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Gather Square / Re: Attention all Dragonriders! [ANNOUNCEMENT]
« on: 09 Jul 2012 at 11:16 PM »
D’hys almost didn’t show up for the announcement, figuring whatever it would contain would be talked about for the rest of the day, perhaps even the following day. He had risen early to get a good portion of his work for the day done so most of the afternoon would be clear to relax with or without friends. In the end, he figured the announcements never took that long and since it was happening at noon, he could just swing by the Dining Hall for something to eat after. It was a two-for-one sort of deal.

With Ronarth acting more like an excited green and not a stoic bronze, D’hys decided that counted as permission enough to continue with the daring flying he sometimes joined Z’ia in but also that this announcement was going to be something good. Ronarth would be subdued if the news was bad but if he was in good spirits and behaving like a weyrling, D’ren was about to blow their minds with something.

The truth wasn’t nearly as exciting as the hype D’hys had built up in his mind.

Wings were being reinstated? It wasn’t the best news he’d ever heard but it wasn’t the worst either – that honour went to lashings making a comeback. It would be more work during already busy days, which wasn’t exactly horrible either since D’hys did like physical activities and flying would be a good work out for both Zeianth and him. That, actually, was a reason to get excited. They would have more reasons to be up in the air rather than meandering about on the land and D’hys was born for flying thanks to dragonrider parents – and apparently free-falling when Z’ia batted his pretty eyes and convinced him to take a dive.

Like you were just thinking about Ronarth, we have permission to do some stunts now. D’hys chuckled and couldn’t agree more. The wingleaders would have fits over some of their moves and the possible influence over any of the young Katlian-born dragons but it would be entertaining all the same.

Just like the continued announcement of weyrmates being placed together. It made sense and D’ren was known for practicing caution and trying to keep everyone happy so no one should have been surprised over that decree. It was the list of so-called pairings that caused quite a stir throughout the crowd and D’hys was among them, laughing when he heard one name in particular. R’nd was weyrmated and to B’jin no less? The bluerider that was unobtainable yet everyone still wanted had just been publically outed as being glued to the hip of B’jin. Grey eyes scanned the crowd for either man and D’hys barely caught a glimpse of a horrified expression the greenrider wore before doing his best to vanish in his group of friends. That was amusing but not nearly as much as the shock R’nd displayed and the way you could see his mind shutting down against the truth as he tried to form a denial that he felt comfortable with living in.

“Looks like I may have some new games,” D’hys pondered aloud, gaze going back to where B’jin was now being accosted by a friend. It had been a while since he had the weyrmate challenge and he was willing to bet Z’ia would be up for it as well just to add an extra layer of fun. Speaking of Z’ia, D’hys wondered if D’ren would be wise enough to keep them apart or put them together so they wouldn’t waste time distracting the other’s wing.

Gather Square / Re: Attention all Dragonriders! [ANNOUNCEMENT]
« on: 15 Jul 2012 at 10:44 PM »
“I’ll tell ya when you’re bigger, Pip,” D’hys replied without missing a beat and leaned down to rest an arm on Z’ia’s shoulder to punctuate the reason for the affectionate nickname derived from ‘pipsqueak’. He wasn’t surprised to see his friend suddenly appear, too used to that happening by now to do anything more than ignore it or comment on how long it took for Z’ia to show up. He slid his arm from one shoulder to drape across the other, bringing him down to his friend’s height so they could share the view and talk more discreetly. As much fun as it was to add risks to their challenges and games, it wasn’t the same when talking about conquering someone.

“Our dear Weyrleader has just rattled off a list of weyrmates, though most were well known. Some, however, were speculated while others a surprise.” D’hys let that bit of information sink in, knowing Z’ia would pick up on the trail soon enough before continuing, “one such pairing is our dear R’nd and his favourite greenrider, B’jin.” A feral grin appeared as he spoke the names and pointed out each man in turn so Z’ia wouldn’t miss their reactions, though B’jin had moved on from hiding to laughing with his mates.

R’nd was such a goody-two-shoes though he likely thought himself to be living on the edge. He was just as much a love ‘em and leave ‘em bluerider as Z’ia and himself but somehow R’nd had earned a reputation for being a sweetheart and doing it, mostly, in a kind manner. D’hys heard the gossip just like everyone else and the greens and non-riders adored R’nd’s polite ways. It was frustrating since they had a similar look and people expected the same from him but D’hys wasn’t jealous over the attention his so-called clone received since he had no troubles in making friends and collecting lovers. He also didn’t have to live up to anything in anyone’s mind except whatever goal he set himself.

So this current game’s goals were simple; to rile up their blue brother that was falling into the weyrmated trap as well as win the elusive B’jin outside of a flight. R’nd proved it could be done and if the greenrider was able to sway a playboy from his bed-hopping ways, there had to be one amazing reason for it and D’hys was in the mood to finally find out. He was also in the mood to mess with the heads of a lovey-dovey couple. Weyrmates were so much fun to meddle with as they offered an added challenge while trying to get them in bed due to their loyalties but sometimes one could be found that loved the thrill of cheating and running around in secret.

How could anyone not love weyr life?

D’hys currently wasn’t paying a lick of attention to dragons or anyone else for that matter. True, he had had several drinks that night and was pleasantly buzzed and could possibly even be classified as drunk but that wasn’t the reason for his uncaring attitude toward external noises. Dragons were loud when they wanted to be and were likely celebrating like their riders so why rouse himself from his pleasant distractions? He was currently preoccupied with his friend Z’ia, hands wandering where they pleased over the shorter man’s body while tongues duelled for control of the kiss. He had seated Z’ia on the edge of one of the long tables brought out for folk to sit at to eat, drink, or talk the night away but D’hys often played by his own rules. Forgotten drinks and dishes were shoved aside once the friends crossed paths again during the celebrating and D’hys stole him for a kiss. Sometime later there they were with D’hys about ready to climb on the table with Z’ia and give everyone a new sort of entertainment. Even Harpers deserved a break!

D’hys, Zeianth’s voice intruded on his mind and D’hys grumbled some nonsensical form of acknowledgement to his blue that had been, as always, quietly off doing his own thing and likely making sure Z’ia and him stayed out of trouble. Aveleth was a bit of a bad influence. While I can tell you don’t care about anything else at the moment, I figured you might be a bit upset if you missed out entirely on what’s happening. Larrikith has taken to the sky. Oh? That was interesting. Somewhat. He was a born and raised weyrbrat and while he could recall a few times where a green flew during Turnover, it seemed a fairly rare event. It was like the dragons knew to let the humans have one night of peace to party and act stupid on their own.

