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Character Diaries / Life's a Party
« on: 27 Jul 2014 at 12:22 AM »
Life is a party but I'm also the life of the party. Does that make me the life of life?

I think I just hurt something with that one whether because it's too deep or too stupid is something I can no longer figure out.

Hot Springs / Unwanted Conversations [R'vi]
« on: 06 Apr 2014 at 01:28 AM »
Tavynia was many things; even patience was sometimes a virtue she could possess but she had waited long enough. Ryvian had dodged her every time she tried to have a proper talk with him and now he had gone and Impressed! It wasn’t fair. She had something important to say and the bastard needed to hear it even if she had to lock him in a room and possibly even tie him down. No doubt the jerk would like that too much and be distracted in the end anyway.

Frustration finally set in enough that after a seven day of waiting for Ryvian and his little dragon – a blue, she pouted mournfully for the millionth time since the Hatching – to settle into being together she sought them out. If it was possible, she’d prefer to avoid the dragon but she doubted she’d be that lucky. Dragonets seemed glued to their bonded’s side but it wasn’t like Tavynia could blame the little guy; Ryvian was nice to be attached to.

After dinner, she sought out the new blue weyrling and flopped down beside him once Ryvian was found under a tree near the hot springs relaxing beside the sleeping dragonet. “We need to talk. Like, weeks ago.” Tavynia didn’t do her usually greeting and definitely avoided even hugging the man. No way was she going to upset a dragonet, even a blue one, and get yelled at by anyone. She just waited with an expectant glance as Ryvian blinked and shifted, probably wondering how he could run.

Personal Huts / [NSFW] Play Time [D'hys & Tavynia]
« on: 30 Mar 2014 at 04:36 AM »
Ryvian made his way across the Weyr from the bathhouse where he was freshly emerged from a long soak to the hut of his rendez-vous. He had a fun date planned that evening and a light bounce was almost detected in his step as he chased along after Tryst who led the way. The little firelizard wouldn’t be allowed in once they reached the destination but that didn’t matter since the frolicking around the grounds was far more fun than sitting around in a hut he wasn’t welcomed in. When said hut came into view, Tryst was waved off with wishes of enjoying himself with his friends as Ryvian let himself in without a knock since he was expected.

It really didn’t surprise him when he didn’t find anyone but heard moaning from the bedroom. Ryvian went directly for the room and stood in the doorway with one brow arched in question as D’hys smirked in response. Tavynia was naked and kneeling before D’hys, sucking him off for all her worth and while she had the decency to look a bit embarrassed, she didn’t stop. “Couldn’t wait for me, huh?” D’hys was such an ass sometimes but he was a hot one and it made up for it.

Western Forests / In For a Surprise [Indivara]
« on: 28 Feb 2014 at 07:57 AM »
R’vi still had no idea why Indivara had sent Saph to him with a message to meet. It was all very cryptic though at the same time, it was rather standard. Since the reappearance of firelizards, they had taken to using them as messengers to pass along when and where to meet to replace the old fashioned way of actually showing up and dragging the other somewhere. They still did that of course, but now that they had dragonets like their other friends, the responsibilities had piled up and random dragging here and there were harder to do.

Word had been sent back through the adorable blue firelizard that he would be at the designated spot at the proper time. He was extremely curious but also relieved to get away from the hustle and bustle that life had become with weyrling classes and the new Weyr being built. Even the rumours of returning North at any minute were starting to become overwhelming but that was something to think further on at another time.

Are you even able to keep track of what you’re supposed to be thinking about right now? So many tangents are happening all at once. R’vi smirked at his dragon and then laughed. “Not really. There really is a lot happening though, huh? But it can all wait. Di should be just up here.” They followed the path that would one day be too narrow for Vydoriath to take but for the time being he still trotted along without issue.

With his thoughts focused on what Indivara could be up, R’vi entered the little orchard of fruit trees and glanced around for the girl or a blue hide. When neither Indivara nor Venseth were spotted, R’vi frowned and briefly wondered if he had been suckered into some kind of prank. Indivara hated being late and was usually early to everything. Hopefully she wasn’t sick again but one of her flitters would have shown up to tell him if she were.

