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Western Forests / Broken Dragon Woes [R’nd]
« on: 30 Oct 2014 at 07:20 AM »
T’bia fiddled anxiously with the small, blue stone he had picked up the previous day when bathing Jycenth. It was not anything particularly special, simply a pretty stone with deep flecks of blue through it, washed smooth by the water. There were many prettier stones out there, T’bia knew, but he liked the one he had picked up. The soft grey colour reminded him of how Jycenth’s deep midnight blue front melded into the pale sky blue of his rear – except for his nose, of course, T’bia smiled. He could not find fault with his dragon’s beauty, and was quite certain that Jycenth was easily one of the most beautiful blues around!

Unfortunately, being secure in Jycenth’s beauty wasn’t helping T’bia with the deep worry that there was something else wrong with his lovely young dragon. T’bia had watched the blue dragons (and the bronze, and the brown) from not only his own group, but those either side of it, take to the skies after the green dragons that populated the skies. He’d even seen some of them take off after the golds, though most everyone knew they’d never win. He had not, however, seen Jycenth so much as even twitch when a green screeched. He’d not so much as seen the dragon looking at a green, or sweet talking a green, or anything.

Jycenth was a friendly dragon, so he had lots of friends, and T’bia had seen him spend time with all the colours, and talk to them and play with them. But he never seemed to favour any of them, and T’bia was beginning to fret. Well, no, he’d passed the point where he was fretting and now he was stressed and upset because there was clearly something wrong, he’d failed somewhere, and he had broken his dragon. Jycenth, the only creature that had ever truly wanted and loved him, and he’d failed the little blue and broken him and now he didn’t chase and it was clearly all T’bia’s fault.

T’bia’s lower lip trembled as he trudged quietly through the mostly abandoned Katila Weyr, seeking unenthusiastically the only person he trusted enough to talk to about his fears. Jycenth had tried, unsuccessfully, to convince T’bia that there was nothing wrong with him. He had been slightly amused, at first, by the implications before growing frustrated that T’bia didn’t believe him. It hadn’t taken much to find out why: all through Weyrlinghood, their Weyrlingmaster had made sure to drill home to quest a dragonet that insisted all was well, notably about the itchy spots of hide. Jycenth had always done his best to be honest with T’bia, but he had hated telling the boy a spot still hurt after the youngster had oiled it several times already. After that, he could see why T’bia was reluctant to believe him and so had suggested he speak to R’nd.

The young bluerider had chewed on the idea before finally it had grown into such a knot of worry that he simply couldn’t not speak to R’nd about it. Then all he had had to do was wait to find the right moment to approach the bluerider that had mentored him for much of his Weyrlinghood, and continued to do so in their Wing sessions. It had not been easy. T’bia’s own responsibilities kept him busy, and catching a break was hard but catching one when R’nd was not occupied with B’jin, helping B’jin, wing practice of dashing around up North… T’bia wondered if he’d ever get to talk to his friend ever again! It had, naturally, been while he had been moping about never seeing the bluerider that he had crashed directly into him. After umming and ahhing and hedging a lot, T’bia had finally asked if he could talk to R’nd – later, of course! – and had run off when R’nd agreed, but before he could turn a request for later into that moment (he’d looked busy!).

Thus, T’bia trudged along unhappily behind Rell as the little blue firelizard led him to where R’nd was sitting in the shade of a large tree. The youngster smiled at R’nd when he lifted his gaze and met the other bluerider’s eyes, but did not say anything as he sat down and curled up, leaning against the tree trunk and looking up at R’nd dejectedly. “Jycenth is broken.” The blue dragon in question sighed softly to himself and shook his head, but didn’t say anything as he gently withdrew from T’bia in order to give him the impression of true privacy as he confided in R’nd, and Jycenth focused on the beasts below him, trying to pick out the most delicious one.

Character Diaries / But... I still have questions? :(
« on: 20 Jul 2014 at 12:05 PM »

I don't understand...


Hot Springs / A Terrible Burden [R'nd]
« on: 01 Jun 2014 at 12:04 PM »
Those are becoming more frequent, the young blue dragon’s gentle, feminine voice brushed lightly against T’bia’s foggy mind as the boy came awake, drenched in a thin film of now-cold sweat; his stomach coiled unhappily with guilt and shame as he turned just enough to bury his face in his pillow. Jycenth soothed the youngster gently, wrapping him in the warm embrace of his love and affection as T’bia cried silently for a few minutes. The young bluerider’s shame was thick and heavy, and Jycenth could feel it weighing down on the boy, despite his best reassurances.

