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Ista Weyr Boundaries / Blues and Bubbly Pies [R'vi]
« on: 04 Oct 2016 at 11:22 PM »
Indivara had never been overly into the birthday scene; she'd eaten bubbly pie with her family because they had insisted that despite her attitude in general, they were happy to have her and celebrate another year of her life. As a result, Indivara hasn't celebrated her birthday since the landslide. She wasn't sure if any of her friends even knew the date, but it was better that way.

Despite all that, she'd never shied away from celebrating someone else's birthday, especially when all she had to do was show up, eat pie, and drink bad Katilan wine. After all, Indivara was a true Katilan, and that meant any excuse to get drunk was a good one, and birthdays were usually the default setting.

This particular birthday was different. For starters, it wasn't hers or her friends - rather, it was her dragons! Venseth seemed more amused by Indivara’s antics than anything else, standing quietly and curiously as she finished oiling his hide, taking particular care with known difficult spots.

You know this is unnecessary, correct?

“Of course it is,” Indivara agreed airily. She didn't so much as pause or look up from her attention at his elbow. Venseth’s idea that birthdays were unnecessary clearly stemmed from Indivara’s own opinions, but he wasn't taking into consideration the fact that if not for his date of birth, and their binding than Indivara’s world would be entirely different and much less worth waking up in the morning to face.

Looking up suddenly from where she was working oil between Venseth’s blue toes, Indivara frowned suspiciously. “Did you contact Ry?”
Of course, Venseth’s dramatic sigh spoke volumes about his opinion of the current conversation. Indivara ignores his attitude, as she was prone to doing.
“And you told him to bring pie?”
Venseth tilted his head to peer at Indivara with one large, slowly swirling eye. Yes, Indivara. I told him to bring bubbly pie for two.
“Good,” was her only response, before finishing with his foot. “And you're done. Ry should be here soon,” and blue eyes scanned the sky for sign of the other blue dragon and his rider. “You can go though. I'll be in shortly!”

Shooing her dragon off to sunbathe for a bit before he washed off all the oil she had applied, Indivara peeled off her shirt and shorts, leaving herself in her rather plain underwear and chest binding.  Tossing her clothes on top of Venseth’s riding gear, the girl happily made her way to the waters edge.

Back posting because 237 birthday isn't for ages lol. Chose Ista because nice beaches lol

Weyrfolk Housing / Blue Blues [V'ler]
« on: 15 Oct 2015 at 06:11 AM »
Most people announce themselves before just walking in, Venseth drawled, watching as Indivara undid the straps of her riding helmet and jerked the item off her head, tossing it back towards him. The blue dragon sat up, using both hands to capture the small item before placing it lightly on the ground beside him.

Why? You already told Veeth who will have informed V’ler six times over by now. Indivara rolled her eyes as she threw her shoulder against the door and rammed it open, tossing her gloves on the table she knew was nearby and kicking her boots off as she walked, hopping a couple of steps when the left was stubborn. Finally freeing her feet, Indivara bee-lined for the bedroom, peeling off the rest of her riding clothing as she got there, tossing the items as she went. By the time she reached the room, she was in her underwear though not for long. A shirt was thrown on, one of V’ler’s by how low it hung, more a dress on the petite girl, and a pair of shorts were dug out from under the bed – those were hers.

“Where are they, anyway?” Indivara meandered out of the bedroom, grabbing a piece of redfruit off the main table as she passed it and sinking her teeth into the juicy fruit. It was so nice to be able to eat it without fear of Tsuen having a freak-out and beheading someone she thought was trying to poison her. Venseth’s response was delayed as she reassured the dragon that nothing quite that serious had happened in the past, nor would it likely happen in the future. Tsuen was long dead, Faranth be praised, the crazy old hag.

Fussing around in the kitchen, Indivara looked up when she heard the door open, and flashed a crooked grin at V’ler. “There you are. I have a question for you!” A pause. “Want some juice? That’s not the question.” She stepped aside slightly to show him the mess she’d managed to make in the process of squeezing some redfruit herself. There were a lack of Katilan non-riders (or riders) to bully into day to day tasks like squishing redfruit.

You could have brought wine down from the city we were in twenty minutes ago, Indivara. The long suffering sigh of the young blue dragon was accompanied by his flopping into a sandy wallow he’d made near Veeth’s preferred spot. Indivara waved off her dragon’s comment, quite literally, and sent flecks of juice and fruit arching towards V’ler.

Northern Mountains / Seeking, Searching [Private]
« on: 16 Feb 2015 at 06:44 AM »
Sitting atop Venseth, Indivara took her heavy winter riding helmet off and clipped it to one of the riding straps, puffing out a deep breath as the wind tried to tug apart the tight braid she’d put her hair into before leaving that morning. The cool touch was refreshing, especially where her head was damp from the combination of the confining helmet and her own thick hair. It would dry soon, though, with the way the strong breeze was blowing across the bare hilltops.

Unclipping the straps, the young rider kicked a leg over and slid down the side of her blue dragon, pulling her gloves off as she went and tucking them into her belt. Indivara enjoyed being a full rider, with having graduated the month prior when the group turned one year old. Venseth, presumably at his full length now, was a good size and of a strong, solid build. Big for a blue, the stocky dragon only looked bigger still when compared to the tiny, willowy form of his female rider.

“What do you think, Ven?” Indivara turned around to smile up at her dragon, having been admiring the valley below beforehand, an eyebrow arched upwards and playing on the way her scars were stretched across her face. The wind was making some progress on pulling the braid apart, with the shorter lengths coming free and flying happily into Indivara’s eyes and getting stuck against her lips.

There are not many places to hide, Venseth noted quietly, shifting his head to peer at Indivara curiously out of one slowly swirling eye. Indivara grinned, and nodded her head once in agreement.

“True,” but the location had not been sought out to play games of hide and seek, so the open grass valleys between the hill they were perched on and those that surrounded them was not of any concern to the girl. “Do you think it’s the right one, though?” She turned back to examine the view, her eyebrows furrowed into a frown as she searched for something that could not be seen.

Probably not, the dragon answered honestly, and Indivara frowned even as she sighed in exasperation. Her arms crossed over her chest and Indivara’s expression changed to an irritable glare as she accused the valley silently for not being the one she wanted.

