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Dining Hall / Righting Wrongs
« on: 21 Aug 2012 at 11:50 PM »
So, Tyrrisath had failed to catch Rilaleeyth. That didn't bode well.

As much as A'liran loved to see a cruel brownrider put in his place, he also knew when it wasn't the time to tempt fate. A'liran was small, handsome, and worst of all, feisty. Everything S'kef liked. He'd met with dreaded S'kef of Tyrrisath before, both locked in the bonds of flight and on a more literal battlefield. A'liran's back didn't bear the same horrible scars as some less fortunate greenriders, but he would always remember the sting of that whip.

Some dragons couldn't be slew through conventional warfare. A'liran opted for a tactical retreat.

He moved to the dining hall after the flight, settling himself at a crowded table and taking an exceptionally long time with his meal. Things happened after flights. Sometimes, the frustrated losers vented themselves in unhealthy ways. It wasn't too much of a problem normally; most of them would go home or get drunk or something. Maybe track down a willing wench or stolen northerner who needed some comfort. Not all of them were monsters. Not many of them would go too far.

S'kef would, though. There was some sort of incident almost every time he lost that damn green's flights. It was usually violence. Bullying. Shoving. Insults. But A'liran knew himself well enough to realize that if S'kef spit at him, he'd spit back. And he would lose. Best just to avoid him.

A'liran couldn't imagine how wrong things had gone this time, though.

He left the dining hall late, around a half hour after Rilaleeyths screeching stopped. Aveleth won Astoreth commented with mild amusement. Aveleth wasn't an uncommon sight in her own flights, and had won them often enough that A'liran considered Z'ia a personal nemesis. A'liran smirked. J'ver and Z'ia, huh? Those assholes deserve each other

A'liran stood up and started to head home. He was sure it would be safe by now. In fact, he was just a little bit ashamed for even being concerned. He'd never have admitted it, obviously. He would deny it to his death, but that brownrider...he unnerved  A'liran.

Greenriders couldn't show fear in the face of bullies like that, though. Showing fear was an invitation.

A'liran was starting to relax when he felt Astoreth nudge him lightly. A'liran. You must look. She sounded dour, with a streak of darkness and resentment lurking behind her sweet voice.

A'liran paused and let his eyes drift as she bid them. A storage room?

The greenrider approached and pushed the door open. "Hello?"

Dining Hall / Re: Righting Wrongs
« on: 22 Aug 2012 at 12:34 AM »
Oh. A'liran's brows furrowed as he realized who he'd stumbled upon. It was V'zire; possibly the most delicate and gentle man A'liran had ever met, of any faction. A'liran could still remember their first meeting, where his own fierce temper had startled V'zire and made their first meeting awkward, to say the least.

There needed to be more greenriders like V'zire, A'liran thought. People to break the stereotypes and prove the masses wrong. Unfortunately, being different appeared to come with consequences.

It didn't take a lot of thought to figure out what had happened. The torn clothes, the tears. A'liran's jaw clenched in anger. "Who did this?" he snapped suddenly, his voice constricting. His eyes scanned the dark room, picking up on the silhouettes and slowly piecing the clues together in his mind. He waited a long moment for the answer, then stepped forward regardless of whether or not he'd been given it.  He wasn't even paying any attention; he didn't need an answer. He knew.

S'kef and Tyrrisath Astoreth said, for the blamed the dragon just as much as the rider. The dragon could have stopped it. She knew he could have.

A'liran seated himself against the wall and grunted. He reached out to examine the shredded shirt and frowned. "....I could probably get someone to patch this for you," he commented lightly, roughly...not sure what to say to console his fellow greenrider. He sneered. He wasn't much for fluffy sentimental stuff, but his concern was visible through sheer effort alone.

There was an awkward pause, then he sighed. "Dude...I'm so sorry."

I'm so sorry

Dining Hall / Re: Righting Wrongs
« on: 22 Aug 2012 at 01:02 AM »
Shards. I hate that insufferable, wherfaced bastard....Sharding wish someone would kill him and get it over with A'liran thought angrily. Astoreth hissed softly in her wallow, eyes flushing red as she drank in her rider's anger. She liked his spirit and his anger. It made her feel justified in her own.

Perhaps someday, someone will the green crooned. But I'd prefer it not be you. I enjoy living, and I hardly want to throw myself between because you were a hero she said, almost playfully. Though if this upsets you so, perhaps some comeuppance is in order?

A'liran laughed cruelly. It wasn't at V'zire, though he felt the need to explain himself a moment later. "Ast is reminding me not to kill the fucker," he said. He sighed and slumped against the wall, his grey eyes sinking shut as he thought back to the several times he'd met the brownrider on bad terms.

"I know you you feel, man," A'liran said with an edge of gritty unpleasantness. "Tyrrisath has flown Ast plenty of times since we all hooked up again. Grumpy bastard usually goes for seconds, if you know what I mean." And any greenrider would. A'liran doubted V'zire had suffered from such abuse yet. He was too sweet and innocent. He was too shocked by what had happened.

What was A'liran supposed to tell him to do, get over it? That's what many would say, but that wasn't good enough. It wasn't good enough.

"Fuck. Come on, let's get ya home, pal," A'liran said, climb ing to his feet and holding one hand out. "...I won't let anyone else screw with you, okay?"

Dining Hall / Re: Righting Wrongs
« on: 22 Aug 2012 at 01:53 AM »
A'liran didn't understand how anyone couldn't be angry. What was the phrase again? If you aren't angry, you aren't paying attention? But what about people like V'zire, who so obviously knew about the wrongs in their world, yet lacked the strength to do anything about it? A'liran may not have had any power, but he was at least willing to take them on anyhow. This other greenrider, though...he was soft, gentle, and in a strange sense, incorruptible. His place wasn't on the front lines. Look how he was even now, unable to lash out at his attacker, free of the biting hatred...

