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Weyrfolk Housing / Something Wicked [R'nya]
« on: 29 Mar 2014 at 09:07 AM »
As the last remnants of flight lust dwindled, K’tir took stock of everything. Not only did his back and ass hurt but so did his neck. He vaguely recalled an arm pressed against it to help pin him to the wall as a fellow loser claimed him. Not that it was needed given who it had been. He didn’t need to glance over at the man that had detangled himself a minute ago to know who it was but he still did just to enjoy the sight one more time.

Bronzerider R’nya. The gorgeous man that was as straight as they came and was loved by all the goldriders and potential golden girls. He was their protector and someone they felt safe with. If they knew his true power and passion hidden behind the blank mask like the brownrider had just learned, K’tir doubted they would see him in the same light.

The flight lust had gripped him hard during the chase and with R’nya grabbing him so quickly after, he didn’t have a chance to come down at all or acknowledge the loss and find someone of his own. When his mind started to clear near the end of the frenzied lust brought on by the young gold, K’tir was surprised to find himself coupled with R’nya and it was obvious the bronzerider was still trapped in the lust given the fact he hadn’t pulled away in distaste. Not one to ruin a good thing or one to possess the will to completely clear his mind, K’tir had continued to enjoy the time until it left him out of breath and sprawled on the floor.

It took far too much energy but finally K’tir managed to lift a hand to his face to brush away locks of damp from sweat before dropping to his side again. His body trembled still from the combination of exhaustion, release, and bliss. The only thing he still couldn’t figure out was why they were on the floor when surely there had to be a bed nearby to use instead. There was a wall to either side of him so thinking it was too much effort to sit up, K’tir tilted his head back; but instead of seeing a bed or another wall, a hallway was seen. As was someone hastily dashing into one of the many rooms that lined the hall.

He was born and raised in a Weyr so coming across such scenes after a flight had been common – K’tir could even admit to being involved in some in the past. He just never imagined it happening with the bronzerider beside him. It actually worked to his advantage, his smug side pointed out. Not only was ht the first man – to his knowledge – R’nya had slept with but they had coupled in public for all the Weyr to see.

A lazy, sated, and very pleased grin was given as K’tir glanced at the bronzerider once more.

The Lake Edge / Oblivious Adonis [Open to K'tir Admirers]
« on: 02 Jul 2013 at 02:31 AM »
Bath time was always entertaining; at least for Ghaeth. For K’tir, it was a toss-up and depended on a lot of factors. The preferred time was when no one else was around and they could just get right to work with the scrubbing followed by the oiling. It was a nice time to bond with his dragon and it was peaceful. The solitude didn’t bother the man either since it was almost relaxing to the point of a form of meditation with the steady motions of cleaning the hide. It gave him time to reflect and even purge memories that were better best forgotten but liked to linger all the same.

The baths that weren’t always the most ideal were the ones where Ghaeth couldn’t stand still and ended up playing more than bathing which left K’tir wetter than anticipated. In the colder months that wasn’t appreciated but now that the weather was warming again, the brownrider planned for such things and stripped down to the barest minimum, like he was now, in shorts used for swimming.

Ghaeth was off splashing in a deeper section of the lake but K’tir knew that soon the dragon would be running around in the shallower portion near the beach, spraying water everywhere. K’tir was ready for it though. He knew he could continue to stand away from the shore and keep himself safe and dry until his energetic dragon came to a halt but if he didn’t show interest sooner rather than later in the bathing portion of the trip to the lake, then Ghaeth would swim all day and forget the real reason they were there. So K’tir stood at the edge, wearing only his shorts, with a sponge in hand. “Let’s get started, Ghaeth.”

The brown dragon paused in whatever game it was he was playing right then and seemed to frown at his rider. K’tir managed a smile and shook his head at the antics as Ghaeth took his time paddling in. Once his feet reached the sand, however, it was just as predicted. The dragon went running through the shallows, splashing water everywhere, including on K’tir. Serves you right! I wanted to play longer. I hoped to have friends show up.

K’tir wiped water from his face and pushed back his hair, mourning his lack of hair tie he somehow managed to forget to pack. “Who did you invite?” There was suspicion in his voice as he eyed the brown now slowly circling back for likely another pass. Everyone! Ghaeth replied with glee as he did indeed run by again to splash more water on his human. K’tir sighed; it was just as expected.

“Let’s start bathing and maybe they’ll come by and join you for a bath and swim after that.” K’tir preferred not to have company since that was another major factor but he could probably deal with some of the riders. Ghaeth had an odd collection of friends but at least some of them had bonded to fairly sedate humans. So long as it wasn’t Grith and Par’a, K’tir imagined he’d be fine.

As the subject says, all K'tir admirers are welcome to pop in! Whether you're one of his lovers or one of his greenriders that crush on him and he doesn't really notice, come on down! Join in with the bathing and playing or admire from afar, I'm cool with it. I'm trying to get him out there a bit more... even if this opener isn't that great. :|

Personal Huts / Firelizard Freak Out [K'tir Solo]
« on: 28 Jun 2013 at 03:16 AM »
K’tir sighed for the fourth time as he watched the small eggs shake with the signs of impending hatching. He knew what he was getting into when he approached V’zire and his table covered in firelizard eggs at the last graduation but that didn’t mean he was still entirely happy with the outcome. He had assumed one egg would have been enough but was then easily swayed into getting one for each child. That was fine, he could tolerate bonding to two of the little buggers but V’zire had to go and pout as he suggested a third be taken. He was weak to such faces and K’tir had kicked himself all evening for it as well.

