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Clutch Records / ISTA 237.03.26 - New Beginnings [Mizeath x Mosiath]
« on: 01 Aug 2016 at 08:40 PM »

New Beginnings
Clutch Mother:
Gold Mizeath of Ameris
Clutch Father
Bronze Mosiath of M’ris
Flight Date
Clutch Date
Hatching Date
Graduation Date
Clutch Size
32 Eggs
32 of 32
R'der of Colour Name
Primary Assistants
R'der of Colour Name
R'der of Colour Name
Gold Dragonets: 01 of 01 Available
xXx Dainty NBGold01 went to NBFemale01, who is Adoptable

Bronze Dragonets: 03 of 03 Available
xXx Able NBBronze01 went to NBMale06, who is Adoptable
xXx Obliging NBBronze02 went to NBMale10, who is Adoptable 
xXx Resigned NBBronze03 went to NBMale15, who is Adoptable 

Brown Dragonets: 06 of 06 Available
xXx Practical NBBrown01 went to NBMale01, who is Adoptable 
xXx Candid NBBrown02 went to NBMale02, who is Adoptable
xXx Childish NBBrown03 went to NBMale05, who is Adoptable 
xXx Brave NBBrown04 went to NBMale14, who is Adoptable 
xXx Balanced NBBrown05 went to NBMale17, who is Adoptable 
xXx Agreeable NBBrown06 went to NBMale32, who is Adoptable

Blue Dragonets: 08 of 08 Available
xXx Idle NBBlue01 went to NBMale04, who is Adoptable
xXx Absent Minded NBBlue02 went to NBMale07, who is Adoptable 
xXx Assertive NBBlue03 went to NBMale08, who is Adoptable 
xXx Resentful NBBlue04 went to NBMale12, who is Adoptable 
xXx Sour NBBlue05 went to NBMale13, who is Adoptable 
xXx Hesitant NBBlue06 went to NBMale16, who is Adoptable 
xXx Motivated NBBlue07 went to NBMale23, who is Adoptable
xXx Glutinous NBBlue08 went to NBMale26, who is Adoptable 

Green Dragonets: 14 of 14 Available
xXx Sulky NBGreen01 went to NBMale03, who is Adoptable 
xXx Maternal NBGreen02 went to NBMale09, who is Adoptable 
xXx Logical NBGreen03 went to NBMale11, who is Adoptable 
xXx Meddlesome NBGreen04 went to NBMale18, who is Adoptable 
xXx Ferocious NBGreen05 went to NBMale19, who is Adoptable 
xXx Friendly NBGreen06 went to NBMale20, who is Adoptable 
xXx Enterprising NBGreen07 went to NBMale21, who is Adoptable 
xXx Direct NBGreen08 went to NBMale22, who is Adoptable
xXx Willing NBGreen09 went to NBMale24, who is Adoptable 
xXx Sweet NBGreen10 went to NBMale25, who is Adoptable 
xXx Mercurial NBGreen11 went to NBMale27, who is Adoptable 
xXx Picky NBGreen12 went to NBMale28, who is Adoptable 
xXx Kind NBGreen13 went to NBMale29, who is Adoptable 
xXx Patient NBGreen14 went to NBMale30, who is Adoptable 

Other Important Clutch Details
Hatching Order
NBGold01 (NBFemale01, F); NBColour02 (NBMale##, M)

Impression Order
NBColour## (NBMale01, M); NBColour## (NBMale02, M)

  • Candidate 1 detail
  • Candidate 2 detail
Candidate Information
-- Adoptees are encouraged to speak to players of previously adopted characters for plotting and relationship ideas!

  • Candidate 1 detail
  • Candidate 2 detail

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Gold Name • x • Colour Sire
Clutch Number Together


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Character Diaries / Its an interesting world
« on: 13 Mar 2016 at 06:47 PM »

Ista is beautiful. Warm and rather pleasant, I could get used to this. And there's no rain.. Well, rain like Katila has. It's mild and nice. The beaches are different too and for the first few weeks, Mizeath and I spent time exploring the cave system, when we weren't helping clean out weyrs anyway or keeping A'mad from trouble (that father of mine has followed along). Rislan enjoys his time in the sand and waves. I've been helping to clear out the creche. It was in sore need of repair but it's been done.

We've been stationed with M'ris and his Mosiath. I don't mind it so much. He could be worse.


The first clutch to be hatched in Ista will be soon. Mizeath has flown and for once in her short life has allowed the same bronze to catch her again. I can't say I'm displeased, finally I did not wake to an unfamiliar face. The aftermath of the flight was well received if I do say so myself. When I asked Mizeath why, she would only say because she likes him. It will be interesting to see if Mizeath can lay another clutch with two golds.


Some thing is off. Not totally sure what yet but something is off.


Strange Worlds

Clutch Mother:
Gold Mizeath of Ameris
Clutch Father
Bronze Mosiath of M’ris
Flight Date
Clutch Date
Hatching Date
Graduation Date
Clutch Size
42 Eggs
42 of 42
R'der of Colour Name
Primary Assistants
R'der of Colour Name
R'der of Colour Name

Gold Dragonets: 2 of 2 Available
xXx Mannered SWGold001 went to SWFemale001, who is Adoptable
xXx Adamant SWGold002 went to SWFemale002, who is Adoptable

Bronze Dragonets: 6 of 6 Available
xXx Insolent SWBronze001 went to SWMale007, who is Adoptable
xXx Turbulent SWBronze002 went to SWMale014, who is Adoptable
xXx Baleful SWBronze003 went to SWMale015, who is Adoptable
xXx Athletic SWBronze004 went to SWMale030, who is Adoptable
xXx Busy SWBronze005 went to SWMale035, who is Adoptable
xXx Complex SWBronze006 went to SWMale040, who is Adoptable
Brown Dragonets: 9 of 9 Available
xXx Considerate SWBrown001 went to SWMale001, who is Adoptable
xXx Cautious SWBrown002 went to SWMale006, who is Adoptable
xXx Demanding SWBrown003 went to SWMale010, who is Adoptable
xXx Able SWBrown004 went to SWMale011, who is Adoptable
xXx Wise SWBrown005 went to SWMale016, who is Adoptable
xXx Tolerant SWBrown006 went to SWMale020, who is Adoptable
xXx Realistic SWBrown007 went to SWMale022, who is Adoptable
xXx Questioning SWBrown008 went to SWMale032, who is Adoptable
xXx Rigid SWBrown009 went to SWMale033, who is Adoptable

Blue Dragonets: 10 of 10 Available
xXx Rebellious SWBlue001 went to SWMale002, who is Adoptable
xXx Opinionated SWBlue002 went to SWMale008, who is Adoptable
xXx Naive SWBlue003 went to SWMale009, who is Adoptable
xXx Lazy SWBlue004 went to SWMale012, who is Adoptable
xXx Inventive SWBlue005 went to SWMale019, who is Adoptable
xXx Humble SWBlue006 went to SWMale021, who is Adoptable
xXx Boorish SWBlue007 went to SWMale027, who is Adoptable
xXx Impish SWBlue008 went to SWMale037, who is Adoptable
xXx Erratic SWBlue009 went to SWMale038, who is Adoptable
xXx Insidious SWBlue010 went to SWMale041, who is Adoptable