Shrugging, R’vi went to the stump of a tree that had fallen over long before he had ever come to the area, likely from a storm and lightning strike, and sat down, drawing his legs up under him. Vydoriath plopped himself down beside the stump, within reach of R'vi so the man had no choice but to reach over and stoke the dragon's head. He certainly didn't mind and in fact enjoyed the quiet moments with his dragon and still marvelled at it all every time. It was also a good way to distract himself from the worry that wanted to creep up on him if Indivara ended up being any later than she already was. After all, R'vi had already been running late despite Vydoriath's best efforts.

Hot Springs / Bronze-Plated Dreams [Indivara]
« on: 05 Feb 2014 at 01:57 AM »
He had had such vivid responses to his touch this time! Ryvian had enjoyed the experience this time, though it was unfair to say he hadn’t liked the last few. He had simply reached a point where he wasn’t sure if his touching eggs actually did anything to favour his chances of Impressing or if he was actually dooming himself. This had been a good one though, with fun reactions of his own but also watching Indivara react to eggs as well. He definitely wanted to ask her about the experience since it was the first official Touching she had been to and by the grin she was giving him as she passed through the clutch to join him on their way off the Sands, Ryvian knew he wouldn’t have to wait long.

Tavynia had started to approach him as well but she abruptly turned and continued on her own instead. Vaguely, Ryvian remembered she wanted to talk to him after the Touching but Indivara had beaten her to him and he had to admit, he was far more interested in hearing Indivara’s recount of everything than whatever it was Tavynia wanted.

When Indivara decided she wouldn’t spill a single bean until they found Kerrin and Nyvian so they could all hang out and share stories, Ryvian laughed, gave up on prying for even a hint, and ran off to find his brother while Indivara hunted down Kerrin. His search was easy since Nyvian was milling around close to the Sands, waiting to pounce him. Normally Nyvian was told everything but Ryvian stuck out his tongue to tease his twin and pulled Indivara’s idea of not saying anything until they were all together.

It wasn’t surprising to have Saph show up out of the blue to pass along a message. It was surprising when the firelizard showed them the hot springs. Ryvian stared at the blue, wondering if it was a joke but he seemed serious and took off once more, likely to return to Indivara and be rewarded for the task. Given what they had done after Nyvian had Impressed and left him alone on the Sands, Ryvian was surprised to hear Indivara thought hanging out with him at another pool of water was a great idea. He supposed there was safety in numbers since Kerrin and Nyvian would be with them as well – not to mention she was more or less mated to V’ler since they lived together. That thought still made him grumble a bit but there wasn’t anything he could do but support her choices. At least V’ler had a good reputation about him.

A quick trek down the path soon brought the twins to the pools of naturally heated water and Ryvian puffed out a sigh of contentment. It was a good day! Eggs responded well, a dip in the springs, and with friends. Nothing could dampen the moment!

Ryvian kicked off his boots and pulled off his socks, tossing them aside so he could work on his pants. It was a rare day indeed since he didn’t end up flashing his friends but revealed himself to be wearing boxers. He rarely did, finding them a hindrance, but time on the Sands meant a little extra padding on his adorable behind wasn’t a bad idea. There was always the risk of falling for one reason or another or sitting out of boredom because enough eggs had been touched.

His shirt soon joined the pile of clothing and Ryvian moved to sit at the edge of the water but instead of sliding right in, he only dipped his legs in. Leaning back on his elbows, a bright grin was given to Indivara but any teasing her about the fun that she knew could be had in water was ignored in favour of bigger topics. “So, gonna tell me now what you thought about your first Touching?” She had been present at others before, but that was only as a grumpy spectator. Ryvian wanted details of what she saw and how she felt walking amongst the eggs.

Personal Huts / Twinly Devotion [Solo]
« on: 27 Jan 2014 at 05:41 AM »
Throughout all of the chaos and keening, there was only one thing on his mind; the safety of his brother and his best friends. Tryst had been sent to go look for Indivara and Kerrin while he ran directly for Nyvian. Nothing else mattered to Ryvian as he ran, slid, and panicked his way past people that were running, crying, and also looking for loved ones. Didn’t they understand? He couldn’t stop to help look for someone because his brother, his twin, his other half lived in the area everyone was saying wasn’t hit as hard but it still wasn’t pretty.

