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Hot Springs / The Downfalls of Deviancy [Syra]
« on: 02 May 2014 at 12:30 AM »
Ali didn't care much for the standards of society. He prided himself in being a deviant, but he knew that ultimately, he was just asking for it. In a way, it meant that he enjoyed being left behind in the south while the leaders he hated forged a new place for them in the north. It was a sad state of affairs, for he'd spent turns despising Tsuen and D'ren for their cruel decisions. Ali hated being chained to the jungle. Now, he was angry that the new leaders, who were just as bad as the old, were taking off and leaving some of their own behind.

Or maybe he was just angry because he couldn't go. He kept telling himself that he was glad to stay behind, because it meant he didn't have to put with with nearly so many assholes. In truth, it was lonely and he hated that he'd missed something historical and long coming. He would have paid good money or given a lot of blowjobs to be among those who first returned north, but no. His wing was staying behind. What a shitty streak of luck!

True, it was temporary. Ali knew he was no longed 'trapped', at least not as he had been. He would be home soon enough. His problem was more a symbolic one than a pragmatic one, however. Ali wanted to be part of the action, just for once! Just like always, he was tossed aside. He was, after all, a deviant. He was the bottom of the list for everything, unless of course that list involved prejudice. It turned out that being a deviant was usually more trouble than it was worth.

"Fuck em," he crowed out loud as he sank lower into the water. Lump was lounging close by, while Bastard perched vigilantly on the pool's lip. Ali's clothes were piled close by, and Astoreth was dozing a few steps further. Ali grumbled a little and sloshed some water at Lump, who was an asshole and probably deserved it for something. Lump squawked a protest and paddled away. Ali grinned a little and rolled his eyes. "Fuck me, sitting here along taking to fire lizards." It was self-induced misery, of course. Astoreth knew that Ali was just working himself up like always, so she didn't bother to comment. She understood that clawing need. Neither one of them had ever been able to stay out of trouble.

Craft Hall / Chasing Stars [V'ler]
« on: 03 Feb 2014 at 05:05 AM »
This'll be a good one, right Ast? A'liran inquired sarcastically.  His voice was filled with plucky arrogance and a hint of impatience, which Astoreth returned with her own brand of venom. They always are. Don't think so little of me, and don;t think that you can fool me with your act she scolded, mindvoice simmering with disdain. She sounded distracted.

Ali snorted, crossing his arms and narrowing his eyes as he gazed out the window and into the darkness. He could sense her frustration seething inside him. Her anger had mixed so completely with his own that he wasn't really sure who the bad mood originated with. All he knew was that she was due, and the tingling in his blood indicated that she was due soon.

Always, huh? Don't give yourself too much credit. You land me in trouble more often than not, and I swear by the egg that I'll make you into a wallet if y-

Her sudden screech caught him off guard. It exploded in his mind, as loud and jarring as if she'd screamed right beside him. He clutched at his ears. "Fuck! You stupid bitch!" he snarled, pacing with agitation and continuing to paw at his ears. He felt so close to her - almost one with her - and the echo of the screech just kept ringing in his head! He stumbled a little, trying to come up with some sort of witty line to spit as his dragon as she lurched into the air, yanking his confused consciousness after her as if he were tethered by some sort of invisible cord.

His self-satisfied mood vanished in a whirl of tinnitus and vertigo. They were flying! They were flying, and just like normal, the green harpy had gotten in the last word and caught him completely off guard. Eben when Ali recognized the signs and managed to steel himself for the oncoming flight, she still seemed to always manage to sneak attack him.

As Astoreth's dark form disappeared in the night sky, Ali could feel himself whisked away to the stars alongside her. Astoreth crooned, welcoming Ali alongside her as a fellow warrior. While they appeared at odds on the ground, both of them loved this part. They loved flying free together, wild and coveted. Ali could almost feel the night air caressing his skin. He was light, swift, and vicious. He thought he could smell a trace of blood on the wind. He knew[i[ he could smell a hint of fear. It was perfect! He let out his own scream of frustration and challenge, barely able to contain his energy.

Let them come! He would defend himself, and it would be glorious!

Weyrfolk Hall / How Unfortunate [O'wain]
« on: 07 Oct 2013 at 06:49 PM »
Astoreth had the worst timing.

One minute, Ali was growling irritably with a resident of the Weyrfolk Hall, demanding to know why something of his had gone missing when last he visited. It was bad enough to have idiots like Z'ia walking off with his clothes in front of him, but now he couldn't visit one of the few buildings in their tiny, low-population weyr without having his lunch purloined from his bag while he chatted in the hall? It didn't help that the poor bastard in Ali's crosshairs was blaming it on a fat, bronze fire lizard. Huh! A likely story indeed! Ali bristled with frustration and finally gave up, turning away and huffing off down the hallway, intent on getting a replacement meal.