Ever since they’d been allowed to travel between without restrictions, Indivara had started taking off early in the morning with Venseth and occasionally her firelizards, without telling anyone where they were going or what they were doing. If V’ler had figured out what she was doing, her fellow bluerider had never made a comment, and he never tried to stop her when she slipped out of his bed, dressed for riding and took off for another day only to collapse back into the bed just shy of dark without a word. Some days she came back quiet and with a depressed air, seeking silent cuddles; other days she came back snarly and irritable, glaring daggers and sleeping stiffly on her own side of the bed like a ticking time bomb.

She still had no idea why V’ler let her sleep in his bed, but nor did she ever question it, or the fact that she could wrangle affection out of him when she wanted them as easily as she was given those flat, apathetic looks when she was in a snarky, fight seeking mood. Indivara had not seen any of her other friends in weeks (or months?) and while she would have missed them if she had stopped and allowed herself to think about it, she was far too busy with her current mission.

We’ll find it.

“I know.” Indivara let her arms drop and she turned back towards Venseth, pulling her gloves out from her belt as she went with the intention of putting them on and remounting her dragon. Her motion was paused, however, when Venseth’s head shot up and turned to look in the direction Indivara knew Katila was located, albeit not at all closely. “What is-?” Indivara’s confused question fell away to become nothing more than lips pursed into a flat line as she caught sight of a familiar dragon approaching.

“Did you call him?” The angry demand was turned on Venseth with flared nostrils and fire in the girl’s eyes.

No. The blue’s response was quiet, firm and matter of fact.  He had no reason to defend himself when it was something he had not done. Indivara nodded sharply once, and turned her fierce glare on the incoming blue dragon, lips pursed and arms once more crossed angrily. She did not know why she was angry, but she was, and that was all the reason Indivara usually needed, even if Venseth offered a mellow rumble of welcome as his friend landed nearby.

“What do you want?” Indivara’s greeting wasn’t nearly as welcoming.

Character Diaries / I'm not JUST a girl, you know.
« on: 20 Jul 2014 at 12:02 PM »
But I'm still a girl, too. Sometimes. When I have to be.

Who the fuck invented periods, anyway?

Weyrfolk Housing / Broken Realisations [V'ler]
« on: 06 Jun 2014 at 12:00 PM »
Indivara sat silently in the middle of V’ler’s bed, her legs crossed at the ankles and her arms wrapped around her knees. The expression on her face was blank, deep blue eyes staring silently into space as she tried not to think, tried not to feel. A shiver wound its way down her spine with intensity, and the girl gave a full body shudder and blinked, focusing her gaze on the other side of the small room, and the only door to get in.

The entire set up was tiny, but the bed was big enough that, after Krypth’s latest clutch’s hatching almost a week prior, Indivara had made herself once more at home in V’ler’s bed. The energetic and more than a little dramatic hatching had reawaken nightmares, and Indivara, stubborn as she was, had returned without any true conscious thought back to her safety net. It meant that Venseth was not as close to her, but she could hear him shifting his weight up on the roof and could feel his reassuring presence wrapped through every part of her mind. At night, she clung to V’ler, and was thankful the other bluerider never made a comment.

Indivara curled over slightly, resting her head on her clasped hands, and trying not to think about why she was waiting for V’ler to get back from… whatever he had spent the evening doing. It had been two hours since Krypth’s final, mind numbing screech had been heard, and her last trip between had been taken. The gold had stayed long enough to have Jada’s body brought out to her – but who could have denied the distraught dragon that was screeching and ready to rip down the wall to get to what was left of the woman? All but the midwife who had responsibility of it, had at that moment had forgotten the infant she had died bearing. Indivara did not even know what gender the child was.

Venseth crooned gently, a sound Indivara heard far more through their bond than with their ears, and she rocked slightly where she was sitting, refusing to acknowledge the tears that had begun to trail without fuss down her cheeks. Jada had been one of her only female friends; the woman had put up with Indivara bossing her around, tormenting her dragon, and her bad taste in humour. Indivara had lost family and people she had known in the landslide, but she had not truly lost someone she cared about; Indivara had – did – love Jada dearly, and she had no idea how to cope with losing her.

The girl’s head raised as the door opened, and Indivara’s watery gaze informed her V’ler had seen fit to come home; she could not see enough of him through her tears to determine what expression he was wearing. She knew that he and Jada had been in the same Weyrlinghood class; she had never listed to enough of Jada’s stories to know more than that – or recall it at that moment. Barely giving him time to shut the door behind himself, Indivara threw herself at him, wrapping her arms around his neck, and one leg over his hip so he was carrying far more of her weight than she was. She buried her face in the crook of his neck, crying silently.

Personal Huts / Reality's Touch [V’ler]
« on: 23 Dec 2013 at 05:56 AM »
The young woman, always prone to sickness and illness, had been suffering a stomach bug the past two days. She had not joined the majority of the Weyr in their celebrations of the newly Impressed, and had hardly been conscious during most of the Hatching. Instead, she had made a lonely trek back to V’ler’s hut after a heated debate about whether or not she would stay in the Healer Hall. In her hand, she had carried a packet of medicines to take; Indivara knew most of them would knock her out, but with the way her stomach was still tumbling around and the weight she had – once more – lost from being ill, the girl did not care. Sleeping for a week sounded magnificent.

V’ler had not been home when she got in, but she was not all that surprised, and knew he wouldn’t be surprised to see her there when – or perhaps if – he came home that night after the celebrations. Indivara had been sleeping in his bed long enough that she was pretty sure he wouldn’t bring anyone back with him, and would instead go to their house if he was that intent on getting laid. It did not really matter at any rate; the young woman changed into her pyjamas – a shirt she had stolen off Ryvian months ago, and a nice, comfortable pair of cotton pants – and chugged down her medicine before tumbling into bed. V’ler would have sprawling limbs to fight against before he got to climb in, and a medically zonked Indivara that would not be in any ability to assist him.

Her medicated sleep was two-fold, however, and Indivara slept through the entire landslide, with minimal twitching; the fear from Veeth, the rushing around of V’ler, the echoing keens of the dragons that were left while their fellows were lost between, all went without waking the girl. Regardless, the thunder of the landslide, and the constant sound of dragons keening had woven into Indivara’s drugged sleep. She slept fitfully and with much tossing and turning in the empty bed, cold sweat matting her hair while her firelizards fretted just out of reach. Occasionally, they flickered between to annoy Ryvian or V’ler, before returning once more to check on Indivara. Their eyes were hollow and filled with the horror of the events when Indivara finally clawed her way to wakefulness.

