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Gather Square / Re: Graduation Giveaway [Open]
« on: 29 Mar 2013 at 01:32 AM »
It was meant to be a night for celebrating but that almost didn’t come to pass thanks to the Weyrleader’s brilliantly timed announcement about honorifics. There had been a scuffle with a lot of words tossed around before S’kef dealt with the situation away from the happy party-goers and eventually the mood lifted once more and the tension in the air faded away. The graduation itself was nice though a bit boring since he wasn’t actually apart of this one. His class seemed far livelier as well but K’tir supposed that had something to do with the fact that almost their entire class had been survivors that were brought South willingly. The current class seemed to be all Stolen Northerners and many seemed so serious! He couldn’t really fault them for that though; even he was more serious than anything else since Impressing. That, however, wasn’t a thought he wanted to dwell on that evening though it was hard with Z’rak lurking around the party as well.

Once all the words were said and done, the real party began with the booze flowing more freely and the music going in full swing with the Harpers giving it their all and enjoying themselves on stage. K’tir gave in to a few requests to dance since he wasn’t opposed to fun and didn’t see the harm in it but after more spins around the floor than he could keep track of, the brownrider wandered away from that crowd in search of more liquid refreshment. He grabbed a glass of something – it was only identified by the grimace he had after swigging down the Katilan wine – K’tir went in search of a place to sit but instead found himself drawn to a small group crowded around a table looking at something. It was likely some card game in progress or even trading the results of guesses on honorifics but still K’tir ventured over since being a spectator was far less demanding than swinging a partner around in a lively dance.

He was surprised to see the table was covered with eggs that naturally would be of the firelizard variety since that was all anyone ever talked about and would flaunt. As one of the three people standing around departed, K’tir was actually shocked to see who was left behind. There was still a chance the eggs belonged to the terrified-looking girl or perhaps there was a note saying everyone could just help themselves but a quick appraisal of V’zire showed how nervous and even desperate the greenrider was, meaning he was the owner of the clutch.

K’tir didn’t have any solid opinion one way or the other on flitters. He had Impressed after Katila was formed so he didn’t have the true bond to a dragon that had many older riders paranoid once again that they could lose their beloved. He had been close with Noith during the relationship with the blue’s rider but even then K’tir never developed a true hatred of the creatures. He didn’t love them either though. They could be annoying pests that got into trouble, broke items, and stole food. Some owners were terrible at controlling them and K’tir wanted to flick the human’s forehead as punishment as much as he wanted to do it to a firelizard accosting him. All the same, both of his children had a huge interest in the pets and bugged him at least once a sevenday for their own. His reply never changed; they were both too young to have one. They couldn’t Stand for a dragon yet so they weren’t old enough to care for a miniature version either. He questioned the attention span of both as well.

“Hey, V’zire,” it was a casual greeting for someone that was a former classmate and someone he had the occasional run in here and there since. They weren’t best of friends but they weren’t enemies and as far as K’tir could tell they weren’t frenemies either. Then again, V’zire didn’t seem capable of hating someone in the open so there wasn’t a chance he could hate someone behind their back and still smile at them. “Showing off, selling off, or giving away the eggs?” His children may not be old enough to have firelizards but K’tir was still willing to contemplate bonding one to himself for their enjoyment.

Gather Square / Re: Graduation Giveaway [Open]
« on: 02 Apr 2013 at 02:24 AM »
A sideways glance was given to the young girl beside him to see if she was in the process of bargaining for eggs though it looked more like V’zire was begging her to take some. He’d leave her to it, giving her time to sort through whatever was going on in her adorable head as he spoke with V’zire. “According to many, you’re always centre stage to them.” The greenrider was quiet and shy but that seemed to attract more people to him. V’zire was either extremely good in bed and at convincing his lovers not to tell the weyr about their exploits or he was extremely chaste and that was another part of the appeal. The man was brilliant in the game he played or he was oblivious to the games played around him.

