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Adventuresome Spirits

Clutch Mother:
Gold Thallyath of Casa
Clutch Father
Bronze Vyaniorth of A'dris
Flight Date
Clutch Date
Hatching Date
Graduation Date
Clutch Size
31 Eggs
31 of 31
R'der of Colour Name
Primary Assistants
R'der of Colour Name
R'der of Colour Name

Gold Dragonets: 0 of 0 Available

Bronze Dragonets: 3 of 3 Available
xXx Curiosity CNBronze## went to CNMale##, who is Adoptable / Played By Player
xXx Wonder CNBronze## went to CNMale##, who is Adoptable / Played By Player
xXx Vandalism CNBronze## went to CNMale##, who is Adoptable / Played By Player

Brown Dragonets: 7 of 7 Available
xXx Suspect CNBrown## went to CNMale##, who is Adoptable / Played By Player
xXx Trespassing CNBrown## went to CNMale##, who is Adoptable / Played By Player
xXx Skeptical CNBrown## went to CNMale##, who is Adoptable / Played By Player
xXx Determined CNBrown## went to CNMale##, who is Adoptable / Played By Player
xXx Pursue CNBrown## went to CNMale##, who is Adoptable / Played By Player
xXx Justice CNBrown## went to CNMale##, who is Adoptable / Played By Player
xXx Menace CNBrown## went to CNMale##, who is Adoptable / Played By Player

Blue Dragonets: 9 of 9 Available
xXx Consternation CNBlue## went to CNMale##, who is Adoptable / Played By Player
xXx Baleful CNBlue## went to CNMale##, who is Adoptable / Played By Player
xXx Reproachful CNBlue## went to CNMale##, who is Adoptable / Played By Player
xXx Random CNBlue## went to CNMale##, who is Adoptable / Played By Player
xXx Grudge CNBlue## went to CNMale##, who is Adoptable / Played By Player
xXx Indignation CNBlue## went to CNMale##, who is Adoptable / Played By Player
xXx Muffled CNBlue## went to CNMale##, who is Adoptable / Played By Player
xXx Flabbergasted CNBlue## went to CNMale##, who is Adoptable / Played By Player
xXx Provoke CNBlue## went to CNMale##, who is Adoptable / Played By Player

Green Dragonets: 12 of 12 Available
xXx Leniency CNGreen## went to CNMale##, who is Adoptable / Played By Player
xXx Assault CNGreen## went to CNMale##, who is Adoptable / Played By Player
xXx Intently CNGreen## went to CNMale##, who is Adoptable / Played By Player
xXx Enforcement CNGreen## went to CNMale##, who is Adoptable / Played By Player
xXx Discipline CNGreen## went to CNMale##, who is Adoptable / Played By Player
xXx Flaky CNGreen## went to CNMale##, who is Adoptable / Played By Player
xXx Convenience CNGreen## went to CNMale##, who is Adoptable / Played By Player
xXx Revenge CNGreen## went to CNMale##, who is Adoptable / Played By Player
xXx Disgruntled CNGreen## went to CNMale##, who is Adoptable / Played By Player
xXx Intrigue CNGreen## went to CNMale##, who is Adoptable / Played By Player
xXx Decisive CNGreen## went to CNMale##, who is Adoptable / Played By Player
xXx Formidable CNGreen## went to CNMale##, who is Adoptable / Played By Player

Second Pass - IC Announcement  

Clutching Announcement

It is with great delight that I make public that Thallayth clutched yesterday the 06.07, laying 31 eggs! Hatching date should be somewhere in early month Six. Search riders have until the Touching, on the 01.08 to bring in new Candidates!

HRWWeyrwoman Casa

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Hot Springs / Mourning Memories [Peorray]
« on: 09 Feb 2014 at 12:55 AM »
Morning time came bright and early for most candidates, and Thallyath and Casa were no exception. The tiny dragonet often required attention beyond the feeding that was needed every morning; her tiny frame seemed to even now show signs of growing slowly and awkwardly, revealing patchy and itchy skin. Casa remembered the scars that B'jin had made a point of so specifically showing them both, and she couldn't imagine allowing the same thing to happen to Thallyath, or any dragon for that matter. She was insistent on making sure the dragonet got the care she needed from that first inspection on.

The problem with that however, was many fold and complicated. The most obvious reason was she could no longer do it herself. She had been all set, so bright and cheerful that first morning. But waking up the early hours of the next day, buried in mud and full of claw marks, that had...complicated things a great deal. Her collarbone and shoulder could not be moved under any circumstances, for fear the bone would not heal correctly and the wound would repoen. This left her very helpless when it came to doing anything for Thallyath. Luckily, there were many volunteers who stepped up and ensured that Thallyath was fed, bathed, and oiled to the best standards providable.

There was also her inability to do anything emotionally. Every night, she fell into a restless sleep filled with nightmares. Visions of dying dragons and riders filled her mind almost constantly, focusing mostly on the sight of Quenym and his dragon dying before her and her inability to do a thing. Rational thinking told her she couldn't have done anything, but the reason in her mind fled more often than not. Most of the time she sat in silence, replaying the moments in her head, rethinking the adventures, the promises made. She couldn't even comprehend it.