A'liran smiled, in spite of the bile in his throat. He helped V'zire stand and gripped his hand for a moment, lightly clasping it with his other hand and nodding. "It's not a problem. Come on."

He could feel Astoreth's curiosity stirring. Like so many things in the human world, she didn't understand what the big deal about this was. It was just a simple incident, right? Wouldn't the pain pass? She remained silent on the subject, knowing well that even if she didn't get it, it bothered A'liran. Anything that bothered him was worth sparing a bit of empathy for.

Is there anything I can do? she asked cautiously, keeping her words private between herself and her rider.

Not really, Ast. Unless you wanna go chomp S'kef

You know I can't do that. I'm certain he's bitter she said with pointed amusement. A'liran snorted aloud as he pushed the door open and gently led V'zire outside.

"Do you need someone to look after you tonight, pal?" A'liran asked as he cautiously looked to his left and his right, sharp eyes looking out for any signs of trouble. "I don't wanna just leave you all alone if you're scared or whatever. I dare that wher to come around you again..."

He didn't even know this greenrider, but here was was threatening to to battle with someone he secretly feared. It wasn't that A'liran was so easily infatuated. At this moment, V'zire and his plight represented everything that was wrong with dragonrider society. Everything that had been wrong before the plague. Everything that had gotten worse since.

Personal Huts / All Things New Again [J'ver]
« on: 23 Aug 2012 at 02:18 AM »
The sun was starting to hang low in the sky when A'liran and Astoreth returned from their hunt. It had been a good day; they'd caught two wherries, one for her belly and one for the kitchens. A'liran was proud of himself, but more than anything else he'd enjoyed a day of freedom with his bonded. Katila was as much of a prison as him as it was to the northerners. It was nice to get away from the drama, to feel the wind in his hair and see nothing but sky above and trees below. Shards, some days the politics got so tense that he almost missed his exile.

Of course, he was also highly prone to thinking and saying things he didn't ultimately mean because they made him feel better at the time.

As so they flew, a juvenile wherry hanging from Astoreth's claws as they cast their shadow over the residential section of Katila. Going between would have been quicker, but A'liran wasn't keen on damaging the meat. Astoreth heartily agreed, even though she knew that was just a flimsy excuse for extending their outing just a little bit longer.

As they passed over the huts, something caught Astoreth's eye. J'ver has finally showed his face she said with interest. She was just as devilishly curious about the dodgy greenrider's whereabouts as her bonded had been. A'liran had never liked J'ver, but he couldn't deny that the bastard was awfully interesting. Besides, any greenrider who would willingly ally himself with a user like S'kef was an enemy, and one to be watched with great interest.

For now, though, A'liran was just curious. Let's go say 'hello'

Astoreth obeyed. She made a smooth circle before dropping in for a landing, coming down on her hind legs so she could continue holding her wherry with her forepaws. She settled outside J'ver's hut, only a few paces away from his garden. A'liran quickly dismounted and walked over.

"Hey hey, look who returned to the land of the living!" he called out. He was friendly enough, at least for now. Part of him wanted to hope that J'ver had turned over a new leaf by separating from the monster, but mostly he was just testing the waters. A'liran crossed his arms and smiled smugly. "Finishing up a bit of gardening before the sun goes down, huh?"

A'liran started to pace. "So...No one's seen you around lately. Or your brownrider. Rumor has it you dumped him." A'liran couldn't help but grin devilishly at the prospect. "Good on you, I say. You know we greenriders have to stick together."

The tragedy here was that A'liran was speaking genuinely.

Dining Hall / Re: Righting Wrongs
« on: 23 Aug 2012 at 11:58 PM »
A'liran glanced at V'zire as they walked along, trying his best to interpret the man's behavior. V'zire was saying one thing, but almost certainly meaning another. A'liran had never understood that. It made it hard to know what to say in response. Was V'zire actually going to be all right, or was he trying to hint that A'liran should remain at his hut afterall? Why not just say it, for the sake of modesty?

The greenrider's cynicism faded a little bit as he looked his colleague over. V'zire was a mess, and well, A'liran remembered the way he felt after his first bad flight. This has to be something similar. There had been anger, yes, but also dejection. The feeling of uselessness and powerlessness was overwhelming, the sort of thing a man could drown in. Someone delicate like V'zire? He probably felt like a burden.

Yeah, that was it. A'liran softened and reached out to lightly pat V'zire's shoulder, not sure else how to comfort him. 'Dude," he said encouragingly, "If you want me to stay, just say so. I'm not worried about it. All I'm gonna do at home is lay around a while and go to sleep anyhow."

Maybe V'zire wanted to be alone. Maybe he needed to be alone. A'liran sure had those days. But would leaving him alone be safe? It was a puzzle, and  A'liran didn't like puzzles. He shook his head, as if doing so would remove his confusion. "Only if you want, though. I mean, it's not a problem to me either way. I just..." He trailed off, his eyes narrowing with angry remembrance. "I just know how it goes, okay? And I want to help if I can. Whers like S'kef...they think they can have anything they want from us. That's why we have to take care of each other."

Personal Huts / Re: All Things New Again [J'ver]
« on: 24 Aug 2012 at 06:47 AM »
Astoreth carefully set her wherry down and turned her jeweled eyes on Rilaleeyth. She could sense her fellow green's excitement, but she waited a few long moments before offering a response. How are you doing, Rilaleeyth? Astoreth asked pensively. Outwardly she showed interest, but inwardly she was more amused than anything else. Rilaleeyth was so very delicate and pure; Astoreth couldn't understand it, much like her own bonded didn't understand J'ver.