The sudden sound of keening across the Weyr startled Indivara deeply, and she almost fell off the bed. Gripping it unsteadily, the girl toppled out. Her bladder made sure to remind her how unhappy it was, but the girl ignored it as she pulled one of V’ler’s heavier jackets on over her head to keep warm – she felt so cold! – before slipping her feet into her own shoes and out the door. Turning in the direction of the main Weyr, Indivara took several steps before pausing dramatically. Blue eyes widened, and her already pale face turned a sickly shade.

What had happened? Gaze casting about, Indivara searched for a face she recognised, before the form of a familiar blue dragon was seen. Glancing around nervously, Indivara jogged across the slick grounds, reaching Veeth not long after the young blue landed. Barely waiting for V’ler to dismount, Indivara slipped up by him, one hand reaching out lightly to touch him on the lower back. “Val..?” Indivara’s voice was low, and contained all the questioning lilt that was not given words of their own. What had happened? When had it happened? Why had it happened? Her mind had not quite gotten to the point of realising deaths had occurred, though one look at Veeth should have told her as much.

Personal Huts / Is this Karma? [Ryvian]
« on: 21 Aug 2013 at 08:26 PM »
Indivara’s general mood had, surprisingly, been improving as the months slowly toddled along. Her baby now almost four months old, and well on the way to being weaned despite the various midwives desire for her to keep the infant for longer, Indivara was quite prepared to dump the child on Jada and be done with it, and had been anticipating Jada actually wanting the dratted little brat. Of course, no one had actually expected Jada to finally fall pregnant, and the way the girl seemed to totally forget about her desire to take on Indivara’s baby was not missed by the younger girl, who ruffled worse than a cornered wher.

A particularly spectacular screaming match had ensured, mostly with Indivara being the screamer and Jada being the silent starrer, until Indivara had kicked her friend in the shin and stormed off the Hatching sands caught somewhere between puffing with outrage and crying in frustration. She’d been so close – so close – to finally getting rid of the little imp officially, and now Jada was so wrapped up in her own impending morning sickness she was too busy for the child. It was disgusting and Indivara was furious!

The stalking furious walk Indivara took part in to cross the Weyr grounds until she reached her friend’s hut was scary enough that most people gave her a wide space, and Indivara slammed into the door of Ryvian’s hut with a harsh shouldering, kicking the base at the same time she twisted the handle so she could storm in, flinging the door shut behind her with as much power as she could, hearing it slam but not paying it much mind. “Ry!” the demanding shout came out hoarse and more whispery than shouted and Indivara scowled, expression many levels of furious as she stalked through the hut and then barged into the bedroom without a single care as to if he might have company or not.

“The stupid fucking whore is pregnant!”

Bathing Houses / Of Baths and Booze [Ryvian]
« on: 11 Jul 2013 at 07:30 AM »
When Nyvian – N’vian – had finally been dragged off by the Weyrlingmaster, and the hatching sands had emptied of other occupants, Indivara moved to stand before Ryvian and offered him a hand, pulling the other weyrbrat to his feet and offering a vague smile. “C’mon, Ry.” Weaving her arm around his waist, Indivara curled against his side and urged him off the sands, and out into the far too bright sunshine; the girl squinting as she figured out what to do. Ideally, a bath and breakfast would be at the top of the list, but Indivara was not sure Ryvian cared about whether he smelled of sour wine and she was quite sure he was not hungry. The girl bit her lip for a moment, chewing on it as she considered. After a moment, she turned and dragged him towards the bathhouse.

He might not care if he smelled like sour wine, but she did!

The young man did not seem to be aware of anything at all, after squinting at the sun, and plodded along beside her without a word. That, frankly, suited Indivara just fine as she attempted to plan which bath would be best to shove him into; she didn’t want him to drown, and she certainly had no plans to topple in with him. Before her pregnancy, Indivara had been exceedingly twitchy about letting people see her body, notably where she was scarred over chest and shoulders – bad enough people stared at her face, she didn’t need them staring at the rest of her in shock or horror, either!

Since giving birth to Varlea, Indivara’s modesty had increased, with the girl wearing longer pants where once she had been quite happy to just run around in a stolen shirt and knickers. Now, not so, as stretch marks marred her upper thighs, her stomach and her lower back. Never mind the soft tummy she had been left with once Varlea had vacated it! Where once Indivara had refrained from sleeping with her friend in part because it was fun, and in part because she was shy about her scarring – now she had no desire to ever let any of them see her even half naked. Her body frightened her, and she could not (would not) imagine how they would react to it.

“In here,” she instructed, puffing slightly in part from having to half support Ryvian, and in part from so much exercise after sitting around for the past three months doing next to nothing while pregnant, and then doing very little after birthing the baby. The muscles in her legs objected to so much walking! Kicking a bathroom door open, Indivara shoved Ryvian in and kicked the door shut again. “You stink,” she explained as she knelt to undo the laces on his boots, and then stood, waving for him to kick them off before pointedly indicating the robe was to come off as well. Then she pointed at the tub. “In!”

When he was in the water, and she was warily convinced he was not about to drown himself, Indivara flicked off her own shoes – little girly slippers, of all things – and wandered to the far end of the tup. Eyeing Ryvian warily as she sat on the edge, Indivara rolled her pants up to her knees, and put her feet into the warm water, a look of relief etching over her face even as she glared at the boy though the expression. “Don’t,” she warned, unwilling to be tugged into the water. Pity sex was so not happening!

“When I can breathe around you again without choking on stink, we’ll go get some food and I’ll raid Jada’s supply of booze. She has a rather elegant collection, you know.” Indivara grinned impishly, brushing stray strands of dark hair off her face; her hair was frizzing in the humidity. “After last night, Krypth won’t tell her, either.” The girl’s smirk was truly evil, and radiated smug. She’d been trying to get into Jada’s supply for the past two turns!

Personal Huts / Miracle of Life [V'ler, Ryvian, Talian]
« on: 19 Jun 2013 at 08:27 AM »
Sorry but you are not allowed to view spoiler contents.

Indivara’s eyes shot open, the girl suddenly and inexplicably wide-awake; there was a low ache residing in her belly and there was nothing to be seen, as she stared at the roof, wondering why it was she was suddenly awake and restless. She shifted slightly, kicking the blanket aside so her feet could be free, and Indivara rubbed a hand lightly over her stomach. Psh whispered a sleepy chirp of question before humming softly, and Indivara pet her head gently, frowning and unhappy as she attempted to fall back to sleep.