This morning, she dressed herself as best as she could, escorted Thallyath to the kitchens to be fed, and began to walk numbly to the hot springs for clean up. Thallyath remained in frosty silence and confusion, hurt by her rider's inability to function and try to work through it. As they found one of the smaller pools, she sat down on the edge, dropping down jarringly. Thallyath snorted gently, dipping herself into the pool and reveling in the warmth on her hide. They waited in silence for whoever would be helping them scrub down and oil the gold.

Weyrfolk Housing / Rebuilding [T'lian]
« on: 03 Feb 2014 at 04:42 AM »
Casa had been at a lost after the landslide. For two days, she lie there, drugged to the gills and recovering, struggling awake only long enough to feed or oil the dragonet who sat by her side in constant protective fear. She couldn't bring herself to think about anything that had happened, instead focusing on the few things she did know: she had Impressed. She had her Gold, even if she couldn't bring herself to forgive her yet. She was not dead.

But she tried not to think of the dead. She had found out that not only had she lost Quenym - her heart still ached now - she had lost her father as well. Everyone she had loved was gone except Thallyath...who wanted her to move on and live her life. In time, Casa came to begrudingly forgive the Gold, though she was still frosty and unsure of what to say for the most part. Over the last month, they had come to an agreement on civility and teamwork, though it was limited in what Casa could do for her beyond sloppy oiling and messy food. Her left collarbone had shattered in three places, and there was a huge gouge in the same shoulder from a claw.

She had spent the month focusing on doing what she could with recovery, taking the limited lessons into account while focusing purely on what she was doing at any given time. She was still not ready to face what had happened; she could barely face Thallyath, though she loved the fierce Queen with every inch of her heart, afraid that she too would die and leave her alone.

Get up and stop those thoughts. It's not going to happen. It's time to go see the Healer, not to sit around and wallow. The dragon's frank voice was like a bucket of ice water over her, and she slowly stood, throwing Thallyath a sidelong look. She still couldn't bring herself to say she adored the little creature, not yet, but she knew that she was unerringly right in most things. Shuffling along, they cut through the many rooms that had been set up, all temporary housing and learning areas established since the weyr had been all but wiped up. Trudging into a room set aside for T'lian, she gently knocked at the frame, soft eyes trying to be bright against the hollows below them.

Bathing Houses / Nightmare Fuel [Indivara]
« on: 15 Nov 2013 at 07:52 AM »
Casa woke up with a scream, chest rising and falling rapidly as she tried to breathe. Almost immediately, she gagged, pulling herself out of her bed as the imagined smell of the rotting queen filled her nose. Her sound of panic roused the firelizards, who creeled and crooned, making for a loud and chaotic environment as Casa tried to get her bearings. After a moment, she sat down on her bed again, grinding her palms against her eyes in a dual effort to cause the pain lancing through her head and the images of the dead dragonet to fade into nothingness.

After a couple of minutes, the perceived smell was gone and only flash frames of the hatching still flickered through her mind. The firelizards had come to settle around her in a concerned and nervous group, each trying to crawl up and lie against her. She sighed, shaking her head softly. "You all rest here...I need to think." They chirped and snuggled back into the blankets reluctantly, obviously upset they could not console her. She pulled back the lid of a glowbasket in the room, searching around for clean clothing to take with her. It was harder to find then she expected; she had been so distracted that the only things she'd really focused on were feeding the beasts and doing her chores. Her own personal care had kind of fallen behind. Just another worry.

Sighing, she grabbed one of the things Arddra had given her - the tunic and the flowy skirt. It wouldn't help now, with the rain, but it would have to do. All of her new clothing was dirty. Muttering, she shoved it into a bag and threw on a cloak that was too big for her that had ended up in her things. She set out into the pouring rain, which was currently dumping buckets from the dark sky. She clumped through the mud and the puddles, shivering in her cloak until she reached the Bathing Houses.

Ducking inside, she opened the door to the first bathing room she found. It was empty, and she stripped out of her muddy, messy clothing, shoving the mess into the corner for now. She'd rinse it all out before she left. She sunk into the steaming water in the tub, curling herself into a ball and letting her eyes close for a moment as the heat began to unkink muscles that rarely let go when she slept. Pawing at the bags under her eyes, she let herself have a serene moment for a little while.

Candidate Barracks / To Be or Not To Be [B'jin]
« on: 15 Nov 2013 at 06:09 AM »
Casa had spent most of her time since the Hatching away from other people; it was a complete turn around in her personality, but she didn't want to spend time near others after what had happened at the Hatching. She had had an abundance of nightmares since then, waking up in the middle of the night covered in sweat, the memories of the half-formed queen still fresh and vivid in her mind. The image still made her feel sick, and had likely been the cause of her waking up so early this morning.

She had gotten up, gone and soaked quietly in a tub, and then gone and brought food back to her room. There, she had oiled the firelizards and fed them, nibbling blandly at the food she'd brought from herself. She hadn't had much of an appetite either. The firelizards crowded around her as she picked at her food, Knack curled tightly on her neck. She stroked their heads gently, eyes listlessly sliding over the walls.

She knew she would have to get over it, eventually. She rationally knew it happened at Hatchings. But it had been horrifying, as she had been right there near Indivara when it had...happened. And she'd never heard of that happening to a Queen egg. It was a huge loss to a Weyr that was just starting to recover numbers, and the whole thing had pretty much killed her desire to be a candidate. She was afraid of being the one to cause such a thing to happen again. And what happened if something else happened - she Impressed, but the dragon got sick or injured and died because of her negligence?

