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Dining Hall / The Morning Hunt
« on: 19 Oct 2012 at 05:07 PM »
Morith sat near the dining hall, his large wings folded back against his flanks, his whirling eyes slowly moved across the milling groups of people.

V'riy however, was not in the same chirpy mood as his dragon. He had not been awake very long and already the carving for klah were in full swing. Any people who got his way were glared at until they cowered away. His hands reached forward, grasping the pitcher and pouring himself out a large mug.

Cradling the mug, he made his way slowly into a quiet corner. There he settled, in silence, sipping his klah as he slowly became more conscious of the world milling around him.

Dining Hall / Re: The Morning Hunt
« on: 20 Oct 2012 at 06:17 AM »
Cool, cold grey brown eyes lifted from his mug. There stood a young female, her skin almost matching the color of his klah. At least that what he reckoned. Taking another sip of his klah. He let one of his hands move from his cup and signal that she could sit with him.

His gaze remained on her, taking in the little details so he would remember her face. Now what was her name again... Her brow furrowed slightly as they move along her face. Hmm, one grey blue, one blue eyes. Black hair, good solid figure. Looking along her arms, it was clear she kept herself in peak physical condition. Hmm.

"Lymsleia, midwife. Am I correct?" His voice was quiet, low, growling but with an edge of softness. He wasn't attempting to scare her off, he was just curious plus his voice which always sounded like he was growling which could be a nightmare when he decided he was in a social mood.

Leaning back his chair, his eyes remained focused on her. He also knew she would not spot his rank ropes, because the awkward little bugger he was, he hadn't put them on. If anything he cared little for rank and he certainly held a strong distain for those who lorded it over others of a 'lower' rank.

Dining Hall / Re: The Morning Hunt
« on: 22 Oct 2012 at 09:06 PM »
"I'm not sir." His low gravely voice rumbled as his gaze locked onto her's. For a brief moment, his expression hardened before it returned to a blank once. His gaze took in her every moment whilst he sipped his klah. He didn't wear his knots in the dining room because it meant he could sit unnoticed where he pleased on his rare trips to the dining room. And without his knots, few people bothered him.

"One should everyone. Not matter what rank." He stated calmly, his eyes trail over her face. She was pleasant to look, but not exceptionally beautiful, which suited him. But there was something lurking in her eyes. A dimmed fire. His interest peaked, he would watch her. See what she was about, what sort of person she was. His eyes closed briefly as he put her face to his memory.

"V'riy." He uttered, opening an eye to meet her gaze. "Figured I should at least introduce myself." He added on, draining his cup, his eyebrow rising in silent question. Was she not busy? Did she not have people to see? What did she do in her free time? She did not seem like some of the riders he'd had noticed. Ones which fell into the arms of different lovers and writhed within their sheets. However, this woman did not seem that sort. That or she hid it well.

Dining Hall / Re: The Morning Hunt
« on: 24 Oct 2012 at 07:43 AM »
v'riy eyes rested on her, a flicker of annoyance crossing his eyes before just as quickly it was gone.

"Of course thread is coming." he stated before the woman seemed to backtrack on the conversation. "It be tiresome but to be prepared means survival. I trust you keep a stock of medicinal herbs." He spoke quietly, the low rumble in his voice ever present. His eyes slid back over to her as she added a small pouch of herbs to her drink. His eyebrow rose but he said nothing. Instead, his gaze moved to the cup, which could almost considered curious.

"Are you coming to oil me?" Morith's smooth baritone voice cut into V'riy's thoughts, earning a grumble from the stotic rider. His gaze moved to the young woman.

"You are a candidate... are you not?" He asked, slowly moving to his feet. Join me.. if you wish." He spoke slowly, as if unused to the words that left his lips. He wanted to see more of what this woman was like, rather than this... polite maks she wore at the moment. He wanted to see that fire, to see her defiance.

Dining Hall / Re: The Morning Hunt
« on: 24 Oct 2012 at 08:39 AM »
He nodded silently, his eyes moving to the bag, noting that it was freshly made before she fell instep with him. His hands tucked into his pockets as he lead them outside. A somewhat amused smirk crossed his lips, his gaze resting on her as he took in her words. The moment she stopped talking and blushed, with the comment of talking about something she could stop earned a low rumbling laugh, his shoulder shook slightly as the rumbling chuckle continued as they left the dining hall and stopped by a large bronze dragon.

"What is so funny?" The bronze asked, dropping his head down to V'riy, gently exhaling a breath towards to Lymsleia. "Hello there pretty eyes." Morith eyes whirled in soft hues of green and blue, however he spoke to the young woman. His baritone voice was unlike V'riy is every way possible. it lacked the rough growling that lingered in V'riy's voice and he almost sounded innocent.

"Stop flirting." V'riy low growling voice broke through as he slapped the bronze's shoulder firmly before adjusting the straps. "Want to help oil him?" He asked, glancing back at her, clearly he wasn't used to interacting past a few polite words.

Dining Hall / Re: The Morning Hunt
« on: 24 Oct 2012 at 09:30 AM »
V'riy's low chuckle sounded once more as she denied the bronze's words.

"Morith believes you are pretty. Do you doubt him?" V'riy's lips twitched with withheld amusement, his tone low heavy with amusment as he tightened the riding straps.