Of course, that was just one minute. The next, he was running. It started when the creeping paranoia that spawned his little rant finally made it's way through his whole consciousness, infecting him with every suspicious thought known to man. The people in the halls were after him! They were all eyeing him like a piece of meat, ready to chase him down and rob him! Rob him, or worse...!

He gasped and took off, prompted suddenly buy an unexpected loud noise behind him. He tore anxiously through the hallways, much to the confusion of the non-rider residents, but that ended quickly when he heard footsteps behind him. Boiling with panic, the greenrider threw himself into a vacant room and slammed the door shut behind him.

Astoreth! They're after me!


It finally sunk in. Ali's eyes widened, and quite suddenly he scowled in fury. "You SLUT!" he raged, slamming both fists into the door and grinding his teeth obnoxiously. Astoreth was flying!

Personal Huts / Nightmares of Harpies [Z'ia, Invite]
« on: 14 Aug 2013 at 10:15 PM »
A'liran hated this dream. He tossed and wrenched in his sleep, lithe body tense with fear and cold with sweat. In his dream, he wound precariously through the dense jungle while some unseen monster followed at his heels, nipping and clawing at him, longing to pull him into it's maw. He clawed back at it, tearing at his bedsheets and gnashing his teeth while he jerked and hissed instinctively in response to it's hellish cries.

Beside him, Bastard let out an alarmed croon, prodding delicately but urgently with his snout. Even Lump was alarmed, curled at the foot of the bed with uncertain red eyes.

It didn't help that they could hear the cries, too. They came not from Ali's mind, but rather from the green dragon located on the roof. Astoreth screeched, her own eyes boiling with unprovoked fury at the neighboring green, who didn't know what to do other than stare. The other green hadn't done anything to Astoreth, but that didn't stop her from spewing her fury at the poor girl.

Bastard screeched. He'd had enough! He pounced on Ali, desperately tugging at the man's hair. Lump let out an alarmed squawk of his own and fluttered uselessly around the room. He normally liked Astoreth, but what on Pern was so wrong with her?

Bastard's tugging did the trick. Ali woke with a start, screaming, his voice drowned out by his dragon's bellows. He cursed and cast a hateful glare to the ceiling. He knew that feeling...that hateful, needful anger. He knew it very well.

"No! Astoreth, shut up!" he screamed as he lept from bed. "Stop it right now!"

She was going to draw attention! Shards, he should have expected it though...she was already a sevenday overdue. He snarled and started to pace, projecting his scattered will towards hers, trying to force her to submit. He envied those who had better control of their dragons, he really did. She was impossible when she got like this, especially when she was late.

She got her STINK all over out hut! Astoreth hissed. I'm punishing her!

You're acting like a fool! Stop it, stop it now! he snapped. He collapsed on his bed and put his head in his hands. Please, Ast...Not now...Not now...

Dining Hall / Long Time, No See [B'run]
« on: 09 Apr 2013 at 09:20 PM »
"Hey! Play nice," A'liran scolded, reaching out to thump the elder of his bronze firelizards on the head as he greedily snapped at the food. A pile of meat chunks sat in between the pair, and until his younger companion had started greedily hogging it all, Bastard had been content to behave. Of course, now that Lump was being fat and useless, Bastard was more than willing to live up to his name. He hissed and swatted at Lump's nose with one paw, claws unsheathed and eyes bright red. Ali snorted in amusement, watching as Lump cringed away and then looked sourly towards him.

"Suits you, fatass. That food is for BOTH of you, not just you," he said. He'd taken to talking to the flits like they were people. Astoreth thought it was charming, and so did about half of the passers-by...but the others clearly regarded him as crazy. Ali didn't care. Hhe supposed some internalized part of him liked the attention, but really he didn't see it as a problem. Besides, his fire lizards (especially Bastard) were smarter than most of the people he knew.

A'liran. Look down

A'liran, who'd been preoccupied by petting Bastard as a reward for putting Lump in his place, looked down to find that the older bronze had relocated to the exact middle of his own plate of food. Not only was Lump now covered in gravy, but A'liran's meal was ruined. He frowned. "...You little fucker!" he said in disbelief, picking the fire lizard up in both hands and lifting him. In true Lump fashion, the fire lizard lazily allowed his legs to dangle and gazed back at A'liran cluelessly, unimpressed, and fat.

A'liran had no idea what to do. Part of him wanted to throw the damn thing. The stare-down lasted for a few seconds before he just sighed and dropped the critter back on the table. Lump let out an undignified grunt and relocated to the other side of the table, irritated.

