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The Lake Edge / Melting [Open]
« on: 16 Jul 2013 at 02:06 AM »
He hated seasons.

He hated this season.

Charath was convinced that her bonded was suffering from a two-day hangover, but by now Charath should know better than to give E'si's bad moods a source. There usually were none. Sometimes, it seemed like all E'si needed was to spend an entire day being grumpy. Depending on Charath's mood, she would either antagonize him or leave him alone. The entire Weyr was filled with people more pleasant - okay, she really didn't like the company of other's all that much either. She was devoted mostly to E'si, because she found him interesting and most of all amusing. The only person who could rival her affection for her own rider was V'ler, and that was only because loving V'ler was a universal constant.

He was just so much better than her grumpy rider.

It had stormed early in the morning, and in the wake of the lightning and rain resided a heaviness in the air. It was downright humid, and E'si seemed to fashion himself as a delicate creature who loathed the heat. If it was possible to fix Katila in a certain state of weather, he'd have it with clear skies and a comfortable degree of heat. Not this crap. This was downright torture! E'si was so grumpy he had even refused to cart anyone with him down to the lake. Let them find some other dragon to hitch a ride on - not that Charath would have carried any of them to begin with. She had some dignity beyond her constant desire to fuck with people and creep out children.

You are going to burn, and then I will have to sit through all of tomorrow listening to you whine about getting burned. The green tried to... guide her rider towards common sense. E'si had it, he just refused to listen to it constantly.

'Yeah, well, I'll climb over that hurdle tomorrow.'

You should get into the water, instead of laying right beside it with your shirt off.

'No, because the moment I do you will wade your fat rump in and try to drown me. And then my hair will be ruined.'

It's already ruined.

E'si instinctively reached up to smooth down his hair, grimacing as he felt it frizzing against his fingertips. His hair type was not suited for this heat. It was thick and dark and a pain in his ass. Sadly, that was only one thing on his list of complaints for the day. If V'ler was around, he'd have to sit through the entire list. He'd write it up, but he doubted that it was a valid enough use of the paper they actually had to write on. 'The back of my neck is hot and sweaty. My armpits stink. And YOU seem to be unaffected.'

And there is dirt in your hair.

'And there is dirt in my hair!' E'si seemed to try and sink deeper into the ground despite this exclamation. The young greenrider was fairly immobile on the lake's shore, not bothering to pay the least bit attention to those who had fled to the lake for the day to escape the heat.

Personal Huts / After Flight [Valerian]
« on: 22 Feb 2013 at 03:22 PM »
He felt oddly comfortable, though he knew he wasn't in his own hut even without opening his eyes. Charath had risen the day before, and not really that close to the evening which would warrant him staying in someone else's bed. But, he had at least enough sense for long enough to put himself in a hut with some familiarity. Flight lust could be overwhelming, but Erisi dealt with lust on a daily basis (happily so). He could at least keep himself together long enough to occupy Valerian's bed. Shells, Erisi wasn't quite sure he had even ended up with his classmate - he had just wanted to be a big enough dick to steal Valerian's hut. It had been a little closer to where Charath had decided to rise than his own, which would be his excuse if Valerian waltzed back home and saw him in his bed with somebody else.

Finally, he opened his blue eyes and lazily looked over his shoulder to see who he had ended up with this time. Hopefully it wasn't M'bal, because he couldn't stand to be thought of as a goldrider again... though M'bal had proven to be a decent partner when he managed to temporarily conquer his I'm-not-gay attitude. He eyed the young man sleeping next to him, and decided that he simply didn't care, and flopped back over to get a few more minutes of sleep. The fact that he didn't care probably spoke wonders for who had been the victor of Charath's flight. If he did give a shit, he would have put his clothes on and walked out of the hut before his partner woke up... because that would be an unnecessary hassle that he did not want to deal with.

I got him.

'For Faranth's sake, Charath, I am trying to sleep!'

Good job using you inferior body to woo my Valerian.

'...Who the fuck taught you the word "inferior", and shut up.'

You. I grant you permission to use your inferior body to woo him further for me.

'Shut up, shut up,' "Shut up..." He realized belatedly that he had said that part out loud, as if verbal responses would shut Charath up more efficiently. That was never the case, but he could hope for one day in the future where it would work.

Smooth. Charath's voice was dark and mocking, and while she rested next to Veeth it was clear that she wasn't exactly cuddling with him.

'How's the hatesex?' Erisi mentally growled in response.

A means to and end, which you have now secured for me. Charath eyed Veeth with what was probably a tolerable disdain for the blue. He'd never actually win her over, but apparently it made him a fairly decent suitor in flights.

Erisi was definitely awake by now, and if he was awake, he was going to make sure that Valerian was as well. He nudged his nude partner with his elbow, rolling over onto his back so he could more properly converse with his friend. Secretly, he was truly relieved that it was Valerian with him over some unknown blue or brownrider, or shells, some of the ones he was familiar with and hated. The plan had been for Valerian to try and get Veeth to win Charath's flights - it sort of helped that Veeth chased after everything - but he didn't actually expect it to work. "Good job," he complimented, which was probably the only compliment Valerian would receive.

Craft Hall / Black [D'hys]
« on: 05 Feb 2013 at 11:17 PM »
The Weyrling had been bored that particular evening, which didn't bode well for a few individuals. Valerian had been hit on fairly thoroughly during dinner, at least until Talian arrived and Erisi assumed it to be a good idea to back off. He doubted Valerian would turn him down, but he didn't want to deal with Talian getting upset or flustered. The Healer was a delicate sort, so Erisi had that plan fall through. His evening would have been filled with pleasurable acts if he had let it... but you win some, and then you lose some. Erisi had dismissed himself from dinner shortly after Talian's arrival. Going back to his hut was a fantastic idea, but one he ended up not following through with. Opportunity happened to strike at his door, and Erisi was far too kind an individual to turn it away!

Walking down the hall, a familiar voice had drifted towards his ears. The voice and its partner's were hushed, and he could barely make out their forms in the darkness. If he didn't recognize the voice, he would have moved on. Instead, he lingered, leaning back against the wall and waiting for the two men to continue with whatever it was they were doing. The figures were intimately close, but it was just like a certain someone to move quickly. The men walked down the hall, and Erisi waited a few seconds before following them. Erisi wasn't exactly a sneaky individual, he didn't hide in rooms waiting for the juiciest gossip to reach his ears. Yet, when opportunity arose, he struck out for it.

The walk was agonizingly long, and would have been boring if Erisi was not intent on keeping his presence unknown. It took some measure of patience and intelligence to remain out of sight until the men arrived at their destination. The Crafthall was completely deserted at this time of night. The last of the dragonriders and weyrfolk would be in the dining cavern, if not their own huts. It wouldn't be Erisi's first pick for a rendezvous, but the 'couple' were fairly safe from discovery at this hour of the evening. The rooms in the Crafthall were without doors, and rather like viewable stations of work. Erisi wouldn't really know - he only came here when necessary, and certainly didn't work here. He had Charath, that was a job of his own.

