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Dusk to Dawn
Clutch Mother:

Gold Aradissicath of Rhaedalyn
Clutch Father:

Bronze Xyreith of R’nya
Flight Date

Clutch Date

Hatching Date
Graduation Date
Clutch Size
45 Eggs
40 of 45
R'der of Colour Name
Primary Assistants
R'der of Colour Name
R'der of Colour Name
Gold Dragonets: 0 of 0 Available

Bronze Dragonets: 4 of 4 Available
xXx Quixotic DtDBronze01 went to DtDMale08, who is Adoptable.
xXx Pacifist DtDBronze02 went to DtDMale09, who is Adoptable.
xXx Vigorous DtDBronze03 went to DtDMale11, who is Adoptable.
xXx Calculating DtDBronze04 went to DtDMale39, who is Adoptable.

Brown Dragonets: 5 of 5 Available
xXx Placid DtDBrown01 went to DtDMale01, who is Adoptable.
xXx Observant DtDBrown02 went to DtDMale05, who is Adoptable.
xXx Nocturnal DtDBrown03 went to DtDMale29, who is Adoptable.
xXx Iniquity DtDBrown04 went to DtDMale30, who is Adoptable.
xXx Robust DtDBrown05 went to DtDMale36, who is Adoptable.

Blue Dragonets: 11 of 11 Available
xXx Harmonious DtDBlue01 went to DtDMale03, who is Adoptable.
xXx Ambiguous DtDBlue02 went to DtDMale06, who is Adoptable.
xXx Tenebrosity DtDBlue03 went to DtDMale13, who is Adoptable.
xXx Eager DtDBlue04 went to DtDMale18, who is Adoptable.
xXx Insatiable DtDBlue05 went to DtDMale19, who is Adoptable.
xXx Zany DtDBlue06 went to DtDMale23, who is Adoptable.
xXx Noctivagant DtDBlue07 went to DtDMale24, who is Adoptable.
xXx Lyrical DtDBlue08 went to DtDMale28, who is Adoptable.
xXx Caliginosity DtDBlue09 went to DtDMale33, who is Adoptable.
xXx Jaded DtDBlue10 went to DtDMale37, who is Adoptable.
xXx Vicarious DtDBlue11 went to DtDMale38, who is Adoptable.

Green Dragonets: 20 of 20 Available
xXx Obsequious DtDGreen01 went to DtDMale02, who is Adoptable.
xXx Vesper DtDGreen02 went to DtDMale04, who is Adoptable.
xXx Erratic DtDGreen03 went to DtDMale07, who is Adoptable.
xXx Humdrum DtDGreen04 went to DtDMale10, who is Adoptable.
xXx Judicious DtDGreen05 went to DtDMale12, who is Adoptable.
xXx Debonair DtDGreen06 went to DtDMale14, who is Adoptable.
xXx Decorous DtDGreen07 went to DtDMale15, who is Adoptable.
xXx Auspicious DtDGreen08 went to DtDMale16, who is Adoptable.
xXx Rebel DtDGreen09 went to DtDMale17, who is Adoptable.
xXx Scintillating DtDGreen10 went to DtDMale20, who is Adoptable.
xXx Halcyon DtDGreen11 went to DtDMale21, who is Adoptable.
xXx Dependent DtDGreen12 went to DtDMale22, who is Adoptable.
xXx Prickly DtDGreen13 went to DtDMale25, who is Adoptable.
xXx Meek DtDGreen14 went to DtDMale26, who is Adoptable.
xXx Wistful DtDGreen15 went to DtDMale27, who is Adoptable.
xXx Lucubrate DtDGreen16 went to DtDMale31, who is Adoptable.
xXx Obscurity DtDGreen17 went to DtDMale32, who is Adoptable.
xXx Languid DtDGreen18 went to DtDMale34, who is Adoptable.
xXx Ignominy DtDGreen19 went to DtDMale35, who is Adoptable.
xXx Steadfast DtDGreen20 went to DtDMale40, who is Adoptable.

Other Important Clutch Details
Hatching Order

Impression Order

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Candidate Information
-- Adoptees are encouraged to speak to players of previously adopted characters for plotting and relationship ideas!

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Gold Aradissicath • x • Bronze Xyreith
Clutch 3 Together


Fragmented Memories

Clutch Mother:
Gold Aradissicath of Rhaedalyn
Clutch Father
Bronze Xyreith of R'nya
Flight Date
Clutch Date
Hatching Date
Graduation Date
Clutch Size
52 Eggs
52 of 52
R'der of Colour Name
Primary Assistants
R'der of Colour Name
R'der of Colour Name

Gold Dragonets: 2 of 2 Available
xXx Torment FMGold01 went to FMFemale01, who is Adoptable.
xXx Patient FMGold02 went to FMFemale02, who is Adoptable.

Bronze Dragonets: 4 of 4 Available
xXx Risky FMBronze01 went to FMMale11, who is Adoptable.
xXx Bewildered FMBronze02 went to FMMale29, who is Adoptable.
xXx Trance FMBronze03 went to FMMale38, who is Adoptable.
xXx Insecure FMBronze04 went to FMMale46, who is Adoptable.

Brown Dragonets: 6 of 6 Available
xXx Shameful FMBrown01 went to FMMale06, who is Adoptable.
xXx Indecisive FMBrown02 went to FMMale16, who is Adoptable.
xXx Muddled FMBrown03 went to FMMale18, who is Adoptable.
xXx Evaluate FMBrown04 went to FMMale20, who is Adoptable.
xXx Diabolic FMBrown05 went to FMMale25, who is Adoptable.
xXx Nomad FMBrown06 went to FMMale30, who is Adoptable.

Blue Dragonets: 12 of 12 Available
xXx Compatible FMBlue01 went to FMMale05, who is Adoptable.
xXx Peace FMBlue02 went to FMMale07, who is Adoptable.
xXx Embrace FMBlue03 went to FMMale09, who is Adoptable.
xXx Tactical FMBlue04 went to FMMale21, who is Adoptable.
xXx Ego FMBlue05 went to FMMale27, who is Adoptable.
xXx Compassionate FMBlue06 went to FMMale32, who is Adoptable.
xXx Abnormal FMBlue07 went to FMMale35, who is Adoptable.
xXx Ambivalent FMBlue08 went to FMMale39, who is Adoptable.
xXx Reality FMBlue09 went to FMMale42, who is Adoptable.
xXx Aspiration FMBlue10 went to FMMale43, who is Adoptable.
xXx Reverie FMBlue11 went to FMMale49, who is Adoptable.
xXx Perplexed FMBlue12 went to FMMale50, who is Adoptable.

Green Dragonets: 28 of 28 Available
xXx Stupor FMGreen01 went to FMMale01, who is Adoptable.
xXx Confused FMGreen02 went to FMMale02, who is Adoptable.
xXx Certainty FMGreen03 went to FMMale03, who is Adoptable.
xXx Harmony FMGreen04 went to FMMale04, who is Adoptable.
xXx Ignorance FMGreen05 went to FMMale08, who is Adoptable.
xXx Studious FMGreen06 went to FMMale10, who is Adoptable.
xXx Oredeal FMGreen07 went to FMMale12, who is Adoptable.
xXx Doubt FMGreen08 went to FMMale13, who is Adoptable.
xXx Hallucination FMGreen09 went to FMMale14, who is Adoptable.
xXx Headstrong FMGreen10 went to FMMale15, who is Adoptable.
xXx Imagination FMGreen11 went to FMMale17, who is Adoptable.
xXx Berserk FMGreen12 went to HVMale19, who is Adoptable.
xXx Corrosive FMGreen13 went to FMMale22, who is Adoptable.
xXx Confidential FMGreen14 went to HVMale23, who is Adoptable.
xXx Truth FMGreen15 went to FMMale24, who is Adoptable.
xXx Vision FMGreen16 went to FMMale26, who is Adoptable.
xXx Congruous FMGreen17 went to FMMale28, who is Adoptable.
xXx Haze FMGreen18 went to FMMale31, who is Adoptable.
xXx Animalistic FMGreen19 went to FMMale33, who is Adoptable.
xXx Delusion FMGreen20 went to FMMale34, who is Adoptable.
xXx Balanced FMGreen21 went to HMMale36, who is Adoptable.
xXx Mysterious FMGreen22 went to FMMale37, who is Adoptable.
xXx Tribulation FMGreen23 went to FMMale40, who is Adoptable.
xXx Honesty FMGreen24 went to FMMale41, who is Adoptable.
xXx Fact FMGreen25 went to HVMale44, who is Adoptable.
xXx Vagary FMGreen26 went to FMMale45, who is Adoptable.
xXx Illusion FMGreen27 went to FMMale47, who is Adoptable.
xXx Clairvoyant FMGreen28 went to FMMale50, who is Adoptable.

Other Important Clutch Details
Hatching Order

Impression Order

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Candidate Information
-- Adoptees are encouraged to speak to players of previously adopted characters for plotting and relationship ideas!

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Gold Aradissicath • x • Bronze Xyreith
Clutch 3 Together

Fort Weyr / Bippity Boppity Boo [R'nya]
« on: 11 Jan 2016 at 12:26 PM »
Rhaedalyn had spent far too much time on planning the perfect day for her daughter’s first birthday. She knew the girl wouldn’t remember it, though she also knew Aradissicath could one day draw on memories and feed them to the girl. So it was important Alyren knew she had always been loved and spoiled. Mostly, though, she had admitted to herself a few times, the day was for her and hopefully R’nya. The bronzerider had been fully committed to being a father from early on – and would have been even earlier if she hadn’t been blind to the fact that he had wanted to be in their life and that she wasn’t inconveniencing him – so she suspected he’d enjoy special moments like this as well. It didn’t hurt that their daughter’s birthday fell on the same day as R’nya’s birth.

A fact Rhaedalyn had almost foolishly overlooked.

She had recovered such forgotten memories in time and made sure she spoiled her friend later in the evening as well after Alyren had been given to a friend to watch for the night.

As she watched R’nya entertain the little girl who kept staring at her daddy with bright eyes, Rhaedalyn felt like the day had so far been a success. The area they sat in under the shade of a large tree wasn’t entirely familiar to her yet but Aradissicath had recently flown and she was no longer allowed to go on trips between and the gold had refused – with as much affection and trust as she could pour onto the bronze – to let Xyreith take the family back to Katila for the day so Rhaedalyn could return to old favourite places. A new potential favourite place had been found close to Fort Weyr and Xyreith was allowed to take them there for the day since it was close by and everyone would be happy.

A light picnic lunch had been put together filled with finger foods they would all enjoy and three cupcakes to serve as a birthday cake. Some people tried to tell her that Alyren was still too young for sweets but Rhaedalyn waved away the advice since she hadn’t planned on putting sweet icing on the girl’s treat. It was more symbolic than anything else since she didn’t even think Alyren would pay it much attention and would perhaps only nibble on a few bites.

Lunch had been set aside a while ago and they had played in the field for a bit before returning to the blanket that had been spread out for their comfort. Rhaedalyn quietly admired her handiwork that was Alyren’s dress. She had been practicing making children’s clothing since giving birth and she was rather pleased with her work on the dress that had been one of her presents. The other gift was a little doll she had commissioned to be made and it seemed like it had been a good idea as the girl kept grabbing it and sometimes even giving it a small hug. It warmed her heart almost as much as watching father and daughter interact. It wasn’t her birthday but truly, that had to be the best gift of the day and she did nothing to interrupt their time and quietly sat with her hands folded in her lap, smiling gently.

The only frown that appeared during that time was when Muffin returned from playing with Whisper and Rumour to start stealing bites of Alyren’s forgotten cupcake. She thought about shooing the blue firelizard away but stopped herself. Muffin was as much a family member as the humans sitting on the blanket with her and it was rather normal to have the energetic flitter getting into mischief like that. The only odd thing about her firelizards lately had been the way Whisper seemed to sulk around R’nya now instead of cozying up beside him or trying to vie for his attention. Perhaps she had finally gotten over her fascination with the man? Rhaedalyn feared she would never know.

She glanced at the sky and noted the sun was growing closer to the horizon. They would have to wrap up the outdoor portion of their day soon, which Rhaedalyn didn’t entirely mind since she had more plans for the evening to honour R’nya’s birth as well but she really didn’t want to pop the happy bubble she was currently living in. Everything seemed so normal; so right. Parents and daughter spending the day together. No obligations, no ranks, nothing. It was something right out of one of her stories, or even her youthful fantasies when she believed she would marry at a proper age and be a dutiful wife with several children running around for her to care for. Tears started to well up at the realization she’d never have that perfect hold life but as she blinked them away before they fell, Rhaedalyn also realized she didn’t miss that desire and she was okay with her new life in a Weyr and with everything she had.