Green Dragonets: 15 of 15 Available
xXx Nebulous SWGreen001 went to SWMale003, who is Adoptable
xXx Placid SWGreen002 went to SWMale004, who is Adoptable
xXx Wistful SWGreen003 went to SWMale005, who is Adoptable
xXx Articulate SWGreen004 went to SWMale013, who is Adoptable
xXx Compassionate SWGreen005 went to SWMale017, who is Adoptable
xXx Disgruntled SWGreen006 went to SWMale018, who is Adoptable
xXx Impulsive SWGreen007 went to SWMale023, who is Adoptable
xXx Finicky SWGreen008 went to SWMale024, who is Adoptable
xXx Pompous SWGreen009 went to SWMale025, who is Adoptable
xXx Quarrelsome SWGreen010 went to SWMale026, who is Adoptable
xXx Merry SWGreen011 went to SWMale028, who is Adoptable
xXx Noisy SWGreen012 went to SWMale029, who is Adoptable
xXx Obnoxious SWGreen013 went to SWMale031, who is Adoptable
xXx Outgoing SWGreen014 went to SWMale034, who is Adoptable
xXx Warm SWGreen015 went to SWMale39, who is Adoptable

Other Important Clutch Details
Hatching Order
SWBrown01 (SWMale01, M); SWBlue001 (SWMale002, M); SWGreen001 (SWMale003, M); SWGreen02 (SWMale004, M); SWGreen003 (SWMale005, M); SWBrown002 (SWMale006, M); SWBronze001 (SWMale007, M); SWBlue002 (SWMale008, M); SWBlue003 (SWMale009, M); SWBrown003 (SWMale010, M); SWBrown004 (SWMale011, M); SWBlue004 (SWMale012, M); SWGreen004 (SWMale013, M); SWBronze002 (SWMale014, M); SWBronze003 (SWMale015, M); SWBrown005 (SWMale016, M); SWGreen005 (SWMale017, M); SWGreen006 (SWMale018, M); SWBlue005 (SWMale019, M); SWBrown006 (SWMale020, M); SWBlue006 (SWMale021, M); SWBrown007 (SWMale022, M); SWGreen007 (SWMale023, M); SWGreen008 (SWMale024, M); SWGreen009 (SWMale025, M); SWGreen010 (SWMale026, M); SWBlue007 (SWMale027, M); SWGreen011 (SWMale028, M); SWGreen012 (SWMale029, M); SWBronze004 (SWMale030, M); SWGreen013 (SWMale031, M); SWBrown008 (SWMale032, M); SWBrown009 (SWMale033, M); SWGreen014 (SWMale034, M); SWBronze005 (SWMale035, M); SWGold001 (SWFemale01, F); SWBlue008 (SWMale037, M); SWBlue009 (SWMale038, M); SWGreen015 (SWMale039, M); SWBronze006 (SWMale040, M); SWBlue010 (SWMale041, M); SWGold002 (SWFemale002, F)

Impression Order
SWBrown01 (SWMale01, M); SWBlue001 (SWMale002, M); SWGreen001 (SWMale003, M); SWGreen02 (SWMale004, M); SWGreen003 (SWMale005, M); SWBrown002 (SWMale006, M); SWBronze001 (SWMale007, M); SWBlue002 (SWMale008, M); SWBlue003 (SWMale009, M); SWBrown003 (SWMale010, M); SWBrown004 (SWMale011, M); SWBlue004 (SWMale012, M); SWGreen004 (SWMale013, M); SWBronze002 (SWMale014, M); SWBronze003 (SWMale015, M); SWBrown005 (SWMale016, M); SWGreen005 (SWMale017, M); SWGreen006 (SWMale018, M); SWBlue005 (SWMale019, M); SWBrown006 (SWMale020, M); SWBlue006 (SWMale021, M); SWBrown007 (SWMale022, M); SWGreen007 (SWMale023, M); SWGreen008 (SWMale024, M); SWGreen009 (SWMale025, M); SWGreen010 (SWMale026, M); SWBlue007 (SWMale027, M); SWGreen011 (SWMale028, M); SWGreen012 (SWMale029, M); SWBronze004 (SWMale030, M); SWGreen013 (SWMale031, M); SWBrown008 (SWMale032, M); SWBrown009 (SWMale033, M); SWGreen014 (SWMale034, M); SWBronze005 (SWMale035, M); SWGold001 (SWFemale01, F); SWBlue008 (SWMale037, M); SWBlue009 (SWMale038, M); SWGreen015 (SWMale039, M); SWBronze006 (SWMale040, M); SWBlue010 (SWMale041, M); SWGold002 (SWFemale002, F)

  • Candidate 1 detail
  • Candidate 2 detail
Candidate Information
-- Adoptees are encouraged to speak to players of previously adopted characters for plotting and relationship ideas!

  • Candidate 1 detail
  • Candidate 2 detail

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Gold Mizeath • x • Bronze Mosiath Sire
Strange Worlds Together

Clutch Records / KATILA WEYR 235.03.16 - Bright Lights [Mizeath x Torath]
« on: 26 Oct 2015 at 10:57 PM »


Clutch Mother:
Gold Mizeath of Ameris
Clutch Father
Bronze Torath of N’kal
Flight Date
Clutch Date
Hatching Date
Graduation Date
Clutch Size
29 Eggs
29 of 29
R'der of Colour Name
Primary Assistants
R'der of Colour Name
R'der of Colour Name

Gold Dragonets: 0 of 0 Available

Bronze Dragonets: 3 of 3 Available
xXx Manipulative BLBronze001 went to BLMale002, who is Adoptable
xXx Trustworthy BLBronze002 went to BLMale013, who is Adoptable
xXx Whimsical BLBronze003 went to BLMale023, who is Adoptable

Brown Dragonets: 3 of 3 Available
xXx Voracious BLBrown001 went to BLMale010, who is Adoptable
xXx Sullen BLBrown002 went to BLMale011, who is Adoptable
xXx Self-Reliant BLBrown003 went to BLMale028, who is Adoptable

Blue Dragonets: 9 of 9 Available
xXx Humble BLBlue001 went to BLMale001, who is Adoptable
xXx Obnoxious BLBlue002 went to BLMale005, who is Adoptable
xXx Energetic BLBlue003 went to BLMale007, who is Adoptable
xXx Zealous BLBlue004 went to BLMale009, who is Adoptable
xXx Awkward BLBlue005 went to BLMale019, who is Adoptable
xXx Polished BLBlue006 went to BLMale021, who is Adoptable
xXx Agressive BLBlue007 went to BLMale025, who is Adoptable
xXx Idealistic BLBlue008 went to BLMale027, who is Adoptable
xXx Ruthless BLBlue009 went to BLMale029, who is Adoptable

Green Dragonets: 14 of 14 Available
xXx Coy BLGreen001 went to BLMale003, who is Adoptable
xXx Vivacious BLGreen002 went to BLMale004, who is Adoptable
xXx Courteous BLGreen003 went to BLMale006, who is Adoptable
xXx Joy BLGreen004 went to BLMale008, who is Adoptable
xXx Brilliant BLGreen005 went to BLMale012, who is Adoptable
xXx Promising BLGreen006 went to BLMale014, who is Adoptable
xXx Courageous BLGreen007 went to BLMale015, who is Adoptable
xXx Dramatic BLGreen008 went to BLMale016, who is Adoptable
xXx Conservative BLGreen009 went to BLMale017, who is Adoptable
xXx Cunning BLGreen010 went to BLMale018, who is Adoptable
xXx Magnificent BLGreen011 went to BLMale020, who is Adoptable
xXx Audacious BLGreen012 went to BLMale022, who is Adoptable
xXx Elegant BLGreen013 went to BLMale024, who is Adoptable
xXx Peevish BLGreen014 went to BLMale026, who is Adoptable

Weyrfolk Housing / That was unexpected [M'ris]
« on: 27 Sep 2015 at 10:40 PM »
She snuggled deeper within the warmth that surrounded her, fluid and relaxed. She always found that the moment between sleep and wakefulness was her favorite. The stresses of the day hadn't caught up yet and she could lay without much thought to it all during these times. Toes stretching, Ameris shifted and the warmth shifted with her. Odd that. Maybe Rislan had snuggled down with her and she moved a hand to search for her son and found something that was definitely not her son.

