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Telgar Weyr / A Quiet Night In [Indivara]
« on: 10 Nov 2016 at 12:18 AM »
As they reappeared from between above Telgar Weyr, Veeth gave a greeting to the watch dragon and began the descent to their weyr. V’ler yawned, still surprised that the chill of between didn’t seem to wake him up like a slap to the face. Then again, traveling between was still something he hated doing, feared it really, so he suspected it was something along the lines of the rush of adrenaline fading with the relief of making it through left him even more drained than what he started with. He often wondered if one day he’d get over the justified cautiousness of their main way of travel but then he wondered if it’d be a dishonour to the memory of Iruvia and green Unowth who died in their class on learning how to travel between. In the end, he always decided to travel sparingly and to be of a sound mind when he did so, just in case.

That evening saw him returning from Fort Weyr where he spent the latter half of the day observing his second favourite pair of muses in the form of R’nya and Rhaedalyn. B’jin and R’nd would always hold a special spot in his Harper’s heart for inspiring sappy love songs but the Fort leaders were still in a fun spot of denial and dancing around each other that brought out other inspirations in the bluerider. Of course that wasn’t the only reason he went to Fort.

While he once told Indivara he had no desire in being a father which matched her lack of desire to be a mother, V’ler still occasionally popped in to see Varlea, his daughter Rhaedalyn was kindly raising. He lacked every fatherly bone imaginable, but he still showed up to see how she was doing. Maybe it was some form of guilt or even just simple curiosity on how a child he helped produce was fairing in the world. V’ler really didn’t know the reason but he still went and interacted with the girl and Rhaedalyn’s daughter, Alyren, for an hour or so. Usually he ended up drinking juice with Rhaedalyn as the girls played a few feet away. He was happy with that level of interaction and while he wasn’t as versed in writing children’s songs or songs about kids through the eyes of parents, he took some notes when something stood out to him.

Quill and Vex appeared at the entrance to the weyr to greet him, having stayed home this trip. Vex didn’t like most people but didn’t seem too fond of Rhaedalyn’s gold firelizard, Whisper. Since Quill and Vex luckily did get along well, they were usually seen side by side and Quill had stayed with his brother as well. V’ler greeted them both with little pats to their heads and dismounted from Veeth who was crooning happily at his ‘mini-mes’ that he adored. He didn’t see Venseth while he removed the riding gear from Veeth but that wasn’t really that odd. The blue dragon sometimes went off to socialize or was on an errand while Indivara had one of her favoured night baths; unless the pair was actually out and about somewhere.

It didn’t bother him either way if Indivara was home or not. They had a weird relationship but it worked for them. They somehow managed to share the same space, bed included, and never asked the other for anything. After the one and only time Indivara had walked in on him during a flight that hadn’t gone too well, V’ler had made sure not to be near his own bed when Veeth chased one of his many favoured greens. Otherwise, they got along surprisingly well, looking out for the other in their own way yet not fretting over them and becoming overbearing either.

V’ler wasn’t much of a drinker, preferring to have a glass at special occasions, but every so often a glass of wine while he was writing at the end of a long day seemed appropriate for his mind frame. After stripping out of the days clothes and tossing on a pair of comfy pants he wore for bed, V’ler poured himself a glass and went over to his desk to look over the days’ notes before possibly attempting to work out the chorus to a song he’d been struggling on for a bit. Vex and Quill were quick to follow, taking up their usual places with Vex on his shoulder and Quill sprawled along the top of the desk.

Telgar Weyr / Under the Weather [Indivara]
« on: 26 Jan 2016 at 09:56 AM »
Indivara! Indivaaaaaraaa! Veeth’s normally sweet and lilting voice was pitched with panic with matched the nervous dance he was doing from foot to foot. Something wasn’t right with his rider but he didn’t know exactly what it was and he didn’t want to bother someone just in case it wasn’t serious. After all, before he went to bed, V’ler said he was fine and it wasn’t anything to worry about. The little blue flitters, Quill and Vex, didn’t seem too convinced either as they kept circling the small room above the bed or landing cautiously beside the bluerider on his pillow before the noise and movement startled them again and they took flight once more.

Veeth tried to remain calm and believe V’ler when he said he was fine but it was so hard to do when that horrible sound kept coming from him and even his mind started to be a scary muddle of confusion and distress to a point where the delicate dragon had to withdraw lest he went as crazy as he suspected his rider as being. But as soon as he heard Venseth land, Veeth took up his dance and started calling for Indivara. If anyone would know what was wrong with V’ler, she would. They spent a lot of time together and she was a clever girl so Veeth was confident she could fix everything.

It’s V’ler! He didn’t wait for her to dismount or to ask what was wrong, his manners forgotten in his worry over his rider. He keeps making this horrible noise and then he moans afterward and he’s doing it in his sleep, too! He’s already asleep, Indivara. He never goes to bed this early! Considering Indivara was in V’ler’s bed more often than not, she was the last person that needed to have the bluerider’s sleeping schedule told to but Veeth felt it deserved extra emphasis.

Character Diaries / Meh
« on: 21 Jul 2014 at 12:39 PM »
Indivara is a blind idiot.
Ryvian is a blind idiot.
B’jin and R’nd are the biggest blind idiots of them all.

But they all make great muses and I’ve never written better songs before.

Hatching Grounds / Blood & Tears [Hatching] [NPC]
« on: 14 Apr 2014 at 05:00 AM »
The Hatching began like all those before it with the humming of dragons. V’ler made sure he was dressed appropriately for such an outing and grabbed his writing tools, just as he had with every Hatching since Impressing Veeth. When they arrived with his two firelizards bursting from between to join them at the edge of the sand, V’ler noticed the similarities didn’t stop there either.

Indivara, now accompanied by a dragon of her own, took up a spot beside him, curling up comfortably on Venseth. R’vi didn’t seem to know how to handle them both still and hovered nearby for a short time before going off a ways to join another friend. As he set up his equipment, V’ler noticed the smaller crowd filing into the hatching circuit. Everyone that had stayed behind were quick to appear but it took several minutes more for word to be brought to Telgar Weyr and Hold and everyone else that enjoyed Hatchings to join them. V’ler casually took in the crowd, jotting down names of faces that stood out and that of those he didn’t see show up that probably should have as well.

Yet another similarity to all those before it that V’ler was aware of, the eggs started their wobbling and put on a good show of cracking but didn’t actually get to the act right away. Perhaps it was only Krypth’s clutches that liked to pick horrible times and then make everyone wait. The others didn’t seem quite so bad. Either way, he stretched out atop Veeth and made himself comfortable while he waited, humouring himself with trading the usual insults and casual bickering with Indivara.

Finally, two hours later, several of the eggs began rocking in earnest and the excited murmur of earlier spread through the crowd once more as the Havoc egg fell over with a foot finally bursting through the weakened shell. It didn’t take much longer as the eager occupant made his debut. Havoc found his feet, albeit with a slight tremble, and soon after was running around one group of Candidates and another, doing a looping pattern between them before he skidded to a stop that didn’t work as well as he hoped. A boy bent down to help the dragonet back to his feet and the pair walked off together, quietly babbling to each other.

Fear was hot on the blue’s heels as it started rocking faster until a crack zig-zagged its way down the shell and the occupant seemed to almost walk out without a hitch. However, Fear didn’t seem to have any desire to seek out her mate just yet and sat down beside her shell as if biding her time. V’ler wondered if all of the Candidates had shown up but when the little green started to clean her paw, he then wondered if she had actually bonded and the Candidate was frozen in shock off to the side. He glanced at the boys but they all seemed to wear the same expression of awe – on the younger and newer ones – and boredom – on the Weyrbrats and those that had been Standing for more than one clutch.

Notorious didn’t care what the others were doing as a nose worked its way through the shell. The egg rolled back and forth with the struggle for freedom but in the end, V’ler was glad to see it set itself free. Notorious held her nose in the air as she took one slow step after the other. Clearly, she thought highly of herself and didn’t want to be a clumsy mess that ended up covered in sand like so many hatchlings often did. No fuss was made as another clean Impression was made to a boy V’ler didn’t know which meant he must have been one of the younger Weyrbrats. Indivara’s comment about a name and who his parents were helped sort out the details.