Do you want to chase her? D’hys sincerely hoped not as fingers toyed with Z’ia’s belt clasp. No. She doesn’t call to me and I’m content lying here. While Zeianth’s phrasing was odd, D’hys couldn’t bring himself to care too much and instead sent a wave of gratitude to his dear dragon for not wanting to disturb either of them that night. He did, however, pull away from Z’ia’s mouth long enough to share what Zeianth had told him.

“Apparently Larrikith is flying right now. Zeianth isn’t showing an ounce of interest and I can’t say I’m too concerned over trying B’jin out right now either.” That greenrider was elusive and intrigued many riders of male dragons and D’hys was no different, yet he couldn’t be bothered that night to enter a chase, not when he had a tasty treat he knew he enjoyed already laid out on a table for him to enjoy. As if to prove how delicious he found Z’ia to be, he slowly ran his tongue from collarbone along a bared neck to trace the whorl of an ear before pulling back to allow his friend to see that while he was indeed drunk on lust, it wasn’t some green he was currently focused on, “are you gonna leave me to try your luck?”

Healing Hall / Re: Quietly Sensual [Open, green flight]
« on: 28 Jul 2012 at 09:03 AM »
D’hys blinked several times before attempting to focus bleary eyes in the location he heard an annoyed – and annoying! – voice. He hadn’t cared when Z’ia took the sheet as he left the bed, not at all inclined to follow suit and rise just yet. Even he was entitled to a lazy day off and his fellow bluerider had made sure it was well-warranted with the amount of energy spent until they passed out. As Z’ia mumbled something about a flight, D’hys found he really didn’t have any desire to speak and channelled all of his energy into lifting a hand to flip off his friend for waking him.

With Z’ia gone, D’hys turned his attention to Zeianth. Rilaleeyth… J’ver’s, right? He wasn’t awake enough to form much else in ways of connecting the dots, though he did recall Aveleth’s affection for the green. Indeed. Aveleth thinks it will be this evening.

We flew them recently. He always remembered that particular flight solely because it pissed off S’kef when he lost which amused D’hys to no end. Will you want to chase again? Zeianth was quick to answer as he was almost as loyal to his young friend as he was to D’hys. No, I had her last flight and Aveleth is quite focused this time. He hoped the poor dragon won; it’d be a nice reward after Z’ia’s most recent stunt. Since he wasn’t chasing, Zeianth was confident Aveleth would take the win this time.

Good. D’hys replied before drifting back to sleep.

Gather Square / Breaking Point [Invite]
« on: 19 Aug 2012 at 10:29 AM »
D’hys honestly didn’t care one way or the other about the lashing and wouldn’t have gone at all, except there was a huge potential for making some easy marks. With Z’ia, they had set up a betting pool for the number of lashes the runaway would get and if the boy would cry. Other than that, he was there to see what kind of people would cheer or protest and for the sheer amusement it was bound to bring.

He was actually surprised how quickly it came with the kid spitting on N’gelt and then the girl that seemed to like arguing with every decree and so-called injustice opened her mouth again. She was definitely entertaining, if only for how childish she was with her ideals, but the knife fight? That was pure gold. Speaking of gold, Jada was a bit amusing with her naïve ways as well. “Too bad S’kef still isn’t Weyrsecond. He would shut her up and the precious baby goldrider as well. Both of them are barely weaned from sucking their mommies’ tits, do they really expect to know shit about the weyr?” D’hys actually wasn’t sure who would annoy him more if he wasn’t currently having a laugh at their expense.

Naturally, D’ren had to appear to stop all the fun, though watching N’gelt and Tsuen get reamed sort of made up for it.

He was starting to tune the Weyrleader out, however, when the man began prattling on to the audience. Still, he heard enough to voice opinions in a casual speaking volume, anyone close enough could catch, “if the children need us so badly, let them run away, face predators, and drown in the ocean. Their whiny asses will quickly realise how much they need us then.” He knew they needed the kidnapped brats to Impress and there likely had to be a better way to go about acquiring them to make them stop whining so much, but Katila wasn’t a bad place to be anymore! A little gratitude wouldn’t kill them.

The more D’ren spoke, the more D’hys realised the man was just as delusional and naïve as his little pet goldrider. “Most of us don’t have a home to return to!” He called out before he could stop himself. The fate his mother suffered because her sweet green caught the plague, and how he turned his back on his sisters who he had been close to came back to him with a flood of other memories that had been better left buried. D’hys started to tremble with rage aimed at D’ren. He knew he deserved some of it himself but the leadership were far easier targets. “I found peace once more here in Katila and now you want to take it away from me to satisfy some whiny bitches? Fuck you, D’ren!”

Confused by the bombardment of emotions, D’hys missed any reply he may have received along with D’ren’s promise about the change in punishments. Once, he had held onto the hope of returning north but turn after turn passed and he knew it just wasn’t feasible any longer, so he learned to enjoy what the south could offer and it was safer for Zeianth as well. Now, though, he liked where he was and the life he had settled into and was pissed at the way D’ren tried to handle them while coddling the brats brought to them. Right then, he wasn’t much better at handling anyone either. As he turned to leave, D’hys grabbed Z’ia by the upper arm before realising what he was doing and quickly released his friend. “I’m out of here. You coming?” He switched tactics by asking instead of simply dragging Z’ia along before starting his way through the crowd by shoving aside anyone that didn’t move.

D’hys, you’re not acting like yourself. What’s wrong? Zeianth’s normally mellow tone was coated with his concern as he ruffled his wings in aggravation from atop the roof he had claimed to keep an eye on everything. Nothing’s wrong. I’m fine. Their bond was too strong and they had been together too long for that lie to ever be considered a truth and D’hys was called on it. No, you’re not. You never get this riled up.

I’ll be fine once I’m away from these fools. How he hoped that was true when he was also currently haunted by his forgotten family.

Gather Square / Re: Breaking Point [Invite]
« on: 30 Aug 2012 at 02:46 AM »
D’hys was a mess. He didn’t usually let his emotions get the best of him though he supposed anger was one of the easier ones to give into. Usually, though, he liked sticking with lust since that one was far more enjoyable and would give repeat performances for the same cost. Anger could lead to humiliation or pain and the bluerider just wasn’t a fan of either. Yet there he was, storming away, pissed off at the Weyrleader of all people for baby-talking to the whiny Candidates. At least seeing Z’ia fall in step beside him eased some of sour emotions. It was nice having a friend beside him though D’hys wasn’t sure he knew what to say.