She sat in her room pretty much all afternoon after having finished her chores, unsure what else to do. Shaking her head, she slowly stood and pulled on one of her pale yellow dresses, brushing her hair back as she pulled on heavy boots. The outfit looked odd - a sundress and boots, with no sun to be found in the place - but she wasn't going far. She clomped down the hallway to one of the classrooms where more lessons had just ended. Waiting for the room to clear out, she curled up in the back of the room, tiredly leaning her head against a wall.

Candidate Barracks / Ribbons and Ruffles [Arddra]
« on: 10 Oct 2013 at 08:48 PM »
Casa knew that is was time to go start what she had finished. Arddra had been gracious and offered to help Casa learn how to wear the blouse, skirt, and dresses they had picked out when Casa had melted down over new clothing. Even now, she glanced uncomfortably at the tunic and trousers she was wearing. They were pristine - the color was bright and vibrant, the hems just so. No patches, no loose thread. She was terrified of scuffing it all up and making it messy. It also wasn't broken in like she was used to. What a disaster.

Still, she had made a promise to try to understand this stuff. She had had to start wearing the breast support...things. Because breasts were a thing now. She wrinkled her face. She had been content to just ignore the inconvenient things, but she had to admit that they were helping. Her chest and back ached a little less. The downside was, they were now lifted and noticeable. Which meant her tunics now swelled out to show them. Blech.

She gathered up the dresses, blouse, and skirt suspiciously, thrusting them into her bag unceremoniously. Wicked things. Another part of her mind reminded her that they could be used for good too - imagine the shock on Quenym's face! It would be the best prank ever. That didn't really console her much. Her thoughts drifted to Z'ia, and she bit her lip. He'd probably see her as more of an adult if she wore a dress. Ugh. Well, she said she'd did it anyway.

Sighing, she pulled her boots on, clumping dejectedly down the hall towards Arddra's room, trying to draw her expression from dull and irritated to cheerful. At least she'd get time with Arddra...she was pretty fond on the woman. Yay for another positive...

Weyrfolk Hall / Clothing Confusion [Arddra]
« on: 19 Sep 2013 at 12:26 AM »
Casa hated having to get new clothing. She liked the clothing she had just fine. It was threaded and patchy, but she kept it clean. And she made it last a while. But when one of the other women told her that her clothing was embarrassing and she was going to get a new set, she really didn't have much choice in the matter.

Scowling, she stomped off and headed towards the area where general clothing was stored. She knew where generics were kept for males and females, but the thought of having to replace things just made her more and more frustrated. Upon arriving, she glanced around the room in dismay, completely lost at where to start. Frowning, she picked up a tunic that looked as if it might fit her. However, upon further inspection, it was far too large for her.

Scowling, she folded it and put it back on the shelf, trying again. This time, she reached for something that looked like comfortable, airy trousers. This time it turned out to be a skirt. She huffed and put it back on the shelf, but somehow all it did was knock a stack of clothing over. Frustrated, she flopped down in the middle of it all.

"Why does clothing have to be so dumb?!" She yelled to herself. She knew her stuff was worn down, but she just didn't understand trying to find things that fit well and looked good and...and..she needed all the help she could get. Sighing, she let her head fall to her knees and just sat there, wondering what to do.

Craft Hall / Practice Makes Perfect [V'ler]
« on: 18 Sep 2013 at 04:15 AM »
Casa had been looking for a good time to work on the little song B'jin had taught her, but there wasn't much time as she had come to realize. Between her adventures with Quenym, the never-ending list of chores that seemed to continuously pile up, and regularly attending candidate classes, she didn't seem to be able to find enough time in the day to eat and spend time with the 'lizards, let alone play the guitar. But this morning seemed to have provided her a good chance.

She hadn't slept well, and as such had arisen early to eat and just get the day started. As soon as she finished wolfing down a bowl of hot cereal, she'd headed right to the craft hall. Once there, her feet led her right to the wall of instruments. She carefully took down the one B'jin had said she could use, running her fingers over the wood with a satisfied smile. He'd trusted her with an instrument - a rare treat - and she was going to prove to him that his time hadn't been wasted! She really wanted to impress him.

Taking a deep breath, she ran her fingers over the strings experimentally. The sound was mostly correct, but something was sour. Scrunching her face up, she carefully plucked at each string, trying to find the string that wasn't quite right. She sat there, going over each one with a mixture of inexperience and frustration, before she thought she might finally have gotten it right. Nodding to herself, she begin to pluck through and practice just the notes she knew that were a part of the song - she'd get to the melody in a bit. But for now, she had to know these notes so that the actual melody part would be easy. She settled in, crouched over the guitar with a look of determination on her face.

The Lake Edge / Of Cabbages and Kings [Z'jan]
« on: 18 Sep 2013 at 03:48 AM »
Casa was about ready for another trip to the lake. The last one had been interesting, to say the least; she seemed to meet the best people there, in addition to have grand adventures (she liked swimming with dragons). So when she'd been able, she asked someone for a ride out to the lake. Her father seemed willing to oblige her after she'd help him catch up on his laundry. So she scrubbed and hung out shirts and trousers, and off they'd gone.

Once at the lake, she found it was more empty this time - no obvious rider to bother right away. She didn't mind this too terribly much...that left her some time to poke around, maybe some time to work on more various projects. She'd managed to shove some more rocks into her bag with a snack and a spare pair of clothing. Maybe she'd Impress Quenym and bring home more rocks for their project to be squirreled away. She could just as easily work on more of the other things - necklaces for the pretty girls around the weyr, Flora had seemed to like the one made for her.