"Take us back to the hut Morith. WE'll get you oiled." V'riy stated quietly, his tone softening towards the large bronze.

"You have no Manners. She should not have to oil me. But a female's touch would certainly be pleasant." Morith all but gushed, snorting in amusement at his rider's less than impressed glare. With firm but gentle hands hands, he helped her get onto the bronze's rider before swinging up in front of her, calloused fingers attached her to the riding straps. After all, it would be unfortunately if she fell. Considering Morith liked to 'play' whilst flying.

"Hold on tight." Were his last words before the bronze leapt up almost as nimbly as green, his wings beating as they rose up and he twisted away from the dining hall and headed towards the huts.

Personal Huts / Re: Cold Oil,Hot Words [V'riy]
« on: 24 Oct 2012 at 09:45 AM »
V'riy had treated himself to a little grin during the flight. How long had it been since he had a woman cling to him? Far too long it seemed. Morith crooned softly back towards them before settling down by V'riy's hut. He smirked as she practically sang out her delight at the ride before he unclipped them both, his fingers curling around her arm to keep her steady.

*Hold onto me." He muttered, scooping her off the dragon as though she weighed nothing and jumped off the dragon's shoulder. He landed neatly, ignoring the impact of the floor against his legs and straightened up, putting her down carefully, ensuring she was on her feet before his long strides took him over to his hut. He reappeared a few moments later with two pots of oil and rags, and a vat of steaming klah hanging from his arm with two mugs in hand.

Morith wiggled slightly on the sand, burying his limbs into the sand in the pure excitement of the oncoming oiling. Placing down the newly collected items, V'riy walked over to Morith and removed the harness, earning a soft trumpet of excitement from the bronze who was indeed looking forward to a good oil.

"Be firm with him. He likes to feel you working the oil in." He muttered, sorting out a drink of klah for himself before looking up at Lymsleia in question. 

Personal Huts / Re: Cold Oil,Hot Words [V'riy]
« on: 24 Oct 2012 at 10:07 AM »
"Klah takes time to heat up. Its already hot in the dining hall." He stated as though it was the most obvious thing going. Morith however crooned, lapping up the attention from her, lifting a wing to shield her from the sun. V'riy shot the bronze a flat look before rooting through the box outside the hut, passing her a brush.

"Use that in flaky spots." He stated quietly, picking up a rag and getting a thick dollop on his rag. "Watch." He added on after a moment;'s thoughts. His hand pushing into the thick line of muscles, following it along the flank of the bronze, before he went back and pushed into the dragon's hide, rubbing firm circles so the hide moved supply under his hands. "The stretching and oil helps keep his hide supple and stops his hide cracking so often. He's got dry hide." V'riy said, meeting her gaze,a slight smile crossing his lips.

"Just markings. Some do, some don't. Depends on the dragon genetic whether they get markings." He stated, rubbing firmly into the dragon's hide so the red copper swirl patterns stood out, practically glowing with health and oil.

"How... are you finding life here?" He asked, hoping to provoke her into talking more, so at least he wouldn't have to talk so much. He wasn't a talker, he preferred to listen, and really talk when it was needed, but something reached out to him to talk with her. Morith crooned loudly as V'riy practically massaged the oil into his hide, his wing nearly dropping down onto the pair as he wiggled.

Personal Huts / Re: Cold Oil,Hot Words [V'riy]
« on: 24 Oct 2012 at 10:43 AM »
Morith rumbled softly, his eyes glittering in the light before he offered a forearm to V'riy to get onto his back. There Bronze rider, threw some oil onto the dragon's shoulder and back before he attacked the oil with surprising vigor. Sitting on his knees, his hands pushed against the dragon's hide causing t rise up slightly as his hands move along the thick columns of muscles around his wings joints before smoothing it out. A light sweat building along his forehead as he worked on his dragon in the full blaze of the sunlight.

Her hiss of oil in her eye brought his attention over to her. His expression odd, the flicker of concern visible for just briefest of moments. "There's warm water if you need to rinse it." He said, keeping his gaze focused on her before noting she had dealt with it herself. Standing up, he placed a foot on the dragon's wing joint, leaning down in rather precarious manner to attack the flaky skin with the stiff bristle brush. Once he had cleared it, it was smothered in oil and worked into his hide in an almost rough manner.

"Holds don't boast over profitable businesses. Its bad practice and leaves it open to attack." He stated calmly, swinging down and landing neatly on the dragon's forearm as he returned to attacking the dragon's shoulder. He drew in a deep breath before blowing it out and stripping off his jacket and tunic. The sun was simply horrid today. He tossed them at his dragon's face in an almost playful manner before returning the task at hand.

"What you plan for your time here?" He asked quietly, twisting to push the bornze's nose away as Morith attempted to complain about lack of oil on his neck. He then rubbed oil into the bronze's neck, the msucles along his arms and back standing out a mile. Thick bunches of muscle working in sync to give V'riy the power and movement he needed. Even with his pale tanned skin, the scars of his time at the holds stood out on his back. Thick white lines along his lower back with the most visible one standing out, starting at his shoulder and disappearing into the waistband on his trousers.

"I think... you would make an excellent Rider" He muttered.