So he said nothing.

He’d likely hear a few complaints by the time they reached his hut for making Z’ia’s lazy ass walk so far, and perhaps it was a bit unfair; his fellow bluerider did have such short legs after all. But he needed the walk to help cool down or at least collect his thoughts. No doubt Z’ia would want to know what that was all about and D’hys decided he wouldn’t mind knowing either.

Once they arrived, Zeianth flying above lazily but with a careful eye on him, D’hys guided his friend inside and shut the door to attempt keeping any busy bodies, or angry officials, without. With arms crossed over his chest, D’hys turned to Z’ia and regarded him a moment. No, talking didn’t seem all that appealing and it wasn’t like Z’ia would care about his past. They both, usually, lived in the moment and it didn’t matter what insanity or kindness they had gotten up to before finally striking up a conversation at the younger man’s graduation. With that decision made, D’hys reached out and pulled Z’ia close and moved in for a kiss instead.

Gather Square / Re: Worst. Day. Ever. [Invite]
« on: 31 Aug 2012 at 05:29 AM »
D’hys was feeling much the same way in regards to the volume of the dining hall. He was all for a good and rowdy evening but that often involved a lot of drinking. He had quickly devoured his light meal and grabbed some red fruit to enjoy outside in the cooling evening with Zeianth. It was there, sitting on the ground, resting his back against the icy blue hide of his napping dragon, that D’hys caught sight of a grumpy looking man. The Gather Square was usually an active location, hence the name, and the bluerider was good at both tuning out the world around him and focusing in on a target for the night. He couldn’t quite say if Mr. Grumpy actually ranked high enough to count as being worth his time but he had drawn an amused gaze upon him.

D’hys watched in silence for some time as the man paced around, seemed frustrated, and looked ready to go back inside the noise chamber. As fascinating as it was, it was starting to leave the bluerider confused as well. What was this guy’s problem? Should he go find out? Yes, yes, you should. Well that was interesting. And why is that? Zeianth was all for a good time but for the most part he was fine hanging back and letting everything happen around him. To have him encourage some potential mayhem meant the dragon was bored as well or he had another idea in mind.

No other ideas. I’m simply getting tired of your musings on what he’s up to. Just go play your games and have fun. And he’s Astoreth’s rider, before you break down and ask. D’hys chuckled but jumped to his feet, brushing his hands over his thighs to wipe away any remnants of the fruit juice. The simple fact that the grumpy rider was Astoreth’s was more than enough to motivate D’hys into action. Most would flee from the feisty greenrider, and while he had never taken to chasing the pair before, D’hys was now up for the challenge of playing with that one.

He didn’t have anything better to do after all.

“Leathers too tight there, babe? I notice you can’t seem to stand still and I’m willing to bet you can’t sit that perky little ass down.” D’hys had his own special way of greeting people. Sometimes he’d play nice and do the good boy routine to break through any walls he didn’t feel like scaling but A’liran wasn’t one of those delicate flower types. “I’m sure I could help you out of them easily enough and give you a good work out to get circulation flowing again.”

Gather Square / Re: Worst. Day. Ever. [Invite]
« on: 31 Aug 2012 at 06:56 AM »
Can you prove I did? Zeianth didn’t even deign the green worthy enough to lift his head from his comfortable resting place. He knew perfectly well Astoreth was close to flying but neither he nor D’hys had cared in the past and he, at least, wasn’t inclined to care right then either. It was all about their humans having fun. Well, D’hys’ version of fun. The feisty greenrider didn’t seem to have the same definition.

“Trust me, you’ll be glad we bypassed the application process and--” D’hys immediately fell silent and stopped from reaching to grope that perky ass he had made a conversation piece as Z’ia appeared on the scene, talking over him as he usually did in that cheerful voice that meant his friend was about to cause trouble. It was always amusing and D’hys liked to take credit for a vast portion of that attitude since he had been grooming Z’ia into the perfect bluerider since his graduation two turns prior. 

Ah, right. This was the greenrider that Z’ia loved chasing for the laughs despite the shape he ended up in. He knew there was more to the grumpy man than simply being Astoreth’s rider. Showed how much D’hys had been paying attention to that particular greenpair.

He had three options open to him now. Z’ia was, sometimes, easy enough to shove away in one way or another so he could be left alone with a target though that didn’t seem too likely now. He could always continue his harassment form of flirting around Z’ia’s taunting, but that too seemed like a futile effort. So that left him with standing there and enjoying the show that was about to begin when A’liran retaliated to the comments Z’ia made. The greenrider was feisty and seemed ready for a fight. Might as well let him have a warm up with Z’ia before deciding if he was skilled enough for a main event.

Gather Square / Re: Worst. Day. Ever. [Invite]
« on: 31 Aug 2012 at 09:45 PM »
D’hys wasn’t sure if he was pleased or disappointed that he was known to the greenrider. It definitely buffed his ego to be known, even as a pimp, but he had wanted to play with the guy a bit before allowing him the honour of knowing his name. It really didn’t matter though. In the end, D’hys was only interested in the game and getting the prize he had set for himself for that evening. In fact, it seemed like quite the growing handful of a prize with the way A’liran was prattling on. Was Astoreth about to fly? Could anyone ever tell when her rider was proddy to grab the hint before he gave it away? It didn’t seem likely from what he could recall of mutterings about this particular green.

“You’re so spunky and adorable, babe,” D’hys finally commented with a pat of his hand to A’liran’s head. The threat of a broken nose truly was cute. Not that he ever wanted one nor did he want to give the man a chance to prove he could in fact break a nose, but it made the thrill of victory seem so much more intense and worth it. This one would be a fun ride of that he had no doubt. No wonder Z’ia focused so much on winning this one.

Gather Square / Re: Breaking Point [Invite]
« on: 03 Sep 2012 at 05:56 AM »
Aveleth had the right of it, though D’hys didn’t know they were of the same opinion but for differing events. He really didn’t think he’d distract Z’ia that easily but wasn’t going to complain. Then again, his little protégé loved sex as much as he did so it wasn’t that surprising that he’d go for a kiss rather than quizzing him on the outburst in the Square. Regardless of the hows and whys, D’hys did what he did best and took advantage. He used his size and strength to hold Z’ia close to him as his mouth ravaged that of the smaller man’s. He wasn’t in the mood to be kind or understanding; he was upset and needed to vent, which was why soon after the duelling of tongues grew boring, D’hys was nipping roughly at his friend’s neck. He supposed that was his kinky quirk but he loved leaving his mark in what was something of a show of dominance.