A hand started to stray from her lap to reach for R’nya’s but she froze and set her hand back in her lap. She didn’t know where that urge had come from but Rhaedalyn didn’t think long on it either. No need upsetting the balance of such a wonderful day!


Heroes & Villains

Clutch Mother:
Gold Aradissicath of Rhaedalyn
Clutch Father
Bronze Xyreith of R'nya
Flight Date
Clutch Date
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55 Eggs
55 of 55
R'der of Colour Name
Primary Assistants
R'der of Colour Name
R'der of Colour Name

Gold Dragonets: 2 of 2 Available
xXx Meddlesome HVGold01 went to HVFemale01, who is Adoptable.
xXx Spirited HVGold02 went to HVFemale02, who is Adoptable.

Bronze Dragonets: 5 of 5 Available
xXx Malicious HVBronze01 went to HVMale09, who is Adoptable.
xXx Cruel HVBronze02 went to HVMale12, who is Adoptable.
xXx Noble HVBronze03 went to HVMale14, who is Adoptable.
xXx Viper HVBronze04 went to HVMale30, who is Adoptable.
xXx Bold HVBronze05 went to HVMale32, who is Adoptable.

Brown Dragonets: 6 of 6 Available
xXx Courageous HVBrown01 went to HVMale04, who is Adoptable.
xXx Illustrious HVBrown02 went to HVMale16, who is Adoptable.
xXx Will-power HVBrown03 went to HVMale28, who is Adoptable.
xXx Miscreant HVBrown04 went to HVMale34, who is Adoptable.
xXx Deceitful HVBrown05 went to HVMale42, who is Adoptable.
xXx Diabolical HVBrown06 went to HVMale45, who is Adoptable.

Blue Dragonets: 18 of 18 Available
xXx Depraved HVBlue01 went to HVMale05, who is Adoptable.
xXx Powerful HVBlue02 went to HVMale06, who is Adoptable.
xXx Fearless HVBlue03 went to HVMale08, who is Adoptable.
xXx Rogue HVBlue04 went to HVMale17, who is Adoptable.
xXx Grandiose HVBlue05 went to HVMale18, who is Adoptable.
xXx Lionhearted HVBlue06 went to HVMale19, who is Adoptable.
xXx Treacherous HVBlue07 went to HVMale22, who is Adoptable.
xXx Corrupt HVBlue08 went to HVMale23, who is Adoptable.
xXx Vicious HVBlue09 went to HVMale29, who is Adoptable.
xXx Wily HVBlue10 went to HVMale30, who is Adoptable.
xXx Brave HVBlue11 went to HVMale35, who is Adoptable.
xXx Epic HVBlue12 went to HVMale36, who is Adoptable.
xXx Two-faced HVBlue13 went to HVMale39, who is Adoptable.
xXx Valorous HVBlue14 went to HVMale40, who is Adoptable.
xXx Adventurous HVBlue15 went to HVMale44, who is Adoptable.
xXx Shady HVBlue16 went to HVMale46, who is Adoptable.
xXx Gutsy HVBlue17 went to HVMale47, who is Adoptable.
xXx Outstanding HVBlue18 went to HVMale48, who is Adoptable.

Green Dragonets: 24 of 24 Available
xXx Nefarious HVGreen01 went to HVMale01, who is Adoptable.
xXx Honourable HVGreen02 went to HVMale02, who is Adoptable.
xXx Gallant HVGreen03 went to HVMale03, who is Adoptable.
xXx Intrepid HVGreen04 went to HVMale07, who is Adoptable.
xXx Magnanimous HVGreen05 went to HVMale10, who is Adoptable.
xXx Generous HVGreen06 went to HVMale11, who is Adoptable.
xXx Relentless HVGreen07 went to HVMale13, who is Adoptable.
xXx Mighty HVGreen08 went to HVMale15, who is Adoptable.
xXx Fortitude HVGreen09 went to HVMale20, who is Adoptable.
xXx Stalwart HVGreen10 went to HVMale21, who is Adoptable.
xXx Bully HVGreen11 went to HVMale24, who is Adoptable.
xXx Uncaring HVGreen12 went to HVMale25, who is Adoptable.
xXx Immoral HVGreen13 went to HVMale26, who is Adoptable.
xXx Daring HVGreen14 went to HVMale27, who is Adoptable.
xXx Secretive HVGreen15 went to HVMale31, who is Adoptable.
xXx Valiant HVGreen16 went to HVMale37, who is Adoptable.
xXx Determined HVGreen17 went to HVMale38, who is Adoptable.
xXx Chivalrous HVGreen18 went to HVMale41, who is Adoptable.
xXx Wicked HVGreen19 went to HVMale43, who is Adoptable.
xXx Audacious HVGreen20 went to HVMale49, who is Adoptable.
xXx Altruistic HVGreen21 went to HVMale50, who is Adoptable.
xXx Colossal HVGreen22 went to HVMale51, who is Adoptable.
xXx Selfless HVGreen23 went to HVMale52, who is Adoptable.
xXx Drastic HVGreen24 went to HVMale53, who is Adoptable.

Other Important Clutch Details
Hatching Order
HVGreen01 (HVMale01, M); HVGreen02 (HVMale02, M); HVGreen03 (HVMale03, M); HVBrown01 (HVMale04, M); HVBlue01 (HVMale05, M); HVBlue02 (HVMale06, M); HVGreen04 (HVMale07, M); HVBlue03 (HVMale08, M); HVBronze01 (HVMale09, M); HVGreen05 (HVMale10, M); HVGreen06 (HVMale11, M); HVBronze02 (HVMale12, M); HVGreen07 (HVMale13, M); HVBronze03 (HVMale14, M); HVGreen08 (HVMale15, M); HVBrown02 (HVMale16, M); HVBlue04 (HVMale17, M); HVBlue05 (HVMale18, M); HVBlue06 (HVMale19, M); HVGreen09 (HVMale20, M); HVGold01 (HVFemale01, F); HVGreen10 (HVMale21, M); HVBue07 (HVMale22, M); HVBlue08 (HVMale23, M); HVGreen11 (HVMale24, M); HVGreen12 (HVMale25, M); HVGreen13 (HVMale26, M); HVGreen14 (HVMale27, M); HVBrown03 (HVMale28, M); HVBlue09 (HVMale29, M); HVBronze04 (HVMale30, M); HVGreen15 (HVMale31, M); HVBronze05 (HVMale32, M); HVBlue10 (HVMale33, M); HVBrown04 (HVMale34, M); HVBlue11 (HVMale35, M); HVBlue12 (HVMale36, M); HVGreen16 (HVMale37, M); HVGreen17 (HVMale38, M); HVBlue13 (HVMale39, M); HVBlue14 (HVMale40, M); HVGold02 (HVFemale02, F); HVGreen18 (HVMale41, M); HVBrown05 (HVMale42, M); HVGreen19 (HVMale43, M); HVBlue15 (HVMale44, M); HVBrown06 (HVMale45, M); HVBlue16 (HVMale46, M); HVBlue17 (HVMale47, M); HVBlue18 (HVMale48, M); HVGreen20 (HVMale49, M); HVGreen21 (HVMale50, M); HVGreen22 (HVMale51, M); HVGreen23 (HVMale52, M); HVGreen24 (HVMale53, M)

Impression Order
HVGreen01 (HVMale01, M); HVGreen02 (HVMale02, M); HVGreen03 (HVMale03, M); HVBrown01 (HVMale04, M); HVBlue01 (HVMale05, M); HVBlue02 (HVMale06, M); HVGreen04 (HVMale07, M); HVBlue03 (HVMale08, M); HVBronze01 (HVMale09, M); HVGreen05 (HVMale10, M); HVGreen06 (HVMale11, M); HVBronze02 (HVMale12, M); HVGreen07 (HVMale13, M); HVBronze03 (HVMale14, M); HVGreen08 (HVMale15, M); HVBrown02 (HVMale16, M); HVBlue04 (HVMale17, M); HVBlue05 (HVMale18, M); HVBlue06 (HVMale19, M); HVGreen09 (HVMale20, M); HVGold01 (HVFemale01, F); HVGreen10 (HVMale21, M); HVBue07 (HVMale22, M); HVBlue08 (HVMale23, M); HVGreen11 (HVMale24, M); HVGreen12 (HVMale25, M); HVGreen13 (HVMale26, M); HVGreen14 (HVMale27, M); HVBrown03 (HVMale28, M); HVBlue09 (HVMale29, M); HVBronze04 (HVMale30, M); HVGreen15 (HVMale31, M); HVBronze05 (HVMale32, M); HVBlue10 (HVMale33, M); HVBrown04 (HVMale34, M); HVBlue11 (HVMale35, M); HVBlue12 (HVMale36, M); HVGreen16 (HVMale37, M); HVGreen17 (HVMale38, M); HVBlue13 (HVMale39, M); HVBlue14 (HVMale40, M); HVGold02 (HVFemale02, F); HVGreen18 (HVMale41, M); HVBrown05 (HVMale42, M); HVGreen19 (HVMale43, M); HVBlue15 (HVMale44, M); HVBrown06 (HVMale45, M); HVBlue16 (HVMale46, M); HVBlue17 (HVMale47, M); HVBlue18 (HVMale48, M); HVGreen20 (HVMale49, M); HVGreen21 (HVMale50, M); HVGreen22 (HVMale51, M); HVGreen23 (HVMale52, M); HVGreen24 (HVMale53, M)

  • Candidate 1 detail TBD
  • Candidate 2 detail TBD
Candidate Information
-- Adoptees are encouraged to speak to players of previously adopted characters for plotting and relationship ideas!

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Weyrfolk Hall / One Night Respite [R'nya] [Gold Flight]
« on: 22 Mar 2015 at 02:21 AM »
The day had started out much the same as the ones before it with Alyren waking early and Rhaedalyn tending to her needs and then her own. The usual chores followed with laundry, some cooking, and baths for them all – including Aradissicath as she grumpily insisted on one after stating she felt neglected. That was when the day started to veer from the norm and Rhaedalyn slowly started to grow suspicious.

By the time dinner rolled around, the goldrider noticed some of the male dragons watching Aradissicath, who seemed rather content to sit and preen under all of the attention, showing off her hide that was nearly blinding in the sun. It was enough to voice her concern to Kahleena and, finally, far too worried about what it would mean if her dragon did fly, Rhaedalyn went to one of the crèche workers and asked to have Alyren watched for the night. It was always hard to part with her baby girl, though the time apart usually wasn’t that long, and she had good people to watch Alyren. Usually she’d ask Volfetti since she was good with kids and had morals that she respected but the woman had persuaded R’nd to watch their son for the night so she could have a little time to herself so it wasn’t fair to ask her to suddenly watch an infant.

Rhaedalyn had ended up taking another bath that night simply to unwind without having to worry about Alyren near the water and took great pains to ignore Aradissicath’s swinging mood. When a decent time for bed finally hit, Rhaedalyn frowned, wondering when her dragon would fly. Aradissicath gave her an answer soon after she snuggled in under the blanket, looking forward to a full night’s rest. She sighed, cringing slightly as she wondered who would give chase, and hoped Xyreith wasn’t mad at either of them. Having only two flights under her belt thus far, Rhaedalyn had to admit, it was nice to have R’nya be the man beside her both times and wanted to continue that lucky streak.

From the weight of the day, the flight’s activities, and the added exhaustion that hit her as the adrenaline started to wear off, Rhaedalyn was ready to curl up where she was, how she was, and sleep for at least three days. She remembered seeing R’nya’s face in the group of suitors but the thrill of the chase and the lust that consumed her after had obscured the memory about who had actually grabbed her. So before sleeping and possibly missing who it was on the other side of her bed, Rhaedalyn turned from lying on one side to the other so she could get a proper look.

A smile appeared as she saw R’nya and she reached out to lightly sweep aside his bangs so she could admire him in full. R’nya was perhaps the hardest working man she knew, always right down to business and with a serious expression etched onto his face. It was nice when she could see him in his down time where he seemed a bit more relaxed and closer to showing emotions that would bring him closer to smiling. His face in that moment was even better than the days they lounged by the lake or on a picnic. It was blissful and seemed genuinely happy. Rhaedalyn didn’t consider herself an expert on men, especially after the mess with Z’ia, but she did like to think she knew the bronzerider beside her better than most and she was relieved to see that he wasn’t angry or annoyed. Their last flight had ended with a quick retreat from the man and so far he didn’t seem to be in any hurry which was also a welcomed sign.

