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Gather Square / Unexpected Encounter [Korutath, L'varl]
« on: 25 Oct 2013 at 01:06 PM »
Arddra emerged from the kitchen with a bowl of meat scraps. Her two hatchling flits were waiting very patiently for her. It had taken quite a bit of effort to train them over the last seven day to not come to her when they were feeling hungry. Fortunately she was able to get a schedule going to feed them before she went for her own meal. It kept them from feeling too hungry it overrode everything.

Hope and Shield flew to her the minute she was outside, keening in hunger. Not letting either of them at the meat, both quickly attached themselves to her shoulders, keening their hunger. Arddra headed to the nearest shade and sat down on the ground so she could focus on feeding them both.

"No need to fight, plenty of food for the both of you," Arddra said softly, feeding Shield then Hope. Having the two flits with here made her feel less alone. The change in her relationship with V'riy also made her feel very different. No longer did she feel like she was trapped here.

When the brown and blue firelizard's stomachs were bulging with meat and the bowl empty, Arddra settled them securely against her neck before standing up. Brushing off her skirt she turned and handed the bowl to a passing drudge to return to the kitchen. That was when she noticed the bronze dragon watching her.

At first she thought it may be Morith but it didn't take her more than a second to see this wasn't Morith. She spent so much time around V'riy and Morith she knew what he looked like at a glance. She knew there was no way it could have landed without her noticing, even if she was preoccupied with feeding her firelizards. Being preoccupied with her new friends it was possible Arddra just didn't notice the dragon as it wasn't unusual for her to walk past them time to time.

Personal Huts / Dealing with the Shock [V'riy]
« on: 21 Oct 2013 at 04:21 PM »
By the time she left the Hatching circuit with V'riy upon Morith's back, Arddra was more in control of herself yet the memory of the smell still plagued her. She kept her face buried against V'riy during the entire trip to his hut and was very glad nobody else was around.

Puffed eyed and with less of a sick feeling deep in her gut at the horrible turn of events, Arddra walked silently at V'riy's side. She kept her head lowered, just too shook up to really do or say anything at this point. Only when they were both safely inside V'riy's hut and out of sight of any curious passerby's, did Arddra look up at him.

"Thank you for getting me out of there..." Arddra said softly, wringing her hands before her. She was still in her Candidate robe and was glad she had just pulled it over her existing clothing. The oiled cloak was still upon her shoulders so she pulled that off and absently hung it on the hook by the door.

"It was so horrible, what happened...the smell," Arddra felt tears burn in her eyes again and forced them back. Now wasn't the time to give in to tears again. "It was so reminded me of how it smelled when Fosorcim was so sick."

The Lake Edge / A Tightening of Bonds [V'riy]
« on: 06 Oct 2013 at 04:57 PM »
01.06.234 AL

The weather was very hot and she did her best to avoid the bright sun. As dinner approached she hoped V'riy would like to go on a picnic with her. Suspecting he wouldn't want a hot meal any more than she did in this heat and humidity, Arddra packed a basket with chilled wine, cheeses, meatrolls, bread, sweetbread and fresh fruit.

Wishing she could just call Morith to her so he could give her a ride to V'riy's hut, Arddra walked towards his hut. As she didn't have the ability to speak to any dragon or even a specific dragon unless it was actually listening to her thoughts, she didn't even try. Morith may not even be at the hut, but she was certain V'riy will. He wasn't one to come to the hall to eat, preferring to do his own cooking.

By the time she neared his hut Arddra was drenched in sweat despite her efforts to stick to the shade. Pausing so she could take a drink out of the waterskin she also brought, Arddra was sick of the heat. It would be nice to be at Fort, it was so much cooler there at this time of the year. She didn't want to go home and miss out on Impressing however, she wanted a dragon in her life.

Taking a deep breath she pushed on, the basket getting more heavy than ever. She was also carrying a small pack which held a change of clothing. Remembering the first lesson V'riy gave her on how to wash a dragon, the idea of another picnic near a cool lake sounded like the perfect plan. She hoped once she arrived at V'riy's hut he will be willing to fly to a cool location and they both could get out of the heat. The entire South cannot be so hot.