Only when he had left one mark and contemplated another did D’hys finally lift his head and stare down at Z’ia, breath a bit shaky as he fought to control the urge to rip clothes away and use the delectable body he still clung to. His friend probably deserved to know what had set him off but they never really cared about the past and Z’ia hadn’t asked at the time or during their walk, so did he really care? D’hys was starting to think he didn’t care either; the anger the moment brought about was already slipping away as he shoved the memories of his family away once again. Fuck it, who needed talking? Or verbal permission apparently, as his hands went to Z’ia’s waist to start working on freeing the man of the nuisance known as pants.

Zeianth snorted at Aveleth’s casual observation. It was close to turning into chaos before D’ren showed up and D’hys had been lucky no one was paying him any attention for his comments against the weyrleader. Naturally he knew why his bonded was so upset and if he was a more sensitive dragon like Aveleth or Rilaleeyth, he’d likely blame himself for part of the problem but chose not to. It wouldn’t help anyone. Human are usually petty and selfish. I am not that surprised everything fell apart like that. Are you well, though? He knew his friend was always a ball of stress when Z’ia wasn’t properly distracted, which thankfully for his pretty blue friend, D’hys seemed to be doing his best to keep Z’ia from wandering into trouble.

Gather Square / Re: Worst. Day. Ever. [Invite]
« on: 03 Sep 2012 at 09:47 AM »
“Extremely precious,” D’hys’ expression didn’t change and his gaze didn’t leave A’liran’s face as he casually wiped away the spit from his cheek. The greenrider would get his due soon enough, there wasn’t a need to make a fuss about such a minor thing. It was extremely clear the cranky but attractive bastard was proddy and the way his expression and stance changed before D’hys’ eyes showed exactly how close to the flight A’liran was. This was going to be extremely amusing.

A feral grin appeared as D’hys took only one step toward the stumbling man. “What’s the matter, babe? You don’t like being complimented? Or is it you hate talking and prefer to just get right to being dominated?” He leaned in as if to share a secret and lowered his voice only the slightest bit to add to the effect, “I’ll fuck you like you deserve, right here with an audience if you really wish to continue standing out here but I won’t touch you, today, a moment before Zeianth claims Astoreth.”

This time, however, he did step in closer, carefully circling around the greenrider, keeping his promise of not touching, until he came to a halt in front of A’liran once more. “Unless you want me to.”

Zeianth, be ready. You’ll be chasing her this time. Oh, and winning, of course. D’hys’ tone left no room for argument as he was fully intent on the prize now. A fun game of teasing a greenrider that seemed like a good lay had turned into harassing the poor proddy dear and proving he was a bluerider that got everything he wanted. A’liran was suddenly at the top of the list.

Fine, Zeianth sighed and stood up, taking his time to stretch out. He sat then, waiting for Astoreth to take off. He knew it wouldn’t be long with how her rider was behaving and while D’hys sometimes enjoyed the chase, Zeianth was going to make this a quick one to prove their prowess.

Sorry, Aveleth. I’ll be taking this win.

Gather Square / Re: Worst. Day. Ever. [Invite]
« on: 06 Sep 2012 at 01:38 AM »
D’hys gave a good laugh when A’liran broke into a run. He had heard this one liked to run and give a good ground chase. It didn’t bother him any considering his love of running for an hour, sometimes more, almost every day to help keep fit. The only problem was, of course, Z’ia. The brat was short but he knew how to work his size and had a decent amount of speed hidden in his stubby legs. He watched for a moment as his friend took off after the prize before finally shoving aside two of the other eager riders that had started to close in on A’liran.

No one else need apply. This was a contest between Z’ia and him.

Though Z’ia would have to be content with settling for second place.

He took off at a full run to catch up to the other two men as Zeianth’s great wings flapped with as much determination to bring him up to Aveleth’s side. They were of the same size and both could have the same level of motivation depending on the female and their rider. He had never held an interest in Astoreth, not that he had any strong reason for ignoring her. Both D’hys and he hadn’t paid much attention to that pairing but Aveleth had taken a liking to Astoreth, like he had with Rilaleeyth; though Zeianth did chase that colourful green since she was so sweet and D’hys liked messing with his friends’ minds.

But D’hys wanted A’liran now and despite his affection for Aveleth, Zeianth naturally sided with his rider and wanted to give him what he wanted. So he focused on the spirited green that wove nicely through the air, shrieking challenges and claims of victory as he followed her dives and turns with ease. Once he saw D’hys was also closing in on his end, Zeianth decided enough was enough and made for a claiming move.

D’hys gave a wicked grin when he had A’liran in his sights once more, the feisty greenrider managing to do them a favour by getting himself cornered in a storage room. Advancing slowly after enjoying the game of chase and stalking his prey, D’hys whispered as he reached for A'liran, “tag, babe. You’re it.”

Gather Square / Re: Breaking Point [Invite]
« on: 06 Sep 2012 at 07:20 AM »
Angry sex was amazing. So intense and that much more satisfying. It didn’t matter that he wasn’t mad at Z’ia or that his anger over D’ren’s foolishness had already started to fade before the first piece of clothing had hit the floor. D’hys was content once more and owed it all to his friend for being there at the right time. So when Z’ia climbed back atop him, D’hys quirked a brow and started to smirk, completely convinced his spunky friend wasn’t quite done with him yet. How true that was! Too bad it wasn’t in the manner D’hys hoped for.

The smirk was wiped away instantly and a neutral expression replaced it as the arm held him in place perfectly. He was sure he could have bucked Z’ia off of him but D’hys let it go. He hadn’t exactly been gentle with his friend since leaving the Square so it was only fair play. Still, he gave a growl of a warning, “know that the next time you try this, I won’t play nice, Z’ia.”

With that said, D’hys calmed and shut his eyes, both to avoid looking at his fellow bluerider and to focus his jumbled thoughts. Some parts of the story as to why he had been provoked to such anger were hard to talk about and D’hys did his best not to think on them anymore, but it was time to give them a voice again and perhaps it would help him fully move on. “For me, the North holds more pain than Katila does. My mother’s beautiful green was one of the first to fall ill at Igen. They went between together the next night.” He had cried long and hard when that happened, unable to believe his mother could leave him and the girls so easily and it had taken turns of exile, with only Zeianth as his companion to fully understand how tight the bond between rider and dragon was. If he held any anger toward his mother for leaving, it had been let go long ago and he was thankful for her kindness in keeping him away and telling him to always make sure Zeianth was safe.