Eyes snapping open she moved her head to find a slightly familiar face next to her own. Realization crashed into her and she growled low. Damn that dragon. Damn her to the Red Star and back. Mizeath had risen without so much as a by your leave and now Ameris was cuddled up to a rider she didn't know... Again.

They are rather pleasing, Ameris, so do not start acting the prude now. her dragon's husky voice rolled through her mind.

Disgusted with the smug satisfaction radiating from the gold, Ameris sat abruptly not caring if she woke the sleeping man or not. Mizeath could have at least been caught by someone they'd already been with but nooooo the dragon was a fickle bitch when it came to partners. The dragon grumbled at her thoughts and Ameris was instantly contrite. I'm sorry Mizeath, she told the gold softly and was rewarded with a bright flow of love from Mizeath. It was uncalled for, her feelings towards the gold when she flew but just once Ameris would like to wake to someone she cared for.

Resigned Ameris sighed and looked back towards the rider in her bed. He did look familiar, someone she should know but she could not place him, though she knew for certain he was a bronzerider, browns far from able to catch her Mizeath. Miffed still, Mizeath refused to give up the name of the bronze and the ability to know who the rider was, with a roll of her eyes the dark haired woman poked lightly at the arm by her side. She poked again and commanded, "Open your eyes bronzerider and wake up!"


Limitless Wonder

Clutch Mother:
Gold Mizeath of Ameris
Clutch Father
Bronze Korutath of L’varl
Flight Date
Clutch Date
Hatching Date
Graduation Date
Clutch Size
36 Eggs
33 of 36
R'der of Colour Name
Primary Assistants
R'der of Colour Name
R'der of Colour Name

Gold Dragonets: 0 of 1 Available
xXx Detatched Nadioth went to Vaelya, Played By DeeStar.

Bronze Dragonets: 3 of 4 Available
xXx Gracious LWBronze01 went to LWMale07, who is Adoptable
xXx Versatile LWBronze02 went to LWMale15, who is Adoptable
xXx Affable LWBronze03 went to LWMale14, who is Adoptable
xXx Fearless LWBronze04 betweened, lack of suitable candidates.

Brown Dragonets: 4 of 4 Available
xXx Obsessive LWBrown01 went to LWMale05, who is Adoptable
xXx Straightforward LWBrown02 went to LWMale08, who is Adoptable
xXx Lively LWBrown03 went to LWMale17, who is Adoptable
xXx Proud LWBrown04 went to LWMale18, who is Adoptable

Blue Dragonets: 9 of 9 Available
xXx Stable LWBlue01 went to LWMale03, who is Adoptable
xXx Forceful LWBlue02 went to LWMale04, who is Adoptable
xXx Impartial LWBlue03 went to LWMale12, who is Adoptable
xXx Modest LWBlue04 went to LWMale16, who is Adoptable
xXx Inflexible LWBlue05 went to LWMale21, who is Adoptable
xXx Defiant LWBlue06 went to LWMale20, who is Adoptable
xXx Sensible LWBlue07 went to LWMale19, who is Adoptable
xXx Dynamic LWBlue08 went to LWMale28, who is Adoptable
xXx Adaptable LWBlue09 went to LWMale32, who is Adoptable

Green Dragonets: 16 of 16 Available
xXx Ambitious LWGreen01 went to LWMale01, who is Adoptable
xXx Awkward LWGreen02 went to LWMale02, who is Adoptable
xXx Tantalizing LWGreen03 went to LWMale03, who is Adoptable
xXx Possesive LWGreen04 went to LWMale11, who is Adoptable
xXx Explosive LWGreen05 went to LWMale13, who is Adoptable
xXx Intuitive LWGreen06 went to LWMale109, who is Adoptable
xXx Callous LWGreen07 went to LWMale10, who is Adoptable
xXx Vengeful LWGreen08 went to LWMale22, who is Adoptable
xXx Studious LWGreen09 went to LWMale23, who is Adoptable
xXx Impulsive LWGreen10 went to LWMale24, who is Adoptable
xXx Dreamer LWGreen11 went to LWMale25, who is Adoptable
xXx Balanced LWGreen12 went to LWMale27, who is Adoptable
xXx Reflective LWGreen13 went to LWMale26, who is Adoptable
xXx Efficient LWGreen14 went to LWMale30, who is Adoptable
xXx Pessimistic LWGreen15 went to LWMale31, who is Adoptable
xXx Nervous LWGreen16 went to LWMale33, who is Adoptable

Hatching Grounds / Limitless Wonder [Hatching] [N/PC]
« on: 10 Mar 2015 at 08:16 PM »
Ameris sighed as she kicked a foot with boredom. She'd been stuck in the hatching ground since the moment Mizeath's new clutch had hit the sands and the solitary confinement was wearing thin on her. Rislan played with Mud near the gold where Mizeath lay napping and Ameris sighed again when she chanced a look. Ameris wish she could nap, a nap would be divine, but the day was far to young for something like that and the normally active woman couldn't bring herself to take a moment to close her eyes.

It is quite simple you know. Napping, came the languid voice of her dragon, One simply closes their eyes and allows the mind to do the rest.

The woman laughed at the sarcastic comment hidden within the prim and proper words. Mizeath had matured quite nicely and Ameris found the gold's personality to fit with her own easily. Even now there were times, though, that Ameris still felt Mizeath had made the wrong decision when choosing her but always the gold admonished her for the thoughts, driving them away with her limitless love. Ameris hummed with the force of Mizeath's love as the dragon slid it along their bond.

The woman started hard and her body jerked when her hum was joined by that of Mizeath and Korutath, both dragon's looking to her with such human looking pride. Mizeath announced the beginning of her clutches new life. Mud buzzed with his hums as he sat atop Rislan's head. The child giggled with the vibrations as he climbed onto the arm of Mizeath. Ameris moved to take him away and leave him with a creche worker but Mizeath stayed her hand, stating the boy had every right to watch her children hatch. Eyes danced with merriment as Ameris moved to settle herself beside her son, snuggling the boy into her side.

She wondered how long this hatching would take as she waited for the candidates to begin filing in, where they would stand around the neatly arranged eggs. Some hatchings were quick and without trouble and some were long and drawn out, ending in blood and ichor. She shuddered when she remembered the savagery of different hatchings. Even Mizeath's first had not been without blood flowing. Shhh now, do not dwell on it, the gold demanded between hums, They shall begin soon.

Sorry but you are not allowed to view spoiler contents.

Hatching Grounds / Limitless Wonder Clutch
« on: 01 Feb 2015 at 07:06 PM »

Limitless Wonder

Please Note: Links will be added when/if appropriate threads are created.