Misery seemed to be having trouble getting out and Fear seemed disgusted by it. She jaunted over to the egg and started head butting it but when it did break away, she jumped back with a bit of a yelp and then did her best impression of a scowl as Misery entered the world. V’ler found himself holding his breath as the two greens stared at each other and he wasn’t sure if he should chuckle like some of the audience and worry like the other half when Fear started chasing Misery. It wasn’t the most graceful of chases as it saw both entrants stumble regularly but when Misery led the chase to a group of boys and seemed to cower behind one, that’s one things changed the nature of the Hatching.

Fear lunged for the hiding green but a different boy stepped in the way, clearly trying to protect the younger hatchling and was rewarded by being pounced and clawed instead. The boy screamed in pain as one leg bled from gashes caused by the determined green that ended up leaving smaller marks on his stomach as well as she scrambled off, only to be chastised by the boy that had obviously Impressed her; though when it had happened was hard to tell. They walked off together with Candidates scattering to get out of the green’s way.

Misery was clearly upset as she danced circles around the injured man that must have been her bonded. She calmed at once when he spoke to her and patted her head until two dragonriders came out to help the boy to his feet and move him to the side, out of the way of anymore excited hatchlings so that he could be tended to while his dragon was fed and inspected. Wisely, it seemed they moved the pair further away from where Fear had gone.

V’ler had turned away from the sight of someone else being mauled to watch Indivara’s face which still held her usual mask of not being affected by anything but he had spent too much time with her to know better. When he turned back to the eggs, he saw Sanguine and Legacy had taken advantage of the chaos to debut quietly. Sanguine was already making the rounds to search for his mate and thankfully it went without a hitch as the pair made eye contact and a smile broke across the boy’s face. Legacy was quick to follow the example and made another uneventful Impression.

The eggs seemed to have quieted down and V’ler wondered how long the lull would last but before he could even strike up a conversation about the events thus far, Regret burst onto the scene with the top of the shell coming away enough for the occupant to wriggle free. Regret looked at the Candidates and then slowly turned in a circle as she realized she was being watched on a larger scale. A squeak of surprise caused some laughter before she was running to a group of boys and accidentally knocking her bonded off his feet. He was laughing and V’ler could hear words of reassurance that he was fine before a hug was given to his dragonet.

A hush fell over the sands as the action seemed to dim to only the rattling eggs. Lament seemed to be the next to win at the hatching race as the egg fell over to finish shattering the delicate shell. Lament sat up and looked around but didn’t move. V’ler took it for doing what the green before him had done and was quietly observing everything that was new to him. Instead, the young blue continued to sit there, gaze going over every person on the Sands and then into the crowd. Still, he didn’t move.

Anger and Dire finished hatching at a tie as they both stumbled free of the remnants. A moment was taken to get their bearings but soon Dire was giving her legs a test as she pranced around the open area free of the eggs. Anger mistook her excitement as an attempt to Impress as the green got close to two boys that looked rather bored with the whole thing. Anger took off at a run and pounced on Dire, giving the green a vicious smack that left ichor welling up in the wake of the claws. Anger Impressed to a wide-eyed boy that was soon grinning as they walked away, leaving the green to creel once from the pain before Dire panicked and sent herself between.

The gasp from the crowd said it all. V’ler didn’t know what to think of what he just witnessed but patted Veeth as he gave a respectful keen for the poor green. He had Impressed at a rather rough and bloody Hatching but V’ler didn’t like the direction this one was going and shifted uncomfortably as he made note of the green hatchling that didn’t make it.

As Significance fell over and rolled to crash into Loneliness, Lament continued to sit amongst the remains of shells, still looking at everyone in the area. He gave a creel of distress and then another before finally getting up and wandering around aimlessly. V’ler was starting to get an uneasy feeling as the blue continued crying, obviously lost and without anyone to step forward for him. The Candidates were giving each other looks and some started to step forward in a desperate need to help the distressed dragonet but it was clear no one would be able to help. Finally, one last heartbreaking creel was given before Lament joined his sister and went between.

V’ler was stunned. He didn’t think that would ever happen, somehow having convinced himself somewhere down the line that if the true mate wasn’t nearby, there would be a runner up. After all, he had almost Impressed Charath before she went to Erisi and Veeth chose him. He glanced at S’kef who sat with the lords and ladies of Telgar Hold to see what he made of it, wondering if the Weyrleader would ever again assume they had enough Candidates, even for smaller clutches.

Significance crooned at Loneliness to get his fellow blue to his feet. Except, when Loneliness managed it, he squeaked in pain but continued moving at his brother’s insistence. It was clear Loneliness was favouring his back left foot as he hobbled along but V’ler couldn’t tell from where he sat why it was. It could have been a birth defect or an injury caused when the eggs collided. Both Loneliness and Significance Impressed boys that were standing beside each other and together the four moved off as one. It was good seeing friends Impress together, especially if the one dragonet did have something wrong and would need moral support.

Despair rattled so much it looked like it would shake the earth beneath it to such a degree that all of the remaining eggs would hatch with it. Instead, only a little green dragonet rolled out of the shell, leaving her siblings to tend to their own escapes. V’ler worried a moment when Despair sat down like the other two had and he held his breath hoping she didn’t follow the blue’s example. Thankfully, she proved the bluerider wrong as wobbly steps were taken before bursting into a run towards a group. Most of the boys knew enough to clear a path and spread out but one didn’t move gracefully enough and fell, leaving himself directly in line with the approaching green. Despair likely didn’t mean it as she collided with the boy, clawing his arm she had pinned down with her fall as she scrambled to get up and meet her mate but it was becoming harder to tell what was innocent excitement and what was purposely done with the current clutch.

There were five eggs left to hatch and V’ler was growing anxious. What would they hold and what would their nature be? Given his discomfort, he knew Indivara had to be holding herself in place by sheer determination to prove she wasn’t a wimp. All that had happened to her at Hatchings would have been more than enough reason for her to leave several eggs ago but V’ler watched her for a moment, standing her ground so to speak as she sat curled up on Venseth’s forepaws.

Intrusive clearly knew attention had drifted and made quite the show of hatching as the shell splintered and the dragonet popped out with an adorable – but ferocious to the maker – roar. V’ler smiled at the sound as he turned back to finish his duty as a Harper and record the event. Intrusive seemed to be a mini version of Ghaeth as he hopped from foot to foot before merrily jogging his way over to a boy that he nearly pounced. Instead, they ended up nearly at eye-level as Intrusive stood up on his hind legs with his front paws resting against his bonded’s chest. The man he Impressed to was clearly delighted but also straining under the weight of keep the dragonet up and finally tumbled to the ground in a mess of limbs and laughter. When he stood, there was a bit of blood on his arms but he didn’t seem to notice which V’ler took to mean it wasn’t a serious injury.

Annihilation, Sacrifice, and Carnage were all still nestled close together so when one cracked, the others did as well. It was a chain reaction of hatching though V’ler couldn’t quite tell who had actually started it. Annihilation and Carnage didn’t seem to appreciate hatching along with others and immediately jumped each other in a horrible clash of snarls. Sacrifice had wisely moved away but didn’t seem to know what to do. He didn’t move to find his mate but didn’t intervene either.

Sacrifice finally started to pace, clearly upset and glanced over to a boy that stepped forward. An Impression had been made but the brown didn’t go to his bonded; he jumped towards the greens. It was a horrible mess and V’ler wanted to look away but couldn’t. The two greens were still swiping at each other but the little brave brown was now also getting abused. It wasn’t long before three boys intervened, clearly the mates of the three brawling dragonets, and order was slowly restored though the humans were just as bloodied as the dragons by the end of it.

Healers who were on standby after tending to the others waited for the pairs to move off towards them and were swiftly separated to be looked at.