Are you listening to them...?

'No, waiting for them to finish up.' Erisi now stood just to the side of the door, his back pressed against the cold wall. He certainly didn't need to look into the room to know what was going on. The ass on bottom couldn't keep his mouth shut - the man moaned far more freely than Erisi thought the situation needed. Inbetween his moans, there was the definite sound of flesh smacking against flesh, of furniture being shifted in what was an undeniable grapple for stability. He wasn't exactly turned on by the sound, rather just observing the situation from a slightly non-sexual distance.

This is not worth either your's or my time. You need to redouble your efforts with Valerian.

'It's sooo going to be worth mine.'

Minutes passed by, which Erisi hadn't quite prepared for. The wait was annoying, and he badly wanted at least one of them to finish. If he was correct on who one of the individuals was, it wouldn't matter if the bottom finished or not. Finally, they both seemed to get off as was the purpose of their getaway. The bottom moaned like the whore he was, and the top groaned. Erisi resisted the urge to peek in on them to make sure they were getting dressed. Since there weren't any slapping sounds, he assumed they were getting clothed.

The bottom came out, "Nice score, hmmm?" Erisi congratulated him, making the man jump in surprise. The Weyrling smiled smugly as the man hurried out of the Crafthall, and then immediately stepped to the side and into the doorway to prevent the final man from escaping.

Ah, he loved it when he was correct.

Rumors had been floating around lately that a particular bluerider was settling down into a relationship with some idiot of a greenrider. Rumors had also been floating around that the aforementioned bluerider liked a few distractions from his relationship. It was a small contradiction that Erisi had picked up on fairly quickly. "I take it that's not V'zire?" he purred his greeting sweetly to D'hys, completely smug and likewise insufferable now that he had quite literally caught the bluerider in the act... of fucking a man he wasn't dating.

Craft Hall / Ridiculous [INVITE]
« on: 15 Dec 2012 at 11:03 PM »
If there was ever a hot mess, it was Katila Weyr.

It was so fucking Katila Weyr.

D'ren was incapacitated, and years of sucking dick had enabled S'kef to rise to the position of temporary Weyrleader (in the if-anyone-threatened-to-take-his-position-they-would-be-knifed sort of way). Seriously, the Weyrling believed that someone needed to pay him some a purse full of marks to solve this who done it mystery, because he had this shit solved. People were more dimglowed than he thought if they couldn't piece this stupid puzzle together. His first instinct was to assume it was Lymsleia, because only one person in this entire Weyr was so sharding stupid enough to make an attempt on D'ren's life. The girl was a midwife-claimed-healer, so she obviously dealt with Tansy. Just as obviously she had previous trouble with the Weyrleader about being turned into a baby maker (which she was yet to do).

Seriously, S'kef was probably sitting on his ass somewhere giggling girlishly to himself instead of dealing with the fucking problem. Which was him. Erisi hated the brownrider, but pushing his distaste for the man aside it was clear that S'kef had dipped his hands into the mess of trying-to-kill-D'ren-and-epically-failing. Who was the only person to benefit from D'ren taking a dive? S'kef. If he was in charge of this internal investigation, the first person he'd be looking at was the only fucking man in the entire fucking Weyr to fucking WIN off of someone NEARLY DYING.

On that point, actually, why was S'kef acting the Weyrleader. Weren't they supposed to wait for Nirinath to rise again and some dragon to stick their giant BRONZE dick into her? Tsuen should be running things... eh, okay maybe not. That woman was a hot mess too. So, it should be some old respectable bronzerider who hadn't lost the position of WEYRSECOND under the guise of falling ill. Erisi didn't buy it. Personally, if he wanted to be knifed in the back he would have walked up to S'kef and shoved a boot up the man's ass. Then he would have pronounced him the murder and also declared that he was completely inept to run a Weyr.

He should be running the Weyr, he as in Erisi. Erisi would rule the wherry dung out of Katila. Valerian would be made to suck him off daily, and that would be a victory in and of itself.

Now that was a glorious thought! The Weyrling smiled to himself as he approached an older craftsman. He had already paid the man beforehand, so it was a simple matter of picking up his clothes and leaving. The tailor had to bring in a few of his outfits, because well, Erisi was thinner than most people. By the time he got to the man he was no longer smiling, instead looking impatient. There was no reason for him to be friendly to some old fart. The only people he managed to look friendly to were the ones he wanted to sleep with, and that was self-explanatory.

"You haven't finished them?" Erisi drawled as he leaned forwards toward the man. When he got a reply that was satisfactory and the man disappeared to grab his clothes (most were scarfs, okay, he had some made up too - when he spent he spent) he turned away with a heavy sigh.

He just needed to run things. He'd do so much better. S'kef would call him a savior, many would kiss his feet even if they were covered in shit.

'Why are you not Bronze?'

Why are you not Valerian?

Touche, Charath.

The Lake Edge / Good Moods [fin]
« on: 05 Nov 2012 at 07:14 PM »
Erisi was in a good mood. Valerian had kept him company for nearly the entire day before, and that had been some genuinely good fun. Erisi was always happier after a good lay, but it was rare for his mood to extend so far into the next day. If he really thought about it, he'd probably be disturbed that Valerian could coerce him into such an unusually pleasant demeanor. It implied far too many things that Erisi was not comfortable with, but as always Valerian seemed to slip under Erisi's radar. Valerian was laid back and unassuming, the sort of friend that was a perfect match for Erisi's more dominant attitude.

Charath was up to the same exact antics she had been the previous day. Her victim, however, was different. Later in the evening the poor Candidate she had been tormenting had finally cracked, and now that Charath had secured that victory she was moving on through the Candidate ranks. Earlier in the morning she managed to unnerve someone so much within the first hour that she decided to switch targets. Charath liked a challenge! So, in-between rendezvous with Valerian, she had singled out a new Candidate. Erisi figured it kept her busy while he walked the lakeside.

He had found some wherry eggs yesterday (some people were claiming them to be firelizards, and Erisi was amused by the various responses to that), but he wasn't necessarily looking for me. He did have to cart those things back home, and while they were tiny, he did not want an entire pile of eggs. Erisi assumed that someone at the Weyr would want them, mainly to raise wherries and produce more eggs. It was some silly beastcrafting stuff that Erisi had never been interested in. Too dirty. But, if he could get a fair trade out of them, then it'd be worth it. The poor man had no idea that they were duds. Again, he was not a beastcraft, for Faranth's sake. Valerian would likely get a good laugh out of it when his eggs finally did hatch, and Erisi's did not.

I am proud of you. Charath crooned in such a way that made Erisi doubt that she was.


You spent all day yesterday with Valerian. I appreciate your effort to ensure that I get more time with him.

Of course.