Suddenly realising that she was staring and her nude form was mostly exposed, Rhaedalyn laughed nervously and ducked her head to hide her embarrassment. She had been lucky after giving birth, keeping to something akin to her pre-pregnancy body. She still had a few pounds to shed before she was happy but it was still odd to have someone see her body in its current shape. In a way, she was embarrassed over the fact that her breasts hadn’t really increased in size and she didn’t have any extra curves that some of the mothers roaming around had. She was still rather plain and almost a plank of wood. At least she didn’t have any stretch marks. One of the other women saw her at the baths not too long ago and made a comment about being jealous. Rhaedalyn suspected she had just been lucky this time and if she had another child, it would be a lot rougher on her just to spite her.

“Dissi has wonderful timing, doesn’t she?” Rhaedalyn spoke softly, hoping to detract from her sudden shyness and forced herself to look back up at R’nya. “I hope we didn’t interrupt any plans you had for tonight.” She knew R’nya went to bed earlier than most so there was a strong chance he had been in bed as well, which was bad enough to interrupt and no doubt half of the Weyr would be cranky with her at breakfast, but Rhaedalyn really hoped there hadn’t been any other plans ruined.

Weyrfolk Housing / A Night of Surprises [R'nya]
« on: 12 Jan 2015 at 04:16 PM »
It had been a wonderful but rather long day.

Morning went as it normally did; struggling to get out of bed due to her belly, and waddling around feeling like an overfed herdbeast ripe for the plucking by a hungry bronze. There weren’t many chores left that she could properly help with now that bending and lifting weren’t advised by the Healers so after breakfast, Rhaedalyn worked on mending some clothing belonging to various dragonriders which passed the morning uneventfully.

Lunch, however, was special. It was R’nya’s birthday and combined with Kahleena’s assistance, a picnic feast fit for a lord was put together. They spirited the bronzerider away from the Weyr proper to a quiet nook in the forest that was open to the warm midday sun shining brightly despite the threat of rain later that day. Rhaedalyn had adjusted one of her favourite dresses days earlier to fit over her baby bump – though to her it was more of a mountain-like bulge than a simple bump – and accessorized with one of her floppy hats to keep the sun from her eyes. In her opinion, it was a wonderful afternoon with plenty of delicious food that hadn’t been burnt by her hand, though the small tarts were a tad more golden than she had aimed for, the company was excellent, and R’nya seemed genuinely pleased to receive two new shirts for his birthday gift.

The only down side that harassed her shortly after lunch was the cramping. It wasn’t unusual to have such things as the Healers had assured her early on that it was bound to happen and often any discomfort she had could be passed off as gas. That conversation left Rhaedalyn with red stained cheeks but she accepted it as a fact of life and all part of the joy of being pregnant. These cramps, however, seemed different and even a bit stronger at times, but she supposed Kahleena’s new dish with extra spices was the culprit and continued her day as best as she could, ignoring the pain.

It was only when she was getting ready for bed after a bath that evening that Rhaedalyn knew something was very off with her summary of what ailed her. She had just about reached her room when a sharp pain brought her hunched over and leaning against the wall for support. That was something new and not so enjoyable! The pain was so surprising Rhaedalyn hardly even noticed someone come out of their room and ask if she was all right. A shake of the head and a polite request for a Healer sent the person off but her firelizards that had been playing chase around the hall now surrounded her, chirping in concern.

Rhaedalyn managed to get back to her room and into bed just as a Healer came in. The concerned woman that had originally found her was asked to leave and a quick examination was underway. After several questions, it was determined that her water broke either before or after her bath, which was why she hadn’t noticed, and that she was indeed in labour. Rhaedalyn was adamant that she couldn’t be, given she was told it’d be another week or so but she also wasn’t naïve enough to believe pregnancy was a perfect clock without any hiccups in the timing. Still, that didn’t mean she was ready!

Oh, she was definitely ready for the child to come out but the actual act of it all had started to terrify her in recent days and now that it was upon her, Rhaedalyn had no idea what to do or how it would go. She couldn’t do it alone, though, she knew that much. Tears started to well up, knowing that the father should at least be in the next room if not beside her but all of her dreams of a perfect life with a marriage to a wonderful man were dashed when Z’ia shoved her away. Not that he was the father, but it still stung to know that she didn’t have anyone there now.

Unless she called for R’nya. He was always there for her and the other girls that needed him. It wasn’t fair to call for him on his birthday when he was likely having some drinks with friends or wherever it was he went when he left for the evening. Aradissicath likely knew but she never shared anything more than R’nya wasn’t around and D’hys seemed in charge of the wing if there were any issues. But as the next contraction hit, she found she didn’t have the strength to go it alone and Whisper was sent to find the bronzerider.

Shh, child. You are stronger than you think. Look at all you have accomplished in life. This is just another obstacle to overcome. If I can do it, twice I might add and with a lot more than what you’re carrying, than you can do this. Aradissicath spoke in soft tones, sending comforting vibes through their bond. If the girl worked herself up too much before the baby was actually ready to come, they’d have such a mess to work with. When Rhaedalyn was focused and with a calm head, she could do wonders and that was what they needed. Having R’nya with them was an added bonus, assuming he didn’t faint at the sight. From what Aradissicath had gathered, men were weaker than the woman giving birth. She was actually rather interested to see how it went!

As Aradissicath calmed Rhaedalyn, Whisper appeared above R’nya and his companion, chittering her happy news. There wasn’t any time to play! Rhaedalyn needed R’nya for her important moment!

Hatching Grounds / Virtuous Sins [Hatching] [N/PC]
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Rhaedalyn had become more withdrawn again since the break-up with Z’ia and was glad Aradissicath was on the Sands since that gave her an excuse to avoid being around other people for any longer than needed. She essentially went to her room to sleep – poorly lately thanks to her growing belly but she didn’t want to be known as a complainer on top of every other rumour and never said a word about it – then went to grab an early breakfast before most of the residents were awake and spent the rest of the day with her dragon.

She was just coming from gathering up her breakfast when Aradissicath’s mood shift hit her. Are you all right, Dissi? Rhaedalyn waited through the silence that followed until the reply came just as a nearby dragon started to hum. They move.

Rhaedalyn grinned and picked up her pace back to the Sands. Hatchings were always a mixed bag of emotions for her and Aradissicath but for the moment, she was excited. Who knew how the babies would behave when they came out of their shells and who knew who they would Impress but it was still wonderful to see more dragons entering the world regardless. It was hard on Aradissicath though since the gold liked being alone on the Sands where they could chat and share stories of fantasy and romance without being disturbed. To have her eggs hatch meant they no longer had a reason to hide away from everyone. But Rhaedalyn also knew Aradissicath longed to stretch her wings properly and soar freely once more or lounge on a cliff as she watched the bronze dragons hunt. She was a very proper gold but she had very simple needs as well.

The trail of firelizards following behind her were given instructions to fetch those of import. R’nya, of course, would know through Xyreith but Whisper was still sent to make sure he had his butt in gear and joined them. Rumour and Muffin were sent to find S’kef and K’ton to alert them of the Hatching as well. It wouldn’t do to forget to tell the Weyrleader and second! They would also have time to spread the word to Telgar Weyr and gather those from the Holds that showed renewed interest in them. She may have been seen as ditzy and just a girl but Rhaedalyn listened well enough and could pick up on the basics of the politics that were happening.

She set her meal down on the little blanket that was her second home for the last little while before wrapping her arms around Aradissicath’s neck to watch the rocking eggs together. “Our second Hatching, Dissi. You’re so wonderful! What colours do you think they hold? What colour will be first?” Aradissicath chuckled at her enthusiasm, too pleased with the girl’s uplifted spirits to interrupt the babbling with answers.

Yay, Hatching! Everyone knows the rules, but the basics: All Candidates are accounted for by the time the first shell cracks so don't freak out if you didn't get your character there in time and all Candidates are in their robe with shoes on because burning feet suck. Don't forget your LPCs and Trophy Candidates are more than welcome to make appearances and Impress! If you want a certain eggie (based on description alone) for a character or a certain colour, PM me and I'll write in an Impression! :D Nothing is concrete with this Hatching.

Hatching Grounds / A Sinful Virtue [R'nya]
« on: 17 Sep 2014 at 09:39 AM »
Rhaedalyn still didn’t want to leave her room more than she absolutely had to but with a dragon becoming more and more sand-bound and cranky as she moved further along in her own pregnancy, she didn’t have much of a choice. It wasn’t fair to leave Aradissicath alone on the Sands, despite the gold’s enjoyment of the peacefulness of finally having it to herself. Then again, with a gold that was being temperamental lounging beside her, Rhaedalyn found people left her alone a lot more than when she tried to hide in her room.


It had been three weeks since Z’ia banished her from his room and it seemed like word had spread of their spat and their potential break-up. Well, that was a bit unfair to say now. They had definitely broken up with no chance of reuniting. She had waited days upon days for that moment when he knocked on her door to apologise and greet the news of her pregnancy with a smile but it never came. Z’ia didn’t really deem to look at her in public either. Rhaedalyn swore she saw a tear once and looked distraught another time but he never let her get close to know for certain. In the end, however, she felt like a villain in one of her stories with the accusing looks some people close to Z’ia would give her.


Even now she couldn’t blame them. She didn’t truly know who the father of her unborn child was. Z’ia’s implications led her to believe it was R’nya’s from the flight and the timeline did match up fairly well but Rhaedalyn still wanted to believe it was Z’ia’s. Or, rather, she had wanted to believe. Now, she wasn’t sure. Maybe R’nya was the better choice. He was wonderful and so polite and a leader! Surely a child of his would be much the same? Her lower lip started to tremble yet again as the confusion over her predicament set in. She hadn’t even mentioned the idea to R’nya yet!


Rhaedalyn gasped as she dropped the skirt she had meant to be hemming and looked up at her dragon that wasn’t looking so well. Yes, well if you had listened the first time I called for you instead of going around in the same boring mental circles that you’re always in lately, you’d know it’s time. Another gasp as the implications of the words made sense and Rhaedalyn nodded.

“Whisper, go tell R’nya the clutching’s begun. He doesn’t need to rush here though. I’m sure he’s busy,” she actually had no idea what the bronzerider was up. She didn’t know if there was a practice that day or if he had paperwork to do or if he had plans with one of the other goldriders or was in the North. She knew he was called away sometimes, likely to keep S’kef updated on the wing but Rhaedalyn knew better than to ask too many questions in affairs that didn’t concern her.

“And you, my love, will do wonderfully. You’ve done this once before so you’re a pro at this egg laying business.” Rhaedalyn cooed encouragements as she got to her feet, brushing sand off as she went. She didn’t know how long they’d be at it this time but Aradissicath deserved her full attention for the event and Rhaedalyn was committing herself to it and nothing else.

New Healer's Hall / Wonderful News [Solo]
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She still couldn’t believe. Well, she could and she had enough proof piled against it that it was hard to deny but still she had denied it until the Healer confirmed it. Rhaedalyn recalled a moment of shock and then a squeal of delight escaping before the rest of the check-up turned into a blur of orders for healthcare and when next to stop in. She nodded and mostly heard – or at least heard enough she was certain she’d recall it later – what was said before being sent on her way.

Now that she knew without a doubt, Rhaedalyn couldn’t stop cradling her belly as she walked over to where Aradissicath had been quietly waiting. Pregnant! She was pregnant! Tears of joy slipped down her cheeks as Aradissicath nuzzled her shoulder. It was something she had longed to happen since she was old enough to consider being wedded. Children were wonderful – when they were quiet as the crying and screaming she could do without – and a true staple of a successful marriage and her role of wife being done well. She was mediocre at tailoring and it was only in recent turns that her skill truly improved. Cleaning wasn’t a strong suit of hers either as people pointed out at times. Cooking was another thing she was passable at though some items like pies no longer made brave friends cringe or sick.

But now she was pregnant and with a wonderful man! Z’ia would be so excited! She couldn’t wait to tell him and didn’t have a single thought of doubt creep into her mind that said otherwise. Z’ia had been sweet and supportive in all that she did to a point where he was exactly as her daydreams always said he’d be. He was attentive as well that Rhaedalyn was surprised he hadn’t suspected earlier. She knew so many of the signs from seeing other women pregnant but didn’t connect them as they happened but Z’ia knew her body and mind so well that she honestly believed he would have asked long before knowing herself.

