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River's Edge / How to Bathe Your Dragon [Arddra]
« on: 21 Aug 2013 at 12:15 AM »
V'riy stood up and stretched his stiff body, tilting his head from side to side. He rolled his neck slowly and leaned backwards and moved his waist in a big circle. Morith waded into the cooling waters of the river just as V'riy sat down to rummage through his ever-present shoulder bag for something to eat.

It should be close to Arddra's designated rest day, if it isn't today, his bonded informed him hopefully. He wasn't really in need of a good scrubbing since V'riy was meticulous in grooming his partner, ever mindful of his father's horror stories about untended dragon hide. Z'ley had made sure that the effects of between on tender dragon hide were burned into his son's brain long before he was ready to stand for Impression.

The bronzerider picked up a small bag that contained some kind of nut variety he wasn't familiar with. He removed a piece deftly from the bag and held up the nut to the early morning sunlight for further examination. Brown, with .. ridges, he supposed, and a sort of line down the center. He took a bite of the nut and was pleased with its sweet and slightly bitter flavor.

Normally he didn't waste time identifying nuts. He was quite proficient at cooking but baking was beyond him, not to mention that he lacked the patience for it. He looked around the riverbank for a tree to lean against and sat down in front of it cross-legged, munching on his ... healthier fare. He grumbled and Morith rumbled right back at him with laughter. Ceilidhe had suggested that he try more variety in his diet since he seemed to be developing a sensitive stomach and had helped him along by switching the food he had packed for his usual morning meal.

I swear she's going to pay for this, the man proclaimed to Morith, but there was little weight behind his words. He cared for Ceilidhe too much to make an issue of her mothering him. For all intents and purposes she was practically his mother now anyway. The rider had to admit to himself that he did like the attention. In fact, he found it endearing. At least she meant well, even if it meant he was missing his usual robust breakfast by the river.

You will not. You're just ... full of ash and gas, Morith stated, rebuking him. V'riy's mouth practically dropped to the ground. He stared at his dragon for a moment and then began to laugh loudly, the noise drawing several curious stares from nearby onlookers, but he waved them away. Who's been teaching you that kind of language? the man asked and grinned as his dragon preened shamelessly, proud of himself.

I'm glad I got the usage right. Twilirth of course, Morith said.

Twilirth. Typical. That little green was a wealth of random and useful information.

Did you want me to head out to look for her, o-silver-tongue'd dragon of mine? V'riy inquired of his dragon, unable to resist poking fun at the bronze.

Silver? Hmph. the dragon snorted.

Right, I'll head out then, V'riy said in a more serious tone. Apparently Twilirth hadn't taught him that one yet. He rose from his seat and paused, reluctant to leave the comfort of his shady spot by the side of the river.

When you find her, don't forget about the picnic! the dragon reminded his rider. He had been repeating the word picnic to himself every few hours so that he wouldn't forget. This latest reminder was probably about the twelfth time he had brought it up to V'riy in the last six days.

I won't, V'riy replied as patiently as he had every time the dragon mentioned it. Shaking his head, he walked west toward the Barracks and communal kitchens. Now, to find the girl.

The Lake Edge / Rinsing off [Open]
« on: 21 Jul 2013 at 06:09 PM »
V'riy exited the kitchen to the sound of Morith's roaring laughter echoing in his brain. The dragon rumbled loudly as he lowered his head to his rider's level, taking a good look at the generous dusting of flour that now covered his hair and upper back. As continued to laugh he projected the image to his rider, forcing V'riy to grin back at him as he saw himself through Morith's eyes.

Well, well, aren't you a sight! Morith snorted loudly, a loud whoosh of air escaping his nostrils. He flapped his wings a bit, creating a light wind, attempting to clean the rider, and failing miserably. Some of the food bits were blown away in the light breeze, Morith noted with a satisfied grunt, but a good bit of it remained. He sniffed at his rider, his long tongue snaking out to lick at a bit of wherry meat stuck to the front of V'riy's riding leathers. V'riy playfully pushed Morith's head away and gestured that he wanted to mount.

Morith bent his front foreleg, indicating for V'riy to mount. V'riy sighed as he climbed up onto his bronze, and shook his head, dismissing it. Something should be done about that boy. He has self-control issues that will be a bigger problem if allowed to fester. Perhaps you could pass on word to the Weyrlingmaster. She will know who to contact that will best to handle this Quenym.

Morith was in agreement. It makes me angry, this lack of discipline. Child or not, he should respect all dragonriders. I don't think you did anything wrong, Morith stated, sending feelings of comfort to his rider.

Hmm, I don't think so, either, Morith. But my rank as a bronzerider.. that girl was clearly intimidated by me, I saw the look that she gave the badge. She must have been Stolen. That reaction was exactly why I was against the kidnappings. V'riy grumbled irritably, running his hands through his hair and feeling flour in it. With a huff, he told his dragon, Whoever she was, I'm sure she took the side of the boy, wrong or not. She would after that look she gave me. Take us to the lake, Morith. I'll have to wash off. Our trip will be delayed a day.

Morith grumbled a bit at that but gladly shifted /between/ to the lake, one of his favorite places. Circling lazily over the blue water, he finally drifted to the beach, landing lightly on his feet. As V'riy dismounted, he scanned the beach, not seeing anyone around.

This is not good, this lack of respect for dragons and their riders, Morith commented as he took flight, rising quickly up to hover above the deeper water. He dove neatly into the cool waters of the lake, his wings folded, with a minimal splash. Sticking his head up out of the water, he swam around in circles, projecting images of becoming a water fountain and drenching V'riy with water himself if the rider didn't hurry up and join him.

Quickly relieving himself of his food burden on the shore, V'riy broke into a run, eager to join his friend in the refreshing cool waters of the lake. Splashing through the shallow water with long strides, he let out a joyous shout before diving in himself. He disappeared for a few moments before surfacing, covering a decent bit of distance underwater. With powerful strokes, he swam towards Morith, letting physical exertion serve as an outlet for his frustration.

Dining Hall / The Morning Hunt
« on: 19 Oct 2012 at 05:07 PM »
Morith sat near the dining hall, his large wings folded back against his flanks, his whirling eyes slowly moved across the milling groups of people.

V'riy however, was not in the same chirpy mood as his dragon. He had not been awake very long and already the carving for klah were in full swing. Any people who got his way were glared at until they cowered away. His hands reached forward, grasping the pitcher and pouring himself out a large mug.

Cradling the mug, he made his way slowly into a quiet corner. There he settled, in silence, sipping his klah as he slowly became more conscious of the world milling around him.

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