The Lake Edge / Uneasy
« on: 03 Nov 2012 at 05:03 PM »
Erisi was one of the last people that one would expect to be dragged out on some Candidate bonding expedition. Whatever. Valerian had decided to go on this camping trip, and Erisi was personally hoping for some woodsy rendezvous. Naked rendezvous. Plural now, because he was in a miserable mood. Charath had spent the first day following Valerian around like an over-sized puppy, and today she had gotten over her infatuation with his fellow Weyrling long enough to pick a victim out of the Candidates. Erisi didn't even pity them, because the attention she paid them was the attention he liked to avoid. Charath was perfectly fine when she wasn't in a mischievous mood. However, when she was... well, that poor Candidate probably knew by now.

His Green had spent the morning harassing the unfortunate soul. Well, not literally harassing them. The Green kept some distance between herself and the smaller human, mostly because she didn't like them. Still, wherever the Candidate went, Charath followed. When they'd look up from their breakfast, they'd see Erisi's Green staring at them from across the tents, perfectly motionless, eyes unblinking. Later when they went swimming in the lake, Charath was there again at the edge of the water, staring the poor soul down. It was a trick that she had mastered during her hatchling days - a classic, and she so loved it! The Green was likely waiting for the Candidate to break their composure, and she was going to keep it up until they did just that.

Which meant Erisi was alone. Talian was off somewhere probably doing Candidate 'bonding' without the fun. He sat at the lake's edge, a distance away from the tents, because most of the people here annoyed him. He had seen B'jin off somewhere, and I'shan was lurking around like the bastard he was. All the fun people were ignoring him. R'nd was tied down by B'jin, which was disgusting to begin with! So, he was out of the entertaining equation. Z'ia would have been some fun, but he had no idea where the bluerider was.

He was just bored, and he hated this trip. He was not the outdoorsy type. As a Harper he had spent a lot of time in taverns - there was no need to go trucking through the sharding wilderness. The Weyrling was beginning to realize that he had done this out of the good of his heart for nothing. There was no special perk besides getting Charath to shut up. Valerian certainly wasn't rewarding him with what he wanted... and Talian would likely not want to.

Not that he thought Talian would say no, because Talian was a confusing individual at times. He just knew that the Healer was probably sidling up to his disgusting 'father' and ugh.

I think I am finally getting to them! Charath hissed into his mind with delight.


...What's your problem?


How... unsurprising. A mental sigh quickly followed the droll comment.

Eastern Hunting Ranges / Whatever, Charath [Z'ia]
« on: 18 Oct 2012 at 10:28 PM »
You need to start paying better attention.

'I was listening!'

You were thinking about Valerian naked, Charath responded, sounding minutely disturbed. It wasn't like Erisi to respect that she did not like to peek into his thoughts and walk into a train of thought that was dirty. The Weyrlingmaster called you out on it. At least he can't read your thoughts. The green dragon spoke in a harsh, scolding tone. No matter how many times she yelled at Erisi for not trying hard enough in lessons, he still put forth the same lackadaisical effort as always.

'Whatever, Charath. You listen enough for me, and believe it or not, I was listening.' There was a short pause, and Charath waited on Erisi. '...for the most part.'

I don't want us to get stuck and lost between because you were thinking about butts.

'I got it, I got it. I was up all night, lay off it Charath.' Erisi's patience was waning - it had been embarrassing enough to have the Weyrlingmaster on his ass about not paying attention. Now he had to sit through Charath's lecture. It made him wish the Weyrlingmaster realized that his green already punished him enough for not doing what he should.

You are up EVERY night! Charath verbally bellowed at him, frustration clear in her voice. The Weyrling was seated on the ground, too lazy to return back to his hut after the day's lessons. Charath was supposed to be hunting, but with all the bellowing she was doing she had likely scared off every herdbeast in the area. The pale green circled in the sky over his head. Someone else would have thought she was proddy - but Erisi knew that this was her normal attitude when it came to him.

Funny how she could be so sharding sweet to Valerian, but an absolute terror to him. 'You nearly took a turn away out of my normal lifestyle! I have to catch up!'


A playful smirk flickered across his face, and the greenrider glanced up to the sky and his dragon. 'Nope.'

Communal Kitchens / Green Lumps [Private]
« on: 18 Aug 2012 at 11:10 PM »
Erisi could remember when, not even a turn ago, Charath had been able to fit inside the Kitchens easily. She had quickly marked herself as a terror, and Erisi in turn pretended that he was not bonded to her. When it was eventually discovered that the little green troll belonged to him, whenever she acted up, he got scolded. They were encouraged out of the kitchens far more than he would have liked. Charath had just enjoyed getting into trouble while she was tiny enough to be considered cute. There had been one day in particular where she had spent a good hour just following a single kitchenfolk around, refusing to take her eyes off of the girl.

When the girl finally gathered up enough courage to talk to Erisi about his dragonet's odd behavior, he had said that that Green was Oruth. It wasn't his fault that Visltine had also been in the Kitchens at the time. Charath had absolutely applauded his reply, and it was probably the first time that they had teamed up to torment others. That was part of the start of a beautiful companionship, which was now terrible. He was plagued by his Green, who insisted that he be on his best behavior when she was far from being on her's.

Now she wanted sweet rolls, and those meat pies, but not any with burnt edges. She could taste those. Ten pies were not enough to fill her gullet. She just insisted Erisi do these things for her to make him miserable. If that is poisoned I will know. Charath butted into his head less than gracefully. He was only doing this to shut her up. He had endured her less-than-subtle hinting for most of the day, and you know, when he was trying to go to bed at night was when he broke.

Fine. The sharding Green could have whatever she wanted if she left him alone so he could sleep. She always complained about him dozing off during lessons, and the main reason for that was because had to put up with her antagonistic ways! 'I wouldn't kill you, I'd give you the worst bellyache you've ever had. Your piteous moaning would be a far better sound than the whining I've had to listen to all day.'

I will make sure you feel my pain. And when someone asks what's made you so miserable, I will inform them that it was your reasoning.

'You don't even talk to anyone but me.'

...Your point?

'Nevermind.' Erisi sighed to himself, picking up a fruit and taking a quick bite out of it. He carefully avoided biting into the bruised portion. He had standards, food eating standards. Maybe if he took long enough Charath would give up on her goal.

...Wait, it was Charath. Charath never gave up.

"This is ridiculous. I should not be running errands for A GREEN LUMP. A GIANT GREEN LUMP OF USELESS FLESH." Why did he yell when he could scold her mentally?

He just got frustrated sometimes, okay? Yelling felt better.

I am a hungry green lump.


Bathing Houses / Frustration [OPEN]
« on: 16 Aug 2012 at 03:01 AM »
'Life sucks.'

You suck.

'Nothing lately.'

Charath didn't say anything, but Erisi could practically hear the '...' in her voice. That is not what I meant.

'Jada got some before I did, why is that? Granted, her partner would make me vomit, but that's besides the point.'