Wandering around, she noticed a rock that was higher up along the bank then the others. She scrambled up it with ease, dropping her bag near the flattest part of it. This would be a good area to sun and work. But for now...she stripped down and tied her hair up (it was getting long again!) before prancing right up to the edge of the rock. She glanced down, grinning at the distance to the water, and leaped without another thought. Plunging into the cool water below, she emerged with a loud laugh of joy, shaking her head like a dog and swimming in a lazy circle.

Eastern Hunting Ranges / Your Love... [Z'ia]
« on: 18 Sep 2013 at 03:15 AM »
Casa had decided after her promise with Quenym that she wanted to find out what it was that men liked. Right now he was a boy, but she hadn't failed to notice he was growing up. They had promised to explore and learn and discover before reconnecting. It wasn't like they didn't spend all of their time together anyway, but Casa reasoned that if she was going to learn how to be more adult - maybe not more girly, because that was kind of dumb - then she had to learn by watching how others interacted and ask questions.

For her, that meant watching certain men to see what they did and what they liked. One such man had caught her attention when she had watched him around the weyr. At first, he had seemed the like others - all business, all seriousness - but as she had watched more closely, he seemed to yearn for his freedom. And he regularly did what he wanted. He was confident, he was at ease, and he was perfect. She wanted to get to know him.

However, she wasn't sure how to approach him about it. For the first time in her life, she felt somewhat shy. It just felt wrong to go up, introduce herself, and start asking him questions. No, that wouldn't do for this. That's what a baby would do. She wanted to try at being an adult. She should approach this like one of the adults would. Somehow, that translated into her following him around, trying to get his attention. It hadn't worked thus far, but she was confident that eventually things would work out.

Today's attempt had her following him out to the open fields. She'd overheard him mention that he might be doing wing practice today. To her, that meant he'd be out, being bold in the air and living life to the fullest. She'd quickly traded her chores with someone to be out in the fields doing work; she had rushed out there and gotten through them in record time, all the while keeping an eye on the sky. Now that she was done, she sat down in the fields, having a light lunch and glancing at the sky in what she was sure to be a nonchalant way every couple of minutes.

Healing Hall / Boundary Exploration [T'lian]
« on: 16 Sep 2013 at 03:49 PM »
Casa had no doubt in her mind that once she had healed up, she would have to go back and eventually check in. It had been a couple of months, and everything appeared to have gone away, at least mostly; the scar on her forehead was still visible, and there were a couple little things, but for the most part she seemed to be healthy all around. Still, she felt the need to go out of her way to thank the healer, and the excuse of a check up was the best reason she could think of to show up on his doorstep. With that in mind, she headed towards the Healer Hall shortly after dinner one of the evenings, the basket that was rapidly becoming something she was known for slung over her arm.

As she briskly headed towards the halls, she realized that this was something more important than just a thank you. It was rapidly becoming known to her that politics were at the heart of this weyr no matter which way you looked. Her innocence was slowly fading away, and she was attuned to little things that happened that didn't look like much on the surface, but would mean something later. Growing up was no fun, she decided with a soft sigh as she passed through the hallway into the entry point of the Hall. But it was important to know where things stood. And she felt like T'lian was likely someone who would be important in times to come.

Knocking firmly on the archway into the Hall, she neatly sat down, waiting for someone to come about. It appeared to be quiet tonight - that was a good thing, as she didn't want to come and bother him when there were folks about who needed help. Knack lifted his head from where it was buried in her hair, peeking out to look around for Tansy. His tail curled protectively around her throat, and she gently rubbed his head before glancing patiently back to wait for whoever approached first.

River's Edge / Brushie, Brushie, Brushie [Open]
« on: 16 Sep 2013 at 04:55 AM »
Today had been a busy day from early on. Knack, Edge, and Kaylee had awoken her even earlier than normal; from somewhere in the Weyr, the sounds of a flight or a very distressed dragon seemed to catch their attention. Whatever it had been, it had made them restless enough that Casa had snapped awake, stumbling out of bed to soothe them and make them content. Once the three of them had been placated, she found she was unable to sleep. Shrugging it off, she had started her chores early, the more to get them out of the way.

Sometime just before the lunch rush, the three had returned for their own food. She grabbed a huge spread of food when lunch was served, curling up in one of the quieter corners of the Dining Hall to feed the masses and herself. While they had all been eating, she noticed they were starting to flake again, which meant it was time for a bath and a thorough oiling. As soon as they were all done, she trotted off to her room and gathered the sand, rags, oil, and brushes she used to maintain their hides.

Knack quickly settled across her shoulders as they headed out towards the river, cooing and grumbling to her as the other two flitted through the air and among the trees. Scratching his eye ridges with a gentle smile, she led the little group right up to a quiet curve in the bubbling waters, where they normally did their laundry. Clicking loudly, Casa called down the other two, settling Knack right up near the water.

"Alright you three, get to it," she murmured, yawning herself as she sat down and pulled out the sand and scrubbing brush. "You know the procedure, so hop to it!" Edge chirped, dipping himself into the water and flinging it about. Kaylee decided that seemed like fun and began to mimic him, flapping her wings in the water and creeling in delight.

