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Northern Mountains / Quest for Eggs![Casa]
« on: 21 Sep 2013 at 11:47 PM »
It was a beautiful day, a perfect day to go exploring with a new friend. O'wain was quite eager to go find firelizard eggs as he will not back down from a challenge once he rose to it. The more he thought about it the more likely it wouldn't be all that difficult. He raised Nishkath from egg to adulthood so he certainly doubted a couple little firelizards would be hard to take care of.

He already sent word to Casa to come meet him at his hut today which was a restday. He made sure any chore detail she may have been assigned was nulled, requesting her specifically for special chores. Not that helping him find firelizards was likely to be a chore for either of them but he couldn't just take her away from the weyr without letting those responsible for her know.

Tightening the last of the fighting straps, he gave Nishkath a friendly slap on the shoulder. Not wanting anything bad to happen to Casa, O'wain made sure he set up straps for his passenger. As she had ridden with her father once or twice before he expected she wasn't completely unfamiliar with flying. He also dug up a set of riding leathers he was certain would fit her. She might as well be comfortable while they fly. Later they both could remove their riding leathers once they were on the ground. His own jacket was drapped over a rock nearby.

Lastly O'wain secured the padded sack which he secured a couple jars with lids, suitable for holding firelizard eggs. Each one was individually wrapped in furs to keep them from knocking into each other and if it proved necessary, to protect their contents from the cold of Between if they needed to get back in a hurry. To balance the jars and to make it easier to dig for clutches, he included a couple of shovels. Lastly he packed the lunch and wineskin for a midday meal. Everything packed he dropped down from Nishkath's back and took a few steps back.

"How does that feel Nishy?" O'wain asked. The brown dragon rose up on all fours and shook himself to make sure the straps and sacks wouldn't work lose. He turned bright blue eyes towards his rider.

It lies well,  I am ready to go.

"Excellent, now we just wait for Casa to show and we can take to the air," O'wain ran his hand through his hair and flipped back his bangs the winced. He still had bruised ribs from his time with Z'jan. It wasn't all that often he came away from flightlust bruised but it happened. O'wain didn't blame Z'jan, not one bit. Compared to what some blue and greenriders got up to during mating flights, he counted himself lucky to have only a few bruises now and then.

Dining Hall / Gathering Notes on Sexual Bliss [OPEN]
« on: 21 Aug 2013 at 07:50 PM »
O'wain stretched and felt nobody beside him on his large bed. It had taken some wheeling and dealing to get a large bed for his personal hut. In fact the bedroom was quite larger, bigger than most bedrooms his fellow dragonriders built for themselves. Because of it's extra size, he was able to fit a much bigger bed. He also had a small table and chairs in the bedroom so he could entertain 'guests' before moving to the bed.

He enjoyed the chase and the romance of drawing women to his bed for a night of exquisite bliss. None complained about spending a night with him, male or female. Not all came back for additional nights of bliss but O'wain just assumed they could only handle so much of a good thing. Because of his enjoyment of sex and everything leading up to it, O'wain took great care into making his home a place of romance. No gaudy reds or pinks but masculine and just a touch of feminine to balance.

Getting out of bed he washed up in the wash basin and dressed. Running a tooth stick over his teeth he then chewed on some mint before rinsing his mouth. Clean, dressed and refreshed, O'wain spent a few minutes with Nishkath before heading off to the dinning room.

It was early and out of habit, as one never knew what interesting things showed up on the bulletin board set up by the Dinning Hall, O'wain was pleased to see yet another mysterious note. He stood and read it through, reading it out loud for the benefit of a few curious passerby who either couldn't read or didn't notice.

"It seems I have competition in providing such levels of sexual bliss." O'wain stated, getting a laugh from one of those slowly gathering around him to see what was going on. "Always good to hear our Weyrleader is recovering nicely, if he's able to be satisfy Jada's sexual appetites."

Craft Hall / My Least Favourite Candidate [Farlint]
« on: 14 Apr 2012 at 09:02 AM »
Leaving the kitchen O'wain began his saunter to the healer hall, bottle of wine in his right hand and small cask of ale slung under the same arm. In his left hand he carried a pair of large mugs and a small stack of dried meat hanging by the string off his middle finger.

It had been a few weeks since the hatching and the brown rider felt it was time to drop in and visit the victim lucky survivor candidate who had been the recipient his amazingly brave and courageous heroics. Poor Far's leg might have been shattered but he was a candidate, candidates were expected to to break and bend and such. Brown riders however were not expected to run out onto the hatching sands and burn their feet. O'wain had been stuck lazing about his hut for nearly a week after his effort at the hatching, despite the healers and Nishkath both insisting he was fine after the second day.

Truth be told O'wain felt sorry for the young lad. Not only had he been injured but he didnt even get to impress, something O'wain was sure would feel horrible. Not that he could relate, he'd scored Nishkath at his first hatching, but he was certain Far must be in a terrible mood. He liked Farlint well enough, it was good to have a bit competition when it came to game of seduction and as much as he hated to admit it the candidate was nearly a bit too much competition. Regardless Owain had decided the boy owed him for his grand theatrics and would repay it but sharing a good deal of drink with him.

Arriving at the healer's O'wain stopped briefly to ask an attractive female healer where Far was staying. Forcing himself not to pursue the healer he made his way to the room, gentley kicking the door a few times with his boot.

"Oi!" He called into the room. "Where's my least favourite candidate?!"

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