You are an embarrassment and you are fortunate that I chose you. Valerian, and Erisi was currently rolling his eyes at the mention of his friend, would be more respectable. He would not be whining because he cannot get himself... to suck, as you put it?

'...I can't believe you said that.'

I can't believe you've been soaking in the bath all morning when I need to be oiled. I could have sat on someone today when they said my hide was cracking.

'I wouldn't have disapproved.'

Just hurry up. Charath's dark voice was clearly exasperated. She had probably flopped over onto her side inelegantly somewhere in the Weyrbowl. Her bonded did something similar - it was in these odd little moments that it became clear that Erisi and Charath were destined to be together. Erisi sunk deeper into the warm bath waters, noting that his skin was probably going to wrinkle uncomfortably if he spent much longer in the baths. But, he really did not want to continue with his day. What slow torture was waiting for him outside the bathing room? Lashings? Not getting laid? Coming outside to realize that S'kef had taken over the Weyr and was making D'ren suck his dick? N'gelt was Weyrsecond now too, and probably had every right to punch him in the face for no reason!

Outside was a war zone. Inside, Erisi was just going to relax and let time slip away from his fingers...

You are falling asleep. Dimglow.

Erisi lazily opened a single blue eye, glancing towards the slightly ajar door to the bathing room he had snatched for himself - not that he minded sharing, would give him an excuse to do something if Charath wouldn't stop tormenting him. She didn't seem to mind his... overactive tendencies as much as she used to. Erisi liked to think it was because he focused his thoughts on Valerian mostly. Somehow as long as his daydreams involved the bluerider, everything was magically okay.

Valerian could do no wrong, and apparently Erisi couldn't either when he was in the man's presence. The Harper would just have to admit to himself that to Valerian, he would always be second best. Faranth, he was third best. Charath was clearly going to put herself first, and then Valerian, and Erisi was stuck on the bottom in the way he hated most. The way that wasn't fun.

Can you think about anything else? Is it remotely possible? Are you capable of thinking about something that isn't physical?

"CHARATH!" somehow despite their months together, Erisi had never quite gotten over his habit of yelling at her verbally when she frustrated him enough... even when she wasn't near. He figured she could feel how grumpy he was.

Communal Kitchens / Suffering [S'kef]
« on: 18 Apr 2012 at 04:33 PM »
No, I want a meat roll, not a plain roll. You better not be just bringing me out one.

'I can't sharding carry more than two without looking like a sharding idiot, Charath.' It was both a blessing and a curse that Charath was now too big to fit into the Kitchens. At one point she had made an effort of terrorizing the staff nearly every day. Some had become endeared by her efforts, others still shot him glares whenever he walked back into the Kitchens to grab a snack. Charath considered it a job well done, and Erisi considered it a pain in his ass. Even now a kitchenfolk was eying him suspiciously, as if Charath was going to be following on his heels into the Kitchen. She wasn't physically with him, but her presence never really left. That was disturbing, and partly why he was surviving without intimate action for so long. He didn't want to have sex with her prying mind prodding into his.

Oh look, there's Ayyonth. He looks freshly bathed, I should fix that...

But that did not mean he wanted to lose being good terms with potential partners in the future. His gaze head whipped over his shoulder, blue eyes staring intently into the air as if Charath could see him. It didn't really matter, because she could feel his irritation. 'Fine, for Faranth's sake Charath stay put. I'll be out when I finish grabbing myself something to eat. I'll grab you as many meat rolls as it takes to fill your stomach.' He was planning on three, since that was still a larger amount than he had mentioned to her.

Three earns you a wonderful conversation with Valerian as to why his dragon is pink. I am going to go meet with Grith. We're going to be best friends.

He ran a hand over his face, blue eyes staring forlornly down at the plate of fruit he had sectioned off for himself. He was doomed. His dragonet was a menace, and he was scared for when she got bigger, and her actions looked less cute to others and more downright annoying (which they were, in his esteemed opinion). Erisi couldn't tolerate her on most days, but maybe that was because he was bonded to her. Then again... Charath had not made many friends among her clutchmates, and the only human she genuinely liked was Valerian. He didn't consider her tolerance of Talian to be 'liking' him. She just knew that Erisi valued Talian enough that she had to play nice with him.

Fingers plucked a bit of fruit off of his plate, deciding to spend as much time as he could in here to avoid spending time out there with her right now. Erisi was dressed in his usual, and to compensate for the slightly chilled weather (they were still South, so it was fairly warm regardless) he was wearing a dark long-sleeved shirt. They needed some more decent tailors in this Weyr, because he was due for a wardrobe overhaul. His boots were slightly dirty, but instead of trying to cover it by having his pants over his boots, his pants were still tucked into them. He looked nicer that way, and he was a vain creature. The sash hanging at his hips was green (to match Charath, since they were nearly always together), the edges frayed just a little bit as an old fashion statement that was now a little too old for his tastes.

He had marks to waste, he could afford to get some new clothes, at the very least.

You should worry less about how you look, and more about feeding me.

'I'll get right on that.'


Dining Hall / Whining [ORP]
« on: 16 Apr 2012 at 12:13 AM »
Erisi was not looking at anyone, was not talking to anyone, was not even letting himself breathe the same air as someone else. His bad mood was potentially infectious, and at the very least it seemed like Charath had caught it. The bonded pair made quite the sight, one hunched over the table picking at a plate of cold food while the other sat rigidly beside him, eyes tinged subtly red. Charath was irritated because Erisi was pissed, and had been pissed for a day now. The last thing the Green Weyrling had been expecting out of N'gelt was a swift punch to his face, and had been so shocked by that action alone that he couldn't even defend himself. N'gelt had made it out of the area without so much as a retort from Erisi. Charath's angered words had filled his mind, though reflecting on the moment now, he could not recall what it was exactly that she had said.

He'd been punched before, sure, but never by someone quite as built as N'gelt (he was usually prone to avoiding confrontations with someone he knew could pummel his face into his skull). This sort of anger had never really accompanied physical hurt before. But, he was mad because getting punched had upset Charath, and now that he had a day under his belt to cool off, he was now pissed because his cheek had an unsightly bruise. The area had been red the night before, but when he woke up this morning the bruising had finally shown itself, and his cheek was an ugly black and blue. He hated it. He was such a vain creature by nature that Erisi did not even want to be seen. If it was his choice, he would have hidden in his barrack until he didn't make every human cringe away at the sight of him.

Erisi's head was bowed carefully, dark hair for once not pulled back into a ponytail. Rather, it was loose so it could act as a shield for his face. No one could quite see the irritable expression on his face, nor the bruise. His posture, however, probably gave his mood away - if Charath's eyes didn't. He should not have touched you, Charath's dark words whispered in his mind, but he didn't give her any verbal response beyond a grumbled 'mhhmm'.