V’ler wasn’t sure who looked the most shaken by the events. Jada seemed pale as did Indivara. He knew he wasn’t doing too well either. S’kef was hard to read and the bluerider knew the Weyrleader could be fuming at such violence when trying to impress the wide-eyed Telgar Hold residents or amused at the violence.

After fifteen minutes of waiting for the final egg to move, it was obvious it was a dud. Someone in the crowd made a comment about Indivara going to check the egg since she was so skilled at it and V’ler tensed. He looked over in the direction of the voice but didn’t see who said it. Clearly R’vi had as the blueriding twin was pushing his way through a group of riders to reach the jerk that thought himself clever.

V’ler quickly packed up his writing tools so he wouldn’t scatter them everywhere before sliding down Veeth’s side and grabbed Indivara’s shoulder. He didn’t care if she was seething with anger and about to kill someone or if she was in shock again after the carnage of the hatching and memories of the gold egg oozing out onto her feet. It was time for them to go and while he wondered when he became her official guardian, V’ler just rolled with it. He would have liked to check up on Jada who was due to give birth any day now and the shock of the hatching wouldn’t have been good, but he already struggled with helping one person and couldn’t handle trying to help two at once.

“The Hatching’s over, Vara. Let’s go.” With Venseth’s help, he managed to get Indivara to leave the Hatching Ground before the last egg was picked up to be dropped between.

What a Hatching.

[spoiler=Impressions & Other  Details]
Havoc BTBlue01 to BTMale01
Notorious BTGreen01 to BTMale02
Fear BTGreen02 to BTMale03
Misery BTGreen03 to BTMale04
Sanguine BTBlue02 to BTMale05
Legacy BTBrown01 to BTMale06
Regret BTGreen04 to BTMale07
Anger BTBrown02 to BTMale08
Significance BTBlue03 to BTMale09
Loneliness BTBlue04 to BTMale10
Despair BTGreen05 to BTMale11
Intrusive BTBrown03 to BTMale12
Sacrifice BTBrown04 to BTMale13
Annihilation BTGreen06 to BTMale14
Carnage BTGreen07 to BTMale15

Other Notes:
~ BTMale04 Has a deep gash from Fear mauling him when he jumped in front of the dragon. Lighter claw marks on his stomach.
~ Anger attacked Dire thinking she was going after his mate and injured her, causing her to between before Impressing.
~ Lament could not find his mate and went between before Impressing.
~ Loneliness had a broken foot (back left) at hatching. It will heal almost perfectly but he’ll always have a slight limp.
~ Annihilation and Carnage fought. They injured each other and Sacrifice. Light scarring will be on all three as they get older. BTMale13, BTMale14, and BTMale15 all ended up with claw marks on legs or arms as they broke up the right.
~ Mournful never hatched, being a dud. The egg was dropped between after the Hatching.

Weyrfolk Housing / Melodic Surprise [Solo]
« on: 18 Feb 2014 at 01:10 AM »
V’ler carefully set down his quill to the side of the parchment that was filled with his neat writing. He had taken his time with this one though even his quick scribbling notes were far more legible than nearly anyone that he knew. He especially wished he knew who the Mysterious Writer was so he could first point out the horrible grammar and writing skills the person possessed and then call them out for poor penmanship. A little more effort into such public work wouldn’t go amiss!

As the last line of ink dried, V’ler read over the lyrics once more, though he knew they were perfect. It was a song he had been working on for a while now and this was the final draft that would be given to the only man he knew was capable enough to sing it perfectly. Quill trilled his excitement and bopped his head when V’ler started to hum the melody of the song while he read the lyrics. He fancied himself a decent singer but his voice wasn’t as powerful and didn’t convey as much emotion like B’jin’s did. It was actually rather nice to have such a singer around that he could write for and know the song would be treated with the proper respect and tone in mind.

With the last note lingering in the air, V’ler smiled and nodded. It was perfect and B’jin would think so as well. It didn’t matter that they had had a little falling out months before over R’nd’s lessons and the fact V’ler had been sneaky and got R’nd to read aloud the poem that was clearly about B’jin while the greenrider hid in the kitchen. B’jin was avoided for a small length of time but V’ler knew it would be forgotten soon enough and now with such time having passed, there wouldn’t be anything but delight from the older Harper that loved to preform, especially songs made for him.

Of course that didn’t mean that all of his songs written for B’jin to sing at events would be done in innocence. V’ler still had a few tricks up his sleeve and would slowly sprinkle in fun songs and embarrassing songs for his friend to preform before everyone, especially R’nd. For now, however, the song he carefully rolled and tied a short piece of ribbon around, was done with the intention of proving how wonderful he was so B’jin once more fully fell into his obliviousness and wouldn’t suspect the pranks later on.

Are they both still out Searching? Aradissicath’s clutch was due to hatch in a handful of days and that meant a gathering would happen and spirits would be high and songs would be had. It was the perfect time to debut another song and since B’jin was already the Weyrlingmaster of another clutch, he wouldn’t be too stressed from corralling so many hatchlings for the night. Drinking and singing would be had and V’ler was tempted to even play guitar for debut. Might as well make sure the song was undoubtedly perfect in every way.

They are. You’re safe to deliver the surprise. Veeth was excited and it was clear in his melodic voice. B’jin wouldn’t be expecting it and while he picked out memories of the greenrider not being too pleased over surprises, Veeth was confident this one would bring about smiles.

Vex glanced up from where he laid curled up beside the pot of lavender oil when V’ler approached. He craned his neck for the quick petting he was rewarded with but otherwise went back to sleep. He had no intentions of going on the quick jaunt like Quill did. While one blue firelizard slept, the other made himself at home on V’ler’s left shoulder.

With the pot of oil and parchment in hand, V’ler moved from his tent down to where R’nd’s was. It was hard to keep track of where B’jin was actually staying since he did have a class to keep watch over but everyone knew he always ended up beside R’nd eventually so the bluerider’s tent was the perfect spot to leave the gift.

He peeked inside, and satisfied that not Rell or Shimmer were around, V’ler slipped inside. It wasn’t really necessary, all the sneaking around and being secretive, but he really didn’t want to deal with the whole ordeal of presenting the gift in person. There weren’t all that many options when it came to a place to leave everything but a small table was spotted and would work. The pot was set down in the middle and the rolled parchment placed carefully beside it. The note explaining both gifts was tucked just slightly under the heavy pot to ensure it wouldn’t blow away.

The lid of the pot was removed and V’ler inhaled slowly, enjoying the calming scent. He had never cared one way or the other for lavender before Impressing but Veeth had loved it when Larrikith’s oil had been borrowed early on. It had become the scent of choice and now V’ler found it as appealing as both little dragons did. It was sort of a thank you gift for lending that pot back then but also, as the note said, to help keep Larrikith healthy and happy while out on Search.

Replacing the lid and finding himself with another smile on his lips, V’ler held out his arm for Quill to return to. The firelizard had decided to explore once they got in but thankfully he was well-behaved enough not to make a mess of things or even build a nest out of the bedding.

As he headed back to his tent, V’ler caught sight of Ryvian with Tavynia and smirked. Watching Ryvian and Indivara dance around each other had inspired quite a few ideas. Two songs had been written, though both needed some fine tuning, since Indivara took over his bed and V’ler suspected there were at least two more songs he could get out of them with the way they were continuing.

Hopefully B’jin liked the current song and the idea to become something of a super team when it came to writing and singing since V’ler suspected they could be kept busy for quite some time with some of the pairs roaming around the Weyr.

Weyrfolk Hall / Again? [D'hys]
« on: 18 Oct 2013 at 01:36 PM »
V’ler let out a long lazy sigh. It wasn’t exactly what he’d call a content sigh since it was tinged with frustration. He didn’t have to open his eyes to know he was currently lying on his back in a bed that wasn’t his with some random person beside him. Veeth’s habit of chasing every female in the Weyr had taught the young bluerider early on what it was like to come back to his own mind after a flight and to learn to notice how his body felt and to listen for the sounds of someone else near him. Other than his own breathing and the pounding of his well-worked heart, V’ler couldn’t hear anyone else and wondered if his partner – a fellow loser since he could feel Veeth sulking in the corner of his mind – had already dressed and bailed.