Personal Huts / Soil and Stem [Aparicus]
« on: 16 Sep 2013 at 04:42 AM »
Casa had wanted to arrange for doing chores with Aparicus much sooner, but after some of the things she had gotten up to, the weyrfolk had cracked down on her hard. It took months of reliable and meek behavior, of doing her duties just so, of lying under the radar...but finally, she had been able to wheedle her way out of cleaning pens or changing mattresses. Finally, she could go learn about what it was Aparicus did.

Once the time had been arranged with the woman, she had been told to report to Aparicus' hut and wait for further instruction. Having seen the woman (and heard some of the rumors), she carefully made her way through the many homes of other residents, until she picked out the fresh smell of the herbs she'd grown to associate with Aparicus. She didn't know what she would be doing today - maybe just watching, maybe helping - so she wore clean but worn clothing that would be easy to clean.

As she came up to the door, she knocked politely, adjusting the basket on her arm. She had brought along food in case Apari was hungry - she had seemed to respond so well to food last time. Casa had tucked in fresh fruit, klah, and fresh baked rolls, food that would be light and easy while they were working. Taking another deep breath, she shivered in delight. It smelled wonderful here...she couldn't wait to see what they would be working on.

Candidate Barracks / Settling Down [Quenym, Open]
« on: 05 Sep 2013 at 01:50 AM »
She had debated on it for months. Should she be a candidate? Was it right for her? She knew the role of a dragon rider was important. Hugely so, if you believed what some people said, with the threat of Threads and all. She had discussed it a variety of people, from riders to weyrfolk to other 'Brats. Everyone seemed to think she'd be a good fit, and Quenym had really been the deciding factor (though Ayyonth had been pretty convincing too). So, at last, she decided to Stand for the next one.

Once she had made the choice to at least give it a try for the next hatching, she had procrastinated on doing anything else. She already knew the process, having watched them since she was little; and she had been poking her head into classes from a young age, due to her insatiable lust for information and the need to satisfy her curiosity. All that left was moving into the Candidate Barracks, if she even wanted to. She'd been there enough before, between chores and visiting friends.

But this was different. This was her moving into them. Who knew how long she'd be here. Would it be a little while? Or would she be here for years? Would she end up moving back to her old room if she didn't Impress? Would it be available? All of these worries constantly pinged in the back of her mind, causing her to delay it. But, finally, she decided to it. To up and go. So she gathered her possessions and began the process of moving into a room in the barracks.

The easy part, she reflected, was picking which room to stay in. Her feet seemed to know exactly where she wanted to go, having tread this path so many times before. It was a blink of the eye before she realized she was standing outside the closest room to Quenym's for the girls. It appeared to be empty, which is just how she liked it.

Opening the door, she threw her bundle on the bed. She didn't bother to close the door behind her, instead focusing solidly on getting her things settled into trunk and shelf. She took a moment to nestle her old, familiar blanket over the bed, and swiftly her group of firelizards appeared from nowhere, settling down.

That task done, she wandered back to Quenym's room, leaving a note with an arrow and a small, detailed map with an x over her door. She didn't sign it, knowing that he would be too curious to not show up. She wandered back to her room, snuggling down to wait for Quenym.

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Gather Square / Checking In [T'ken]
« on: 02 Aug 2013 at 04:02 AM »
Casa hadn't had a chance to track down the owner of the canine whom she had helped during the Hatching two weeks past. She knew he had Impressed, and that he still had the canine, so she was willing to bet he was very much busy between the two. However, she'd love the chance to get to know them more. And she was willing to get if she asked nicely enough, he might let her help more with the canines, or maybe even meet his dragon.

So she had taken her time to find a good time that would work with them. Her message to meet up with him and see how he was doing was eventually returned, asking her to meet them at the Gather Square. That was an easy enough thing to do, and she trotted down that way after finishing up breakfast rush chores and tucking some food away for herself later. She realized she should probably be fat with the amount she ate, and grinned in appreciation at her metabolism. Thank goodness for that.

Once she arrived, it looked like she might have beaten him there. She may have been early, she realized. Shrugging it off, she called out to her companions. Knack popped in first, his hide warm from the sun where he'd been curled up with Kaylee and Edge. Immediately, he coiled around her neck. The other two decided to entertain themselves by wheeling and dipping through the air, chasing one another for her amusement.

Personal Huts / Only A Few Things [Solo]
« on: 25 Jul 2013 at 06:23 AM »
Five years old. Casa turned five today. The normally curious and energetic child had woken up quiet today, much to the concern of her foster mother. Dae had been looking forward to her birthday for weeks, yet here she was, sitting quietly at the table, almost fragile-like. Worried about the girl, Elisel had sat down next her. "Casa, what's wrong?" She had never seen the child so still - she was normally bouncing off the walls, getting into things and asking questions to anyone and everyone who would listen. This was completely out of character.

Dae turned her face up to look at her foster mother, eyes sad. "Elli...who is my family?" The woman blinked, surprised by this sudden question. She had known it would come up eventually, but...this seemed to come from nowhere. She frowned, wondering what had spawned this question. This wasn't the sort of thing a five year old should be wondering about in the slightest. Settling down, she pulled Casa into her lap, petting the girl's hair softly. "Well...I'm your foster mother. I've taken care of you since you were born."

