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Telgar Weyr / Morning Glory [R'nd]
« on: 26 Nov 2016 at 11:06 PM »
Waking up early was something B’jin didn’t particularly enjoy, so waking up at 4.30 in the morning, before the first ray of sunshine was anywhere near the horizon, was asking a lot of the greenrider. It wasn’t that anyone expected him to be up at that hour – quite the opposite, in fact, for the greenrider had no Weyrlings to babysit and his own dragon was fast asleep where she was curled up with Ayyonth. B’jin, not wanting to wake up R’nd, had rolled out of bed and paced around the bluerider’s weyr on bare feet, unsure why he felt like his skin was crawling, making him feel antsy and out of sorts.

Dressing silently, B’jin made his way down to the kitchens in the hopes that there would be something warm there to fill his belly with, a plan that worked until he got within distance of the kitchens, and the smell made his belly roll and tumble, leaving the greenrider feeling suddenly queasy. B’jin grimaced, uncomfortable, and turned tail to make his way back to the weyr he shared with R’nd. He re-entered, and closed the door as quietly as he could. Frustrated and uncomfortable, B’jin ran his hands through his hair (which was getting quite shaggy) and paced around the main living area of the weyr, his movements quiet but jerky with agitation.

A low rumble, and a jaw cracking yawn was followed by the sensation of Larrikith’s conscious mind mixing with his own, and B’jin felt his shoulders relax slightly as he made his way out into the awning where the dragons were settled, smiling tiredly at the green dragon who crooned a gentle greeting to him in return. Striding up to her, B’jin caressed her eyeridge gently, leaning against the side of her face as he cuddled with the dragon. Inspired by the moment, B’jin left Larrikith to fetch one of the buckets of oil kept on the other side of the awning, lugging it back towards the green who had crept far enough away from Ayyonth to be easily accessed by B’jin.

The greenrider stripped off all but his pants, and dropped the large rag he used to oil Larrikith with in the bucket, before slopping it against her side. The scent of lavender quickly filled the weyr, with the oil dripping everywhere and B’jin soaked in the stuff to his elbows, stains soaking into his pants as he shuffled around Larrikith in an effort to maintain her hide. With the heady scent of lavender causing him to relax, B’jin didn’t notice the way Larrikith was glowing brighter with each passing moment; he didn’t notice when Ayyonth woke up and began to leer at his green; he didn’t notice the way she began to preen and rumble to herself.

And then he couldn’t help but notice as Larrikith reared up, filling the awning with green; she hissed at Ayyonth before throwing herself out the opening and dropping through the sky, a screech of challenge echoing through the cool morning air. B’jin stood on the ledge, dripping oil and staring after his dragon in surprise ebfore the lust began to flow through his veins, filling him with the same wonton need as his dragon, and B’jin turned towards the archway that lead into the weyr, staring lustily at R’nd as he made his way towards the bluerider, not even considering that any other dragon would dare to win Larrikith.

@Insulting Truths

Telgar Weyr / Life's Little Mysteries [R'nd]
« on: 06 Mar 2016 at 11:03 PM »
B’jin stumbled down the hall, a skin of wine in one hand, and an overly full glass in the other; slung over his back in a slightly hazardous manner was his favoured guitar. Even in his rather inebriated state, the greenrider had the good class to drink from a well-made wineglass; after all – he was a Harper, even if he was stuck being a greenrider! Swaying across the hall, B’jin used his hip to knock open the door to R’nd’s Weyr and entered unsteadily.

While the green and bluerider were often seen sharing the Weyr, B’jin always referred to it as R’nd’s home; the majority of his own items and clothing were kept safely down on the bottom floor of the Weyr, where the Weyrling Barracks were found. His room was considerably larger than the Weyr R’nd had, if only because a huge chunk of it had to be set up as an office of sorts. Apparenly Weyrlingmasters had never quite qualified for an actual office, though B’jin had made do. Didn’t he always?

“R’nd, my love!” The greenrider’s voice rang out clearly, without any slur in spite of his lack of balance. The only answer he immediately got, however, was Larrikith landing lightly in Ayyonth’s section of the weyr, and sticking her head through the doorway, the curtain resting across the top of her head as she peered with oen eye at her drunken bonded. It would appear they’re out. she stated dryly; Larrikith couldn’t decide if she was amused by B’jin’s antics of getting raging drunk, or if she should be concerned.

The earlier part of the day had been spent visiting the Harper Hall, where B’jin had wandered around in a kind of awestruck silence before seeming ot randomly beeline at people, finding familiar faces amongst both the young and the old, though they both seemed to have a dour effect on the greenrider’s mood. Even Larrikith could admit that there was something depressing about finding the young students now aging teachers, and the men who were B’jin’s age were well into their years.

Despite that, however, B’jin had appeared to enjoy himself immensely, which was part of the reason Larrikith had been rather surprised to find B’jin drinking almost as soon as they landed back at home. She wasn’t too concerned; B’jin had been through worse and he’d always come out on the other side of it in one piece – if not in enough pieces to be pieced back together without issue – and she was quite sure this was no different.

Dropping the winebottle on the bed, and draining half the glass in one go, B’jin set it down with incredible care on the bedside table, before swinging his guitar around. Flopping on the bed, the greenrider curled up comfortably and began strumming the keys, fingers playing without the man picking a particular song consciously. Then he began to softly but clearly sing.

I see you in the distance and I see us as we are
So nearly so contented, but a careless word too far
I see you in confusion for a once enchanted boy
My heart dances, oh, oh, but not for joy

The song

Western Forests / Forest Triumphs
« on: 29 Apr 2015 at 10:51 PM »
22.11.235 AL, 7PM

Larrikith had spent the day preening; B’jin had spent the day snarling. Neither had been particularly good company to anyone, let alone each other. Little Shimmer had quickly made herself scarce when it had become apparent she wouldn't get any positive attention from the pair that day, flittering off to spend time with Amorandii. The little girl had far kinder manners and took proper delight in the gorgeous beauty that Shimmer knew herself to be.

B'jin had stormed off to take a bath after dinner, shooting R’nd a poisonous glare that just dared the bluerider to even imagine joining him. The Harper was clearly in a murderous mood and not even his lover would be safe from his desire to end lives. Stalking through the room, B'jin had planted his elbow heavily into the chest of a young brown rider that got in his way, sending the boy stumbling in shock and B'jin hissed angrily, slamming every door he passed through.

The bath neither calmed him nor relaxed him, but he was at least clean when he climbed out of the hot spring and wrapped a towel around his hips, frowning up at the sky through the leafy foliage overhead. He had avoided the built in pools, wandering much further from the Weyr than he normally would have travelled in an effort to both be left alone and to be rid of the pent up emotions curling through his guts.

Latrikirth’s sudden screech through the pre-dusk air caused B'jin to tighten, stance altering to that of prey preparing to flee, even as the weight of anticipation lifted from his shoulders. B'jin hated the wait, hated his dragon waiting to take such thorough control of their relationship. He gave to her freely when she decided to collect – the waiting was her real game.

~ ~ ~

They had waited until they'd been found, dragon in sky and man on ground, before bolting through the clouds, and over the underbrush, teasing and taunting those that followed. B'jin lost his towel long before it was time to give in, the item tangling on a branch and wrapping around legs before being left behind and forgotten by men who had more important things claiming their minds. Of what interest was a towel in the long run?

~ ~ ~

There were splinters in his feet, he could tell by the way they were aching and stinging. There was a slice up the side of his arm – shallow, mostly scanned but still trying to bleed. The result of a branch that hadn't appreciated being pushed aside. His back was raw from being shoved up against something; ground or tree? He had no idea, but there was warm comfort against his front where R'nd was slumped over him, and B'jin nuzzled the bluerider’s neck, placing gentle kisses and nibbles.

It was fully dark now, and the dragons were no where near. He had no idea where any of them were, but that didn't really matter. Not for a while yet anyway.

“That was new,” he murmured gently, nibbling on R'nd’s earlobe.

Telgar Weyr Boundaries / A Past Surprise [R'nd]
« on: 09 Oct 2014 at 06:31 AM »
B’jin looked up, visibly irritated, as Larrikith gave a warning trill of incoming company. Technically speaking, of course, it was good that the dragons had seriously taken B’jin’s plead for warning if anyone stumbled across them or actually came looking for them, but the greenrider really wasn’t thrilled at the interruption. Removing his hand from up the leg of R’nd’s shorts, B’jin pouted at his lover and rolled his eyes, sitting up lazily. Sighing, B’jin leaned over to pick up the abandoned wine skin, and took a healthy swig before handing it over to R’nd as a young greenrider glided in, and landed lightly a polite distance away. Eyebrows arched as a young girl dismounted, perhaps about twelve or thirteen in age, and trotted over to them with wide eyes.

Stopping a few feet from the feet B’jin and R’nd, the young girl curtsied deeply and then glanced between them in confusion for a few seconds. “Um, Lord Benjinamor?” her gaze danced from one to the other before B’jin took pity and raised one hand lazily, amusement pulling up the corners of his lips. “Yes?” Relief flooded over the girl’s face and a smile lit up her features. “This is for you, Sir!” skipping forward, the girl presented a rolled piece of parchment, the centre squeezed from a tight grip, probably from the jump between. B’jin took it lightly and opened it with curiosity, holding it so R’nd could see over his shoulder. There were only two words on the piece of parchment:

You remember?