He supposed he could have gone to D'ren or something about being physically assaulted by another dragonrider, but he was not feeling quite that petty yet. Who knew how N'gelt would take to being tattled on, and Erisi was not willing to risk it. He was not like I'shan, who'd run to the Weyrleader's ass the moment something went wrong. Erisi was doing his best to suck it up, and eventually move on. However, he was a vindictive personality and naturally suited to being irritable. It was going to take a long time for him to get over this. "I hate it here," he spoke softly to Charath, and then passed her a meat roll.

I am sorry. Charath had no idea what to say to calm her bonded, and she did not quite feel as if she could belittle him for being upset. She was upset!

Communal Kitchens / A Wild Dragonrider Appears! [I'shan]
« on: 23 Mar 2012 at 12:17 AM »
One of the kitchenfolk was staring him down as if he had recreated the plague and set it loose upon Katila Weyr. In a way, he imagine he had by letting Charath into the kitchens with him. But, he couldn't leave his green dragonet behind - not only would she still talk in his head, but she'd be whining the entire time about him not letting her have any fun. The kitchens were a playground for her, with so many people to play with and trick! Her latest antic had been an attempt to switch some spices on one of the cooks - but she was so big, and the spice jars so small that the cook had caught on fairly quickly to Charath's attempt. The dragonet had squawked at being discovered, and the spice jar in her mouth had been unceremoniously dropped onto the ground. Predictably it broke, and predictably the cook wanted to not only yell at Charath, but at Erisi as well.

He restrained his tongue, and Erisi restrained the urge to smile smugly at the man. Some people found Charath's antics endearing, so half of the kitchen was watching her games fondly while the other half was dreading her next mistake. In the end, everyone seemed to know better than to yell at her, and were kind enough to an exhausted Weyrling not to yell at him either. Honestly, all he had come to the Kitchens for was a snack. He was eating from a bowl of fruit, carefully plucking out the most appealing bits and eating only those. Every so often, Charath would wander back to his side, and in passing he'd slip her the tiniest bit of cooked meat that was supposed to end up in a pie. He didn't give her that much, but it was still enough to make the dragonet feel spoiled.

Erisi should have been more upset by the trouble Charath was getting into, but within his first day of knowing his dragonet, he had learned that it was better someone else got stuck at the end of one of her bad pranks than himself. Still, when she started to push the limits by reaching for some grounded flour, he stepped up to try and rein her in. "Don't."


"You'll get it on your face, and I just spent too long cleaning you up today."

I will be a white dragon!

"No, there's no such thing, you'll be a rare albino wherry," he answered with an amused snort. The green dragonet craned her head towards him, staring him down for a few seconds as if that would make him more aware of her displeasure at the comment. "Look," he deflected her attention towards a kitchenfolk, "they look like they can be spooked easy." And she was off, doing another of her stare-you-down-and-remain-absolutely-motionless tricks. It was kind of becoming endearing, in that very annoying sort of way.

Gather Square / Excuse Me? [N'gelt]
« on: 20 Mar 2012 at 08:03 PM »
By some sharding miracle Erisi had survived his first class, though he felt some lingering frustration over his predicament. Charath was a big personality, and his personality was just as huge... and somehow there was hardly enough room in his head for both. Charath had also spent the entire lesson either doting on Valerian, or trying to find a way to prank the Weyrlingmaster (much to Erisi's unhindered horror). He had somehow managed to convince her out of the idea, but her young mind was already trying to figure out who would be a good other victim. It was a good thing, perhaps, on his break between lessons, that he was with no one. Who knew what antics Charath would try and pull, and Erisi did not want his friends to suffer from them, let alone figures of authority.

Strangers, however, he'd let Charath have at them. Someone had to keep his dragonet from driving him crazy. As long as it wasn't the Weyrleader, Charath could have her fun. I don't understand why you couldn't do as well as Valerian did in the lesson. He listened very well. You tuned half of it out. I will probably have to repeat it to you later, Charath suddenly spoke with a mild amount of remorse for her bonded's inability to do as she wanted.

"You don't have the patience to," he shot back at her with a roll of his eyes. Regardless of their little argument, he reached out to scratch underneath her chin. They weren't nearly as openly affectionate as Krypth and Jada, but there was definitely a large amount of fondness in the way Erisi treated Charath. He was far more warm and open with her than he had ever been with anyone else. Even Talian didn't earn as many smiles as Charath had in just a day and a half of knowing her. Sometimes, he found her antics endearing, and sometimes he found them outright annoying. Right now, he was willing to put up with them.

I could. You couldn't tune me out, since my voice is right in your head. Can you hear me now?

How about now?

A small pause preceded her words, and then, And now? Can you hear me? Are you listening to me?

"CHARATH." Erisi scolded her loudly, holding a hand up to his ear as if that would block out the sound of her dark voice. The dragonet didn't take offense, instead shaking visibly with unrestrained laughter. Fortunately for everyone else, the only one who could actually hear her weird laugh resounding in his head was Erisi. "Fine, I can hear you. Stop it."

Are you suuureeeeee? The green dragonet tried to climb up onto the bench that Erisi was resting on, but since her lithe body was still a little too big to fit herself and Erisi, she settled for just her front legs finding space on the bench. She craned her neck to her bonded, staring into the side of his face intensely as he stubbornly stared in the other direction.

They were stuck in this stand off for a few minutes.

The Hatching Circuit / Wish Upon a Wherry [Valerian]
« on: 19 Mar 2012 at 03:24 PM »


No no no, no no no! The newly hatched dragonet creeled sadly, a large piece of meat slipping out of her jaws and back into the bucket that she had started plowing into. Her faceted eyes had swished across the Hatching Sands to land on her favorite Candidate, and then landed dangerously on the dragonet that had suddenly claimed him.

"For Faranth's sake, what Charath?"

Veeth did not ask me if it was okay to pick him. No. Veeth can go find some backwater tunnelsnake instead. The dragonet stubbornly stomped her front two legs simultaneously into the sand, forgetting completely about her ravenous hunger. Veeth hadn't even gotten close enough for her to inspect him properly, and she had already decided that he was not good enough for Valerian. Her fussing did not go unnoticed by Erisi, but he was already feeling jaded about Charath's fascination over Valerian. She was his dragonet, right? He hadn't even wanted one! So, having gotten one, he was now subjected to a cruel punishment of her liking someone else above him.

I didn't pick him. I picked you. Tell Veeth to pick someone else.

"What?" It was all Erisi was apparently capable of saying at a time like this. Only then did he realize that Valerian was headed his way with a dragonet in tow. It was probably the best thing Erisi could have seen at that time - because while he was mildly jealous over Charath's affection of Valerian, he did not want to be doing this Weyrling thing alone. If he had no choice but to go through with this, he wanted someone he considered a genuine friend to be by his side. Erisi was still sure he didn't even want this lifestyle. He liked Charath fine, loved her even, but that did not make him feel inclined to love everything that involved dragons now. There was still a huge prejudice against dragonriders in Erisi's mind.

"Valerian!" Erisi called out to his friend, though his voice was overshadowed by Charath's attempt to trumpet at Veeth.