“I think I will,” K’tir replied to the offer to take some. He wasn’t sure why exactly he felt compelled to do such a thing when he had lasted so long in avoiding the rush to have one or more. Perhaps it was the pitiful way V’zire was looking at him right then or perhaps it truly was his need to make his kids happy. Katiryn was doing well with her lessons and Kajiran had grown out of his temper tantrums to be a far more tolerable young boy. A treat was in order and maybe Impressing one firelizard or even two so they could each play with one on visits wouldn’t be such a hardship. “My kids might think I’m the coolest dad ever if I Impressed some flitters on their behalf.” That idol worship would likely only last a day, maybe two if he was lucky, before the sulking began over why they couldn’t have one to be truly their own. He’d deal with that later, however. Right now, he was in a good mood and wanted to spoil his brats and help out a former classmate. The night was made for celebrating and spreading good cheer so why not? 

“You pick. You seem to be the expert out of the two of us,” K’tir wasn’t sure which ones were the good ones and had no idea what colour would be within. He was horrible at guessing for actual Hatchings and had in fact pegged Ghaeth’s egg to contain a blue that would definitely Impress to someone else. But I am brown and only you were meant for me. Can I name the little lizards? K’tir almost smiled at the excitement in his dragon’s voice and covered it up by a covert wiping the back of his hand over his mouth. The brats should probably have a hand in that but you can offer them suggestions.

Gather Square / Re: Graduation Giveaway [Open]
« on: 10 Apr 2013 at 02:48 AM »
K’tir couldn’t decide if in that moment V’zire was adorable, pathetic, or adorably pathetic. There wasn’t anything wrong with stuttering and it was hardly noticed by the brownrider that was a father of a young boy that stumbled over his words all the time while learning to speak in proper sentences. It was simply what the greenrider was trying to say that left K’tir so confused on how to feel. It was clear V’zire was trying to be charming and friendly but it wasn’t natural and it left him awkward and embarrassed. V’zire might not believe he was popular and attracted attention but K’tir could see how so many were trying to get into his pants now. It was endearing and made a man want to see what else V’zire would say and what one could get him to say or moan underneath them.

“I like to think they think that as well,” K’tir replied with a half smile. His daughter adored him and she was still at an age where she was his princess and he could do no wrong in her eyes so long as he wasn’t denying her a chance to Impress a firelizard. He always wondered why parents wished their kids could stay a certain age forever but he could understand now. She was sweet and worshipped him. In five or so turns and she’d be off a woman grown and doing as she wanted. K’tir also liked to think that wouldn’t happen and she’d always be a sweet lady but parents always said that as well.

Arms crossed over his chest and a hand cupped his chin lightly in consideration as he watched V’zire select his eggs. Really, they all seemed close to the same size in his estimation and there didn’t seem to be anything clearly marking what colour was within. That was a pity, really, since K’tir really would have preferred picking which colour he could bond to. When V’zire picked up a third egg, it was at first thought to be a swap out, thinking one of the ones already selected wasn’t as good for some reason as the others. But then V’zire asked a charming question and gave him such a look that K’tir could only blink in response.

A third egg? He didn’t need three! He really didn’t even need two but the children would never be happy with only one. If for no other reason, they would each want to name one and K’tir could see both using them as stuffed animals to curl up with in bed. Two was a must but three? He sighed, it was a lost cause. That face was so full of hope and desperation that K’tir felt horrible for even considering saying ‘no’ to his classmate. “All right. Two for the brats and …one for me.” Ghaeth was already a hand full but now he was going to add on three flits? He was clearly insane.

Or brilliant. “Does this offer of three eggs come with the promise to help out with oiling or even wrangling them in from time to time?” K’tir had no idea if V’zire tried to avoid firelizards in general but he liked the idea of getting the greenrider to lend a hand if ever needed since he was helping out by taking three of the buggers.

Gather Square / Re: Graduation Giveaway [Open]
« on: 21 Apr 2013 at 02:33 AM »
K’tir took to balancing the three eggs in his hands, trying to figure out what would be the best way to carry them home. It was already clear he couldn’t spend the evening at the party with his arms full, even if he had only taken one, it would have been a risk. Someone could bump into him or he could have too much to drink and end up having a splattered egg on his boots. Neither sounded too appealing to the brownrider that finally got the eggs situated and looked up at V’zire. It was clear he was talking with his dragon or he felt extremely bad about giving him three eggs. It was possible since it was V’zire but the way the greenrider visibly softened before his eyes, it was definitely because he had come to some sort of agreement with Niskziath. K’tir had no idea that they had been bickering over his comment about needing help.