The sudden, painful sensation tearing through what felt like her entire body caused the girl to jerk awake once more, having been on the fringes of sleep, and yelp in surprised pain. She panted as the sensation wore away, confused and more than a little frightened; her sleepy mind wasn’t capable of quite connecting the dots. Moments – minutes – hours? – and the pain tore through her again. Indivara cried out, scrabbling to sit up as realisation hit home, and she kicked Blood Sucker off the bed by accident, causing the firelizard to screech. Sitting on her pillow, Psh’s soft humming gained level and depth, and Indivara bit back a sob.

Mum, mum, “mum?” Indivara struggled out of bed, stumbling to the wall and using it to help her balance as she wobbled out of her own bedroom in the hut she shared with her mother and younger brother, and toward the woman’s bedroom. She barely knocked before pushing the door open, groaning out a pained whine of distress as another contraction hit. Wide blue eyes stared into the empty room, and Blood Sucker appeared from between and knocked the top off the bedside glows. The bed was empty, and clearly unslept in. She was at someone else’s hut, then. Indivara didn’t bother keeping her voice down when the next contraction hit.

They were coming hard, and fast, and Indivara was distinctly confused by that, as she staggered across the hut. Weren’t they supposed to escalate slowly? It didn’t occur to the girl that she’d managed to sleep through the first stage, woken only when the serious contracts began to strike. She made it to the door, and shoved it open, when her waters broke, with far less fanfare than she had been expecting to occur. How anti-climactic! Indivara gripped the doorframe as her body revolted against the child within it once more, and she screeched mentally for the first dragon that came to mind.

She should have tried for Khaduceth, to call Talian to her; or even for Grith, to wake Par’a (and the entire Weyr) or maybe Krypth, with Jada who was so steady and always managed to keep Indivara from quite toppling over the edge of her emotions. But those were people that knew her, or didn’t know her, and Indivara didn’t want to deal with the way they’d stare at her, or struggle to cope with her doing odd things like crying or doing something so dramatically feminine as giving birth.

She called for Veeth. Her relationship with V’ler was steady, if neither here nor there, and the bluerider was a solid type; she knew without knowing that he’d be able to take it all in stride without looking at her like she was growing another head. He wouldn’t act weird, or try to say the right thing, or refrain from telling her she was being stupid just because she was in pain. He’d just be himself, and as much as Indivara adored her friends, she wasn’t prepared to bet the same faith in their ability to retain their them-ness, in the event of her giving birth.

Unfortunately for Indivara, both firelizards had already vanished to wake the twins, and Krypth had calmly informed Khaduceth that Indivara’s brat was ready to make itself known to the world, though she left Jada in her peaceful sleep – the woman would just fret and get underfoot. Indivara clung to the doorframe, caught between sobbing and panting as the latest contraction faded away for those few minutes before it opted to make itself known again.

Bathing Houses / Facts of Life [Ryvian]
« on: 29 Mar 2013 at 08:12 AM »
Anger flooded through her, like threadfall filling her veins as Indivara fled the Sands, her mind a whirl of thoughts that the girl wasn’t sure how to prioritise; wasn’t sure which ones to think and which ones to bury with the trove of other things she refused to think. Her vision was blurry with tears, but Indivara couldn’t tell which of the multitude of emotions they sprung from. She truly was happy for her friend! But she was also angry, and there were so many other emotions warring for attention in between. She was confused, and she was afraid – and Indivara was never afraid, and she never cried and those thoughts just made her angrier as she shoved past a younger weyrbrat, sending the kid sprawling as she continued her mad dash for safety.

Blood Sucker watched the child go sprawling from Indivara’s wild shove, and the blue firelizard, unable to assist his distraught human in that moment, opted to clear her path. There were not many people out and about – most were still on the sands – but the firelizard was desperate to do something to try and make his human feel better, and at least that was something he could do! As a result, Blood reached the entrance to the bathing house first, and winked between to get passed the door, making sure the area was clear just before Indivara burst through, almost slamming the door into her firelizard, who squawked in surprise. The door swung shut behind them as Indivara dashed without thought toward her favourite room, and inside.

The girl slammed the door, and shoved the bolt across all in the same move, and one that resulted in the door bouncing slightly as the lock prevented it from closing properly. Indivara, who was throwing herself over a small bucket in one corner, was oblivious. Waist length dark hair was jerked out of her face as Indivara lost what little control she had had over her unhappy stomach, knees gripping the bucket while one hand held her hair and the other was braced against the floor before her; her toes peeked out from under her butt, her weight folded forward onto her knees.

Indivara groaned miserably under her breath, before leaning back, wiping her mouth with one sleeve and cautiously releasing her hair as she shoved the bucket away. Crawling away, the girl collapsed in the corner of the room, mostly hidden out of sight of the door by the bathtub that occupied the majority of the small room. Finger combing her hair harshly out of her face, Indivara wiped angrily at the tear tracks on her face, ignoring the ones still trying to fall and drew her knees up. Her arms wrapped around them, and she buried her face as Blood Sucker landed on the edge of the tub, and crooned anxiously.

Personal Huts / Fuck you! [Invite]
« on: 24 Feb 2013 at 07:27 AM »
While the events leading up to the moment Indivara was currently wrapped up in had been less than expected, the girl was not entirely sure she wholeheartedly objected to them – at least, not to herself; out loud would be an entirely different story, she was quite sure, since actively admitting she’d enjoyed herself would be a far cry from the expected and she wasn’t quite sure it would have the usual effect that doing the unexpected could have. She wasn’t quite sure she was prepared to even admit to herself that she had enjoyed herself. She was only willing to admit that she hadn’t hated the experience.

Being nabbed by a randy blue- or brownrider was not unusual, and Indivara had come to learn which ones should be avoided, for various reasons, and which ones could be counted on as a decent lay, dragonlust and all. Despite that, the girl knew it was possible to be swept away by someone she wasn’t expecting and those tended to turn out less than desirably, she’d found. Probably because the tiny young woman’s natural response to being manhandled was to fight like a savage wher, and most of the men she’d been grabbed by had not particularly liked that – or liked it in a way that generally resulted in bruises.

This one had been different, at least in the reasoning behind why the girl had tried to claw his face off as he managed to corral her into a bedroom – at least they’d ended up in the bed! – He wasn’t rough or heavy handed, but he had been determined and that had taken Indivara by surprise. She’d never picked up on any sexual tension in their relationship, which had mostly revolved around snarky bitch fighting and, on Indivara’s part, a lot of rock throwing. Perhaps he had simply been seriously fuelled by his beast – after all, that dragon was hotter blooded than all the greens combined, with a topping of Krypth – at least from what Indivara had seen.