Slowly, eyes opened and the ceiling came into view before turning to the side he suddenly felt like someone was on. When the very naked and smirking man was spotted lounging on his side, head propped up on an arm, V’ler let out another sigh. “Again?”

In truth, he shouldn’t have been surprised by anyone beside him anymore. Veeth chased regularly, didn’t win as often as the dragon wanted to, and V’ler hadn’t mastered the art of resisting the loser’s flight lust and frustration so random fellow losers were always grabbed. D’hys, however, was an odd one to find. The older bluerider had been with Z’ia when he was grabbed during Krypth’s maiden flight, introducing V’ler to quite a few new experiences with his first chase and loss. He couldn’t say he hated any of the time but it certainly opened his eyes to a whole new world. Ever since then, both D’hys and Z’ia randomly appeared beside him though neither man chased all that often for whatever reasons.

So why did he end up with the men with him at times?

V’ler studied the smirking bluerider a moment more, waiting for a response to his question that he hadn’t actually meant to receive an answer for, so he added another. “According to your reputation, you only enter flights you’ll win. So why do I see you in my loser bed more than I see you with a greenrider?”

Personal Huts / Comfort in Unlikely Places [Indivara]
« on: 17 Oct 2013 at 02:33 AM »
V’ler sat in his usual spot atop Veeth with his writing equipment all set up in their usual places as Veeth settled into his usual place at the Sands. It was all very routine now thanks to how regularly Krypth clutched and now he had Okalinath and possibly even Aradissicath to add to the amount of time he spent recording Hatchings.

Everything seemed fairly typical for a Hatching with eggs shaking, dragonets Impressing, Candidates showing a wide range of emotions but there were a few curve balls as well. Aradissicath’s apparent hatred for everyone around her was amusing and V’ler only held his breath for a moment when it seemed like the clumsy gold might harm someone but even that passed with minimal damage. The poor green hatchling that had a tangled wing was heart wrenching and V’ler hoped there was someone with enough skill to help her. T’lian knew everything when it came to human injuries but this would be out of his span of knowledge. Hopefully someone still remembered the skills from turns gone by to help the adorable girl.

The worst part of the Hatching was, of course, the silent golden egg. Indivara storming up to it didn’t really surprise V’ler. He knew her personality well enough by now to expect her impatience to make her do something on impulse; besides, a gold dragon had more or less done the same thing, so why couldn’t Indivara? He hadn’t expected anything that followed. The egg breaking, the collective gasp of everyone in attendance at the sight and smell, and finally, the reactions by the girls but especially by Indivara. The scream was so, well, girly. It was everything Indivara wasn’t and it made green eyes nearly pop out of V’ler’s head as he watched frozen atop Veeth. Only when Indivara started to scramble away did the bluerider snap out of his own shock and slide down his now keening dragon to run for the girl he called friend.

He gently pulled back her long hair as she did what was the natural reaction to such a thing, all the while doing his best not to be part of a chain reaction and join Indivara in bending over. The hug for comfort was just one more surprise for the afternoon after everything running so smoothly and predictably but V’ler held her close and in silence all while hoping she hadn’t gotten anything on his shoes or now his shirt.

It wasn’t okay, so why would he tell her it was? One of the precious gold dragons hadn’t made it and the sight was less than pleasant. Worst of all, Indivara had been the cause of releasing it upon the crowd. She was the first to see and smell the death as well. V’ler felt traumatized by it all from where he sat safely off to the side but he could imagine what it was like for the girl he realized he was now rubbing the back of in small and soft circles. He wasn’t the best at comforting but apparently the event had brought out an attempt in him all the same.

“There’s nothing more for us to do here. Come on.” V’ler figured if he was already helping Indivara, he might as well fully commit to it and make sure she was cleaned up and feeling a bit more emotionally stable. Maybe Veeth could help in some way as well. Knowing that Indivara had moved into the Weyrfolk Hall, V’ler decided his hut would be the better option. It would be much quieter and no one would be sticking their nose in to either check on Indivara or scold her. He also had a small wash basin if any quick freshening up was in order. It seemed perfect and V’ler slowly started to lead Indivara off the Sands. They could hop a ride on Veeth if it was desired but something within told the bluerider that the walk might be desired more but he certainly wasn’t a leading expert on women or what they wanted.

Personal Huts / It's Only Words [B'jin, R'nd]
« on: 01 Jul 2013 at 01:29 AM »
V’ler didn’t think himself malicious and really didn’t even think he was as devious as others he knew but he supposed what he had planned and was currently in the process of doing counted as one of those two things. If nothing else, it was definitely meddling. It wasn’t the first time either though to be fair, B’jin had brought it upon himself by the little comments he had made after their flight together. Revenge was sometimes petty but V’ler had enjoyed writing the love confession song and fooling the greenrider into singing it at the graduation in front of everyone. It had led to more than even the bluerider had bargained for when the lovebirds started making out on the dance floor and had to be encouraged to find a bedroom before the clothing came off.

As much as he enjoyed watching his friends exist in their blissfully oblivious world, V’ler also wanted to see some more progress made between them. He wasn’t much for matchmaking but he had a lot to work with when it came to R’nd and B’jin. The simple fact that B’jin had apparently been rather reclusive before the bluerider came along and the way R’nd bed hopped regularly before hopping into B’jin’s was pure gold. They had balanced the other in some way and were ridiculously adorable together and that was something even V’ler could admit to.

It was why he currently had B’jin sitting in one of his chairs, reading over a paper he had been given. V’ler didn’t explain what it was, leaving his friend to assume it was a new poem or potential song for B’jin to sing. There were actual songs in the works and some were nearly complete that one day the elder Harper would be able to breathe life into with his powerful vocals but this wasn’t one of them. This was something he had been tricked into reading and V’ler was looking forward to the comments that were sure to come after reading and after hearing the truth.

He sipped water from the glass he was holding and continued to watch B’jin for a reaction. They were on a time schedule but V’ler didn’t want to rush B’jin. Veeth was nearby, flirting with Larrikith, and promised to warn him when his next visitor was arriving. R’nd was always on time and hardly ever early so V’ler wasn’t too worried his first piece of the plan wouldn’t get set right. “Well?” He asked when it looked like B’jin had finished and was doing another scan over the sheet, prompting the man to share his thoughts.

Western Forests / Braggart [Invite]
« on: 24 Nov 2012 at 09:28 AM »
He was probably on his way to getting a kink in his neck. Still, Valerian made no movement to correct that and the fire lizards curled up on him did the same.

Vex had claimed his lap as soon as he sat down, back against the famous tree he shared with Erisi that was within sight of the Weyr but just far enough away that it wouldn't attract constant foot traffic. His grumpy blue nabbed the prime location that always earned lazy petting while Valerian day dreamed while Quill seemed to pout and took to the left shoulder. His tail wrapped around Valerian's neck from back to front which made for an awkward way of holding his head, especially when the weyrling came up with the idea to use the quieter blue as a pillow. Neck slightly bent forward and to the left, he was certain he would regret it later and have to do some light rotations and stretches to not feel that pain all day.

But it was worth it for a quiet nap away from the hustle and bustle of the weyr. Veeth wasn't with them, he never ventured to the tree since his growth spurt brought him to fullsize since there were a few tightly packed trees along the way. Besides, the chipper little fellow liked to be out in the sun and socialising so he often went off to find or make friends. It was strange, but back when B'jin said he didn't do everything with Larrikith and still had time for himself, Valerian wasn't sure he believed the greenrider entirely. Maybe they had their own time but surely it wasn't the same anymore. During the first several months after Impressing, the thoughts turned to wondering how he could ever imagine being apart from Veeth. Now, they had both grown into the bond and understood each other and their needs far better. Valerian also didn't worry as much about the influence Larrikith and some of the other playful dragons had on Veeth anymore.

With one hand lightly brushing over Vex and the stresses of the day being forgotten, Valerian felt ready for that nap he craved and shut his eyes.

Sorry but you are not allowed to view spoiler contents.