Clutch Parents

Mizeath of Ameris
Korutath of L’varl

Notable Dates

Flight: 03.07.235 AL [Link]
Clutched: 01.10.235 AL [Link]
Hatched: AL [Link]
Graduate: AL [Link]

Clutch Details

Total Clutch: 36
Total Impressions: TBA
Total Graduates: TBA

Limitless Wonder

Egg NameKey WordDescription
Egg OneAmbitiousPlain; this egg doesn't stand out.
Egg TwoGraciousPlain; this egg doesn't stand out.
Egg ThreeStablePlain; this egg doesn't stand out.
Egg FourTantalizingPlain; this egg doesn't stand out.
Egg FiveProudPlain; this egg doesn't stand out.
Egg SixEfficientPlain; this egg doesn't stand out.
Egg SevenReflectiveSmallest egg of the bunch.
Egg EightLivelyPlain; this egg doesn't stand out.
Egg NineBalancedPlain; this egg doesn't stand out.
Egg TenDefiantPlain; this egg doesn't stand out.
Egg ElevenDreamerLopsided, canted to the left.
Egg TwelveNervousPlain; this egg doesn't stand out.
Egg ThirteenSensiblePlain; this egg doesn't stand out.
Egg FourteenAwkwardPlain; this egg doesn't stand out.
Egg FifteenIntuitivePlain; this egg doesn't stand out.
Egg SixteenVersatilePlain; this egg doesn't stand out.
Egg SeventeenCallousPlain; this egg doesn't stand out.
Egg EighteenDetachedPale yellow, the faint shimmer of gold can be seen.
Egg NineteenStraightforwardPlain; this egg doesn't stand out.
Egg TwentyAdaptableLays on it’s side, pale tan with dark spots.
Egg Twenty-OneAffablePlain; this egg doesn't stand out.
Egg Twenty-TwoDynamicA light tan splashed with deep brown.
Egg Twenty-ThreeObsessivePlain; this egg is the largest.
Egg Twenty-FourPessimisticPlain; this egg doesn't stand out.
Egg Twenty-FiveForcefulPlain; this egg doesn't stand out.
Egg Twenty-SixImpartialLeans against the twenty-seven egg, pale blue.
Egg Twenty-SevenVengefulDark brown with faint tan specks.
Egg Twenty-EightStudiousPlain; this egg doesn't stand out.
Egg Twenty-NineVaguePlain; this egg doesn't stand out.
Egg ThirtyPossessivePlain; this egg doesn't stand out.
Egg Thirty-OneFearlessPlain; this egg doesn't stand out.
Egg Thirty-TwoExplosivePlain; this egg doesn't stand out.
Egg Thirty-ThreeImpulsiveA bright blue egg lightly speckled with a smattering of white.
Egg Thirty-FourModestPlain; this egg doesn't stand out.
Egg Thirty-FivePowerfulLarge. Oddly shaped.
Egg Thirty-SixInflexiblePlain; this egg doesn't stand out.

Weyrfolk Housing / The After Effects [N'kal]
« on: 29 Mar 2014 at 10:06 AM »
Relaxed and languid, Ameris stretched her body with a sigh of pleasure. She squeaked with surprise when her outstretched arm made contact with another body. A slow grin filled her face as she remembered the flight and those that had come to give chase. There could be only one possibility of who the body next to her was, her mind refusing to allow the thought of anyone else winning Mizeath's maiden flight.

Her lips still curled with her smile she snuggled deeper into the body next to her with a smug word, "R'nya? Are you awake?" With the name spoken, Mizeath's deep amusement rattled her and Ameris couldn't figure out why the gold was so highly amused. She shifted to turn to the man that lay behind her and her eyes widen in shock and not a little dismay.

Color flooded her cheeks as she stared at N'kal with embarrassment quickly filling her gaze. Torath and not Xyreith had won Mizeath! She hadn't thought of anyone but Xyreith catching her gold, had never entertained the idea a single time since Mizeath had begun to mature. But he hadn't and instead Ameris lay in the arms of someone entirely unexpected.

The implications of calling him by another name widened her eyes even farther - if such a thing was possible - and she opened and closed her mouth. She had called him R'nya! Oh sweet Faranth what would he do to that?! Why hadn't Mizeath corrected her before she had made the mistake?

You did not ask, Ameris, who had won the flight. You only assumed, the gold responded, equally amused and chastising, from where she lay askew beside Torath. "I..." She started, flushed and hot, "I'm so sorry!" And she was. She couldn't believe shed made such a colossal mistake and one she hoped could easily been fixed.

Weyrfolk Housing / Radioactive [Open - Mizeath maiden]
« on: 12 Mar 2014 at 11:30 AM »
She woke with a smile on her face, body flush and limbs so relaxed she didn't want to move. The dream had been extraordinary and extremely naughty, but she couldn't seem to find the conscious to be embarrassed. Why should you be embarrassed? Mizeath said from her usual perch along the rooftops, It was delightful. Ameris' face did brighten with embarrassment then when Mizeath's words conjured a renewed memory of the man who had been front and center in that dream.

You're not supposed to eves drop, Mizeath! she admonished the gold. And why not? You enjoyed it. I enjoyed that you enjoyed it, so eves dropping is acceptable, Mizeath replied without remorse. You're incorrigible! Ameris laughed as she swung her legs over the side of the bed and stood.

Ameris spent the morning with Rislan and Mizeath playing about the weyr when the change in her dragon began. It was subtle at first, Mizeath's hide brightening and glowing in increments, almost so subtle that Ameris nearly missed the signs. She'd remained amiable throughout the morning playing with Rislan, allowing the child to climb all over her, with Ameris lost in her thoughts.

Ameris, Mizeath began and Ameris started at the low, breathy sound of Mizeath's voice. Her eyes drifted to the dragon and popped wide at the glow that Mizeath's hide had taken. Every shade of gold blazed in that hide and Ameris whispered, "Mizeath." The gold's reddening eyes turned to her rider and her low sultry voice reverberated through her mind, The time is now.

Desperately Ameris reached for Rislan as the gold launched herself into the air to make a quick dive into the beast pens. Running towards the housing building Ameris screeched through clenched teeth and a rolling mind, "Blood, Mizeath! Blood only!" The gold growled in frustration as the will of her rider pressed against her. She was hungry, starving and she wanted meat.

Ameris nearly flung the boy at the waiting crèche woman and shouted for the woman to hurry away. She had to find her room. Could she make it in her mad dash? She hoped so. She could feel the rising lust coating her dragon's mind as Mizeath leapt upon another beast with hunger. BLOOD! Ameris screamed as Mizeath's intent became clear.

Draining the herdbeast with a defiant shriek, Mizeath dropped the creature and flung herself into the sky just as Ameris finally made it to her rooms. The woman shuddered with the intensity of Mizeath as the link surrounded her, drowning the woman out and replacing it with dragon. They screamed their challenge to the bronzes and browns of the weyr and the bright hide of Mizeath shone like the sun as she streaked into the sky.

Weyrfolk Housing / To pick a wildflower [D'ren]
« on: 27 Feb 2014 at 12:45 AM »
The last two months had been so filled with anguish and new beginnings that Ameris had rarely been able to find the time to spend it in the company of her son. Today, with the weyr settling back into a normal routine and Ameris’ nightmares vanquished, she found the time to collect her boy from the shaky hands of A’mad and actually take the boy on a little walk. He laughed and chattered happily as they walked along a path that had been beaten down by the many feet of the weyr.

