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Gather Square / Purely Platonic [V'zire]
« on: 24 Nov 2012 at 09:45 AM »
It had been way too long since she had last had a chance to chat with V'zire. Five whole days! So many things could have happened in that time! How did they let so much time pass? Did it make her a horrible friend for not seeking him out sooner? There had been some free time but she had used it to sew instead of socialise and meals were usually spent with the other Candidates lately since they were in such a routine and it made it easier to continue moving through the day as a pack on the same schedule that could also discuss what was just learned.

But she wanted to discuss that with V'zire as well! Among other things, of course. Mainly, the men V'zire seemed to be gravitating to lately. Her naughty little greenriding friend seemed to be quite the popular fellow as of late, if rumours were to be believed. Normally, they were good for a scandalous laugh but her own pretty hazel eyes had caught sight of V'zire eating or talking with certain other dragonriders lately and she had to quiz him about them!

So she was off, nearly skipping from the Candidate Barracks – she didn't see the need to move to the Weyrfolk Hall since she would Impress one day and then move to the Weyrling Barracks – to the common areas V’zire could be found in. Thankfully the search was short as she was dangerously close to perspiring from her energetic efforts as she spotted the greenrider milling about with a friend in the Gather Square. She donned a mischievous grin as she quietly, almost on slippered tip toes, approached her friend and brought her arms up around him to cover his eyes with her hands. “Guess who!” her voice was a merry sing-song and it was obvious that even if he didn’t know who would greet him in such a way the voice would have given her away.

Dining Hall / Life Goals [Rhaedalyn Solo]
« on: 27 Nov 2012 at 04:10 AM »
Rhaedalyn sighed as she watched Z’ia from across the Dining Hall. How could a man be so perfect! He had adorable curly dark hair, eyes that danced with life, a smile that charmed, and an energy to him that seemed infectious and could draw you into anything he planned. Well, she supposed as Z’ia and his friend D’hys – talk about a disgusting amount of too much muscle! – both stood up to leave, Z’ia did have one flaw to keep him from being the perfect sparkling gem he was so close to being. He was short. Rhaedalyn always envisioned her prince would be taller than her, perhaps a good foot taller, making them the perfect height difference for maximum cuteness and protection. As she watched the two blueriders joke and laugh as they readied themselves to leave, she noticed they had that height difference.

She sighed again, this time with a hint of sadness instead of dreamy longing.

When the men walked by her, however, she straightened up a bit more and tried to look up at Z’ia as he passed but her shyness took over and she couldn’t do more than fidget with her hands in her lap. He was never going to notice her! Her life would simply end if he didn’t ask her to dance at the next gathering. But how was she going to manage that feat when he had D’hys, A’liran, and a few others always around him, taking up his time and seeming to be extremely interesting to her perfect dragonrider?

Perhaps a gift of a handcrafted shirt! Hazel eyes lit up at the idea and Rhaedalyn wondered why she hadn’t thought of that sooner. Z’ia didn’t seem to regard clothing as the most important thing in his life but surely a shirt made with purity and adoration would be something he’d cherish and even wear to the gathering he would surely ask her to, right?

What would the next gathering be, anyway? Likely Turnover or maybe she’d wait until the hatching celebration. She could be a dragonrider then herself! The two clutches she stood for had both seen a beautiful gold break shell and while they hadn’t selected her, Rhaedalyn couldn’t keep from imagining what it would be like to have the sweet little girl approach her and bond. She couldn’t picture herself on any other colour though she did adore all the dragons in general. But gold, now that was a good colour and it would bring out the gold highlights in her otherwise drab eyes of hazel. Not that she would use the sweet dear as an accessory! Oh no, but it was a nice perk.

Goldriders always landed strong bronzeriders as well and while there were some – like R’nya, now that was an extremely fine example of man – that she wouldn’t mind falling in love with and having a nice life together, Rhaedalyn felt she could break the rules and let a bluerider be her mate.

Oh dear and there she went thinking about Z’ia again! She chided herself for acting like a giddy young teenager. Her life didn’t revolve around daydreaming about men, she was a doer! Or so she tried to convince herself as she brought her dishes back to the counter for the kitchen folk to deal with. She was smart, creative, and quite talented in her craft. She was also happy, as odd as it was given the circumstances that brought her to Katila but she had adapted and accepted the reasoning for taking her. She was needed for her skills and her eligibility to Impress. Just because the latter hadn’t happened yet didn’t mean it wouldn’t. She was still young and she knew many had Impressed a few turns older than her since the times had changed and called for tradition to be broken with younger Candidates Standing.

She would Impress, she would fall madly in love and share the perfect romantic life with a man, and she would continue to dress the weyr in her creations. Rhaedalyn liked those goals and barely contained girlishly skipping out of the Hall.

Bathing Houses / Re: Soak out the tension [OPEN]
« on: 28 Nov 2012 at 01:34 PM »
Rhaedalyn had just finished her own bath down the hall and was preparing to head back to her room for the evening. She had grabbed a few articles of clothing from the Crafting Hall earlier to mend on her own time as such a task kept her hands busy but let her mind wander as it liked to do. So it was always the perfect way to end a day that involved running around the weyr for lessons or chores. Her roommate likely thought she was crazy for always bringing a chore home with her but Rhaedalyn never saw it as anything more than keeping herself busy and her craft sharp.

With a final twist of the towel, her mop of wet curly hair was wrapped up atop her head. A comfortable dress had been slipped into before that, one that covered her limbs and kept the heat of the long bath trapped against her skin on cool evenings. It was absolutely perfect and as she gathered up the rest of her belongings, Rhaedalyn decided it would make for nice gifts for some of her female friends. Who wouldn’t want something snugly to wrap up in after a bath?

As she made her way down the hall, some splashing in a closed off room caught her attention. It was likely some weyrbrats playing around but there was always a chance someone was trouble! She moved closer to the door and was about to open it to see if everyone was okay when she heard a woman laugh. Her hand was quickly snatched away from the handle and it was soon covering her mouth as if she had just overheard something scandalous when the woman purred out an answer to a question she didn’t hear. What was going on in there? Who was in there? Too weak to resist, Rhaedalyn leaned in close to the door to see if she could catch more of the conversation and figure out who was in there.

Dining Hall / Re: The Waiting Game [Z'ia]
« on: 29 Nov 2012 at 12:44 PM »
It was late, well past the time she usually went to bed, but Rhaedalyn couldn’t sleep. It felt like she had managed a few hours of sleep but she woke suddenly at some point and continued to toss and turn, growing more and more frustrated at the lack of sleep and not knowing why she was so antsy and unable to drift back to dream land. Finally, she quietly dressed and since she needed something to do, grabbed the few plates accumulated in the room left by her roommate and herself, and slipped off to the Dining Hall to return them.

It almost felt like she was breaking a pile of rules as she moved through the quiet weyr with barely anyone in sight but so long as she didn’t get up to any mischief and attended her lessons, Rhaedalyn knew it wasn’t a crime to be out so late. That still didn’t mean she felt like she was being naughty and a little smile as she glanced around to see if she was being watched was given as soft steps brought her to her destination.

