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Character Diaries / Fo' shizzle
« on: 22 Jul 2014 at 09:21 PM »
                   come for the party; stay for the insanity
The inner workings of N'vian's mind. Beware the things.

Gather Square / Lighten Up [T'lian]
« on: 03 May 2013 at 10:14 PM »
It was a rare sight to see one twin apart from the other, mostly because Nyvian enjoyed his brother's company far more than he enjoyed anyone else's. That did not mean that they shared one mind, and wanted to do everything the other wanted to do. Nyvian was fairly sure that Ryvian was with Indivara, likely trying to secure a future of having her in his bed. If nothing else, his brother was persistent, and he was sure that Indivara would cave to his advances sometime in the future. So, while Ryvian was busy chasing tail, Nyvian had busied himself with doing something far more menial and far less entertaining. He had started out early this morning to go fishing with a small group of men. Some people would find fishing to be fun... Nyvian found it kind of boring.

Fishing was a waiting game, and while he had a fair amount of patience, his company had not been so great as to keep up his spirits, especially when the fishing wasn't all that great to begin with. They had only arrived back just a candlemark ago with their unimpressive catch. Nyvian was convinced that Lace was a far better fisher than the whole lot of them put together, and that was because she managed to snag a tiny fish right out of the water. It was fairly impressive, especially for the dainty green flit. Lace now was asleep in his lap, rather like a canine he had never owned.

Nyvian's bare feet were stretched out in front of him, his pants rolled up to his knees so that his limbs could dry out after wading into water. The weyrbrat was sitting on one of the benches set up across the Weyrbowl, which was a heavily trafficked area. That meant that Nyvian was bound to find someone who was remotely more interesting than a lame fishing trip in the morning. He picked at his nails, cleaning the dirt out from underneath them as he contemplated what to do with his day. It was likely he'd just remain here for a while and snap up any interesting conversation that came his way.

In a while, he'd probably meander off to find his brother and reprimand Ryvian for spending so much time away from him. That, or he'd find someone to make his time away from his twin forgettable. He doubted that D'hys would be up for fooling around, but that was only because the bluerider was surprisingly starry eyed for a very demure greenrider. It didn't make sense, but Nyvian wasn't going to waste his time contemplating that puzzle. There were far more interesting things he could do, after all!

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