I did not say you could pick him! she scolded the Blue with all the impatience Erisi had developed in his lifetime.

Western Forests / Friendship [Valerian]
« on: 19 Feb 2012 at 07:17 PM »
They were on opposite sides of the tree again, not because they were strangers, but because, well...

Erisi owned one side of the tree, and Valerian the other. Erisi had tried to overtake Valerian's position, but after an overly classy debate, had been removed to his own side. Erisi couldn't tell if he was sore over the loss or not, and decided that the best way to figure out how he felt was to play a few tunes. They were oddly coming out pleasant sounding, which indicated that Erisi really wasn't that upset about his loss. On the forest floor was a piece of parchment, where two different handwriting had scribbled crude words depicting a dragonrider's lifestyle. He was muttering said words along with the music of his guitar. He figured the happy-sounding music would counteract every insult that passed through his thin lips.

Erisi was dressed in his usual attire - which meant he was dressed nice despite spending the day outside in the forest. He had learned to wear brown pants when sitting on the ground. The weather was still warm enough that he could get away with wearing sandals and a short-sleeved shirt. A sash that was a cool blue was tied elegantly at his waist, the tail resting over a patch of moss that Erisi had narrowly avoided sitting his ass down on. The pair of Harpers had only been in the forest for a short time. Their trek had started earlier, with a basket laden with wine and meat rolls.

It was a sort of 'break'. But, then again, when weren't Valerian and Erisi leaving their duties early to have some free time to themselves? Erisi had done his work, so he considered himself free to go. Valerian was fine companionship to wander off with, anyways. They had an easy sort of friendship, one that wasn't bogged down with emotions and serious conversation like his friendship with Talian. Valerian was a nice... reprieve, a breath of fresh air for Erisi after struggling through Talian's torrent of emotions. He valued Talian, but it was clear that Erisi had never had to handle someone quite like the Healer.

"Did we really have to split the tree in half?" Erisi finally asked his friend.

Western Forests / Stress [R'nd]
« on: 17 Feb 2012 at 01:19 AM »
It was getting late, but that didn't seem to bother the young Harper terribly. Erisi was sitting underneath a tree that was partially his. How he found the same sharding tree was beyond him, but he had re-discovered it earlier in the afternoon. For kicks, he was sitting on Valerian's side of the tree. He didn't expect the other Harper to show up, but if the man did then they would be in for an interesting argument. Erisi really wasn't that inspired to defend his right to part of a tree, but right now the entertainment would be welcomed. It was just starting to get dark, in that the sky was turning from a rich blue into a more somber gold. Soon the sky would be a splattering of red and purple, finally to blue and then black. Erisi would have to start trekking back to Katila Weyr soon if he didn't want to get caught in the dark.

But, for some reason he couldn't be bothered to move. He had brought out a snack for himself, and a grand accompaniment of wine. He hadn't drank enough to be drunk, but he was definitely feeling its effects slowing him down. His sweet rolls and pieces of dried meat had been consumed a while ago, and did little now to counteract the intake of wine. He'd be able to find his way back fine while tipsy, but the problem was that he just wasn't motivated. It was like Erisi to seek out a quiet place to avoid the rest of the Weyr. It was unlikely Erisi to be on the verge of getting drunk while being alone.

He figured the occasion called for it. While he had gotten out of his talk with the Weyrleader nearly unscathed, the fact remained that he was going to be I'shan's drudge for one calling, and one calling was really all it took. This Weyr really had it out for him, trying to get him to play nice with the person who had kidnapped him. Surely D'ren was testing him, but if that was the case... Erisi was going to fail. He was going to end up punching I'shan in the face again, and this time he would end up on Candidate Isle. Maybe he'd be there long enough to escape the oncoming Hatching.


That was sharding brilliant.

Sure, he'd be suffering for a few sevendays, but if he missed the Hatching, it would be worth it!

Somehow, in his tipsy mind, he realized that it probably wouldn't work. He only realized this because no one else seemed to be trying his brilliant new avoid-the-Hatching plan. If it was such a great idea, someone would have tried it before.

Dining Hall / Still Alive [Private]
« on: 13 Feb 2012 at 10:45 PM »
While Erisi had been punished, his punishment hadn't taken effect yet, nor had it have him suddenly being whisked away to Candidate Isle for a few sevendays. From someone else's point of view, Erisi probably came out on top of the situation. He still thought his punishment was wherry dung, but it was better than... a few things that he had envisioned. At least, this way he got to remain with the few companions he enjoyed spending time with. That was a relief, since it had taken Erisi so long to just make two friends. It'd be a shame for him to lose him because he was unable to maintain a relationship with them. Spending time stuck on an island would certainly do that.

Still, he was peeved about his punishment, and had every right to be. The turn of events likely would have never came around if I'shan hadn't done everything possible to incite Erisi's temper. The young man entered the kitchen, figuring that having a bite to eat would give him one less thing to complain about - being hungry. The kitchen, while focused on preparing each meal for the day, always seemed to have an assortment of pastries and leftovers that the hungry wanderer could snack on. Most of the time, the kitchenfolk could care less if someone got in their way while trying to get a snack. Erisi had found himself a dish of fruit, and was daintily picking out the ones that didn't look overripe. He leaned against the kitchen table, resisting the urge to lick his fingers (he was going to be nice enough not to spread his germs everywhere).

Something, or rather, someone caught his attention, so that he was no longer tempted to lick his own fingers. He recognized that body shape very well, and after popping another piece of fruit into his mouth, departed from his station to follow said figure. The other man had disappeared into one of the back storage rooms, which Erisi assumed was to get some spices for the klah he was so addicted to. Pinpointing which storage room the Healer had disappeared into, Erisi walked in after him. On a whim, he shut the door behind him.

"Guess who's still alive?" Erisi greeted Talian with a brief, cocky smile.

Gather Square / Misery [N'gelt]
« on: 13 Feb 2012 at 09:46 PM »
Erisi was understandably pissed. Usually he was just pissed, but right now he had as good a reason as any to be upset. He couldn't comprehend why the Weyrleader would make him associate further with I'shan, the sharding dragonrider he had punched in the face. Erisi knew what type of person I'shan was - vindictive from the top of his head to the very tips of his toes. Erisi was the same, actually, and perhaps that was one of the reason they clashed so often. Their personalities were similar in all the wrong ways, and Erisi had a good reason to hold a grudge with I'shan to begin with. They were two people who were destined to never get along, and so the Weyrleader came up with the sharding brilliant idea of having Erisi cater to I'shan's dragon, and in a way I'shan himself.

They were trying to break him. Unfortunately, by this point he was far too determined to remain pissed off at the entire Weyr. When pushed, he pushed back. I'shan should know that well enough by now, considering the angry punch he had thrown at the Searchrider's face. Luckily, Erisi could not punch well. He was a Harper, people naturally assumed they solved all of their issues through song. Let him sing a happy ballad to cheer himself up, or an aggressive one to vent his frustrations! ...Right, no. There were more effective ways for Erisi to deal with his frustration. Then again, his usual option was unavailable. He certainly wasn't going to attempt more with Talian, unless the boy showed some amazing inclination to the idea. There were a few other people... but Erisi hated the idea of seeking them out. He liked opportunity to knock on his door.