B’jin laughed softly, and allowed the parchment to roll up again when he released it, offering it back to the girl. “I do, and you may keep that for your own use, if you wish.” He’d noticed some charcoal smudges on the edge of her sleeves that belied someone who enjoyed drawing. Her wide eyes amused him further, and he waved her off. The girl curtsied deeply again, then turned and ran back to the young greenrider and his dragon, and allowed the young man to help her scramble back up. As the pair took off and glided slowly, obviously partaking in a tour, B’jin turned to R’nd and smirked. “You didn’t have any plans tonight, did you?”

~ _ ~ _ ~ _ ~ 7 PM ~ _ ~ _ ~ _ ~

B’jin had been playfully stubborn about keeping the meaning of the note to himself and not explaining it to R’nd, though he’d been quite helpful in assisting his lover in bathing, and was both suitably insistent that R’nd dress well, and happy to allow the bluerider to put together both their outfits. It was only fair, after all, and B’jin only knew greenriders; he simply did not have the connections to fish together a suitable outfit, and it was important to dress well! B’jin chose to ignore Larrikith’s snide comment that he had already been North and should have shopped then – lack of marks of course was irrelevant in her mind.

As evening arrived, B’jin ushered R’nd from their room to their dragons, dancing from foot to foot before asking Larrikith to pass coordinates to Ayyonth; she would remain behind to watch over their growing Weyrlings while they were away. B’jin scrambled up onto Ayyonth with a grimace of discomfort, and settled himself down behind R’nd, one arm wrapped securely around his lover’s waist. He was very fond of Ayyonth, but riding blind was very disconcerting! He managed not to bury his face in R’nd’s back as they took off, and counted anxiously as they ducked between, puffing out a relieved breath against R’nd’s neck as they appeared above Telgar. Notably, they were off to the side of the city and B’jin asked the blue pair to land them beyond the small grove of trees on the edge of a public gardens.

B’jin slid off the big blue dragon without his usual grace, and stumbled when he hit the ground, grumbling under his breath about the extra height. He smiled and thanked Ayyonth none the less, and held a finger to his lips to urge R’nd to silence. Winking, B’jin grabbed his partner’s hand and dragged him around the edge of the grove, apparently seeking the right place. His feet followed an ancient, worn out path that lead into the trees, and B’jin dragged R’nd along, scolding him quietly the one time he made a small sound, but his eyes were laughing.

The greenrider came to an abrupt stop, seemingly at random, and grunted when R’nd collided with his back. Turning, B’jin leaned up to kiss R’nd lightly on the lips, then indicated that he should stay back, but follow enough to keep B’jin in sight. Smiling, B’jin turned and continued along the trail, only looking back once to make sure R’nd was following his instructions.

Turning his attention to where he was walking, B’jin lead the way confidently through the trees and shrubbery of the thicket, pausing just before a small clearing broke in the centre, the slowly setting sun causing the area to be darker than it otherwise should have been. B’jin flicked his fingers behind his back, indicating R’nd should wait out of sight, and then stepped out confidently in time to catch the figure that threw itself at him. The greenrider’s delighted laugh was slightly muffled as he picked the small woman up and spun her around, setting her lightly on her feet in front of himself, he allowed her to plant a firm if fleeting kiss on his lips before he stepped back and bowed with official flair. She swatted him on the chest, and then wrapped her arms around him in a warm hug. “I’ve missed you,” her voice was low.

B’jin broke the embrace gently and with visible reluctance, before taking her hand and leading his companion over to where R’nd had been left. He was glad for the dim light; B’jin’s heart ached at the evidence the past two decades had taken upon the young woman he had once known. She looked every bit the age he was still decades from appearing, despite being the elder by no more than a handful or two of months. He kept that to himself, however, as he paused and held a hand out for R’nd to join them.

“I brought you a present,” B’jin teased, taking R’nd’s hand in his other when the bluerider joined them, and gently put the lady’s hand in his bluerider’s. “R’nd of blue Ayyonth, Lady Amarilla of Telgar.” B’jin bit his lip, gaze dancing between the two anxiously as he waited to see what would happen, his own fingers twined together with anticipation.

Character Diaries / Lyrics and Sketches!~
« on: 20 Jul 2014 at 12:00 PM »
My name is Benjinamor and I am a glorious representation of all things artistic and musical~

Weyrfolk Housing / Tasty Treats [N'del]
« on: 02 Jun 2014 at 11:49 AM »
B’jin had not counted on it being so difficult. Of course, really, he should have realised that with all the time, effort and thought that had gone into finding someone to teach him how to cook, while keeping that fact a secret from R’nd, that finding someone to test his cooking thereafter would be just as difficult and headachy. His first thought, of course, had been to go to Parella. That woman loved food, but therein lay the problem B’jin had quickly realised: she loved food so much, he was hardly sure she’d ever tasted a bite of anything she’d ever eaten. That simply would not do. Besides which, he was quite sure she was incapable of keeping a secret, except when it so suited her. He was not quite willing to bet that this particular secret would be to her ability to keep.

There were several other options thereafter, of course; but B’jin was not quite sure he trusted them. His children had seemed caught somewhere between amusement and terror when B’jin had decided to collect his daughter from the crèche and conned N’mor into joining them. They had both said it was ‘fine’, which B’jin supposed was a great deal better than the previous attempt he had had of cooking for them, after N’mell was removed from their lives. B’jin had sulked for a whole day, while N’mor had rolled his eyes and gone back to his dragonet and Amorandii had resorted to secretive giggling. R’nd’s worried questions that had followed after the children left had been avoided until the bluerider got the hint. B’jin had sulked more, after that.

Now, with the vast majority of the Weyr once more in the North, B’jin found his options were far more limited. He was not quite sure where to go to find someone that could both keep a secret, and would be honest with him. By default, all bronze and brownriders were automatically disqualified. Blueriders were ummed over for a few moments, before B’jin banished them from his list, too. He simply could not risk one of them deciding to rat him out, though B’jin couldn’t see how anything could be gained from that – except playing with a greenrider’s wants – and so he was left with greenriders.

That list caused a lot of umming and ahhing, before B’jin finally settled on N’del; he was not overly well acquainted with his fellow greenrider, but they were not strangers to one another, either.  Deciding upon that, B’jin had not-at-all subtly asked R’nd when his next wing practice was, and genuinely bounced back to his usual self. With N’del in the same wing as R’nd, B’jin settled on preparing a few selected items for the other greenrider to taste, and would seek out the other man while R’nd did his usual post-Wing practice routine.

As a result, the greenrider found himself angling in on N’del as the other left Wing Practice, being sure that R’nd wasn’t in sight, and bounced up to his fellow, smiling brightly. If nothing else good came from being a greenrider, B’jin knew it was that no one ever took much noticed of them. So, still smiling brightly, B’jin leaned forward just enough to murmur his request, expression bright and hopeful. “May I have several moments of your time?” Brown eyes sparkled, and there was the underlying promise to explain what he was up to, when they were not surrounded by bigmouths. B’jin wasn’t willing to bet they were that unremarkable! He did not want R’nd to find out about his surprise, until it was perfectly presented for him!

Sorry but you are not allowed to view spoiler contents.

Hatching Grounds / Present Presents [R'nd, Quennell, Invite]
« on: 19 May 2014 at 02:08 PM »
It had not gone the way it was supposed to, and B’jin was sulking something fierce as he curled against R’nd’s side for the remainder of the Hatching, his fingers woven through those of his lover’s. It was a simple touch, but it kept the greenrider grounded as he shook his head occasionally, an unhappy frown pursing his lips and brown eyes alive with unhappy emotions. Not enough candidates, that was quite clearly the issue at present, and he was sure that S’kef would not let it happen again. Of course, B’jin was also sure the brownrider would use it to his own political advantage. The greenrider could see the unhappy faces on some of the holderfolk that had been brought in, and could hear the murmurings long before the Hatching had finished. S’kef would be a fool not to play to the advantage of the tragic deaths, but B’jin also knew the man would not see the loss as anything too dramatic. They had only been blues and greens, after all.

B’jin took a deep breath, watching as the last egg was picked up and dropped between. He could already feel some of his class looking to him, but he did not have the strength in that moment to field their questions. There would be far too many questions, and he did not have all the answers yet. He did have one, though, and he reached gently for Larrikith. Tell them to mingle with the Holders, he sighed softly, I’ll talk to them before bed, or tomorrow, after everyone has left. If they’re asked, just get them to parrot the lack of candidates as the cause. Larrikith didn’t need more prompting as she started issuing orders happily, sending their class fleeing in every which direction to latch onto the Telgarains, the Masters and the Lords and their Ladies that were spread throughout the gathering. Hopefully some of them would change their tune after seeing what a lack of Candidates could do to the baby dragons.