Finally she reached V'riy's hut and knocked upon the door, eager to get out of the sun.

Personal Huts / A Significant Discussion [S'kef]
« on: 19 Sep 2013 at 11:04 PM »
It was always a risk walking through the arrangement of dragonrider huts, a risk Arddra was feeling more and more brave about taking these days. Perhaps it was because she was getting closer to V'riy and feeling more confident she could avoid the worse sort of dragonriders there were.

So many were little better than criminals and thugs, a far cry from the noble defenders of Pern from the ravages of Thread the teaching ballads spoke of. Where were the men who held the best interest of Pern in their hearts instead of their own petty ambitions?

She really wasn't sure about the Weyrleader but S'kef at least wanted to return North. Was it safe for dragonkind to return north? That Arddra didn't know. But she had other questions for the Weyrleader, questions she wasn't certain she should ask. There was the whole aspect of what right she had to even question those in charge? The answer was easy, the right of the prisoner, for that was what she was, taken from her home by force and as of this moment, she couldn't return. It didn't matter she had accepted her place was here, to Impress a dragon and do what she could to help dragonkind florish and even if she had the choice she may not want to go North to stay. It was still nice to have the option, as she would like to go home and visit her mother and sister.

Pulling herself from her thoughts, Arddra focused on moving through the many huts built by dragonriders to be their home. Blue and green eyes glanced at her here and there as she passed dragons resting in their hollows. She smiled at each one but it was a particular brown she was looking, next to the hut of the Weyrleader.

Arriving at her destination she inclined her head slightly towards the brown dragon in respect before knocking upon the Weyrleader's door. She just hoped her unexpected arrival wasn't going to interrupt anything really important.

Healing Hall / Consulting with the Healer [T'lian]
« on: 08 Sep 2013 at 03:08 AM »
It was overhearing the name which reminded Arddra she did know somebody from Fort who was kidnapped not all that long before she was. She even saw him a few times over the last three years but every time she had some reason or excuse to not let herself approach the man. Talian, a man who's intelligence and amazing healing talents spread out beyond the Healing hall itself. Arddra had never met the man personally but knew when it came to severe traumatic injuries he was the best to go to.

Since her arrival here she never had any severe injures needing his attention. In the end it was just easier not to think of a clear reminder of what happened to her.

With her friendship with V'riy developing further, Arddra was feeling her loneliness stronger each day. So many things were making it difficult for her to just move on in her life and when she heard somebody mention T'lian's name while she was going about her normal daily routine, Arddra came to a decision.

Entering the Healing Hall she looked around for the man in question. He probably wouldn't have any clue who she was save as yet another person wondering about the Katila frequently enough to recognize as being around for a few  turns. She really didn't expect him to know her name. In fact she didn't recall seeing much of T'lian either.

Looking around she bit her lip, hoping he wasn't in the middle of anything important. "T'lian are you here? Are you busy?" She asked in a normal speaking voice.

Dining Hall / Things Have Changed [S'cer]
« on: 23 Aug 2013 at 10:14 PM »
So many things had been happening lately that Arddra felt her head spinning. The excitement of spending time with V'riy and Morith was eclipsed by her unexpected encounter with the dragonrider who forced himself upon her. But she pushed forward knowing her only real purpose now was to start letting go of her anger and hurt at being kidnapped and focus on the one good thing that could happen to her, Impress a Gold. It would make all the suffering she endured worth it.

Then she remembered Isscer, or rather S'cer now since he did Impress a green the year before. Thinking back Arddra realized it was more like 7 or 8 months ago now. Did he feel the same resentment she did at being kidnapped or had he moved on?

With him taking Weyrling lessons she had not seen much of him since his Impression. Did he still want to go back north?  S'kef's revelation on top of V'riy's made her think she should talk to S'cer. It was then she realized she was starting to take sides and before she was mostly focused on doing what was expected of her. Which was expected of her now?  Arddra didn't know but either way she did want to talk with S'cer, it would be nice to talk to somebody who better understood her own feelings regarding being kidnapped.