Personal Huts / Baby Blues [Valerian Solo]
« on: 14 Nov 2012 at 02:40 AM »
Valerian! Wake up!

Valerian groaned in answer to what he thought about that idea. What time is it? He really didn’t want to know. Sleep was the only thing he wanted right then.

Veeth looked up at the sky, eyeing the location of the sun just barely peeking above the horizon and returned to peering through the living room window that Valerian hadn’t bothered to get coverings for yet. Um, early. But you want to get up, trust me! It would be a shame to miss this. Valerian grumbled again but rolled over to face the wall with a window covered in a curtain. One green eye peeked open and his blurry vision showed it was still rather dark, confirming the guess that it was early. When the sun was high enough, even with the curtain closed tight, his room took on some of the light.

Fine. Even his mind voice sounded groggy! Valerian rolled out of bed, taking enough time to put on pants before stumbling his way into the main portion of his hut. He had no idea what Veeth found and needed to show off at such an hour but he’d go entertain the dragon before possibly being able to sneak in a little more sleep before the day truly started. He was almost to the door to go outside when Veeth put a stop to that. No! Over here. Where else would the excitement be? Valerian, you should really try to wake up a bit quicker. Valerian scowled at the head he could see in the window and changed the direction of his stumbling.

He tried to follow Veeth’s gaze since the dragon was being vague and not offering any true indication but couldn’t figure out what was so exciting. At least, he didn’t until he heard something cracking near his feet and Valerian looked down to see both of his eggs started to move with one missing a small piece of shell. If that wasn’t enough to snap Valerian wide awake, the little snout that tried to push through the even smaller hole was.

Valerian had left the eggs near the small fire pit he maintained in his hut for heat and the sparse cooking he did to help keep them warm. He had no intentions of constantly carrying around in the hopes his body heat was enough to keep alive the inhabitants. After the firelizards had been found a few days earlier, it was hard to believe his eggs contained anything else. At one point he considered giving one or both eggs away but after seeing the beautiful creatures and how happy Talian was with his, Valerian gave into his other childhood dream of having his own firelizard and kept both eggs. Maybe he’d be lucky and one would hatch and he’d Impress whatever colour was within.

He was about to find out!

Even without the help of the first clutch Impressing, Valerian knew what he had to do from reading too much at Harper Hall and overhearing adults and older kids talk about them when he was young. He went into the sad excuse of a kitchen and stared at the empty cupboards. He really had to stop relying on the Dining Hall and people that actually knew what they were doing. Luckily, he still had half of a sandwich he didn’t finish that night, some fruit, and a plate of meatrolls he had swiped from lunch but never ended up having the desire to eat them. Throwing off the cloth that covered the plate to help keep them somewhat fresh, Valerian grabbed it and returned to his eggs, sitting down in front of them and watching.

It must have only been several minutes of sitting and watching though it felt so much longer given the anticipation and how much he wanted to crawl back into bed. Still, he watched intently as more of the shells broke away until finally one was free and creeling for food or attention; maybe both. “Hi,” Valerian whispered, awestruck at having just witnessed the hatching of a firelizard. The little blue, which the dim lighting soon revealed it to be, nearly attacked the Harper’s hand when a meatroll was set out before it. It was rather impressive with the speed in which it devoured it. When swirling eyes looked up at him and another adorable sound was given, Valerian cracked a smile and gave it another piece.

By that time, the other egg had finally broken away enough to release its inhabitant which ended up being another blue. Valerian was okay with that. Since meeting Ilveriath and then Impressing Veeth, he had to admit he had a soft spot for the blues. Of course green was special as well since Larrikith was just as important to him as Veeth was himself. “And hello to you, as well.” Repeating the process, Valerian gave the new arrival his own meatroll before a fight broke out over what was left of the current piece on the floor and again, he gave the second blue a second piece.

When both seemed full, something Valerian realised he could sense within like he had when Veeth was freshly hatched and starving, human and firelizards all sat where they were staring at each other. What now? He felt like he had Impressed both but what else was he supposed to do now? On a hunch, Valerian laid both palms on the floor, face up, and the flitters both jumped onto them. Slowly he brought them up to the opposite shoulder. They both quickly jumped to their new and higher perch and settled in, tails lazily wrapping around Valerian’s neck.

I want to see them as well! Please, Valerian! Valerian could feel Veeth’s excitement and didn’t have to look at the dragon to know he was lightly hopping from foot to foot. Within moments, the weyrling was outside and presenting the firelizards to their big brother of sorts. They’re mini-mes! Valerian laughed at the exclamation but watched in silence as Veeth carefully extended his nose to sniff and nuzzle each one. They seemed to pass his test and while one of the flitters was a bit hesitant to return the affectionate greeting, Veeth was accepted as well.

A few hours later and Valerian was sitting at his desk, ready to write down the experience of Impressing firelizards and his take on the creatures. He knew the reputation they had and didn’t doubt that they had caught the plague first and spread it to the dragons but Valerian also felt that since they were still alive now, like the dragons, that some either avoided the plague, like the dragons, or they developed an immunity which he had to wonder the likelihood of the dragons doing as well.

The paper was set out but intentions were put on hold as one of the flitters landed on the desk and looked between Valerian and the paper, clearly curious and interested in what he was doing. He chirped and nudged at the quill near him. Smiling, Valerian nodded and picked it up and readied himself to start writing about the eggs cracking but stopped to stare at the blue firelizard. “Quill,” Valerian said quietly and the firelizard tilted his head to the side as if he understood the word and thought it was directed at him. “Would you like to be named that?” A happy trill was the answer received and Valerian chalked that up to one successful naming.

He’d have to get around to naming the other guy as well. That was going to be a bit tricky though. He seemed grumpy or maybe just shy. When they were all outside earlier, a couple of people stopped to see his flitters up close since they were new and exciting – to most – and only a few had been brought back into the weyr. Quill basked in the attention but the other one kept moving away from everyone else and only seemed to calm down when he was near or on Valerian. It was slightly vexing! Oh, now that was a thought. Valerian had started to think Dodger would work given the way the blue moved out of the way of people trying to touch him but Vex seemed to be perfect. The firelizard left people vexed over his disposition and Valerian wasn’t above admitting he liked the sound of the word as well.

As an experiment, Valerian tried calling the other one that had curled up by the fire to nap. “Vex? Are you happy there or would you like to sleep on my shoulder?” For a moment it didn’t look like the firelizard would stir, taking no interest in the name, but he was soon stretching and chirping in slight annoyance at being woken before settling down again and falling back asleep. “I’m taking that as a ‘I’m fine here and if that’s what you want to call me, then knock yourself out.’” Valerian received no emotions that leaned towards upset and decided that was good enough for him.

Vex and Quill. And Veeth! Veeth chimed in on Valerian’s thoughts as he started thinking about his little makeshift family. “Vex, Quill, and Veeth. I imagine my life will never be dull or quiet ever again with you lot.”

Sleep was probably a thing of the past.

Personal Huts / In Need of Advice [B'jin]
« on: 09 Aug 2012 at 01:38 PM »
Valerian was good at going with the flow and adapting as needed but that didn’t mean he didn’t love being prepared and having an idea of how things worked. Flights, for example, were something most people, especially Harpers, had an idea about. He knew the basics with a green – or gold – taking to the sky and the male dragons chasing. He knew about the way the riders were lost to the lust and how rambunctious those involved could get and that there would be bruises and injuries. That was all well and good and the perfect amount of knowledge for someone on the sideline, reading the logs of history and then teaching it to others. It was not helpful enough for someone entering their first flight.

Confusion and even a touch of shame still haunted Valerian two days after Krypth’s maiden flight despite things seeming to be okay with Jada. He had said things he’d rather were never heard and had felt things that left him somewhat uncomfortable given who the subject was. The same could be said, however, when several days following Krypth, a green flew and Veeth chased. Valerian lusted for the rider he didn’t even have a clue about who it was and ended up not even seeing him or her as the flight ended before he made it to the room. Still, Veeth’s emotions overrode his own and he’d almost mindlessly made his way toward the riders that were the prize of flights. He needed to know more about handling how tight their bond was as it left him dizzy and a tad nauseous.