She's always been afraid of me she thought with satisfaction. Astoreth didn't particularly enjoy the fear of others, but she did find it awfully funny in cases like this. What did Rila think she was going to do, bite her?

Hey, Rila is actually sweet. Leave her be.

Astoreth gave a mental shrug.  If you insist she cooed, eyes flushing blue as she lowered her nose to bump A'liran. He reached out and wrapped one arm around her as he continued to watch J'ver.

"'Parted ways'?  Can I ask why?" he greenrider asked as he took a few steps forward, his fingers sliding reluctantly off of Ast's hide as he walked. The dragon loomed in his background like a gargoyle (not unlike Tyrrisath, really) as A;liran closed the gap between himself and J'ver. The plants were respectfully avoided.

"You know, the rumor is-"


A'liran paused and looked up. He saw a brown dragon with distinctive gold highlights sailing riderless nearby. Tyrrisath? Oh, he wasn't close enough to be spying. It must have been coincidence.

Astoreth wasn't so sure.  Rilaleeyth she said privately,  Did he speak to you? I tried to call to him, but he is being quiet.  Well, more than usual. There was a hint of annoyance in her tone. Shards, Tyrrisath was boringI am worried, though she added quickly.  Do you think something is wrong with her bonded?

Astoreth reported the same to her rider, who had started pacing again. Really? That's hilarious he said. He cast his eyes on J'ver and studied him, waiting to see if he would react to any unseen promptings. After the other greenrider's sarcastic comment, A'liran wasn't so sure that his initial assessment was right. The story was that J'ver dumped S'kef. A'liran wanted it to be true, but if it was, wouldn't J'ver be relieved?

"The story is that you dumped him. Is that true? It would take balls to say no to a guy like that." A'liran paused, thinking back irritably to his handful of flights with the man. "J'ver...I don't know what you saw in him. You know what he thinks of all of us, right? Apparently you really were his better half, though. All the rumors say he's drinking himself to death."

He paused, and smirked.

"I hope he does."

Personal Huts / Re: All Things New Again [J'ver]
« on: 24 Aug 2012 at 08:01 AM »
You don't talk anymore? Astoreth asked, flat and unbelieving. What sort of stunt was Tyrrisath pulling? Astoreth didn't remember that flight anymore. Rila must be remembering it through constant reminders from her rider, and if Tyrrisath was avoiding them, then he was probably going through the same thing. That was stupid. Stupid! They needed to stop being stupid!

The green snorted and her eyes flared with a sudden swirl of red. She wasn't possessive of her mates, but from what she understood, that pair had once enjoyed a bond. Why was Tyrrisath so willing to just throw that away? She glanced across the rooftops and watched as the gold-etched brown settled. You ought to go after him Astoreth said bluntly. That's what she would do. Then again, who actually wanted Tyrrisath? Girlfriend, you are desperate.

Aveleth is much better she concluded haughtily. And I don't mind sharing

A'liran had pulled himself away from any conversation with Astoreth and was now focused fully on J'ver. "Ah,  I see. You thought you were clever, cozying up to the big, strong Weyrsecond?" he asked, sounding impressed. He'd always imagined that was a big part of their bond, and J'ver was known to throw away what he no longer had use for. "I kind of like that. It's refreshing, to see one of them getting used and thrown away for once, instead of one of us."

He smiled, almost playfully. A'liran didn't like J'ver. He never had, and he was still uncertain of how he felt about this turn of events. He did know it was a good thing though, and pretty entertaining at that.

The next part made him lift a brow. He'd given J'ver the benefit of the doubt up to this point, but the comment about a 'mistreatment in the past' was irksome. "I'd think you'd be madder, considering how he used to beat you up all the time." That was a bold claim and based entirely on rumors, but how could it not be true? The pair made it so...obvious.

Personal Huts / Re: All Things New Again [J'ver]
« on: 24 Aug 2012 at 09:09 AM »
Oh, now that was cute.

Astoreth fanned her wings lightly and sighed lightly. There's enough of Aveleth to go around she purred. She wasn't sure why Rila was so upset! But hey. From the sounds of it, you really are over Tyrrisath, she commented. If Rila was so determined to defend Aveleth as her own mate, why even bother pining for that boring brown?

A'liran tilted his head and shrugged. "Whatever you say," he said lethargically, though he couldn't imagine why anyone would consent to being struck. Why did anyone put up with it? He could puzzle over it all day, but he'd decided that J'ver was unknowable.

"Once? Hah! Sure!" he crowed. At this point, he didn't think he was actually ridiculing J'ver. He thought of it as teasing. "Everyone knows S'kef threw you around like a ragdoll. He does it to me every time Tyrrisath flies with Astoreth! That man's a monster," he said. Surely he was preaching to the choir at this point. J'ver seemed secure (if oddly subdued) in his choice to leave the brownrider. A little joking about the subject couldn't hurt.

"I would love to have seen the look on his face, though. You really do] have balls," he said, laughing jovially. Hey, maybe J'ver wasn't so bad! "You know, though...S'kef really has been acting like a lunatic lately. I keep expecting to hear news that he's hanged himself in his hut like th-"

 A'liran, look out!

Astoreth's screech was piercing, but Tyrrisath's roar was louder.

Communal Kitchens / Re: Regrets and Spices (A'liran)
« on: 27 Aug 2012 at 05:21 AM »
A'liran strode past, his light steps leaving soft indentations in the grass as he went. He was bored, as he often was in the middle of quiet days, and found himself wandering. Astoreth was currently away, contenting herself with a nice lounge at the lakeside, leaving A'liran alone with his own mischief, at least for the time being.