So many things had been so easily brushed away. Her tummy would grow upset from favourite foods though that had been explained away as indulging too much, especially when a few extra pounds started to show. Energy didn’t last nearly as long as it typically did, leaving her drained and in need of a nap but Z’ia had a habit of keeping her up late whether for chatting or other activities. That thought made a faint blush appear on pale cheeks but it was the final piece to the puzzle that really brought it out. Her breasts grew tender as the days wore on but Z’ia enjoyed touching them, as meager as they were in comparison to other women. How had they both been so blind to so many signs?

Although, it wasn’t such a bad thing. Rhaedalyn was rather fond of the daydream that involved her surprising Z’ia with the news and now she got to live it!

And we get to be mothers together.

Rhaedalyn giggled and nodded as they fell in step together for the trip back to her room. “Yes, but you’ll have your babies before I have mine.” Not that it bothered Rhaedalyn; she was having far too much fun thinking about them both being mothers. Then again, Aradissicath was rather cranky when she was egg-heavy and Rhaedalyn hoped she wouldn’t be like that herself in later months!

“Come on! We have to go tell Z’ia!” Everyone else could wait. Z’ia deserved the honour of being the first one to know – outside the Healer, of course – since they were practically mated. What if he made them official now that a child was involved? Rhaedalyn was nearly skipping her way down the path with that glorious idea in her head.

They were going to have the cutest children!

Weyrfolk Housing / Graduation Fears [Solo]
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Rhaedalyn still couldn’t keep from smiling brightly even after B’jin left. He was the bearer of good news, telling the golden pair that they would graduate sooner than the full two turns like G’rem had stubbornly clung to. It had been the old and traditional format of educating weyrlings but S’kef had changed that a while ago since there were so many clutches of late and not enough Weyrlingmasters. There were likely other reasons but Rhaedalyn tried to keep her nose out of the politics since it often ended up confusing her. All she knew was, everyone else was graduating before them because of the change. It made her feel like an idiot; as if G’rem simply couldn’t get all the information into their heads any sooner. It didn’t help that other than Aradissicath, the entire clutch had been filled with greens.

But now, now they would graduate sooner and with the double class.

No. Aradissicath firmly stated once B’jin was well and truly gone and Rhaedalyn’s happy thoughts couldn’t be contained or ignored any longer. I refuse to graduate with them. Rhaedalyn frowned, wondering who was meant with that statement and then it dawned on her; the two younger golds were in that double class. Aradissicath had hated Mizeath and Wydrith since they hatched and gave her attitude and lack of respect. Rhaedalyn couldn’t really blame her though since she was always uncomfortable around Ameris and Peorray as well. It was likely why Aradissicath remembered her hatred as strongly as she did.

“But it’s better than graduating after them, even though they’re younger, right?” Rhaedalyn tried to keep the optimistic view but visions of what might happen with all three gold dragons trying to be centre stage started to haunt her and she had to admit that it wouldn’t be pretty. They were all divas in their own way and all far too stubborn in their beliefs that they were right and the others were nothing more than a shame or annoyance. Rhaedalyn frowned deeper as she started to come around to her dragon’s way of thinking. She didn’t necessarily like or hate the other goldriders but it seemed like a good idea to avoid more drama than was needed.

Good. Then you should go discuss it with the Weyrlingmaster. Address your concerns and let him know it needs to be changed. Rhaedalyn started to nod in agreement but then stopped, horrified at what that entailed. “Dissi! I can’t go around demanding things. It’s not polite.” She started to pace around her small room, fussing with her few belongings as she went. The whole situation was horrible! They had graduation now set with the other young golds, she was being weird around R’nya since the flight, and now Aradissicath’s mood would grow grumpier the closer to clutching she became with people pestering her.

Rhaedalyn gasped and stopped pacing as she stared at the wall. To double check her math, her fingers were used to count out the months from flight to clutching and hatching. The frown that was becoming far too commonplace on her face deepened yet again but then it turned into a cautious smile as a giggle escaped. “I think we have a case after all, Dissi. You’ll be sand-bound soon.” No one would want to deal with a cranky gold missing her own graduation! Rhaedalyn giggled again in delight as she quickly made sure she was presentable for an impromptu meeting with G’rem and skipped out the door.

After an hour that was filled with tears of pleading and joy, Rhaedalyn was once more skipping out a door, this time of G’rem’s. He had agreed! She was infinitely relieved and gave her dragon a hug with arms wrapping tightly around the golden neck. She knew G’rem couldn’t stay grumpy forever and would eventually listen to reason! Whether he finally gave in because she was annoying, too kind to say no to too much longer, or he agreed that it would be disastrous to have all three golds in one graduation didn’t matter to Rhaedalyn. She had won a victory and held her ground to do so. She was positively glowing and proud of herself.

All that was left was to tell her classmates of her success but that would have to wait as she had to find Z’ia and tell him the wonderful news. She would soon be graduated and an official goldrider, not a Weyrling or someone’s student but a well and true dragonrider!

It was probably silly but Rhaedalyn finally felt like she had accomplished something in her life and wasn’t seen as a failure. She had an amazing boyfriend, a beautiful dragon, and she was almost a graduate.

Her life was absolutely wonderfully perfect!

Character Diaries / Daydream Believer
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Life is full of storms, so make sure you dance in the rain and splash in the puddles.

Weyrfolk Housing / Chastity or Lust? [R'nya]
« on: 17 Jun 2014 at 12:01 AM »
Rhaedalyn came to with eyelashes fluttering as her eyes attempted to adjust to the lack of light. Since it was somewhat dark instead of the crisp morning sun shining in, that meant she had no business being awake yet. That idea brought a lazy smile to her lips, especially when she shifted her arm a bit and felt the warm body beside her. She really was out of it to forget that Z’ia had stayed the night, especially with flashes of their pre-sleep activities coming to her. Mentally chiding herself for forgetting her sweet bluerider, Rhaedalyn turned over and curled up against the man, fitting herself comfortably and perfectly with her head on his chest.

A light sigh of contentment and then a kiss to the bare skin that became her pillow and Rhaedalyn was ready to fall back to sleep. Except, there was something bugging her and it wasn’t just Aradissicath’s amusement, though that seemed rather odd for the time and place. No, it really isn’t out of place. Your version of everything around you kind of is though and it’s wonderful. The golden dragon commented lightly from her place outside where she was curled up beside the dragon she was currently only slightly annoyed with instead of mostly like normal.

Rhaedalyn frowned and then tensed when she realised what was bothering her. While she fit perfectly where she was and it seemed so natural to be there, it wasn’t entirely right after all. The man she was snuggling wasn’t, well, he wasn’t as vertically challenged as Z’ia as her wandering hand soon found out as it trailed down the man’s torso, making certain it detoured at the right spot to rest on a thigh and nothing more.

Her breath caught when Rhaedalyn remembered what had happened just as the sun was setting. The sun in that phase made my hide shine even more beautifully. I will have to remember that, Rhaedalyn cringed at the offhanded comment and searched her foggy mind for more details and came up with the answer that kind of made her relieved as much as it embarrassed her. She was cuddling R’nya! Indeed you are even though I didn’t tell his dragon to give chase. Of course she hadn’t told him not to enter either and Aradissicath couldn’t really be mad that he wanted her. Given the way he chased anything that was gold and moved lately, he had no choice but to show his interest in her again or face quite the tantrum.

Rhaedalyn was panicking but did her best not to show it as she didn’t want to disturb R’nya who seemed to be asleep. It was tempting to join him, stay curled up as she was, and enjoy the contact but she suspected that was the lingering flight lust and Aradissicath’s good mood influencing her. Carefully, Rhaedalyn inched away from R’nya but as soon as she was on her back again, lying beside the bronzerider, she panicked again as she realised she didn’t know whose bedroom she was in or where her clothes were. It wasn’t pitch black in the room just yet but the light was fading and she didn’t want to risk stumbling around to find something to cover up in.

Instead, Rhaedalyn slowly drew the thin sheet that hadn’t really been covering either of them up. She didn’t care in that moment if R’nya ended up covered or not as the sheet was pulled up and she slinked further down the bed until she was effectively hiding under the material. She was so embarrassed! She had thought R’nya was Z’ia and made herself at home with him and even gave him a gentle little kiss in a show of affection. What if she had been feeling brave and frisky and wanted to surprise Z’ia with a few extra touches like he seemed to enjoy?

Rhaedalyn was mortified and was fairly certain she was going to die from it.

Stop being so melodramatic, dear. Besides, you both would have enjoyed such things. Rhaedalyn gave a soft squeak in reply to such a statement and peered out from under the sheet to look at R’nya. A blush hit her immediately and she dove back under, hoping she could will her clothes to appear beside her. Where were her firelizards when she needed them? Not that they were trained in bringing her items but it would have been a good time to learn!

Weyrfolk Housing / Perfect Double Date [R'nya, Z'ia, K'tir]
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Rhaedalyn still wasn’t sure what she thought about Xyreith entering Mizeath’s maiden flight which meant R’nya could have ended up with Ameris -- I have a few opinions on that matter, Aradissicath put in, her bristling over the situation still very much in evidence – but she had come to a conclusion on something else. All reports of the event stated very clearly that R’nya hadn’t even hesitated in choosing someone to be with as he lost and went right for the brownrider named K’tir. Given that the reports went on to say the men enjoyed each other in the public hallway without a single care, Rhaedalyn had to believe there was something more to it than simply gold flight lust backfiring on them.

Still, she never thought R’nya was into men.

Then again, it did explain a lot. He watched over all the girls that were aiming to be goldriders and those that had Impressed the beautiful dragons and never once did he make a move on any of them. She was so blind not to have noticed before! Perhaps it was a new admission to even himself since he had once courted a goldrider that he seemed to have cared about. Rhaedalyn frowned at the memory of that night after R’nya had won a green flight and was completely out of it and lost in the past. He certainly once liked women and perhaps he still did since it was rather common to see someone interested in both genders. But it was R’nya! It still boggled her mind to think about it.

She only knew a little about K’tir. V’zire had thought highly of him but her dearly departed greenrider didn’t have anything negative to say about anyone, especially his classmates. She knew he was handsome and a bit standoffish because he didn’t go out of his way to be sociable. In a way, that made him sound perfect for R’nya.

That was why she had come up with the brilliant idea to show her support of her close friend’s relationship by inviting both men over for a dinner with Z’ia and her. Rhaedalyn knew she still wasn’t the best chef in the South but her skills had improved enough to be passable and she had enough friends with skills that something could be tossed together for the dinner without too much fuss or stressing. It’d be a light dinner anyway with the weather warming too much to even consider eating bite after bite of belly-warming dishes. A broth-based vegetable soup that was designed to be served cold, a platter of cheeses and fruits, fresh bread, and a pie she had worked hard on to ensure it stayed edible.

Perhaps she should have mentioned to R’nya what she was up to but Z’ia was told about it and he supported the idea of keeping it surprise. Obviously he saw the merits in surprising the bronzerider as well. If she only stated they were having a dinner party and he should bring a date, Rhaedalyn knew R’nya would bring Kahleena since she was good friends with the other goldrider. No way was he going to be able to avoid showing off his new love interest!

K’tir had been asked the day before if he’d be available for the dinner date and the brownrider, after a moment of eyeing her oddly, agreed with a grin that seemed almost too mischievous for Rhaedalyn’s liking but she was too excited to think on it too much. There had been rumours that R’nya had punched the man but more still that the bronzerider was simply a rough lover. Rhaedalyn had landed in bed with R’nya during Aradissicath’s flight and she came out with no more than the light bruises she had been warned about in advance. Seeing for herself the bruising, Rhaedalyn was torn between believing rumours. K’tir made no mention of it and didn’t seem to mind it so she left it alone in the end.

The day of the dinner, Rhaedalyn had everything on the table but covered until they were ready to eat and Z’ia brought wine that she was told was rather drinkable. Everything was perfect! Now, all she needed were the other two guests to arrive.

Northern Mountains / Awkward Getaway [Z'ia]
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One of them rises.

Rhaedalyn frowned as she looked up from the shirt she was mending. Who is what? The screech that soon filled the peacefulness of the day sent a shiver through the young woman’s body and she understood then without needing specifics. One of the other gold dragons was taking to the sky. Given the tone Aradissicath had used and how they knew the older dragons’ schedules to some degree, she knew it was one of the younger dragons.