Casa nodded, blinking up at her foster mother expectantly, as if waiting for something. She had an almost nervous air about her as she continued, biting her lip. "But...where is my mama and papa? Renis says she goes to see her papa, but I don't have any. That's not true is it?" The woman felt her heart tighten as she looked down at the confused expression on her foster daughter's face. Taking a deep breath, she sighed and patted the little girl on the back, rubbing between her shoulder blades comfortingly. What a horrible thought to plant in the little girl's head! She'd have to speak with Renis about this. Smiling in a cheerful manner, she answered the little girl reassuringly. "You have a family, Casa. I promise."

Casa let her head hang for a moment, and then she glanced back up at Elisel, her eyes scrunched up tightly. "Then...then why don't they like me? Renis' family visits her." Casa looked down, her voice breaking softly. When she looked up again, a single tear rolled down her cheek. "Do they not want me, Elli? Did I...I did do something bad?" She burst into tears, crawling into her foster mother's arms. The woman could only rock her gently, holding the sobbing child until she cried herself out.


"R'sin. You will visit your child."

Elisel stood firmly in the doorway, her eyes narrowed. The bluerider glanced up uneasily from the scattered papers on the table in his room. Standing slowly, he shuffled over, running his hands through his messy hair. He glanced over the diminutive woman who was all but bristling at the entrance to his home. She stepped past him, slamming the door shut and stomping over to the bed.

"What's this about, Elli?" he asked tiredly, sliding back into his chair. He was so damn tired; he hadn't slept well yet again. Elisel was glaring daggers at him, and he squirmed, glancing away. "We had an agreement. I don't...I can't..." He felt his throat tighten, even after five years without her.

"Yes, we had an agreement. But it's time you moved on already. You have a daughter, whether you want to acknowledge it or not, and she needs her father more than ever." She picked up his pillow, throwing it at him before stalking closer. Yelping, he ducked and staggered back, his eyes wide.

"I held your daughter while she sobbed into my chest! It's her fifth birthday, and she cried her eyes out this morning, begging me to tell her she had a family. Beggin me to tell her she hadn't been bad, hadn't scared them away!" Her voice dripped acid as she stalked over to him, grabbing him by the tunic.

He stared at her in fear, voice shaking as he tried to defend himself; from outside, a deep growl rolled through the window. Letting go of his tunic and whipping around, she peered through the glass out at the blue. "Don't you scold me! Tell your piss-poor example of a rider to man up and take care of his child, and I won't have to threaten him! You should know better than to growl at me, dragon."

Turning back to R'sin, she hissed out a final warning. "If you don't come to see your child, I will make your life a living hell, R'sin. Don't you doubt me for a second." She threw open the door, storming out after one last thunderous glare tossed in the cowardly rider's direction. The door slammed shut, shaking the walls around it. R'sin sat on the floor, his stomach dropping away unpleasantly as he stared after Elisel's frightening departure. He picked himself up off the ground, shaking softly.

I...I think I need to go, Eykyth...can y-you take me to the Creche?

The blue rumbled from outside, eyes peering into the window as he waited for his rider to climb on. After R'sin settled onto his back, he pushed up into the air, wheeling softly on the currents as he headed back to the Weyr.

Casa peeked shyly up at the rider who Elli had brought over to her. The man gently reached out, his heart in his throat as he looked over the child behind one of his closest friends. She looked just like her mother. He handed her a small carved toy which she snatched up with a smile, settling down to play with it right away.

"Casa...this is your papa, R'sin. I told you you had family!" She dropped the toy almost immediately, biting her lip and looking nervously from Elisel to R'sin.

"My...papa?" Elisel nodded encouragingly, hoping the child would take to him like she did everyone else. After eyeing him for a moment (Elisel nudged him in the ribs, and he belatedly opened his arms to welcome her, still dazed over how much she looked just like her mother!), Casa rushed into his arms, a delighted cry escaping her lips. "Papa! I love you."

R'sin's felt his chest explode in a mixture of sadness and overwhelming joy, and he tightened his arms around his daughter, refusing to let go. How could he have ignored her for so long? She was everything he wanted, a reason to live and smile again. Holding her against his body, he let his tears slide down his cheeks as he whispered back to her, finally letting go of his old ghosts and stepped forward with his life.

"I love you too, baby girl. I love you too."

Bathing Houses / Birthday Baths [Quenym]
« on: 24 Jul 2013 at 08:07 PM »
After the amusing but messy shared moment with Quenym and the flock of firelizards, it was definitely time for bath time. Casa skipped back to her quarters, dropping the basket off and putting the fur in for washing. It wasn't too messy, thankfully, but she wanted to make sure it got cleaned by it was used by anyone again. She also dropped off the platter in the kitchen and grabbed clean if patchy pajamas before heading off to the Bathing Houses.

Upon arriving, she looked around for a small and quiet room for her and Quenym to share. In one of the back corners, there was a sizeable room that seemed unoccupied. Satisfied, she walked in, grabbing towels for her and her friend. She also grabbed a couple bags of sand, for them all, and oil, for the lizards, as well as scrubbing brushes. With a yawn, she sent Kaylee and Edge off to find Quenym and lead him to this room.

Once the two were on their way, she gently unwound Knack from her throat, settling him onto a warm ledge above the pool. He cheeped sleepily, eyeing the oil with interest. She smiled, reassuring him he could be scrubbed and oiled with all the others once she was done scrubbing herself down. As she waited for Quenym to arrive, she began to fill the deep tub with hot water, shedding her clothes and folding them neatly before climbing down into the water with a delighted sigh.