The door seemed noisier than usual and a couple of heads turned her way as she entered which Rhaedalyn smiled sheepishly at. She hadn’t been expecting people to still be up and socialising! It was nice though, knowing that others couldn’t sleep either; if they had even tried yet. It seemed some had been there for a while with the dishes and empty bottles around them. She left them all alone though, as she was simply there to return plates and hope the little stroll was enough to tire her once more to finish sleeping through the night.

Before she reached the back counter where the plates would be left for the kitchen staff to deal with, a familiar head of curls caught her attention. What was Z’ia still doing up? She had always imagined he was the type to snuggle in under the blankets around the same time she went to bed, or maybe a little after her, since he was obviously a protector and would stay awake long enough to make sure his mate was comfortable and not disturbed. Then he would slip under the blankets with her and curl in close, sharing each other’s body heat and taking silent pleasure in how they fit so well together.

Oh! She was daydreaming again. That really had to stop!

As she wondered why Z’ia was still awake, the answer came into view in the shape of the former Weyrsecond, S’kef. Why would those two meet? She couldn’t recall seeing them interact before tonight but maybe they were drinking buddies and did this regularly? Maybe it was over that slimy J’ver. Rhaedalyn knew Z’ia entered that flight and sometimes even won. Maybe S’kef didn’t like that and now that he was flaunting his love for that greenrider he wanted to make sure no one else won the flights again. That made sense. It seemed like it was going okay as well as neither man seemed angry, which was good! She didn’t want to imagine what her dear bluerider would look like with a black eye.

Pleased with the reasoning for the meeting of the two men – especially since it meant Z’ia would be in one less flight and with one less man – Rhaedalyn quickly dropped off the plates and headed back outside without saying a word. She didn’t want to bother them and she really hadn’t interacted with the others still inside before and figured tonight wasn’t the right night for such meetings. Who knew what they would think of a pretty young lady out late and socialising with men!

Gather Square / Re: Purely Platonic [V'zire]
« on: 30 Nov 2012 at 08:18 AM »
“You goose!” Rhaedalyn giggled at V’zire’s first guess and the delight he had when saying her name. The young greenrider really was too much fun! How she had been lucky enough to snag such a fine man to be one of her closest friends was still astonishing to her. It wasn’t like she was all smiles and sunshine the first little while at Katila but as she caught on to her own importance within the weyr and settled into a routine, her smile had returned, as did the light bounce to her step. V’zire was the perfect friend for her. He was sweet and genuine and they oddly had quite a bit in common. He was also easy on the eyes. Rhaedalyn could admit to that and once their friendship truly took off, she had dared to tell him that once; though it came quickly with her not being interested. V’zire was a dream come true but he still didn’t give her the flutters in her tummy or make her breath hitch by simply walking into a room. Besides, she was fairly certain he was living an alternative lifestyle and women weren’t even his ideal partner! That had scandalized her for months after arriving but as with everything else, she grew to accept the weyr-outlook on things and started to see that love was love and she couldn’t denounce it when the couples were so happy together.

She just envied them now instead.

A shy wave was given to V’zire’s friend – a man she recognised and knew the name of but didn’t know much more about him. It such a small community it was easy to learn names and faces but she was so awkward around new people that it was still hard to properly talk with most. Once he was gone, Rhaedalyn tightened her hold on the greenrider, hugging him as if they were siblings reunited after a lifetime apart. She really did adore this man. “Do I need a reason to see you now?” She pouted playfully before wriggling free of his hold and taking two bouncing steps away. “I haven’t seen you in forever and wanted to catch up on everything with you.” Oh yes; there was plenty of gossip to keep them chatting well into the night but she’d make sure the topic of V’zire’s new friends was one of the top headlines.

Rhaedalyn didn’t have any idea what was going on. There was a very angry dragon screeching aloud but also in her head. That alone was enough to cause the young woman to panic since she had only ever had a couple of dragons quietly enter her mind so to have one screaming bloody murder with enough conviction that she felt like she was the one about to be swallowed whole scared the daylight out of her. From her spot at the table in the Dining Hall, she watched as riders seemed distracted by dealing with their dragons who must have been just as scared as she was and everyone else just seem to be in panic mode. There were whisperings that the Weyrleader was dying! That couldn’t be true, he was old, that was a truth no one could argue, but he seemed healthy and well-liked. Even she had come to like the man and the decisions he made! Well, most. The rule about having to have a child before Impressing didn’t sit well with her but that was because she was waiting for her one true love to sweep her off her feet. Anyway, it didn’t seem possible, but the chaos couldn’t be for any other reason.

The fact that she had the little firelizard that should have been Mevrit’s but her friend didn’t want it so the blue Impressed to her, was panicking in circles above her head wasn’t helping any. Her adorable Muffin – so named after quite the lengthy process of elimination – was flying just out of reach and the short girl was bouncing on her tippy toes to reach him, calling for the flit to come down and relax. It was hard to tell him that when she herself was panicked but she did notice some of the older riders didn’t seem too bothered by the commotion. S’kef didn’t seem bothered at all. She didn’t know too much about him and wasn’t sure if he would be okay with a girl approaching him for advice and information. She worried her lower lip as she watched the brownrider with his mate and finally decided to leave him alone. The glance J’ver sent her also sent a shiver down her spine and Rhaedalyn couldn’t decide if he would even allow her near S’kef anyway.

“Muffin!” Rhaedalyn called again, running around a table now as the firelizard decided he was now calming down but playing chase was a fun game. It helped her as well, since she wasn’t thinking about Ronarth or the Weyrleader but when her classmates started to pour into the Hall along with B’jin, everything came back to her. Finally either Muffin grew bored or was in a kind mood, the firelizard landed on the table and Rhaedalyn scooped him up, hugging him tight to her chest. At least he liked cuddling! That was good; she needed cuddles right then as she weaved her way through the crowd to the greenrider and his handsome mate. It had taken time to get used to homosexual lovers but when she looked at B’jin and R’nd, how could anyone deny them love and happiness? She was an easy convert from Hold to Weyr life and Rhaedalyn almost blushed at the intrusion she was making and the gaze R’nd turned on her. Why was he so hot?!

“Weyrlingmaster B’jin! Everything’s going to be okay, right?” Hazel eyes widened and were round with fear but also hope. Everything had to be okay! Rhaedalyn wasn’t sure she could handle another dragon’s passing and D’ren was their leader!

Personal Huts / Scrambled [Mevrit]
« on: 04 Dec 2012 at 12:36 AM »
That morning, the usual check on the egg Mevrit had received during the camping trip was done and the curly haired girl wondered if perhaps it was a dud. They knew it had to be a firelizard considering the hatching so many people had witnessed on the beach and how some of her classmates had their eggs hatch already as well. But this one seemed to either be content to take its time or the resident had already made its departure in the most saddening of ways. The usual pout was given at such a thought before gently petting the top of the egg and whispering they would be back later. It would be horrible if the little flit came out when no one was around! So she always gave it a timeline.