So, shardit, he'd vent through song if he had to.

Singing a ballad the he and Valerian came up with was a little... out of the question. Erisi had been sure to fit in ever derogatory word he could think of for their dragon riding friends. Valerian had the skill to make it flow and not seem like a hurling of insults. The words would certainly attract more trouble than Erisi needed to deal with, and seeing as he was walking a thin line with the Weyrleader, it was better to avoid singing one of his horrible ballads. So, he would hum the little ass of a song until his throat grew sore.

That was right, he'd take his shots where he could. The words in his head were enough to make him smile. He strummed a more chipper tune (if he was insulting them, it was going to be with the happiest tune anyone had ever sharding heard) on his guitar. The young man was seated on a wooden bench, one leg draped over the other, guitar propped lazily against his thighs. The song was only doing a little for his mood, but it was better than nothing.

Dining Hall / Errors [Talian]
« on: 10 Feb 2012 at 12:06 AM »
The Harper's eyes were red, though there were no visible or tell-tale signs of streaking down his cheeks. So, he wasn't crying, but he was putting in a good deal of effort not to. One could simply assume that he was tired, he certainly had gotten similar red eyes after having to sit through some of the Candidate classes. But, there was something about the expression on his face that hinted towards him being distressed over tired. His posture was horrible for someone who prided himself in being attractive, with shoulders hunched forward, head bowed to try and hide his face. His hair was undone to better mask the expression, the band he usually tied it back with wrapped around his wrist for the time being. The sash around his waist hung low, and was a vivid orange despite his down demeanor. Obviously, he had gone into the evening being far happier than he had ended up as.

He was walking down the hall that led to the Candidates Barracks. No one was awake at this hour, and if they were, they certainly weren't partying it up in their rooms. Erisi would have retired soon himself, and fully intended to do so now after his fight with I'shan. It was something he didn't want to dwell on, because it reminded him of how he had lost his temper and screwed himself over. Erisi had learned to expect the worse out of dragonriders, and so his name was likely to be dropped to the Weyrleader soon enough for his unruly behavior. It was an inevitably, so why should he allow his behavior to change around I'shan? Was he really going to let himself be subdued by the Searchrider? His pride wouldn't allow for him to cave so easily.

But, right now... he really felt like it. He felt like giving in, felt like saying 'Shard it' and letting the worst happen to him. The fight he had in him earlier this evening had been entirely drained. He would rebound, in time, but for now he felt like he was at another end to a chapter in his life. It was on a cliffhanger too - the worst kind, and he suspected that the next chapter would start unpleasantly. It certainly wouldn't be the final chapter, but if each chapter was a bad as the last few he had gone through, he wanted this story to take an abrupt turn in a different direction.

The journeyman Harper sighed, stopping just a few rooms short of his own to lean back against the wall. He ran a hand through his hair and tried to fight back the torrent of emotions that he was experiencing. He really... wasn't doing a good job at it either. "Shard it, ugh." How could be possibly be expected to persevere after all he had gone through?

Candidate Barracks / Get It Off Your Chest [Talian]
« on: 05 Feb 2012 at 06:12 PM »
Erisi was feeling mind-numbed. He had never quite recovered from having to sit through the candidate sexuality class. It didn't horrify him, or anything remotely similar to that feeling. Rather, he was familiar enough with the subject that this was nothing new. The entire time he had wanted to smack a girl at the front who couldn't stop her sharding giggling. It wasn't even cute giggling, it was the kind that grated on his ears and made him want to cover said ears with his hands. He could hear that giggling resonating in his skull still, and it caused a constant feeling of unpleasantness. Erisi needed a distraction, and perhaps he shouldn't be approaching the situation with that in mind... but eh, whatever.

He was on the hunt for his friend/failed sex partner, Talian. Why? Because the boy had clearly been uncomfortable for a good part of the class. Erisi could understand why, since Talian had shied away from even kissing him. Perhaps what Talian needed was a heart to heart talk about not pushing himself to sleep around because G'rem said so. Erisi certainly was going to do it. He silently thanked G'rem for encouraging everyone to do it. But, uh, it was definitely not the lifestyle for Talian. The boy would probably break into pieces at the thought of sex with a girl, let alone a boy. So, Erisi believed that Talian needed someone to talk to. He was also being kind enough by offering to be that someone.

It was the nicest thing he had done in turns.

He vaguely knew which room Talian had moved into in the Candidate Barracks, and made his way into said room without bothering to announce himself. Erisi was dressed in his usual attire, a sleeveless shirt, perfect-fitting pants, boots (because sandals looked horrible with his pants), and the atypical sash tied at his waist. His hair was pulled back into a loose ponytail, and allowed to hang however it pleased. The sloppy style of his hair looked good, in his opinion, so he kept it like that.

Erisi spotted Talian on the bed, curled up and reading a book that was probably as uninteresting as Talian's sex life. Erisi had read enough when he was an apprenticed Harper... so, he was entirely done with reading. There was no worldy power in existence to convince him to read for enjoyment's sake, or even for work's sake. "Talian. Hey, move over."

Candidate Barracks / Candidate's Lament [ORP]
« on: 04 Feb 2012 at 09:38 PM »
His life was over.

Okay, so it wasn't the laying-flat-over-the-edge-of-the-bed-with-blood-dripping-from-his-antagonostic-but-oddly-nice-lips death... but it was close. He felt as if the roof over his head had suddenly caved down on top of him, or better yet, some past lover walking up to him and punching him in the face. It was an odd mixture of a wake-up call and the dull ring of impending doom. Both were equally horrible on their own, but put them together and they were catastrophic. If he was prone to panic attacks, he'd be having a full-fledged one right now. If he was prone to random suicide attempts, he'd have kicked a dragon in the shin and called it a wherry. If he was prone to the idea of running away, which he was, he would do it... but that was also a suicide attempt. So, he remained in place.

It wasn't a great place to be in.

Erisi was in the Candidate Barracks, and more exactly standing right outside his room. If he went in, he'd probably never come out, not unless they tempted him with a great piece of manflesh or physically carried him out. "I can't believe this," he groaned. Running a hand through his thick hair, he looked around himself for any feasible excuse to get take his mind off the fact that the wherry of a Gold had clutched.

He wasn't a juvenile, he knew what happened when dragons got all hot and sweaty, but he had held his hopes up for some devastating tragedy. Oh, no, our precious Gold flew herself right into a tree! All eighteen precious eggs exploded out of her abdomen to reveal white bug-eyed monstrosities that ate every dragonrider in sight! Those poor Candidates, they have no dragons to Impress, and very few dragonriders left to take after! The tragedy!