Leaning up on an elbow, Indivara tugged the sheet up, mostly to cover her scarring, rather than what lame claim she could make to having breasts. Her build far more wiry muscles over a pixie skeleton of easily broken bones, Indivara was hardly a man’s dream of the perfect female. No hips, no boobs, and a body riddled with scarring – both from the dragonet attack she had been at the base of almost two turns ago, and from her own misconducts as a child – Indivara was quite sure the only way pretty could be used in context to her appearance was before the word ‘horrific’.

Normally, this would be the moment Indivara took to dress, kick her partner awake with some type of Indivara-esque commentary, and be on her way. Instead, Indivara snatched the entire sheet, wrapping herself up and leaving her partner to the sudden chill of air as she eyed him boldly for a moment, before shifting to straddle him across the stomach, an unkind jab of the pointer finger landing on his chest bone.

“Wake up.” She demanded, her face inches from his. It was, after all, his fault they were in this predicament, and she was going to make sure he was completely aware of that fact.

Weyrfolk Hall / Delightful Opportunities [R'nd]
« on: 06 Jan 2013 at 09:58 AM »
Indivara ran a hand back through her hair as she slipped out of the bed that had been confiscated for use by herself and the young bluerider she’d nabbed when his dragon had been outflown. Most riders knew her, now, since the young woman first began dabbling in flight mothing about a turn prior. Not all of them were always happy to see her as they became one with themselves, of course, but Indivara was welcomed happily as often as not. Her partnering choices ranged as a result, from those she knew would be pleased to see her, to those with whom she hadn’t slept. They were usually the most fun, for their reactions were generally extreme.

The blue whose shirt she slipped on grumbled as she left him, and Indivara laughed softly under her breath as she gathered her clothes up. She hadn’t been wearing much to start with; having been made aware Grith was going to fly moments before the green took to the skies, Indivara had removed the nice pants Kerrin had given her at some event or another, so as to avoid damaging them. It wasn’t really that uncommon, to see Indivara trotting across the Weyr in an oversized shirt, it was even less common when Grith was in the sky. She was loud, that green, and Indivara enjoyed getting wrapped up in her flights. It probably helped that Grith liked her, and wasn’t against including her if she was reminded that Indivara wanted to be included.

Clothing shoved under her arm, Indivara slipped out of the room and closed the door behind her, tugging the back of the young man’s shirt down self-consciously – it was a little shorter than she’d have liked – and looked up to see another bluerider leaving a room a few doors down. Indivara’s eyebrows arched curiously as she slipped down toward the door, Blood Sucker popping out of between to land silently on her shoulder, dark tail twining around her neck. Indivara raised her empty hand to pet him, silently quizzing the little fellow on Shit Head’s location; the reply (with Jada) didn’t surprise the girl, though she expected she’d probably get scolded either by the older woman or her dragon for involving herself in a green flight. Eyes rolling, Indivara peered in the half closed door.

The sight of R’nd, sprawled on the bed and not looking in her direction, sparked a devious smirk on the girl’s lips, and she crept inside, slipping by the door without touching it and tossing her clothes aside. A quick glance around had her spotting R’nd’s own shirt, and within moments a swap had been made and Indivara smoothed down the neat fabric even as the other bluerider’s shirt was kicked silently under the bed. Her smirk back in place, and blue firelizard once more on her shoulder, Indivara crept over to the bed, and lightly climbed onto it, crawling closer to R’nd and brushing light fingers over the man’s shoulder blade. Then she sat back, contorting her face into one of mild shock, and waited.

Candidate Barracks / Drama, Drama, Drama! [Open!]
« on: 05 Dec 2012 at 07:26 AM »
Indivara stalked through the Dining Hall like a five foot hurricane, which was saying quite a lot, since the young woman still hadn't managed to make it past four foot ten. Her long, dark hair was in a mess around her shoulders, slept in but uncared for since arising from bed. Whether that was because Indivara had just awoken, or because she simply hadn’t bothered to brush it when she got up that morning wasn’t immediately determinable. Vivid blue eyes glared at those that got in her way while heavily booted feet stomped on toes. The population of the Weyr was far too busy gossiping about all the havoc that had been raised recently to be of any use what so ever!

“Would you move,” Indivara growled, giving a solid shove to a greenrider gossiping with his boyfriend directly in front of the stack of clean plates. Indivara glared at him viciously when he spat something insulting (or, it was meant to be anyway, Indivara brushed it off without a thought) and snatched a plate and a clean fork. Stupid bloody green riders and their ill-timed (and placed) gossiping nature! Stomping over to the table upon which the lunch foods were placed, Indivara slopped a pile of wherry meat onto her plate, before following it up with various tubbers and vegetables, though there was a distinct lack of the well-known ‘healthy’ ones. Something that wasn’t going to help her ever attain any particular height, but Indivara tended to throw food in people’s faces when they pointed that out.

Holding her plate tightly by the edge in one hand, Indivara made her way to the drinks, filling a large glass with ale she stuck her tongue out at the bluerider that tossed her a wink (keep dreaming, bucko – worse lay ever!) and instructed her two firelizards to get the fuck off her shoulders, Blood Sucker scolding Shit Head until the little gold unwound her tail from around Indivara’s neck and took flight, the pair of them screeching as they dipped and dove ahead, clearing a path through the milling and hungry crowed for their mistress. Indivara didn’t waste their efforts, quickly fleeing the Dining Hall, and making her way back to the Candidate Barracks without any real issue.

“Dining Hall is a fucking slaughter house,” Indivara said cheerfully, watching with smug satisfaction as several candidates lingering in the hall twitched or grimaced at her. Her laughter was bright and mischievous as Blood Sucker chittered happily. Swirling around her head, screeching at Blood Sucker when he hissed at her, Shit Head grumbled her disapproval for the young woman’s taunting of her fellows before falling silent and flickering between to Indivara’s room. “No sense of humour, that one, ‘eh, Sucker?” Indivara tilted her head to lick the firelizard’s cheek – causing the little blue to squawk in surprise – and leap from her shoulder, also vanishing between.

Leaving the firelizards to sulk in her room, Indivara made her way to one of the mess rooms located within the Candidate Barracks, and set herself down at the table, drink and food set out before her as she started shovelling the later into her face. “Yeah?” she asked around a mouthful when she felt eyes on her, looking up to see who else was in the room. “What?”