She laughed easily with him as he told her the stories he thought were the most important. They were trivial and childish but they were the best stories she had ever heard. The boy ran ahead to dart back with glee. In his tight fist, Rislan clutched a handful of bright spring flowers. “Ama! I found these,” he shouted at her. She chuckled at his enthusiasm, “Wonderful, my love! They’ll look nicely on the table.”

The young boy scrunched his face and shook his head in the negative, “They not for us,” he said with a grin, “I want to give to D’ren!” Ameris went wide-eyed for a moment at the boy’s declaration. She hadn’t known Rislan knew D’ren well enough to want to give the man flowers. But it did make sense, though, when she thought about it. Rislan would know Treseni from the crèche and, in passing, would know the retired weyrleader.

“Why, Rislan? Why D’ren?” she asked quietly, looking at her young son in a new light. “Because he’s sad,” the boy answered with shrug of his shoulders. Tears threatened to gather in her eyes at his answer. Her son amazed her with his compassion, though young it was.

“Sure,” she said as she held out her hand for him to take, “We can give them to D’ren.” Small sweaty fingers wrapped around hers as she turned them around to head back towards the new weyr proper. She smiled down at the boy as they made their way back, stopping here and there to collect more spring flowers for D’ren’s gift. He will be a good man someday, Ameris, Mizeath told the woman when she caught sight of them. The gold had declined to join them, deciding that mother and child needed this time together alone and had stayed near the weyrproper. Indeed, the woman replied quietly.

The bundled the flowers together with a bright hair ribbon that Ameris had retrieved from their room and the pair made their way towards D’ren’s hut. She didn’t expect to speak to him today and would not knock on the door of his room; instead she and Rislan would leave the bundled and thoughtful gift for him there in front of the door. She gave the door of D’ren’s room one last sad look before a smile for her son grew on her lips. A good man indeed.

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Weyrfolk Housing / Nightmares [R'nya]
« on: 19 Dec 2013 at 10:33 PM »
The keening woke her and she jolted from her bed with a desperate thought flung towards Mizeath. Her panic rattled her and her fear quieted the return of her dragon's voice. "Mizeath!" she screamed, unable to hear the tiny and faint words of her gold, and she made a grab for Rislan as her hut shook. The boy began to cry as he clung to Ameris and she stumbled towards the door with another screech of her dragon's name.

Here! I am here! the gold shouted into the mind of her rider as she made a most inelegant landing next to the woman's home. The world was crumbling around Mizeath and the death of so many was almost more than she could take and she moaned as yet another went dark. Mizeath trembled as Ameris leaned against her, hugging Rislan tight, "We have to take him to A'mad, Mizeath." Mizeath nodded and knelt to allow her rider and the boy mount. Ameris shifted the boy until he was snug in front of her before giving the signal for Mizeath to go.

They made quick work across the ground and it wasn't long before Ameris found her wild eyed and unsurprisingly drunk father at his door. "Keep him safe. Don't leave, just stay here!" she demanded as she shoved the boy at his grandfather. A'mad nodded mutely before shuffling the weepy child inside. Ameris was thankful A'mad was the antisocial nut he was, the hut he occupied was far enough away from the weyr proper that it was guaranteed it would never be damaged. She cringed as Mizeath and Midranth began to keen again. "Come on, Mizeath, lets get to it!" she yelled as she mounted once more.

The weyr was in utter chaos as they reached the area most devastated. She didn't speak. Didn't say much to Mizeath as she jumped from the gold's back and waded into the muck. Mud was nothing to her. Just wet earth and she liked the dirt. She tugged a woman free and gave her a hug, sending her on her way. A weyrling was next, his dragon stuck in the mud and flailing, his boy crying as he flung mud about. She enlisted the aid of her prim and proper dragon and together they freed the dragon, but not without injury to herself. A flailing wing had caught her in the cheek and a bruise was sure to form. Mizeath rumbled in discontent at the red mark on her face and Ameris gave her a wane smile as she patted the golden hide.

The smile quickly faded as she tried to move. "Mizeath," she began as panic rose, "I do believe I'm stuck." You can not be stuck. That weyrling moved quite easily, so you can not be stuck, Mizeath reasoned. "No.." she replied as she jerked a leg, "I'm stuck." Mizeath began to dig carefully around her rider's legs. Frustration moved in as mud began to seep into the holes she had dug nearly as quick as she moved it. I'm going to call another to help, Mizeath said, I can not seem to move it fast enough. Ameris nodded her agreement.  Ameris could feel her concentration as the dragon called to another. Ah. Zhiranth and his rider come.

They didn't wait long for the brown and his rider and Ameris sighed in relief. She gave a rueful chuckle when she heard the echo of it from her dragon. The brown touched down a short distance away and she waved a hand to catch the attention of his rider. A shout was heard as the man jumped from the brown's back. And landed wrong. The man, B'ker, slipped and fell awkwardly and his body rolled towards her. A sickening crack echoed across the weyr and the man groaned as his eyes blinked at her. She could see him mouth a word before the light dimmed and a shriek from his dragon signaled B'ker's death. Ameris didn't have to look to know that Zhiranth had gone between. Her world rocked as another shudder of the earth had her whipping around. She screamed and flung her hands up in a futile attempt to block the wave of mud that rolled over the top of her. The last thing she remembered was the high pitched shriek as Mizeath screamed her name.

She came awake choking on mud.

Mizeath crooned soothingly from her station beside the tent that Ameris now called home. The woman had been distraught and sick for the better part of a week and Mizeath worried for her. It was so unlike the hardheaded, stubborn woman to be so withdrawn that Mizeath routinely peaked into Ameris' tumultuous thoughts. She had fought to sooth the chaotic things she saw there but it would seem that every night it would be for naught, as the woman dreamed different variations of that dreadful time. Are you al-... she got out before the woman she adored above all others flung the covers away and made a mad lunge for the doorway.

Ameris huddled against the tent as she retched. Her eyes watered and her nose ran as she emptied the contents of her stomach into the grass until there was nothing left to come up. She straightened, arms about herself as visions of her dream came thundering back. Mizeath set about covering the foul mess as she crooned again to Ameris. An errant thought and the woman was attempting to retch up what wasn't there. The tears choked her and the thoughts swamped her so much she didn't hear the steps that came towards her, but Mizeath did and the gold moved aside for the one person she was certain could make Ameris feel better.

Holy shat! That wasn't meant to be so long!

Gather Square / What could it be? [N'kal]
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The rain wasn't so bad when there wasn't thunder and lightening involved and Ameris sat beneath an awning as she watched the drizzle of rain fall. It had been almost constant since the beginning of the new month and for some it was depressing. For Ameris it was both depressing and lovely. The lack of sun brought her down and made Mizeath slightly cranky, but the rain. The rain brought about a sense of cleanliness. You could almost smell how clean the world was made when it rained. Not to mention it helped things grow, and that Ameris appreciated. I would much prefer the sun, Ameris Mizeath remarked from where she lay twined about posts and poles. The dragon always took up as much space as she possibly could and was unrepentant for making people walk around her bulk. "I've no doubt you do, my dear," Ameris replied with a chuckle, "I'd much prefer the sun myself."