He rounded the corner, walking along parallel to the kitchens complex as he shifted to a noticeably faster pace. He wasn't exactly fleeing, but he had decided after a couple unseemly comments that perhaps he should distance himself from some of his peers back in the dining hall. It was a little worrisome, but mostly just funny.

It was more fun back in the old days, though. Back when dragons numbered over a measly 200 and a greenrider still gained something resembling respect. He didn't feel totally shut out yet, but in spite of the supposedly greenloving Weyrleader, things had gotten worse instead of getting better.

In truth, A'liran had been more agitated than usual over the past few days. He saw no justice when he witnessed the candidate's lashing, nor in the enstatemt of the new Weyrsecond himself. N'gelt was just as bad at S'kef, perhaps even worse. A'liran had done well to keep his mouth shut over the past few days. Tensions were high, but that's how life was in the south. It was always lurking about, but sometimes it erupted into the forefront. It would subside eventually. A'liran wasn;t sure if that was a good thing or not.

All he knew was that in his youth, he'd have fought right along side them. As he stood now, he wished to do his best to save them. Too bad that was well out of his power.

He was deep in thought as he neared the little spice garden. He'd seen it before, but he'd never really bothered to investigate. As he walked up on it now, he was so lost in his thoughts that he almost tromped right into it.

"Shards!" he hissed, sidestepping suddenly. "Eh, sorry about that..." He cast his eyes on the girl, who he'd seen a time or two before. Skittish, they said. He offered a noncommittal smile.

Dining Hall / Re: Righting Wrongs
« on: 27 Aug 2012 at 09:26 PM »
"That's the problem, pal," A'liran said as he walked along. He looked around periodically, scanning the darkness for any signs of toruble. He knew it was a bit paranoid to expect something else to happen, but he couldn't help himself. Seeing V'zire's pain intensified his own resentment, but it also inspired just a hint of fear in him. A'liran knew that at the end of the day, many of those above wouldn't see a difference between an aggressive greenrider like himself or a sweet one like V'zire. If they did, it might not be the kind of difference he hoped for, either.

Maybe it just brought back memories. Memories of bad flights, memories of nights out gone wrong. A'liran loved to blame his attacks, but he also knew he brought some of it on himself. It didn't excuse his attacks for their crimes, but what did he expect would happen when he picked fights he knew he couldn't win? Was it the thrill of the conflict? Did he enjoy danger?

A little bit, but not when he had someone to protect.

After his pause, he spoke again. "....That's the problem," he repeated. "Some of them DO know right from wrong, but they just don't care. It's all about what they can get for themselves." He shook his head as he spoke. "You're pretty tough stuff." A'liran admired the trusting, gentle nature he was in his fellow greenrider. V'zire was a little bit skittish or whatever, yeah...but his innocence and sweetness were unmarred by what he'd gone through. A'liran almost wished he had the same quality that made that possible, but it was a fleeting through. He'd never been very innocent, or sweet. What he saw in V'zire was a different kind of strength than what he possessed. It was a shame so few would recognize it.

Any sign of him?

Nope. Tyrrisath and his rider have gone to sleep, I believe

Thank Faranth

A'liran paused as an idea came to him. He smiled, then reached into his pocket. "Once we get you home, how do you feel about a game of dragon poker?" he inquired, pulling out a pack of cards. Poor V'zire would need something to distract him that evening.

I figure at this point, they're almost back. New thread?

Communal Kitchens / Re: Regrets and Spices (A'liran)
« on: 27 Aug 2012 at 09:37 PM »

A'liran was somewhat surprised, and not sure if he was displeased. He'd spent most of his life calling people who didn't deserve it 'sir' for a variety of reasons, and he surely didn't think he deserved it either. Still, he supposed it was a nice gesture. Too bad he answered it with a puzzled raise of his eyebrow instead of a polite decline or something equally sensible.

"Huh? Oh..." he said, biting his lower lip before letting out a playful laugh, primarily at himself. "It's no problem. I was barreling along like a wherry, wasn't I?" He looked over his shoulder. No pursuers. Score!

"Everything's fine, though. Thanks for asking." No need to tell this sweet girl that he'd just fled a possible altercation with a puffed-up brownrider. He smirked with a bit of self-important amusement. He wondered what sort of look that wherry had on his face about now!

Lacking anywhere better to be and noticing the almost eager demeanor of the young lady, he seated himself cross-legged in the grass. "You build your garden in a busy spot," he noted, motioning at the area around them. "It's pretty, though. Too bad Astoreth isn't here, she's a sucker for good-smelling oil. I can't imagine good-smelling plants would be any different."

Well, he had been complaining to himself about boredom all day. Maybe this was his answer!

Eastern Hunting Ranges / Should Have Seen it Coming [Erisi]
« on: 28 Aug 2012 at 11:12 PM »
A'liran had always loved watching Astoreth hunt. He remembered being a weyrling and listening to some of his classmates complain about the blood and gore. They were squeamish. A'liran had to admit that he found it just a little bit funny. He wasn't exactly bloodthirty, but there was something about the primal beauty of a dragon on the hunt that he could appreciate. They were strong and graceful, almost fluid in their motions, and yet so deadly.

How good it was to be bonded to one of them. The feeling was the same now. A'liran stood to the side of the Range, arms crossed and eyes watching amusedly as Astoreth made a playful loop in the air above. The little green was sizing up her prey, he knew. She always eyed beasts that were a little bit out of her range. He silently reminded her not to let her eyes get bigger than her stomach, but she seemed to be in a pushy mood today.