The Hatching Circuit / Check this bitch! [Jada]
« on: 16 Nov 2012 at 04:23 AM »
Indivara was sprawled inelegantly on the Sands near where Krypth usually slept, her little blue firelizard Blood Sucker was prancing up and down the length of the young woman's legs, little claws sinking in through the fabric of her pants and leaving pinpricks on her skin. It caused a combination between pain and tickle, but Indivara wasn't paying the little fellow much attention. Across the length of the sands, the gold hatchling from Krypth's last flight was sprawled in the sand as well. Indivara figured the two women were off gossiping or whatever it was that goldriders did to occupy their time when they weren't cooing over their beasts' eggs.

Speaking of eggs! Indivara poked the one before her lightly, brushing some of the warm sand off of the surface and peering at it curiously for a moment, before rolling her eyes and rolling over, flopping onto her back and flinging her arms out wide. Blood Sucker squealed indignantly at his human's sudden movement and pranced up Indivara's stomach until he stood just below her collarbone, peering at her curiously. Wings flicking out, Blood reared up to place his front feet on her chin, and then get right in her face, head tilted to one side to peer at Indivara with one swirling eye. The girl burst into laughter, and was rewarded with the eye jerking closer. Snorting, Indivara shoved the little blue off of her face and pet him quietly while she stared up at nothing.

"Crooo?" Indivara startled at the soft sound that was made by Blood Sucker, the girl's eyes shifting and focusing to stare at the little firelizard, who was staring over at the egg Indivara had left in the sand. Blue eyes narrowed suspiciously as Blood bounced off her, tail flicking anxiously, and crept closer to the egg. Indivara knew it was a firelizard egg, now, though she'd been wary of it being a dud. Rolling onto her side, Indivara's lips puckered as she pulled a face. "What?" Blood Sucker ignored her, hopping closer, and then giving a low hum. Indivara's narrowed eyes widened and she scrambled to her feet.

Pelting across the sands, Indivara came to a sudden halt at the table that the goldriders kept snacks on, though there wasn't much there at the moment. While Krypth was with egg, she wasn't yet stuck on the Sands and Jada was still spending much of her time doing whatever it was Jada did (Indivara usually only pretended to listen because it was something friends did. Or, something.). Indivara snatched up some fruit (not redruits, since Tsuen had a tendency to cry poison attempt if they were brought anywhere near where she might go) and dashed back over the sand to where Blood Sucker was dancing anxiously next to the egg, which had several cracks scattering across the shell.

"Here we are," Indivara said happily, dropping cross-legged next to the egg and brushing her hair out of her scarred face as she tilted her head, watching the egg... Whenever you're ready little one... Indivara frowned when the firelizard within paused and stopped apparently struggling. A few moments later, it took up the battle for freedom once more. Then stopped, and took another breather. Blood whacked the egg with a forepaw, and Indivara laughed. "My thought exactly, Bloody!" Without further consideration, Indivara reached out and peeled off part of the shell.

"No fucking way!" Indivara gasped, unsure how she felt as she stared at the little gold head peering out at her. Blood Sucker crooned a greeting, snapping Indivara out of her shocked surprise, and she shoved the fruit in the little gold's face, not giving the creature a chance to finish breaking shell. This little fucker was so hers! "What shall we name her, Bloody?" Indivara asked, extracting the gold firelizard from her shell and holding her up by the wings. Blood Sucker crooned, and the fresh hatchling creeled hungrily. Indivara plopped the little beast in her lap, and shoved another fruit under her nose.

"Oi! Jada! Check this bitch out!" Indivara called, looking in the vague direction she figured Jada would be located. If not, she was sure Krypth would tell her Indi wanted the woman. Indivara had no idea how Jada put up with the pair of them bossing her around all the time - but that was neither here nor there.

The Lake Edge / If you say so [Mevrit]
« on: 09 Nov 2012 at 09:07 AM »
Indivara was feeling particularly smug as she sat on a stone along the shoreline, the water lapping at her feet. Beside her, she had a bucket filled with warm sand, in which her tunnelsnake egg was resting. Indivara had decided everyone else could hatch wherries - she was hatching a tunnelsnake, specifically one that would be poisonous and latch onto those people that pissed her off. Even with several turns growth, Indivara was remarkably naive at times, but she enjoyed the idea of a pet tunnelsnake as much as she enjoyed the idea of Impressing bronze and shoving it sideways up D'ren's (and every other bastard that said she wouldn't's) arse.

On her other side was a small tub of soap-sand, which Indivara was currently lathering on her leg; it was then followed by a smooth stroke of the razor blade she had stolen from Kerrin. While shaving wasn't really an overly abundant habit for Pernse women, Indivara had found she enjoyed the relaxing time spent primping herself, and that her partners often enjoyed the novelty of smooth legs -- or prickly ones, if she hadn't re-shaved in a while. It amused her. Additionally, Kerrin hated it when she stole his razor blade, which in and of itself was more than enough reason to make sure she did so regularly.

Indivara was hardly a girly-girl, and was as unafraid of the dirt and grit as the majority of the weyr (excluding selected greenriders, most blueriders, all the bronzeriders, and the three goldriders; pansies, the lot of them!) but she also held a strong and obnoxious opinion on personal hygiene; it was incredibly important for the young woman to feel clean and be clean and there was nothing worse than going to bed with sand between her toes! Camping allowed some leeway, of course, but Indivara was sick of feeling grimy and uncomfortable.

As a result, the young woman had packed up her little snake, grabbed a towel and made her way down the beach, leaving the main population behind... after sneaking into Kerrin's tent to steal his razor, and raiding the storage tent to steal soapsand. Mostly, it was being used on the dragons, but Indivara was pretty sure no one would miss any she took. Too bad if they did.

Lowering her leg into the water to rinse it off, Indivara tilted her head and smirked at her companion. "If you say so." The girl's tone was droll, but amused, and blue eyes sparkled as she wet her other leg and lathered it up, setting about shaving once more. Mevrit could be a particularly entertaining companion. Or, Indivara found her funny, anyway. Usually at the other woman's expense.

Sorry but you are not allowed to view spoiler contents.