Ryvian wasn’t even surprised when he made it to his brother’s home to find it empty and have a neighbour explain he saw the young bronzerider run off to help others. That was completely Nyvian. His brother never stopped to worry about himself; everyone else came first. It was that characteristic Ryvian had grown used to having around him and he relied on it far too much. It was partially why Nyvian’s Impression hit him so hard. He didn’t have his younger – by two minutes, but it still counted! – brother there to lean on and encourage him through his tasks or through their naughty deeds. There was more behind the devastation of that night that left twins separated across the Weyr with a dragonet between them but it had been hard adjusting to life without his constant companion beside him.

Nyvian’s name, nickname, and even the honorific Ryvian still avoided using most days were called out at random as he ran in the direction he was pointed in to find the missing twin. Nyvian was probably fine if he went to help others but Ryvian had to see for himself and then offer to help as well. It wasn’t like he’d only look for his brother and friends and then hide; he wasn’t that pathetic!

An answer never came from his calling and Ryvian’s heart pounded with each shaky step he forced himself to keep taking. Why wasn’t he answering? Where was his brother? Someone else called for help when another call for Nyvian went out and Ryvian forced himself to stop and help pull the younger man out from the rubble of a hut. The brief moment that he thought about leaving the man to keep searching for Nyvian was more than enough to plague Ryvian with guilt and he spent precious minutes moving debris and helping the man to his feet. He seemed well enough and promised he would be fine on his own when it was obvious Ryvian was on a mission for someone else. Relief swelled and the twin was on his way once more to finding his other half.

When he finally came across Nyvian, Ryvian was barely able to choke back the laughter and tears of relief. Even from the slight distance between them, he could see his brother was unharmed though he was definitely in need of a tub full of hot water. That thought made Ryvian grin briefly before jogging up to the rubble of a hut that his twin was surveying, likely checking for anyone trapped within. Hugs were instantly given as Tryst and Lace had their reunion as well. Then the expected lecture of coming to find him and getting himself in harm’s way came. Ryvian grinned through the entire thing, knowing it was only concern that had Nyvian fussing as much as he was. Another hug was tossed at Nyvian when the rant ended and they agreed to work together to find anyone else in the area.

They worked together for nearly an hour before Ryvian’s world threatened to cave in on him like the hut they were carefully working in. Ryvian wasn’t entirely sure how it happened but as they assisted an older dragonrider that had been pinned by debris on a leg, the mud around the hut shifted enough to cause the precariously standing building to crumble further. Ryvian thought they had all made it out okay thanks to some quick steps and a jump but Nyvian’s scream of pain sucked the life right out him.

He spun around to see his brother on his knees with his right arm fluttering between clutching his left shoulder and pawing at the rocks on his hand. The dragonrider was forgotten though the man’s dragon was already right there to take over anyway, and fell beside Nyvian to see what had happened. A quick survey to go along with Nyvian’s assessment brought them to the conclusion that his shoulder would be bruised from the stone smashing down on it but it didn’t seem broken or dislocated or whatever fancy terms the Healers would use for it. His hand, however, was in a lot of pain and Ryvian set to digging it free without doing further damage.

It was only after Nyvian was completely free and they moved away from the remains of the hut that the twins realized the faint sensation of loss they briefly felt in the chaos was due to Lace getting injured and going between with Tryst not far behind; distraught at the loss of his mate. Ryvian felt horrible for not thinking about the firelizards or noticing their deaths right away and he’d properly mourn for them later, but right then, Nyvian was the only thing on his mind.

Skorzanth was quick to offer assistance in bringing them to the Healers and while the injury wasn’t as bad as some of the others Ryvian saw as they entered the room, he still put up a fuss and made sure someone at least came by to give it a look and offer quick advice before waiting for a proper examination could happen.

Before, during, and after a Healer finally tended to the hand, Ryvian refused to let go of Nyvian’s good one. He sat on the floor beside his brother when chairs weren’t available and continued to sit on the floor when one opened up for Nyvian to use for the bandaging. When the Healer left, Ryvian rested his head on his brother’s thigh and let out a soft sigh. “I’m sorry, Ny,” he mumbled miserably and more than a touch tired. The true scope of the event had finally started to sink in and all of the losses were beginning to pile up. At least the gold and blue firelizard duo that checked in with him regularly indicated Indivara was fine and apparently sleeping. That was one less friend he had to worry over which meant Nyvian received even more.