I can take care of it she muttured, not exactly angry, but with a hint of standoffishness. A'liran's back straightened out and he let out an indignant snort. Suit yourself he said, pretending not to care, though she always worried him when she went on these little power trips. She wasn't a tiny dragon, but she was a green, and only a middling green. A large enough herdbeast could be dangerous to her. Like A'liran, however, the little dragon had a tendency for bravado. She would take the largest herdbeast on principle if he told her she couldn't; therefore, he kept his mouth shut and pretended not to care.

She had her suspicions, but the ploy still worked. A moment later, the green descended, snatching a juvenile and rending it between tooth and claw. A'liran felt a slight shudder at her ferocity.

He wondered for a moment what had gotten into him.

Eastern Hunting Ranges / Re: Should Have Seen it Coming [Erisi]
« on: 28 Aug 2012 at 11:50 PM »
A'liran was distantly aware of the younger greenpair nearby, but he didn't pay any attention to them outright. He knew them by sight: Erisi and  Charath, the twin terrors of the weyrling barracks. Erisi was supposedly a total handful. A'liran liked that in theory, though he hoped it didn't get the kid's ass kicked one day like it had his. Ah, back in the day!

"Thanks," A'liran said, shifting his blue eyes to the younger man. He could feel Astoreth's hunger coursing through him with unusual vigor. She was ravenous today, tearing into the carcass like an angry feline shredding a crawler. A'liran liked it when she got like this. There was energy and power there. She made him feel strong.

"I'm surprised you know her name," A'liran said as he turned properly towards the young greenrider. "From what I've heard, Erisi of Charath isn't interested in much that doesn't concern himself." It wasn't a dig so much as a 'witty' remark. A'liran smiled and raised his eyebrows playfully. He half-expected the boy to get mad, but A'liran hadn't meant it in sincere aggression. He was in a playful mood.

Just to make sure, he elaborated. "You are Erisi, correct? Searched by I'shan and Ilveriath? What a wherry.." The last part was breathed quietly, though not so quietly that it couldn't be overheard. A'liran had no love for searchriders, especially not brown-screwing disgraces like that one. He just couldn't understand why they would volunteer for such a cruel task. The greenrider's lips twitched with a hint of catty distaste as he looked back to Astoreth, who had managed to completely cover her face, chest, and forelimbs in blood.


Shut up

A'liran's eyes widened in surprise. Well, wasn't she in a bad mood?

Eastern Hunting Ranges / Re: Should Have Seen it Coming [Erisi]
« on: 29 Aug 2012 at 02:11 AM »
Shards, was Astoreth desperate to kill that extremely dead herdbeast. She growled lowly as she settled down on top of the tattered corpse, eyes whirling red as she angled her head towards Charath. Astoreth wasn't necessarily a friendly dragon, but aside from some dryness, she was generally very well controlled. She could keep her mouth shut and maintain her composure all day long, but something about Charath was apparently rubbing her the wrong way. A'liran sensed it and frowned slightly as he watched his dragon curling defensively around her prey.

"...Yeah, a piece of work. Takes one to know one, I suppose," he said, laughing lowly at Erisi's expense. A'liran was used to rolling with punches, and it seemed to him like the little greenrider was trying to get under his skin subtly. Was it true? Perhaps it was, perhaps not. A'liran was interpreting it as so, and partially unintentionally.

"I do agree, though. And in all condolences," he continued. It was unclear whether he was consoling Eri for being searched, or for being searched by I'shan. It was possibly and probably both. He stretched a little, eyes still floating between his own Astoreth and the other green in the field.

She's not going to take it from you. At least  Idon't think. Astoreth remained quiet, choosing not to respond as she continued to chew on her meal. A'liran's eyes widened slightly with recognition. That temperament...ah. Now it made sense.

He took a mental note and made a contented star by it. He needed something to look forward to, shard it! He figured it best not to say anything to the weyrling,  lest he be unsettled. It was something to keep in mind in conversation though.

Eastern Hunting Ranges / Re: Should Have Seen it Coming [Erisi]
« on: 29 Aug 2012 at 02:59 AM »
Astoreth wasn't talking, either. She normally liked Charath, at least enough to chat with her until she found her too annoying. Astoreth was tolerant enough to put up with a lot of wherry teeth, but not today. She merely mumbled to herself and continued her meal, though once she'd finished she wasn't beyond nosing the shredded remains about a little bit. It was undignified and primal; everything Astoreth enjoyed being when the time was right. She spent entirely too much time grooming herself for appearances!

A'liran noticed the attitude right away. It hit him suddenly, surging into him like fire. He narrowed his eyes. "Ast! Stop being a cow and get the shards out of there so Charath can eat!" he snapped suddenly. His demeanor took a dramatic shift, moving from mellow yet bristly to a much more forceful and visceral. He pushed his will on the green, causing her to snap and hiss as she backed away from the bloody spot she'd left on the ground.

Wher! she snarled before leaping into the air. She winked between, though she didn't go very far. She reappeared much higher, circling like a terran vulture.

A'liran scowled. He took a moment to compose himself, trying to reign in the extreme frustration that welled up the moment Astoreth's ire hit him. It was always difficult to keep his emotions under control when she got close. The early signs were subtle, until she found something to get grumpy about. Then it was a countdown, with his hold on her slipping more and more as time went on.

He sighed grumpily and looked back to Erisi. ''Sorry about that. She's out of Charath's way now," he said, smooshing his own proddy aggravation down into the back of his throat to try and keep it at bay. He knew how green dragons were, and he assumed Erisi would be familiar by now as well.