Come, Bibi; let us go down to the pools. He pushed gently, firmly encouraging his upset rider to struggle out of his tangled sheets, kicking them to the end of the bed and to drag on the clothes he had worn the day before; fresh clothing was gathered up for wearing after his bath. Jycenth crooned gently when T’bia appeared, nuzzling the boy’s cheek with his blue snout and breathing warmth and love on him, quite literally. T’bia clung to his dragon for a few moments, before scrambling aboard his eager companion and allowing the naturally cheerful dragon to lumber off towards the open pools that remained, mostly hidden within the out skirting trees of the new Weyr.

A soul shaking yawn stretched T’bia’s jaws as Jycenth made it to his pool of choice; it was a large one, though not large enough for the now grown dragon, it was one that was favoured by the youngsters that were still growing. Warm baths were preferred on growing hides than cold, though T’bia had never asked if that was because the dragonets were small enough to benefit from them, or if there were a true health reason behind it. He figured it was just kinder to the riders; Jycenth was as happy to bathe in the centre of the lake in the heat of summer as he was in the depth of winter.

Sliding ungracefully from Jycenth, T’bia set his fresh clothing to one side, and stripped off without bothering to see if anyone were around; while hardly as confident in his appearance as he could be, T’bia was not ashamed of it either. His ability to shove his foot down his throat had caused most bullies in his youth to bypass his physical appearance in order to target his hazardous speech patterns; as a result, he was far more worried about what might come out of his mouth, than he was worried about what others might think of his body.

After kicking his pants at Jycenth’s nose with a fleeting smile, T’bia slide with the same gracelessness into the pool that he had displayed dismounting his dragon. The action sent water lapping over the edges and stubbed his toe; the sudden sting brought tears to the boy’s eyes, and he bit his lip to keep from crying out as he hopped a little on the spot. Are you alright, Bibi? Jycenth’s gentle voice held the softest inflection of amusement, just the right amount to push the poor young man over the edge and he burst into tears.

Jycenth gave a squeaking cry of distress and inched as close to the pool as he could, scrambling so his chest was right to the edge, and his forearms reached out to encircle the boy carefully, crooning apologetically as T’bia clung to him and cried. His thoughts were a muddled mess, but Jycenth could clearly see that his amusement had not been the cause, simply a trigger, and he nuzzled the top of T’bia’s head gently and did his best to sooth the boy.

Weyrfolk Housing / Knotted Losses [Peorray]
« on: 05 Apr 2014 at 01:52 PM »
Five months. He had not even managed to make it for five months, and he had lost the knots that signified his qualification as a fully-fledged rider. Those knots were more important to T’bia than likely any other object the boy owned or claimed. Indeed, they were almost as important to him as his dragon was. For just as Jycenth told the world with all his gorgeous blue-ness that T’bia was a worthy rider, the knots told the world that he had learned everything he had need to be taught, and that his teachers had found him worthy of processing, graduating, and recommending to a wing. T’bia could not believe he had been so careless as to lose them.

Tears stood out clearly in the large blue eyes of the teenager as he sat, confused and lost, in the middle of the floor space in his room. Outside, Jycenth had his eye even with the small window so he could peer in, though he did not say anything. The young dragon had already tried to comfort his rider, to no avail. T’bia was placing an uncommonly large amount of importance on the piece of string that dictated his rank, and Jycenth was quite sure even T’bia was not fully aware of why. Jycenth, for his part, had his suspicions but he was quite happy to let them lie dormant and unproven.

Bibi? Why don’t we check by the lakeside? We spent a lot of time there, yesterday, and you took your shirt and knots off to swim and bathe me, while Jycenth wasn’t sure they were there – even his shoddy memory was quite certain he’d seen T’bia carefully retie the knots upon his person – the blue was determined to help his little rider find peace. He cringed just slightly with how swiftly T’bia leaped upon that idea, and sprung to his feet in the room. Jycenth watched quietly as T’bia threw himself across the room, flung the door open, and promptly ran bodily into Peorray.

T’bia, for his part, went tumbling backwards to land on his rump in the doorway; he stared up with teary eyes, shocked far more than he was possibly hurt, and blinked at the goldrider. His jaw slacked, and suddenly T’bia was flailing to his feet, arms waving and eyes wide with horror. “Oh! Dear! I’m are so you? Sorry! Okay! You are?” The boy flailed as his words mangled, finally settling for planting both hands splayed-fingered in his hair (which was sticking out in every which direction) and staring at Peorray once more with huge eyes, and a very pale complexion.

