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Weyrfolk Housing / Bronze Bruises [Invite]
« on: 13 Dec 2015 at 01:42 AM »
I’m sorry, J’ver, Rilaleeyth’s voice was softer than usual and while J’ver was used to his meek and polite dragon’s voice trickling over his mind, even he barely caught the words and the meaning behind them right away.

And why is that, my sweet? He wasn’t an affectionate man; except to his dragon. She was his lifemate and meant everything to him and all of his scheming and attempts to climb to the top in any manner available wouldn’t change that, nor did he want it to.

Because it isn’t Z’ia or S’kef that lies beside you… or even D’hys… J’ver frowned slightly at this bit of news as further came to from the flightlust. He remembered a few of the usual suspects had given chase and some of the new weyrlings that were just getting to the age of showing interest in flights but now that Rilaleeyth mentioned it, there was an odd couple of fellows involved as well and J’ver wondered if it was more the dragon or the rider that inspired them to give chase.

J’ver tentatively opened his eyes, blinking slightly against the light coming in through a crack in the curtains. He was in a bed and given the curtains that hung over the window, it didn’t appear to be his home either. That was fine, especially if his lover was still asleep or slipped out before him. He could have a good snoop around the place for clues who the room belonged to and then hope to find some dirt on the owner to use later on.

Speaking of dirt, he had better see if he still had a man beside him and who it was. While people seemed fond of his dragon, J’ver knew not everyone cared for him and even winning his flight could be used against the poor rider that was bonded to a dragon with a taste in bright green females. Slowly he sat up and winced as he did so, realizing he was a bit sorer than usual for a flight. Whomever the winner was didn’t seem to care about holding back as he claimed his prize; something that wasn’t entirely distasteful to the greenrider that had stayed with S’kef for years.

When he looked over at the man that had yet to leave the bed, J’ver raised an eyebrow as a smirk slowly spread over his lips. “Well this is a rather pleasant surprise.”

Eastern Hunting Ranges / Another Safety Net [M'ris]
« on: 08 Jan 2015 at 02:56 AM »
While he was known to make a mistake that could ruin the entire plan, J’ver was also known to have multiple plans and back-ups. Sure he was the cause of S’kef being removed from Weyrsecond but he was also the one that schemed and did all the dirty work to get the brownrider back into a position of power –and a better one at that.

Now was no different. The tides were shifting and S’kef was looking less like a life boat and more like a rock that would sink to the bottom of the ocean. He cared for, perhaps even loved the man, but those feelings had blinded him for too long and now J’ver was waking up to the signs showing around him. It wouldn’t be easy to keep S’kef in power for much longer if bronzeriders continued their grumblings and banded together. There was a chance he could remove the higher threats and get the rest back in line one way or another but J’ver knew it was time to start building new alliances that would keep him on top and not in the gutter with the other greenriders.

Slowly but surely, he had been going to bronzeriders of every age and rank to pitch his sale in one form or another. One of the more promising ones was unfortunately only a recently Impressed weyrling so power would take a while to obtain but it gave J’ver time to mould the man into what he wanted. Other bronzeriders would make for good pawns on the board but they wouldn’t be used for the power plays that would win the game.

The man he now sought out had the ability to become that piece that was needed to rally the troops and even lead for a while. So it was he found himself at the hunting grounds in the early hours of the morning. M’ris didn’t really keep a set pattern so it was hard to pinpoint the best place to corner him in private but luckily his sweet Rilaleeyth came through again. She informed him when Mosiath headed out to hunt and J’ver quickly changed for such an outing and minutes later, he too was at the grounds while the green went off to find herself a light meal since she had eaten two days earlier.

“Good morning, M’ris. Are you here willingly or were you dragged out of bed to feed a grumpy dragon as well?” J’ver chuckled as he turned to watch his dragon circle the area to find the perfect animal to bring down. In truth, he had been up for a while but had quickly mussed his hair and made for a more disheveled appearance to lend to the belief that he had been dragged out of bed. “Of course Rilaleeyth was very apologetic and insisted she could hunt alone but I like coming out here at this hour. It’s very peaceful.”

Telgar Hold / Family Reunion [Gabrin]
« on: 01 Jan 2015 at 04:17 AM »
I won’t be long, my dear. Just a little visit with some family. J’ver patted Rilaleeyth on the head as she gave him a little nudge to his shoulder. As a continued gesture of goodwill, and ongoing concern for his dragon’s safety, J’ver had Rilaleeyth land in the open fields on the edge of the town closest to his destination. As the green curled up for a little rest in the dying sunlight, J’ver walked down to the tavern that he was told was the nicer one in the area.