He also needed to know how to avoid jumping or being jumped by the nearest person after losing. Valerian still wasn’t sure how he ended up in a room with two blueriders after Krypth’s flight but Veeth seemed to think it was great since he became friends with their dragons. That was fine, mostly, since he could live with the strangers using him for pleasure since he did the same – and it was appreciated after months of ignoring his recently aroused sexuality – but then there was the green flight, and Talian. He liked the Healer, could possibly even admit to being attracted to Talian as well if pressed but that didn’t mean he wanted to use him like he had, especially once all the pieces fell into place afterward about what his friend had gone through recently. Thinking about that brought about varying emotions but Valerian pushed them aside for now. He’d done what he could that day and would continue to do more at a later time but first he needed to make sure his own head was on straight.

It was why he was walking to B’jin’s. He couldn’t say exactly why he chose the greenrider that could sometimes annoy him with his cheerful outlook on things but the greenrider was older, had experience, was a Harper, and in the end, Valerian always felt comfortable discussing new experiences with him. Then again, a greenrider wouldn’t know much about losing a flight which meant he’d have to find a bluerider but Valerian was at a loss about who to talk to. G’rem had already tracked him down after Krypth’s flight to discuss things but Valerian wasn’t about to mention anything that happened after the flight or any of his more personal feelings since the old rider was prone to yelling and whacking people with his stick when he didn’t approve. So who else? He supposed he could try R’nd, asking B’jin to invite his lover over for a big group talk but that didn’t seem like a fun time, just like finding I’shan seemed like a waste of an afternoon.  B’jin would have to do for now.

“You don’t have to walk with me, you know. You can fly ahead and visit with Larrikith,” Valerian glanced at Veeth and still marvelled at the beautiful colouring his hide had taken on. I could but I’d rather keep an eye on you since you’re acting a bit odd lately, and flying in circles so I don’t get to far ahead of you isn’t very exciting. Veeth’s concern was touching if not a bit annoying since it made Valerian feel like he was a child that might get into trouble without the dragon keeping an eye on him. “I can’t imagine walking in straight lines is any better.”

They continued with their playful banter for the entirety of the walk until B’jin’s hut was in sight. Veeth finally trotted ahead, chirping a greeting to the green he loved to visit with while Valerian forced himself to continue toward the main door. It wasn’t that he was having second thoughts so much as preparing himself for the teasing B’jin would enjoy or possibly even a look of pity for some reason or another. He wasn’t there for pity! Valerian only wanted some advice and a friend to talk with, that was all. So he knocked and waited for an answer, wondering as he did if he’d earn a frown for yet another unexpected visit.

That thought made Valerian smile a little.

Personal Huts / Dragon-size Bed [B'jin]
« on: 17 Apr 2012 at 12:50 AM »
Valerian was finally reaching a breaking point. Considering it was Valerian that was pretty impressive. In the Candidates Barracks he had had a quiet roommate and the noise out in the halls hadn’t been too bad but here in the Weyrlings Barracks, it seemed like everything was amplified. The last few nights had humans and dragons running up and down the halls, arguing with each other, or whining about the classes and lack of sleep. They’d have more sleep if the sharding wherries learned to shut up. Valerian scowled at his door from where he was on his bed as someone run after a dragonet. It was time for a change!

Collecting himself from the bed, Valerian changed into a loose pair of pants and a baggy shirt he kept around for chores as neither item was something he would wear on a regular basis. He didn’t feel like lacing up boots and slipped on a pair of sandals he had acquired in the hotter months. He eyed the bedding, wondering if he should bring anything or not for his little outing. A glance to Veeth, sitting primly in the centre of the room with his head cocked to the side as he watched his rider, showed Valerian that he’d either have to tie an item to the little blue’s back or carry everything himself. How would his target react to losing his blanket and pillow? Probably poorly and that made him want to do it all the more. Still, he grabbed one of the blankets and draped it over his shoulders like a cloak, leaving the pillow behind as he headed for the door.

“Let’s go, Veeth.” Valerian opened the door and waited for his hesitating dragon to step through. Where are we going? It’s late and you should be resting. The concern his blue had for his well-being was always touching and the Harper chanced a small smile at the dragonet while they were in the hall heading for the main door. “Out, so that I can get that sleep. You’ll like the idea, don’t worry.” Of course even as he said that he could feel Veeth rummaging about for the answer and felt his shrill of excitement. He probably should worry about how much Veeth liked the sassy green but he was too tired to give it much thought right then.

The walk to B’jin’s was uneventful, if not a bit long given the late hour and his exhaustion. Valerian could understand why the riders were such a lazy lot with flying around from hut to hut or main building. The private living quarters were a bit out of the way, at least they were with the few he had chosen to befriend thanks to their desire to live more on the outside of the weyr. At least he knew his way thanks to having been to visit B’jin twice before. He had tagged along with Talian once when the Master Healer wanted to check on his father figure’s stitching and Valerian felt obligated to check on how the pair was doing in general. The second time was the day after Veeth hatched and the little dragonet needed proper oiling and didn’t like the plain oil that was provided. So Valerian did the only logical thing he could think of and that was run down to the greenrider’s home and ask him for some of the lavender blend he had created. Just his luck that Veeth loved the scent and wanted that to be used all of the time. At least it had been easy enough to make some up after that.

When they finally reached B’jin’s door, Valerian gave a sharp knock, not caring that there was a chance he would wake the hut’s owner or that B’jin would have someone in bed beside him. He didn’t greet Larrikith right away as he’d be seeing her soon enough. You’re a bit odd, you know. Valerian glanced down at his dragon and shrugged, “so?” It never bothered him before if he came off as odd and it wouldn’t start now when the dragon he adored said it. I like it. You’re odd because you think outside of the box and are creative. His lilting voice, especially when praising the Harper, often made Valerian smile just the tiniest of ways and now was no exception.

Candidate Isle / Undesired Friendship [Allendris]
« on: 18 Mar 2012 at 02:44 PM »
Was it worth it?

That was the question of the moment, wasn’t it? Valerian wished it wasn’t, wished he was still under the stars in his own hemisphere, and wished the man sitting further down on the beach would stop glaring at him like he had caused their misfortune. As far as he knew, he hadn’t. Then again, his mouth had landed him a few bruises over the Turns and he had made a handful of enemies by nature of his very profession so perhaps he did carry some of the fault; for himself. He didn’t even know the other man, he didn’t think, but he did see a lot of people on a daily basis though this particular man would have likely stuck out given his appearance and the way he carried himself. But the young lord, or so Valerian figured him to be, was currently of no importance. His situation was.

What had been the starting point that undoubtedly sent him down the path that ended on an island in what he had surmised to be the southern continent? That was simple enough to answer and the recalling of such a memory brought out a small grin at his audacity. He was only eleven, not quite yet a man and not at the proper age to apprentice at a Hall but that hadn’t stopped him from throwing down the hoe he had been using to tend to a field for the last three hours and loudly proclaiming he had had enough of turning the soil, planting seeds, and working until he dropped with exhaustion. He wanted to be a Harper and nothing would change his mind. As the second son, fourth child overall to his parents, he had seen the kindness and encouragement his siblings had received and while his chosen method of announcing his passion was questionable, Valerian knew it would be supported. It had been but only after a swift punishment for shirking his duties such as he had in front of the apprentices and journeyman they hosted that day.

Yes, that had been the point where his current path had been revealed leading him to Turn after Turn of studying and hard work of a different sort. Yet all of that practicing of songs, copying of records, shaping the wood for guitars, stretching the leather taut over the cylinder of a drum, and minding what he said to his masters until they believed he enjoyed everything he did had paid off and he became a journeyman. Unfortunately his first assignment saw him going to High Reaches to teach though it was he who had done the learning; he hated children and hated the snow and cold with nearly equalling passion. Although children with snowballs outranked both. Fortunately his next assignment had been in Southern Boll where they still had unruly brats running around but the weather was much fairer.