Weyrfolk Housing / To Say Thanks [R’nd]
« on: 28 Feb 2014 at 12:02 AM »
T’bia fretted, internally, anxiously, as he scrubbed Jycenth’s hide down, working with almost laughable dedication on each small portion of his bonded’s body. He had ever been terrified of leaving even one spot uncared for, lest his beautiful suited blue come out with a scar or mar upon his hide like those which Larrkith was home to. T’bia had never forgotten the day B’jin had forced each of them to examine the green’s mangled hide, and told with such a serious expression the lack of care that had brought it about. He couldn’t ever bare that Jycenth have any such marking upon his pretty hide. Ever.

Which was why his eyebrows were furrowed and his lips pursed as he circled around and around his dragon to make sure he got every last bit of him. Why he made Jycenth sit on his haunches and hold his arms out so that T’bia could get right up under his belly and under his arms and giggle softly when Jycenth complained of it tickling. But mostly, T’bia’s worry was because he wanted to do something nice for R’nd, to thank him for all the help he’d given, and he just couldn’t think of anything!

It had been one of his classmates (T’bia couldn’t even remember  who, now) that had pointed out, rather snidely, that the only reason T’bia even knew which end of his dragon was the front was because R’nd had babied him through their entire Weyrlinghood. T’bia hadn’t been sure if he was outraged at the implied insult to Jycenth or not, but the hurt over the remark had won out in the end and the boy had cried most of the trip to the far end of the lake. He wasn’t that bad, was he?

Jycenth had stopped him before he’d fallen completely into the mess of emotions that comment had very nearly brought about, pointing out that – true or not – R’nd had indeed been very helpful throughout their Weyrlinghood, and maybe the bully was trying to say, in his less than eloquent way, that they ought to thank the man a little more. After all, he hadn’t had to help them, now had he? That had brightened T’bia up visibly, but only for a moment… The question then had been, what do you give a bluerider as a thank you gift? Especially one who already had everything!

R’nd already had a mate, and while the idea of putting a bow on B’jin’s head and presenting him to R’nd made T’bia giggle and Jycenth puff out an amused laugh, it was not very practical and he had a feeling his Weyrlingmaster would not particularly approve. B’jin was very proud.

T’bia and Jycenth walked up out of the water, the dragon pausing to shake himself free of excess moisture while T’bia unstopped the large bucket of oil and waited for his dragon to finish rolling in the hot sand, effectively drying himself. When he stood up, he shook like one of T’ken’s dogs, spraying sand all around him. T’bia smiled vaguely and snuggled the offered nose, placing a kiss on it as he pet Jycenth’s eye ridges with gentleness. Love for one another rolled off the pair of them, but T’bia’s mind was still unsettled with the disquiet of being unable to think of an appropriate gift.

He didn’t know how to cook, and besides, R’nd’s friend I’shan was like, the best cook ever so that was out. He couldn’t draw or write songs (or really write, to be honest) and he couldn’t play instruments like B’jin could (No one can, love) so those things were out, too. He wasn’t very good at making oil for a dragon’s hide, and with how regularly he washed Jycenth, he didn’t have time to make some for anyone else. T’bia knew he didn’t have to wash and oil his dragon as often as he did (Quite a few are jealous of my regular pampering, you know.) but he couldn’t stand the idea of mars, and besides, Jycenth really enjoyed it!

He didn’t trust his skills with working the leather to make R’nd and Ayyonth new riding straps, and his artistic skills in making them look pretty were extremely limited. He also couldn’t sew or embellish and – Enough of what you can’t do, love. You need to find something you can. R’nd likes you, you’re his friend. Why are you so anxious? You could give him half wilted mushrooms and he’d think you were brilliant and treasure the gift.
“Eww!” T’bia couldn’t help it; he burst into giggles at the idea of giving anyone dirty old mushrooms, and shook his head. “Because he’s been so nice,” T’bia pouted. “And he didn’t have to be. He’s still being nice to me, even though we’re not Weyrlings anymore and he doesn’t have to be around us.”
He’s your friend T’bia; that’s what friends do. They spend time together, and they enjoy each other’s company.
“But I want to give him a present.” T’bia was still pouting fantastically, his voice sulky, and Jycenth sighed as the boy began working oil into his nice clean, dry hide.
Pick him some pretty flowers, and some nice redfruit on the way home and you can give him that. And a hug, he likes hugs.

~ ~ ~

Jycenth’s suggestion won out, but really, T’bia was not very surprised in hindsight. Jycenth was infinitely smarter than he was, and he was always right. It was reassuring though, and T’bia took refuge in his dragon knowing what was best. He didn’t think dragon bonds were supposed to be like that – that the human defer to the dragon – but he supposed that was why he had a nice, sensible blue instead of a bronze or something. Those dragons were too lazy to think for themselves and green dragons were too hot headed. Blue was a good colour, and T’bia lazily petted the side of Jycenth’s neck as the dragon strode calmly towards the new Weyrfolk Hall.