When midday rolled around, Rhaedalyn was pleased to see it and almost skipped from the Dining Hall back to her room. She had another plate of food; random bits of what was served that meal that could be saved. It was pretty unnecessary by that point since she had been doing that since they returned from the camping trip, knowing that food was needed to help convince the firelizards to stick around and become friends. So on the table next to the egg sat some fruits and a few bits of meat – the latter of which was replaced regularly because how gross would that be to leave meat out in the heat? Ew. Luckily, while she wasn’t the tidiest person ever, Rhaedalyn was good at keeping that task up to date.

As she sorted out the small collection of food, replacing the bad with the good, Rhaedalyn swore she saw movement from the corner of her eye. Head tilting in curiosity which sent long curly strands cascading over a shoulder, the young woman watched the egg suspiciously. Just when she felt like enough time had passed to prove she was hallucinating and was about to look away, the egg wiggled again and Rhaedalyn gasped in shock. “Mev!” Where was that girl? She swore she had just seen her a moment ago as well. Was her friend the actual hallucination that warm afternoon? “Come here! I think your egg’s about to hatch.”

Gather Square / Re: Purely Platonic [V'zire]
« on: 21 Dec 2012 at 06:19 AM »
Rhaedalyn stuck her tongue out at V’zire. Like he really had any place to call her dramatic! The poor boy overreacted every time R’nd so much as touched his arm and smiled at the same time. Although, to be fair, she was fairly certain she’d overreact as well but she wouldn’t be flailing and asking him to stop –much. She was a lady after all and did have some virtues to preserve! A pretty blush, rapidly beating heart, and likely some stuttering would greet any such flirtations as Rhaedalyn did her best to politely decline the attention unless the suitor meant to properly ask her on a date. If only she had V’zire’s luck in attracting men! A pout was almost given but she was in too good of a mood to let that take over his wide smile that she was suddenly covering. As comfortable as she was around V’zire, smiles and laughs were still often hidden away with only a handful escaping here and there.

“Let’s start with something easy,” she grabbed V’zire’s hand and gave it a light tug before crossing her legs at her ankles and dropping to sit on the ground. Her free hand quickly made work of her skirt, making sure everything was arranged nicely and hazel eyes wide with playful mischief gazed up at V’zire until he settled in as well. “I want to hear all about your new bluerider friend I’ve seen you with a bit lately but you won’t tell me about. He’s not really my type but I totally see the appeal and I totally see some interest there!” Rhaedalyn practically sang her observation to her friend. She adored the greenrider but he was deluding himself if he thought his not real relationship with what’s his name that was already mated would go anywhere. He had so many options! All V’zire had to do was open his eyes and take a chance. Of course she wasn’t one to talk since she could barely bring herself to greet the man she was convinced was her perfect match but that didn’t mean she couldn’t encourage and support her best friend on a road to eternal happiness!

The Hatching Circuit / Re: Designs of Life [TOUCHING]
« on: 22 Dec 2012 at 02:37 AM »
Rhaedalyn was sulking. She couldn’t even pretend to deny she was. There really wasn’t a need to sulk either but there she stood, creeping around walls doing exactly that. She had been denied the chance to Touch the eggs on the Sand with the last clutch as well thanks to D’ren’s decree about fewer women Standing finally going into affect. No one seemed to believe a gold would be hidden within one of the shells either since a brown had sired the Clutch so it hadn’t seemed important to let the girls deemed as prime Candidates for gold to mingle with the egg. The Clutch before that had been more of a free for all and she had been allowed to Touch a few eggs.

What an experience! Rhaedalyn could still recall the smooth and warm surface of the shells and the reactions each one invoked within her. One egg had been rather mean to her and left her visibly shaken and almost afraid to touch any others. In hindsight, Rhaedalyn was willing to bet that was Hoth’s egg. What a foul dragon! She knew it was likely enthusiasm that had him clawing at so many people while trying to find his bonded but every time she saw Indivara, Rhaedalyn had to question that and briefly wondered if the tiny bronze was actually cruel. At least she had managed to force herself to move to another egg instead of across the Sands away from the Clutch and the next egg had been so sweet and kind, promising loyalty and a hint of fun. That had to have been Pistoth but it was hard to know for sure, though that blue was so precious! Rhaedalyn loved when she could watch Pistoth and Veeth interact, especially when they were still hatchlings. Despite how sweet those two always were together, Rhaedalyn still had all of her teeth intact!

Now, however, she was standing on the sidelines for the second Clutch in a row as her classmates were allowed to walk amongst the eggs and possibly make a connection before Hatching. She had been told there wasn’t a gold this time, but the last two did have gold and no one knew until the sweet girls showed themselves. But Rhaedalyn trusted B’jin – even if she hated him for three days for the issue of her virginity – and if he said they knew what to look for now and his gut or whatever said there wasn’t a gold, then she’d believe him. Apparently that didn’t mean it would stop the sulking from being excluded though. Of course she had been invited to stand with Jada but she wasn’t in the mood for socialising or watching how everyone fared.

Really, all she was in the mood for was a quick and quiet cry into her pillow at being useless again since she still hadn’t Impressed which meant she was still only good for keeping around because she could mend clothing. Maybe she could sneak over to V’zire’s hut and sulk there for a bit. Niskziath wasn’t due to fly so her suddenly appearing at his door wouldn’t be too big of an inconvenience. Muffin squeaked then, startling Rhaedalyn out of her self-pitying long enough to remind her she had been hugging the firelizard and must have squeezed him a bit too hard. V’zire had teased her about how it was surprising Muffin still knew how to fly given how often and tightly Rhaedalyn clung to her little blue as if the firelizard was actually a stuffed toy but Muffin definitely knew how to fly given how often he liked to lead her on chases when they were outside.

A light kiss was giving to the top of Muffin’s head as apology since she didn’t want to risk talking and disturb Krypth or disrupt her classmates trying to bond with the dragonets. The flit crooned in return, obviously forgiving her immediately though concern showed in his swirling eyes over the disappointment Rhaedalyn had over not Impressing a dragon. The young tailor quickly caught on to the emotions and sent Muffin images of love and happiness and gave him another kiss. She was so thankful to have him and he most certainly wasn’t going to be replaced should a dragon ever deem her worthy!

Still, it felt like another step into failure as she stared at the third Clutch she knew she wouldn’t Impress in. Suddenly, even the desire to feel the heat from the Sands seeping through her shoes vanished and Rhaedalyn didn’t want to linger and lurk by the wall any longer. She turned on her heels and while a dignified lady would gracefully walk away, she moved right into a jog, knowing she was close to crying and didn’t want any witnesses. She was a failure and unwanted! V’zire wouldn’t truly understand either. He had the chance to Impress to four colours but she had been set aside, viewed as potential for only one. It was flattering but at the same time depressing since according to those in charge not even a green would want her.