However, while his fit in his father’s field started it all, it was naturally his final location before the island that was the true culprit for being stolen away. He had returned to Harper Hold to relax and work on other aspects of the craft as teaching was something he simply put up with when the fateful moment hit, bringing him to not only a new location but, Valerian knew with unreasonable certainty, a new life.

The little boy in him, even the grown Harper, had felt a fluttering of joy when he awoke on the island and saw the large majestic blue beast. That joy attempted to turn into full blown excitement until Valerian realized he was in an unfamiliar area and a slight tingling of a memory of beating wings echoing in the night before everything went black hit him. He had been captured by the weyrfolk?

It didn’t matter in that moment the hows and whys of it all. Dragons lived! Regardless of the naysayers and the beatings he had received for attempting to enlighten the idiots that held land, Valerian never doubted that. It had always seemed impossible in his youth for an entire species of such magnificent creatures to be wiped out by an illness. Dragons and their riders never let harm befall the other so they would have come up with a solution to save as many as they could. It was a belief he had held onto all his life and it was with great internal fanfare and triumph that he took in the view of his first dragon.

But did they have to go and cart him away such as they had? Why had they done such a thing? At least his capturer had been kind enough to grab his guitar in the process though it was likely done out of a desire to leave no evidence behind.

So, was it worth it?

With another glance around him, keen eyes taking in everything from the instrument lying beside him to the decent sized hut that could no doubt house more than the two of them currently sharing the stretch of warm sand to the way the ocean lapped at the beach just mere feet from him, carrying the collected grains back into its large body for its own stolen adventure, Valerian shrugged. This was a new experience and he was starting to get restless at Harper Hall anyway so why not go along with being kidnapped by a dragonrider for a little longer to see where it took him? He was by no means ecstatic with what had happened but he was smart enough to know that he couldn’t change anything just yet, despite what I’shan – was that the bouncy and apologetic man’s name? – had said, explaining there was no way home now, that Katila was now home. Valerian would be the judge of that. Once he saw more than a tiny island and one building.

If nothing else, he could no doubt partake in a little enjoyment at the expense of his fellow beach mate who looked put out and frustrated. Yes, there was something sweet in adding to another’s foul mood to hide his own. “Sorry, did my kidnapping and being left here disturb your solitary brooding and star-gazing?”

Healing Hall / A Numbweed Situation? [Talian]
« on: 24 Feb 2012 at 10:27 AM »
Valerian was not happy. In fact, he was decidedly annoyed and irritated. As he made his way from his room in the Candidates Barracks to the Healing Hall he thought of every single word to describe his foul mood, having them set to a simple tune before he was halfway there. Annoyed, irritated, aggravated, mad, angry, cranky, inconvenienced, put out… it went on and on though it didn’t improve his mood. When his thoughts switched to a specific green dragon and her chucklehead rider, the catalyst to his current state, he could almost crack a smile. He had more or less been kidnapped from the chore of picking numbweed with the rest of the poor souls stuck in the horrible task. At the time it seemed like a great way to get out of it and it ended up being an amazing experience that Valerian wouldn’t trade for anything. At least not until the following morning; today.

G’rem didn’t take too kindly to losing a pair of hands and instead of taking it out on B’jin, or maybe he did, Valerian hadn’t been told, the cranky old bluerider had decided the spoiled Harper could make up for the lost time and pick extra leaves for a longer period of time. He had mentally sworn up a storm, thoughts aimed at Larrikith to pass along to B’jin though he was certain the spunky green hadn’t caught a word of it. He had harvested the foul-smelling but useful plant all morning and into the afternoon, mood growing sourer from the heat that was still a tad on the uncomfortable side with the sun in its highest peak. When he was finally set free just as the dinner hour began, Valerian ate quickly and quietly before retiring to his room where thoughts of sleep were appealing but not long into lying down did his wrists begin to stiffen and throb.

So there he was, now alphabetizing his mood descriptors as he walked through the main door of the Healing Hall, ignoring an older Healer by giving a painful dismissing wave of his hand with a mumbled ‘Talian’ before heading for the room the woman pointed him to. At the threshold of the room, Valerian stopped and counted to ten. It wasn’t Talian’s fault he was in pain and since he was the quiet and sensitive friend, it wouldn’t serve either of them to snap without reason thus causing the Healer to shrink back into his shell despite their little bonding session a while ago that showed Valerian could be harmless. Instead he knocked on the door, wincing as even that caused his left wrist to scream at him and greeted the man in a fairly proper manner, “Hey, Talian.”

Western Forests / Two Peas in a Pod [Erisi]
« on: 31 Jan 2012 at 03:04 AM »
Valerian loved to do nothing at all when given the chance; it was just too bad he wasn’t given that chance too often. He had fooled his masters too well at the Harper Hall into believing he enjoyed all of the classes he took and taught which cut into a lot of his valuable free time just like living at a Hold where he was to make sure the brats there knew what they should as well. But here at Katila, things were slightly different, for now. He had heard there would be classes leading up the Hatching he was supposedly plucked away from his life for but that had yet to happen and all he had to really do was try to kill something, not someone as tempting as that desire was at times, to help with their food supplies.

So was it any surprise that his evening was wide open and he could be found  napping under a tree just far enough away from the weyr proper to avoid being pestered but not far enough away to earn a lecture for wandering off? His poorly assigned chore had been accomplished once more, this time with far less injuries than his first attempt and Valerian felt it was the perfect time to sneak off and enjoy the sounds of nature and not kids screaming or candidates trying to talk to him out of their own selfish reasons like needing a friend to cope with the trauma of being kidnapped.

Valerian made his way from kitchen to healing hall one slow but confident step at a time, ignoring the odd looks given him as he walked by strangers he knew he would have to get to know better one day. His hunting experience hadn’t gone quite as planned, and if he wasn’t trying to soften the blow for his ego he’d admit it was a disaster, and it left him exhausted. Having spent several hours in the hot sun despite the good coverage the forest provided likely didn’t help his energy either. All he wanted was to strip off the dirty and torn clothing and soak in hot water for the exact length of time he had been out trying to provide for the nameless strangers.

Nameless strangers that had kidnapped him!

Right, there was that point. He didn’t mind his circumstance but the way he had ended up there was still a bit of an inconvenience which left him with only what he had been wearing that night and his guitar he had brought out to play around on. So his current physical state left him wondering why he had put himself through so much. True he sort of liked some of the oddball characters he had deigned worthy enough, for now, to speak to and he was adjusting to a new way of life which broke up the monotony of his old life but were these people worth the risk of his own life?

Currently, he was leaning towards the negative.

Perhaps whoever looked at his injuries would earn the weyr some points back and further urge loyalty out of him. The woman that first spotted him as he inched his way into the building was well on her way to doing just that as one glance at him had her ordering him to the room around the corner while she fetched someone to look him over. Valerian nodded, glad to have someone concerned for his well-being because surely the idiot who gave him the chore of hunting didn’t care one wit. But that brief moment of contentment faded when he rounded the turn to the room he had been sent to and saw one of the two beds already had an occupant and one he actually knew.

“Oh, it’s you,” Valerian’s voice held the usual bored tone but he managed to keep most of the weariness out of it as he looked over Allendris. He wasn’t a bad-looking man but his attitude somewhat sucked, though that was what made it entertaining to converse with him. As he moved toward the bedding, his gaze lingered a little longer on his fellow stolen candidate and noticed something a bit off, mainly, his colouring. Skin that was normally of a pale complexion looked like it was glowing a lovely shade of red and Valerian snorted, biting back a full bark of laughter as he realized the snooty man was sun burned. “Nice colour, it really suits you.”

Valerian had only to spend a sevenday on the so-called Candidate’s Isle before he was deemed safe to their society with no chance to attempt an escape back to the north. The fact that he had been swept south with no chance to ever return to the life he had known didn’t bother him as much as he knew it probably should. He enjoyed his down time with either lazing about or with his music both in the north and in the sweltering south, and there hadn’t been any snot-nosed kids to drill the basic core songs into, which was the part Valerian hated the most about his craft, so why would he want to go back? True he had family in the north but they rarely saw each other given how often he travelled and how far away his placements could take him. That was another reason why he was more or less fine with his current situation; he grew bored easily of his environment and the people occupying space around him. Everything about Katila was new and interesting with people that were either quirky and somewhat amusing or easy on the eyes.