“For?” His brother’s voice held its usual calmness and Ryvian suspected the small dose of numbweed and drop of fellis that had been administered was helping with that.

“I dunno. Maybe if you didn’t have your attention split because of me you wouldn’t have been--” Ryvian fell silent when Nyvian’s left elbow gently bopped him on the head.

“You’re never a distraction, Ry. Hey, think of it this way; without you, I could have been completely trapped under the roof with the rider beside me. You helped us both get out.” Ryvian could see the truth in that but at the same time felt it was mostly said to get him to stop feeling so guilty. It did help regardless but Ryvian still wasn’t completely satisfied with it and felt he could have done something else to make the situation better.

“My… our? My… hut should still be okay. Lemme take you home to rest.” Ryvian glanced up to see Nyvian’s reaction to the idea and was relieved to see a nod. After a few minutes of leading the woozy from meds twin back to his dragon, the trip back to the hut went rather smoothly. Ryvian assisted in stripping Nyvian and fussed endlessly over his twin’s comfort, going so far as to plump the pillows and tuck him in before running off to get a glass of water to leave beside the bed in case Nyvian woke up thirsty.

Once everything was to his liking, Ryvian stripped back down as well and crawled into bed beside his brother. It was surprising how it felt so familiar yet odd to do such a thing again. They had shared a bed for as long as he could remember before Skorzanth bonded to Nyvian. Ryvian wasn’t quite sure what to make of it other than convincing himself it was because he had spent so many nights alone and had started to grow used to sprawling out gradually as each month passed. That theory didn’t feel quite right but he didn’t want to analyse it any further.

Everything odd faded away, however, the moment Nyvian took Ryvian’s hand in his good one. Ryvian smiled and gave it a light squeeze. “I’m here for you, Ny. Get some rest and later I’ll find us something to eat.” He’d check on Indivara, Kerrin, and their other friends later as well. He knew they were alive and that was enough to keep him going for the time being. Besides, good ol’ V’ler was likely pampering Indivara and hand feeding her right then or whatever it was romance-loving Harpers did with their mates. He wrinkled his nose at the thought but shoved it away as he peeked over to see if Nyvian had fallen asleep yet.

When it was decided his brother had indeed given up on staying awake, Ryvian nodded his approval and closed his eyes as well. A small nap where he could grab one seemed like a good idea. Who knew what the next few days would bring for them and the Weyr as a whole.

Hatching Grounds / Impressed [Indivara]
« on: 20 Jan 2014 at 04:34 AM »
R’vi couldn’t breathe when he saw a dragonet approach Indivara. This had to be it! He couldn’t stand the idea of another one coming up to her and walking off to Impress another; which was what had happened moments ago when he walked away behind the last blue to approach their section of sand. He wasn’t foolish enough to believe a bronze or brown would Impress to a woman and the gold definitely wasn’t meant to be with Indivara either but a green or even a blue could want her and R’vi refused to give up hope on Impressing together. It may not have worked out where he Impressed alongside his twin but with one of his best friends, he still had a chance.

You will be as blue as me soon. R’vi shushed his amused dragon without looking down at him. He couldn’t look away from Indivara and risk missing what might happen.

When the dragonet didn’t leave right away but instead continued to stare at Indivara until they left together, R’vi jumped in excitement and gave a whoop of cheer. She had done it! In fact, not only had she Impressed, but it was to a blue! It had been three turns since that had happened outside of the gold Impressions but that didn’t surprise the twin that was beaming proudly as Indivara spoke with their Weyrlingmaster.

R’vi opened his arms to catch Indivara when she came running towards him, catching her and holding her in a hug. “We did it, Di!” His emotions were all over the map as a laugh escaped after the words tinged with disbelief came out. He had tried for so long, been left behind by friends and his brother as they managed to find their bonded before him, and finally Vydoriath appeared and everything seemed right once again.