With another reassuring croon from Muffin and a sniffle from Rhaedalyn, the normally bouncy and energetic woman moved swiftly through the weyr with V’zire’s hut still her destination after all. She’d be fine again soon but right then she wanted a hug from her friend and possibly a chance to steal his bed and hide under his blankets for a little while.

Rhaedalyn sniffled as she got out of bed, convincing herself that it was simply cold out that night and not because she was close to tears again. The dragons were humming and that meant the dragonets would soon be running around looking for their other half. She was still excited since baby dragons were so ridiculously cute – the ones that stumbled a lot were the cutest of them all – but there wasn’t a gold. It was heartbreaking since she had been talked up so much about being a good Candidate for gold and how she’d enjoy the life of a goldrider, but the one she Stood in front of didn’t want her and now there likely wasn’t one about to appear tonight at all. Still, that didn’t mean she wouldn’t go. There was still a chance everyone was wrong and there was even a chance a little green would want her and push aside all the unworthy males to get to her. It wouldn’t be a gold to match her fairy tale ending but at least she would be wanted and Rhaedalyn wanted to be wanted.

She quickly donned her gold Candidate clothes and pulled back her hair, wrapping it up in a bun to make sure not even a strand of a curl would be a hindrance. She fell in behind a few others running from the Barracks to the Sands and Rhaedalyn found herself wondering if any of them would be moving out that night to the Weyrling Barracks. A couple of friends had Impressed in the last clutch and she didn’t see them all that much due to conflicting lessons and dragonets needing a lot of attention and care. It was okay; they’d reconnect eventually. At least she still had V’zire. He was such a shining gem and Rhaedalyn had no idea how she managed to have him in her life. Hopefully he’d be there that night and she could flag him down to stand with her in the wings in case a golden hide shone in the moonlight.

As the others moved onto the Sands to wait, Rhaedalyn turned toward the goldriders, greeting them cordially with a little curtsey. It was only after she addressed the women that she noticed S’kef and her eyes went huge in momentary panic. He was acting Weyrleader! She should have greeted him first! “Good morning! G-good night? I hope you’re well Acting Weyrleader S’kef,” She gave a deep and long curtsey to make up for her slight and to show her respect. It also helped to compose herself before risking another glance at the man. He matched well the ideal of ‘tall, dark, and handsome’ and exuded so much confidence that it was kind of sexy! But there was danger underneath it all and while that definitely scared her, she couldn’t deny the appeal that brought about as well. “My well wishes to Tyrrisath and Krypth as well!” A small smile and she was quickly excusing herself to go stand with the other women put on standby for the appearance of gold.

She was so embarrassed!

Gather Square / Re: Purely Platonic [V'zire]
« on: 29 Dec 2012 at 04:47 PM »
Rhaedalyn jutted out her lower lip in a strong pout as V’zire stumbled his way through a denial. If he was anyone else, she would have taken that as a sign of a cover up but since it was V’zire, she knew all too well that her friend was simply embarrassed by the topic and telling the truth. Although the wording about being ‘nice friends’ was something to latch onto and tease about! “So you’re nice friends, eh? I bet it is rather nice to have such a friend around to rely on and lean against.” She giggled lightly and only sort of felt bad for picking on her sweet V’zire. He deserved it though! He had several people interested in him and while she would have picked R’nd as a good match for V’zire, R’nd had gone off and got himself addicted to B’jin – though they made the cutest couple ever!

Now she had to find someone else for V’zire, someone that would give the greenrider the attention and affection he deserved. She heard mostly good things about D’hys in the gossip though sometimes there were the notes about how his heart was made of ice and no one could melt it and that you shouldn’t try for anything more than a quick and hot affair with him. But, she had seen the way he looked at V’zire and he didn’t show any of that feral lust she had seen D’hys behave in when around other people and he seemed to genuinely have an interest of some level in V’zire. Why couldn’t they try out a proper date? Rhaedalyn sighed as the realisation hit her that maybe D’hys really only wanted a friendship and wasn’t attracted to V’zire after all. “It still wouldn’t hurt to make a move on him,” she said aloud, partly in answer to her conflicting thoughts but also as a suggestion to her friend.

“If R’ore,” she had to struggle to remember the man’s name since she didn’t usually deem him worthy enough to talk about, “can have a weyrmate and claim you as well, why can’t you find someone that makes you happy the rest of the time you two aren’t together?” It was an old question but Rhaedalyn felt it had to be brought up from time to time to make sure V’zire never stopped thinking about the issue and his happiness. It made her heart break to see him in such an eternal situation!

Craft Hall / Desperate Times [Indivara]
« on: 01 Jan 2013 at 04:45 PM »
Rhaedalyn didn’t know what to do.

B’jin had held an embarrassing class on sexual relations and almost made it abundantly clear that virgins would never be allowed on the Sands so long as he was Weyrlingmaster. From the laughter and bragging that followed, she decided nearly all of her classmates were experienced. No doubt she was actually the only virgin still left in their group. She had been so embarrassed that a look around the class wasn’t an option as she stared at her hands folded neatly in her lap. It had to be obvious what her status was given the reaction she’d given with the blush but also how she behaved on a regular basis. Sleeping around just wasn’t something that appealed to her.

After the class she had asked B’jin for the list of suitable men that would help her but it took several hours before she could read the names. Crying into her pillow had been far more important, as was silently seething at B’jin. How could he do this to her! When the names were read, Rhaedalyn didn’t like the options and tried to make her own list while poking at her dinner that night. It was obviously the perfect opening to approach Z’ia but could she really do that? He might see her as a simple whore only out for sex instead of a sweet woman that wanted her first time to be special and with her mate. Most of the meal was spent agonizing over that debate until R’nya walked by. He could work, couldn’t he?

R’nya was a perfect example of a bronzerider and his quietness had to mean he was sensitive and shy like she was! But she couldn’t approach him that night. Time had to be given to come up with the best way to word everything and find a chance to speak with him. Unfortunately when that time came, it had been a disaster on every level that ended in pure rejection. It had been devastating and embarrassing and all Rhaedalyn wanted to do was find a little hole to hide in. No way was this method of approaching people going to work!

Several days later an idea struck her when Indivara was spotted tidying up a room in the Crafting Hall. Rhaedalyn had been on her way in to work on mending some more clothes for some of the riders that didn’t know how to thread a needle since it made her feel useful and gave her something to focus on. But Indivara’s simple presence changed every goal for that day. They had never really talked all that much since they had such different interests and views on so many things but that was what Rhaedalyn needed right then and sucked up all her courage to try another approach on a topic that most people didn’t see the issue with but was rather sensitive to her.

“Hi, Indivara. Um, do you have a few minutes to talk? I… I think I need your help with something.” Without waiting for confirmation, Rhaedalyn stepped inside the room and shut the door behind her, hoping no one would overhear them. A hopeful expression was then given to the younger woman. Indivara wouldn’t turn her down, right? She had to help, she had to!