A gaggle of girls moved through her line of vision and she nodded to them. They in turn broke into such loud peals of laughter that it brought a frown to her face. What in the world? She was trying to be polite and they laughed at her! Temper flared for a moment before she shrugged it off. Perhaps they had spoken a joke amongst themselves and hadn't seen her polite hello. Yes. That was it surely. Ameris quickly forgot the group of girls and resumed her watch of the rain.

She murmured to herself and Mizeath gave a grunt of dissatisfaction as the rain fell harder for a few moments before slacking off once again. I wish it was sunny again, Mizeath groused again. Ameris grinned again as she glanced at the disgruntled gold, "Everyone wishes it was sunny again." She called a greeting to a pair of riders, green from the looks of it, and was rewarded with another bout of laughter. Her anger recalled, Ameris rose slightly to follow them and demand to know what was so funny. She was stayed by a stern look from Mizeath as the dragon told her, Ignore them, my love. They are simple creatures and easily amused. They most likely mean no harm.

The next group brought a hot blush to her cheeks as this mixed group of weyrfolk and candidates didn't even wait for a greeting before pointing and laughing at her. She was going to show them! How dare they laugh at her and be so rude! A gentle rumble from Mizeath and Ameris rounded on her, voice raised and yelling, "I want to know what is so funny! Have I got food on my face or something, Mizeath?! I couldn't have done anything to make them laugh at me!" I told you already, Ameris! They are simple. And simple creatures are easily amused by the silliest of things, the dragon told her soothingly. Ameris narrowed her eyes in suspicion. Did Mizeath know something she didn't?

Personal Huts / Have some pie [D'ren]
« on: 13 Sep 2013 at 11:09 AM »
She juggled the pie as she walked down the paths between huts. It bubbled and steamed in the cooler morning air. She'd gotten rather proficient baking pies and for once hadn't burned one. It had taken all of her persistence to convince the kitchen matron to let her take this pie but she'd prevailed. It was to be a gift for someone and the mention of who it was to be for bad finally broken the woman's stubbornness. A bump from Mizeath nearly sent the pie tumbling and Ameris turned her head to glare at the dragon beside her. "Mizeath! You nearly made me drop the pie!" she told the dragon hotly. Mizeath's face radiated nothing but innocence.

Shaking her head Ameris shifted the bubbly pie to her other hand. She didn't know what had gotten into Mizeath this morning but the gold was acting the spoiled child today. I am not the gold muttered. "You are to. We're going to see D'ren and give him some company and this lovely pie and you've tried to ruin it twice now!" Ameris chastised. She received nothing in response but a snort and eye roll.

The dragon's tail twitched as she walked along, the forked ends snapping out to catch Ameris along the backside. The woman jumped, sending another scathing glare to her dragon, "Would you please?" And again no response. Rubbing at the offending sting Ameris neared the hut the retired weyrleader occupied and her steps slowed. Maybe it wasn't a good idea. Maybe he didn't want to be bothered. She should go back and maybe give the pie to R'nya or something. As she turned to make her way back to the weyr proper she found her way blocked by a golden hide. Oh no you don't, the dragon said, you wanted to give D'ren this pie and some company so you are going to march over there and knock on his door, right this instant!

Well.. Her eyes wide at the stern and demanding tone Mizeath's voice had taken Ameris turned back around. Swallowing the lump in her throat she did as she was told and marched over to the closed door. With one last glance at her bossy dragon Ameris raised a hand to deliver two firm knocks to the wood.

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Gather Square / Lightening! [Open]
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The day had started out beautiful. The sun had shone brightly and warm not a cloud in the sky so the gold weyrling pair headed out for a short walk about. Ameris wasn't sure at the moment where they would end up but Mizeath so enjoyed the warmth of the sun, something Ameris appreciated nearly as much as the dragon. The past few months had been such a delight learning the little ins and outs of her dragon and Mizeath was growing into a fine young gold. Even after all this time it still amazed Ameris that she'd impressed. It was something that always would.

She called greetings here and there, echoed by the dragonet with her musically sweet voice. I do not understand why we had to leave Rislan in the creche. He does so enjoy coming with us, the dragon groused lightly. Rislan, her naughty son. He had gotten in trouble again for something silly and the creche workers felt the lad needed a firmer hand so they'd admonished Ameris to leave him at the creche to teach him a bit of responsibility. She had a feeling that the workers didn't like how she wanted him to be near her always, to be honest, and wished to teach him to be without her. It irked her but with her father insisting she listen to them and lessons Ameris couldn't find a reason not to so Rislan had stayed at the creche today. Ameris sighed and declined to reply to Mizeath.

The pair didn't notice the darkening of the sky as the walked along speaking of the things they'd learned so far in their lessons or of the dragons Mizeath had met. When the thunder sounded Mizeath murmured in appreciation. She enjoyed the deep reverberations. It reminded her of the gentle rumbles of the much larger dragons shed come to know and the vibration under her feet was pleasant enough. She waited for the sound to come again, enjoyment twirling in her eyes, what came next was a shock. It wasn't vibrating thunder but a bright clap of lightening.

Mizeath's terror was blinding. Her surroundings lost to her red and white eyes, only the too bright lightening could be seen. Her heart pounded so loudly all sound was drowned out. No longer could the gold hear the pleasant rumbles of the thunder, and her bonded was ignored as she dashed past startled dragon riders and weyrfolk a like. She hissed and snapped at reaching hands as she search for a hiding spot.

Ameris stumbled at the sudden and swamping terror that lanced her mind. "Mizeath? Mizeath what's..." The question was never finished as her gold scrabbled past her in a frightened rush, nearly knocking Ameris to the ground in her haste to be gone. "Mizeath!" she shouted as she dashed after the dragon uncaring if she knocked people over in her drive to find her dragon.

River's Edge / It's no big deal [R'nya]
« on: 24 Jun 2013 at 12:41 PM »
Most of her bruises had faded in the last week and she no longer walked with tiny, mincing steps. All but one was nothing more than a spattering of color on her arms and legs. A sharp hug from Rislan no longer elicited a painful wince and the boy was home instead of staying at the creche. She should've just lied or at least lied better anyway but apparently she hadn't. He never used to be like that. Never once, in all the years she'd been alive, had he laid a hand on her, never shouted in anger. Until the failed rebellion attempt, the one that had gotten him lashed for his troubles. It seemed Ameris would pay for his failure for the rest of her life. At least until she impressed - if she impressed - anyway.

Mud crooned softly at her from where he lay on the ground. The little brown had nearly lost his life that day, trying to protect her. A tear in his wing sail was all he'd gotten for his trouble. Ameris knew it could've been worse if she hadn't rolled the firelizard beneath her and sheltered him with her body, taking even more of the blows. Luckily she'd gotten him to someone who was adept at sewing up the thin membranes of dragon wings. Firelizard's and dragon wings were much the same, she'd been told and he'd have a small scar but would eventually have full range of his wing. She was glad for that. She couldn't imagine what the busy brown would do if he couldn't fly properly.

She leaned back against her hands as the rush of the river lulled her into relaxing. Her face was tilted up soaking in the rays of the sun before it got to hot in the day for such things. The dark coloration along her jaw was stark in the unforgiving glare of the midmorning sun and Ameris was thankful not many were out and about. Too many people meant too many questions. Questions she had no desire to answer and was afraid she wasn't clever enough to excuse. The same questions her son had asked last night when he'd finally come home, questions she'd cleverly evaded. Of course evading a question from a toddler didn't take much cleverness but she'd properly diverted his attention anyway.