Panic set in as Aradissicath’s mood grew sourer by the second. Her sweet girl was currently anything but and if she were a feline, Rhaedalyn had no doubt she’d see the fur standing up while the gold hissed. As it was, Xyreith earned his tail almost being nipped at as Aradissicath snarled and tried to snap her jaw on the offending bronze’s appendage. How dare he chase one of those creatures! Xyreith wasn’t technically hers but in a way, he was. They were friends to some degree and he had won her maiden flight while he barely looked at the other golds in such a light. Who did he think he was chasing after one of the rude babies that had no place amongst civilized dragons?

Rhaedalyn frowned even more as the implications finally set in and she watched from across the table R’nya clean up his paperwork before his expression seemed to go blank as the flight lust took hold. “R’nya? Can’t you ground him?” The nod she got in response indicated the bronzerider hadn’t heard her at all. The look she gave him wasn’t exactly encouraging and probably would have been aligned more with disproval. Like their dragons, she didn’t have any sort of claim on R’nya outside of friendship and that was all this was. She was a concerned friend that knew R’nya would be upset with himself for losing control and potentially bedding some goldrider.

She was jarred out of her wandering thoughts by Kahleena as her friend reminded her that all the other gold dragons had to leave the area. It was already growing to be too close for comfort with the way Aradissicath was behaving and eyeing the rival gold that shot into the sky with her trail of suitors. With a squeak and a nod, Rhaedalyn dashed over to her dragon and mounted without a care for riding straps or even her gear. There wasn’t any time for such things! Now, where to go? They were too close to the lake now with the new Weyr location so that was out. Suddenly, the image of the ledge she had sworn to avoid since finding Z’ia skydiving off Aveleth came to mind. She had no idea if it was even still there given the landslide that struck but she ordered Aradissicath to fly that way all the same.

Aradissicath was less than pleased with everything going on, including the increasingly muddled thoughts of her rider. Rhaedalyn could have a wild imagination on a good day but the gold lust was starting to sink in and focus was a thing of the past. If for no other reason, Rhaedalyn’s clear mind that wasn’t being infected by Mizeath’s dirty lust was motivation enough to leave the area. She willingly went to the designated spot and sent out a forceful request to someone else that could help keep them company while the mess over the Weyr took place.

Aveleth. We go to the ledge clearing we once found you at. Take your rider and join us. The image of the location that had survived the devastation was passed on as well in case the blue couldn’t recall what she was talking about. As Rhaedalyn trembled slightly atop the dragon as she did her best to hang on for the journey. Rhaedalyn was not prepared for this. Bring a blanket as well. The sweet dear is a bit chilled from the flight.

“I guess we wait.” There really wasn’t anything else to do except speculate on who would win and what would happen after.

Hatching Grounds / Gold, Not Green [Invite]
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Rhaedalyn knew how exciting it was to have the Searchriders back on proper Search again and for the most part she was as thrilled about it as they were. However, given she had been kidnapped and brought to Katila without a choice, it was a bit disappointing as well. Why hadn’t they thought it okay so many turns ago to ask people to go with them? It had all worked out in the end, of course, and she wouldn’t have changed how she arrived or Impressing but she supposed it was a bit of bitterness and possibly even jealousy that she tasted.

It was also nice to know that Aradissicath’s clutch would have more than enough Candidates to be greeted by. She had secretly worried about the dwindling pool of those eligible with how large the clutch ended up being but S’kef had eased her mind with the opening of Searching once more. So, naturally, she had to spy on the arrival of the first batch brought back when she heard the rumours being whispered about such a thing.

They all looked so young and a cross between afraid and in awe. She could understand that all too well but Rhaedalyn decided they seemed like a good group all the same and didn’t mind the idea of them being near the eggs. Of course Aradissicath didn’t want anyone around regardless of who they were but the kids seemed like they would respect her and the eggs enough that they wouldn’t get sat on.

She was on her way back from scoping out the arrivals when pieces of parchment flapped lightly against the wall in the slight breeze that was trying to cool everything down. Why would someone use the entrance to the Hatching Sands as a place to hang a memo? It wasn’t like many came around, especially with Aradissicath’s mood of late – unless it was about the Sands or the dragon. More than a little worried all of a sudden, Rhaedalyn jogged up to one of the papers to see what it said.

She immediately wished she hadn’t.

At seeing her name, Rhaedalyn frowned and began to worry all the more but once she realised what it was she was reading, her breath hitched and panic set in. What had been written about her? Why had it been written? Did someone hate her that much to write horrible things about her? If knowing she was a part of one of the stories written by some mysterious being wasn’t bad enough, seeing all the participants and what she was doing most certainly did her in.

Her lower lip began to tremble as she read the so-called fun she was having and the way R’nya promoted it and apparently them. Rhaedalyn knew the goldriders and Candidates were seen as R’nya’s Golden Girls and he was even called their pimp by some people but she didn’t think someone would have taken it quite so literally! It was horrifying to see how someone viewed their friendship and how R’nya didn’t seem fazed at all by it.

Then it happened – Z’ia made his appearance. Rhaedalyn was certain she would cry as her darling bluerider was dragged into the mess and how he was portrayed as enjoying his time with her and Kahleena. They were friends that shared everything but Rhaedalyn wasn’t sure she could share a man with her – or anyone.

Mortified and unsure if she was actually on the verge of crying or ready to find the writer and punch him, Rhaedalyn quickly backed away from the paper and right into someone. As she turned and saw who it was, she realised that perhaps she was closer to crying than anything else after all.

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Hatching Grounds / Carpe Diem [Hatching]
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That one moved!

Rhaedalyn giggled as Aradissicath believed yet again that her eggs were about to hatch. They were about due but she hadn’t seen a single twitch out of the massive clutch yet despite continuing her guard of the Sands with her dragon. In truth, she was making sure the gold continued to behave herself though her mood was rather improved since everyone had cleared out yet again and left her alone. It seemed Aradissicath liked having the hatching circuit to call her own and didn’t enjoy sharing the quiet space with anyone else. Rhaedalyn tended to agree; she got a lot of work done and they were able to swap stories. Aradissicath was starting to create beautiful ones now instead of simply asking questions or trying to build on others.

“Hush, darling. We’ll definitely know when they’re ready to hatch. You don’t need to eye them up so much. Besides, it’s Ren’s birthday today. They can’t hatch; it’d be terribly rude to steal our attention from him.” Rhaedalyn held up the shirt she had been working on in secret as a gift for the bronzerider. He seemed to like the last one she managed to make without poor stitching or horrible colour choices so a new one was deemed acceptable for a birthday gift. She had been relieved it survived the landslide and smuggled it to the new location of the Weyr to work on when she could. R’nya had a habit of checking up on them but Rhaedalyn had learned to keep an eye out for the peeping bronzerider coming to check on them and the clutch.

Whisper chirped her agreement with the assessment. R’nya’s birthday needed to be perfect and that included a lack of dragonets prancing around stealing their attention and time. They had gifts and snacks for the wonderful man! A purr of what sounded curiously like a sigh of longing made Rhaedalyn giggle again and she patted the little gold on her head. Her crush on the bronzerider was sweet!

“All we need to do is collect the dinner items and the pie I was promised would be set aside for us later, and we should be ready to host our little par…ty… are you kidding me?” Rhaedalyn gawked at her pair of blue firelizards as they stared at the eggs and a quiet hum started.

I told you! I told you I saw one move. Aradissicath was on her feet and shifting back and forth, anxious. It was hard to tell if she was excited or disappointed and Rhaedalyn didn’t think it was wise to ask. Her dragon had been very possessive over the eggs and even the sand they were nestled in. Hissing had become the usual mode of greeting for anyone brave enough to stop by and the poor Candidates that had been properly Searched solely for the large clutch seem terrified out of their skulls of her. The smug look on some of the ‘brats, like Indivara, led the goldrider to believe they told horror stories but the bad mood of the gold dragon certainly didn’t help anything either.

“I’m sorry I doubted you, love. But… R’nya’s birthday…” Rhaedalyn frowned as she stared from the eggs starting to quiver down to the shirt crumpled in her lap. It wasn’t like the man was that big on celebrating his day anyway. It had always been a chore to work with Kahleena in getting him to agree to go along with their ideas and outings to celebrate so perhaps a hatching would be welcome? In fact, the more she thought about it, the more Rhaedalyn realized it could be a special gift for him. Not everyone had a dragon that sired a clutch and then had it hatch on his birthday. Still, she couldn’t help the slight taste of disappointment in her mouth as she tucked the shirt back into her little work basket of threads, needles, and material.

They hatch, Aradissicath reached out to Xyreith, giving him the honour of being the first to properly know their clutch was about to burst free of their eggs and leave her loving care. She knew it was for the best but they symbolized so much to the dragon that liked to daydream almost as much as her rider. They gave them a chance to relax all day and dream up wonderful things with no one around to disturb them and their stories. But the babies needed their bonded to help them grow and become amazing dragons to be proud of.

Still, if a Candidate so much as looked cross-eyed at one of her hatchlings, Aradissicath didn’t see the harm in eating them. “Dissi! You can’t eat the Candidates. We’ve discussed this several times already.” Aradissicath gave the impression of smirking. She hadn’t realized she gave voice to her idea but rolled with it anyway. Perhaps not, but I can sit on them. Or eat their firelizards. With that new idea in her head, the large gold leaned down and licked Rumour as if testing out the idea while purposely annoying Rhaedalyn.

Rhaedalyn bopped her lightly on the nose and then smiled as the first of the crowd started to appear. “Best behaviour, okay?” Getting up off her little blanket that helped keep the heat of the sands at bay, Rhaedalyn started looking for the Candidates. She felt as nervous then as she did when she was marched onto the Sands in her robe, looking to Impress the little gold. She had failed twice before finally succeeding so she knew what they were all going through. The nerves, the excitement, the fear of rejecting, the fear of Impressing and wondering if she’d be good enough. Now there was a fear of a successful hatching hanging over her head and how everyone would view Aradissicath and her afterwards.

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Gather Square / Sinking [Invite]
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“Yes, Weyrleader,” Rhaedalyn replied when it seemed obvious S’kef was waiting for some sort of response for his order. Kahleena and Jada were quick to do the same although they both seemed far more confident than she felt. How could he expect the three of them to maintain what Tsuen and Nirinath had been upholding for over a decade when she, at least, wasn’t even out of Weyrlinghood yet? Not to mention the very horrific fact that they were nearly homeless, had lost so many wonderful people, and their Weyrwoman was on her deathbed. She wasn’t mentally prepared for such a task! Still, she agreed to do it and walked out of the meeting with her head held high to give off the illusion all was well.

Kahleena had wanted to talk, likely to comfort her, but Rhaedalyn didn’t want company right then that wasn’t in the form of Aradissicath or her firelizards. All of her energy was being put into standing up and acting like she wasn’t falling to pieces or that her heart had been shattered into a million pieces. It took a few minutes but she finally got her friend to leave her alone for a while longer. Perhaps they would talk and console each other or whatever it was they were supposed to do in such times but for the moment, Rhaedalyn was free to be alone and she quickly went in search of where Aradissicath was resting.

Her poor sweet dragon no longer had a hatching circuit to call her own and rest in thanks to the landslide. No one would let her back in the remaining space that hadn’t been wiped out so she had taken up residence in a portion of the Square that was unaffected and out of the way of dragons coming and going with supplies or the injured. Rhaedalyn nearly ran across the Square to return to Aradissicath’s side, letting go of Muffin in the process, and threw her arms around the dragon’s neck, sobbing lightly into it. The beautiful golden hide had seen so many tears in the past twenty-four hours that Rhaedalyn was certain she wouldn’t need to bathe or possibly even oil the dragon for some time.

She wanted V’zire. He was always so optimistic no matter what was happening that he’d have encouraging words for her. They’d then laugh and move on to the latest gossip or discussing crushes. She had been so excited for V’zire when he finally showed interest in someone and allowed himself to take a chance. D’hys had seemed perfect for her best friend until he broke V’zire’s heart several months earlier. Her heart had broken as well and she blamed herself still for encouraging V’zire to give into his charms. She was such a blind fool! She was also a fool for not telling the greenrider more regularly how amazing he was and important to her.

It had been shortly after the Healers looked at R’nya and someone tried to find a way to get her cleaned up that clarification was made on who had died in the initial wave of mud and debris. Aradissicath had known before she did and held off telling her. Rhaedalyn didn’t remember much once the words sank in. In fact, she was certain she had passed out and only woke to begin crying and chanting it wasn’t true. V’zire wouldn’t leave her! He was stronger than everyone gave him credit for! Niskziath would never let anything happen to him either. For her to vanish and, from what she was told, take V’zire with her, meant something horrible had happened to her best friend. She still wasn’t sure if she was glad she didn’t know details or if she needed them.