Eastern Hunting Ranges / Re: Should Have Seen it Coming [Erisi]
« on: 29 Aug 2012 at 03:27 AM »
A'liran watched as the younger green took wing, circling as she searched for a proper target. Charath was a fine looking green, though she already had a reputation for almost unbearable arrogance and a snappish tongue. A'liran didn't mind, though. He didn't think every green dragon needed to epitomize the sort of blatant aggression that he and his own partner favored, but that didn't mean he couldn't appreciate some spunk.

"It's no problem," he said as he leaned on the fence, eyes trained on the sky overhead. Shards, was Astoreth mad at him. Let her be that way, though. He could already feel the irritability creeping in. He wanted badly to lash out at her for no sharding reason, but he could feel her coiled in the back of his mind, waiting to strike the moment he said anything. So, like a smug participant in an argument that refused to rise to the other's bait, he stayed quiet.

It was somewhat distracting him from the conversation, but after a quick groan and an irritable stomp of the foot, he was back. "Sorry," he muttered. "She's insane." He expected empathy on that one, though Erisi's reputation told him not to expect sympathy. Little shit.

"And I'd have told you, had it not just hit me myself," he said, unconsciously shooting another glare up at the sky. "I don't know how much you've discovered about your own dragon's cycle, but sometimes it sneaks up on you like a watch wher in the dark." He didn't sound particularly bothered by it. Most of his agitation came from the waiting; he liked flights, but he hated the hours-long mindseige that came along with them. Stupid dragon!

A'liran was able to shove her aside for the time being. "I figure she has a few hours, though." He couldn't help but wonder if this poor kid had suffered a rough flight yet. The weyrling goldrider sure had; everyone knew about that little piece of gossip. It suited her right for not bludgeoning S'kef to death with a blunt instrument the moment he laid his hungry eyes on her!

Eastern Hunting Ranges / Re: Should Have Seen it Coming [Erisi]
« on: 29 Aug 2012 at 04:02 AM »
A'liran followed suit, flopping into the grass and stretching out flat on his back. "They do that," he commented, letting his eyes close as he enjoyed the cool air and the soft grass beneath him. "I don't follow lessons. I don't imagine you've all had your talking to yet, based on how many are running around like headless wherries after Krypth and the first couple of greens..." There was a touch of apprehension there. He hated to see the youngsters unprepared, but the cynical part of him would like to point out that it's not his sharding job. Then again, the person whose job it was obviously wasn't doing a very good job, now was he?

Sharding dragon.

A'liran frowned. "You're lucky, really. I know a lot of guys who came out of their first flight with broken bones or whatever. It's pretty brutal. Or, I guess it can be." It wasn't always. A'liran would complain all day long about those times that were, but secretly he found gentle flights to be a little bit disappointing. He sure couldn't wish them on a weyrling, though!

The greenrider raised his hand dismissively at the last comment. "Don't worry. If it comes close, you'll sharding know," he said with a gruff, flippant laugh. He didn't mind this Erisi kid so much. He didn't exactly remind A'liran of himself, but there was a definite catty side that A'liran was both amused by and identified with. He just hoped it worked out okay for the kid in the long run.

Personal Huts / Re: Wrongs Righted [A'liran]
« on: 29 Aug 2012 at 04:16 AM »
It sucks, Ast, A'liran thought as he moved along quietly beside V'zire. His mind was a whirl of emotions, ranging from pity to bitter nostalgia. He remembered his first flight. It had been a bad one, too. Not that this was exactly the same situation, but it was similar enough.

It does the dragon agreed, solemn with a hint of bitterness. She didn't fully understand the issue, but she hated when these sort of things put her bonded in a dour mood. A'liran was so easily upset by things like this! He kept it hidden under a strong exterior for the sake of his newly-found charge (friend?), but she knew better. She could sense the frustration underneath. A'liran wished for nothing more than the knock down the door of the man responsible and punish him for his crimes, but they both knew that nothing would come of that. Nothing, that is, aside from more injustice.

A'liran kept a lopsided smile on his face as he followed along, though her remained notably muted. When they reached V'zire's hut, A;liran moved inside and seated himself heavily on one of the couches without asking. He realized his mistake a bit too late. Whoops he thought, hoping he hadn;t upset his skittish host.

Astoreth appeared overhead. She landed beside the hut and exhaled heavily, eyes gradually settling from red to a neutral, lazily whirling green. Good evening, Niskziath she said, her greeting kind enough though she was a bit distracted by  A'liran's mental jumble.

A'lirn bit his lip as he looked around. Poor V'zire. He pulled out his cards again and put on the best smile he could manage. "Well, that makes two of us," he lied. He loved dragon poker, but he fully intended to throw the game to give this little guy a confidence boost. "And nah...I don't need a drink," he said casually. He didn't say 'thank you', as the gratitude was already included in his otherwise dismissive tone. A'liran wasn't one for manners, but he'd always held true to an 'actions before words' attitude.

Dining Hall / So...We Meet Again [Z'ia]
« on: 29 Aug 2012 at 05:29 AM »
Feel better now, love? Astoreth asked curiously. She lay in a pile outside, her glossy green hide mixing neatly with the thick-bladed grass beneath her. Her tail swished from side to side and her eyes sparkled a contented shade of blue. Her question was largely rhetorical and almost sarcastic; after an eventful morning, A'liran was prickly and prowling for something to get his mind off of their earlier escapades.

That's your word for it? 'Prickly'? A'liran asked indignantly as he power walked into the dining caverns, his grey eyes focused only on the breakfast tables. He was among the last this morning, which wasn't unusual. A'liran preferred the nighttime hours to the early morning, though it sharding figured that the one day he got up to do his exercise early instead of late, he just so happened to be grievously delayed.