Not knowing where to find S'cer at this point, Arddra decided to just look for him during mealtimes. Eventually he was likely to come eat right?

Today she did spot him and headed right towards S'cer. "Hello S'cer, how have you been? It has been a long time."

Weyrfolk Hall / An Unwanted Encounter [D'hys]
« on: 12 Aug 2013 at 06:27 PM »
Being assigned chore duties had Arddra going into places she would usually avoid, if she could help it. Cleaning various areas of the main Weyrfolk Hall was one of many places she worked in. If it wasn't for the fact dragondriders often come here on doing whatever they wanted to do, it wouldn't be a bad place.

Dragonriders and young children. The two things that she felt the most uncomfortable around. She could hear the sound of children laughing, not Candidate age or close to it, as she would see often in the barracks but much younger children. A painful reminder of what she would never have.

As her chores were done she quickly moved down the hall away from the sound of children. The last thing she wanted was to have a pack of young weyrbrats running around her. Casa and Quenym were different as they are almost or at minimal Candidate age. Still quite young but old enough she saw them more as young adults than children. It was less painful to her, maybe only due to the fact they were too old for her ever be a mother to. Maybe in ten years she will think differently. By then however, she hoped to be bonded to a gold dragon and at least have her many offspring to feel mother to. Arddra never heard of any queen failing to produce clutches outside of old age.

Thinking about being finally bonded to a gold dragon distracted her so much she wasn't paying much attention to where she was going. Not something she usually did for she always tried to be alert to better avoid that which she rather not run into.

Bumping into the solid back of a man jolted her from her musings quite abruptly. It was only luck that she managed to keep from falling over. Looking up at who she bumped, she was ready to apologize till she saw who it was and froze.

It was him! The rider who had grabbed her a turn or so back and forced himself upon her. Sure maybe a greendragon had been having her mating flight and the man's blue failed to catch her but as far as Arddra was concerned, it was still a rape. She had avoided this particular dragon rider as much as she could, seen him around the dinner hall but it was easy to sit as far away from him as possible.

Her eyes wide with shock and fear she froze, staring at the man she had ran into. She had learned his name since that horrible first encounter, D'rys. He had never sought her out since that time either, as far as Arddra was aware but he was, in the same spot she was...and her fear made her think he must have come looking for her.

Communal Kitchens / A Fish Cleaning Tale [Arddra, Trelanvor]
« on: 07 Aug 2013 at 05:00 AM »
There were many different types of chores to be done at Katila Weyr and given how long she was a Candidate she was quite certain she did every single type of chore possible. She swept rooms, did laundry, cleaned debris from the clearing after storms, helped in the kitchen, even cleaned herdbeast stalls. Her least favorite chore however, was gutting fish.

It wasn't the fact she had her hands covered in slime and fish guts for hours that bothered her. There were a few times she watched her brothers and father slaughter animals and butcher them but it was the smell of fish she hated. Arddra didn't mind eating fish she just hated cleaning them. They had a very strong smell, especially packtail. Not only that by the packtail also had their own dangers in cleaning them compared to the easier yellow fins.

Today she was assigned to help gut fish much to her displeasure and even more tiresome was her fellow candidate assigned to gutting fish was a young man around her own age. She had seen him around and knew only a little about him. He was a Stolen just as she was but unlike her he seemed totally thrilled to be here. A very energetic young man, so much so Arddra wondered if he could sit still long enough to focus on gutting fish. This was the first time in ages they both ended up on the same chore detail so Arddra wasn't sure what to expect.

The time was mid morning, the catch of the day was brought in and Arddra was directed to where the fish was waiting to be gutted, filleted and prepared for cooking. Fish was obviously on the menu for tonight's dinner. Not that fish was often not on the menu. It made her long for the stew V'riy made for her a few days ago. Well he made it for himself and since she happened to be there, invited her to join him. But now wasn't the time to think on the dragonrider. There was just to much unresolved issues regarding V'riy Arddra didn't want to be distracted.

Selecting a suitable knife to clean the fish with she took a few minutes to make sure it was sharpened before taking her seat.

