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Gather Square / Graduation Giveaway [Open]
« on: 16 Mar 2013 at 01:59 AM »
It was a party, but V'zire seemed to look as if he were attending someone's funeral. It might as well have been his own with the position he had landed himself in. By no means had it been intentional, he was just too kind hearted to leave the poor things to fend for themselves out in the wild! Of course, that was the way the natural order of things would have it, but V'zire was a bleeding heart. So, he had 'rescued' two firelizard clutches unthinkingly. He didn't even like firelizards. Most of the Weyr had adapted to their presence well enough, but V'zire knew what they were - plague carriers. The greenrider refused to let any near Niskziath, even though she was oddly fascinated by them. Niskziath had a fascination with all things, and it was shamefully easy to turn her attention from firelizards to something similar, like birds.

Are you panicking? A pause. You are panicking.

'I'm not!'

...Okay. The green dragon was easily convinced that her bonded was not panicking, and his distraught emotions clearly meant something else... which she hadn't quite figured out yet. It would take her a while to piece this one together.

Truth was that V'zire was fairly close to panicking. He hadn't really thought things through when he rescued the apparently abandoned eggs. V'zire had simply wanted to help them, but they were going to get in the way of everything! It would be a disaster if they all hatched in his care - he didn't want to accidentally bond with one. But, shells, he could have tackled that problem if it occurred. What he could not tackle was the not-so secret truth that D'hys disliked flits just as much as V'zire. What would his lover think to see him with fourteen firelizard eggs? He'd take him for some obsessed firelizard fanatic! He'd be dumped on the spot. V'zire was far too invested in the relationship to let a clutch of firelizards get in his way! He just needed to get rid of them all before D'hys found out he was even in possession of them. The bluerider would think of him poorly, and he'd lose D'hys' faith entirely.

No more hand-holding, no more sweet kisses, no more less-than-innocent kisses (and that thought alone brought a blush to his face). The only relationship he had ever taken a chance on would be snatched from him by some silly miniature dragons! They had to go, they had to go right now. V'zire did not doubt that D'hys would seek him out soon to dance or cuddle, and V'zire could not be seen with flitter eggs.

The young greenrider had secured a table for himself, and fourteen eggs lay on top of the table, cushioned by a thick blanket that he hoped would keep them warm without boiling them. Oh no, if he inadvertently hurt them he'd never forgive himself! That was it, V'zire was even more determined to see every last egg out of his hands and into those that belonged to people who liked firelizards and had some idea of how to take care of them.

I would like one. Is there a pink one?

'No, love, there isn't.' Even V'zire sounded a little disappointed at that.

Oh. But not nearly as disappointed as Niskziath was.

Sorry but you are not allowed to view spoiler contents.

Personal Huts / Going Forward [D'hys]
« on: 22 Feb 2013 at 01:34 PM »
V'zire had been nervous from the moment he had woken up that morning, though by all accounts he shouldn't be. It had taken him a few days to gather up the confidence and courage to ask D'hys to come over for an evening. He had no intention of doing anything less than innocent, but this was still a very big step for him! D'hys had walked him home before, and he had certainly spent quite a bit of time at the other man's hut simply hanging out and talking with D'hys. The relationship, from the get-go, was obviously going to be a slow one. V'zire was a tentative lover, unsure of himself or his new relationship. But, he had hope, and he really liked D'hys! The greenrider was going to try whatever he could to make it work, because D'hys seemed like the perfect man for him.

There was still some guilt over the situation with R'ore, but Rhaedalyn had been encouraging him to see D'hys, and his other friends wanted him to have an actual relationship. So, he was going to give it a try. Earlier in the day D'hys had been made to suffer through a nervous invitation, and since it clearly wasn't an invite to more nefarious actions, it was clear that when V'zire was actually ready it would take him sevendays to gather up the courage to let D'hys know that. But, that hurdle would be tackled far into the future. The relationship was still new, having been started right after Krypth's last clutch had hatched. Most people would consider that enough time to be way past the stage in the relationship that D'hys and V'zire were at.