Talking about his mother was oddly the harder portion of the story and so D’hys opened his eyes once more to give some sort of courtesy of looking at the man he talked to as he continued, “When we were ordered South, my sisters… I have two, both younger… begged me to take them. I turned them both down, telling them Zeianth was the only thing that mattered to me. I left them behind and they surely won’t be welcoming me back when next they see me, if they still live.” He liked to think they did. Both were beautiful; they no doubt found worthy men to marry and had cute little families. They liked children, which was only another strike against him. How many brats had he spawned and didn’t even know the name of?

“I found peace here. Sure it’s not the greatest place but is anywhere truly perfect? It’s comfortable and I’m free.” Free from the memories though they were all captives in Katila to some degree. D’hys just liked to pretend all was well to help suit his vision of living in a paradise location. “And that’s that. Is your curiosity satisfied now?” He hadn’t moved since Z’ia pinned him and still D’hys held still, only staring up at Z’ia, closely watching him for the judgement he was about to receive.

Gather Square / Re: Breaking Point [Invite]
« on: 10 Sep 2012 at 02:25 AM »
Surprisingly, D’hys didn’t react negatively to Z’ia’s slight mocking of his story or insulting his sisters. He probably would have if anyone else said a word against his family but this was Z’ia, a friend and his protégé. It was because of that very simple label that D’hys completely missed anytime he treated Z’ia as anything but that, or using him in a twisted meaning, believing any time they fucked or he dominated the smaller rider in some way was because of their friendship or because he was still teaching Z’ia something. So while any fleeting annoyed glances that were given to him may have been noticed, they were chalked up, this time, as he was simply talking too much or sounding rather pathetic, as was pointed out.

He couldn’t deny the charge really. D’hys knew it was pretty absurd to obsess over something like sisters hating him because as a dragonrider he chose his dragon first. Or that going back to Igen would remind him of his mother. Weren’t some of the old biddies always prattling on about remembering the good and the bad is easier to overcome? Some nonsense like that. He’d just have to see how it went when they finally did return North and who was to say Igen would be put back into service? They were barely functioning as one weyr with their meagre numbers.

Any further ponderings or possible comments made on the subject were forgotten when Z’ia smirked and spoke again. A girl? Was he just called a girl? D’hys stared wide-eyed for a moment, then narrowed his gaze into a glare before giving a sudden bark of laughter. He supposed that was an accurate statement. Only some whiny chick would worry about another girl hating her and not want to return to a place that might cause her to cry. Z’ia once again proved why they were friends with that statement and as he casually ran his hand over his neck where he had been held down, D’hys returned the smirk and bucked his hips under Z’ia lightly, just enough to give a physical reminder of how he very much was not a girl. “Pretty sure you didn’t think I was a girl ten minutes ago.” He was glad he was a male as well. It had to suck being female as much as it did being a greenrider. He didn’t mind fucking either of them but their placement in the grand scheme of things didn’t mesh with his needs and desires.

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Couldn’t a guy walk through the Square anymore without women doing something foolish or a greenrider having a fit? D’hys rolled his eyes when he saw a woman surrounded by some random items with Z’ia bounding over to pick on her, or rather, A’liran. He watched in silent amusement from several yards away; just close enough to hear everything but far enough away to not be spotted by the group until he wanted them to. When Z’ia bounced away and A’liran looked ready to kill while flinging his protests, D’hys deemed it time to intervene though he hadn’t decided if he would join in, take over, or break up the party as he stepped in.

“No, but you’re mine until your next flight, babe,” D’hys gave an arrogant smirk as he easily swooped in behind A’liran and grabbing his wrists to restrain him from attacking Z’ia. “And potentially long after that if you keep entertaining me like you are.” He enjoyed the feisty attitude and wasn’t ready to toss away such a fun sport just yet. Not quite done with teasing the man by reminding him what they had after the flight, D’hys flicked one of A’liran’s earlobes with his tongue and purred, “did you miss me, A’liran?” He hadn’t missed the way the greenrider seemed to go out of his way to avoid him but he let it continue, fully confident that there would be a perfect time to catch up again; like now.

He eyed up Lymsleia, noting that while she was pretty, he was fairly certain he had seen her on the Sands with the last clutch. That was more than enough to have dismissed as not worth his time and he told Z’ia as much, “Z’ia, don’t waste your time with the girl. She’s a Candidate. Leave her to the likes of R’nd.” Candidates had never been his thing. At Igen, they were largely far too young for his tastes and at Katila, they were mostly Stolen from the North and whined far more than needed. He wasn’t interested in their sob stories – he didn’t even like to think on his own – and only wanted a good fuck, not some clinging and whiny mess.

“But this one, once again, seems far more interesting.” D’hys leaned around A’liran just enough to get a good look at him, keen eyes zeroing in on the greenrider’s crotch and the noticeable erection pressing against the pants, “I notice he liked your touch as well.”

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“If you say so,” D’hys laughed, completely over his foul mood and temper tantrum of before. Z’ia was good for playing a distraction but the older bluerider supposed that also counted as Z’ia simply being a good friend as well. Whatever the terminology, he was glad for the shorter man’s company and proved it by ignoring anything else said in favour of reaching up and wrapping an arm around Z’ia’s neck to force him to lean down. Like he was about to do more work than needed right then when he was the one having a bad day and needed the cheering up. It didn’t matter that he was feeling as right as rain once more, just like it didn’t matter that he had put his ghosts behind him and angry sex no longer applied. Z’ia was still in for a rough ride.

Seizing Z’ia’s face by clasping both cheeks with his hands, D’hys inched his own in closer, ever so slowly with a smirk on his lips, mischief in his eyes, and his dangerous aura surrounding them, “now quit the talking. We’ve done more than enough of that.” To prove his point, D’hys pressed a hard kiss to Z’ia’s lips and was soon inviting himself to more with his tongue working its way down his friend’s throat.

Well that was a crappy tag not worth waiting two weeks for. >.<

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D'hys was not in a good mood. In fact, to say his mood was bad was still a step up from where it currently sat. Like the previous Hatchings, he had set up a betting pool with Z'ia but unlike the others, he wasn't walking away with a smile. Who said browns couldn't sire gold was a fucking idiot and had a date with D'hys' fist if they ever met. Sure, he was glad to see another one pop into existence, though he did wonder what it meant to have two in back to back clutches when for so long it seemed as if Nirinath would be the last, but he liked winning and that shiny hide had thrown everything off!