Personal Huts / Re: Cold Oil,Hot Words [V'riy]
« on: 24 Oct 2012 at 11:32 AM »
He nodded, dropping his rag and oil pot onto the dragon's back earning a low rumble of complaint as he jumped down, stumbling a few steps on the misjudged landing and heading into the hut, reappearing a few moments later with the eye guard. Long strides brought him over her.

"Hold still." his low bassy growl sounded from behind her, before he put the eye guards on her, carefully adjusting the strap so it would fit properly. "You can keep it. I have spares." He stated, stepping back and moving to swing back onto the dragon's back.

"It doesn't hurt him as long as you know where to place your feet." V'riy stated as Morith's head moved around to her, whirling eyes of blue and green regarding her quietly for a moment before he a low rumble which sounded oddly like a chuckle. "It does not hurt. As V'riy said. It is a matter of knowing where to place feet. And I would love my face oiled. Do be careful. Oil stings the eyes." Morith all but chirped into her mind as he laid his head down in front of her, despite the angle he had turn his head in order to face.  Stretching on the dragon's back, he felt his shoulder pop loudly and gave a soft sigh of relief. That had eased the tightness a little, and he then set back to work, working the oil down the bronze's neck.

"Being a woman does not matter to a dragon." He answered calmly, noting how her posture changed at his compliment. The start a smile tugged at his lips as he watched from the corner of his eye. When she commented on the weyr using women for breeding, he actually snorted in laughter.

"When thread comes, that opinion will disappear quickly." He stated with eerie calmness. "I look forward to the day you impress." He said with all the calm confidence of someone who knew something that no one else did. Of course he didn't know if she would impress, but the way Morith had taken to her, lead him to believe that she would indeed impress.

"Patience is something that every rider needs. Act too quickly and you could put yourself into danger's path. Act too slowly and you will miss the opportunity." He stated, glancing over to her once more as she growled. in his chest he felt the familiar stirring, the sense of a long forgotten excitement now rose in his veins.

"Play along with their game. Wait until they are weak then strike."[/b] He answered, his fist hitting the bronze's neck with a firm smack before he rubbed along the muscle. "They'll never see it coming." His dark chuckle, earnt a sigh from the bronze.

"Rank meaning nothing to me."His voice sharp, as he looked directly at her, "And do not be little yourself in my presence again." His voice held that sense of the authority bronze riders well known for, before he drew in a calming breath. "Bronze rider or not, I like hearing your point of view. It is nice to talk with someone who tells it how it is, rather than a timid meek thing." The distain in his voice over the 'thing' was clear. Timid and meek were not something he saw as useful. He wanted to see women full of fire, like he had back at his old weyr. To see women standing up and taking control when a man could not. A rebellious thinker to the end, it seemed. Still he loved the fact she spat fire but it annoyed him she almost instantly doused that fire.

"Morith deems you worthy to talk to. You have fire. A strong moral sense. You think on a level above those other wherries." He stated calmly, "They are fulfilling a physical requirement. Without dragons we can not fight thread. But have you thought what keeps the other dragons here in the south?" V'riy's smirk grew, his eyes glittering darkly. "It is not D'ren's bronze. It is Tsuen's gold." He stated, smirking as he sat back from her. He would let her process that information. 

Personal Huts / Re: Cold Oil,Hot Words [V'riy]
« on: 24 Oct 2012 at 12:38 PM »
"Here? I don't know. I got those in High Reaches." V'riy stated calmly, a flicker of amusement crossing his eyes as she beamed in delight, nervous fingers touching them as they were made from gold. V'riy instead remained amusement, his gaze softened a touch. Those goggles were his graduation present in High Reaches Weyr, from his adopted mother. He could no wear them but Lymsleia could certainly make use of them. Not that he'd tell her that, figuring she would not take them if she knew where he gotten them.

Morith remained still as she worked but when she began to hum, his baritone hum joined hers, swirling eyes full of curiousity watched her, his voice only an octave lower as he copied note change in her voice. V'riy however, all but rolled his eyes. Great she had encouraged his bronze to sing... then simply shook his head. It'd keep his bronze out of trouble for a little while at least.

"I almost certain you would be picked." He stated firmly, "Dragons see worth others do not." His words were firm, unyielding to any other idea that try to fight his thoughts. He listened to her words, his sharp mind working out any hidden meaning to her voice.

"Between. It kills any unborn child. Which is why riders do not produce many children." he stated it as a fact, but he did understand where she came from. But another part of him understood D'ren's reasoning. What better to ensure a girl had had her first sexual encounter than with proof of a child. He may understand it but he did not agree with it. It was as bad as saying 'hey open season to attack the candidates!' in his eyes. His gaze shifted back to Lymsleia. He would not let that happen to her. This fiery women needed to pick her own encounters, not have them thrust upon her. 

"I think she is a private person. Prefering to remain on the sidelines out of the way, leaving D'ren to run the Weyr, trying to behave like a good little woman." He sneered, the disgust and anger that any woman who behave in that manner seriously turned his stomach. Now Lymsleia... she would make a fine Weyrwoman if it wasn't for the politics behind it, V'riy would have jumped into the fight to bring women out of their shells. But as fate would have it, he was unable to do anything for the moment. This would take some careful planning and bringing riders together. But the divide between them was strong. Greenriders were considered slabs of meat, blueriders took full advantage as did the brown riders... and the bronzes... well he wasn't sure. He hadn't seen much of them.