Someone is coming. Niskziath announced the news with a large amount of whimsical curiosity.

'No!' V'zire answered with obvious horror, since the hut wasn't nearly clean enough, and he still couldn't decide if substandard wine was better than no wine...

Its here.


A bird. How can something so small fly?

Oh... dear Faranth. V'zire heaved a sigh of relief, now somewhat convinced that he wasn't ready to have anyone over. He had managed to secure snacks and drinks, and had cards that he was absolutely terrible at playing with. A'liran was the only person he had ever managed to win against, and they hadn't been betting anything because V'zire was so scared of losing. With D'hys, he was determined to try not to suck. V'zire was sure that he had lined up enough activities, at least, to keep them entertained for a couple of hours. He wasn't even sure that D'hys would want to stay that long, and V'zire hated the idea of interjecting himself into the bluerider's schedule... What if he had other things to do?

Oh no, what if he did have something to do but felt obligated to cancel it because --

Are you okay?

Oh. 'Uhh... yes.'

Don't get so worked up, you're so silly! The Green went back to minding her own business, which meant she was completely oblivious to Zeianth's arrival. That was likely because she was too busy trying to strike up a wonderful conversation with her new bird friend.

Dining Hall / Colors [D'hys]
« on: 25 Oct 2012 at 10:39 PM »
What do you think this is?

Niskziath was currently as far away from her bonded as she would ever be. She was rather attached to V'zire's side, unless he was actually talking to someone. Only then did she give him and his friends proper space! She was a polite Green, after all. The sleek Green dragon was currently at the Hunting Ranges, staring intently at the ground. Her forelegs tried to grasp the object in question, but to no avail. After a few moments, she sent her bonded a mental image of what she had obtained... and just couldn't carry. Niskziath was worried about putting strange things into her mouth.

'Ummm, sweetie, that's a rock.' V'zire was all the way in the Dining Hall. The friendly greenrider took a seat by himself, not at all bothered that no one was talking with him. V'zire was the type of man who simply enjoyed being in the presence of others. He knew how to contribute to conversation, but for the most part he smiled, and when asked a question eagerly answered. He was undeniably sweet, and almost exactly like his dragon except for the fact that he was... much smarter.

But it is so colorful! No, it can't be a simple rock! I think it is an egg. What if a Gold bird hatches from it and I Impress it? The rock in question was only tinted pink, but for Niskziath this was a remarkable difference that just had to be noted! The Green sounded positively excited with her find, and V'zire just didn't have it in him to tell her that she was completely incorrect.

'Nisk... it's really a rock. But, if I think a Gold bird was to hatch from it, I do not believe it would Impress to anyone. Besides, you have me, why would you want to have another creature?' The tenderest smile curled his lips, and while he was partially crushing Niskziath's fleeting hopes and dreams, he sent her reassuring vibes to make up for it. In a few minutes, the dragon would be wondering about some other fantastical thing. She had quite the imagination, and little motivation, so he imagined there was not much else she wanted to do but make things up.

I would like to have two yous. Then one of you can bathe me, and the other can scratch my eye ridge and ooo! The Green crooned sweetly as she finally, and by some miracle, managed to scoop the small rock onto her toes. I do not think I can carry this home. Will you come pick it up for me later? She had already dropped it, to her greatest dismay.

'Sure, sweetie!' She'd likely forget about it by then, and V'zire would still fetch it for her. He wouldn't dare lie to his dragon, even if she was incapable of determining if he was. So, later he'd be sure to try and find it, though he imagined Niskziath would be of little help by then. 'Where exactly is it?' He better find out now before it was too late.

By a really big rock! And then there's this pointy rock to the other side that I almost stepped on.

Oh... well, okay, he was doomed. He couldn't help but chuckle to himself, sometimes his dragon was just too endearing!

