloud!

He was currently chatting with a bluerider acquaintance. V'zire had recognized the man well enough to feel the urge to at least greet him. He'd hate for the bluerider to think that he was ignoring him, after all. V'zire loved people! He loved socializing and simply being around other people, whether they be craftsfolk, dragonriders, creche workers, or whatever spot in life needed to be filled. The greenrider normally did not discriminate, though there were a few key people he would avoid. S'kef was one of them, for very obvious reasons. Reasons he really did not feel like thinking about right now, or ever. That event was something he would like to have out of his mind for the rest of his life.

A friend is coming.

'Which one?'

Rides a blue.

'Which blue?'

I think it would be more pleasing to our eyes if the sky was purple all the time, don't you?

'I think the blue color is very nice, Nisk.' Now he had completely forgotten that Niskziath had mentioned that someone was on their way over to him, as they got into a friendly debate over which color the sky would look nicest in.

When he noticed D'hys jogging over to him, the greenpair had just decided that green would be a terrible color for the sky to be in. No one would be able to tell where the earth ended and the sky began! He greeted the bluerider with an eager smile, and the man who he had previously been talking to dismissed himself with a friendly good bye as D'hys made their way towards them. V'zire didn't really understand why the man wouldn't want to talk to D'hys as well, especially since D'hys seemed to be so excited.

"Oh no," he assured the man, casting a look to the bluerider who was now departing the scene. "You really didn't interrupt anything, so don't worry yourself over it." He looked slightly curious at the word 'news'. D'hys already had stolen his attention completely away from the man he had just been chatting with. "I was about to ask you why you looked so happy. Not that you don't normally... look happy. Just. Happier than usual."

Gather Square / Re: Cause for Celebration [V'zire]
« on: 18 Nov 2012 at 09:02 PM »
There were people who mastered the art of feigning happiness for another individual's success. And then there was V'zire, who was genuinely happy for anyone who managed to achieve something they desired! He had no idea that D'hys was vying for the position, but he was extremely happy that the man had! A smile blossomed immediately over the greenrider's face. He didn't quite hear the part where D'hys was under assessment first, he just heard that D'hys was going to be the wingsecond! Not that their current wingsecond was terrible... but, ummm, he imagined D'hys would do a far better job!

V'zire was usually polite and respectful of someone's space, but this sort of situation called for a celebration! He considered D'hys a friend, and really, he didn't have to think too much on his impulsive actions. He stepped up to the bluerider, and quickly threw his arms around D'hys in a friendly embrace. It was hard to imagine V'zire doing anything sexual, and his hug was nothing but warmth and happiness. "Congrats!" he replied warmly, squeezing D'hys lightly before releasing his hold on the bluerider. He could have gotten embarrassed over his own actions, but he felt comfortable enough with D'hys that he was sure the bluerider hadn't minded the contact.

Red would be such a startling color... Niskziath's voice was still drifting in and out of his mind.

"I'm really sure you'll be an awesome wingsecond," V'zire wasn't the type of person to talk about their current wingsecond's failings, so he left any comment of the other man out of their conversation. He was happy for his friend, but he wasn't going to rip on somebody else! "We can be bit of a sloppy wing sometimes, so hopefully you can whip us into shape! Well... not too much, I'd probably end up being the worst rider of us all. Niskziath can get so distracted sometimes, and then I get distracted." They flew perfectly well on their own! Sometimes it was hard to get Niskziath focused on wing training.

A soft pink, maybe...

And that was the reason why.

Gather Square / Re: Cause for Celebration [V'zire]
« on: 23 Nov 2012 at 02:34 PM »
"I'm glad to see one of us step up and fill in a ranking position," V'zire answered cheerily. Of course, since D'hys was a bluerider he'd still have a far easier time of it than a greenrider. V'zire himself certainly wasn't a leadership type. He was very much a follower, and a good one at that. He was an earnest listener, and did try his best to fulfill whatever requirement was made of him (not that he always managed to). It was hard to dislike the amount of effort V'zire put into doing well, even if it never really got him that far. Niskziath was airheaded, and V'zire was easily distracted by her. Apart they probably could have been whipped into shape, but together they just fed into an already existing problem. Even if V'zire had aspired to be anything other than a wingrider, he never would have been able to achieve it.