Personal Huts / Re: Cold Oil,Hot Words [V'riy]
« on: 24 Oct 2012 at 02:01 PM »
V'riy listened to her quietly, it was nice ot hear someone's elses thoughts rather than his own. Morith opened his eyes when she struck him, rumbling, earning a short laugh from V'riy.

"Morith said it'll take more than that to cause him any harm." V'riy smirked lightly, although the mention of a certain bluerider wiped the smirk off his face. Z'ia. Slimy little threadspore.

"How do you know that thread spore?" V'riy all but growled, Z'ia was not someone he was fond of. He had seen the blue riders antics enough times to know the guy was bad news. One that needed to be dropped between, permantently.

"Because they get away with it." He stated calmly. "They either never learnt or forgot over time how to be respectful. D'ren is too easy on them. I remember when a dragonrider meant the you held the highest honour code. All were treated with respect and you treated everyone else with respect." V'riy tone tightened, sounding like he longed for those times long gone. "The theft will probably continue at a later date. I doubt D'ren will let things get that desperate." V'riy said, an almost begrudging respect for the weyrleader was evident in his voice although V'riy did not trust the bronze rider, he respected him for trying. It just a pity he did not breed much respect or loyality in his riders as he should.

"Too much effort perhaps." V'riy mused in thought, "Tsuen does not seem the sort of women who will work tireless and at her own sacrifice for the good others." V'riy siad, his dislike of the gold evident. He still hadn't forgiven the woman for lashing a kid with unneeded brutality. And to allow N'get to do it... it was almost as bad as allowing riders to get away with attacking weyrlings in his eyes.

Personal Huts / Re: Second time's the charm? [Open Gold Flight]
« on: 01 Nov 2012 at 06:51 PM »
Morith had remained quiet, lingering along in the background. Something was different today. He knew that much, about what exactly was so different. A sift through his rider's mind brought nothing to his attention so he waited. Multi-faceted eyes whirling at a quickening pace as they moved along the beaches before a flash of gold caught his attention. Oooh, a flight! Several nudges to his rider's thoughts finally brought the grumpy bronzerider to him and out of his hut.

Morith straightened up, crooning softly to the little gold who drank deeply. His wings stretching out in preparation of flight. His thoughts a whirl as he focused in on the little gold. She would certainly be a challenge for him, her lithe figure almost screamed of the daring swoops and dashing dives she could for now.

V'riy on the other hand, was less than thrilled at being woken up his partner, especially with the fog of lust smacking him in the face, harder than a cold wet fish. At least it was effective, he mused quietly in part of the brain that not even Morith could reach. it would hardly be fitting for the bronze to use that technique everyday having figured out it worked! One should not wake in the state of readiness that should only be witnessed by oneself and a loved one. To wake in such a state whilst alone... was disappointing but also a little amusing. Donning a pair of riding trousers and a tunic, the man stalked outside, deep set pale brown eyes glared out, quietly taking in the sights, whilst he tried to work out where a certain goldrider was hiding herself.

Communal Kitchens / Re: Completely Cracked [Open]
« on: 21 Jul 2013 at 01:17 AM »
"It certainly looks like he's just messing around." V'riy nodded to the girl as he chuckled from the doorway, his smile reaching his eyes. "What is that you're making... or should I say, attempting to make?" He strode casually into the kitchen, bending forward to sniff at the concoction.

"What is that, coconut steak? Hmm... I'm not sure how well that'd come out. I'm no expert chef, but I don't think what you're using meshes well together... coconut is an unusual choice of seasoning for meat."

He turned kind eyes upon the boy, taking a moment to study his expression. "Why is it you want to cook for yourself, anyway? There is plenty left over for you to snack on, if you're hungry." V'riy tilted his head to the side, indicating a myriad of left-overs available for the taking.

His eyes met Quenym's with a challenging gaze, but he smiled good-naturedly to take any sting out of his next words. "Just what are you up to, boy? What's your name? And before you go running off, no, you're not in trouble."

Communal Kitchens / Re: Completely Cracked [Open]
« on: 21 Jul 2013 at 02:36 AM »
Turning to the young woman next to him, V'riy noticed she had backed up a few feet, and the barest indication of a frown formed his lips. Did he know this one? She looked.. rather new, but familiar. He always went to such great lengths to be amiable to the residents of Katila Weyr. Excepting weyrbrats and D'ren's crew, he tried to get along with nearly everyone.

Why then, did she back away? He ran his fingers through his hair quickly, and unobtrusively smelled his shirt while she spoke to Quenym about the possibility of a new variety of pie. No, he smelled as clean as he always did, and experienced a brief bout of irritation for her making him feel the need to check. Ridiculous. Pushing it away, he assumed the smooth expression that was his bronzerider "face".

  Can't you hurry it up and just grab what you need, so that we can go? I'm eager to be off today. You're wasting your time with these two, and being entirely too lenient with the boy. Where's his respect?