Dining Hall / Wingwoman [D'hys]
« on: 01 Jan 2013 at 07:19 PM »
There were people out there that didn’t think much of her intelligence but she was smart and observant, honest! Rhaedalyn knew when a friend needed her especially and the previous night at the Hatching Feast was proof that V’zire needed her. He needed her like the wings needed each rider. She was his Wingwoman! Besides, she had been the one not too long ago encouraging V’zire to go for the bluerider that kept hanging around him so it was only right that she now find out D’hys’ intentions with her sweet friend. He wasn’t at all her type – okay, he had the required height but that was about it – since he was too muscular and while she could admit she saw why people found him attractive, that just wasn’t the face that matched her dream man. His best friend, on the other hand, was another story entirely. Maybe she could work in some conversation about Z’ia after making sure V’zire was in good hands?

As luck would have it, she was returning some plates to the Dining Hall when she spotted the bluerider with a new bottle of ale he must have just received from a kitchen worker or a friend. Either way, she had to hurry before he left on his pretty blue and she had to track him down another day. Nearly tossing the dishes on the counter, Rhaedalyn ran back across the Hall and slowed just before coming up on D’hys. With two deep breaths she skipped her way around in front of him and smiled sweetly, hands clasped behind her back. “D’hys? Do you have a moment? I promise it won’t take long.” She hadn’t had a chance to think about what she wanted to say or how to word it but Rhaedalyn was glad she managed to ask for some of his time without tripping over her tongue. It probably helped that he was so tall she could easily just stare at his chest and not get distracted by those girly eyes of his.

Dining Hall / Re: Wingwoman [D'hys]
« on: 01 Jan 2013 at 07:41 PM »
Hazel eyes nearly exploded out of her head when D’hys spoke her name. How did he know her? Did V’zire talk about her and had pointed her out before? No, he would only do that if he wanted to invite her over to a conversation. V’zire liked to gossip but it was with her, not about her. Oh, right. A dragon. D’hys likely asked his blue to find out who he was standing in front of but when she chanced glancing up at his face, she found she couldn’t read anything, not even a trace of amusement or annoyance. Did the dragon give him a heads up about what she wanted to talk about or was he polite enough to only find her name and leave? Are you still poking about, dragon? She felt foolish for asking and wasn’t even sure she was doing it right since she only really talked with Niskziath and did so aloud. When no reply came, Rhaedalyn opted to go with she had done it right but her mind was all hers again.

“Um… it’s about V’zire.” Having kept her gaze on D’hys’ face, she saw the ever so slight twitch of an eyebrow. That had to be a sign of shock! It could have been amusement as well. Who knew? She was tired already of trying to read him and she hadn’t even gotten to asking him any questions! Her head was going to hurt later. “You see, he’s my best friend and I want what’s best for him and for him to be happy.” She worried her lower lip as she thought about how best to proceed. So far, she wasn’t rambling too much or stuttering, so that was a good start. She could keep this up!

Getting up on her tippy toes, Rhaedalyn tried to get in close to D’hys to show how serious she was about her grilling of him but still came up too short to have much of an impact. Trying not to pout, she continued anyway, “are you the one who will make him happy?” She hoped so! She had seen them interact quite a bit leading up to the Hatching and at the Feast there seemed to be some nice chemistry there. Could D’hys be the man needed to kick R’ore out of V’zire’s life?

Dining Hall / Re: Wingwoman [D'hys]
« on: 01 Jan 2013 at 08:27 PM »
“Oh! I’m sorry! I didn’t mean to imply you were making him miserable or anything like that,” Rhaedalyn felt so bad for making such a handsome and kind man frown! She could tell already that D’hys did care about V’zire on some level if he worried about such things. No doubt he would remove himself from V’zire’s life if he thought he made the friendly greenrider sad even once. She felt so horrible! “I only wanted to make sure you weren’t a jerk like R’ore. I mean, maybe he’s nice, I never really get to speak with him since he’s only ever really with V’zire during Niskziath’s flights and that would be a bit awkward to be around for, wouldn’t it? But R’ore has a mate so it’s just not fair to V’zire!” She took a deep breath when her lungs were devoid of air and Rhaedalyn gave a shy nervous laugh at realising she had been rambling and quickly looked down at her hands that were folded neatly atop the table.

She stared at them a moment longer, wiggling both index fingers several times before finally looking up. “He deserves the best, D’hys. I want to believe you are. You certainly couldn’t be worse than R’ore. But V’zire seems happier, especially last night when he was near you – not that I was creeping on you guys! I was in that area a lot myself for dancing and couldn’t help noticing his smile.” She looked at her hands again and slowly pulled them from the table top to her lap and biting her lip, stared D’hys right in his pretty grey eyes.

“Tell me you’ll keep making him smile like that!” Rhaedalyn was a hopeless romantic and while she waited for her prince to notice her, she wanted to make sure V’zire didn’t miss his either and ended up getting passionately attached to the idea which was heard in her plea. D’hys couldn’t truly be a heartbreaker, could he? Just because he was a bluerider didn’t mean he was as horribly shallow and in need of jumping into every bed as so many others right? He was best friends with Z’ia and that was a bluerider that was sweet and friendly.

Dining Hall / Re: Wingwoman [D'hys]
« on: 01 Jan 2013 at 09:28 PM »
Rhaedalyn smiled with relief and then with pure joy at hearing D’hys confess to how much he wanted to be with V’zire. That’s what she wanted to hear! V’zire was special to her as well and hearing that he meant something to a man that seemed like he would take good care of him made Rhaedalyn infinitely happy and cling to hope that her dream man would confess to her one day soon as well. How would he do it? She imagined Z’ia would be laughing and full of life as always and break away from his friends to come over to see her. They’d get along instantly and it’d be love at first sight! She sighed happily before remembering she wasn’t alone and hoped D’hys took the sigh being given over V’zire and him.

“Thank you for being honest with me, D’hys. I hope you can help him break away from the hold he’s allowed R’ore to have on him and make him live fully with the right man.” She was so glad D’hys turned out to be as wonderful as she pegged him as a while ago when she cornered V’zire about the budding friendship. She had an eye for such things after all! Now, speaking of that, would it be okay to ask about Z’ia? Maybe she could find out about his love life and if he had a R’ore of his own she hadn’t heard about.

Unfortunately her blue firelizard popped into existence between the two of them, chittering loudly at her. “Muffin!” Behind Muffin she saw D’hys jump a little but took it for the shock of the firelizard appearing so suddenly since he startled her as well. “I told you to wait in the room. I wouldn’t be long.” He continued to chide her, landing on the table to stare up at her, his discontent at being left alone clear. “I was talking with D’hys. He’s V’zire’s boyfriend! Now, come here.” Muffin turned to check out D’hys, noting him for the first time. They regarded each other for a moment before the blue lost interest and hopped over to Rhaedalyn. She picked him up and held him to her chest like a doll which was her favourite way of carrying the little guy. Muffin was learning to accept it since he got a lot of pets out of it.