Or they would use it to hold over the Weyr’s head. B’jin grimaced, and set that aside. It wasn’t his place to dabble in politics anymore; the Halls wouldn’t recognise him as a  Harper after all these years, and he was naught but a greenrider to the rest of the world. Leaning up to kiss R’nd gently on the cheek, B’jin gave his hand a squeeze and met sad eyes with sad eyes before puffing out a great sigh, breathing most of it on his lover’s neck. There was nothing more to be done there, and B’jin needed a drink, something good; he was pretty sure S’kef would have secured some good booze to impress their visitors and, with that in mind, the greenrider started bee-lining for the exit, half dragging his lover along behind him.

Hardly paying any attention to those around them, content that the Weyrlings would do their part to socialise on his behalf, B’jin’s gaze slid over several faces. His pace had slowed once out of the Sands to a vague wandering towards alcohol, when he froze in spot and did a double take so fast he shoved R’nd backwards a step with his free hand. Brown eyes gawked at what he saw, fingers frozen in place – one hand woven with R’nd’s and the other resting with splayed fingers across his lover’s chest.  B’jin? the green dragon’s head lifted up from the other side of the crowd, and she tilted her head and peered towards them like a bird eyeing off a bug. B’jin did not notice, but N’mor did and began angling in the direction of his father, dragging T’ryn along with him. The young bronzerider had barely dragged his friend two feet before Rhezalth was barging in front, opening up a path for them, and leaving N’mor to throw around apologies as he picked up the pace.

His son had almost joined them, when B’jin seemed to once more regain his sense, or something, and he squealed, a very un-masculine sound of utter joy. B’jin rapidly detangled himself from R’nd, and threw himself across the space between himself and the person he had his sights set on, throwing his arms around the neck of the taller man, and clinging to him as if he thought he might vanish into a puff of smoke. Quennell just smiled, and patted B’jin’s back placidly. B’jin clung to him for several moments, before leaning backwards, cheeks tearstained, and stepped back, gently touching the old Healer’s face, brushing his fingers back through the steel grey hair, shaking his own head before grinning cheekily. Then his eyes widened and he grabbed Quennell’s hand and spun around, dragging the man (who gave a soft laugh and followed without a fight) to where R’nd was standing, the two Weyrling bronzes not far behind.

“R’nd!” he spoke his lover’s name on a gleeful sigh, and flashed him a warm grin. “This is Master Quennell!” He spoke the name as if he’d ever mentioned him to the bluerider, utterly ignorant of the fact that he’d never mentioned him before. “Sir, this is –” a slight pause followed, “R’nd, of Ayyonth,” the besotted smile he gave the bluerider told Quennell everything the lack of a title did not. B’jin bounced excitedly on the balls of his feet, not letting go of Quennell’s hand, even as he wriggled in against R’nd’s side once more.

Weyrfolk Housing / Morning Kisses [V'ler]
« on: 26 Mar 2014 at 10:26 AM »
B’jin woke up with a gasp, as suddenly and fully himself, as he would be if someone threw a cup of ice-cold water onto his face. An unpleasant shiver travelled down his spine, and B’jin’s eyes stared up at the ceiling with a worried frown. The way he had woken, and the difference in the way he ached told him immediately that R’nd had not been the winner of Larrikith’s most recent flight. When R’nd won, B’jin’s lips twitched into a slight smile, he came back into his own with a lazy contentedness that drifted into cuddled up naptime before more fun was enjoyed. This was the wakeup call he had not had in a while, and B’jin’s eyes rolled to the side so he could see who had managed to outwit Ayyonth this time.

Ayyonth didn’t chase, Larrikith put in mildly, her voice a sleepy haze. She was content and comfortable, though, curled up placidly with her winner. B’jin’s eyebrows furrowed as he dropped his attention to the sleeping man beside him. They immediately widened – not with fear, but with amusement – and his lips pursed into a flat line so he would not giggle as he recognised Valerian’s face. A soft, breathy sort of giggle escaped, but the quiet sound did not seem to rouse the young bluerider. B’jin’s expression turned mischievous.

I didn’t know he knew how to not-scowl, B’jin mentioned cheerfully to Larrikith, brown eyes watching the younger harper sleeping for a few more moments. He could uncomfortably recall when they had first flown together, but B’jin opted to ignore that. They had gone through all the awkward then, and besides, that had been a far less private location! At least this time, they were in a room, the door was closed, and the bed was comfortable! B’jin grinned wickedly.

Shifting very carefully, the greenrider rolled onto his side, throwing one leg over the top of Valerian’s, he snuggled as close to his snarky friend as he could, and tilted his head. Smirking – and very pleased with himself – B’jin stuck his tongue out and licked Valerian from the edge of his jaw, right up to just under his eye in a long, slow motion.

Then he waited, grinning like the cat that got into the cream, and clearly very proud of himself. At its core, the man’s actions was an unconscious example of his trust in his friend, that Valerian would not take advantage of him as would many other riders in his position. Not that B’jin were the slightest bit aware of that; he was far too busy fluttering his lashes innocently and trying not to laugh.

Weyrfolk Housing / Dinner and Dessert [D'hys]
« on: 19 Mar 2014 at 01:29 AM »
B’jin was sitting on the bench of D’hys’ current rooms, his left leg pulled up to rest his ankle under the thigh of his right, and a large bowl sitting in his lap. He was holding it with his right hand, while his left made quick trips from the thick, chocolate batter that was sticking to the bowl to his mouth and back, dark eyes watching D’hys as he peered in at the cake that was baking. There was a smear of batter on the tip of his nose, chocolate smeared on his lips, and his fingers were suitably covered, but his clothing was as pristine as ever.

Once wing practice had started up again, B’jin had found himself rather more left to his own devises than he had been in quite a while – at least when there weren’t Weyrlings to tend to, or Larrikith being antsy. Naturally, to his distress, such demands on B’jin’s time had seemed to occur when R’nd was free, and not when he was busy; typical, really. But R’nd had further had his time claimed by, once more, trying to keep T’bia up to standards and in the same frame as his new peers. B’jin did not begrudge his lover taking the time to help the boy, but it did leave the greenrider twiddling his thumbs a lot.

It really hadn’t taken long for someone to plant the notion of learning something new into B’jin’s mind – ironically, it had arrived at the lips of general gossip, when B’jin had heard it said that it was possible to eat lavender. The man had never considered something like that, but with that thought suddenly in mind, he’d taken to very nearly annoying the two women into the void of between with his questions and demands that had only been sated when they mixed him up some tea with the flower in it, followed by some little cakes. B’jin had been positively ecstatic, and bounced around joyfully for much of the next day though he refused to tell R’nd what had him so excited.

That day had been spent nosing out cooks that were not someone B’jin was instantly terrified of. All bronze and brownriders were instantly out of the running, and while he knew I’shan was a magnificent cook, the flighty bluerider couldn’t keep his mouth shut, and even when it was full he was still prone to gossip. B’jin could not seek him out for his help, not this time! C’dhin had been someone else B’jin would have taken too quickly, but the young greenrider seemed to have taken a shine to spending time with I’shan and well, B’jin just could not risk his surprise getting back to R’nd before he was ready to surprise him.

Learning D’hys could cook had been an accident, and one that had been greeted with a pursing of lips. R’nd didn’t like D’hys, but if D’hys could cook, perhaps he would teach B’jin, and B’jin would be able to make something a surprise for R’nd, and then he could tell R’nd where it had been learned and R’nd would, maybe, not look at D’hys with such suspicion thereafter? It sounded like a mighty plan to B’jin, who had waited until R’nd was, once more, assisting T’bia was extra lessons before seeking out the other bluerider.

Brown eyes alight with excitement and a kind of mischievous delight at his secret plotting and surprise planning, B’jin had made sure D’hys was well aware of the need for secrecy – to the point where he was even keeping Larrikith carefully out of the loop. Only when the bluerider had solemnly sworn to keep the secret to himself had B’jin told him what he wanted to learn – to cook! Particularly the little lavender cakes the women in the kitchen had created – and he had waited with some anxious impatience for D’hys’ answer. Only when it came – and seemingly without a cost – did B’jin relax.

So the lessons had begun, starting with B’jin helping D’hys put together a little kitchen in the room he had claimed in the main Weyrfolk building. Keeping it a secret from R’nd had been the hardest part, and with D’hys and his lover sharing a wing, B’jin had been scrambling to make sure he was free when R’nd was occupied with T’bia or his own general socialising, so he could sneak off to study the tedious art of cooking. Mostly, B’jin was an adapt student, and took to it quickly. However, his natural patience with teaching, music, art and children seemed to come to a crashing halt when there was food involved.

Mostly, B’jin favoured quick, instant pieces that produced results within minutes. The current cake was pushing the greenrider to his limits, which were dulled only by his task of cleaning out the bowl of all leftover batter. “How much longer?” It smelled good already! Surely, it should be done by now, right? Sitting mostly out of sight, and out of mind in the corner of the room, little Shimmer gave a chitter of agreement.

Archived Contests / February Event - Valentine's Day 2014
« on: 14 Feb 2014 at 04:47 AM »
To participate!