Personal Huts / Wrongs Righted [A'liran]
« on: 28 Aug 2012 at 11:17 PM »
You are back! Niskziath's voice was filled with an almost childish eagerness. Despite sounding excited at her bonded's return, she did not move to greet him as she usually would. He was with a guest, after all, and she would never dare invade somebody else's space! Niskziath was a polite and sweet dragon, and while she wanted to greet V'zire's friend, she did not. That would also be an invasion of someone's privacy and space. The same logic applied to asking V'zire what had happened to him. She wanted badly to know what was upsetting him, but when she got close to touching the rampant thoughts in his mind a warning would flare up. It wasn't something she was supposed to pry into. She just had to trust that her bonded would remain well. He was in one piece now, but she could feel the threat of grief looming on the horizon.

It would be just fine, though, because she was here for him always.

"I haven't played dragon poker in a long while," V'zire was saying as he made his way up to his small hut. He sent a silent greeting to Niskziath, and a flow of comforting feelings to her as well. They both could read each other so well by now that they knew how to do just the right things to make one another feel better. Silently, he did want to just go lay down next to her and fall asleep. But, he also knew there would be so much difficulty in the simple act of falling asleep. There were a lot of thoughts and feelings that he had yet to confront. He kept on shoving them to the side to address later, because he was simply too weak to do so now.

The better option, undeniably, was to let A'liran keep him company. V'zire still felt a little awkward next to the other Greenrider. A'liran knew what he had just gone through, and was going out of his way to ensure that V'zire wasn't left to the dangers of his  "U-ummm, feel free to take a seat wherever you like," he instructed A'liran with a hesitant smile. V'zire wasn't used to being the host of conversation. He was the type of person that liked to sit back and listen to the chatter that went on between his friends. "A-and if you want something to drink, I've got some wine around here somewhere. I'm not sure it's the best, though."

Western Forests / We're Supposed to be Working [R'nd]
« on: 17 Apr 2012 at 12:10 AM »
He is only going to tease you. Niskziath's words were a gentle, even playful warning as her bonded left his hut. V'zire was dressed in clothes that were beaten enough that an outing into the Western Forests really wouldn't inflict that great of a change on their state.

'I know, I don't mind.' V'zire answered her silently, an easy-going smile flickering across his face. It was a wonder why V'zire put up with R'nd's flirtations, especially since he had no desire to ever respond to them in earnest. At this point in their life, though, he assumed that R'nd's flirtations were made out of habit, and had no real intention behind them. It made him feel a little less guilty for every time he rejected him, though his rejections often came in the form of stuttered sentences and uncertain hand gestures to try and get his point across. Really, his reactions were probably the only reason that R'nd couldn't resist making advances on him. From what he heard, R'nd was investing a great deal of interest in someone else, so maybe V'zire would be able to avoid his old classmate's more obvious advances.

If you are certain. I will see if Ayyonth would be so kind as to ask his bonded to tone down his flirting. If I was a human, I would blush for you.

'Thanks, but I don't think that's nec -- You did it anyways, didn't you?'

Niskziath's voice was already reaching out to R'nd's blue as her bonded spoke with her. Ayyonth? If you do not mind, could you ask your bonded to avoid tormenting mine for great lengths today? The green dragon was not coming with her bonded, preferring to spend the day basking in what light there was and daydreaming about all the colors dragons should come in. Pink would be such a brilliant color! It would stand out magnificently against the sky, so no one would miss a pink dragon! She wished she was pink, then perhaps she would get more attention for being so brilliantly colored. Oh, and mine is on his way. I do not think your's is really up at this time, so we would greatly appreciate it if you woke him. Mine can wait, though. He is awfully patient. She really didn't want V'zire to intrude on R'nd!

...Especially considering R'nd's habits.

The young dragonrider was already on his way to R'nd's hut, and Niskziath couldn't bring herself to remind her bonded of this fact. He'd be awfully embarrassed to hear it! (She, however, did not realize he'd be awfully embarrassed to stumble upon it - Niskziath did not always think ahead). Arriving at his friend's hut, he knocked politely on the door. Of course, V'zire was the type to be up early in the morning, so the timing now did not seem bad to him. They needed all the time they could get if they were going to go take care of some chores today.

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