If losing V’zire hadn’t been enough, the mountain decided to take Mevrit from her as well. They were complete opposites but they had roomed together and been friends nonetheless. Rhaedalyn loved the very matter of fact way Mevrit looked at everything and she needed that now. She needed her friend to tell her to do what was asked of her and rest later. It was what was expected of her and nothing less should be given. R’nd had been the one to find Mevrit’s body and told Rhaedalyn personally about her. They had shared a quiet moment together, R’nd allowing her to cry against his chest before he went back to work, helping where he could. Rhaedalyn could see the pain he was in and the way he hid it and she was a bit envious of his ability to shut down, especially now, as she cried yet again.

Slipping down to sit on the ground, Rhaedalyn curled up against Aradissicath’s side and her trio of flitters took up places around her. She reached up to play with a lock of her curly hair and froze when her fingers met nothing but air. She had forgotten that traumatizing experience in all of her grief. Her adventures in the mud had made for her long locks of already unruly curls to become matted and knotted with mud and muck. The woman that had attempted to help her wash up had been left with no choice but to take scissors to the hair. Rhaedalyn had once toyed with the idea of chopping off some of her hair ever since Indivara said she had too much of it and lovers would get lost in it but she loved her locks too much to do so.

Now, she felt like she was bald and naked. The woman hacked it all off, leaving once bouncy and free curls to be nothing more than short curly spikes atop her head. Rhaedalyn had a nice collection of floppy hats she had made over the turns but that had required going back to her hut and that trip just didn’t seem important enough. At least everyone else had enough worries and shock to deal with that her hair hadn’t become the latest news.

Now, on top of everything else, she had to wait for the woman that had been teaching her how to be a goldrider to die so Aradissicath could take over in controlling the dragons. “What if we can’t do it, Dissi?” Rhaedalyn sniffled and gasped when Muffin, Rumour, and even Whisper hissed as someone approached them. She knew they were only being protective because of her mood and they wouldn’t truly be against someone coming to see her. Still, she was surprised to see who it was after dashing away tears and looking up.

Hatching Grounds / Carpe Diem [Touching]
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Rhaedalyn was wringing her hands nervously as she watched her dragon pace around her enormous clutch of eggs. Aradissicath had been in a foul mood for days thanks to being told that Candidates were going to start coming through for the traditional Touching of the eggs. It was obvious the gold had come to like her time on the Sands when it wasn’t being shared with noisy other golds and she especially liked it now that she was no longer egg-heavy and could move more freely; like now. Rhaedalyn knew her sweet dragon wouldn’t actually hurt someone but she did have a bit of an attitude when she felt slighted or something didn’t go the way she wanted and it worried the girl to have so many people running around the agitated dragon.

You’d like to think I wouldn’t eat any of them but some of them do look plump enough to tide me over like a herdbeast. Aradissicath grumped from across the clutch as she nosed another one to sit upright, only to watch it lean over again. Some of the eggs were lazy little buggers! Clearly, they took after Xyreith, the lazy bronze. Although, Aradissicath did still enjoy his silent company, especially when he had brought her dinner a few times. Rhaedalyn’s memories of that made the gold dragon happy since the girl was pleased to see them getting along. It was silly how she still thought the bronze beast would eat her, but since she was currently listening to a gold rant about eating Candidates, Aradissicath supposed it was understandable in the end.

The bronze was there with them for the horrible experience of watching her eggs be molested as well. She was silently grateful for that since Xyreith had a wonderful glare. Aradissicath’s mood lifted slightly at the thought of the bronze practicing eating humans or sitting on one that looked at an egg the wrong way.

“Oh, please, Dissi. It won’t be very long and they’ll be very gentle. Nearly everyone has done this before and the young ones are ‘brats and respect dragons. The Weyrlingmaster will be watching them as well.” Rhaedalyn pleaded once more as Aradissicath circled yet again and came to a stop at the gold egg. As requested, she had moved the egg to the side a bit so the golden Candidates could get to it without interfering with the others but that, too, had taken some persuasion. Aradissicath seemed to like having her clutch arranged a certain way and having the gold outside of her preferred pattern was making her twitchier than usual and even grumpier; if even possible. She nuzzled the little gold for a moment and finally made her way over to Rhaedalyn.

I do this for you. And for the babies. They need to find worthy riders. Aradissicath sat down primly just off to the side of the clutch where Xyreith had been silently observing her from just behind Rhaedalyn’s position. She was out of the way but close enough to react if anyone did anything she didn’t like. They’re going to smudge the pretty shells and ruin the silence of the day though. The resentment was still there but it was toned down and Rhaedalyn relaxed a bit, especially since she saw the Weyrlingmaster peek in to check that they were ready.

Rhaedalyn’s firelizards zipped across the Sands to greet the group with chittering excitement as she waved for them to come in and then quickly sat herself down on Aradissicath’s foot. The great gold wouldn’t dare toss Rhaedalyn aside, even if one of her eggs was in danger, so it was the best reassurance the weyrling could give to the group coming in. Although she had no way of stopping Xyreith’s unpredictable mood but thankful R’nya was braving Aradissicath’s wrath and was present for the Touching as well. Rhaedalyn smiled gratefully at the bronzerider.

Of course all of Rhaedalyn’s preparation didn’t stop Aradissicath from hissing at the men and the few women that came in. Rhaedalyn winced and gave an apologetic look to everyone. Muffin returned to claim her lap to help hold the large gold down while Rumour sat beside her on Aradissicath’s other foot. Whisper went right for R’nya, the little gold firelizard insisting the bronzerider hold her for the ordeal.

Rhaedalyn really hoped the Weyrlingmaster stayed true to his word and kept the Candidates moving and on their tight time schedule. They were, after all, the first group of the day and Aradissicath’s mood was only going to sour with each group. It was going to be such a long day!

For OOC purposes, all PC and LPC characters being played at the Touching will have been shuffled into group #1.

Touchings at Second Pass can be a little different to those at other sites. As a reminder, or an informer to those that haven’t participated here before, here are the rules!:

IC Tidbits
+ Bowing to the gold doesn’t happen in our canon; please don’t!
+ Firelizards ARE allowed on the Sands for Krypth and Okalinath’s clutches, given they are under control at all times. Any rowdy flits will be removed. Aradissicath is used to Rhaedalyn’s fair and will tolerate other firelizards if they are kept away from her. She’s cranky on the Sands so it may be best not to bring them at all.
+ Individuals should be fully dressed, including shoes, but sans excess additives such as jewellery (a rarity), scarves and flowy tops. Women are encouraged to wear pants for the Touching for safety.

Posting Wise:
+ A candidate may touch ANY egg he desires, and any number, but must touch at least one.
+ A gold candidate may only touch the gold egg.
+ You may only touch One egg per post. The post should conclude with them placing a hand upon the egg.
+ At the bottom of your post, indicate which egg it is your character Touched.
+ A member of the Team will post a response, after which your character can react and then move off to find a new egg.

+ The team will do their best to come up with unique Touching responses for each and every character that Touches an egg. However, please remember there are 42 eggs in this clutch, and there are only three of us. We can only guarantee a maximum of 2 completely unique responses for each egg, but again – we’ll do our best to make sure everyone gets one.

Any questions? Ask at the bottom of your post, or PM Honey Love!

To the Eggies!

Northern Peasant Candidates
The Searchriders brought in fifty-seven (57) boys, aged 16 through to 24 from the very most outlying cotholds of Pern, from all over. These young men are all single, and second onwards sons. None of them were engaged to be married, and all of them come from very poor families - as such, they can barely read and write (if at all) and have no traditional education; they know how to do the work their lives required of them.

Each and every one of these young men were Traditionally Searched, and as a result they are all awed, and thrilled to be at Katila and offered the chance to Impress. Absolutely none were brought in with negative intonations towards the dragonriders or their beasts.

Hatching Grounds / Hope Amongst Despair [Clutch - PC] [R'nya]
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Rhaedalyn frowned at her plate of fruit that counted as her evening meal. It wasn’t that the food was rather tight at the moment with the destruction and therefore rebuilding of the Weyr, but something felt wrong. Dissi? Rhaedalyn reached out to her bonded and continued to frown when no answer came right away like it always did. Finally, as if to give reason for the lack of talking, a wave of pain washed over Rhaedalyn and she leaned forward, clutching her stomach. What was that all about? Had the fruit gone bad?

It’s finally time. Despite the voice existing only in her head, Rhaedalyn could have sworn that statement had been said through clenched teeth borne from pain and perhaps frustration. It only took a few seconds longer for the young goldrider to realize what the time finally was and she let out a squeal and clapped her hands in delight as she jumped to her feet. The fruit was forgotten since there were far more pressing matters to attend to than her rumbly tummy.

The temporary dining area had been set up not too far away from the new Hatching Sands in the location that was slowly becoming the new Katila. She had lost her hut in the landslide like so many others and the original Sands, so once the new Sands had been secured, Rhaedalyn had set up a little shelter near Aradissicath to keep close to her precious girl. “Of course you choose the one time I’m away for a few minutes!” Rhaedalyn lightly chided the dragon as she came to a halt beside the beautiful gold.

I choose not when they come, girl, or they would have been here much sooner than this. It went unsaid how it had been a good thing they hadn’t. Aradissicath had been able to avoid damage and therefore save the eggs from the initial wave that rushed through and only suffered a few scratches from trying to save her silly rider from the mud. If they had already been hatched, it could have been devastating, like the previous clutch had been hit. Rhaedalyn still teared up thinking about all the deaths of the dragnets and young riders but so much death had hit all ages within the Weyr. In fact, she was still coming to terms with losing two of her best friends in Mevrit and V’zire.

Save that for later. I don’t need such thoughts right now. I need these eggs out of me! Aradissicath started to pace, again working to relieve some pain. It had become something she enjoyed doing in the last few weeks of her pregnancy and Rhaedalyn always sat or stood off to the side out of the way. She made sure to stand a bit further to the side than usual in that moment.

When the first egg was laid, Rhaedalyn cheered and clapped excitedly once again and cooed encouragement at her still far too grumpy dragon. That enthusiasm stayed for six more eggs before the pain of laying each one started to bleed through their bond and Aradissicath stopped censoring her moans of labour. With her head beginning to pound, Rhaedalyn continued to urge her dragon on, promising relief soon and whispering how wonderful she was. It seemed to go on forever, the first dozen eggs coming rather quickly to her untrained eye but the pace slowed dramatically after that.

At some point during the clutching, Rhaedalyn found herself sitting in the sand with a blanket draped over her shoulders and another plate of food pushed into her hands along with a glass of water. She barely noticed who it was that had supplied the items and it was only out of courtesy and appreciation for the act of kindness that Rhaedalyn managed to eat a little and drink down the water. She was far too focused on keeping Aradissicath calm and focused while battling the pain as best as she could for them both. She was also vaguely aware that in between her words of encouragement, came some of her favourite stories. They both loved listening to and telling them and it came naturally to tell one then as a way to keep the dragon soothed. Rhaedalyn couldn’t imagine the true pain of it all!

It was well into the night when Aradissicath seemed too tired to continue. “Just a bit more, Dissi. You’ve done so well and it looks like it’s only a bit more.” Rhaedalyn was curled up beside the exhausted dragon and rubbed Aradissicath’s head knobs. They had both lost count earlier during the clutching; all Rhaedalyn knew was that it was well over twenty eggs and going by the bumps against the smooth golden hide, there were still more to come out. I’m too tired, Rhaedalyn. Let me rest a bit. Aradissicath shifted so her head could rest properly in the girl’s lap and Rhaedalyn continued coddling the gold that was still a weyrling in the eyes of most. Such a large and beautiful creature and producing an already marvelous sized clutch; yet she was just over a turn old. It boggled Rhaedalyn’s mind still to that day as much as it had at Impression that such a creature had chosen her.

“Rest, but only for a little. You need to tend to your babies still.” Rhaedalyn placed a kiss on the top of Aradissicath’s head and together they sat in content silence. That was something that had become so rare lately and both missed it. But even with how much the goldrider missed it, she still urged Aradissicath into pushing once more a few minutes later. She had been taught a bit about clutching but it was hard to remember anything thanks to emotions running wild from the landslide and then being tossed into an actual clutching.