Personal Huts / Digging for Bronze [A'liran Solo]
« on: 08 Jan 2013 at 08:11 AM »
A'liran! Look!

Look at what?

The egg is hatching. Astoreth's voice was filled with mellow delight as her whirling eye peered through the window, fixated on the pot sitting neatly in front of A'liran's fireplace. A'liran walked from his kitchen to the living area, brown eyes wandering curiously to the pot.

It had been sitting there for two days now, incubating by the fire as the single egg inside hardened. A'liran was pleased by how quickly the shell firmed up, and even more pleased by the occasional wiggling it exhibited. A'liran approached, smiling widely as he knelt beside the pot and brushed the sand aside. As suggested, the little egg was shaking slightly. A'liran lightly placed a finger on it.

"Oh, neat!" he said. He could feel a soft pounding on the other side of the shell, as if something tiny was trying to chisel it's way out. He took a moment to dig around the very top of the egg, giving the baby fire lizard more room to free itself. He didn't remove the egg entirely, for fear of it rolling around too much and actually making the process harder.

With that, the greenrider got up and moved into his kitchen. He snatched a meatroll from the counter and swiftly returned, finding the egg filled with many fine cracks that weren't there moments before. A'liran knelt, a pinch of food in hand, and watched.

Getting the egg had not been easy. He'd made several trips to the beach to locate one, but he never had much luck. He'd glimpsed the little beasts, though, which only showed how much stronger their numbers had already become. If the fire lizards could recover so quickly, it boded well for the dragons!|

As for this egg, Ali hadn't found it on the beach. He'd actually stolen it, and had been admittedly nervous in the days since. He didn't want the rightful owner knocking down his door. Now, smug and quite pleased with himself, it seemed like he'd gotten away with it. Up yours, Z'ia he thought proudly as he watched the eggshell split and a tiny nose appeared.

Ali didn't help the hatchling. He instead watched as the snout poked through, moist hide quickly covered in sand, and the creature drew its first breath. Astoreth watched with interest through A'liran's eyes. She found the little things amusing and somewhat charming, though not to the degree of some dragons. Ronarth, it was rumored, had been begging D'ren to get one ever since their reappearance, but the bronze's rider had his reservations.

Ali had shared those reservations at first, but the beasties had managed to win him over. A fire lizard would be a nice little decoration he thought, and they appeared useful. He found himself interested now, watching as the beast slowly pawed its way out of the sand. Ali offered a small pinch of food and smiled as the little beast's mind met his. The bond was subtle, especially in comparison to his Astoreth, but both dragon and rider noticed their new addition.

Look, Ast  A brown. You gonna flirt with this one, too? Ali said playfully as he offered the creature a second bite of food. The baby snapped it up greedily, red eyes ablaze with agonizing hunger. A'liran was surprised, really. He'd snatched the first egg he'd uncovered in Z'ia's little nest, but it looked awfully small. He didn't expect it to contain a brown!

A'liran, Astoreth purred, That is not a brown

Ali frowned. He plucked the baby from the sand, ignoring it's creel of protest, and brought it up to face level. He squinted and brushed some of the sand away from the wiggling creature, revealing a lustrous hide underneath.

"Well fuck me sideways," A'liran said with surprise. "You're a bronze."

The creature wrapped around his fingers and spat in annoyance, as if to say 'of course I am!'. Ali stared blankly at the creature for a few long moments before a wide smirk appeared. "Oh, get fucked, Z'ia!" he said with a happy giggle. Not only had he successfully stolen and Impressed an egg from Z'ia, he'd stolen a bronze!.

The bronze wasn't sure why his new bonded was so happy, but that seemed reason enough to lick his fingers. Plus they tasted like meatroll! A'liran arranged the bronze more properly in his palm, handing him one more bite of food before his new little friend immediately curled into a ball to sleep.

Look at that A'liran said. He's a fat lump already, just like any other bronze. They really are just like dragons

Astoreth's laughter filled his head. Oh, A'liran! You must name him that she commanded, eyes flashing blue in amusement.

What, Lump? Sounds fair.

Judging by how the thing was about twice as heavy as it looked, that name fit perfectly. A'liran stood and carried the fire lizard into his bedroom, where he placed him neatly on a pillow for a nap. He could worry about washing and oiling later. For now, the little fellow was exhausted.

Personal Huts / Gotcha! [D'hys]
« on: 03 Jan 2013 at 02:47 AM »
A'liran wasn't generally known for his cleverness. Today, however, he had a plan. He wore a devilish smirk as he recounted his new scheme to himself again and again, pleased with himself for it's invention and devoted to it's execution. He walked briskly, eyes narrowed and focused as he walked through the many huts dotting the outskirts of Katila. He needed to hurry if he was going to catch D'jhys before the evening meal!