V'riy was appalled at Quenym's show of temper and disrespect, but remained unruffled, as always. Morith snorted at V'riy's reluctance to put the boy in his place,  but V'riy didn't see any sense in scolding the boy. If he was this easily worked up, it wouldn't get him anywhere. Besides, he didn't want to come off as an overbearing ass in front of the young woman.

"Well, Quenym, first off, you're logic is wrong," he stated in a completely deadpan voice. "That light color is from flour being added to the drippings of the meat," he explained. "Drippings come from meat that has already been cooked. But since you already know what you're doing, I'll leave you to it. As I said, I'm no expert."

The bronze rider shrugged his shoulders at the boy. This one should get a hold of his emotions, V'riy thought. Morith was right about his lack of respect and self-control. It wouldn't do for the child to be losing his head over something as simple as a few words. He could use a bit of toughening up, and a bit of guidance. V'riy pondered who to speak to about this young Quenym.

Exploring, too? V'riy wasn't going to comment that the boy would be unable to take care of himself if he didn't know the first thing about cooking something as simple as gravy. The boy was seriously lacking in common sense. Who was responsible for him?

V'riy turned swiftly and walked over to the left-over table. He picked up his leather shoulder bag, setting it on a bench, and opened the flap. Glancing at the table, he grabbed several meat pies and wrapped them before placing them neatly inside the container, along with a some pieces of fresh fruit. He wasn't sure how long he'd be gone, and didn't plan on having to catch his own supper.

Without a word, swung the bag over his shoulder and walked to the doorway, nodding to Quenym and the girl. "Have a nice time cooking," he said, smiling politely. Wearing his game face, he made to exit the kitchen.

The Lake Edge / Rinsing off [Open]
« on: 21 Jul 2013 at 06:09 PM »
V'riy exited the kitchen to the sound of Morith's roaring laughter echoing in his brain. The dragon rumbled loudly as he lowered his head to his rider's level, taking a good look at the generous dusting of flour that now covered his hair and upper back. As continued to laugh he projected the image to his rider, forcing V'riy to grin back at him as he saw himself through Morith's eyes.

Well, well, aren't you a sight! Morith snorted loudly, a loud whoosh of air escaping his nostrils. He flapped his wings a bit, creating a light wind, attempting to clean the rider, and failing miserably. Some of the food bits were blown away in the light breeze, Morith noted with a satisfied grunt, but a good bit of it remained. He sniffed at his rider, his long tongue snaking out to lick at a bit of wherry meat stuck to the front of V'riy's riding leathers. V'riy playfully pushed Morith's head away and gestured that he wanted to mount.

Morith bent his front foreleg, indicating for V'riy to mount. V'riy sighed as he climbed up onto his bronze, and shook his head, dismissing it. Something should be done about that boy. He has self-control issues that will be a bigger problem if allowed to fester. Perhaps you could pass on word to the Weyrlingmaster. She will know who to contact that will best to handle this Quenym.

Morith was in agreement. It makes me angry, this lack of discipline. Child or not, he should respect all dragonriders. I don't think you did anything wrong, Morith stated, sending feelings of comfort to his rider.

Hmm, I don't think so, either, Morith. But my rank as a bronzerider.. that girl was clearly intimidated by me, I saw the look that she gave the badge. She must have been Stolen. That reaction was exactly why I was against the kidnappings. V'riy grumbled irritably, running his hands through his hair and feeling flour in it. With a huff, he told his dragon, Whoever she was, I'm sure she took the side of the boy, wrong or not. She would after that look she gave me. Take us to the lake, Morith. I'll have to wash off. Our trip will be delayed a day.

Morith grumbled a bit at that but gladly shifted /between/ to the lake, one of his favorite places. Circling lazily over the blue water, he finally drifted to the beach, landing lightly on his feet. As V'riy dismounted, he scanned the beach, not seeing anyone around.

This is not good, this lack of respect for dragons and their riders, Morith commented as he took flight, rising quickly up to hover above the deeper water. He dove neatly into the cool waters of the lake, his wings folded, with a minimal splash. Sticking his head up out of the water, he swam around in circles, projecting images of becoming a water fountain and drenching V'riy with water himself if the rider didn't hurry up and join him.

Quickly relieving himself of his food burden on the shore, V'riy broke into a run, eager to join his friend in the refreshing cool waters of the lake. Splashing through the shallow water with long strides, he let out a joyous shout before diving in himself. He disappeared for a few moments before surfacing, covering a decent bit of distance underwater. With powerful strokes, he swam towards Morith, letting physical exertion serve as an outlet for his frustration.

The Lake Edge / Re: Rinsing off [Open]
« on: 21 Jul 2013 at 09:11 PM »
Caymath! Morith announced with an excited bugle to his rider as the dragon appeared in the skies above them.

V'riy, who had been floating lazily on his back and almost dozing, smiled at the opportunity presented to them. Excellent! A man on a mission, V'riy's body moved smoothly through the water as he made his way to the shoreline in record time.

His rider is not with him. Someone else has come, Morith offered, and V'riy frowned slightly as he emerged from the water. He groaned inwardly as he realized whoever it was, it was another of the weyrbrats. This would probably go badly, considering his track record.