Even though they could fly, T’bia was uncomfortable spending too much time in the sky, and the pair had reverted back to ‘pony rides’ more often than not once that was figured out. T’bia liked riding on Jycenth; he liked the connection and the quiet companionship and the lack of falling over his own feet. But flying made his stomach squeeze up and his eyes water and while he trusted Jycenth unquestionably to keep him safe… why make himself unnecessarily uncomfortable? That had been another one of Jycenth’s suggestions. Always right, his blue. Always knowing what is best.

In front of him, T’bia had a little satchel that was filled with a dozen or so redfruit, a few of them slightly over ripe and perfect for eating, but most of them just shy of being ripe, so the bluerider and his mate could take their time enjoying them without them spoiling too fast. In his spare hand, T’bia held an assortment of flowers, mostly shades of blue that, with a few pink and yellow thrown in for visual effect. He had tried to stick to the type of flower that was most closely coloured like Ayyonth’s hide, but it had not been easy.

Jycenth crooned a quiet greeting to Ayyonth as he stopped, glancing at the sleeping Larrikith but he could tell by the steady rise and fall of her side that she was truly asleep. They’d need to be quiet, but Jycenth was a quiet dragon by nature, so it was nothing to deter him. T’bia, on the other hand, froze atop him when he saw the sleeping green. Did that mean B’jin was home? Was he interrupting them? Blue eyes widened slightly and a flush coloured his cheeks as his mind nipped down one path that T’bia had to struggle not to end up thinking on too heavily. He did not want those kinds of images!

Still wide eyed and slightly flushed, T’bia turned his attention on Ayyonth, eyebrows furrowing slightly as he struggled for a moment with himself before speaking to the dragon. On the one hand, Jycenth said R’nd was a friend so it wasn’t that out there to talk to his dragon. On the other hand, T’bia wasn’t comfortable talking to other people, and dragons were even worse because proper manners dictated one should not really talk to someone else’s dragon, especially when they weren’t present and what if he upset R’nd? T’bia barely kept a pout under control as he took a deep breath and puffed it out slowly.

“H-hello Ayyonth; is R’nd busy?” His voice was quiet, and despite Jycenth curling up contentedly against Ayyonth’s other side and looking quite at home, T’bia didn’t dismount; instead he fiddled anxiously with the tie on the little bag, and wriggled uncomfortably where he sat.

Dining Hall / Quiet Celebrations [R'nd]
« on: 19 Nov 2013 at 02:02 AM »
He had done it.

They had done it!

T’bia leaned back on the bench he was perched on, legs sticking out under the table to balance himself, while he stared in mesmerised shock at the graduation knots he had just received from B’jin. He remembered when the greenrider had handed him his Sr. Weyrling knots, that small step in the graduation process, along with a gorgeous portrait of himself and his lovely Jycenth. A dopey grin formed on T’bia’s lips and he looked up, bright blue eyes full of tears as he suddenly leapt from the bench and threw himself first at the greenrider (completely missing the man’s shocked expression and worried stiffening) for a quick hug. He then threw himself at the various assistants’, completely aware of the way several of them laughed softly; clearly, he was not the only one that was shocked by his own graduation!

Of course we graduated, the blue’s gentle and feminine voice wrapped gently around T’bia’s mind and the boy (still grinning at their success) settled himself back in his seat, tripping over his own feet and very nearly planting his face firmly in the food he had been picking at before his knots were handed over. T’bia caught himself, not wanting to ruin his nice shirt, and smiled at one of his fellow classmates that made a laughing jab about him being clumsy. I told you we would, gently scolding amusement was lingering in the dragon’s tone, and T’bia held up the knots so the blue could peer through his own eyes to see them. Very fetching!

“Thank you, sir!” wide blue eyes flickered from B’jin, to whom his comment was aimed, to R’nd with a brilliant grin once more firmly planting itself on the young bluerider’s face. He could not believe it! He had graduated! He was officially a dragonrider! They were official! It was real! He could not wait to show his dad! T’bia’s chest swelled with pride, and the tears welled in the bottom of his eyes once more, but he was careful to blink them back before they could fall; that was all he needed! Nothing wrong with tears of joy, Bibi! Of course not! But not in public! T’bia’s thought trailed off into a nervous giggle and his attention returned to his knots; he was afraid to put them down, in case one of the men that had been training his class decided they’d made a mistake!

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