The Hatching Circuit / Very Merry Unbirthday [Quenym]
« on: 24 Jul 2013 at 04:25 AM »
It had been a beautiful and productive day with her best friend. They had spent all day wandering around through the woods and spending time together. They had scrounged up a whole pack full of new crafting supplies, in addition to playing down by the river.

The firelizards had been a glorious addition to their expeditions - Edge and Kaylee were great entertainment, and they loved playing with Sassy and Lady. Knack also proved to live up to his name, finding the most unusual little treasures. He was her sweetheart, while the other two energetic comic relief. She loved their little group dearly.

Now, though, the day was almost done. Casa had gone out of her way to avoid bringing up Quenym's birthday, which was the next day, making it seem like she might have forgotten it. She felt a little guilty, as he had seemed somewhat disappointed, but it was all for good reason - he just couldn't know yet! She took his hand as they wandered together, finding a quiet little place to curl up and watch the stars. It was still immensely warm, even this close to midnight.

After a little while, she stretched and grinning at him, blinking as if she was sleepy and mentally sending the firelizards off. "Come on, Quenym...she should start heading towards bed." As they began to slowly weave toward the Weyr proper, she sent instructions to the firelizards to bring the supplies she'd kept stowed away to the Hatching Grounds, just like they had practiced. They were crafty creatures, and she got an image of everything laid out just so. As she walked with Quenym, she stopped them while still on the path, giggling as she quickly tied a blindfold around his eyes and grabbed his hand confidently. "Come on," she whispered urgently. "I gotta surprise for you!"

Bathing Houses / Insomnia [Open]
« on: 24 Jul 2013 at 04:09 AM »
Casa was normally a sound sleeper, but her head had been filled with many new thoughts and feelings as of late. Her mind wandered from the Hatching to the many adventures and plans with Quenym. Feelings of happiness welled up inside her when she thought of Quenym. There were also the thoughts of uncertainty and fear that rang through her dreams now that she had been convinced to Stand. Soon she would Stand, and she had begun to peek into classes to see what they were learning.

All this change was well and good, but it caused her to toss and turn at night, and her dreams became confusing and muddled. This often led to her waking up in the middle of the night or not being able to sleep at all. Tonight was no different; as soon as she had laid down, her body felt like it was restless and buzzing with energy, while her mind felt fuzzy and exhausted. She had laid there for a couple of hours before deciding she simply wouldn't be able to sleep.

Getting up, she stretched, wincing at the tightness along her shoulders and down her back. She had been hitting the physical labor extra hard, trying to tire herself out. Regardless, it hadn't helped any. She decided the best thing for relaxation would be a bath and some of the good wine that she had managed to sneak out while cooking. Grabbing the skin from under her mattress along with a towel, she padded quietly down the halls towards the bathing houses.

Upon arrival, she found one of the smaller rooms, completely unoccupied. Smiling softly, she turned the water on, the steam rising into the air as it began to fill. This time of night, there weren't many folks around, so she closed the door only most of the way. She slipped out of her clothes and folded them neatly near the wall, grabbing soap sand and setting it by her towel and the skin of wine. She took a deep sip from the skin of wine and then slid into the pool up to her neck, letting her now-growing hair float loosely in the water as she enjoyed the ridiculously hot water begin to ease knots and aches all over.

Sorry but you are not allowed to view spoiler contents.

Casa paced nervously back and forth, keeping her hands busy with clearing the very last of the trays from the lunch rush. Her mind was frantically turning over as she worked, trying to keep herself from fidgeting. The eggs she'd found with Ryvian were hard as rocks and hot to the touch - that meant they were going to hatch ANY TIME. At last, the tables in the area she wanted was clear, as well as all the leftovers and debris from the lunch meal. A few stragglers sat back in the corner, but she didn't mind this - that meant that when these eggs hatched, they would have a place to go! She certainly didn't want 10 flitters hanging around her all the time.

She arranged several trays of meatrolls and meat scraps from the preparation of dinner on the tables so they were in easy reach for people. She had heard when they hatched they were ravenous little monsters. After this, she carefully began the process of moving her eggs out from the kitchen, where they had been near the ovens to stay warm. She brought out a large tub filled with coals on the bottom and sand on top, setting it down on the table where everyone could come around and see. She was ever so careful with her prizes as she took them from the pots they'd been in, nestling them into the too-hot sand to rest. They sat there, gleaming softly in the low light of the dining hall.

Her task done, she sat down nervously, her fingers running through the short strands of her sandy hair. Excitement and nervousness welled up in her stomach and mind, sending thrills through her. As she stared at them, one of the rocked back and forth, and she all but screamed, jumping up and looking around. Several more eggs began to twitch back and forth, teasing her. Some people were arriving, but the eggs were moving! It would be soon, and they needed to come so they could Impress the babies she knew were getting ready to enter the world.

Sorry but you are not allowed to view spoiler contents.

It was slow progress back to the weyrfolk rooms, even with Bordtai so carefully handling Flora to keep from bumping her legs at all. They eventually wended their way to her room, and she was settled on the bed. Once they were there, she settled down on the end of the girl's bed, pulling up chairs for the others. "So...that was a pretty good hatching for our first right?" She tried to smile gently at Bordtai, encouraging him; he seemed pretty timid, and she felt bad she hadn't really noticed him before to reach out to him. He seemed like a really nice kid.