Well, no matter, V'riy told the dragon as he walked over to where his bag was stashed, and slung it over his shoulder, approaching the boy with a friendly smile. He was already out of the water. Might as well be polite; he could always go back in. Morith rumbled at him for the third time that day, amused with his trepidation at speaking to a little boy. Please ask Caymath to bespeak J'di and arrange an appointment.

Already done, Morith replied. As Caymath waded into the water, Morith swished his tail playfully, producing a bit of a splash in the blue dragon's direction.

Wondering if this young man knew the other boy, V'riy opened his bag and offered him a meat roll. "Hungry?" he asked smoothly, keeping the friendly smile on his face.

Weyrfolk Hall / Re: Out and About [Open]
« on: 01 Aug 2013 at 12:15 AM »
V'riy briskly toweled himself off in his hut and dressed in more comfortable clothing than he had been wearing for his earlier exploring trip. He muttered softly to himself as his torn shirt came into view. The shirt had gotten caught on a type of flora that was covered with viscous-looking brambles.  Trailblazing through a patch of the stuff had resulted in minor scratches that covered a large portion of his right arm and still stung a little, even after cleaning them properly. The rider had had much worse on his little adventures outside of Katila. He easily ignored the small discomfort the scratches caused him as he flexed his arm experimentally, testing its strength.

Picking up the shirt he usually wore underneath his riding leathers, he examined the torn arm with annoyance.  The tear was too significant to ignore and too long for him to fix himself if the shirt was to have any chance of holding up. There was no way out of it. He would have to see if he could find someone to repair it. Perhaps someone at the Weyrfolk Hall might have time to do it, now that the Hatchings were past.

V'riy frowned as he considered making the trip to the Hall. He hated to have to visit the place when there was no imminent Hatching; it would be filled with Stolen Northerners and seeing them always stirred up feelings of guilt. Though he was not directly responsible for the kidnappings and had not been part of the decision to sanction them, as a bronzerider he felt his decision not to vocally oppose the kidnappings made him partly to blame for their presence at Katila. He had not had enough time to think up an alternative - by the time he had found out that the topic was under discussion, the decision had already been made.

The man had felt that nothing he could do would make up for the act of kidnapping the potential Candidates from their homes, so he had stayed away from them. After a lengthy discussion with a close friend, he decided it would be better to let the experience of living around and being bonded to dragons speak for itself. He hoped that once a few of them Impressed, their attitudes towards the riders who had abducted them might change. Perhaps after a few Hatchings, some of them might even come to understand why the decision to steal candidates and the subsequent kidnappings had been made, even if they might never agree with it.

V'riy packed the damaged shirt into his leather bag with a resigned sigh. He would be going to the Hall, and if he couldn't find someone with the skills to repair it there, he would have to attempt the repair himself. He wasn't about to bother anyone of rank with such a minor problem.

Morith snorted loudly. This is where having a woman of your own would come in handy, the bronze pointed out to him.
You look to your own needs in that department, and I'll look to mine, V'riy snapped, irritated at him. Taking the proffered foreleg, V'riy mounted with an ease borne of years of practice.

Morith sprung from the ground with a powerful leap and a great downward sweep of his wings. The dragon hovered for a few moments in the air over their hut. His eyes whirled orange in agitation.  Why so touchy today? he inquired carefully.

Many reasons, my friend. Many reasons, he sent back softly in a deeply apologetic tone. The dragon grunted in response but said nothing. Usually V'riy was even-tempered and largely remained unruffled at most things, so long as he got outside often enough and had enough alone time with his dragon. Lately, though, he seemed to be having issues.

As the dragon covered the distance to the Hall, V'riy did his best to clear his mind of the irritation he felt at this particular errand. He shouldn't let things get to him so easily. He usually prided himself on remaining calm and contained, even in the most trying situations. It wasn't like there was much that he could do about it at the moment anyway - the shirt wasn't going to fix itself, after all. Just a few moments to get in the Hall, find someone to repair the shirt, and get out. Surely that wouldn't be so difficult a thing.

Morith set down lightly on the ground and V'riy quickly slid off, eager to be done with his errand. He entered the Weyrfolk Hall with long, determined strides, intending to get this over with in record time and figuring out when he could take his next excursion into the wild. He was already halfway through planning his trip when he noticed a vaguely familiar face in front of him, belonging to a girl that he nearly ran over in his haste.

The rider came to an abrupt halt and considered the girl, carefully making sure to keep his eyes on her face. It wouldn't do for her to think he was sizing her up like a piece of meat; whatever his personal opinion, enough of the riders treated the womenfolk like that, and they were more than that, at least. He put a friendly smile on his face, intending to be pleasant, but the smile died and he frowned when it dawned on him that this was the girl who had been in the kitchen while that weyrbrat, Quenym, had been "cooking". She hadn't introduced herself, had backed away from him acting like he smelled of rotting wherrymeat, and hadn't said two words when he had walked away. Not even when foodstuffs were thrown at his backside by the offensive child.

"Hello," he said evenly, smoothing his expression and politely making a move to go past her. V'riy, who tried to like and be liked by most everyone he came in contact with, didn't think he liked her.

Weyrfolk Hall / Re: Out and About [Open]
« on: 01 Aug 2013 at 09:15 PM »
V'riy's eyes narrowed as she backed up against the wall. What in the name of the Egg was wrong with the girl? Did she think that he was some kind of raging monster? Was there some kind of crazy rumor going around that he didn't know about, one where he dragged unsuspecting women back to his hut and beat them into the void that spawned them all?