“if you’re sure,” he commented with another adjustment of an egg he had cradled between chest and elbow. The silly thing would likely slip right down his jacket with his luck that night. “I’m sure I can get the kids to help out when they’re over as well but it’d be nice to have them see us do it a few times before they got in on it.” They will both have fun with it as well. But, it would be nice to spend time with Niskziath. She always seems like she’s having so much fun! That was an understatement. If there was one thing K’tir remembered from their weyrling days about V’zire it was how much his dragon liked to do her own thing and they never seemed to be near the top of the class, where K’tir spent his time.

“I better get these home and tended to,” K’tir hesitated, wondering if he should say more, like explain he would be back to the party later or he’d see the other man around some time, like at oiling time for the flits. He supposed some manners would be nice. He was trying to impart that knowledge into his brats, especially since he was certain his son was spending a lot of time with a boy that had a bluerider for a father. “Thanks for the firelizards and good luck finding them all homes. Oh and Ghaeth is excited to see Niskziath again.”

Once more confirming he wasn’t going to drop his eggs, K’tir turned on his heel and began working his way through the crowd. Ghaeth offered to pick him up on the edge and bring him home but K’tir waved away the gesture. It wasn’t too long of a walk and it would give him time to figure out what to do with three of the little critters bonding to him.

ooc: Thank you! It'll be fun having him deal with them hatching. XD

Weyrfolk Hall / Re: An Evening Star [Open | Gold Flight]
« on: 01 May 2013 at 02:14 AM »
Despite having chased Krypth three of the four times she rose – the last one being only two days before – Ghaeth still couldn’t tell by signs or appearance when a gold was about to rise. It was only when the commotion of other dragons near him began and the way they watched the sky that he knew something important was about to happen. Ever since Tyrrisath won Krypth’s maiden flight, Ghaeth had it in his head that he was worthy enough to try as well. If Tyrrisath could win and produce decent clutches, then why couldn’t he? He loved flying in general and flights always left K’tir in a good mood during the aftermath and even a little longer when the partner was pleasing. It had been a rare thing to see his beloved bonded happy and relaxed in their early days due to K’tir’s personal life shattering around him so Ghaeth saw flights as a fun way to make the man smile again.

He’d smile even more if they won a gold!

Once it became clear that it was Okalinath in the range, readying to fly, Ghaeth took off without a word to K’tir to sit patiently on the sideline. A carcass was tossed away and it was hard to say if it was done intentionally as the beautiful gold tried to hit him or accidentally. Either way, Ghaeth took a few steps to the side to avoid a repeat with the results being more accurate. Are you ready? he excitedly asked K’tir, startling the brownrider that had been quietly walking from hut to batthouse. K’tir often did that, opting to walk to the bath to help unwind from the day and let his mind wander but he liked flying home since it was less sweaty that way. For a nice bath? Of course I am. That seemed like a fairly odd question that was extremely vague but K’tir didn’t think much on it.

No! You’re always ready for either of our baths but tonight is something different. Special. Better. Okalinath flies! K’tir paused and frowned. They had just gone through this the other day by chasing – and losing – Krypth; why did they have to chase the other baby gold now? Was Aradissicath about to rise suddenly to complete the three young ones driving him insane? That was impossible given her age and still too small size but K’tir worried all the same but only for a few moments. He had a dragon that was growing lustier by the second as he watched the golden girl and K’tir was standing just to the side of the Square with a towel in hand. There’s no way to talk you out of this, is there?

None! It wasn’t that K’tir was necessarily against the idea of flights or even sex in general but he felt a bit embarrassed entering the gold flights. Tyrrisath proved a brown was capable of winning and N’gelt followed suit but they were older and more experienced than he was. Besides, it drew a lot of attention to him and K’tir liked being mostly anonymous and able to avoid being given looks of pity when people remembered he was the pathetic boy used by Z’rak that then Impressed the brown dragon that scared the Weyr because of his white paw. Naturally, they never won the gold flights and they didn’t win too many greens either but they were talked about enough as it was that adding in those failures sucked.