The Lake Edge / Sandcastles and Moats [Open]
« on: 05 Nov 2012 at 07:59 AM »
To be fair, Indivara didn't know how she felt about the discovery of the eggs on the beach. No one seemed able to agree on what, exactly was in them - Mostly people agreed they were just some type of wherry egg, especially after those few who had been whispering excitedly about  firelizards had been swiftly silenced by a very angry B'jin - who, in Indivara's opinion, was hardly someone that she would ever label as 'scary'. But seeing the Weyrlingmaster threaten to throw the entire haul of eggs, and everyone that had been handling them in the centre of the lake via his dragon had almost been intimidating. Having Larrikith hiss and back up his threat had been a little more real, though Indivara knew she hadn't been alone amongst the weyrbred or bonded that had noticed the green dragons' amusement: eye colour was a dead give away, but most of the Northerners had bought it hook, line and sinker. If anyone was still whispering about firelizards, they were doing so well outside of B'jin's hearing range, and Indivara had warned one overly excited pair that Larrikith was a damned fine mind read; why did they think she was one of the best Search dragons?

Mostly, the girl found the whole thing highly amusing. They were just eggs and in all reality they should be eating them for breakfast. She had no idea why everyone had suddenly decided to keep them warm and safe, but that, too, was amusing. All the same, however, it hadn't stopped her from slipping into Kerrin's tent, kicking him awake, and dragging him down a length of the beach during the hours between 'lights out' and two am, both of them searching for eggs they refused to admit they were looking for. Firelizards could be extremely dangerous to the dragon population, and Indivara was no fool -- dragons were far more valuable than the firelizards they originated from would ever hope to be. She would rather drown all the firelizards and never see a live one (not that she ever had seen a live one) than risk her future dragonet getting sick and dying because of the little fuckers.

That had been the night before; Indivara had slept late after spending most of it a good several hundred lengths down the beach, enjoying the natural thing happened, resulting in an obnoxiously loud fight between herself and Kerrin that may or may not have been heard back at the Weyr proper, and they'd both stalked back to the campers, and into their own tents. Indivara couldn't remember what the fight had been about, but that was also pretty regular. She never stayed angry for very long and had woken up in a good mood, particularly since no one had decided to actively drag her out of her tent before she decided to. Getting herself breakfast and strolling down the beach Indivara had eaten slowly before finding a nice, quiet, sandy spot and after licking her fingers clean, had sprawled out on her stomach on the sand and lazily began construction on a sand castle.

Gather Square / Rainbow Spheres [Open]
« on: 22 Jun 2012 at 06:23 AM »
The lithe figure of the small girl slipped easily out of the chaos of the dining hall as the majority of the Weyr's population made their way into it for the midday meal. No one noticed the small pre-teen leaving, and if they did, they made no comment that the girl could hear or took the time to hear. In one hand, Indivara was carefully balancing a plate full of her lunch, a selection of roasted vegetables and slices of juicy wherry meat. Perfect for eating out in the dappled shade on the outskirts of the Gather Square! In her other hand, she held a very large, dewy glass of juice - the second glass she had collected, after swiftly guzzling the first. Now, with her stomach lined and her lunch imminent, Indivara made her way to a large tree on the outskirts of the Square, and carefully settled herself down and under it's extended branches, enjoying the subtle lighting that came through the leaves and winked at the ground below.

She really did love trees.

Curling her legs up under herself, Indivara rested her plate of food across her knees and picked at it delicately as she settled the glass of juice very carefully beside her, making sure it wouldn't be tipped over or lost to the grass. Fresh, cool juice was far too good to risk losing. Besides which, she was pretty sure whichever dragonpair had been tasked with cooling all the drinks between would be as unhappy with the loss of the drink as she would be. As if to justify her love of and appreciation for the food she'd gotten for herself, and the drink at her side, Indivara devoured the lot quickly and efficiently, and set both plate and glass aside against the tree trunk.

Content, her belly full of food and her mind lazy, Indivara leaned back against the trunk of the tree herself, and dug around in her pocket for the small bottle she had stashed there, stolen from the kitchen. It was a decent sized little bottle, but easily held in both hands and hidden without too much issue. It was plugged with a cork, and contained clear liquid that smelt faintly of lavender. Pulling the cork out with her fingertips, Indivara placed it aside, and dug around further in her pocket, until she pulled out a small strand of wire with a little hoop at the end. It was decently sized, but not quite so big as to not fit inside the bottle - which was exactly where Indivara shoved it indelicately.

Withdrawing the loop of wire, Indivara held it over the mouth of the bottle, so the drips fell back inside, and blew gently, watching with placid amusement as a bubble formed, and floated away, followed rapidly by fellows before the use of the first dip into the liquid expired and she was required to repeat the process. Within a matter of moments, the air around and under the tree was filled with softly floating bubbles, the subtle scent of lavender and the bright blue gaze of Indivara as she watched the bubbles with a rare, placid expression.

Sometimes, the simplest of things in life were the most relaxing.

Indvara brushed her hair back from her face with her wrist, and blew some more bubbles, smiling slightly as two joined up, making a bigger bubble to float up for a moment, before a whisper of wind blew it down toward the grass. It popped and Indivara pouted for a moment. Then she was blowing more, watching them float and dance on the subtle spring breeze, the dappled shadows playing with the natural rainbow nature of the soapy liquid.

Open; see here! =)

Bathing Houses / Reflections [Kerrin]
« on: 20 Mar 2012 at 05:06 AM »
It hadn't even been three whole days, and A'din was waking her daughter up with a gentle shake that morning, her voice apologetic; "The Weyrleader wants to see you this afternoon." Indivara had sat stoically as her mother sorted through clothing options, the woman's stance and attitude tense. The girl didn't bother to say anything. She'd been stitched up, and yesterday she had been allowed to return to her own home so long as she went to the Hall every day to have her stitches checked and the progress monitored. Everyone knew Indivara was a grub, and as she was told - repeatedly - her scarring would be 'minimised' if she avoided infection, didn't pop her stitches, and did not pick her scabs. The girl had stopped listening, after the third healer shoved the same information down her throat sideways, probably hoping to choke her in the process.

When A'din had finished picking what Indivara would wear, and told the child what to say - what not to say! - and to make sure she looked properly miserable! Indivara had given the greenrider a dour look as she walked out the door, waving absently to her younger brother when he cried his good luck to her far too cheerfully, (He wasn't spiteful, he just didn't understand.) and made her way through the tangled mess of huts to the Bathing Houses with her arms carefully hugging the tangled pile of clothing to her stomach. Bathing; another thing she had been lectured about. Don't get them wet, do get them wet, not too cold, not too hot! The girl had no idea what she was meant to listen to, and so she chose the easiest method; a quick bath, practically pouring water over her head in her haste and she avidly avoided touching her face at all. Her chest and shoulders were treated to cautiously, fingers light and delicate as she washed around the areas being held together with thin threads of material. Drying off had been just as timidly approached.