Personal Huts / Re: Looking for Trouble [Invite]
« on: 07 Jan 2013 at 09:10 AM »
Rhaedalyn was, as usual, being led on a wild chase by Muffin. The blue firelizard was an active little thing and while he would tolerate and even enjoy being cuddled and pampered, it was far more enjoyable to see what was going on everywhere. He was perfectly capable of doing the exploring on his own and even Rhaedalyn knew Muffin would be okay and would always return but she still worried and liked to have her firelizard a bit more under control. Still, she could say that the latest jaunt through the residential area of the weyr would be forgiven thanks to where Muffin led them.

As they moved down a row of huts, movement above and to the left of her caught Rhaedalyn’s eye and she came to an abrupt stop. Aveleth appeared above a hut and landed gracefully atop it. He was such a wonderful dragon! Not that she had ever spoken to the creature but she heard he was precious and sweet. Rhaedalyn was willing to bet he got along wonderfully with Niskziath. They were former classmates after all! She’d have to remember to quiz Niskziath about it sometime soon though she couldn’t risk asking V’zire. He’d tease her to no end if he knew how deeply her crush ran! Before her thoughts ran too wild on her, the young tailor finally noticed that Aveleth was alone and Z’ia wasn’t in sight. That meant he was close by, right?

She scanned the area but only saw A’liran. He was with Z’ia a lot, right? Quietly, and feeling like a complete stalker, Rhaedalyn moved a bit closer to the hut that the greenrider was peeking into. He didn’t seem to be worth too much attention, especially since it was like Z’ia himself wanted Rhaedalyn to find him. Movement in a window caught her eye and with Muffin growing impatient of waiting for her and settling on her shoulder, Rhaedalyn crept a bit closer to peer inside. A giggle broke free before she could cover her mouth at what she saw. Z’ia was jumping on the bed and having a blast doing it! He was so innocent and enjoyed life so much! What an amazing man he was.

She sighed, completely infatuated as always but gasped a second later when Z’ia flipped in the air and flopped on the bed. He laid there sprawled out and looked ever so inviting. A blush bloomed on her cheeks and soon Rhaedalyn felt her entire face going hot. Her thoughts had drifted down forbidden roads again with how nice it would be to curl up beside Z’ia in that large bed. He would be snugly and attentive, no doubt! His fingers would brush through her hair and dance lightly over her skin as they shared stories and he would always make her laugh and feel special at the same time. It was so tempting to crawl through the window and find that all out right then and there but that would definitely leave her labelled as a creepy stalker and a trespasser.

Embarrassed by the blush she couldn’t seem to shake and how she was practically clinging in desperation to the window sill, Rhaedalyn finally spun on her dainty heels and resumed her jogging after Muffin who took off soaring from his perch. At least a little innocent physical exertion could be used to explain away the flush!

Craft Hall / Re: Desperate Times [Indivara]
« on: 07 Jan 2013 at 08:34 PM »
This was a foolish idea and she was already regretting it. Indivara was going to tease her endlessly, of that there was no doubt. She was already on the verge of doing so by the way she worded that question of hers. But, she had to get someone to help her if she ever wanted to Stand again. Rhaedalyn considered Indivara for a long moment, visibly nervous as she nibbled on her lower lip. It was a shame that V’zire, as sweet as the man was, was also timid and would die at the mere mentioning of virginity and trying to find someone to claim that of his friend’s. So she was left with a classmate that was known for chasing after the losers of flights. She was the perfect person to let her in on the secrets of doing such a thing since no one seemed interested while in a sober frame of mind.

“I,” it was the only option but why was it still so hard to discuss? Was it simply because Indivara wasn’t a close friend? First kisses, crushes, and the man you wanted to bed were all things you gossiped about with best friends, not a girl that was brash, often had her own motives, and was several years younger – but Indivara was more experienced and that was what Rhaedalyn needed. “I’m interested in… what’s the term? Being a flight moth?” Rhaedalyn wrinkled her nose. That was such a disgusting term! Why couldn’t they be referred to as something far more cute or desirable? Oh, right. She wasn’t desirable and that was why she was seeking advice on trapping a poor bluerider that didn’t know any better.

“Will you tell me how to do it? Please?” A desperate and no doubt extremely pathetic look was given to Indivara as Rhaedalyn took a few hopeful bouncing steps forward. She didn’t dare get too close to the girl since she was unsure of the personal boundaries and upsetting the person that held needed advice wasn’t going to do a whole lot of good!

Craft Hall / Re: Desperate Times [Indivara]
« on: 08 Jan 2013 at 04:48 PM »
Her lower lip trembled when Indivara told her no. Why didn’t anyone want to help her? She had been kidnapped to Stand, hadn’t she? Why were so many of the people that had willingly gone South or been born in the South so against her being there and against the idea of helping her? Rhaedalyn covered her mouth to keep from sobbing aloud as her vision started to get blurry with tears pooling as Indivara yelled at her for being an idiot. Yes, she supposed she was stupid after all. Rhaedalyn always thought she was smart and clever but maybe that only extended to tailoring and nothing else in life. Both dragons and men didn’t have a use for her.

Rhaedalyn took slow shaking steps backwards until her back hit a wall and stopped her escape. She could bolt for the door and forget she ever asked Indivara for any sort of help. She was so stupid! However, Indivara spoke again at the right time and it kept the trembling girl from running away. It was sweet of her to offer to still help and normally the comment about being pretty would have made Rhaedalyn give a shy smile but this time it only served to be the reason to send the tears sliding down her cheeks. “No one wants me,” she mumbled softly, voice too weak and will too shattered to give much conviction behind the statement before sliding down the wall to sit on the floor.

Hands quickly wiped away the fallen tears a moment after knees hit the floor. This wasn’t a time to sulk and wallow in self-pity! Indivara had still offered to help and she was bound to know someone that would pity her enough to help her get back on the Sands. Once the tears were dabbed dry, Rhaedalyn glanced up at the younger woman, hope sparkling as brightly as her previous tears had. “You’ll really help me find someone to… to take… to have my virginity?” It was such a strange conversation to have! She had been raised to believe she would be shipped off to a man that would help her family’s position but Rhaedalyn had held onto the childish belief that she’d still fall madly in love with the man and be glad to enter his marriage bed as an unspoiled woman waiting only for him. Her parents had held off on marrying her until she proved useless in various aspects of life and then she had been Stolen and asked to live a new life.

Some habits were hard to shake and her dream of finding the perfect man that would cherish her and love her as much as she loved him was one of those things. It was obvious now that she couldn’t go to her man unspoiled if she wanted to be considered useful to the community and have a chance at having her own dragon but Rhaedalyn could adapt. If her man – Z’ia if her instincts were correct – appreciated what she was willing to do for Katila, surely he would be okay with someone doing the favour of introducing her to the ways of weyr life and what it was like to be a dragonrider.

Oh, she didn’t even know what she was thinking anymore! A sniffle was given but the tears were done falling. Still, Rhaedalyn didn’t get back to her feet. It was better to remain sitting since she wasn’t sure what Indivara had in store as suggestions. All Rhaedalyn wanted was someone handsome that would be kind to her as he did the deed. Did Indivara know anyone like that?