Be careful not to give yourself away. I'm sure your excellent acting will be a great boon this evening Astoreth muttered, sullen and alone back at their hut.

That is exactly why I left your cranky ass at home, Ast! I don't wanna hear it A'liran said guardedly, bristling tone indicating that he was more than willing to fight with her over words if it came to it. In the distance, she hissed.

Perhaps I'll tell them your wherrybrained plan he threatened, tone sinking into a resentful whisper with just a touch of aloofness.

Yeah, do that, missy. I'll kill you. He was not going to be flown by Z'ia again. He was not going to endure the pain and humiliation. He just wasn't, end of story. Today, he had the uncommon advantage of both Astoreth showing her proddiness early and A'liran himself actually picking up on it.

He was going to enjoy this flight, shard it! And no blue midgets were going to stop him!

A'liran's proddiness wasn't the only thing tugging him along. That old fascination had sprung up again. It was like a game, and tonight, A'liran planned to win his first hand! That was the idea, and he was sticking to his guns. He trotted up to D'hys' door and cleared his throat, knocking heartily and crossing his arms to wait.

When the bluerider answered, A'liran grinned and stepped boldly inside, as if he owned the place. He hoped his forwardness would surprise and entice the bluerider, though even if it did Ali hardly expected much of an outward reaction. D'hys always did a good job of masking his feelings, even when startled. Ali was going to give it his all, though.

He walked inside and spun on his heels, a friendly smile crossing his handsome face. He winked.  "Hey there, asshole!" he said before hopping backwards once, hoping his feistyness would be enough to tempt the man to approach. Ali placed his hands on his hips and smirked, his self-assurance and pleasure pouring through onto his deviously bright expression.

Personal Huts / Admitting Defeat [D'hys]
« on: 24 Nov 2012 at 06:30 AM »
A'liran Astoreth whispered. Why?

I can't take it, baby girl A'liran thought miserably. I can't just lay there. I can't. It's.... he said emphatically, wishing so badly that he could make her understand. She never would, though. She was a green dragon. She lived in natural acceptance of order, in a perpetual present, and without a concept of consequence. She flew, she tangled with her partner, she fell, and she forgot. She didn't understand A'liran's rage. She didn't understand why he provoked others to harm him when it would have been so much easier to give in. She didn't understand why the game was so serious to him.

He loved the game. He just hated losing it. He loved flying with Astoreth, but for some reason the ending sometimes soured him. Sometimes, he was willing to bend for his partners. He welcomed them. Sometimes, however, he lashed out at them in rage.  Astoreth was not sure why his reactions differed, but she did know that far too often, they hurt him.

His mates left him damaged and his wounded pride turned to shame and anger. While she didn't understand the reasons for his anger, she understood the concept of anger on it's own. She understood being angry at pain.

She hissed softly where she sat, eyes whirling red.  I do not understand she said gently, But I do not want you to hurt. I am sorry I let them hurt you. It was all her fault, after all. How could she let Aveleth catch her? How? How, when in the back of A'liran's mind, she could always find clues that it was wrong?

It's not your fault, baby girl A'liran assured her. He finally scraped himself up from the floor, body quivering and heart racing. It had taken a while to stifle his tears. He remembered the terror of those few moments, when his distraught dragon vanished between and he feared she had left him. He remembered her panic. Neither of them had been able to breathe, and the anger and hatred in the bluerider's eyes was so unforgettably vivid.

It's my fault. You're right,  I shouldn't have fucked with him he thought sourly. So often A'liran threw himself in harm's way from his own behavior. He knew his outbursts were what ultimately got him hurt so badly, but he had to do it. He had to fight back. Otherwise, he was just a whore. It wasn't in his nature to lie down and accept it, hoping for the best. He didn't expect Astoreth to understand that, though. The game was different for her. It didn't come with baggage.

You don't believe that Astoreth pointed out as she appeared in front of the bath halls. A'liran crept out, limping lightly and clothes torn. "Shush. Don't you fuss!" A'liran said as he made his way to her, rubbing her nose lovingly as she purred.

He kissed her snout and sighed. "I'm sorry," he whispered to her, trying to soothe her frayed nerves. Being strong for her often made him feel stronger himself, and in a delightful stroke of fate, she felt much the same way. The pair spent a few long minutes in quiet togetherness, absorbing one another's reassurance and trying to numb their pain.