Not as 'prickly' as you were an hour ago Astoreth teased lightly. She could have laughed warmly to herself, had she the proper anatomy. A'liran puffed up just a little bit, but after a moment of consideration and a helpful image from his dragon, he had to admit that it was pretty funny.

Bitch he said as he dismissed the image, that of him covered in the long, pointed briers of some local plant that must have been related to the north's Needlethorn. Shards, was it annoying. After his unfortunate slip, it had taken nearly forty minutes for the healer he'd seen to get them all out of his legs. A'liran scowled as he walked, trying not to encourage the beast by actually laughing at her imagines.

Astoreth smiled in his mind, then relented. Sorry she said with aloofness, as if distancing herself from the childish act. I couldn't help myself. She knew that her rider's dignity was valuable to him, so it was best to not push it too far. It was good to get a jab in and get him to smile, too...even if his smile was as internal as hers was.

Yes, yes A'liran thought. He maintained his grumpy exterior as he made his plate and seated himself, but after a moment he couldn't help but finally grin, just for a moment! Love ya, baby girl.

Personal Huts / Re: Wrongs Righted [A'liran]
« on: 30 Aug 2012 at 07:23 AM »
Astoreth landed delicately and approached her fellow green. It has been a trying night Astoreth said simply, curling up beside Niskziath and letting out a soft yawn. She suspected the other green had no knowledge of what had happened. While the idea of keeping it a secret made her a little uncomfortable, she kept quiet regardless. That was V'zire's place to say, not hers. She let the issue go, instead choosing to rest comfortably beside her fellow green. A'liran was calm, so she saw no reason not to go ahead and drift off to sleep. She expected he'd strike her up for a tender conversation later after V'zire was asleep. A'liran did a good job playing strong while he had someone to protect, but when the darkness came, he would come to her. He always did.

A'liran smirked playfully at V'zire. "Don't worry, I'm not very good at this," he said, bluffing just a little bit. He wasn't the best player in the Weyr, but he knew his way around a card table. He quickly shuffled his cards and dealt them out. "I don't have anything for us to bet with, so I guess we're just playing for fun," he said. He didn't expect V'zire would play for keeps with money or anything, but something to represent chips still would have been nice just to keep track of things.

His cards were old. He'd been carrying them around with him for over fifteen turns now. They were tattered and frayed, bent...and yet he couldn't retire them. They were one of a few knickknacks he'd brought from the north. They were beaten to the red star and back, but handling them reminded him of home and the good times in a good way, when so often he was surrounded by the bad ones.

Three of a kind. That sucks

He played his hand, and looked expectantly at V'zire. "So, what exactly do you do in your spare time, kiddo? Weyrmate, kids, anything?" he asked casually, realizing he knew almost nothing about this fellow greenrider.

Eastern Hunting Ranges / Re: Should Have Seen it Coming [Erisi]
« on: 30 Aug 2012 at 07:46 AM »
Krypth's flight had been a nightmare indeed. A'liran groaned at the memory. What was the worst part of all that? Fears of Krypth's well-being after such an unusual display? The chaos it caused? The unfortunate victory by that monstrous brownrider S'kef? The whole thing had been undiluted chaos, and not the fun kind. A'liran hadn't had the best time personally, either. It was bad enough to be caught in a room with a flight-winner, but to be caught in the open by a bunch of blueriders during a goldflight? Not good.

He wrinkled his nose a bit at the next part. "Dude, I hated flights when I was younger," he muttered caustically. He generally pretended to still hate flights, but he couldn't be bothered with putting on an act right now. His indignant pride showed through as he tossed his head towards Erisi, eyes narrowing almost defiantly. "Ast didn't give me any warning at all the first time. Happened when I was out in the weyr bowl back at Benden, working on some of my exercises for class. Bitch just decided she was in a bad mood and took off."

Astoreth hissed in his mind. I'm not the bitch here! she snapped. A'liran looked upwards and bit back a snarl. Shut up. You ruin everything! Couldn't she see that he was trying to have a decent conversation here?!

"Pardon me!" A'liran said, still staring pointedly at the sky. He cleared his throat and rolled onto his side, facing Erisi and turning his attention back to the conversation.  "And yeah. Greens can be subtle sometimes...sometimes, they pull you right in with them and you don't even realize it until it's too sharding late..." He spoke with conviction and just a spark of irate rage, like a man arguing his innocence in front of an unjust court. "But I guess in a way, that's least ya' stay lost during most of it. Pain doesn't hurt as bad and all that."

He wasn't trying to scare Erisi. He just viewed it as passing the ugly truth down to the next generation...a generation that obviously wasn't being taught correctly.

"..The dragons know, though. They always know before us, but they can't usually be bothered to tell us," he muttered.

You should be thanking me. You always WANT to be flown

Can in, Queenie

Overhead,  Astoreth shrieked in annoyance. Prove me wrong! You must be giving off a scent, because that boy obviously wants to fly you right now she growled sullenly.

A'liran raised a brow, then glanced over to Erisi. Wow, the weyrling was so obviously checking him out. A'liran felt a bit of a tingle, but he quickly crammed the thought away. This was a weyrling! If he took advantage of his own flightspawned emotions, he would be no better than the blue and brownriders! That didn't mean he couldn't be amused, though.

"You're looking at me pretty hard, kiddo." A'liran couldn't keep the playfulness out of his voice.