Since he had been standing around with the rabble, collecting last minute bets and making comments as each dragonet emerged and with every Candidate that Impressed, D'hys was on foot, having left Zeianth to watch from wherever he wanted or not watch at all. They'd meet up soon enough as the bluerider knew his dragon would appear outside of the Circuit's entrance to pick him up. Unfortunately, that meant passing by people he normally didn't take notice of. It would have been the same today if it hadn't been for the one kid that kept running away and nearly ruined everything for them with D'ren's precious new take on everything at that lashing.

Anger swelled within him anew as the boy -- Sanderon, Zeianth lazily supplied when D'hys couldn't be bothered to recall his name -- introduced himself by boasting about shooting a dragon. Who the fuck did this guy think he was? His path was quickly changed as feet veered to the right where the group was, "well then, let me introduce you to another.I'm D'hys, rider of blue Zeianth." D'hys growled as way of introduction as he came upon the small group of pathetic-looking kids, completely talking over the other boy as if he wasn't even there. Were the Searchriders purposely seeking out the meek and fucked up now? "Correction; I'm the pissed off rider of blue Zeianth." If looks could kill, D'hys had it down pat with the glare he levelled on Sanderon after giving a quick once over of the other two who seemed harmless and more likely to faint than fight.

"You shot a dragon with an arrow? Is there something wrong with your head? You ungrateful non-riders. Did anyone even cry when they thought dragons were extinct? So your first instinct upon seeing one after turns of silence is to shoot it so they don't come back again?" D'hys took a step closer to Sanderon, hands flexing into fists as he just ached to teach this guy a lesson. "I'd drop you between right here and now myself for your treatment of a dragon but that'd be too good for you. No, I think someone should shoot you with an arrow and let it fester and give you a slow and agonising death." As he contemplated the merits of hitting a Candidate that shouldn't have been let near the Sands with just the little bit D'hys already knew of the spastic kid, D'hys caught sight of R'nya coming from the Hatching Circuit. The bronzerider really did know how to suck all the fun out of life.

Not at all interested in being caught giving out death threats, D'hys took a step back from Sanderon but not before issuing a warning, "you'll be watched, kid." Before leaving, his eyes caught the newly posted paper and while he didn't have time to read the entire thing, a quick skim had enough words popping out at him to give him an idea of what it was about. "S'kef has better tastes than that. So whichever one of you think you're a clever writer, you should fact check first." Thoroughly disgusted by the Candidates and the porn, D'hys finally tore away from the group to head for Zeianth who had quietly descended during his ranting. He easily mounted the blue and they were gone before R'nya made it to the group.

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D’hys levelled a dry look on Lymsleia when she started tossing insults at Z’ia and attempted to bore them all with some babbling about the woman’s body. Did the girl really think that would work? They were both quite familiar with the female form and both quite adept at tuning out the nonsense they spouted. It would have been the same this time as well if she hadn’t been stupid enough to throw heavy objects at his friend. Annoyance was heard in the sigh that whispered by A’liran’s head but grey eyes narrowed into that of a warning for Lymsleia. Naturally, Z’ia continued to laugh it off, his wild side spiking into the dangerous levels. If the girl knew what was good for her, she’d shut up and pretend she wasn’t around.

A’liran, however, D’hys was glad to see still had some fight in him. The bluerider held his grasp on wrists firm and he easily angled himself just enough to avoid the attacking mouth, not at all interested in being bitten. He was the one that did the biting! And Z’ia, as his spunky friend proved soon after. When A’liran started to struggle and defend the woman, D’hys rolled his eyes and shook his head at the poor greenrider, “open your pretty little eyes, A’liran. The woman is insulting Z’ia and threw things at him. She most certainly did do something.” It was amazing how people could spin things to their way of thinking when the truth was so clear and aligned with his own thinking.

“But you should go, woman. You were dismissed once and didn’t take the chance, perhaps now you’ll know better and jump at the offer. Run along and play with your flowers while the men continue their discussion.” D’hys wasn’t about to let go of A’liran to wave Lymsleia away but he did motion with a jerk of his head to emphasize his words that she should scram. Of course, given her type, she’d likely run for help, likely right to the Weyrleader. That was fine; they wouldn’t be here if she did return with back-up. A’liran would never rat them out anyway, D’hys was sure of that. The greenrider knew doing so would only bring down more of Z’ia’s wrath and D’hys was convinced A’liran actually did like the games played that boiled his blood and made for hot sex after all the harassing.

Convinced that this time Lymsleia would leave and everyone was inclined to let her, D’hys focused on Z’ia’s current game. Somehow, in his attempt to keep A’liran from swinging at Z’ia, D’hys was now being used as restraints for his friend to get away with everything he wanted. It was tempting to let go and see what kind of chaos would ensue but that would take away the control he held and D’hys wasn’t in the mood for that. “Z’ia and I on the other hand, are very good at sharing,” he purred against A’liran’s other ear, as he latched onto the idea of having some fun with both men that evening. “Even you will be lacking in complaints by the time we’re done with you.”

Figuring it was about time to let their catch go or cart him off elsewhere before a crowd gathered and only encouraged Z’ia to be even more wicked than usual, D’hys turned his attention to his fellow bluerider, his own wicked intent evident with the gleam in his eye and grin on his lips. “Z’ia, think he’ll willingly follow or should I toss him over a shoulder and carry our dear greenrider home?”

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D’hys couldn’t stop the gasp of shock as a very obviously female voice entered his mind. That alone was enough of a surprise for the bluerider used to his own male dragon talking to him but then to have Astoreth ask him to protect him from harm? D’hys was pretty sure he was supposed to be considered part of the problem considering he was the one binding A’liran so efficiently, but the greenpair knew Z’ia’s wild side as well, perhaps even better, than he did and in comparison, D’hys knew he was currently viewed as harmless. He glanced toward Astoreth, studying her for a moment and finally nodded. I will. Of course he would; there wasn’t any fun in breaking your playmate, now was there?

Unfortunately before he could really begin teasing the greenrider that he had to correct his way of holding to account for his dead-weight trick, the healer girl spoke again. He rolled his eyes and sighed once again in annoyance as Lymsleia waved around a knife and further threatened them with poison. “Little girl, we’re blueriders, my father is a brownrider, and I have several friends among the higher ranks, do you really think it wise to,” his explanation that a Candidate that was constantly getting into trouble and could probably earn herself into solitary confinement at his urging ended before it was meant to as Z’ia took matters into his own hands. He had to admit, the idea of forcing the knife from her hand was tempting and he was glad Z’ia did it before the foolish girl did something she’d regret or upset one of the three riders’ dragons all nearby.