Sighing, K’tir set the towel around his neck and closed his eyes, taking a deep breath. His mind was open to Ghaeth and the lust rolling off of his dragon hit him hard. K’tir actually stumbled a step backwards before Ghaeth took to the sky with a shriek that echoed Okalinath’s, answering her challenge. K’tir growled and took off with a quick pace to where he saw R’nya quickly exiting. He was always with one goldrider or another but he also seemed to be lacking any interest in bedding them. The man was likely into other men – and K’tir wouldn’t have minded giving him a spin if that were true – and wanted nothing to do with women. That seemed to be the most logical place where Kahleena could be.

Win this one, Ghaeth. If his silly beast was intent on entering gold flights, then he had best win or come in a close second. K’tir didn’t mind if they lost that way. Ghaeth shot back a playful comment as he entered the fray, hot on the shimmering beauty’s tail but K’tir missed it as his focus narrowed in around him and the world closed in to only the target before him. Everyone and thing around him were forgotten and ignored as he moved toward the pretty young woman he wouldn’t protest being in bed with.

Gather Square / Re: Yeah, that's right...Wing Practice!
« on: 11 Jun 2013 at 08:41 PM »
K’tir stretched where he lay on his back in his bed before the realization that there was someone else in it as well struck him. That was odd. Typically his lovers didn’t spend the night and if they did, they were still gone by sunrise due to mutual understandings. Perhaps it wasn’t that late into the morning? It was hard to judge when he had an energetic brown dragon in his head and at the window so no light was coming through. Wing practice! I’m so excited to have them again, K’tir! But you need to get out of bed. K’tir sighed and rolled his eyes at the slightly whining tone Ghaeth picked up near the end of his babbling. “I know. I heard you the first two times. I’m moving.” He didn’t care that he was speaking aloud and possibly disturbing the other man. It wasn’t like he was going to let the guy linger in bed too much longer after he himself had to leave it.

Another stretch was given once feet hit the floor and K’tir was soon moving through the hut preparing for the day. Food was overlooked though a mug of day old klah was tossed back between slipping on clothes and his boots. By that point, Ghaeth’s excitement and K’tir simply being awake stirred the two firelizards he had Impressed solely for his children’s amusement. They were both given a quick pet to the head since they’d be horribly annoying if he ignored them from the start. “Go find the kids and stay with them for the morning. Shoo,” K’tir urged each to their preferred kid and he was once again thankful that the brats and flitters actually got along. He was able to send the firelizards off regularly when he wanted to be alone with his thoughts or his company.

A quick peek in was given to his lover and still feeling a bit frisky, K’tir ended up slipping into the man’s arms for a parting kiss and promise they’ll hook up again soon. Relationships weren’t serious in his mind anymore after the devastating breakup but a hot body that was on the same page as him when it came to simply enjoying the interaction without wanting anything else had turned into something K’tir had trouble turning down.

K’tir wasn’t necessarily a rule breaker or one to go against the norm but his hair was one thing he didn’t want to change. He knew it was expected of dragonriders to keep their hair trimmed short so riding helmets fit nicely and hair never blew into eyes but he had no intention of shaving his locks, especially when the threat of Thread still remained to be seen. So he quickly pulled it back and tied it up so it would stay out of his face for the practice, leaving T’rel with little to complain about in that department. His leathers would need a bit of a tune up and Ghaeth was due an oiling on the morrow but they were minor concerns to the brownrider as he strapped in and they took off for the Square.

Look at how many classmates are here! K’tir smiled at Ghaeth’s enthusiasm since he shared it as well. It was nice to see so many of his classmates had been put into the same wing as him. He wasn’t overly outgoing and social but he had spent several turns with them and knew the way they learned, trained, and played. It was almost reassuring as they began, again, with the wing practices. Most noteworthy of all was C’vir managing Wingsecond. He was proud of his classmate and occasional lover. It showed that even the newly Impressed riders knew what they were doing and had natural leadership skills.