Valentine doesn't exist on Pern, but that doesn't mean we can't have some fun!

Participation is simple! Thread your character going out of their way to do something nice for someone else's!

It doesn't need to be anything in particular! Remembering that Katila recently got flattened, there are plent of opportunities to do little things to make other characters feel a little less miserable about it all!

Threads will need to be created specifically to qualify for the event; current threads are not qualified. Sorry!

You can write a solo, or you can participate in a thread with someone else; PCs, LPCs and the use of NPCs are all applicable!

Everyone who takes part will receive an event-specific badge on their OOC account.

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Weyrfolk Housing / Happy High [R'nd]
« on: 06 Jan 2014 at 05:58 AM »

The sing-song squeal was all the warning R’nd got, before B’jin came bursting through the tent flap, and threw himself across the small area to wrap arms around the bluerider's neck and send them both toppling to the ground. Bright, cheerful laughter fell away from B’jin’s lips as he scrabbled (careful not to knee R’nd) to his knees and settled himself comfortably on R’nd’s stomach. Leaning forward, B’jin pressed a warm kiss to R’nd’s lips before sitting up straight again, throwing his arms out joyously.

“Guess what!?”

We’re going on Search! The green dragon’s excited squeal filled the minds of both men, and Ayyonth as she danced excitedly on the spot outside, her wings half unfurled and her head held high. B’jin had barely waited for the dragon to land before throwing himself inside the tent he shared with the bluerider, when he wasn’t sleeping at the foot of Indamor’s bed. Larrikith made excited little chittering noises before shoving her nose through the flap of the tent and tilting her head so she could see both men, B’jin still perched on top of R’nd with his arms flung out exuberantly.

Real Search! Larrikith further explained, before withdrawing her head to spin around and face Ayyonth, bumping her nose against his shoulder in excitement before licking the blue dragon’s cheek affectionately. Excitement and delight radiated off the little dragon, and while she did manage to fold her wings away and eventually stop chittering like a bird, she continued to bounce slightly where she was standing beside her mate; the dragon and rider were feeding off one another’s delight.

“Spoil sport!” B’jin called out, throwing a sour albeit playful look towards the tent flap, before brown eyes flashed back to R’nd. B’jin leaned forward slightly, placing his left hand upon the centre of R’nd’s chest, fingers splayed out, and he tapped them one at a time in a gentle pattern, unaware of what he was doing. His face was intent and curious as he leaned forward, placing a gentle amount of weight on R’nd’s chest, as he peered down at his lover.

“Come with me?” Far more begging than demanding, B’jin stared avidly down at R’nd.

River's Edge / Good morning, Kiddies! [L/PC HF Weyrlings!]
« on: 06 Dec 2013 at 07:50 AM »
With the very early morning hours having been spent finishing up the paperwork that went alongside a new clutch, B’jin had then quietly made his way through all twenty seven bedrooms. The greenrider had silently tugged off boots some of the kids were still wearing, and setting them by the door, before tossing blankets over the youngster sprawled with their dragonet in their little wallow. Without so much as a dragonet twitching, or a rider stirring, B’jin had made his way back to his own room to catch three or maybe four hours of sleep before he was rolling back out of bed again at eight am.

Eight. A. M.

B’jin was pretty sure he hadn’t been awake that early since his own Weyrlinghood (Or the last clutch. Or the other morning with R’nd…). An early morning bath had done wonders for the man (though he wryly agreed with Larrikith that he would have enjoyed it more with his lover) and his usual sour morning-mood was lacking as B’jin ate a piece of fruit. The greenrider watched in amusement as the Weyrlings slowly woke up and made their way out to feed their babies; Larrikith informing them where about to head for any that had forgotten that from the Candidacy classes.

As the first Weyrling came out, B’jin greeted them with an uplifted hand, before drawing them over with a slight wave of his hand – which was still holding onto his piece of half-eaten fruit. “There is meat in the troughs, some lovely volunteers went out and collected it this morning.” B’jin grinned. Volunteers indeed; a couple of the older weyrlings from a clutch or two ago had been caught breaking rules, and their punishment had been hunting for the new babies, including skinning, gutting and cutting the meat for twenty seven infants into bite size pieces.

The greenrider repeated the instructions to the next group that came along, before leaving Larrikith to instructing them further as he made his way over to one of the dragonets. “Morning!” He greeted, smiling warmly at the young rider-to-be. “If you two don’t mind, I’m going to check Thallyath over, make sure she is put together properly.” He tossed a teasing wink, not at all worried about the dragonet being defunct, but it was all part of the process!

Sorry but you are not allowed to view spoiler contents.

Craft Hall / Stuck In The Mud [R’nd]
« on: 06 Dec 2013 at 04:23 AM »
B’jin stirred into wakefulness as the sound of keening once more filled the air, and his blood ran cold even as he struggled into a sitting position; his mind immediately reaching for Larrikith while his eyes sought out Rhezalth. The little bronze was very much asleep on the end of Indamor’s bed, a back leg flopped over the edge, and the deep, steady rhythm of his breathing reassuring the greenrider. It wasn’t one of ours. Larrikith reassured him, before informing him on who it had been. B’jin frowned, saddened as he recalled the green. Shaking himself a little, the greenrider tore his mind from another lost life, trying to find something else to focus on.

The throbbing pain of a headache, and the lingering sting on his left bicep almost immediately captured his attention; a glance informed the greenrider of a long, deep slice that had been tended and wrapped, obviously by Talian. He flexed his arm, features grimacing as he realised there were stitches holding the wound closed. Fantastic, more scars. At least you still have your arm, the green’s tone was mournful and B’jin’s expression fell into one of deep sorrow as he turned his gaze on the fitfully sleeping form of his son.

Not even Talian’s superior skills had been able to put together the mashed bones in Indamor’s arm, and he had had to amputate it from about a hand’s width down from the shoulder. It was a massive array of padding, now, and the air in the immediate area was thick with the scent of numbweed. B’jin knew Indamor was well and truly out of it on fellis juice, and he’d remain that way for as long as possible; the greenrider was both concerned and impressed with how well the little bronze had handled things. He’s N’mor’s, Larrikith’s voice was amused but pointed, clearly stating ‘what other type of dragon would Impress to the serious and determined boy?’ B’jin smiled wanly, reaching out gently to pat the bronze dragonet.

“How are the others?” B’jin yawned, rising stiffly. He had collected together his class – or what was left of it – in the early afternoon; he’d lost six, in total. Such a waste, to lose such promising potential. It could have been a lot worse, love. So much worse.
“I know,” B’jin sighed, grimacing partly from the thought, and partly from the pain of lifting his injured arm. He lowered it, using his right to brush his hair off his face, and brushing over his cheek. He could feel the mud that was caked on it. So dirty, everyone was, the entire Weyr was in shambles. Daylight had not revealed anything pretty, and B’jin – like many others – had spent the day trying to dig up survivors.

A new skill for the Search worthy dragons - searching out the trapped souls in the mud, before both individuals and groups of dragons had set about digging them up. So many were injured beyond repair, and many seemed to die so close to being rescued. B’jin had – thankfully – lost count of the number of individuals he had had Larrikith drop between, and he didn’t envy the large dragons who had become responsible for depositing the bodies of deceased dragons between when they never made it. A bonus of Larrikith’s small size, surely!

Ayyonth! B’jin, so on edge, took too many heartbeats to realise Larrikith spoke her mate’s name with loving relief, and not fear, brown eyes wide and terrified for those few moments before R’nd walked into the room. B’jin bit his bottom lip, staring at his poor, abused looking lover. So dirty and covered in mud and blood (that had better not be his!) and grime and B’jin strode swiftly across the room, throwing his arms around R’nd and hugging him tightly.

He had mostly only managed to catch glances of his lover throughout the day, and Larrikith had reassured him with every death that R’nd and Ayyonth were not the pair in question. He had desperately wanted to run away and hide, to wait out the terror hidden away as far from the Weyr as he could get; to spend it wrapped up safely with R’nd where nothing bad could happen. However, he could not abandon his class, his son, the people of the Weyr he had helped save.

“I’m so glad you’re okay,” the words were begging, soft and desperate as he leaned back to look at R’nd’s face, eyebrows furrowed into a worried frown as he carefully brushed at a muddy streak on the bluerider’s cheek. Brown eyes searched grey, making sure R’nd truly was okay and he wasn’t putting on a show for B’jin’s benefit.

The Hatching Circuit / Circle of Life [Hatching]
« on: 29 Nov 2013 at 09:11 AM »
Ah, B’jin..? A pause. Love, wake up! The green dragon’s voice poked gently against the edge of B’jin’s mind, including R’nd and Ayyonth in her mild mannered insistence that her rider regain consciousness. It was not working, at all, and Larrikith puffed a great sigh as she moved around the hut to put her head against the window, peering in through the uncurtained window. Her eyes swirled bright and excited colours, with mild flashes of amused irritation flickering through, and clearly aimed at her human half.