"The sooner we start the faster this task will be completed," Arddra commented, picking up the first fish in the pile before her. It was a yellowtail and far as she was concerned, better tasting than the packtails.

Personal Huts / A Kindness Repaid [V'riy]
« on: 04 Aug 2013 at 06:22 AM »
It took her only a few hours to mend the tears in the dragonriders' shirt. What took a few days was working up the nerve to go and find V'riy. Arddra knew he had given her the option of just dropping off the shirt at his hut, a suggestion that filled her with more trepidation than running into him in the dinning hall or Weyr Hall. There at least it was mostly public and less chance he would snatch her up and drag her into his bed.

A few times she considered just asking one of the Weyrbrats, even her friend Casa, to give the shirt to the V'riy but Arddra didn't want to come across as a coward. She was uncomfortable around Dragonriders yes but only certain ones filled her with dread. Nor could she say V'riy made her feel threatened in any way, only her own paranoia caused her to imagine he was up to something. He still could be but he was kind towards her so far.

Finally making up her mind, Arddra decided she will go track down V'riy and return him his shirt. After that she wouldn't have to see him ever again. Then she thought about his dragon, that beautiful bronze, Morith. Thinking about the brief moment when she caressed him nearly brought a tear to her eyes. It would almost be worth it to involve herself with a dragonrider, just to steal private moments with his dragon.

No, she wouldn't do that, soon she will Impress her own dragon and feel her loneliness ease. Arddra knew she will never have children but at least when she Impressed a gold, the dragon will have all the children she could never. Yet would that be enough? Arddra was married three years before she was kidnapped, leaving her husband to most likely die alone because she failed to return.

Such unhappy thoughts running through her mind, tormenting her. The kicker was she could never be hundred percent sure her husband did die, and she cared for him enough to not want to betray him. Yet she already had...even if that particular dragonrider had taken her against her will.

Pushing these thoughts from her mind, Arddra decided she will give the shirt to V'riy, then she would know if he was still as kind as he was before. Morith was kind and his thoughts compassionate and warm. It called to the emptiness within her, wanting to be filled. Arddra simply didn't want to spend the rest of her life alone and she couldn't completely push away her fear she will never Impression a dragon and end up failing this expectation forced upon her by those who had her kidnapped.

It took her about an hour of her free time to figure out which hut among the hundreds belonged to V'riy. Then it took her a good half hour to get to it. Along the way she did see some dragonriders and quickly moved past, doing her best to be unnoticed without actually sneaking around and thus drawing even more attention to herself. Finally she was at the right hut or so she hoped. Arddra knew she could just shove the shirt in the handle of the door or place it anywhere it can be easily seen.

Instead she walked around back, seeing the large hollow Morith must use to sleep in. It was plain to see winds during the day had knocked leaves and branches into the hollow. Not a very comfortable looking bed for the mighty bronze and without any further thought, Arddra started clearing away the debris. As she only had her hands since she didn't see a rake handle, it took her nearly an hour to clean the hollow to her satisfaction.

Now she was hot and tired so she considered sitting in the shade for a rest before she decided what to do. When she noticed the rain barrow she used it to quench her thirst, cupping her hand to lap up the water with. Sitting down next to it, as it was shady, she relaxed. She knew she would hear any dragon landing in the hollow or the clearing. Or so she assumed.

Before she knew it, the heat of the day and her exertions caught up on her and she drifted off to sleep where she sat.

Weyrfolk Hall / Out and About [Open]
« on: 27 Jul 2013 at 09:29 PM »
Arddra dropped off some items she had mended for other Weyrfolk who either didn't have the time, skill or desire to take care of such tedious tasks. She didn't mind it, it gave her a few things she needed. Unfortunately she never seemed to have enough items to barter with and things she could use she had to push down the list for the more urgent things.  Perhaps she should help down with the beasts, given she does have some experience handling herdbeasts. Not much but she wasn't completely incompetent in that area.