"I don't want to go home," A'liran groaned as he climbed onto her neck. He couldn't stand the idea of going home and being alone. Astoreth understood. She knew what he wanted. This behavior often puzzled her, as it seemed to contradict his caustic feelings coming out of certain flights and similar confrontations, but that didn't mean she would question it. She didn't always understand her human, but she would always do whatever it took to make him happy.

A'liran needed to be with another human, and he needed to choose that human. Something about initiating contact seemed to make it okay. Normally he would simply prowl about until he found someone willing, but this time, someone in particular was on his mind. The green dragon vanished, reappearing in front of D'hys's hut only seconds later.

You are sure she said, not as a question but as a bemused statement. "For some sharding reason," A'liran grunted as he dismounted. He kissed the dragon's nose again before sulking up to the door, already rife with self-loathing. Astoreth vanished, returning to their home, but her watchful eyes rested behind his own. She would watch from afar, ready to come and rescue him if things went wrong. She didn't want to fail him again, but she sensed that despite his distinct sense of defeat and humiliation, this was what he wanted.

That was another thing she would never understand.

A'liran sighed and knocked. His eyes were still red and puffy and his throat was hoarse from his screams and tears. He bore the usual signs of a rough flight; bruises on his arms, nail marks, et cetera. This one was particularly bad, though. Both eyes were blacked, one quite deliberately, and he had a nasty hand print on his neck. He tried to stand with his head held high as he awaited an answer.

Sure, he was crawling to someone for comfort, but that didn't mean he wanted to look weak. At this rate, however, it was probably inevitable.

Any sign of em, baby girl? A'liran asked as he stepped into the dining hall. It was the height of the evening meal. The laughs and shouts of  riders and nonriders alike echoed off the walls in one dull roar. A'liran's gaze shifted anxiously from person to person, suspicious and alert.

They are nowhere to be found Astoreth assured him, tone dry and distantly amused. She knew what A'liran meant when he asked about his blueriders. She knew better than he did, she reckoned.

A'liran pretended like he didn't want to run into D'hys in the dining hall that night, but she knew better. Her bonded was oddly taken with that man. It wasn't anything emotional, but D'hys possessed a certain sort of style and mystery that roused curiosity in poor A'liran. He was a sucker for people who kept him guessing.  Z'ia, with his unpredictable ways and bright smile, had once held that sort of pull for A'liran. Ali, however, had bitten off more than he could chew. That much was abundantly clear.

And yet still, Astoreth knew her bonded wouldn't have minded bumping into him, either. She had no explanation for that one, except perhaps that her rider liked to be abused, or at the very least liked to fight. Astoreth was glad that neither man was around, though. Even though A'liran was on the prowl for excitement, Astoreth much preferred that his mind and body go unharmed this evening. She understood, though. She knew the thrill of the chase, as well as the ultimate pleasure of being knocked down at the end.

What she didn't understand was why A'liran felt so bad afterwards.

He suspected she was lingering on his request too much. I'm not going to let them screw with me tonight, sweet thing he promised as he strolled confidently into the dining hall. He was bored, hungry...bored. He was almost disappointed that his adversaries weren't in reach. Disappointed? Nah...just bored?

Yeah, just bored.

Bathing Houses / The Chase is On [Z'ia] [M]
« on: 12 Nov 2012 at 06:26 AM »
What a nightmare.

A'liran threw himself into the bath house, heart slamming in his chest as he shut the door behind him. Those fuckers would never find him in here! He was trembling all over from exertion, his lung burning and his hands shaking. They were coming! Searching for him! They wanted to snatch him and claim him as their own! Too bad they were too fucking stupid! They would never see past his clever trick, now would they!

The greenrider laughed as he took off down the hall, not bothering to stop and catch his breath. There was no time! Astoreth was still screeching in the sky, which meant hungry eyes were still searching for him! Of course, A'liran had no idea what he would do if he did actually escape them, but that was a problem for the future. For now, he needed to keep moving! Astoreth was flying! A'liran was flying! He couldn't just stop!

He made his way through the main chamber and located an empty bathing room. He could sense prying eyes watching him, for the main chamber wasn't completely unoccupied, but they were fellow greenriders so fuck them. He ducked inside, thinking himself clever, and swiftly closed the door.

Now what? He suddenly realized he'd penned himself in. He could climb the walls over this!

He started to pace. He could feel the wind on his face, see the stars glinting above him...was that a blaze of blue he saw out of the corner of his left eye? He panted for breath, throat burning. He'd been flying for so long! He and Astoreth were strong today! Had they ever flown so long?

As lean and healthy as he was, A'liran was tired. He knelt on the floor to catch his breath and hung his head. That one moment of weakness was all it took.  He twitched and hissed as he suddenly felt strong claws latching on to him. "Astoreth!" he cried, his voice echoing against the water and stone walls as he flailed onto his side, falling to the floor as she fell from the sky.