Mmph, B’jin’s response was mostly mental, but also came out a mumbled sigh as he snuggled closer to R’nd; the bluerider’s feet were cold, but B’jin ignored that. He had gone to bed much earlier than his lover, exhausted from a day of filling candidate brains with information about the upcoming Hatching; how to act, how not to act, all the fun things. Whatever time it was (and B’jin was far too asleep to even begin to figure that out) R’nd was in bed with him, he was warm and cuddly (except for his cold toes, which were diligently avoided), and B’jin was much, much too comfortable to wake up! Larrikith was an annoyance – like a mosquito buzzing around his ear – not important enough to wake up and do something about it… but annoying enough to have B’jin on the brink of consciousness.

B’jin! Damn it man, wake up! the green dragon, giving up on being polite and gentle, threw her voice into her human’s empty head with force, unintentionally yelling at both R’nd and Ayyonth in the process. Her mate was given an apologetic look when commotion erupted from inside the hut. At least Ayyonth had actually been awake, and she was pretty sure her first few comments had re-woken the bluerider, if his dragon hadn’t already done so – or the fact that the Weyr was now alive with humming. The eggs are hatching, you great lump!

“Of course they are.” The pathetic, whining and tearful tone of B’jin’s voice was enough to make Larrikith’s nose crinkle in disgust as she gave the man a flat look through the window. Get dressed! You need to conduct the candidates! “You do it.” It does not work like that and you know it! Get out of bed! Where is that stupid little gold runt? What good is a firelizard if they don’t annoy you as much as they do me? Huffy, puffy and probably quite capable of blowing down R’nd’s hut, Larrikith gave the wall of the bedroom a bump with her well-padded hip, snorting when building actually trembled a little.

Get up!
“I AM!” B’jin’s unexpected bellow startled Shimmer, who squealed in fright and buried herself in B’jin’s hair in a little gold ball, trembling while the greenrider rolled out of bed – literally. Thankfully, he hadn’t still had his face pressed against R’nd when he shouted, and spared the bluerider temporary deafness – or a blown ear drum. Grumbling and clearly irked, B’jin stalked grumpily around the bedroom, tossing R’nd’s clothes at the bluerider in what was a clear indication that he was not staying in bed while B’jin was forced to babysit.

Tut-tut; if we didn’t all know better, we’d think you were proddy! The green gave a chirp of laughter between breaths of humming when B’jin threw his pyjama pants at the wall and mumbled something vile under his breath. Nose scrunched up, and clearly in a very bad mood about being woken up two hours into a very lovely sleep when he was overworked and overtired, B’jin grabbed R’nd’s wrist – not checking to see exactly how well dressed his lover was – and proceeded to drag the poor man towards the door.

“Fucking eggs.”

That isn’t very pretty language! Mind your tongue or you’ll teach the babies dirty words. Last thing we need is them naming one of their riders ‘fuck you’.

“Ha-ha,” B’jin drawled. “Besides, it would be ‘F’cku’ not ‘fuck you’. Get it right you stupid twat.”

Larrikith replied with good humour, entertained by B’jin’s foul mood and doing nothing to remove it as she baited him and teased him the entire – if short – glide to the Hatching Circuit. More awake, and thus more capable of spilling vile retorts to his dragon, B’jin met the candidates as they gathered at the entrance, his nasty expression forestalling any tomfoolery on their behalf; the greenrider was clearly in a horrendous mood and wouldn’t hesitate to make them miserable the moment they said something unwise.

Eyeing each candidate in turn, B’jin nodded at them individually to pass them through, waving them onto the Sands one at a time when he was convinced they were dressed to his satisfaction, and both awake and sober enough to concentrate on what was going on around them. There wasn’t any good reason for any of them to be drunk, and most he knew had bedtimes around that hour, though he noticed several of the youngsters looking a bit glassy-eyed behind their nervous excitement.

Keep an eye on the tired ones.
Yes sir! Larrikith’s tone was mocking but upbeat, and filled with laughter as she pranced onto the edge of the sands, and dramatically made a show of eyeing the group of candidates with one laughing eye. B’jin scowled at her before stalking over to where R’nd was standing. A deep breath was taken in, and puffed out slowly as B’jin wove the fingers of his left hand through those of R’nd’s right, giving a gentle squeeze.

He was stressed, and worried, and he did not like being woken up!

Sorry but you are not allowed to view spoiler contents.

Personal Huts / Of Teachers and Parents [Jayedi]
« on: 24 Nov 2013 at 06:02 AM »
B’jin had wasted very little time after talking to S’kef, in order to scratch up his proposed idea for the new Weyrlinghood scheme. Unfortunately, B’jin was a bit of a perfectionist in some areas, and while he was quite sure he had gotten the lesson plan to where he was quite sure it covered everything in both an efficient and timely manner without risking lives, he was not one hundred percent positive it was ready. He had expected to be happier with the plan when he had promised to show it to his fellows, and now that the day was upon him, B’jin was hard pressed not to be frowning unhappily.

He knew the plan worked; if the dopy young blue, T’bia, could make it through all the lessons – including a fast-forwarded betweening lesson due to the unsavoury need to evacuate the Weyr prior to the execution. Well, then B’jin was quite sure that just about anyone would be able to do it. His main concern came down to convincing the other Weyrlingmasters.

Wisely, or perhaps foolishly, B’jin had approached G’rem first. He had been both shocked and more than a little frightened by the massive bluerider’s stubborn and clipped ‘no’ in regards to his class being adjusted to the new schedule. B’jin had barely refrained from trembling the entire time the man raged about ‘tradition’ and how bad change was, and roar, roar, roar! The greenrider had fled as soon as he could, and made a note to sick J’ver onto the bluerider, if he could manage it.

S’kef would probably just snort at the old bluerider being difficult; in all likelihood, B’jin figured, G’rem would probably retire in a huff after he graduated his class. Unfortunately, there was still a list of Weyrlingmasters to approach, and B’jin was not really looking forward to being yelled at by any more of them. Most of them, he would up founding, were agreeable to the idea, with only a few on the same side as G’rem. The bluerider, Jayedi, had been left until last. This was mostly because Amorandii had overheard B’jin talking to R’nd about the woman, and demanded to come along to see her mother when B’jin went to see her.

The pair walked rather quietly, Amorandii looking spectacularly pretty and girly in a short, powder blue frock that B’jin had put far too much work and effort into acquiring. Her soft blonde hair was drawn back, and pinned with a pretty ribbon, and her little hand had a firm grip on B’jin’s as he lead the way to Jayedi’s home. Larrikith, uninterested in the course of events and what was likely to be an awkward family reunion, had opted to take Indamor out flying for the afternoon.

“There it is!” B’jin smiled as Amorandii let go of his hand and ran to the door, stopping just before she ran into it bodily, little fist lifting to knock daintily upon the wood.

The Hatching Circuit / The Art of Touching [Touching]
« on: 20 Nov 2013 at 04:39 AM »
B’jin was in one of those not particularly rare, but certainly eye-catching, fantastic moods. The type where he was bouncing on the balls of his feet when he walked, was constantly smiling, and seemed incapable of realising how ridiculous he appeared, bouncing along like a tall, blonde Z’ia. It was one of those days R’nd hated – at least at first – because B’jin woke up in that great mood, and was bouncing around as soon as his eyes were open. He could not help it, and even the dank weather and the constant rain could not keep him down! It was a glorious day, and it was full of glorious opportunities and soon – so soon! – there would be more babies on the Sands and B’jin would have a whole new class to guide through Weyrlinghood and into adulthood and help them get sorted into the best wing for each of them.

And he was so freaking happy about it all, the greenrider was just about bursting at the seams with joy as he splished and splashed from R’nd’s hut to the dining hall, where he made a quick stop in order to pick up something to eat (he’d slept in. Well. Sort of…) before bouncing his way towards the Hatching Sands. Not having bothered to get up herself, Larrikith was quite content to remain curled up in the murky light by R’nd’s hut, her wing extended just enough that she could hide her nose under it. Her tail was less prettily curled up; instead, the green length was flicked casually across Ayyonth, twitching just slightly, almost in time with the green’s deep and definitely asleep breaths.

If B’jin was bothered by the lack of his dragon’s attendance, he gave no such thing away as he paused in the entrance of the Hatching Circuit and looked around for a moment. The majority of the area had flooded not a few days ago, and it had taken a lot of work and effort in order to clear out the water and keep the eggs safe from harm. It had been achieved, though! B’jin was ever so glad about that, too, since his previous class had graduated on the fifteenth – after a long day of helping with flooded buildings. B’jin grimaced for a moment, but the expression vanished swiftly when he spotted Okalinath and Kahleena on the other end of the Sands.

Lifting his right hand after a slight hesitation in which the left was almost raised then froze, B’jin waved excitedly to the enthusiastic goldpair, before bouncing across the sands towards the clutch, grinning excitedly. “Hello ladies!” B’jin smiled cheerfully as he came to a stop, and rocked from heels to balls of his feet and back again. The crook of his left arm, which had been held against his chest the entire process from R’nd’s hut to the final destination of the Sands, was the where the tiny gold firelizard he’d (very accidentally) Impressed ten days ago was curled up, completely asleep and apparently unaware of her surroundings.