How she hated the time between clutches. Since she was stuck here Arddra was determined to do her best to Impress a gold dragon. There wasn't likely anything for her back home though she still very much would like to go home, even for a few hours. To talk to her family, find out if her husband was dead for certain. Just to know her past wasn't totally gone. But to get to the north she would need a dragon and she thus far had not Impressed.

If she could convince a dragonrider to take her North, despite the restrictions and other risks, then she could go see her home. The biggest problem was finding a dragonrider she could trust not to demand things she had no intention of given in return for a trip to the North. She considered the few dragonriders she had contact with since being forced here. Some were friendly enough but nearly all of them just wanted to sleep with her. She very much remembered being grabbed during flightlust and taken by force. Oh, no matter what others thought she knew many dragonirders were little more than arrogant thugs.

Striding down the hall she did her best to not draw attention to herself as she passed various weyrfolk.

The Hatching Circuit / Searching for 'Treasures' [Casa, any]
« on: 22 Jul 2013 at 06:59 PM »
It wasn't the best place to be but given, at least to her knowledge, nobody was likely to be in the Hatching grounds when no new clutches laid yet. Why would anybody come in here a month since the last two clutches hatched?  Why indeed. Arddra had heard a few things about the egg shells being used in jewelry. Little mementos for riders, especially if the jewelry was made from the shell of their own dragon's egg. Arddra wished she had been able to get here sooner as she was sure the sands would be well cleaned by now.

She had the time and being such a wide open space she knew if anybody came, like a dragonrider or their dragon, she could hide. Not that she was scared of dragons as much as she used to be but the sad truth was, if a dragon saw something interesting or unusual, they most likely told their rider and that would mean one would show up eventually.

Once dinner was over she gathered up a few sacks, just in case she found quite a few shell fragments, a rake and small trowel. Arddra didn't think she would need any other tools and probably will just be wasting her time. At least the sky was clear so she would have a few hours of light before sunset.

A small part of her wondered if any of the firelizards would clutch in the warm sands and she may turn one up in her search for dragon egg fragments. Highly unlikely but she intended to keep her eyes open nonetheless.

When she left the candidate barracks she had no idea if anybody would notice her heading towards the hatching grounds or not. It wasn't like she was sneaky about her destination but she didn't want to advertise it. One reason she left right after dinner, instead of lounging in the dining hall to socialize as many tended to do. Arddra typically slipped away early, so doubted anybody would take note of her for repeating habit.

Striding across the sands she headed to where she remembered one of the two clutches had been arranged. From the look of the sands, it did appear to have been already cleaned. No matter, she would just rake carefully. Small pieces may have been overlooked or left behind as not worth picking up. Laying the sacks onto the sand

River's Edge / A Peak Into Another's Childhood [Aparicus]
« on: 21 Jul 2013 at 12:50 AM »
After a particularly hot day, it was nice to get out into the cool evening breeze. Wearing a long flowing dress, one of her older ones for Arddra wanted to gather some fresh cress by the river. In truth she just wanted to get away from the hustle and bustle of the Candidate Barracks and the Weyr itself.

It wasn't dark yet, the sun still low on the horizon but Arddra brought a glow basket just in case it became full dark before she returned. She didn't want to be too late out, it wasn't safe for many reasons, not to mention curfew. Arddra heard and see the public whippings to know what sort of punishments were inflicted to transgressors here. Not that she felt breaking curfew would warrant such an extreme punishment.

The other equipment she brought with her included several sacks to carry cress and tubers in, and anything else she found which would be good to eat or good to trade with. Lastly she had a large blade, perfect for cutting rushes, securely strapped to her hip.

It was while she was crossing a small field when she heard somebody humming. Looking around she didn't see anybody at first, not till she passed a small screen of trees. That's when she spotted a young woman, or maybe a tall child moving about the field. As far as Arddra could tell the young woman looked like she was chasing seed fluff from field flowers.

Not knowing what to make of this, as the young woman looked too old to be just playing around, Arddra watched her for a few minutes before deciding she best do or say something.

"It certainly is a lovely evening for just simply enjoying life itself," Arddra ventured. There was a time she would be so full of joy but that was before she became a woman. Now she just didn't have anything worth showing that sort of childish wonder over.

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