Morith rumbled with amusement outside the Hall as he listened in on his rider's thoughts. This female unsettled V'riy. The bronze dragon was enjoying every minute of his rider's discomfort.

V'riy ignored Morith as he did a quick mental review of the situation. He hadn't said anything to intimidate her; in fact, he had done quite the opposite, he was sure. He had kept his expression and tone even, betraying none of the irritation he felt for the girl's initial rudeness to him during their first encounter. Now, here she was making the situation even worse for herself, acting like a deadglow.

He let a few moments pass, studying the girl's expression, watching her movements, when he remembered that at the lake, he had come to the conclusion that the girl was most likely Stolen. In which case, he was the deadglow, not her. It was the only explanation that made sense and accounted for her being so terribly frightened, although he guessed that she had probably been around awhile and should have been somewhat adjusted to being around dragonriders by now. Maybe he was being too optimistic in his hopes that most of the Stolen would adjust to life at Katila over time. Or had something happened that had caused more damage on top of the kidnapping?

The bronzerider quirked an eyebrow at the cowering young woman. Clearing his throat quietly, he tried again. "Hello," he said patiently, adding, "It is customary to say hello back. And to introduce yourself. My name is V'riy." He took care to make sure he did not sound threatening as rocked back on his heels, waiting the girl out, standing his ground but respecting her personal space. He tried to smile kindly in an attempt to reassure her, feeling awkward as he did it. Damn it to the Red Star. He was no good at this.

Weyrfolk Hall / Re: Out and About [Open]
« on: 01 Aug 2013 at 10:42 PM »
"Well met, Arddra," V'riy responded automatically, filling his voice with as much warmth as possible. He avoided flashing his usually charming, roguish smile that won the ladies over, opting instead for a friendlier older-brother type of smile. He was determined to erase whatever bad impression she had gotten of dragonriders. Backing up against a wall and becoming mute every time she was around one was a totally unacceptable response for someone who might Impress. Here he finally had a chance to repair what damage had been done to a Stolen, and he'd be damned if he let the opportunity slip through his fingers.

Well, well, looks like someone actually cares about what cards he's holding and which game he's playing, Morith commented astutely, even more interested in this new female acquaintance. He liked women, finding them to be more emotionally mature than men (in general) and better company, though admittedly most of that was because he loved to have them fuss over him and oil his hide. I can't introduce myself while the two of you are inside, the dragon added pointedly.

One thing at a time, my friend, V'riy told his bonded firmly, his attention fully focused on calming the girl down. He had to convince her that he was someone to be trusted, but how to go about it? That was the question.

"I don't suppose that you would know someone who could repair this?" V'riy opened his leather shoulder bag and pulled out the torn shirt, holding it up in front of her. Making sure that her eyes were on the fabric, he stole a sidelong glance at the woman. He was a man, after all.

With her attention diverted for the moment, V'riy noticed immediately the unusual color of her eyes. They reminded him of the ocean on a stormy day. Her wavy brown hair came down to about the middle of her back and had a healthy sheen to it. The color framed her lightly tanned skin quite nicely. She was a bit shorter than average and on the slim side, something he preferred in females. But mostly it was the eyes that he found the most pleasing. He had always been an eyes man... when he had cared about chasing the ladies.

He shook the torn arm at the girl and put on his most helpless expression. "I'm not any good at fixing things like this," he admitted candidly. "I'd appreciate it if you could steer me in the right direction, if you know of anyone able to stitch it back together."

Weyrfolk Hall / Re: Out and About [Open]
« on: 02 Aug 2013 at 12:11 AM »
V'riy's eyes widened with surprise as he heard Arddra scold him for vigorously shaking the shirt while she was trying to examine it. A canine with a tunnel snake? Morith rumbled loudly outside and his merriment infected his rider, who unsuccessfully tried to hold back the chuckle that escaped. He had gotten her to talk. And she was funny!

Grinning unabashedly, he held the shirt still and let her get a good look at the damaged fabric. He nodded at her comment about matching tears and tilted his head toward his right arm and the minor scratches covering it. "These are nothing. I heal fast. I was trailblazing."

V'riy nodded again when she said that she could get it done in only a day or two. "That's fast enough, I assure you. Thank you," he said sincerely, genuinely grateful for her assistance.

I will meet her now.Morith stated, sounding a bit annoyed that he had had to wait at all. Maybe she needs a ride somewhere. Has she ridden a dragon since being Searched? Does she sing? The dragon could barely contain his curiosity. Like rider, like dragon.

V'riy gestured in the direction of the entrance to the Hall where his dragon waited impatiently for his introduction. "I hesitate to take up any more of you time.. however.. it seems Morith is insisting on meeting you. Do you mind?" He smiled apologetically, wondering if her aversion of dragonriders included the dragons and hoping he wasn't pressing his luck.

Weyrfolk Hall / Re: Out and About [Open]
« on: 02 Aug 2013 at 09:08 PM »
V'riy had trouble keeping up his smile when Arddra bit her lip, betraying her anxiety, as she considered his request. Maybe he really was pushing his luck by giving into Morith. He wondered why she was so reluctant to accede. It wasn't unusual for a dragon to want to meet someone his rider took interest in. Should he rescind the offer?