Shards, but he was alone! Suddenly desperate, he grabbed the front of his pants pushed them down. "Shards!" he screamed as he grasped himself. Fine; if he had no flight winner, he would just take care of the problem himself!

Of course, he thought himself clever, but he still wanted his flight winner...and he was foolish to assume that his flight winner would not find him. He was so preoccupied that he didn't even hear the footsteps.

Weyrfolk Hall / Victory or Defeat? [D'hys] [M]
« on: 18 Oct 2012 at 08:12 AM »
It seemed like a long time had passed. A'liran didn't dare open his eyes. He reached out quietly for Astoreth, who'd waited patiently but anxiously for any coherent contact from him. The worried dragon quickly enveloped him in her caring presence. He hurt you Astoreth hissed, her voice like acid in the back of A'liran's dazed mind.

The greenrider wasn't sure what to say. The last few hours had been a terrible blur. His ears still rang with the best and word kind of screaming, all torn from his own throat. His body, bruised and seemingly discarded, ached with each breath. Were D'hys and Z'ia gone? Had they simply tossed him aside when they were finished?

A'liran grunted. He wanted to scream. He wanted to spring to his feet and scream his heart out, to look those bastards in the eye and hold them accountable for what they'd done. What could he do, though? This was the ultimate defeat, humiliating and painful beyond any of the fiery greenrider's usual games. A'liran didn't open his eyes just yet. He was afraid of what he might see.

He'd met with Z'ia plenty of times. The vicious little bluerider always seemed to be out to get him. A'liran knew that Z'ia was the worst kind of bluerider; egotistical, cruel, indifferent towards those of lower standing...but today, A'liran had seen something far worse. He'd watched as D'hys, for some unknown reason, tried to get Z'ia to tone down his aggression. The younger bluerider had complied, but always with a resentful glare and a darkening of the eyes. A'liran had seen his jaw set and his fists clench.

D'hys hadn't been a saint, but he'd showed A'liran enough kindness that he found himself fearing what would have happened had the older bluerider not been present. Z'ia had pushed it, though. He'd been as cruel and vicious as his friend would allow, right up to the breaking point. A'liran didn't know if anything had come of it, though. He had passed out before they were done. 

Shards, he wondered how long it went on once he was out.

His throat tightened. He tried to focus his thoughts, to figure out if he was really awake. Was he? Was he safe?

The greenrider was filled with uncharacteristic fear and dread. His body was shattered and his heart was heavy, but what could he do? Just lay there and cower, frightened even to open his own eyes? The greenrider bit his tongue in anxiety and slowly stirred, dazed but determined to at least sit up.

"I'm fine, baby girl...don't worry about me.." he lied out loud, voice shaking, filled with hatred and misery. Then, he opened his eyes.

As the room swirled into proper view, he realized he wasn't alone. The bruised greenrider immediately shot backwards, his back hitting the wall. He realized now that he was in a spare bedchamber in what was probably the weyrfolk hall. He had no idea how long he'd been there, but he'd hoped it would be long enough to be alone...but he wouldn't be given that luxury. There, beside him, was the bluerider. D'hys.

Astoreth hissed in the bluerider's mind. Look a him! she accused lowly. She didn't have to specify what she meant; the greenrider's bruised body spoke for her.

A'liran straightened his posture, in spite of his dizziness. His heart skipped a beat. He couldn't look weak in front of this bastard!

But what to say? A'liran's resolve withered momentarily. This bluerider had tried, in some way, to protect him...but he was still just as guilty as Z'ia, wasn't he? So what did he say?

Thanks for not raping me quite so intensely?

The greenrider frowned. "What the fuck are you looking at?" he demanded, still dazed and not sure what else to say.

Sorry but you are not allowed to view spoiler contents.

Gather Square / Worst. Day. Ever. [Invite]
« on: 30 Aug 2012 at 08:14 AM »

A'liran stalked out of the dining hall, brows furrowed and jaw grinding in irritation. He had a pounding headache, no thanks to his terrible shrieking beast, and the dining hall was so crowded that all the chatter made it worse. He wasn't hungry enough to deal with that crap. He wasn't tired enough to go to bed. He wasn't frisky enough to jump someone.

And she wasn't close enough to get it out of her damn system.