Gather Square / Who Would Write That?! [Invite]
« on: 08 Jan 2013 at 11:36 PM »
She wasn’t sure when it became habit but Rhaedalyn had taken to checking the bulletin board each morning and evening to make sure she didn’t miss anything important. Most of the time nothing new was added or it was simply little notes about quiet gatherings or offers to help in a certain chore. She had even considered adding a note about mending clothing or taking requests to make clothes just so she’d have something to fill her down time as well as a way to interact with new people. She had yet to do so but now that she had a little blue firelizard and they were becoming the new trend of the weyr, Rhaedalyn had been struck with the idea to make cute little clothes for the creatures. Once she made a few outfits for Muffin, perhaps she’d start offering them to other owners as well!

That afternoon on the way to the midday meal, Rhaedalyn spotted a couple of people near the bulletin board and decided to check it out after eating instead of waiting until she tasks of the day were completed. Something had obviously recently gone up and there wasn’t a point in waiting around to read it, especially if it was something major and everyone ended up talking about the details. She ate alone that day, for no other reason than it being one of the days where her schedule didn’t match well with her friends but it suited Rhaedalyn fine now that she had Muffin and the flitter was still so ravenous. Every few bites she took, a large piece was given to Muffin to work on. When it seemed like his hunger was finally ebbing and Rhaedalyn didn’t feel like the food she ate wasn’t helping at all with the pains, she tidied up her spot, scooped up the stuffed and currently lazy firelizard and headed out.

She hugged Muffin close to her chest, enjoying the way he cuddled up against her and rewarded him with a little scratch above the eye ridges while she walked over to the now deserted board. Humming to herself, she scanned the papers until the new one popped out at her. It didn’t seem formatted like a normal announcement and curious, she took her time reading it over.

The opening paragraph sounded so sad! Was this a love letter of a greenrider waiting for his bluerider mate to return? Oh! What if it was about the Plague and how the bluerider died and the greenrider continued to wait each night all the same, hoping to see him again? The mere thought brought tears to Rhaedalyn’s eyes. It was so tragic and beautiful! The loyalty and love they must have had to provoke such a reaction in the survivor was something she could only dream about having with someone. She quickly dabbed away the unshed tears and readied herself to continue reading into the sneak peek of a tragic soul.

“Oh, R’nd,” B’jin sighed weakly,

Rhaedalyn squeaked as she read the names and then read them again to make sure she hadn’t misread the tricky honorifics and replaced them with ones she knew. They were certainly the names of her teacher and his lover which completely destroyed the idea she held about what the letter was! Now suddenly cautious as she was curious, Rhaedalyn read on and each sentence turned her cheeks a deeper shade of crimson. What was this? Had this actually happened and someone recorded it for all to bear witness to? She knew, like everyone else in Katila, that the pair had a falling out thanks to the firelizards but they had recently made up and seemed as adorable and in love as ever. Was this how they actually made up?

By the time she read the last lines that had R’nd climaxing, Rhaedalyn had covered her mouth in shock and felt truly scandalised. How could someone write such a thing? It couldn’t have been real unless one of the men involved actually wrote it since it was so intimate. That didn’t make sense either though! B’jin would never allow such a piece of work to be shared publically so it had to be stolen. Someone couldn’t actually write it simply because they were fans of the adorable pair, right?

Oh! What if people thought she wrote it? Many knew she loved love and romance and swooned over the happy couples around the weyr, especially B’jin and R’nd who always had the population chattering. Standing near the written work was surely a sign that she wrote it! It didn’t matter that people saw it before she came along. If anyone saw her there now, they would assume she had posted it herself. This was horrible! Should she remove it? Run away? What should she do!

Sorry but you are not allowed to view spoiler contents.

Gather Square / Re: Who Would Write That?! [Invite]
« on: 12 Jan 2013 at 12:50 AM »
Rhaedalyn was so wrapped up in her embarrassment and fear about being caught that she didn’t see the buerider approach and catch her. She squeaked in a most undignified way, hazel eyes going as large and round as dinner plates as she stared in horror at I’shan. She didn’t know what to say and held off on saying anything as I’shan was clearly into reading the story. Strange how someone could take such amusement from such a story! Wasn’t he friends with both men as well? Maybe he was the author and putting on a show for her! When the page was taken down, Rhaedalyn knew he wasn’t the author after all but she had a feeling she was about to be accused.

“I agree,” she nodded her head several times to punctuate her statement while wide eyes continued to stare at I’shan. When was he going to accuse her of writing it? What would he ask to keep it quiet when he didn’t believe her? When that didn’t come and only Muffin scrambling to greet the poor brown firelizard Rhaedalyn had completely overlooked, she finally snapped a bit out of her daze. “I didn’t write that, bluerider sir,” she nibbled on her lower lip. It was always confusing as to how she should address riders, especially since some of them didn’t stand on formalities and preferred to just be addressed with their honorifics. This, however, was an odd situation and she figured being extra polite was a good idea.

Slowly she held up Muffin so the little blue could bump noses with Squee which seemed to calm her hyper blue down a bit. He crooned at his new friend and Rhaedalyn continued to stare at I’shan. “I truly didn’t. They’re both kind and my instructors and…” and she didn’t know anything about sex let alone how giving oral should be written. With a blush, Rhaedalyn stared down at I’shan’s feet even as she continued holding Muffin up to visit with his new friend. She had to look silly but she’d take that over looking like a guilty culprit!

Gather Square / Re: Who Would Write That?! [Invite]
« on: 13 Jan 2013 at 01:01 AM »
“Oh! Definitely no offence taken,” Rhaedalyn quickly assured I’shan as he rightly pegged her as someone who didn’t write smut. She was actually ridiculously relieved that she wasn’t being accused and visibly relaxed with some of the tension of their confrontation melting away. Of course there was still the fact she had read something that shouldn’t have been seen and it made her a little uncomfortable like she had peered in on their personal lives together. It was also a little embarrassing that as lewd as it was, it was still also a bit romantic and Rhaedalyn swooned over that sort of thing.

B’jin pining for R’nd? R’nd making a grand return? Both men reunited in their passion that couldn’t be cooled? If only she could be as lucky!

Hilarious, however, she didn’t find it. It was embarrassing for herself and would probably kill the subjects from it as well. I’shan only served to confirm it seconds after she had the thought and from what she knew, he would know thanks to being such good friends with both men. Poor B’jin! Her heart went out to the dear greenrider that seemed to be having a tough time lately with R’nd, firelizards, and now this story.

Oops! I’shan had asked her a question with that synchronized thought about embarrassment and it would be horribly rude to ignore the man. “I saw a few people at the board when I was going in for my meal earlier. I came straight here after eating so I’m not sure how many others may have read it, sir. I’shan. Sorry.” She was apologising more for the name slip-up but also for being a bit useless in the information department. Rhaedalyn wasn’t even sure she could name the ones she had seen.