As soon as he walked in, sharp eyes took in the crowd. They were definitely more put together than the patrons of the other locales in Telgar but there was only one in particular that he was interested in chatting with that evening.

Two men stood out to him, sitting together and lightly conversing. It was easy to know which man it was that he was after by several telling points. One was relaxed and looked like he owned everyone in the room with the confidence he put out while the other was far more rigid and frankly gave off airs of trying too hard to belong. His research had told him that the man he was looking for had a brother-in-law that also married into the Telgar family but was of lower birth. His sources also gave him a good description of what to look for.

Without hesitation, J’ver strode up to their table, barely giving the rigid man a second glance, and directed his attention on the relaxed one. “Good evening, gentlemen. If I may borrow Gabrin for a moment, I have much to discuss with him.”

Character Diaries / An Ode to Evil
« on: 20 Oct 2014 at 08:43 PM »
Plotting and scheming all the way to the top
Blackmailing and backstabbing there's no way to stop
Sewing and gardening and clean dragon wings
These are a few of my favourite things.

Weyrfolk Housing / A Colourful Thank You [Z'ia]
« on: 26 Feb 2014 at 01:11 AM »
J’ver gave a dainty yawn and then stretched with his arms reaching to the sky to help relieve a slight kink in his back. He had been lying around for far too long and it had long ago become tedious with the charm wearing off. At first it had been nice to be doted on like the Lordling he was but he soon grew restless with not being able to keep track of everyone as well as he liked.

Of course, he could have done without the pain as well.

Both of his legs had suffered breaks or bruises or whatever else the Healers had babbled to him in the early days when he was so wracked with pain or high on drugs that they could have said he was turning into a feline and it would have made sense to him. All J’ver knew was that his right leg was still entirely encased in wrappings and planks to keep it stiff while his left had taken less damage and only had the lower half bundled up now, though the nasty bruise on his thigh deserved to be covered up again.

The landslide had been horrible for multiple reasons but chief among it was the state he was in. His beautiful body had been badly damaged, his skin marred, and his beauty close to being snuffed out forever. As it was, bruises and cuts coated his body for days afterwards but J’ver had been too out of it to truly notice most of them.

What he did know was that while S’kef made sure they were both free of the hut they shared, it had been the perky bluerider he was sometimes tempted to call a friend that saved him from a horrible fate. Z’ia had been doing sweeps of the wreckage and found him soon after a building J’ver had been surveying and about to pass by had collapsed on him, pinning him down with debris on his legs. Who knew how long he could have been stuck there before someone found him? Rilaleeyth’s screeching likely would have ensured it wouldn’t be long but with pain consuming him and consciousness coming and going, J’ver had been a touch more dramatic than usual.

While he still couldn’t get around beyond his bed being pushed in and out of the tent he now currently called home to do a bit of proper spying and blackmailing, his mind and hands had become idle. Finally, cloth and supplies had been found and brought to him by his brownrider and J’ver took up making clothes once more as best as he could without his measurements and little models he had constructed long ago.

After the second shirt had been finished for his new wardrobe, the idea struck that he owed Z’ia something for pulling him to safety and J’ver had sent Vixen off to steal a shirt that belonged to the bluerider. It had taken some time to manage that since the gold firelizard didn’t like playing fetch though she was certainly smart enough to understand the order. J’ver had eventually convinced her it was beneficial to them both and she would be a sneaky little lady for doing it. When she returned with the shirt, it was fully scrutinized for the dimensions. Soon, J’ver was a happy greenrider with a purpose as he worked for days on creating the perfect shirt for Z’ia.

Now, it was completed and time to bestow the gift upon the man. Rilaleeyth had sent word to Aveleth that J’ver wanted to see Z’ia and that the dragons could spend some time together in the process. J’ver wasn’t blind to Tyrrisath’s protectiveness of Rilaleeyth but he also knew how much his girl liked the blue dragon as well and lifted her flagging spirits where he could with allowing little visits. If nothing else, J’ver was certain that Z’ia would see the benefit in allowing their dragons some time together even if he didn’t want to do a social call with him.