He was also glad that Z’ia stopped when he did though even explaining any injury the girl received would be easy when calling it self-defence. No doubt even A’liran would agree with them with the right sort of persuading. Shaking his head at the way some women acted around men and trying to stifle a laugh at Zeianth’s comment about the girl clearly wanting to be used by all three men at once with the way she kept lingering and they should just do it and shut her up, D’hys returned his attention to his playmates. “Come now, babe. There’s no need to act like that. I can easily scoop you up even with you playing dead or,” he leaned in and without waiting to see what sort of reaction his closeness would bring, D’hys gave a languid swipe of his tongue along A’liran’s jaw, “we could just fuck you right here. I don’t mind an audience.”

With a laugh, D’hys was turning A’liran around and with as smoothly as he could with any squirming to work against, he had the greenrider flung over his right shoulder with his left hand giving a firm smack to his ass. “But I think tonight Z’ia and I want to keep you to ourselves. Lead on, Z’ia.”

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It was about time A’liran stirred! D’hys wasn’t sure how long the greenrider had been unconscious either but it seemed far too long. Of course there really wasn’t a reason for him to stay behind, watching over the guy like he somewhat did. It would have been far easier to cut out like Z’ia had once A’liran passed out, taking away the fun, though ‘fun’ was a subjective term. For the most part their time together had been exactly that but it bordered on going a bit too far given the actions and reactions that happened between the other two men. It was something he had thought about briefly but in the end didn’t quite care enough to deeply analyse and fell into an easy yet silent conversation with Zeianth as D’hys sat back and made himself comfortable fairly close to the greenrider.

So he didn’t need Astoreth hissing at him to look at her rider when A’liran stirred, his attention having already shifted from where he lounged, still naked, and staring at the wall while chatting with his own dragon. However, when A’liran’s demand came, D’hys gave a partial smirk and let his gaze trail over the other man from toes to head where he finally gave a reply, “a pissed off greenrider.” Nothing else was said as D’hys reached beside him and was soon giving a lazy toss of a shirt to its owner. He may have been rough and have questionable morals but the bluerider did know the value of clothing at Katila and how hard it could be to get new articles if they were constantly being torn by anxious or vicious hands so A’liran’s clothing fared better than the man himself.

“Z’ia left when you passed out,” he answered before the question was asked or the frantic search around the room for the shorter bluerider took place. It was pretty obvious A’liran hated Z’ia and possibly even feared his friend which D’hys had always assumed was a natural reaction though he liked the younger rider, enjoying his company and getting a kick out of his personality. “The fun was lost with your consciousness.” Why yes, perhaps that was a tip for A’liran to remember the next time he collided with Z’ia and didn’t have someone to help control the encounter somewhat.

Dining Hall / Re: Colors [D'hys]
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D’hys was in the mood for a game but he couldn’t decide what he wanted to play and who he wanted to use as the pawn. There were several still lined up that he wanted to get to but the timing just wasn’t right. B’jin was, naturally, at the top of the list but as much as he hated to say it, D’hys knew he had waited too long on making his move with that one and would likely have to wait a bit longer for a proper opening. He loved a good challenge but it was rather clear that B’jin and R’nd were too wrapped up in their relationship to truly consider outside influences trying to steal one or the other away for amusement and bragging rights. Perhaps that game could start a little early with some strategies being laid out with casual encounters to weaken B’jin’s defences. Yes, that could kill some time.

As he strolled through the Dining Hall with a plate of lunch, gray gaze sweeping over the milling about group for someone he wanted to spend some time with, D’hys realised luck was smiling down on him like usual when an adorable young greenrider sitting alone came into view. That’s one of Z’ia’s old classmates, isn’t it? What’s his name again? D’hys could remember people when he wanted and had a surprisingly good grasp on knowledge about greenriders in particular since chasing them was such a fun sport and collecting them all was a fun hobby but the younger ones were still a bit fuzzy around the edges. Niskziath’s rider, V’zire. And no, we have not chased them before. She’s… whimsical, if I want to be nice, but otherwise, she’s fairly stupid.

Even better!

D’hys was fine with repeats – some had definitely earned a spot amongst his favourite partners – but a new challenge was what he craved and the little greenrider that he hadn’t chased before and, if he recalled correctly from Z’ia gossiping about his classmates, V’zire was naïve, a sucker for love, and hard to just toss into bed. It was exactly what he was after. When he started smiling to himself – and what a sweet little smile it was, too – D’hys knew he was talking to his dragon and it was the perfect time to slide in while the man was distracted.

“Hey, V’zire, right?” D’hys moved to stand behind the bench across the table from V’zire and offered his own sweet smile. He was a predator, there was no denying that, but he was a hidden one that struck when it was too late to run for safety and playing up kindness always won people over. “What has you in such a good mood? Oh, sorry. Do you mind if I join you?” D’hys set his tray down and quickly made his calculated apology that would have it seem like he was used to joining friends or striking up a conversation with anyone and sitting down without worrying about intruding. Except, this time he was worried; or so he’d lead on for now.

Weyrfolk Hall / Re: Victory or Defeat? [D'hys] [M]
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“I taught Z’ia how to have fun,” D’hys said with a shrug, unconcerned about the accusation being spat at him. Z’ia was rougher than he often was but he doubted the short bluerider was a monster. Sometimes greenriders exaggerated when they got a bruise, everyone knew that. That being said, D’hys had noticed the way Z’ia seemed to push a little harder against acceptable limits with A’liran and pulled back when he was given a questioning look. It was likely just something that went on between the two men but the fact that Z’ia only pulled back once his friend started to think it was too much made D’hys wonder, but only in the slightest. They had different levels of comfort and Z’ia respected him as a friend, that was likely all it was. “So there really isn’t any need for the name-calling, babe. Unless, of course, you were making a suggestion about what you would like played with again.”

D’hys barely managed to raise an eyebrow to go with his grin before A’liran was spinning around on the window and yelling at someone outside. A soft laugh escaped when he barely made out the shocked figure as I’shan and he blew the man a kiss before he scampered off and A’liran turned back to face him. He schooled his features back into that of mild amusement but held off on commenting about their spectator and whether or not the greenrider liked being watched. That could be a conversation later, just like he was sure to find I’shan for one as well. “So, are we going to move on from the insults now?”