Finally, after hours and hours of working together, Aradissicath announced that was every last egg. An attempt to sit proudly and admire the clutch she had started to organize while waiting for the stragglers didn’t go over well and she ended up stumbling from exhaustion and laid back down. It still hurt to lie like she once had before pregnancy and she ended up flopping on her side and giving a soft creel. “Oh, my sweet baby! You were amazing!” Rhaedalyn was right there within seconds and arms flung around the dragon’s neck in a tight hug. She was so proud! It had been a long experience but it was so worth it.

“This is clearly the best and biggest clutch ever!” Rhaedalyn honestly had no clue if her declaration was correct but it seemed like it was the largest one she had seen at Katila anyway and in her mind, this one was definitely the best of them all. “I wonder what the final total is.”

The Hatching Circuit / Swept Off Her Feet [R'nya]
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No, you should stay where it is warm and dry. Aradissicath sulked, trying with all of her might to keep the girl in bed.

Nonsense. You said you’re uncomfortable and I want to be with you. Why was that so hard to understand? Rhaedalyn assumed it was just her dragon being contradictory for the sake of being contradictory as minutes before she had woken the sleeping girl to complain about how uncomfortable she was and how lonely it was on the Sands. It was indeed quite tempting to obey her dragon and stay in bed after a lovely evening celebrating the successful hatching of so many pretty and healthy dragonets but Rhaedalyn knew Aradissicath would enjoy the company and Rhaedalyn did love spending time with her dragon. It seemed so hard anymore to spend time alone together.

There always seemed to be others around on the Sands and they had lessons with Tsuen when they weren’t being checked out by G’rem. It would be a welcomed quiet time together and that thought had Rhaedalyn nearly skipping down the rows of huts to the Sands. She was still dressed in her nightgown with a robe tossed over it and a light blanket around her shoulders though proper shoes had been slipped on. The mud made everything slick and her cute dainty slippers would be ruined the moment she stepped outside.

As she went along her way, memories of the night played back in her mind and Rhaedalyn grinned like a silly little girl at all the dances Z’ia had given her. He was so sweet and such a gentleman. How had she managed to be so lucky as to capture such a man’s attention and hold it for so long? She sighed as she padded across the Sands and had to stop herself from twirling in her excitement before coming to a stop bear Aradissicath.

“How are you feeling, mom-to-be?” She knew dragons didn’t really go by who their parents were and thought nothing about it but Rhaedalyn had always liked the idea of one day being a mother and adored time with children so she currently lived vicariously through her dragon. As well as expected for someone that can barely stand up without feeling lopsided or waddling around in pain.. Rhaedalyn crinkled her nose at the grumpy dragon and softly ran a hand down the burdened belly. She could see how horrible it had been on her sweet dragon as she watched the already awkwardly sized dragon fumble around even more the more egg-heavy she became. She wished there was a way to help.

Get them out of me would be a nice start. The gold grumbled but her temper had already settled down though she took to pacing a bit in an effort to alleviate some of the tension of how the eggs currently sat. “I know, Dissi. It should be soon, right?” An answer didn’t come as the rumbling that had been far off in the distance and completely ignored in favour of daydreams or the belief it was thunder, moved in closer.

Rhaedalyn looked around and finally stopped, facing the mountain. She frowned but unable to know the sound, moved off in that direction. Rhae… I don’t like this. Something is wrong. Once more agitated, Aradissicath’s pacing picked up, acting more like a caged animal as her fear started to grow. That noise wasn’t normal and all too quickly they found out why. Before either could truly react with more than a squeak of surprise and the following the instinct to flee from danger, the landslide of mud and muck was upon them.

Aradissicath managed an extremely awkward and less than graceful take off as the instinct to protect her eggs fought with that of protecting her bonded. They had wandered too far apart, however, so the urges of a mother won out. Rhaedalyn, on the other hand, was left to run as quickly as she could on the wet sand, in the dark, and with her less than stellar athletic abilities. The edge of the flow of mud easily caught up to her and Rhaedalyn was soon knocked down and being pulled along the current that had no qualms with where it went.

Rhaedalyn! Aradissicath’s screech was uncensored and anyone attuned to the dragon would have heard her panic as she temporarily lost sight of the girl. The terrified dragon watched in horror as the muck continued to tear apart most of the Sands and continue on into the Square. When it slowed, Aradissicath dropped back down to the ground and waddled with a purpose towards the area she had seen Rhaedalyn go down at and started pawing through the muck. She was alive, she knew that much but where was that girl?

A gasp and coughing fit further down the path of destruction earned a frantic gold dragon racing towards Rhaedalyn. “I’m fine, Dissi,” the words were barely out before another cough was upon her. Rhaedalyn had luck on her side the moment she was struck down, getting clipped by the edge and not getting dragged along as far or as deeply into the mud as she could have been. It was still a mess as she was covered in every inch in the muck that was currently up to her waist from sitting.

Standing was definitely an issue as Rhaedalyn gave it a try after breathing came more naturally to her and the mess of curls she hadn’t bound back before leaving the hut was finally brushed from her face. “I think I’m stuck, Dissi,” there was more disbelief than panic as Rhaedalyn tried again, only to find the mud was too slick and had an odd suction hold on her. That wasn’t good.

Grab my neck and I’ll try to pull you out. Rhaedalyn stared up at her dragon who was trying to delicately walk her way through the mud to get a bit closer and not stuck herself. Well, they didn’t have any other bright ideas. Wishing she had somewhere clean and dry on her to wipe her hands to help with better traction, Rhaedalyn wrapped her arms around her dragon’s neck and they tried to free her.

Gather Square / It's My Party and I'll... [R'nya & Invite]
« on: 21 Oct 2013 at 12:20 AM »
Rhaedalyn was ready, for the most part. She had spent the day taking advantage of everyone letting her be lazy and prepare for the evening. A bath was given to both Aradissicath and herself, taking their time at each location. More time was dedicated to napping as well since the morning’s events had left her drained yet oddly relaxed.

Too much time had been spent on her dress as well. Recently she had gone through her wardrobe, updating everything with new stitching techniques or adding new ribbons or turning winter clothes into summer or vice versa. While it was cliché given the association of the colour to virginity, she had finally decided to go for her simple knee-length white gown that had been spruced up with a light blue sash of ribbon around her waist. She had made sure it wasn’t too closely resembling Harper Blue since she knew how protective of that colour those men could be. Dainty little slippers in the same shade of blue had been borrowed from a friend to complete the look.

The only issue was her mess of curls. Rhaedalyn frowned again at her reflection in the small mirror she had been given on her last birthday and tugged at a strand. Indivara was right; she really did have too much hair! The obvious solution was to pull it back or up in a bun but in the end Rhaedalyn opted to braid the front strands and clip them back, letting most of her hair fall down her back. A little smile was given to her reflection and for a brief moment, Rhaedalyn felt pretty and not at all awkward.

Hurry up! Aradissicath was not the most patient of dragons but she was even more unbearable when there was something particularly important waiting for her. They had a party to attend! A party for them! No, for her. It was to celebrate her magnificent flying earlier that day in her maiden flight which meant there would soon be another clutch on the Sands. Naturally her clutch would be amazing as well. Krypth’s were small and unremarkable – it didn’t matter to Aradissicath that Krypth had clutched her – although Okalinath’s clutches were lovely, she was sure.

A little giggle was given in response to the dragon and Rhaedalyn skipped outside. “I’m ready. Let’s go, Dissi.” It wasn’t ladylike to ride a dragon in a dress but they weren’t going far and Aradissicath promised to take it slowly and land just far enough away from the gatherers that Rhaedalyn could fix her appearance when her feet touched the ground again. It worked as well, though as soon as the dress was smoothed and hands quickly checked on the braids, the nerves flared up.

“They’re all here because of us.” Rhaedalyn spoke softly and barely resisted nibbling on a fingernail, going for her lip instead. Of course they are! That’s the whole point. Oh, how she wished she had her dragon’s confidence and carefree attitude! “Yes, but…” how did she explain it to her dragon? They had such a different view on most things and held morals in a different light.

“They’re celebrating you flying, Dissi. That means… they’re also celebrating me having sex.” Again she barely spoke above a whisper, forgetting the entire conversation could have been held internally thanks to the nerves. It was so weird to have people celebrate such a thing though if it were a wedding night, the same thing would have been happening. That was still a bit embarrassing but at least the couple were united together. She hadn’t known who she was sleeping with until her mind was cleared entirely. The fact that it was R’nya was something she had been debating and ignoring in turns all day. It was a good thing but was it also a bad one?

Punch. She needed punch. With determination, Rhaedalyn bee-lined for the beverage table, smiling shyly at every congratulations and knowing grin that was given her way. She wasn’t much for drinking but right then, alcohol was exactly what she needed and she allowed a bluerider to pour her a glass that she quickly took to sipping at.

Stop being so glum and cheer up! Enjoy the night. We’re the stars and deserve to shine bright. Tomorrow is when we’ll reflect on everything. Aradissicath preened as some people came by to congratulate her as well all the while looking for Xyreith. The grumpy bronze had the potential to hate the night’s gathering and she couldn’t wait to see how he, and R’nya, handled it.

The last four days had been a long whirlwind of a blur filled with far too much commotion for the girl that only wanted to sew and enjoy her free time with her friends and dragon. However, four days ago her Weyrlingmaster noticed something Rhaedalyn had been dreading to hear since the day she Impressed; Aradissicath had a faint shimmer to her hide.

Her sweet dragon would rise soon and with that Rhaedalyn would be left tossed into bed with some random dragonrider.

It had been a horrifying revelation but there were a lot of wonderful people offering her assistance on how to prepare. She assumed since Jada and Kahleena had already gone through the experience, the Weyr was now prepared with how to handle maiden gold flights once more and guide the frightened girls that rode the cranky and wilful beasts. Even though Rhaedalyn thought every aspect of goldriding had been covered in her special lessons, there seemed to be a great deal more to learn with the impeding flight. Learning how to keep Aradissicath from gorging seemed to be of the utmost importance but it also seemed to be the hardest thing ever. She didn’t want to enforce her will on her darling dragon and make her do something she didn’t want to do!

Sadly, that wasn’t the worst part of her days. Dragonriders began to circle closer to her than usual, taking a keen interest in her. Rhaedalyn was a bit confused until Kahleena pointed out with a giggle that they were waiting for Aradissicath to rise so they could get a quick jump on the chase. It was a bit shocking and even scandalous to think that men were essentially lining up for a chance to bed her. Still, while that had been horrible, it wasn’t the worst thing to have happened in that time.

R’nya had taken to staying close to her as well but as a bodyguard. He scared off the men that were circling closer and closer, trying for premature grabs and samplings. When one rider finally managed to disturb her during the breakfast line, R’nya had swung; his fist connecting with the poor man’s nose. Rhaedalyn squeaked and stood, as usual, with her eyes wide at the sight of the bleeding man until R’nya ushered her away to a quieter environment.

Rhaedalyn? Aradissicath’s voice brushed gently against Rhaedalyn’s sleeping mind. Her rider’s dreams were usually far more fanciful and entertaining, and while the last few days with the fighting men had been fun, Aradissicath didn’t want to relive the days yet again. There were far more fun things they could be dreaming – or doing. She had been waiting patiently the last few hours for Rhaedalyn to wake up since the girl needed her sleep but she was ready to fly now.

The sun was just beginning to peek over the horizon, turning the dark sky into pretty shades of purple and pink. It was the perfect time to show off her hide that was glowing rather spectacularly in her opinion. She needed to feed first. She could do that while Rhaedalyn dressed and prepared for the day. This sounded like a wonderful plan!

Aradissicath stretched and quietly trotted away from the hut Rhaedalyn had moved into several months earlier. It was almost a perfect take off, save for her tail clipping the hut’s door, which was loud enough to wake Rhaedalyn. As the girl moaned and stirred, confused from the dramatic turn her dreams had taken just before waking, Aradissicath went to the hunting grounds to feed. Food would help her fly all the better and make for the perfect chase.

Rhaedalyn blinked rapidly at her ceiling, wondering what was going on when she reached out for her dragon and felt her hunger. Aradissicath usually waited for her so they could go together and watch any of the bronzes that were out hunting. It was only when the change in demeanour was felt did Rhaedalyn start to realize what was happening. The banging on her door from a concerned friend that had a dragon spot the gold heading for the herd put everything solidly into place.

Rhaedalyn jumped out of bed, grabbing her robe as she went. There wasn’t any time to dress and while she was slightly embarrassed to be stepping outside in her sleeping wear, making sure her dragon only bleed the beasts for her feeding took precedent. “I know!” She shot back when someone in the gathering crowd told her to keep Aradissicath from gorging. She wasn’t a simpleton! She paid attention to her lessons! It was putting all that knowledge into practice that was the tricky part.