“The kids should be here soon!” Which was probably a bit rich, considering the stolen crafters were just about all reaching for thirty, these days, but B’jin had also noticed he had a lot of Weyrbrats that had just aged in filling his ranks, too. It would certainly be and interesting clutch! Flashing another grin at the pair as they settled off to the side, B’jin turned and strode a short distance away from the clutch, and waited quietly for the first group of candidates to arrive.

Hi ho! Off we go!
For OOC purposes, all PC and LPC characters being played at the Touching will have been shuffled into group #1.

Touchings at Second Pass can be a little different to those at other sites. As a reminder, or an informer to those that haven’t participated here before, here are the rules!:

IC Tidbits
+ Bowing to the gold doesn’t happen in our canon; please don’t!
+ Firelizards ARE allowed on the Sands for Krypth and Okalinath’s clutches, given they are under control at all times. Any rowdy flits will be removed.
+ Individuals should be fully dressed, including shoes, but sans excess additives such as jewellery (a rarity) or scarves, flowy tops, and women are encouraged to wear pants for the Touching for safety.

Posting Wise:
+ A candidate may touch ANY egg he desires, and any number, but must touch at least one.
+ A gold candidate may only touch the gold egg.
+ You may only touch One egg per post. (The post should conclude with them placing a hand upon the egg)
+ At the bottom of your post, indicate which egg it is your character Touched.
+ A member of the Team will post a response, after which your character can react and then move off to find a new egg.

+ The team will do their best to come up with unique Touching responses for each and every character that Touches an egg. However, please remember there are almost 30 eggs in this clutch, and there are only four of us. We can only guarantee a maximum of 2 completely unique responses for each egg, but again – we’ll do our best to make sure everyone gets one.

Any questions? As at the bottom of your post, or PM Honey Love!

Edit: Eggies!

Weyrlingmaster Bulletins / Weyrlinghood Schooling Change
« on: 17 Nov 2013 at 12:06 AM »
Second Pass - IC Announcement  

Attention: Candidates & Weyrlings

Following detailed discussion between the Weyrlingmasters, and the Weyrleader, it has been determined that Weyrling classes henceforth will occur on a fifteen-month calendar, as opposed to the traditional twenty-four months.[/an.input.bjin][an.input.bjin]As a result, the graduation ceremony for Krypth’s early 232 clutch will be shared by her Month 12, 232 clutch. Their graduation will occur on the 15th day of the seventh month, at sundown. Wing assignments will be placed upon the bulletin board at Weyrleader S’kef’s leisure.[/an.input.bjin][an.input.bjin]Weyrlingmaster G’rem has deemed his class (Krypth x Sasquith, 18.06.233 AL) will retain the twenty four month education for his own reasoning. All other classes will be taught as befitting the new roster.[/an.input.body.01][an.input.body.01]If you have any questions at all regarding the new education system, please bring your concerns to myself.[/an.input.body.01]

KatilanSealWeyrlingmaster B'jin
Sorry but you are not allowed to view spoiler contents.

Second Pass - IC Announcement      [an.input.bjin]Congratulations![/an.input.bjin][an.input.bjin]Krypth and Tyrrisath's clutches from 232, hatching dates 15.07 and 12.12 have successfully obtained their full education, and passed the requirements to obtain full dragonrider ranking.[/an.input.bjin][an.input.bjin]A bulletin will be posted detailing their wing assignments in the near future. Anyone with questions or concerns about Wing assignments should seek out their Wingleader, myself or Weyrleader S'kef.[/an.input.bjin][an.sig.bjin=KatilanSeal]Weyrlingmaster B'jin[/an.sig.bjin]

Attention: Riderfolk

Sorry but you are not allowed to view spoiler contents.

The Lake Edge / Shimmering Mistakes [D'hys]
« on: 10 Nov 2013 at 06:56 AM »
The greenrider was on his lonesome, but he was far from upset about that particular fact. He was, all considered, in a brilliantly good mood, despite the fact that everyone he’d asked to spend the day with him, had had to turn him down for some reason or another. R’nd had, of course, been the first person on his list of people to invite down to the Lake for the afternoon, but the poor bluerider had something wing-practicy going on or. Something; B’jin hadn’t really been paying attention after he’d gotten that sad look from R’nd. His lover couldn’t come, but he wanted to. That was good enough for B’jin and he’d waved off the reasoning with good natured kiss.

B’jin’s assumption that Larrikith would be joining him had been responded to with a surprisingly opposite answer. Apparently, she had promised to spend the day with Grith and the other green had actually remembered. Either that, or she was pulling B’jin’s leg in order to get out of going to the Lake with him. While B’jin wouldn’t have been surprised by Larrikith doing something like that, he wasn’t quite inclined to believe it. They did not get to spend quality time together very often, and particularly not when they were both in such good moods, so the fact that she turned him down had him believing she was being honest. The fact that both Grith and Par’a appeared shortly thereafter to claim the fat little green dragon only confirmed it all and B’jin had sent his dragon off with amused laughter.

He’d been left without a ride, then, but that had been easily rectified! B’jin had bounced over to Valerian’s and asked the younger harper if he were interested in a day at the Lake. Considering the last time they spent time together at the lake (or the river) B’jin wasn’t surprised by the response he got. The request to borrow Veeth in order to relocate his own self there had been followed with fluttering lashes and a sweet smile that B’jin was quite sure had had Valerian puking in his sink once he’d been kicked out of the house. All the same, he’d been allowed to steal Veeth, and that was all that mattered.

Left to his own devices at the Lake, with Veeth returning home, the greenrider (albeit one green dragon short of riding anywhere) was walking aimlessly around the edge of the lake, his steps light and bouncy and, despite the amount of rain bucketing down around him and atop him, B’jin seemed completely oblivious to the dour weather. There was no thunder nor lightning, and while he was definitely soaked to the bone, he wasn’t particularly cold since there was no real breeze to send the cold bite of ice into his blood. It was quite warm, really, and he bounced along without a care in the world, almost skipping.

Naturally, it didn’t take long before the greenrider was singing, words bursting free in upbeat tones, and filling the rainy world around him with sound. B’jin was in a ridiculously good mood, and that was probably a good thing, since his lack of watching where he was going resulted in him stepping right in the middle of a firelizard clutch. Luckily for him, he managed to kick eggs out in every direction rather than smash any of them. Regardless, the wild queen that was responsible for the collection was extremely displeased by the man’s treatment of her nest.

The gold firelizard screeched and dive bombed B’jin, with bronze, brown, blue and green all appearing from the depths of between to assist her in protecting her unborn babies.

B’jin’s song broke off in a startled yelp.

Personal Huts / Discussing Future Designs [S'kef]
« on: 05 Oct 2013 at 01:22 AM »
B'jin puffed out a sigh, and brushed a hand over his face, frowning as he considered the remainder of the trip from the shady side of the hut he was standing against, and the Acting Weyrleader's hut. He refused to give S'kef so much acknowledgement as to let the man claim Weyrleadership; that required him to fly the Weyrwoman's gold, and since Tyrrisath had gotten fat and lazy and opted to not even bother flying Krypth any more, B'jin felt S'kef was being particularly obnoxious about his position. There were several couples now, all of whom were linked up to a gold dragon and as a result, far more worthy to claim the rank of Weyrleader - B'jin was honestly shocked people weren't causing a fuss about it! With Okalinath being won by the same bronze twice now, and Krypth apparently favouring M'bal's bronze Gugaroth, there were two men clearly in a position to cause trouble. R'nya's bronze winning the latest maiden gold only added to the fuel. Why were these men so happy to quietly follow along in S'kef's wake?

B'jin's nose scrunched as he saw Tsuen making her way back to her own hut. Well, that could obviously be the most blatant reason. Tsuen had her goldriders firmly in hand, and no one was quite willing to risk seeing how far the crazy old bat would go if she were truly pushed. While her tantrums were certainly more amusing than dangerous, the woman was getting to the point where she was bypassing amusing, and going straight into outright insane. To push her too far... the woman didn't need any real power as far as the politics of the Weyr was concerned; she was a wild, dangerous feline and the Weyr were acting as one to avoid her going on a rabid, child murding spree in a fit of outrage.

As the woman vanished, B'jin turned his gaze back on the brownrider's hut. Well, he wasn't going to get anything acomplished by standing there, despite the fact that where he was standing was both shady and S'kef free, and his end goal was not. B'jin sighed again, looking up at the sky irritibly. The heat had been going strong for several days now, and the greenrider was not coping with it well. He'd finally hacked off a good chunk of his long, blonde hair so it barely touched his shoudlers now, and all that was left was pulled back into a high pony-tail, and wrapped into a knot. A few stray whisps would have been floating around his face, if they werent damp from the wet cloth resting around the base of his neck occassionally being wiped over his face. Instead, they clung limply to the side of his face.