Hello! Vydoriath greeted his fellow blue in joy, feeding off of the emotions R’vi was giving off in uncontrolled waves. The meat is good, isn’t it? I keep hoping for more as well. A pointed glance was given to R’vi who looked down at the hungry blues from over Indivara’s shoulder but only smiled in response.

When he saw Vydoriath perk up at something he saw, R’vi glanced over and saw someone with more buckets of meat. He waved the assistant over and managed a peek inside when the buckets were placed down. It didn’t look quite as full as the first had been but that was okay; an overstuffed dragonet didn’t sound like a fun idea. He knew he hated tummy aches and could only imagine what a whiny dragon would be like. Not to mention their bond; R’vi frowned for a moment as he eyed up the dragonet he placed the bucket in front of. “No gorging. I don’t like the hunger pains but I’m not looking forward to you being a pig and eating too much either.” A muffled grunt of compliance came from within the bucket as Vydoriath dove in for another mouthful.

“Di, I…” R’vi had no idea what he wanted to say when he turned back to his friend. It was so unbelievable and his mind was still attempting to process everything. The hardest part to swallow, outside of actually Impressing, was the colour of Vydoriath’s hide. His brother – his younger twin – had bonded to a bronze yet here he was with a blue. He loved Vydoriath with a fierceness that was also surprising but what did it say about him? Everyone was going to talk about it no matter what he thought on the subject and eventually he would have to think on it a bit more but it could wait a little longer.

Returning all of his attention and energy into celebrating the fact that he had finally Impressed, R’vi managed to sneak in a quick kiss on lips when Indivara looked his way again before glancing down at their blues. “I’m afraid I’m about to wake up and this never happened,” he confessed quietly but when he looked back to Indivara, any traces of his fear were lost to the smile he couldn’t keep off his face. “But I’ll enjoy it until I do.”

Bathing Houses / Soap Opera [Tavynia]
« on: 26 Sep 2013 at 02:16 PM »
Ryvian still couldn’t believe he had never caught on to the fact that doing laundry for the Weyr was an actual chore that existed. His mother had always washed the family’s clothes both out of habit from their time in exile where she did it for Nyvian and him and then again to spoil their father when he was reunited with them. When both of his parents passed away, Nyvian always stepped up to take care of their clothing and Ryvian felt bad for never offering to help him. Apparently he shouldn’t have considering his clever brother likely simply dropped the clothes off to be washed and then brought them back to have Ryvian hang them up on their little clothing line. Why he had never shared that little tidbit of information was currently a mystery but Ryvian planned on finding his dear brother at some point to ask.

For now, however, Ryvian focused on the actual task of gathering up all of the clothes he had kicked into a pile earlier. He supposed a bag would be more useful but he was lacking in one that would suit the purpose since he didn’t want to use the knapsack he had and didn’t think it would be big enough anyway. Instead, Ryvian held the bundle of clothes tightly, cursing each time a sock fell or a shirt tried to escape as he made his trek from hut to, well, he didn’t know where. He assumed it’d be in the general area of the Halls. If nothing else, he’d ask someone at the Weyrfolk Hall.

After twenty minutes of searching and Tryst doing his best to assist in the hunt, Ryvian finally came across the room that housed the laundry facilities – in the bathing house. He nearly laughed and sighed in relief! The clothes were starting to get heavy with the way he had to tightly hold the bundle to keep anything else from trying to escape on him.

As he drew closer to the open door, Ryvian heard some laughter and some complaining but both were common in any chore and he could both sympathise with the complainer since he didn’t always like what he had to help with yet he wanted to join in the fun the others were having. “Hello?” Ryvian peeked his head into the room and looked around for someone in charge or at least for a smile. He had no idea what he was supposed to say or do. “I’m looking to drop off some clothes. Is that all right?”

Personal Huts / Post Hatching Depression [Indivara]
« on: 18 Jul 2013 at 08:09 PM »
It had been nine days since the double Hatching in which roughly thirty dragonets didn’t want him but one had wanted his twin. Nine days of moping around, his smile to show he was fine beginning to fade with each hour, and tears barely refraining from spilling at night when Ryvian realized he didn’t have his brother waiting for him to come to bed. They had shared a bed for most of their lives thanks to being young enough to do such a thing when everyone was reunited and their bedroom being small. After their parents died and they were asked to move into a smaller hut for a ‘proper’ family to have more space, they continued sharing a bed in the one bedroom tiny hut. It was comforting and held nightmares at bay.