The dining hall was intolerable, though. The noise and the crowd...the people looking at him and whispering! Well, they provably weren't actually whispering about him, if they were actually whispering at all, but he felt the eyes, by Faranth! Astoreth's cycle made him paranoid and jumpy, irritable and always looking for a fight. Decades of their bond had taught him that. He knew he saw things that weren't there. He looked for provocation, any reason to lash out at and poor sucker who looked at him wrong. He knew he probably didn't need to do that in the middle of the dining hall, but those wherries made him so shading angry! With their looks and their whispers and their smug faces!

You're pacing Astoreth mumbled.

Shut your mouth A'liran snapped back. It's your sharding fault. Shards, the headache! He opened his eyes to realize that he was indeed pacing like a madman in the middle of the gather square. Enough people were out and about that he wasn't making too much of a show of himself, but that didn't stop him from freezing and putting on a most indignant face.

This wasn't going to work. Astoreth had been proddy all day now! Why couldn't she just get it out of the way? The greenrider hissed and spit curses under his breath as his indecisive side reared it's head, beckoning him back into the dining hall because some ale would be amazing. An amazingly bad idea, but amazing.

He huffed, and headed back, only to stop half way.  Did he really need ale? No, he just wanted it. He crossed his arms and argued with himself silently, grumpily.

In the distance, Astoreth rustled in her perch and hissed at a passing blue. Make up your idiot mind. At least if you get drunk, I don't have to worry about you interfering

Interfering?! Since when do you even LET me?

Astoreth's response came creeping, like a fungus. Good point

Dining Hall / So...We Meet Again [Z'ia]
« on: 29 Aug 2012 at 05:29 AM »
Feel better now, love? Astoreth asked curiously. She lay in a pile outside, her glossy green hide mixing neatly with the thick-bladed grass beneath her. Her tail swished from side to side and her eyes sparkled a contented shade of blue. Her question was largely rhetorical and almost sarcastic; after an eventful morning, A'liran was prickly and prowling for something to get his mind off of their earlier escapades.

That's your word for it? 'Prickly'? A'liran asked indignantly as he power walked into the dining caverns, his grey eyes focused only on the breakfast tables. He was among the last this morning, which wasn't unusual. A'liran preferred the nighttime hours to the early morning, though it sharding figured that the one day he got up to do his exercise early instead of late, he just so happened to be grievously delayed.

Not as 'prickly' as you were an hour ago Astoreth teased lightly. She could have laughed warmly to herself, had she the proper anatomy. A'liran puffed up just a little bit, but after a moment of consideration and a helpful image from his dragon, he had to admit that it was pretty funny.

Bitch he said as he dismissed the image, that of him covered in the long, pointed briers of some local plant that must have been related to the north's Needlethorn. Shards, was it annoying. After his unfortunate slip, it had taken nearly forty minutes for the healer he'd seen to get them all out of his legs. A'liran scowled as he walked, trying not to encourage the beast by actually laughing at her imagines.

Astoreth smiled in his mind, then relented. Sorry she said with aloofness, as if distancing herself from the childish act. I couldn't help myself. She knew that her rider's dignity was valuable to him, so it was best to not push it too far. It was good to get a jab in and get him to smile, too...even if his smile was as internal as hers was.

Yes, yes A'liran thought. He maintained his grumpy exterior as he made his plate and seated himself, but after a moment he couldn't help but finally grin, just for a moment! Love ya, baby girl.

Eastern Hunting Ranges / Should Have Seen it Coming [Erisi]
« on: 28 Aug 2012 at 11:12 PM »
A'liran had always loved watching Astoreth hunt. He remembered being a weyrling and listening to some of his classmates complain about the blood and gore. They were squeamish. A'liran had to admit that he found it just a little bit funny. He wasn't exactly bloodthirty, but there was something about the primal beauty of a dragon on the hunt that he could appreciate. They were strong and graceful, almost fluid in their motions, and yet so deadly.

How good it was to be bonded to one of them. The feeling was the same now. A'liran stood to the side of the Range, arms crossed and eyes watching amusedly as Astoreth made a playful loop in the air above. The little green was sizing up her prey, he knew. She always eyed beasts that were a little bit out of her range. He silently reminded her not to let her eyes get bigger than her stomach, but she seemed to be in a pushy mood today.

I can take care of it she muttured, not exactly angry, but with a hint of standoffishness. A'liran's back straightened out and he let out an indignant snort. Suit yourself he said, pretending not to care, though she always worried him when she went on these little power trips. She wasn't a tiny dragon, but she was a green, and only a middling green. A large enough herdbeast could be dangerous to her. Like A'liran, however, the little dragon had a tendency for bravado. She would take the largest herdbeast on principle if he told her she couldn't; therefore, he kept his mouth shut and pretended not to care.

She had her suspicions, but the ploy still worked. A moment later, the green descended, snatching a juvenile and rending it between tooth and claw. A'liran felt a slight shudder at her ferocity.