It would have been a dream come true. Erisi would have cried tears of joy instead of ones of panic. He almost did cry, but Erisi prided himself on keeping control over his emotions. So, he pouted, an upset, almost broody pout. Erisi doubted there could be anything done to keep those eggs from Hatching now. He was going to have to Stand, and if he Impressed he really would kill himself on the spot. He hated the idea of Impressing because that was what they wanted. Sharding dragonriders. Maybe it was time for a revolution. There had been rumors, of course, but Erisi didn't think they really had any solid backing.

Perhaps it was time to give those rumors just that.

But... maybe not. Candidate Isle was a horrible place of heat and sunshine. "Anyone want to Stand for me?" No takers? Well, that wasn't surprising.

Candidate Barracks / Down the Hatch [Talian]
« on: 31 Jan 2012 at 02:44 AM »
The young man was sure that he was at the right room. Dinner had ended a little while ago, but it was terribly like Erisi to be a little late. He had to return to his own room so he didn't look like a slob and to grab some wine. He honestly did not trust Talian to have anything good on him, especially since the man himself admitted that he did not drink very often. It was Erisi's obligation as the veteran drinker to initiate Talian properly. If they were going to be friends, Talian was going to learn how to drink without puking up his stomach contents the next morning. Erisi considered it a prerequisite to any relationship, whether it be friendship or even mere acquaintances, and shells, flings too.

He didn't bother to introduce himself at Talian's doorway. His new friend should be expecting him, and if Talian had any faith in people who also hated Katila Weyr, he would not have gone to bed yet. "I brought some wine, since I figured you'd be lacking in provisions of that sort." Who knew, though? Maybe healers had a stash of wine to calm patients with... or make them belligerently drunk. All right, so wine didn't seem to be the medical answer for everyone's problems, so it was a good thing that Erisi had brought wine himself. Talian really couldn't be trusted with having a stash of his own. "I also brought some sweet rolls just in case." He really did not have to add that he brought them just so Talian had something to dilute his intake of wine with.

This was supposed to be a casual drink and get-together, but one could never be too careful. "This is the only way I think I'll be able to survive this candidacy - if I drink my way through it." He was being fairly conversational for someone who had been so off-putting when Talian first approached him. But, he was taking a chance on making a friend. He couldn't survive at this Weyr alone - at some point he'd get lonely, because even Erisi craved some human company every now and again. It was just a huge bonus that Talian wasn't a dragonrider. It made him out to be far more favorable company than Erisi could have hoped for.

"So, you've really only drank when you eat dinner? That makes you seem... really sheltered."

Communal Kitchens / Dignity
« on: 26 Jan 2012 at 08:30 PM »
This was completely beneath him, and Erisi wasn't just saying that. The young man was fairly confident that dish scrubbing was not in his job description. He was a Harper - at the very least he would instruct children over cleaning up after the slobs that this makeshift Weyr contained. His point was that his talents applied to a vastly different area of skills than the one they were forcing upon him. Sure, other candidates were getting stuck with the same tasks, or even worst ones, but if anyone in this Weyr had any sense, they'd give meaningless tasks to people who couldn't do anything else. That was what Erisi would have done, and well, he was fairly confident that the way he wanted things done was the right way for things to be done in.

Black hair was falling into his eyes, but he didn't dare brush them back with his hands - for one, they were dirty because the dishes were even more than disgusting; and secondly, the water had long ago soaked his hands, and he did not enjoy the feel of them touching the dishes let alone his own face. It was very likely at this point that Erisi was pissed at his own hair, rather than his general situation. If he had any more of a rebellious streak in him, though, he would have just not done his chores like he was supposed to. The threat of being put back on the sharding island was enough to get him to do what was requested of him. He wasn't a dimglow. He'd rather bake to death in a place with some luxury than a sandy beach with none.

He was sitting down with his legs crossed one of the other, and to his right was a pile of dirty dishes, and to his left was a pile of clean (if not a little soapy) dishes. He considered it a job well-done, because as far as he was concerned it was a sharding miracle that he was doing this in the first place. Erisi had successfully segregated himself from the other workers, because it was far easier to brood on his own than it was in a group. His lips were pressed in a thin line, brows knitted as he furiously scrubbed a plate down. Oh yeah, this was definitely beneath him. Erisi had sunken to an all time low, just by touching a single dish that he did not dirty himself. He could pick up after himself fine, it was picking up after others that he had an entire dragon-sized bag full of issue with.

He wasn't a team player sometimes, to put things nicely.

Gather Square / Attitude Adjustment
« on: 25 Jan 2012 at 11:11 PM »
Perhaps it was a simple refusal to adjust behind why Erisi was still unhappy. As he could recall, up North he had been a far more pleasant person. Up North, he didn't have a reason to be angry every sevenday. The way he had been scooped up and sent down for the sake of some dragonrider purpose had been humiliating and violating of his right to make his own choices. His anger, for once, was perfectly justified. But, by now one would expect that Erisi should just let it go and roll with the punches. Nope. He refused. He had been kidnapped by a group of wherry-brained dragonriders who had no real purpose anymore. Thread wasn't even going to come back, so why, for Faranth's sake, were they really this eager to get their numbers back up?

Erisi visibly twitched as he strung a chord on his gitar and it sounded about as sharp as he felt. These past few sevendays since his arrival on Candidate Isle had been filled with a whole lot of him not wanting to do a thing. He imagined he should apply his trade more, since that was all he had now, but he was still feeling particularly sour. The dragonriders had made a mistake if they thought he was going to do any teaching. Entertaining was more his thing, anyways, but he doubted that would be considered as useful right now.

He didn't much care, he was going to play anyways. It was, quite possibly, the only thing that would settle his mood. Then again, when he stopped playing and remembered where he was, it'd probably come right back again. It was a miniature war going on with his moods, and the nasty one was winning. "For Faranth's sake!" he hissed underneath his breath, frustrated that he couldn't find the right note for the one string he had started tuning. It was going to be a longer day than most.

The Harper was dressed just bearably thin. He'd strip naked to escape the heat if possible, but his integrity would not allow it. The sleeves of his shirt were cut off, the top dropping down into a v-neck. He usually did not enjoy wearing shorts, but they were a necessity for today. For some reason, the sash around his waist simply couldn't be let go despite the heat. He liked it. It was the only thing that made him feel like he was dressed nicely today. The colors weren't to his liking, either. He needed to find someone who was decent at dying clothes and cheap. He longed to have more outfits in a cool blue.

The young man wasn't entirely unnoticeable within the Gather Square. He had taken care in separating himself away from most of the people - he was vindictive enough not to care about making friends. In the North, he had been in his environment, he had a nice set of friends that he liked and knew. Down here, he had nothing, and still hadn't found the drive to make anything out of his new life. This stage should have passed by a long time ago, but he was inclined to hold a grudge.

Or hundreds of grudges, for every dragonrider down here that went along down this sharding merry path their Weyrleaders wanted.

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