Finally deciding that he couldn't procrastinate any more, the greenrider stepped out of the shade, his nose once more scrunching up as the sun immediately beat down on him with a vicious bite. He was going to end up so sunburned! Rolling his shoulders irritibly and wishing his shirt were lighter - or, perhaps, that he was willing to run around without it on - B'jin finished the trip with purposeful strides at S'kef's door. He didn't bother to look to see if Tyrrisath were around, or if the dragon were else where. Larrikith had assured him that S'kef would be within his home and so that was where B'jin was sure he would be. Larrikith could be a bitch, but he could tell by the way she was anxious and slightly prickly that she was expecting trouble and had not lied about S'kef's location.

B'jin's fist wrapped on the door, the greenrider allowing just the smallest of pauses before calling out; "Sir! I'd like to discuss my Weyrling class with you. Please."

Bathing Houses / To be Clean! [R'nd]
« on: 10 Sep 2013 at 03:17 PM »
It was well after dark by the time B'jin had managed to stumble away from the location of his unintended flight with D'hys, and all the way back to the Weyr proper. The greenrider was clothed, but miserable, as he skirted the outside of the main buildings and slunk his way towards the bathhouse. D'hys had been particulary courteous, and over all B'jin was not displeased with the bluerider's attention; he wasn't hurt or suffering visible marks, his clothing was almost entierly in one piece, and while he had tried to put his shoes on the wrong feet in the beginning (he had been woozy still!) they were on the correct feet now.

As he entered the main population, B'jin detoured to the Weyrling Barracks, and nipped into his own room. While rarely used, particularly now that the Weyrlings were out and about and had their own huts, it did still claim most of B'jin's items (honestly, it was simply the majority that hadn't managed to get left at R'nd's yet) and he gathered up some fresh clothes, before slipping back out. He nodded to one of the more recent weyrlings as he passed the boy, before making it outside and beelining for the bathhouse. A bath was needed, desperately, before B'jin would sulk his way over to R'nd's and curl up to sulk more until the bluerider he adored came home.

Slipping inside the main entrance, B'jin stepped aside for a pair that were leaving, and then ducked into an emptied room. Steam was still clotted around the roof, and lingering in the corners. The floor was wet; the pair had likely just abandoned it, since none of the women assigned to cleaning had made it in yet. Clearly. B'jin dumped his things on a dry bench top and then kicked the messed clothing and towels out the door, and then shut it firmly. He slid the lock across so no one could join him, and shimmied out of his clothing as he walked towards the bath tub, toppling in it with very little grace.

Thanks to the water system the Katilans used, the bath was both hot and clean and B'jin sank down under the water, keeping just barely enough of his face above to stay alive. Luckily, the flight with D'hys wasn't quite bad enough to make him feel like drowning himself would be a good idea. It was not R'nd, though, and so the grimy feeling needed to be scrubbed off, and the scent of the other bluerider washed away. He felt so dirty! Nose scrunching up, B'jin moved to stand, twisting around in the process and then froze dramatically when he saw a blue firelizard perched on the edge of the tub, staring at him. B'jin pulled his knees up without thinking.

"Rell," the name was spoken mildly with only a hint of disproval as he stared back at the firelizard. Was the firelizard looking for him for R'nd, or was he supposed to follow the little flitter to his lover? B'jin's lips pursed slightly and he flicked water on the firelizard's nose. "He can come here." Whether or not that was the intetnion mattered not to B'jin; he wasn't getting out until he'd scrubbed off at least three layers of skin. If R'nd wanted to help, all the better. The door was still locked though. B'jin turned to frown at it for a moment, then looked back to see the firelizard was gone. B'jin huffed a sigh and scrambled out of the bath, wrapping his unclean shirt around his waist as he trudged to the door; he wasn't going to sully a perfectly clean towel with his not-yet-scrubbed self!

B'jin opened the door just slightly, and poked his nose out, water dripping off his face as he peered down the hall suspiciously until he spotted R'nd. Brown eyes lit up, but he didn't quite smile.

Gather Square / I don't even... [J'ver]
« on: 21 Aug 2013 at 07:46 PM »
All he had wanted to do, was put up the latest assignment for his weyrlings, and then spend the remainder of the day on the lake side with his kids. The only saving grace was that the pair of them had dashed on ahead of him to get good seats in the dining hall for lunch, and to wheedle extra sweets out of whichever favourable cook was on duty. B’jin was, at least, very thankful for that – both of his children were very good readers and the note he had spent far too long gawking at on the bulletin boards was definitely something he did not want either of them reading!

The collection of people surrounding the board had surprised him, and the amount had been why he’d encouraged the kids to run on ahead; a crowd like that usually meant a wing assignment had been posted and the crowd wouldn’t be easy to get to. He’d been shocked when they fell away easy enough so he could squeeze through, unrolling his own announcement to put up as he went. He hadn’t really picked up on the level of sniggering, or the way elbows were being jabbed around until one got him in the ribs and B’jin turned startled brown eyes on a rather burly looking brownrider and he shrank away, ducking past another greenrider before coming face to face with the ‘mysterious note’ that was clearly the center of everyone’s attention.

B’jin stared vaguely for several moments, eyebrows furrowing as he read before his eyes popped wide open and his face flushed a very rapid and very hot crimson. Despite now being the cause of the laughter, elbow nudges and winks being thrown around, B’jin was oblivious to everything but the horrifying words scrawled in a less than perfect hand and pinned up on the bulletin board. The greenrider’s lack of knowledge about the previous notes – particularly the one he himself had starred in – had managed to become something of a running joke first amongst his friends, and later with many of the other occupants of the Weyr. B’jin still had no idea about it, and it was the goal of those closest to him to keep it that way, while the more malicious members of the population simply enjoyed knowing something he didn’t.

“..!” the strangled exclaimation that left B’jin’s lips only caused more laughter to erupt from those around him and the greenrider reached out to snatch the note from the board, scowling viciously through his crimson features at the one man that made a dig about B’jin keeping it for later reading. Stuffing the sheet roughly into his pocket with far less respect than he ever treated parchment, B’jin stuck his own notice on the board, turned and took two steps. He ran chest first into another brownrider, gave a startled squeak, and ducked under the laughing man’s arm, throwing him a filthy look as if it were all his fault for all the events. The angry thoughts that were falling down upon Larrikith were too mangled to unravel.

I don’t know, B’jin… B’jin, where are you going? Larrikith sighed dramatically as she roused herself where she was sleeping in the sunshine beside Ayyonth, enjoying probably the only peace she’d expected to get before a trip to the lake with B’jin and the children. Apparently said rider had forgotten about the aforementioned children, however, as he stalked away from the Dining Hall and towards the bronzerider’s hut. He was still quite a long ways from it when he  - once more – ran straight into another rider. B’jin heaved a dramatic huff, and threw out one arm, attempting to shove the other away and forgetting the parchment in his hand as he did so.

“Get out of the way, J’ver.”

River's Edge / Skies the Limit [Private]
« on: 16 Aug 2013 at 02:40 PM »
17.03.234 AL

A tremblingly wave washed over B'jin, the greenrider's shoulders prickling and he rolled his shoulders with a scowl, tapping papers together on his desk as the last of his weyrlings left the room and made their way off to occupy their day. They were growing very well, and B'jin was very proud of them. Soon, he would start their in-air wing lessons, but for now he was trying to get them to remember the simpler formations while they were in the ground. Some were doing better than others. He skin prickled again, and B'jin rubbed the back of his neck with his right hand, left hand occupied with a quill as he made a quick note on his teachers record. He was not looking forward to talking with S'kef about integrating his weyrlings into the main wings, and while he knew he could put it off for another couple of months, B'jin also knew it was something looming - unavoidable - in the future.

Flopping into his seat, B'jin pushed his notes aside and waved off one of his assistants as they dropped a pile of work on the corner of the desk before nodding and leaving. He wasn't in the mood for idle conversation with the ther greenrider, and missed the knowing look the man gave him. Grumbling under his breath, B'jin tugged the ties at his neck loose and then folded his hands together, elbows resting in the table, and rested his forehead against them. Where is R'nd? he could go for some decent company, and his tone to Larrikith was whinier and grumpier than he picked up on. Somewhere, the green dragon purred back, unfazed and B'jin grumbled more. He felt all hot and uncomfortable.

Standing up suddenly, the chair skidding on the flooring, B'jin strode towards the door, folding his shirt sleevs up to his elbows as he went, and then tugging the fold up above the joint. The loose ties at the neck line were tugged at absently as he slipped out the door and yanked it shut behind him. The building was exited, long since emptied by his class, and B'jin paused as he stepped out into the very slight breeze. It was hardly cool, but it felt as such on his clammy skin, and B'jin paused for several moments, face lifted into the breeze and eyes closed.

While he had been planning on heading over to take a bath, B'jin's plans changed, and he swung unexpectedly in the direction of the river, marching with swift steps down towards the water. It was the perfect weather for a swim, right? He felt Larrikith stir lazily in the back of his mind, and her  vague agreement. The indication that she'd join him was met with a placid feeling of pleasure, before the green dragon was winging over head, more shadow dropping to cover B'jin and shelter him from the evening sunshine. His shoulders prickled again, and he rolled them fluidly. A swim would fix that, too. He felt like there were a million little feet trampling all over his back.