She focused intently on what Aradissicath was doing and continued repeating over and over how eating would slow her down and it was only the blood she wanted in her belly. The gold wasn’t too thrilled with the orders but finally gave in, blooding three beasts before giving a shriek of defiance and challenge as she rose from the hunting grounds to the ever brightening sky.

It was then that reality crashed down around Rhaedalyn and she looked around the area nervously. Her dragon was flying. Other dragons would soon be chasing her and men would be closing in on her. She felt incredibly exposed and pulling the robe tighter around her trembling body didn’t help her feel covered either. “Oh dear,” she whispered and nibbled on her lower lip while trying to think if she should hide in her hut or run fast and far.

The Hatching Circuit / Golden Glory [Invite]
« on: 04 Apr 2013 at 03:40 PM »
Rhaedalyn couldn’t stop the tears from sliding down her cheeks no matter how often she wiped them away. Everything was so overwhelming! The sweet little golden girl had wanted her after all! She had been convinced the dragonet didn’t want anything to do with her given the Touching reaction she had but thinking on it now, maybe it meant she was being watched and judged worthy of the love and affection Rhaedalyn could now feel? You keep having the strangest thoughts that involve me hating you or harming you. I wish you would stop that. Rhaedalyn felt horrible for upsetting her dragonet and was suddenly on her knees again and hugging the adorable creature. A moment later and she was brushing a bit of sand from the gold’s nose from her earlier tumble.

There is a crazy man running towards you. Rhaedalyn jumped to her feet and spun around in time to see I’shan about to collide with her. When he pulled her into an excited hug, the girl squeaked in surprise as Aradissicath did a little dance of concern around them both until laughter sounded from Rhaedalyn and the dragonet settled down to sit and stare up at the humans. “I did! Oh, I’shan, I did! And you did!” Tears were once more streaking down her cheeks but Rhaedalyn didn’t care how she was perceived anymore. She was so happy! “Thank you for having such confidence in me.” I’shan, V’zire, Kahleena, Mevrit, and even R’nya in his own silent way had all believed she would Impress. When it would happen was always the hard part but not a single one of them doubted it would happen. She was the only one that believed she couldn’t do it.

As she finally managed to detangle herself from I’shan with the intent to get her baby girl something to eat, Kahleena came streaking towards her and copied the bluerider by stealing hugs as well. Rhaedalyn was still laughing and crying and it didn’t help any that her friend was in the same state as her. A shy blush somehow managed to appear between all the other emotions as Kahleena gave her a kiss to the cheek and broke away to inspect Aradissicath. “She’s incredibly amazing, isn’t she?” Rhaedalyn couldn’t help but stare in wonder at the dragonet that sat there patiently. She was a beautiful pale colour and had the sweetest voice and was so understanding! I’m also incredibly hungry but I can wait a little longer. You have a lot of friends waiting.

Aradissicath turned her attention to Okalinath and crooned in response, pleased to meet another dragon and one that seemed so well-mannered! “Thank you, Okalinath!” Rhaedalyn smiled at the older gold dragon and saw her in a new light. For the longest time the dragon was viewed as another reminder that she had failed to Impress but now she saw her as another friend and an extension of Kahleena. She had been foolish to think anything else and now that she had Aradissicath, Rhaedalyn fully understood the bond and knew all of her waiting had been worth it.

More people came by to congratulate her and get a good look at Aradissicath but most left just as quickly which Rhaedalyn was fine with. She was especially fine with the way R’nya snuck in to pull her away from some of the gawkers she didn’t know too well and wasn’t quite sure what to say to them. However, the chaste kiss to her cheek sent her blushing into overdrive and Rhaedalyn quickly looked at R’nya’s feet. He was such a gentleman and handsome too! It was so hard to deal with him sometimes when he reminded her of those facts. “Th-thank you, R’nya.”

As quickly as the blushing girl routine hit her it passed and was replaced with the excitable girl with the crazy imagination as Rhaedalyn threw herself at R’nya for a quick but tight hug. “Oh, R’nya! I don’t have to live in the trees anymore!” She sniffled and pulled away, quickly righting her Candidate robe before dropping to the ground to pet Aradissicath. “She saved me from that horrible existence.” A kiss was given to her dragonet’s snout and Rhaedalyn finally remembered she hadn’t introduced anyone properly. How terribly rude of her!

“Everyone, this is Aradissicath.” She didn’t introduce everyone back to the dragon since she had enough common sense to remember Aradissicath could read her thoughts and figure out who was who. Besides, with how quickly people were coming and going, it was hard to keep track of those that wanted to stay and mingle with them a little. “And would anyone mind if she ate right now? I haven’t managed to reach the buckets yet.” Did that make her a horrible goldrider? She had been so distracted with her emotions and everyone congratulating her that feeing Aradissicath didn’t happen as quickly as it should have. You need this as much as I need to eat. I didn’t mind waiting but food would be wonderful now.

Personal Huts / Grand Theft Flitter [R'nya]
« on: 04 Mar 2013 at 01:10 AM »
It likely wasn’t proper but Rhaedalyn did it anyway. It was late into the evening and the bathhouse, while usually crowded in the evening had already quieted down and emptied out by the time she made her way in. That was part of the routine she had created for herself. Late night soaks were nice to unwind with before bed and to clean off the day’s grime before slipping beneath clean sheets but she wasn’t too thrilled with the notion of sharing the tub with a handful of other people. She had her modesty to preserve! She giggled at the memory of getting V’zire, soon after their friendship started, to stand guard by the door so no one would sneak in on her. While she still preferred to avoid sharing bath time with someone else, Rhaedalyn wasn’t nearly that skittish anymore.

Still, she was glad to see the empty room since it meant she could give Muffin and Whisper a bath with her as well. Some people still didn’t trust the firelizards but even more people had issue with seeing them splash around in the humans’ bathing water. But it was so much easier to bathe them all at the same time! Muffin especially liked to splash excessively and Rhaedalyn ended up getting as wet as him if she tried to bathe him on his own. This just saved them time!

Whisper was the easier one to wash and after Rhaedalyn had finished cleaning her own skin, she moved to her little gold and gently worked over each area while also checking for any dry patches. She’d oil them both when they returned home but it never hurt to triple check on such things! Once Whisper was finished, the sweet girl took a lap around the tub before getting out to sit on the edge, air drying and waiting for the others to finish up. She was such a patient little thing – if only Muffin could learn a bit from her! The chase for Muffin began. He continuously splashed around the tub, leading Rhaedalyn from one end to the other before taking off to fly out of her reach. She sighed dramatically, a bit too tired to play their usual games. “Muffin! It won’t take that long. You can go back to playing after.” Bargaining usually didn’t get her far and it didn’t this time either.

Sitting back against the edge, deciding to give Muffin a chance to play a little more and tire himself out, Rhaedalyn figured she could enjoy a little extra relaxing soak. As she sank a little lower so the water came up to her chin, Rhaedalyn froze and squinted at a chair off to the side of the room. She hadn’t noticed before since her back was to it but from her current location and level, it looked like something had been forgotten under the chair. That wasn’t too out of the ordinary given how often clothes were left behind for one reason or another but this looked like something else. Too curious to let it be, Rhaedalyn slipped out of the rub, quickly grabbing her towel as she went to wrap around herself. No point in being on display in case someone walked in!

Crouching down she pulled out the object and gasped with her hands covering her mouth soon after. It was a jar but inside was something she was familiar with. A firelizard egg! Who was the owner? Who would forget it here? Was it forgotten? It was hot in the bathhouse so it wasn’t too bad of a place to keep it warm but why would you leave it alone? Rhaedalyn glanced around as if the owner would suddenly return, knowing he had forgotten the egg behind and someone was looking at it. What if he didn’t return? What if it was purposely abandoned? Rhaedalyn worried her lower lip as she thought about all the scenarios. Whisper and even Muffin came over to see what was causing her distress and Muffin nuzzled at a hand while Whisper peered inside the pot and then back at the young woman.

Rhaedalyn knew what was wanted even before Whisper started chittering at her. They couldn’t leave the egg to fate and hope the original owner would come back! Before she second guessed herself, Rhaedalyn was tossing her clothes on and gathering up all of her belongings before staring down at the jar. Muffin was on her shoulder and even he had taken up the urging to help the egg and before she knew what she was doing, Rhaedalyn plucked the egg from the jar and wrapped it in her towel and took off running from the bathhouse.

Oh, what had she done? She should turn around and put it back! Her firelizards wouldn’t let her though and neither would her conscious. The poor thing could die or hatch without anyone around and go feral where it risked so many dangers! She had to tell someone though! V’zire was the first one to her mind, naturally, but her sweet greenrider didn’t overly like flitters  and while he tolerated her little group, Rhaedalyn didn’t want to approach him at a late hour, invading his home and subjecting him to her babbling. Kahleena would gush over it with her and then join in the fretting. Mevrit would tell her to find the real owner and question if she really needed a third firelizard. That left one person she could trust who would also know what to do.

It was a long trek by foot from bathhouse to hut but Rhaedalyn eventually made it though she had stopped her jog a few huts away so her breath could be caught. She also took a moment to keep an eye out for the great bronze that never seemed amused to see her. In fact, she was certain he rolled his eyes at times. Was that even possible? Peeking around a corner she saw Xyreith and gave a little wave as she tip toed to the door. “R’nya!” She whisper-yelled his name through the door she knocked upon. There was a chance he was asleep but she was willing to risk it, just like she was risking her image by showing up at a man’s door at such an hour with her hair still damp from the bath and looking slightly dishevelled.  “R’nya, I need you!”

Gather Square / The Request [R'nd & Valerian]
« on: 28 Jan 2013 at 07:59 PM »
This was it.

Today was the day she was going to follow Indivara’s advice and ask one of her recommended blueriders to assist in her little issue of being a virgin. Rhaedalyn didn’t really see the fault in still hanging onto her virginity despite being twenty-three since she was still unwed and wanted to be pure for her husband but things had changed. Her life had taken a drastic turn when a dragon swooped in and spirited her away to a land she hadn’t known existed with people living in hiding to protect their dragons and repopulate the species. It had been confusing and even upsetting for a while but she had learned to adapt because what else could she really do? There wasn’t a chance of going back and even if her parents had found her the perfect match, Rhaedalyn wondered if they would still marry her off or if her betrothed would still want her after such an adventure.

While having sex with someone she didn’t love seemed so wrong to her mind that had been trained by Holders, Rhaedalyn could also see B’jin’s concern in the matter. Flights could be rough and a virgin wasn’t going to enjoy herself with that added trauma of it being her first time with a man. Still, she didn’t like having to ask someone to help her out. Maybe there were better options. She could have set up dates with men and during a nice dinner and drink tried to seduce him to bed. That would have been funny to anyone watching since Rhaedalyn didn’t think she had it in her to sway her hips in such an inviting way like she had seen some of the female greenriders and older women doing.

After being rejected by R’nya and realising she was far too scared to ask anyone else, the idea of lingering about flight losers came to her. Of course that defeated the purpose and Indivara was kind enough to tell her she was an idiot for considering that and gave her the list of kind men to meet outside of flights. Yuhannam had been tracked down earlier in the day she had decided was perfect for a life-changing event but they were both so shy and found the subject awkward despite the man being a bluerider that was getting used to chasing after tail. Rhaedalyn had quickly apologised and thanked him for his time but didn’t expect Yuhannam to answer or to worry about it. He was sweet but it hadn’t gone well at all and she couldn’t ask such a nice man to help like that.

She had two other names to consider though neither seemed like they would be too successful either. Still, she had to try! Muffin was given a huge hug before she let him go to fly above her head and she set out. While her wardrobe wasn’t exactly enticing, Rhaedalyn had carefully chosen a dress that dipped a bit lower in the neck to hint at what would be considered cleavage if she had larger breasts. Her hair had been partially pinned back so it was out of her face but still fell freely down her back as Rhaedalyn believed thanks to gossip that men loved to play with long hair. Indivara, however, said she had too much hair so there had been quite a bit of time spent on different hairstyles before compromising between wearing it down and up in a full runner’s tail by going with only half pulled up.

Thinking she had a better chance with R’nd given his wonderful reputation, she sought out the bluerider and was ridiculously thankful when she saw him leaving the kitchens alone with a snack of some sort in hand. Approaching him in the Square wasn’t exactly the prime location of choice since anyone could walk by and hear but Rhaedalyn was pretty sure everyone already knew her cause through one means or another. “R’nd!” She called out to nab his attention before skipping over to him.

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