Healing Hall / Quietly Sensual [Open, green flight]
« on: 26 Jul 2012 at 03:17 AM »
Rilaleeyth hated her flights as much as she loved them. They made her feel beautiful and desired. They made her know that she was a female and a seductive and sensual one at that. Yet they also made her feel silly. She didn’t have a large group of followers and while she knew that was likely due to her rider being J’ver and how close she was to Tyrrisath, she still felt like it was her own fault that many didn’t bother to give chase or that some were disgusted upon waking up with J’ver in their arms. Her human wasn’t that bad! He was just hard to get to know but S’kef had taken the time and liked J’ver, didn’t that count for anything?

So when she felt herself growing restless and J’ver was crankier than usual over everything from his appearance to meals being served to the brightness of the sun, Rilaleeyth started to worry. It was only a few short days after the young gold had risen; would anyone be interested in just another green taking to the sky now? Would she be seen as a mere copycat or someone simply seeking attention? That wasn’t the case! She was happy Krypth rose since it made her close friends happy. J’ver was excited at the win Tyrrisath and S’kef managed and even she was fine and happy with her favourite brown winning another female. She wouldn’t worry, given that Nirinath still lived and flying Krypth didn’t put an end to the way she could curl up beside the big brown that was so warm and safe.

J’ver, you really shouldn’t go out right now. Stay in, please. She knew J’ver reacted somewhat negatively upon waking up in a stranger’s bed or a random location though that also meant he could easily slip away as soon as he could, but it was being caught off guard that her bonded hated the most. So why wasn’t he paying her any mind this time? Was visiting that Healer so important? Apparently so, as J’ver insisted he needed some sort of salve for his sensitive skin being rather itchy on his arm.

As J’ver waltzed into the hall and made his way to Talian’s office, Rilaleeyth stretched and took off a moment later to proudly display her bright green hide against the rays of the setting sun. Catch me if you dare! She taunted to the males, her usually soft voice now deepened with sensual and sultry undertones. She had learned that challenging egos worked to her advantage and would sometimes draw a few more suitors. Some chased because they wanted to see if they would anger S’kef and Tyrrisath while others did it to prove something to friends, claiming they survived bedding J’ver. Rilaleeyth didn’t mind their reasons since the winner always proved to be wonderful to her and made her feel special until they parted ways.

J’ver entered the office without knocking, knowing the Healer within wouldn’t argue with the intrusion when he saw who was at the door. He was also a man sworn to help those in pain and the greenrider considered his rash to be a pain and wouldn’t be turned away. “Sweet Talian, I’m in need of…” J’ver frowned and then widened his eyes as he realised what his dragon was doing, “your office, it would seem.” He sighed and began taking his shirt off. He hated when his fabulous wardrobe was destroyed because of eager hands. It was best to get a head start before he, and his lover, lost their heads to dragonlust.

Northern Mountains / Cave of Chaos [Firestone Mining Group]
« on: 15 Jun 2012 at 09:34 AM »
“Why would I be interested in doing your share of the work? That hardly benefits me at all.”

J’ver clicked his tongue in annoyance as the blue weyrling brat sauntered away, heading into the mine. The man – Vialden, wasn’t it? – had made an enemy that day and J’ver would be sure to keep an eye on the man that seemed like a potential troublemaker that would be good at inciting others to rally around him in mischief. That was something to worry about later, however, as the chore currently at hand needed to be dealt with. The probability of getting anyone else in his merry little group of miners to work double time and make up for his slacking off was extremely low and no one else seemed interested in trading chores or doing two that month to help him out. Perhaps he needed to work on his people skills and make friends?


With a resigned sigh, J’ver slowly shuffled into the cave with a pick axe in hand. Rilaleeyth did her best to send comforting sensations his way and mentioned how S’kef would be impressed by such a level of manual labour but J’ver was in one of his moods and the sweet dragon did nothing to help him. As Rilaleeyth curled up off to the side of the entrance, resigned to simply wait through the negative mood until her bonded wanted such affections, J’ver stood in front of an area of firestone that was primed for the picking. With the first swing of the pick axe he grimaced but by the third he was scowling at the rocks and anyone foolish enough to be within his vision – which seemed to be a lot. Why were so many people assigned to mining firestone with this chore rotation? Thinking back to the list that had been posted, it did seem like a particularly lengthy list when compared to most of the others.

Was D’ren planning something?

Curse S’kef for falling ill when he had! If the brownrider hadn’t lost his position they would know more of what was going on in D’ren’s mind. That lovely reminder of his current lot in life only added to J’ver’s mood and he swung the axe with more force.

I wasn't sure where the mining would actually take place but I figured a mountain was a good place to start. Please move the thread if I was blind and missed an obvious location for this. Fellow miners, jump in whenever!

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