Now he sat at the kitchen table watching the three eggs move with life. We should get the kids! They’ll want to be here for this. Ghaeth sat at the kitchen window, one large eye swirling with his excitement. At least one of them was looking forward to the moment. Oh, to be as happy as a brown dragon! No. I don’t want them to accidentally Impress one of them. Their mothers would kill me and I’m not too happy with the idea of them having such a companion at their ages either. K’tir heard the soft whimper of disappointment but he held his ground. Yes, it would be cute to see their reactions but K’tir wasn’t about to risk it.

After another twenty minutes of waiting, now with a cup of klah in hand, the eggs started to show cracks and lose bits of shell. It wasn’t much longer before the first one began showing progress and finally the ambitious little creature broke free with a creel. His heart skipped a beat and K’tir suddenly wasn’t sure if he wanted to go through with it after all. Firelizards didn’t rank poorly or amazingly with the brownrider though he could understand both viewpoints but he wasn’t sure he wanted that commitment and bother. After all, he already had Ghaeth to look after and that was already a lot of enthusiastic brown hide to keep an eye on!

In the end it was too late and before K’tir knew what was happening, a little green ball was flying at his hand that held a piece of raw meat that had been picked up before wavering on his decision. “You are kind of cute… I guess.” The girl needed to be cleaned up but that could wait until her belly was stuffed and the predictable nap came on.

He was lazily stroking the little green’s head when the next egg cracked open and revealed its contents. K’tir stared at the creature and it stared back at him, neither moving for what felt like hours before K’tir snorted and sat back. “Oh, fuck that!” The little blue firelizard cried out in shock and took off flying in the opposite direction of K’tir, out the open kitchen window that Ghaeth had backed away from in surprise. A blue! What were the odds he’d get something in the same colour that represented the type of men he couldn’t tolerate? Actually, the odds were fairly high given the number of greens and blues that seemed to come from each clutch found but that was beside the point!

K’tir eyed the finally cracking egg. “I swear, if you’re also blue, you’re on your own. The kids can fight over naming the green.” He was practically glaring at the egg, daring it to show it was also blue. When it finally cracked enough for the flitter to make an escape, K’tir actually managed to laugh with relief as he held out some meat to the small brown. “Much better.”

Several hours later, after the firelizards had been fed a few times, napped, and were presentable, K’tir had Ghaeth go collect the kids so they could meet the new family additions. Katiryn was naturally bouncing with excitement and even Kajiran seemed to have more of a bounce to him than usual. It was understandable given how many times both had pestered him for an egg. This was the best they were getting for the time being. When they were old enough to Stand at a Hatching, then he’d consider letting them get a firelizard. For now, they could learn responsibility in smaller doses that, hopefully, wouldn’t bring harm to themselves or the creatures.

“Can I name mine Sweetie?” Katiryn batted her eyes, a trick that often worked when she wanted something. It was a shame K’tir was ready for it and was going to hold his ground no matter what this time. He was not about to be subjected to asking if anyone had seen his ‘Sweetie’ or any other suitable embarrassing name. “How about… Rosie!”

“The lizard is green, Katiryn, not pink or red.” This was going to be a long evening, K’tir knew it and wasn’t looking forward to it.

A lot of pouting followed each ‘no’ given to the endless list of cutesy names before Katiryn found one that worked well enough for K’tir. “Dewdrop? I think that will work and she seems to like it as well.” Actually, he couldn’t tell if the green did or not but the newly dubbed Dewdrop at least stirred from her nap in Katiryn’s arms and looked up at her. It was a good enough sign as any.

Now he only had to wait for Kajiran to name the brown and life would be wonderful.

“Bean!” His adorable son of four blurted out with a beaming smile. It was better than most of the names Katiryn had come up with and it didn’t seem like it’d be too painful to call out when in public. It also made some sort of sense at least in regards to the flitter’s colour. He could say the full name was Cocoa Bean but they shortened it. With a shrug, K’tir agreed with it.

“So Bean and Dewdrop it is. You’ll both come by and help me when they need baths, oiling, and sometimes feeding?” He’d rather the kids continued spending more of their free time playing and working on learning the alphabet and numbers instead of constantly running over to toss food at the bottomless pits. With both kids eagerly nodding, K’tir smiled and sent them off to show Ghaeth their new friends. The dear brown had been dancing around all afternoon waiting to see them again since the first meeting. He’d be beyond thrilled to have the kids attached to the flitters now.

With one final sigh, K’tir stretched out on the couch and finally relaxed. His brats were happy, the firelizards didn’t seem to be too much of a handful – so far – and best of all, that accursed blue flitter hadn’t reappeared. He’d wait a little longer before reclaiming Dewdrop and Bean and sending the children back to their mothers. A little rest alone before his life once again shifted with new additions started sounded nice.

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