He didn’t have that now. Ryvian did his best to drink himself into a stupor for most of his waking hours and even fell into a couple of other beds to help fill in the time and find some sort of comfort in the arms of someone. It had been fairly easy to do the first two days thanks to the Hatching gather and then the traditional UnImpressed party he had to throw the following night in order to show he still had his good sense of humour and was fine. It only worked so much, though, and that afternoon, he hadn’t even bothered to get out of bed. It was too bright out, too hot out, and the day held the chance he’d see Nyvian with his precious bronze dragonet. None of that seemed like a reason to leave the comfort of his somewhat cool and darkened bedroom with half of the bed far too obviously empty. That was fine. He didn’t need Nyvian beside him forever! They were twenty-two in a few months and far too old to still need to cling to each other’s hands or curl up against at night when a lover didn’t require all night attention.

He hadn’t seen much of Indivara since Hatching day either. She had been wonderful to him and Ryvian did his best to treat her amazingly in kind and held off on babbling his fears and new beliefs. She didn’t deserve that, and her constantly having to leave to feed her spawn with V’ler reminded Ryvian that he couldn’t rely on her to keep his mind from straying to horrible thoughts constantly. She needed her own time and some sleep as much as he did, and sleep he did a lot of. It was simply easier to deal with everything that way.

When he was sober and alone, like now, Ryvian did too much thinking. He had thought about Nyvian now known as N’vian, had thought about Indivara, and had thought about his chances of Impressing at another clutch. It was miserable work going through everything over and over without situations really changing. Perhaps that was why that day he hadn’t bothered to even show up for lunch or breakfast before that. Then again, he had been a bit hungover that morning so food wasn’t likely to happen even if he had been inclined to eat. Since his own food supply had been monitored more by Nyvian who then told him when to gather more things, Ryvian didn’t have much left to eat in the hut and would have to show up for a meal eventually. Later, he decided. When everyone had gone home for the night, he’d head over to the pantry and grab some fruits or dried meat to bring back.

Smiling and acting like he was thrilled for Nyvian was draining him and he couldn’t do it again that day. More sleep was needed first and then maybe he could try again tomorrow. Maybe.

Personal Huts / An UnImpressed Party [Invite]
« on: 15 Jan 2013 at 06:17 PM »
It was the night after the Hatching Feast – they weren’t complete dicks after all.

After the second failed attempt at Impressing, Ryvian and his brother had come up with an excellent way to get over that little sting to the ego. After celebrating with the weyr at large with all the drinks they could stomach, they threw their own party at their hut for those that didn’t Impress and a few of their rider friends. They may suck and not be wanted by the current batch of dragonets stumbling around but they could still have sex which was more than the weyrlings could say for the next eight months!

That was typically the theme of their parties anyhow so it only made sense to continue on in the face of depression with the opportunity to fool around with a person or two. So it was an easy call after their fourth failure to throw another party. The usual set up had been done, in that they had a few drinks and a bit of food swiped from the Kitchens while leaving plenty of space for anything else their guests brought. A ‘bring your own’ attitude was generally preferred for private gathers given how hard it was to come by certain things and how not everyone could cook food they were willing to serve to people and still have friends the following day.

The verbal invitations were issued during the Feast and the following afternoon when people were stumbling their way to the Dining Hall. While the twins didn’t discriminate all that much, they generally stuck to inviting those that knew how to have fun and enjoyed a good party. Naturally any of those party animals that happened to Impress recently weren’t invited and currently deemed a lost cause but there were still plenty of others to fill their hut with!

With a final glance around the hut that had been tidied up for a shindig, Ryvian popped the front door open a bit to indicate they were open for a good time. A moment later and he had a mug of ale and was flopping on the couch, watching Nyvian. Maybe it was a bit narcissistic of him, but his twin made for a fine sight and Ryvian liked to enjoy it whenever he could. “You after anyone specific tonight?” Ryvian had a couple in mind himself but like always, he was just going with the flow and would take any opportunity that came up and seemed like fun.

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