He wondered for a moment what had gotten into him.

Personal Huts / All Things New Again [J'ver]
« on: 23 Aug 2012 at 02:18 AM »
The sun was starting to hang low in the sky when A'liran and Astoreth returned from their hunt. It had been a good day; they'd caught two wherries, one for her belly and one for the kitchens. A'liran was proud of himself, but more than anything else he'd enjoyed a day of freedom with his bonded. Katila was as much of a prison as him as it was to the northerners. It was nice to get away from the drama, to feel the wind in his hair and see nothing but sky above and trees below. Shards, some days the politics got so tense that he almost missed his exile.

Of course, he was also highly prone to thinking and saying things he didn't ultimately mean because they made him feel better at the time.

As so they flew, a juvenile wherry hanging from Astoreth's claws as they cast their shadow over the residential section of Katila. Going between would have been quicker, but A'liran wasn't keen on damaging the meat. Astoreth heartily agreed, even though she knew that was just a flimsy excuse for extending their outing just a little bit longer.

As they passed over the huts, something caught Astoreth's eye. J'ver has finally showed his face she said with interest. She was just as devilishly curious about the dodgy greenrider's whereabouts as her bonded had been. A'liran had never liked J'ver, but he couldn't deny that the bastard was awfully interesting. Besides, any greenrider who would willingly ally himself with a user like S'kef was an enemy, and one to be watched with great interest.

For now, though, A'liran was just curious. Let's go say 'hello'

Astoreth obeyed. She made a smooth circle before dropping in for a landing, coming down on her hind legs so she could continue holding her wherry with her forepaws. She settled outside J'ver's hut, only a few paces away from his garden. A'liran quickly dismounted and walked over.

"Hey hey, look who returned to the land of the living!" he called out. He was friendly enough, at least for now. Part of him wanted to hope that J'ver had turned over a new leaf by separating from the monster, but mostly he was just testing the waters. A'liran crossed his arms and smiled smugly. "Finishing up a bit of gardening before the sun goes down, huh?"

A'liran started to pace. "So...No one's seen you around lately. Or your brownrider. Rumor has it you dumped him." A'liran couldn't help but grin devilishly at the prospect. "Good on you, I say. You know we greenriders have to stick together."

The tragedy here was that A'liran was speaking genuinely.

Dining Hall / Righting Wrongs
« on: 21 Aug 2012 at 11:50 PM »
So, Tyrrisath had failed to catch Rilaleeyth. That didn't bode well.

As much as A'liran loved to see a cruel brownrider put in his place, he also knew when it wasn't the time to tempt fate. A'liran was small, handsome, and worst of all, feisty. Everything S'kef liked. He'd met with dreaded S'kef of Tyrrisath before, both locked in the bonds of flight and on a more literal battlefield. A'liran's back didn't bear the same horrible scars as some less fortunate greenriders, but he would always remember the sting of that whip.

Some dragons couldn't be slew through conventional warfare. A'liran opted for a tactical retreat.

He moved to the dining hall after the flight, settling himself at a crowded table and taking an exceptionally long time with his meal. Things happened after flights. Sometimes, the frustrated losers vented themselves in unhealthy ways. It wasn't too much of a problem normally; most of them would go home or get drunk or something. Maybe track down a willing wench or stolen northerner who needed some comfort. Not all of them were monsters. Not many of them would go too far.

S'kef would, though. There was some sort of incident almost every time he lost that damn green's flights. It was usually violence. Bullying. Shoving. Insults. But A'liran knew himself well enough to realize that if S'kef spit at him, he'd spit back. And he would lose. Best just to avoid him.

A'liran couldn't imagine how wrong things had gone this time, though.

He left the dining hall late, around a half hour after Rilaleeyths screeching stopped. Aveleth won Astoreth commented with mild amusement. Aveleth wasn't an uncommon sight in her own flights, and had won them often enough that A'liran considered Z'ia a personal nemesis. A'liran smirked. J'ver and Z'ia, huh? Those assholes deserve each other

A'liran stood up and started to head home. He was sure it would be safe by now. In fact, he was just a little bit ashamed for even being concerned. He'd never have admitted it, obviously. He would deny it to his death, but that brownrider...he unnerved  A'liran.

Greenriders couldn't show fear in the face of bullies like that, though. Showing fear was an invitation.

A'liran was starting to relax when he felt Astoreth nudge him lightly. A'liran. You must look. She sounded dour, with a streak of darkness and resentment lurking behind her sweet voice.

A'liran paused and let his eyes drift as she bid them. A storage room?

The greenrider approached and pushed the door open. "Hello?"

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