Yet even with the beginning steps of being trusted taken when the approval he could join the weyr properly was given, Valerian was still surprised when he was eventually given weapons for his assigned chore. A chore, he grumbled once again, that he had no business attending to as he lacked every skill needed for it and had no desire to traipse through the lush land with the goal of hunting animals. He’d rather be on the hunt for a quiet place to hide when he was finally tasked with teaching all of the brats running around the weyr. Perhaps he could move back to the Isle, stating he had urges to sabotage their home and build a raft for freedom?

Too bad he believed in the teaching ballads and old records and knew you couldn’t fool a dragon that easily.

So there he was with a crossbow, not a guitar, held in one hand, a quiver of arrows slung over a shoulder, and a short knife strapped to his belt, staring at the greenery that was to be his playground. He hadn’t moved for several minutes after the man issuing the chores and tools spun him around and gave a gruff order to get to it if he wanted to eat. How could he? His hands were made for gently moving over instruments, not for killing of any sort. His eyes were used to track, yes, but people socializing at Gathers not animals that camouflaged so well with their surroundings. What did he know about tracking prints in soil?

Then again, with the sound of bickering coming from one hut, children giggling from another, and a rider cooing at his dragon not too far away, the forest was the lesser of two evils at the moment. Besides, he was a man of learning and where was the harm in at least attempting a new skill and then gloating when he came back successful? With a small grin, Valerian started forward.

Unfortunately confidence only went so far without proper training. Figuring he should at least have his bow at the ready for when he came across his game, Valerian attempted to nock an arrow only for it to slip free of its hold and knick his finger. A hiss of pain was given and with the odd natural instinct to stop the bleeding and pain that so many did, he sucked on the wounded digit, aware of but ignoring the metallic tang that hit his tongue in a slow trickle.

“Yes, this was a splendid idea,” he grumbled to only the trees and the light breeze that caused that soothing sound of leaves rustling against one another. Eyes fluttered shut and a deep breath was taken as Valerian centered himself once more by listening to nature’s song. True he was a Harper and not a huntsman, but the overwhelming desire to return with anything but empty hands had him shrugging off the one small misstep and continue on. It was much like in learning music; if you hit a sour note, you went back and tried it again until you mastered it. It was with that philosophy that Valerian loaded his crossbow and this time achieved the desired outcome.

Now to find something to shoot.

An hour passed with only a wherry spotted but it ran off before the bow could be positioned. Valerian attributed this to the way he moved in the lush forest and attempted a lighter step, rolling each from heel to toes in such a way that even he was surprised that such a simple adjustment could make such a large difference. Too bad it was slightly awkward and it also adjusted the speed in which he moved but the outcome would be worth it, he kept reminding himself every twenty or so paces.

Finally, his patience paid off, or so Valerian hoped as he came upon another wherry. Quickly, and as quietly, as he could, the crossbow was once again lifted into position and with a wish for a straight and true shot, the trigger was pressed. The arrow went flying, as did his confidence, as it looked like his first properly released arrow would find its way to its mark. Only, it didn’t. There had been a slight recoil that jerked his aim just enough at the release he didn’t know about due to a lack of practice beforehand that ended up sending the arrow whizzing by the prey and into the trunk of a sturdy tree. Before he could truly comprehend what had happened, the wherry squawked and took off running while green eyes stayed trained on the arrow lightly vibrating from the penetration of the wood.

“This really shouldn’t be that difficult,” again, Valerian grumbled as he forgot his purpose of being stealthy and stomped up to the tree that held his arrow captive. He could just imagine the fuss that would be kicked up if he didn’t return with every last item he was issued so he reached for the arrow, fingers wrapping around the shaft and pulled but to little effect. With his grip tightening Valerian tried again only to be met with resistance once more. Frustrated and wanting nothing more than to return to the weyr and soak in the bath, he tried for a third time, this time both hands lending to the task. With one good tug he found himself flat on the ground but he had the arrow! Bonus points were awarded for not landing on the bow that had been set aside to procure the useless item that had to have a crooked shaft given the way it flew.

As he rose to his feet with hands first mopping at his sweating brow and about to brush away dirt and forest decay, a rustling sound to the left alerted Valerian to something approaching and his attention went from his personal grooming to his personal safety. It seemed he wasn’t the only one hunting that hot late afternoon and not the only one targeting unsuspecting wherries for a pride of wild felines emerged from the bushes, one carrying his prey in its maw. For a moment time stood still as he had a foolish hope that if he didn’t move they would ignore him and continue on but with his luck that day, even he wasn’t surprised when several growled deep in their throats and crouched down in a protective stance.

Without any debate on the matter, Valerian turned on his heel and took off running. That was likely the pride he had heard a few of the weyrfolk mentioning that was menacing their borders and being a general nuisance. It made no difference to the young harper that he had multiple pointy objects on his person and could take out one or two while scaring off the rest to perhaps earn further respect from the new society to which he now belonged. It also didn’t matter that he ran from a group of wild felines since no one was around to witness such an act and bruise his ego. He may give off the impression that he didn’t care about most things but he did have a sense of self-worth and knew when to choose flight over fight.

He hadn’t been running for long when the karma he was clearly dealing with for whatever reason today reared its ugly head once more. He was a sure-footed man but on a terrain he was unfamiliar with and that was uneven as forests were wont to be, Valerian soon found himself stumbling and falling face first for the ground he had already seen enough of for the day. He still held an arrow in one hand and the bow in the other so catching himself didn’t seem like the best of ideas though he still did, on the forearms and knees as he tumbled and skidded across sticks, stones, and who knew what else. Frantically he rolled over, preparing to defend himself from hungry felines only to find they hadn’t followed, no doubt content with their current kill. That was fine by Valerian and as he moved to stand and once again clean himself off, he found the process a tad more painful.

Wincing at the pressure on his left foot, Valerian parked himself back down and surveyed the damage. His arms were scratched with dirt smeared all over them but nothing seemed too major, but his knees were now visible through his pants and they looked a bit worse for wear. “Seriously? I’m not a clumsy person. What is wrong with this profession?” Aggravated and now content with the idea of returning alive so he could enjoy that bath, Valerian grabbed at one of the larger stones scattered around him and chucked it at the nearby stream he could hear trickling through the wooded area. Naturally, where he desired to hear the satisfying ‘sploosh’ of the heavy object hitting the water he was instead given a strangled quack followed by a dull thud.

With his natural curiosity piqued, Valerian staggered to his feet, grabbing the tools of this so-called trade, not caring if anything was now broken, and went to the area of the stream where he had tossed the stone that made mysterious sounds. There, lying at his feet, was the corpse of a duck with his stone sitting beside an obviously broken neck. The sight and the realization of what he had done broke through Valerian’s usual control of emotions and he burst out laughing.

“You have got to be kidding me!” He was howling with laughter, nearly hysterical from it given everything that had led up to the stroke of good luck, and ended up wiping away a tear that formed from the fit, leaving a streak of dirt across his cheek. He didn’t care. He now had something to show for his efforts.

Picking the duck up by its limp neck, Valerian gave a final chuckle before reigning in his emotions and resuming control. “Eh… good enough.” It was actually a pretty pathetic haul but he suspected he had been pegged as not getting anything on his first attempt and this would at least prove his doubters wrong and he was all about doing that.

By the time he returned to the weyr his ankle didn’t hurt quite so much though he did still walk with a slight limp as the cuts on the same leg were starting to throb. As much as he wanted that long soak in hot water, Valerian felt a quick stop to see a healer might be in order. But first he had his spoils to deliver and he did so with his usual indifference, placing first the tools on the table in the kitchen area and then the duck.

“My contribution to our fine dining this evening.” Without waiting to hear any comment made on his success or his appearance, Valerian turned and made a steady, albeit limping, march to the healing hall.

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