She could've simply fallen asleep in the warmth had her thoughts not been jumbled and frantic. Busy trying to think of excuses and clever lies to cover the bruising on her clear skin just in case someone did find the time to stop and ask. There were only so many times the excuse, "I fell into the door" would work. That lie got old fast and twisting it into a new one took too much effort. Her chaotic thoughts shut down as an indignant squawk from Mud broke through. Leaning her head to the side, Ameris glanced over as the little brown tried valiantly to struggle into the air. The shadow beside her went unnoticed as she reached out to hold the brown firelizard down with a sigh, "I really wish you'd stop trying to fly. I have no desire to take you back to the healer to resew your wing."

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Gather Square / Happy frickin' birthday [Open]
« on: 14 May 2013 at 01:19 PM »
It was her birthday. Big whoop. Another year older and another hatching come and gone. So many she'd gone through, most just before or just after her birthday, and not a single impression was made on her part. As each birthday crept by without a dragon to call her own, she was beginning to have some serious doubts about her ability to attract a hatchling. There must be something wrong with her. Had to be her for them to find her less than appealing. Her father told her not to worry about it. Told her that she'd impress one day. Of all the things he had said to her through out her life, this was the only one she'd ever believed in. But after this last clutch she was certain that he was wrong, like so many other things.

Ameris leaned back in the chair she had dragged with her. Her father had forgotten her birthday and Rislan was much to young to really remember that it was a big day today, so she sat. Alone. Her father was off doing what ever and Rislan was at the creche. Alone was fine. She needed some air and a chance to shirk some of her duties. Birthday's were no excuse for laziness, so she had snuck out of the kitchens - always with the kitchens - and brought herself to the square. It was fine being alone, she didn't mind really. Gave her a chance to think about things. Think about how she truly felt in the south and if standing for any new clutch was worth it to her.

Her father wouldn't hear of her idea to cease standing. He was convinced that she would ride gold and he refused to allow her to stop. She wasn't so convinced. She'd much rather ride green. The headache of being a goldrider would be too much for her. Hell. She wasn't entirely convinced she'd even ride green. But it would be something if she finally heard a tiny voice calling to her come hatching day.

Closing her eyes, Ameris pictured herself going through weyrling lessons, flying thread, dealing with the aftermath of a flight. It was a grand daydream. One she'd had for most of her life growing up. Her father was a dragon rider and by damned she'd be one to! That had been her mantra as she'd gotten older, the words never changing. If her moronic father could do it, then she could to. But thus far that had not been the case. She didn't know why it was so important for her to impress. She had Rislan after all. A beautiful son to call her own. But no matter how much she loved him or how close they became it would never be the same. She sighed as she picked a bit of flour from her skirts and tossed it to the ground, unaware she was no longer alone.

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Communal Kitchens / Gonna kill that pie [Open]
« on: 30 Apr 2013 at 10:04 AM »
Irritation pulled the corners of her mouth down as she slapped the knife against the board. She was stuck in the kitchens on chore duty. Duty that was supposed to end over an hour ago but no. Someone had suggested pies for dessert. She could barely cook much less bake a sharding pie. She'd told the beastly woman behind her that she couldn't bake a pie to safe her life but the woman had insisted she learn. After all it was a womanly hobby, the baking of pies. Three burnt pies and two burnt fingers were all she had to show for several hours of work. She detested pies. She would never eat a pie again. She glared over her shoulder at the woman, who shooed her with chubby hands. Yeah like flapping her hands was going to make Ameris move faster - which it did, but she'd never admit it.

She sighed as she scraped the last of the fruits off the knife and into the waiting pie crust. It was full of various fruits and berries and if this one actually turned out would taste well. Hopefully anyway. Too bad she couldn't slip some kind of laxative or some such into it and be sure the frowning woman behind her got that exact piece. Hilarity would ensue she was sure but she couldn't take the chance that a rider got that selection. Though.. The hilarity from that would be tenfold. No. Even at the chance of some fun it wouldn't be anything good. Probably more kitchen detail. With a growl Ameris shoved the pan into the brick oven as Mud chittered from his position on a chair.

She slammed the door of the oven as she turned to shoo Mud from the chair so she could sit. The woman in charge of her gave her a death glare straight from hell as she sank into the cushion. She resisted the urge to stick her tongue out at the woman as she allowed her head to tip back. Baking was exhausting. She'd much rather be at home, playing in the dirt than baking pies in a sweltering kitchen.

Personal Huts / He comes a-callin' [Solo]
« on: 24 Apr 2013 at 07:18 PM »
Mud settled nicely on the chest of Ameris. The small brown firelizard chirped quietly as he cocked his head to the side and regarded the sleeping woman with a slowly whirling green eye. Reaching forward with his snout he gave her a small nudge. When that didn't bring any reaction Mud chirped louder. Ameris cracked her eye open and fought to hide the grin that wanted to bloom across her face. The little brown seemed puzzled by her lack of response to his summons and it was entertaining. She'd gotten the little brown's egg shortly after standing for the Rhythm Life clutch with instructions on how to care for the egg as it hardened and what to do when the firelizard inside hatched. She'd been expecting a green or a blue but when Mud's little mottled brown head had popped out she'd been pleasantly surprised. Mud was no where near as large as most browns, more like the size of a large blue but she wouldn't trade him for the world.

With a little hop and a cheep, Mud nudged her lightly again. The smile that had threatened bloomed on her face as she popped both eyes open and said, "Boo!" the brown squawked loudly and pop between and out again chattering with his irritation. Ameris laughed and Rislan, beside her, giggled with his childish appreciation of the joke. Mud fluttered back to Ameris still chittering with his scolding as she held out a hand. Chuckling she stroked the little brown, "I'm sorry, Mud, I won't scare you again." She knew it wasn't so and she knew the firelizard didn't mind so much from the look of his bright blue eyes. "Come, my boys! Lets get fed and dressed," she called as she slipped from the bed and with a slight toss of the hand set Mud to flight.

She had battled with Rislan to dress him, per usual. The boy hated to get dressed, preferring instead to run around naked but for a pair of short pants. She doubted the watchers at the creche would care much if Rislan showed up naked, but Ameris would. She had just gotten herself into her chore clothes when a loud and rather obnoxious knock sounded on the door. "Enter!" she called as she reached for a cup.

"Ameris, my love!" came the call from the door and she groaned loudly while Rislan rushed down the hall calling, "'Ton! 'Ton!" as he ran. K'ton came into view with Rislan in his arms and she gave a unheated glare. "Why must you always bother me this early in the morning?" she asked with no real rancor. K'ton was the closest thing she had to a best friend, regardless of their past and she could never really be angry with him. Mud chattered loudly from his perch next to the window and taking flight came to land on K'ton's shoulder. Ameris laughed at the put out expression on her friends face as the brown landed on him. K'ton carried a dislike for the little firelizards and she had a feeling Mud knew and took pleasure in torturing the brownrider.

K'ton shooed his hand at the firelizard a few times before giving up. He knew it was useless and scowled as the little brown crooned and nuzzled his cheek into K'ton's neck. "Sharding things. I don't know why you just didn't give it back when they gave you the egg," he said to her, "They're rather useless, Ameris, not at all like a dragon you know." She chuckled. She knew where this was going. He would start bitching and complaining about his own brown - dragon of course - asking and pleading for his own firelizard. K'ton's brown was obsessed with the little things and begged his rider for a new friend on a daily basis. Trying to head the conversation away from the complaints Ameris asked as she took Rislan from him, "What exactly are you doing here, K'ton?"