"I mean...I didn't Stand this time. But Quenym convinced me to give it a go next Hatching...I told him I would. He said we should be proud to Stand, and show the folks from up North that its a privilege." Her voice faltered for a moment, but then strengthened again. "And you all did really good, considering we're low on the Candidate scale. I mean...we're all just barely old enough to do it, and yet you did! You guys are brave."

She turned her smile to Flora. "And you did really good, considering. I've seen way worse injuries - I bet you'll heal up in next to no time, and we can get back to looking for fruit and having some exploration time around the Weyr." She lowered her voice for a moment. "I even has a surprise! You guys will get to know first when it happens, because you are all my age and we 'Brats...we gotta learn to stick together and take care of one another."

Gather Square / Whistle While You Work [Peorray]
« on: 09 Jul 2013 at 07:00 PM »
Chores were a constant in a weyr. Casa had told herself this over and over and over, and knew it would never change. It never much bothered her; after all, a busy weyr was a happy weyr, or at least meant you couldn't get in trouble. However, when you have something as large as the Gather Square to could be complicated. And last night there had been another storm, which resulted in tree branches and general debris scattered all over. What was worse, it was still lightly sprinkling, making everything muddy and wet.

As she got on her better pair of boots and pulled a second tunic over her head, she took comfort in the fact that one of the more reasonable people was going to be helping too. When she asked who else had been assigned to helping to remove the mess, she had been told the current crew was coming off-duty, and that Peorray would likely be helping. She didn't know the woman all that well, but she had a wonderful reputation, and was a hard worker on just about anything that got given to her. Casa wasn't really well known to the woman, but she did look up to her for the amount of effort she dedicated to the Weyr, especially being one of the folks from up North.

After finally getting everything layered and tied on, she began to stump outside, downing the last of her morning klah and dipping out into the misty weather. The clouds above swirled in great masses of grey; it looked like it was bound to rain on and off for most of the day. Hopefully they would be able to make a good dent in the mess out there before it got too much muddier. And at the end of the day, she could always look forward to the baths. There was nothing better than baths after a day of labor and rain.

Western Forests / Tipsy Exploration [Ryvian]
« on: 08 Jul 2013 at 01:13 AM »
The afternoon had started with boredom. This boredom had trailed Casa through most of the weyr until it had eventually led her to the Gather Square. And there she had found exactly the entertainment she had been looking for, in the form of a lazy weyrbrat. When she had approached Ryvian, complaining that there was nothing to do, he had been thoughtful enough to come to a conclusion. Little did Dae know, that solution had led to sneaking into the kitchen for a couple skins of watered down wine. They had grabbed their loot and snuck off towards the forest, Dae feeling thrilled. She felt like she was hanging out with the popular group of the weyrbrats.

As soon as they had started to head out to the quiet nook in the forest Ryvian had mentioned, they had started in on the wineskins. She had started with tiny sips at first - after all, wine was for adults. It was somewhat bitter and she wrinkled her nose at the taste. But Ryvian said this was a good way to make the adventure more fun, and after a couple large sips, she had to agree. Her body was warm, and fuzzy, and she felt herself giggling and relaxing. She was even bold enough to ask which of the twins he was. In the back of her mind, she was determined to remember. But then the wine helped her forget as they made their way to a quiet little section of forest.

Taking another sip from her skin, she beamed up at Ryvian as they got closer and closer to where his secret little grotto was. "This was a GREAT idea, Ryvian!" she giggled, eyes wide as she stared about through the forest. "I can't wait see the river. It should be nice and quiet! We can laze about in the sunshine or something." She followed his more confident steps, stumbling over less obvious roots and rocks as they made their way. She realized she hadn't eaten much either, but waved it off with a wry grin. Today was about adventure, not food!

River's Edge / Lonely River Blues [M'din]
« on: 29 Jun 2013 at 11:16 PM »
Morning came far too soon for Casa the day after her scrap with one of the other weyrbrats. The visit in the Healing Hall hadn't been the most pleasant to start with; she had been (still was, really) a mess of scrapes, cuts, and bruises, not to mention the cut in her head and the ankle injury. Then there had been the awkward questions, which invariably led to a severe talking to, and assignment of punishment. After all, she had somewhat instigated the actual fight. But she didn't regret it one bit. No one should ever have to be picked on, no matter what the supposed reason for it was!

However, due to the fact this hadn't just been a bruised-and-split-lip sort of incident, she had to work on modified chores. What's worse, there had been almost no tolerance for what she did. This meant she got the most unpleasant chores they could think of that wouldn't push her to heal slower (or at least she felt that way - who wanted to peel vegetables for an extended period of time? NO ONE). She didn't expect pity or sympathy, but who were they to tell her off for defending a little girl?! Her blood had been boiling at this. So after bribing another one of the 'brats to help her get through what was supposed to take all day, she limped as fast as she could out towards the river, where she could be away from people.

By the time she got there, her ankle was more than a little sore; it was next to impossible to not heavily favor it. But she didn't care. It was well worth the pain to have a quiet place to reflect. After a couple minutes of a lazy breeze coming off the water, she sighed and leaned back, cursing as she bumped her head on the ground that sent a dizzying wave of pain through her. Oh well. At least there was no one to yell at her right now. That was worth the risk of her stitches splitting open or her ankle hurting for a thousand turns.

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