Gather Square / Worst. Day. Ever. [Invite]
« on: 30 Aug 2012 at 08:14 AM »

A'liran stalked out of the dining hall, brows furrowed and jaw grinding in irritation. He had a pounding headache, no thanks to his terrible shrieking beast, and the dining hall was so crowded that all the chatter made it worse. He wasn't hungry enough to deal with that crap. He wasn't tired enough to go to bed. He wasn't frisky enough to jump someone.

And she wasn't close enough to get it out of her damn system.

The dining hall was intolerable, though. The noise and the crowd...the people looking at him and whispering! Well, they provably weren't actually whispering about him, if they were actually whispering at all, but he felt the eyes, by Faranth! Astoreth's cycle made him paranoid and jumpy, irritable and always looking for a fight. Decades of their bond had taught him that. He knew he saw things that weren't there. He looked for provocation, any reason to lash out at and poor sucker who looked at him wrong. He knew he probably didn't need to do that in the middle of the dining hall, but those wherries made him so shading angry! With their looks and their whispers and their smug faces!

You're pacing Astoreth mumbled.

Shut your mouth A'liran snapped back. It's your sharding fault. Shards, the headache! He opened his eyes to realize that he was indeed pacing like a madman in the middle of the gather square. Enough people were out and about that he wasn't making too much of a show of himself, but that didn't stop him from freezing and putting on a most indignant face.

This wasn't going to work. Astoreth had been proddy all day now! Why couldn't she just get it out of the way? The greenrider hissed and spit curses under his breath as his indecisive side reared it's head, beckoning him back into the dining hall because some ale would be amazing. An amazingly bad idea, but amazing.

He huffed, and headed back, only to stop half way.  Did he really need ale? No, he just wanted it. He crossed his arms and argued with himself silently, grumpily.

In the distance, Astoreth rustled in her perch and hissed at a passing blue. Make up your idiot mind. At least if you get drunk, I don't have to worry about you interfering

Interfering?! Since when do you even LET me?

Astoreth's response came creeping, like a fungus. Good point

Eastern Hunting Ranges / Re: Should Have Seen it Coming [Erisi]
« on: 30 Aug 2012 at 07:59 PM »
Whoops, caught. A'liran frowned at himself and tried to think of a not-too-defensive response. "Well, not as much as I did," he muttered, though the truth was visible enough in between the lines. A'liran liked flights. He still wasn't sure if he naturally liked them or if he had become used to them over the turns. He could still remember hiding in frustration in his room, spouting off hateful threats at his suitors while secretly trembling in horror at what was coming. At some point, he crossed the line into subtle anticipation, waiting eagerly for his suitors and making every effort to make their lives miserable before he was conquered. It was how he did things, but was it out of necessity or desire?

You love it, just as I do

A'liran's eyes widened and brightened with anger. He liked to think that greenriders as a whole were better than that, better than the sluts that others liked to portray and treat them as. So what if he liked sex?  Shouldn't the drooling blue and brownriders be worshiping him as an object of their affection rather than taunting him?

That's what he needed to get across to this kid.

"Sucks for us, but that's how it goes," he said. "You don't get to pick. Dragons sometimes claim to 'choose', but even if they do, they don't give a shard what YOU want," he said. "The male dragons' riders will take what they want and you just have to deal with it. It's wherry teeth, but that's how it goes." He paused, and inhaled deeply. "Bastards ought to be thanking us for what we're giving them...begging us like the hounds they are..." mHis voice sank low and sultry at the last bit, a mischievous smile creeping onto his face.

He appeared radiantly mug at the next part.  He liked being admired, especially while channeling Astoreth's needs. "I do," he replied, slowly sitting up again to face the attractive weyrling. "But kid. All I erver do is complain about bluies and brownies taking advantage of us...Shards, I just got done with it. Wouldn't jumping you while my dragon is proddy be just as bad?"

There was definitely some hunger in there. "No. How do I know I'm not just....seeing what I want to see?" he purred.

Personal Huts / Re: Wrongs Righted [A'liran]
« on: 30 Aug 2012 at 08:09 PM »
And here A'liran thought he'd been going easy. He smiled nonetheless and dealt again. This time he was looking even better; two pair. He shook his head and put on a stony expression of disappointment. V'zire was horribly easy to read, but A'liran had been playing enough to manage a halfway decent pokerface.

The weyrmate comments didn't sound so out of place to A'liran. He knew V'zire's green rose infrequently and was known to go to the same dragon, but he hadn't known about R'ore's proper weyrmate. "Flights complicate stuff, man. I wind up with weyrmated guys all the time," he said. "Most of em don;t care, though. Everyone knows that you can't help what happens during flight." He thought it a little odd that V'zire used that as a reason not to seek anyone out, but he wouldn't question it. Maybe V'zire just didn't want a relationship, and that was fine.

"....Pair of fives," he said, purposefully withholding some of his cards. He flashed a smile at the other greenrider and shrugged. "And don't worry, we wouldn't bet for keeps anyhow. It's just good to have chips or something to keep track of the game a little bit better." He flipped through his cards again, admiring the handsome artwork that had faded so much over time. He sighed. "I wish I could get a new deck of these. I'd like to put these ones away for rainy days before I wear em all the way out," he said. He made a mental note to try and locate another set.

"I almost had a kid," A'liran continued. He'd had some passing encounters with women, but always on the condition that they between afterwards. The one he referenced had been a flightchild. "She didn't make it, though." A'liran didn't necessarily speak with remorse, but certainly with consideration. He couldn't feel emotion for something that just didn't happen, but he sure understood how different things might have been. He couldn't exactly say he was glad, but the thought displeased him. His mixed emotions showed for only a moment before he drew his new hand.

"Ha!" he crowed happily.

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