As the sun slowly moved closer to the later afternoon hour that the Weyrleader had apparently specified, Indivara stood before one of the long mirrors provided in the housing. She was dressed in a pair of shaped, loose pants that fell to her ankles in sleek black. She had no idea how her mother had gotten her hands on them, but expected she'd brought them back from a trip North, rather than had them specially made. The child usually lived in hand-me-downs, the only clothing Kerrin would let her wear without snide remarks, not the fancy outfit her mother had put together for her, ruined only by the well worn boots on her feet... Her gaze lifted from her pants to take in the top - delicate blue it brought out the stark colour of her eyes - and was loose, she had brought it in at her narrow hips with a black sash. The neckline was shaped with a wide, low hem that her mother had obviously picked because it gave a shockingly terrible view of the claw marks that raked Indivara's shoulders to vanish under the neckline of her chest. The girl's lip trembled, as she lifted a hand gently and ran a finger as lightly as possible over the raised bumps of the stitchery. So many.

Her finger came to a halt at her neck line, and lifted without thought to her lips, brushing over the stitches that had fixed the slash that had burst right through the middle of both. Her lips were swollen, still, and so tender she was living off mushy goop food, unwilling to exert the facial muscle requirements for chewing on meat and vegetables and fruit. Her finger shifted to the one just under her left eye, tracing the length of it, eyes glassy with unshed tears. Her face was a swollen, stitched up mess and Indivara's shoulder shook as she fought to swallow the desire to cry. The girl wasn't an overly vain creature, and often scoffed when adults told her she was 'pretty' or that she'd be lovely when she grew up. She didn't care; so long as she had her dragon in her future, what were looks worth?

But staring at the horribly scarred monster before her, Indivara's bottom lip trembled as she made a startling discovery. She was hideous.

Western Forests / Well, screw you! [Open!]
« on: 02 Mar 2012 at 07:17 AM »
Indivara had fled the Weyr, and everything it contained, her small body zooming between huts and dragons alike as she made quick her escape following the completion of her morning chores. Dressed in three quarter length pants (most likely to be because of her latest growth spurt as a fashionable decision on her part) and a sleeveless shirt that revealed wiry arms as she threw herself at the first tree, and swung up in a manner that was somewhere between an expert gymnast and a Terran monkey. Bare feet gripped the tree as she scrambled with practised ease up the tree and into the top most branches. Once there, she made quick work of leaping from tree to tree, she quickly put the Weyr well behind her, fingers grasping at branches even as her voice began to filter through the leaves, fuelled by anger.

"One stupid, sharding turn!" Her voice went several octaves higher on the curse word, and she ripped a branch from a particularly defenceless tree, stalking along a branch as she whipped the limb she'd stolen around, slashing at over hanging branches as she went. "A turn!" That time it was hissed between her teeth, and she swung so heavily at another branch that the girl lost her usually incredible balance and went careening out of the tree. Instead of attempting to grab a branch or scream like an idiot, the girl curled herself into a ball and toppled to the ground, landing heavily on her left hip she gave a chocked gasp as she flattened out, glaring up at the tree on her back as her branch, the one she'd been swinging wildly around, came plummeting down to land beside her. She shifted her gaze to look at it sideways, before turning to look back up at the tree she'd fallen from.

"Sorry!" Sarcasm was thick in the tone, and she hurled herself to her feet, not bothering to dust herself off, the girl threw herself back at the tree, and began to monkey her way back up into the safe net of branches. She wanted to mutter something snide to the tree, about how nothing they could do to her would be as bad as D'ren banning her from the sands - again - but she had broken enough bones from mistreating trees to keep her mouth shut on that particular line of commentary. Instead, she let out another explosive, "One. Freaking. Turn!" She snarled. "I'd make a better dragonrider ten times over than all the Northern crap combined! ONE turn! AHG!"

Unfortunately for Indivara, being eight did not excuse one from the rigours of a Katilan upbringing. Fortunately for the little girl, she had been assigned to various chores since she was five - like every other brat within the walls of Katila's founding borders, and was more than capable of doing those tasks that were asked of her. Presently, Indivara was carrying a particularly large tray, upon which were balanced two skins of icy cold wine, and half a dozen clean glasses. She wasn't sure where the iced wine had come from, and wasn't about to ask. Likely, it was dragon shifted in from one of the higher mountains up North, but, that was just speculation on the part of a gossiping child.

Grunting, Indivara stepped over a large log of wood, and then approached a large and slightly rickety looking table that had been set up. It held a tray upon it, empty, and there were scattered glasses around if one took the time to look - evidence of a previous rest break in which those currently assigned to construction had taken a rest. Helping her, more than a few of the kitchen workers behind her carried trays, pots and plates of food; the construction teams allocated food for lunch.

Currently, the Weyr was banding together to build a Weyrfolk hall - somewhere for those without dragons to live, as opposed to in one of the huts. Katila was expanding, fairly rapidly, and the outer huts were up to an almost a two hour walk away from the Halls settled within the center. As a result, the Weyr had decided a Weyrfolk Hall was required - a large building, it was planned to hold well over two hundred weyrfolk and their families. Hopefully, most of them would end up Impressing at some point, and as a result, they would be able to eventually move into the out-skirting huts or build their own. That, of course, was further into the future, but Indivara was a gossip and a sticky beak, and as such, was fairly up to date on the latest tongue-wagging of both those of rank, and those that were not.

In the end, however, as much as everyone bemoaned being assigned to the construction course, it would be better for the growing Weyr in the long run. This, of course, was the thoughts of a child that barely reached four feet in height and weighed about as much as a broken twig.

Carefully placing the tray upon the table, Indivara lifted her head and looked around. There were more than a few people about, most of them crawling like vermin all over the slowly evolving construction. Like all of Katila's buildings, the Hall was being constructed from wood, rather than stone, and looked slightly green from all the freshly cut trees. Those with dragons to assist, could be seen instructing the great beasts - from green to bronze - on what action to take, and how to help. They were making progress, all of them, however slow. But, for now, Indivara had decided it was break time.

"OI!" The child cupped her hands around her mouth, and used a well bred set of Dragonrider lungs to yell out, easily capturing the attention of those working construction around her. "LUNCH TIME!"

Those that knew of the child wouldn't be at all surprised by her lung capacity and decibel of voice, though very few of the Weyr had ever heard of or met the girl. A gossips' best work was done when no one recognised you!

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