B'jin stopped when he reached the edge if the river, vaguely realising that other people were present and he didn't want to share space with anyone. Larrikith circled over head, and he could feel her disappointment. B'jin wavered for a few moments before turning and walking down the embankment, and in the direction if the lake. They were a terribly long way from it, but the greenrider knew he could walk for a while, and end up being left alone. His left hand returned to tugging at the ties across his chest; he felt so hot and uncomfortable and the desire to splash into the water was almost overwhelming, but the desire to be away from everyone else was stronger.

He walked for quite a while, lost in a daze and occasionally tripping, sometime over nothing and sometimes over things that really were there. He was, however, entirety oblivious. He paused, once, long enough to tug the shirt off finally. Pulling it over the top of his head and dropping it, not even watching nor caring as it floated to the ground and he marched onwards without a backwards glance, leaving the clean white material to sit in the shrubbery. Now-bare shoulder rolled once again, the greenrider almost entirely unaware of any tugging caused by the healed scarring left there. Talian had, of course, done a masterful job and while B'jin's back looked like a faded mess, there was incredibly little deeper damage left permanently.

"Larrikith," B'jin purred his dragon's name huskily as he caught up with her finally, the dark mossy green dragon perched, muscles coiled tightly as she waited in a small cove beside the river for her rider. B'jin, oblivious as ever, completely missed the gentle glow the green had to her hide, or the purple-eske colours of lust glittering in her eyes. He reached his dragon in silence, pressing against her neck and burying his face in the soft green hide. The little green curled around him, wings extending slightly. The hiss of warning she released suddenly startled B'jin terribly, and he jumped, turning his body so he was still pressed into his dragon but so he could stare over at the other rider that had joined them.

Quiet brown eyes studied the other man, expression sultry but withdrawn. B'jin shifted, moving so he was standing beside Larrikirth's head, his left hand resting gently on her right cheek, fingers splayed and light. The dragon shifted her own stance, though her head never moved at all, so she was standing up. Her wings spread slightly, overshadowing B'jin as she poised to flee. Or fight. "This spot's taken," B'jin whispered, his voie thick with Larrikirth's impending lust, and brown eyes traveling over his unexpected companion without shame. "That's mine," he added, as brown eyes lifted from examining legs and crotch, to the shirt being held. His gaze lingered for a few moments, before finally rising slowly over stomach and chest to meet eyes.

Weyrfolk Hall / Happy Birthday, Dear [R'nd]
« on: 24 Jul 2013 at 09:52 AM »
09.11.233 AL - 7am onwards.

B'jin had no idea R'nd shared his birthday with Amorandii. What B'jin did know was that the little girl was turning seven, that she was beyond excited about it (if there was anyone in the Weyr not aware if exactly when the little girl's birthday was, Bjin would have been impressed) and that there was no way he was facing the day alone. Therefore, R'nd would be suffering through it with him, and since B'jin knew R'nd spent time around his children with much the same level of enthusiasm as most people displayed walking on molten glass, B'jin also knew that he owed his lover. A lot.

Unfortunately, keeping excitable seven year olds from being too outrageous was bound to be utterly exhausting, and B'jin knew he wouldn't have the strength to thank R'nd properly for his assistance following the days events. So he started with the night before. Had he known the date of his lovers birthday, B'jin may have put more planning into the evening instead of just winging it. As it was, the greenrider had managed to keep both himself and his partner up for the vast majority of the night, with B'jin digging up a few new tricks that he hadn't personally shared with the younger man, intent on making sure R'nd was well aware if how much his company would be appreciated the following day.

B'jin could, however, be remarkably demanding when the mood struck, and while a full nights sleep likely would have been th best course if action before Amorandii's birthday, sleep wasn't something the two men were gifted with until only a few hours off dawn - B'jin being sure that Amorandii would at least be kept occupied by her mother or crèche until a more reasonal hour. H should have known better, as R'nd's front door burst open, followed shortly there after by the excitable child coming exploding into the bedroom, and throwing herself onto the bed. B'jin shifted carefully, far more sleep than awake, to protect both his own and R'nd's groins from the uncaring child.

"Daddy! Wake up! Daddy?" Amorandii's voice could generally be considered pleasant, but functioning on only a couple hours sleep, B'jin just grumbled incoherently in R'nd's neck about killing someone, specifically the child's mother. "Daddy! Ayyonth said I could have cinnamon buns for breakfast!" B'jin mumbled into R'nd's neck again, not quite sure if he was willing to believe the little girl's claim. "And Larrikith said we could go flying and the lady in the kitchen will make me the BEST cake and daddy, daddy wake up!" Amorandii poked B'jin in the cheek, giggling as he buried his face under R'nd, who was given a child's sloppy kiss to the cheek.

"Uncle! You should get up too!" The child scrambled off the bed, making good B'jin's protective measures as she landed a knee in his gut and barely missed things that should not be the victim of a child's uncaring disregard, and B'jin grunted as she ran out the door. It was far, far too early to be so rudely awoken! Freeing himself, B'jin poked R'nd lazily until the blue rider flopped into his back, and B'jin slid provocatively atop him, kissing sleepy lips.

"Good morning, my love." B'jin murmured between gentle kisses, instructing Larrikith to keep the child out of the bedroom as he got R'nd to wake up and face the day. If the green dragon seemed particularly more smug and amused than usual, B'jin didn't pick up on it as hot kisses made their way down R'nd's body, the green rider wriggling backwards as he went...

~ ~ ~

B'jin was smiling cheerfully as he plucked a shirt from R'nd's fingers and dropped it back on the chest of clothing. "Wear something less pretty, love. Cinnamon buns for breakfast, and Faranth only knows what else she's wheedled out of the crèche workers. Sticky fingers." He wriggled his own for emphasis, and kissed his friend softly, a devious little smile playing over the corners of his lips. "Gotta keep what you've got left safe," kissing R'nd again, B'jin laughed gently as he tugged a shirt on over his own head, and tied the laces at the front modestly.

"Daddy," the planitive whine sounded through the door, and B'jin bit back another laugh, clearly awake and ready to face the day as he hopped in the spot for a moment, tugging on pants, "aren't you ready yet?" Oh, the answers to that question! B'jin flashed R'nd a wicked smirk before answering his daughter, belting his pants up. "R'nd couldn't find his pants." The laughter in his vice was missed by the child, who huffed irritably on the far side do the door. The cinnamon buns would be getting cold!

Brown eyes sparkling, B'jin flourished a bow towards the door, and waited cheerfully for R'nd to lead the way out.

Ooc; iPad. I think I got most of the autos >.>
most of this thread will take place in the crèche. We're just starting at R'nd's >D

The Lake Edge / Keep On Giving [R'nd]
« on: 30 Jun 2013 at 05:52 AM »
Bright laughter answered R’nd’s comments, B’jin smirking playfully as his mind wandered to all the silly locations he had carefully stowed R’nd’s various articles of clothing that he had nicked over the last two turns… Wait. B’jin blinked and shook his head, frowning slightly as his mind hiccupped over that number for a moment before he was delightfully distracted by R’nd as the bluerider swept him close with eager hands. Well, he had never been particularly good with silly numbers, anyway. Or words. B’jin hummed happily, the sound coming out husky as he tilted his head. “Of course I am!” he murmured, hands wandering down the bluerider’s sides, then up under the shirt.

As R’nd stepped back, pulling away, B’jin’s features contorted into a frown and his fingers tightened for a moment over R’nd’s waist before he huffed and retracted his hands almost comically. Giving the bluerider an irritable look, tinged heavily with amusement, B’jin adjusted his pants, hardly bothering to be subtle as he tugged the hem of his shirt down and gave R’nd another dirty look, just to be sure, he got the message. After a decent pause (he had to be sure!) B’jin flashed a bright smile, and wrapped his arm around R’nd’s waist, melding against the bluerider’s side. “Where to first, my most lovely one?” The smirk was cheerful and playful as B’jin let R’nd lead them out of the room.


It had been a long day! A whirlwind of activities and people and dragons and being dragged around by R’nd – which, to be fair, B’jin had more than enjoyed! Normally, it was the excitable greenrider dragging around his hardly-resisting lover. The change up was not missed by the day’s birthday-boy, and had caused more than one subtle smirk at odd moments. No explanation had ever been given, just smug looks and playful grins as he was tugged off to the next part of the day. It was all a whirlwind, and B’jin puffed out a contented sigh as he leaned back against R’nd’s chest, tilting his head to rest it against his lover’s shoulder. A fluttering kiss was placed on the side of R’nd’s jawline.

“Thank you.” B’jin’s expression was as soft as his voice, expression a warm mixture of love and appreciation for his friend, and all he had done for him that day, and B’jin turned to peer back out towards the lake, watching the little breeze borne waves that lapped at the edge not far from where they were sitting. His gaze shifted when he heard Larrikith shifting, the little green dragon sprawled in the setting sun not far away from where B’jin was sitting against R’nd, who was leaning against Ayyonth. B’jin’s hands played lightly over R’nd’s knees; touching just to touch, his gaze shifting once more to watch the sun dipping towards the horizon line.

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