A pout tugged at her mouth over her mini failure but Muffin did his best to make her smile again by chirping excitedly at Squee, likely telling the little brown a story. “He’s very cute and seems to have become a friend of Muffin’s already. What’s his name?” Was it rude to ask after the firelizard during such a serious conversation? She hoped not! She just needed a little distraction from the images still lingering in her mind from the story.

Thinking about her sweet teacher sexually was a bit mortifying but thinking about R’nd sexually kept an even blush on her cheeks and made it hard to keep from swooning into I’shan’s arms. Some of the men in Katila should be outlawed for how sexy they were!

Gather Square / Re: Who Would Write That?! [Invite]
« on: 15 Jan 2013 at 06:25 PM »
Was she being petted? Rhaedalyn blinked rapidly several times as she came to terms with I’shan ruffling her mop of curls. This was definitely one hands on bluerider! She tensed only a little, hiding the reaction by mimicking I’shan and clinging Muffin close to her chest. She didn’t mind friendly physical contact and while the man before her was extremely energetic, he wasn’t really threatening. In fact, he was a bit like V’zire. He begged to be hugged and teased and befriended! Before she could give in to the whim of stealing a hug from the bluerider that believed her innocent, a dragon was suddenly approaching.

Like most daydreaming young girls, Rhaedalyn had always fantasized about the handsome rider on a big bronze dragon that swooped down to grab her out of love at first sight. However, she wasn’t entirely against the other colours which was evident in how much she loved Niskziath. Ilveriath himself was a beautiful blue that seemed as curious as he was friendly. She was instantly smitten with the fellow and couldn’t suppress the giggle when Squee started climbing on his nose or the way I’shan suddenly latched onto Ilveriath. The bond between rider and dragon was so magical! She could watch riders around their dragons all day and never grow tired of it.

“It’s lovely to meet you, Ilveriath, and you as well, Squee,” Rhaedalyn couldn’t get over how cute the firelizard’s name was! She nearly sounded like she was squeeing as she said the name and couldn’t stop smiling over it. What an interesting man to go with such a name. Why hadn’t they properly talked before – if discussing smut counted as a proper conversation? She supposed it was her own fault thanks to being grumpy and closed off when she first arrived. When she finally started to open up, not everyone had been as wonderful as V’zire and the few rejections stung too much to keep trying. I’shan hadn’t approached her so she did the same. Now she was regretting her shyness!

The shyness was also keeping her from petting Ilveriath though she did move Muffin a bit closer when the flit tried to sniff at him. Some riders were protective of their dragons and others, while not entirely mean, didn’t like strangers pawing at them. Finally, in a small voice, she asked anyway, thinking that manners would earn her points. “Is it okay if I touch Ilveriath?”

Gather Square / Re: Who Would Write That?! [Invite]
« on: 19 Jan 2013 at 01:44 AM »
Rhaedalyn smiled at the permission though it was a small one. She was self-conscious about her teeth that seemed so big and uniform to her that they were usually hidden behind a hand but since she was holding Muffin, she did her best to restrain her excitement. Slowly she reached out toward Ilveriath. He wasn’t the first dragon she had touched given she had been at Katila for several turns and often spent time with V’zire and Niskziath but he was still a new dragon and even with his sweet encouragements, she didn’t want to startle either of them. However, once her hand touched his smooth hide, all previous efforts were forgotten and she beamed at Ilveriath and then I’shan as she petted the kind dragon. How was it that there were people in the world that didn’t like these majestic creatures?

Before she could comment or even thank them both for letting her touch Ilveriath, I’shan mentioned giving rides and Rhaedalyn froze in the petting and gawked wide-eyed at the rider. “O-oh! I wouldn’t want to impose!” That was awfully kind of I’shan but could she really accept such an offer or take it seriously? From the little she knew about I’shan she believed it wasn’t a ploy to get them alone together so he could have his wicked way with her – mostly because she was female. If her assumption was correct I’shan hung out in the same boat as V’zire, which kind of made him a safe bluerider to spend time with, right? It wasn’t like she was being a colourist with that thought, but Rhaedalyn heard the gossip and knew how wild some blueriders could get but she wanted to believe I’shan knew his limits.

Besides, was she really dressed for such an adventure right then and with adorable Muffin being so young was it okay to fly? Well, she supposed it wouldn’t hurt Muffin any since the little fellow came out of his egg with wings flapping and flying after food so it was really only her own hesitation holding her back on a proper answer. “I would like to, it doesn’t have to be now though if you’re busy of course. And I’m not sure how well a long skirt works as riding gear.” She did own two pairs of pants but Rhaedalyn preferred not to wear them unless she was helping with a gathering chore or knew in advance she would do some flying.

Gather Square / Re: Who Would Write That?! [Invite]
« on: 22 Jan 2013 at 08:24 PM »
“Thank you,” Rhaedalyn whispered, eyes down to stare at Ilveriath’s feet while her face heated with embarrassment. It was nice to hear from a Searchrider that she held great potential for Impressing but it was still a bit frustrating when she had yet to and she feared the outcome of the approaching Hatching as well. She would certainly be a failure in the eyes of the man that brought her to Katila if that didn’t go well. But she’d angst over that when there was a more appropriate time. Right now, she had I’shan offering to take her flying and he was being ever so sweet to her that she simply couldn’t say no after all!

Rhaedalyn startled at the nosing she was given and the sweet voice in her head. Hazel eyes were wide as she stared at Ilveriath and slowly smiled at the beast. “I’m sorry. I didn’t mean to imply you would be anything but gentle or careful, Ilveriath.” Leaning in close, she gave a quick kiss to the top of the dragon’s snout and then plopped Muffin down in the same spot. “Please watch him for me for a moment.” She didn’t want to jostle him about too much as she tried to climb up the large blue. She had done this countless times with Niskziath but they had it down to a routine where they both knew what the other would do or need and Rhaedalyn had usually been in pants.

She mapped out what seemed to be a good route and used I’shan as the goal since the bluerider would surely help her up the rest of the way. Naturally some reservations about the man and situation were still held but she decided it wouldn’t be too bad to trust him enough to at least assist her and she didn’t think he’d want the reputation of dropping or scaring a girl while flying for the rest of his life either. So she began scrambling up the dragon’s side and reached a hand toward I’shan even as she mentally prepared for how she’d straighten her skirt just enough to keep covered once she was seated.

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Before exploring our forums, we would like to take a moment to warn you that while most of our RP is PG rated, we do allow for heavy subject matter to be posted, and not all of it will come with a warning in the header. Please take care when browsing our threads, and be sure to look after yourseylf. If anything in a thread makes you uncomfortable, please leave it.


Please note that all our Players communicate between themselves, and all threads are done between concenting adults. Second Pass takes no responsibility for any personal offence taken from subject matter within the site's boards, and if there are any issues between Players the Team should be notified immediately and privately.


To recap, this website may contain mature themes, course language, strong violence, nudity, drug usage, and other material that may be offensive to selected individuals.


Regards, SP Team

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