Dining Hall / Re: Colors [D'hys]
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D’hys gave a genuine laugh of amusement at Niskziath’s whimsies, finding the various quirks of the dragons to often be amusing. He had been born and raised in a weyr and his dear mother had been a greenrider as well so he knew exactly how the females could get and always found the sillier ones to be oddly endearing. However, he was ridiculously glad he had such a calm blue that was so relaxed and aloof his personality often matched that of his icy hide. “At least you know you’re never bored with Niskziath. Zeianth would be happy to go to her and help with directions. He’s also well, thank you for asking.” A kind smile was given to V’zire and a mental snort to his dragon who didn’t overly like the idea of being volunteered like that.

If I must, came the eventual reply, laced with boredom. You must. It’ll do us both a world of help if you make friends with her. Besides, seduce her well enough and we’ll mess with their flights and V’zire’s perfect little weyrmate-mated-to-someone-else will have a fit his piece of tail on the side is taken from him. That was the right thing to say as Zeianth’s laughter hit him before the large blue took off to find the silly green.

The fact that they were in the same wing – and V’zire hadn’t had time to track him or Z’ia down – was going to work wonderfully in his favour. It gave them more time together and since he already was focused on the drills and didn’t spend the entire practice goofing around, it would leave an even healthier impression on the gullible greenrider. “The fault is mine!” D’hys protested with a wave of a hand to stop V’zire from going down the path he was to blame. “I often chat with Z’ia or the other blueriders before practice begins and then I’m extremely focused on the drills of the day. I shouldn’t have waited so long to sit with you. Of course, you’re a rather popular man yourself, V’zire.”

He took a quick swig of his ale, purposely letting it be known there was something else on his mind but he wasn’t sure if it should be said or not before finally playing his next card, “I probably shouldn’t say this so early on in our first official conversation together… I probably shouldn’t say it all,” D’hys coyly ducked his head to stare at his food to add another hesitant pause before grey eyes slowly lifted back to V’zire and a warm smile was given, “I’m glad I finally managed to catch up to you while we’re both alone. I’ve had a feeling we would hit it off rather well. As friends, I mean!”

Dining Hall / Re: Colors [D'hys]
« on: 04 Nov 2012 at 03:49 AM »
"We're never going to get anywhere if we both insist we did something wrong by not saying 'hello' sooner, you know." D'hys chuckled with a slight shake of his head. V'zire was unbelievably adorable and sweet. The kindness that radiated off the man was genuine and it was odd to find someone so sincere and open like the greenrider. Of course he was still guarded in some ways since he didn't give in to any sort of flirtations -- blueriders did love to gossip! -- though that could possibly count as loyalty to the mated man V'zire felt was owed since he won Niskziath's flights. Such an odd man. An odd man that was going to prove to be a fun challenge. The sweet ones were always the most willing to trust and see the good in everyone before finally giving away their heart and a place in bed. D'hys had no need for a heart, though collecting the broken ones that had shattered as he left was fun, but he was all for claiming the bragging rights to getting V'zire to eat out of the palm of his hand and wrap his legs around his waist.

A few bites of food were taken before it got too cold but he was soon shaking his head again when V'zire tried to deny his standing within Katila. "I'd call that popular. If you liked to talk and no one liked to listen to it, then that would be another thing entirely but you have people that carry conversations with you and seem happy to see you approach. You shouldn't sell yourself short so much, V'zire." A little confidence-building was definitely in order for the road to victory to go off without a bump. He'd flatter and encourage the greenrider as often as possible without it coming across as forced or done in order to get something. Everything always came down to timing and D'hys would be careful with his.

"Anyway, shall we be a bit cheesy and toast to our friendship?" D'hys smiled cheerfully as he raised his mug anyway and waited for V'zire to follow suit. There wasn't a single thought about the greenrider doing otherwise given how he'd likely feel guilty for leaving him hanging over something so innocent. If D'hys could manage to get V'zire to loosen up enough to partake in silly gestures like toasting random things, then there was a strong chance it would carry over into other areas and he'd be willing to try other silly and innocent things. They were small steps, but steps that would build trust and maintain interest.

Weyrfolk Hall / Re: Victory or Defeat? [D'hys] [M]
« on: 04 Nov 2012 at 03:50 AM »
D'hys let A'liran grumble and spit words at him without interrupting. It was part of the greenrider's appeal. He had spunk and energy, much like Z'ia did and D'hys adored his little bluerider friend for more than just that but it had definitely kept him interested after the intitial meeting at Z'ia's graduation. It still amused D'hys when he thought back to that day and the reaction Z'ia gave when he was told his honorific was clearly to honour Zeianth with the names sounding similar. But that was something to smirk about later when he didn't have a feral greenrider glaring daggers at him.

He let the differing definitions of 'fun' go since they weren't likely to agree on it ever and simply shrugged when the questions about staying and going hit. Why had he stayed? Why hadn't he slipped out with Z'ia when the entertainment passed out? Both were easy enough to answer, just like the statement thrown at him -- which actually managed to startle him -- a moment before he had a chance to could be given an answer. The true question was, did A'liran deserve any of those answers? He supposed he did, especially since the answers all linked together in one way or another.

"I wouldn't call Z'ia a lunatic but he does get a bit enthusiastic. That's actually why I went along with his idea, though thr thought of both of you at once was giving me a massive hard on as well. But if I didn't come along to balance him out, would you be better off than you are now?" He wasn't entirely blind; he knew Z'ia was holding back to some degree but D'hys still didn't know what was the norm for his young friend when he wasn't around, still believing Z'ia just liked to get more physical with A'liran because the greenrider's mouth never stopped running and provoking people. "You never truly told me 'no' and I did sort of ask for the record. But I will keep in mind that you're likely to say 'yes' when we meet again and I ask for a few hours of your time."

There was still one last question that hadn't been addressed and D'hys held off on answering it as his fingers toyed with the material of clothing beside him. It wasn't like A'liran would believe him even if he gave the explanation for staying but at least if he gave it, he couldn't be blamed for being ellusive or whatever else A'liran would try to pin on him. With a slight shrug over his thoughts, D'hys tossed the clothing towards A'liran, giving the man his pants so he could finish dressing, further adding to the truth of what was about to be said. "I didn't stick around for seconds, though from what you just said, if I asked you to crawl into my lap right now, would you want to?" A wicked grin was given with an arching brow but D'hys didn't expect it to happen and made no move to ensure it would but continued speaking instead, "I stayed because I wanted to make sure you weren't hurt with more than the bruises I assumed you would have, to make sure you weren't violated by anyone else while you slept, and so we could have this lovely chat with you blaming me for everything. That last part is usually the best way for me to count a day as complete."

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