"Oh, I'm sure you won't. I don't picture you as the type." Of course, V'zire hardly knew D'hys well enough to imagine what sort of wingsecond he'd be. But, he had as much faith in the bluerider as he would have in anyone else. D'hys had hardly proven V'zire's positive interpretation of him wrong yet. V'zire tended to think the best out of people until proven otherwise. Shells, he thought S'kef was manageable enough, if not unpleasant, until the man took advantage of him. Now he simply avoided the brownrider as if he was carrying the plague itself.

"I wouldn't want to bother you so much!" V'zire interjected good-naturedly. He hardly wanted to impose on the bluerider, since he imagined that D'hys would have his hands full if he was moving up the hierarchy. "I'm sure you'll have more important things to do than catering to some silly greenrider." A little self-sacrifice of his own image was fine in Vikki's book, so long as it got the point across. "As long as I'm not an actual handicap to the wing, I'm sure I can manage on my own. It's very sweet of you to offer, though. I mean it!" And he did. V'zire was just the type of person, overly genuine, overly honest - so much so that it could be sickening at times.

Gather Square / Re: Cause for Celebration [V'zire]
« on: 27 Nov 2012 at 04:20 PM »
If D'hys had no one else that believed in him, V'zire would be astonished. D'hys seemed perfectly likable, and perfectly trustworthy. It was hard to not have faith that the bluerider would do some good. Perhaps he was foolish for trusting someone already, but he had no reason not to! No one had anything bad to say about D'hys, though V'zire certainly wasn't the type of person to ask around. He was trusting his instinct when it came to D'hys, unfortunately it would seem that his instinct was never on mark. "I promise, but only if it's necessary." V'zire wasn't keen on interrupting an already busy D'hys. He was confident in his ability to handle his own shortcomings, and Niskziath's.

Before V'zire had even replied to D'hys, the man had invited V'zire to share a drink with him. It was hard to turn down that smile, and V'zire smiled sweetly in return. The greenrider did love to drink, and was a very social drinker. However, not many people knew that since V'zire, while loving a good drink, hated what happened when he had too much. But... it would only be one drink, and surely that would not be so bad. V'zire was strong enough to not get himself tipsy off of a few drinks. And, really, that charming smile was too much for him to turn away.

The greenrider had been effectively sucker punched. There was no way he could say no to D'hys, and he really didn't want the bluerider to drink alone! "Ummm, just for a little bit, okay?" He did not want to drink enough that he started to embarrass himself, especially not in front of a new friend. "I don't want to make Niskziath too jealous of you for getting my attention today," he added light-heartedly.

Gather Square / Re: Purely Platonic [V'zire]
« on: 27 Nov 2012 at 04:48 PM »
His friend likely noticed Rhaedalyn, but did not want to ruin her sneaky approach. It .allowed for Rhaedalyn to catch V'zire unawares, in mid-sentence with his companion. His sight was blackened as hands covered his eyes, and really he did not need to hear Rhaedalyn's voice to know it was her. She was likely the only person who would play this sort of game on him. V'zire smiled reflexively, and hummed loudly as if he were in thought over who had crept up to stand behind him. "Mevrit?" Which was a hilarious suggestion in itself, since Mevrit was one of the girls who did not believe in fun. Not that it was a bad thing, it just made Mevrit different. That girl was a stark contrast to the friendly and warm Rhaedalyn.

"Mmm, that's not right. Rhae?" he said the name with obvious affection. He did enjoy the young woman's presence. Some of the Candidates who had been brought to Katila were adverse to dragonriders, and to the Weyr itself. Rhaedalyn had adapted perfectly, and V'zire felt as if she had grown up here. A true born weyrbrat, even if she wasn't actually one. He felt that Katila would miss a little something if Rhaedalyn wasn't here. She was such a good figure for other Candidates to look up to! Look at how happy she was with her new life, how well she was doing!

He turned around in Rhaedalyn's arms and wrapped his own around her waist in a warm greeting. "What brings you all this way to see me?" He had won the game, even if he let Rhaedalyn get a point with guessing wrong in the beginning. His friend offered Rhaedalyn a greeting as well, but then dismissed himself for a wing practice that he wanted to arrive at early.

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