"What would you say to a bout of raw nasty sex?" he asked. Ever the one to come straight out and say it. Well with her anyway. He could get away with things like that with Ameris. Had she been another woman he probably would've ended up with a hand across his face. "Ironth won a green flight didn't he?" she asked, voice nearly sympathetic. She knew about his issue with green flights. He'd come to her a few times to reaffirm his sexuality afterwards, but after the third time she refused to be anything more than his friend. She couldn't imagine what would happen if the brownrider had managed to plant a child in her. Nothing good.

With a grumble in the affirmative, K'ton dropped his head in his hands, "Well? How about it?" She shook her head as she settled Rislan in his chair and went to get him a bowl of fruit. "Who's flight did he win this time?" she asked, rather curious. She knew there were some women in the weyr who rode green but they were few and far between. Ironth had most likely won a male greenrider's flight or K'ton wouldn't be here. He looked at her as she asked. His blue eyes bright with his own self loathing and disgust he said quietly and quickly, "Lith's."

Ameris cocked her head, "I'm sorry.. I think I missed that. Could you say it again?" She fought the laugh. Fought the grin and waited patiently her own eyes sparking with her humor. He glared at her. If looks could kill Ameris would be six feet under. She shrugged as she laughed, "He's never going to leave you alone now." B'sen was a jovial type. Rather pleasant for the most part and he loved nothing more than watching K'ton's face turn bright burning red. The greenrider was incorrigible. "One kiss, Ameris. That's all I ask. One kiss so I don't forget what a woman's mouth tastes like," K'ton was plaintive in his request, his voice holding a slightly desperate note.

She sighed and stood, K'ton following suit, "Fine. One kiss and only one kiss, I've got to get Rislan off to the creche and my chores started," she said as she squinted an eye at him, "A kiss K'ton and nothing more." He nodded his agreement as he moved towards her. K'ton wrapped his arms around her and slanted his mouth across hers. As he deepened the kiss K'ton couldn't help but slip a hand down her back to grip her rear and squeeze. With a indignant snort Ameris jerked from his grasp. "A kiss, K'ton, does not mean grab my ass," she said as she walked past him, pausing long enough to give him a whack to the back of the head, "Idiot. Now be off. Go bother someone else for the day." With a bright grin, K'ton walked past her, grabbing her ass as he went. "Idiot," she said again with a shake of her head as she heard her door slam shut.

River's Edge / Splash [Open]
« on: 17 Apr 2013 at 01:48 PM »
Ameris watched, an amused smile brighting her face, from the bank of the river. Rislan dashed about the shallows with a wild abandon, his shrieks and screams echoing along the bank. Ameris laughed as Rislan kicked water towards her, his chubby cheeks curled in a grin so big it nearly hurt hers to think of it. Standing, Ameris moved to the waters edge and toed off her boots. She dressed perfectly for this adventure in cut off pants and a simple shirt, clothes she didn't mind ruined.

Walking into the water, her son gave a shout and barreled into her, almost taking her down. "Scamp!" she laughed before swinging him into her arms. Walking further out with the boy in her arms Ameris wrapped an arm around his waist before settling him into a swimmers move. It was a game they played. Rislan playing the swim game. Well. The toddler thought it was a game, but Ameris was determined the child actually learn to swim. 

By the time Rislan got in a few good strokes, amid the gleeful splashing, Ameris was soaked. Splashing the boy as she stomped out of the water, she set his wiggling body down, "Time to get a little warm, Rislan," she said before making a snatch for him as he darted back towards the water, "Now lad! Sit here and playing in the sand like I asked." With a pout and grumble Rislan began his next favorite game. Digging a giant hole. With a chuckle, Ameris sat to lean on her hands, head tilted back.

She soaked in the sun. She wasn't sure how long she had sat listening to Rislan's chortles as he flung sand about, her eyes closed and soft sighs coming every so often as the sun warmed her chilled clothes. Her eye cracked open when a shadow past over her face. The person standing over her was in shadow and a buzz of alarm shot down her spine as her eye darted to look at Rislan from the corner and a sigh of relief sounded as she spotted him digging still. She cleared her throat.

Gather Square / A much needed break [Vaeyla]
« on: 15 Apr 2013 at 10:56 PM »
Ameris didn't know what to do with herself. Her father had come earlier that morning and asked to take Rislan for the day. After a lot of arguing and ranting, she had finally relented. As long as Midranth was around. Ameris was confidant the brown would call for her should something go amiss with A'mad and Rislan. She didn't trust her father with her son often but she knew she was going stir crazy so she'd agreed.

Leaving her hut had been the only other option. It was much to quiet without the active toddler running about. Ameris found she missed the noise of Rislan and had almost went off to look for her father and son but had been firm with herself. Instead she had found herself drifting towards the weyr. It had been a shorter walk than normal though it had still taken an hour or so. And again Ameris was acutely aware that she was alone. Even walking from the huts to the main portion of the weyr, Rislan was running about. The child hadn't quit moving once he found out he could and from that day forward the boy had been hell on wheels.

Turning to enter the weyr she wandered about, lost in thought. When she reached the square she stopped and realize what her problem was. She was waiting. Waiting for Midranth to call out to her that something was wrong. It was an expectation. A ridiculous expectation but one none the less. Shaking herself she walked farther into the square. Midranth would call for her.. Wouldn't he? Panic was rising as several disasters rolled through her mind and she turned prepared to sprint away when her shoulder bounced off another. "Oh.." she started as she looked to the body she'd hit.

Personal Huts / Oh.. Hello [N'kal]
« on: 15 Apr 2013 at 07:30 PM »
A peal of laughter ran through the hut followed closely by the full throated laugh of a woman. He had done it again. Rushed off with something he wasn't supposed to and brought the attention of his mother onto his head. The child dashed off with the item clutched between grubby fingers, his bright giggles bouncing around the walls of the hut. Ameris was in hot pursuit of the boy she hadn't wanted but come to love with every breath of her body.

Rislan. Her sweet Rislan. They'd refused her the day she'd demanded to be allowed to go between when she had found herself pregnant after a particularly strong flightlust. She had screamed and demanded and cursed that she be allowed the choice and still they had refused. She understood why in the back of her mind but the only thought she'd had was ridding herself of the pregnancy. She'd despised every day, every week, every month until the night she'd given birth to her son. When his tiny wails had echoed off the walls of the room, when the healer had placed his little body on her breast and she'd gazed at him. She'd been lost. His cries, his love, his mischief were the light in Ameri's life. Her father told her when he visited that Rislan acted just as she did when she was young. And she always replied with a negative "How the hell would you know?". Yes.. She still thought her father was an idiot.

She was reminded of where she was when Rislan giggled again. The item he grasped in his small hands was unimportant but Ameris knew the boy wanted a game so a game he would have. Ducking she chased after the boy laughing loudly as she shouted, "I'm going to get you!" followed by his childish shouts of glee. Down the hall and out the door the little boys feet took him. He was steady on his chubby legs as he darted down the stairs only to screech to a stop when he slammed into a pair of legs. Right behind him, Ameris stuttered to a halt as her son craned his neck back to glare at the owner of the offending legs. "I'm so sorry! He got away from me a bit," she said as she started down the stairs

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