The girl had said she wasn't afraid of dragons. What, then, caused her to hesitate? V'riy frowned slightly as he quickly put two and two together. She wasn't afraid of Morith - she was afraid of V'riy and Morith together. The poor girl probably thought he was going to scoop her up and drag her off somewhere to commit some kind of nefarious deed. If that was the case, he felt that he had to bring the girl, despite her reluctance to agree to meeting his bronze. He would do his best to provide Arddra with a positive experience in dealing with a dragonrider. Someone had to set a good example. He was determined to win her over, believing that it might help shed a little of the guilt he felt.

With another friendly, big-brotherly kind of smile, he handed the shirt over and moved aside, gesturing for her to precede him. He was making every effort to try and put the girl at ease, giving her a respectful amount of room, and making sure to keep his eyes above her neck at all times. Besides, he liked looking at her face. She was easy on the eyes. "Beauty before age," he said kindly, motioning her forward. "He doesn't like to be kept waiting."

Weyrfolk Hall / Re: Out and About [Open]
« on: 03 Aug 2013 at 12:38 AM »
Morith, whose head was flat on the ground, covered it with a forepaw, momentarily embarrassed.  Thank you, he said a bit sheepishly, his smooth, melodic voice filling her head. Removing his paw, he raised his head and slowly moved it closer, turning it slightly to get a good look at the woman. His eyes whirled a contented blue as he took a long look at the first of the Stolen he had met up close.

V'riy simply watched, not wanting to interrupt the girl's time with his dragon. Morith might be just the thing to put her at ease. He leaned back against the wall of the Weyrfolk hall, a silent observer, content to pretend that for the moment, he did not exist.

Don't let her words swell your head, V'riy teased his dragon, smiling fondly at the creature.

Morith ignored him and brought his head slowly closer until he was only an arm's length away, letting out a soft croon. You may touch me, he informed her, his voice sounding soft and velvety, and he pushed his head against her hand, encouraging the girl to do so.

V'riy laughed silently and shook his head at the beast as he waited to see what the girl would do. She would probably think it was some kind of trick, that he might demand that she owed him something for letting her touch his dragon, or some other kind of nonsense. He hoped that she would prove him wrong and try to trust him, but if she bolted, he would understand. It could be a long uphill battle to win her trust. But he would continue to show her kindness.. he would kill her with kindness, if necessary. There were enough egotistical bastards in the Weyr to go around.

Weyrfolk Hall / Re: Out and About [Open]
« on: 03 Aug 2013 at 01:44 AM »
The bronzerider smiled as he observed Arddra and Morith. It seemed that this was her first interaction with a large dragon. Good that it was Morith, then, V'riy thought privately to himself. One good thing about his dragon; he always seemed to know the right thing to say and do to ease tension. It was one of the many reasons he valued his great bronze friend so highly.

Morith hummed appreciatively at the girl as she scratched one of his favorite spots. The bronze beast was a sucker for any kind of scratches or rubs. V'riy soft chuckle at his bronze's behavior was quiet enough to be missed by Arddra. He took a seat on the ground and leaned back against the building, content to wait a while longer. The rider didn't have anywhere to be at the moment and was enjoying himself.

I wonder if she would like to fly somewhere? the dragon questioned his rider, continuing his soft hum of appreciation at the attention.  V'riy considered it briefly, then ruled against it. Unless she asked, he wouldn't force any more interaction on her. He didn't want to go too fast, push her too hard and make her uncomfortable again.

He simply sat and waited, closing his eyes and enjoying the warm weather, a small smile playing on his lips. Eventually he would have to find some supper and tend to his dragon, who was due for some soaping and oiling. But for now, he was content. He was finally doing something to rectify the situation with the Stolen, and though it was a very small thing, it felt good.

Weyrfolk Hall / Re: Out and About [Open]
« on: 03 Aug 2013 at 02:47 AM »
V'riy opened his eyes as he heard Arddra moving away from Morith and rose, stretching his arms and legs. He rolled his head around a few times for good measure. He was feeling a little stiff after sitting for an extended period.

Arddra apparently hadn't heard him move, because he overheard her softly spoken words before reaching out to caress the bronze's muzzle again. Her voice sounded a bit choked, as if she was trying not to cry. V'riy frowned and wondered what he could say to the girl to fix it.

My pleasure, dear girl. replied, his voice a gentle purr in her mind. Would you like a lift somewhere? We can drop you anywhere, the bronze offered kindly. V'riy kicked his boots around in the sandy dirt, making a lot of noise to warn the girl that he was walking over. Again he kept that comfortable distance, making sure to respect her personal space.

V'riy chuckled at Morith, a bit surprised that the dragon had asked Arddra after V'riy had made the decision earlier not to offer. Apparently he had been overruled. But if Morith thought it was safe to offer, then it probably was.

"Well, how about it? Would you like a lift somewhere? It's no trouble to us at all. Takes less effort than the stitching you're doing for me." V'riy winked at the girl as Morith offered him a leg up and swung himself up swiftly before strapping himself in. "I promise I don't bite."

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