C’vir had been congratulated at the time of the announcement but now K’tir wanted to smack the man. He could have shared the information about their first practice! K’tir had no doubts his fellow brownrider did know given his position and it was no doubt a test of some sort but it was still irritating given the lack of preparation and the man he had left in his hut in order to arrive in a timely manner. Still, he wasn’t last and while he was far from first, K’tir felt he was in respectable company and silently nodded to T’rel as Ghaeth barely contained himself from skipping over to see Berruth. Thankfully the big lug knew playtime was for later and was starting to slip back into a more professional manner for the practice.

ooc: Purposely left his lover nameless so one of his usuals can jump at the spot if they wanted to for any future interactions/mentions. Obviously not C’vir since he should be up and ready to go already :P Although I can see drunken slightly angry sex later on with a “you could have told me about the practice” being growled.

Personal Huts / Firelizard Freak Out [K'tir Solo]
« on: 28 Jun 2013 at 03:16 AM »
K’tir sighed for the fourth time as he watched the small eggs shake with the signs of impending hatching. He knew what he was getting into when he approached V’zire and his table covered in firelizard eggs at the last graduation but that didn’t mean he was still entirely happy with the outcome. He had assumed one egg would have been enough but was then easily swayed into getting one for each child. That was fine, he could tolerate bonding to two of the little buggers but V’zire had to go and pout as he suggested a third be taken. He was weak to such faces and K’tir had kicked himself all evening for it as well.

Now he sat at the kitchen table watching the three eggs move with life. We should get the kids! They’ll want to be here for this. Ghaeth sat at the kitchen window, one large eye swirling with his excitement. At least one of them was looking forward to the moment. Oh, to be as happy as a brown dragon! No. I don’t want them to accidentally Impress one of them. Their mothers would kill me and I’m not too happy with the idea of them having such a companion at their ages either. K’tir heard the soft whimper of disappointment but he held his ground. Yes, it would be cute to see their reactions but K’tir wasn’t about to risk it.

After another twenty minutes of waiting, now with a cup of klah in hand, the eggs started to show cracks and lose bits of shell. It wasn’t much longer before the first one began showing progress and finally the ambitious little creature broke free with a creel. His heart skipped a beat and K’tir suddenly wasn’t sure if he wanted to go through with it after all. Firelizards didn’t rank poorly or amazingly with the brownrider though he could understand both viewpoints but he wasn’t sure he wanted that commitment and bother. After all, he already had Ghaeth to look after and that was already a lot of enthusiastic brown hide to keep an eye on!

In the end it was too late and before K’tir knew what was happening, a little green ball was flying at his hand that held a piece of raw meat that had been picked up before wavering on his decision. “You are kind of cute… I guess.” The girl needed to be cleaned up but that could wait until her belly was stuffed and the predictable nap came on.

He was lazily stroking the little green’s head when the next egg cracked open and revealed its contents. K’tir stared at the creature and it stared back at him, neither moving for what felt like hours before K’tir snorted and sat back. “Oh, fuck that!” The little blue firelizard cried out in shock and took off flying in the opposite direction of K’tir, out the open kitchen window that Ghaeth had backed away from in surprise. A blue! What were the odds he’d get something in the same colour that represented the type of men he couldn’t tolerate? Actually, the odds were fairly high given the number of greens and blues that seemed to come from each clutch found but that was beside the point!

K’tir eyed the finally cracking egg. “I swear, if you’re also blue, you’re on your own. The kids can fight over naming the green.” He was practically glaring at the egg, daring it to show it was also blue. When it finally cracked enough for the flitter to make an escape, K’tir actually managed to laugh with relief as he held out some meat to the small brown. “Much better.”

Several hours later, after the firelizards had been fed a few times, napped, and were presentable, K’tir had Ghaeth go collect the kids so they could meet the new family additions. Katiryn was naturally bouncing with excitement and even Kajiran seemed to have more of a bounce to him than usual. It was understandable given how many times both had pestered him for an egg. This was the best they were getting for the time being. When they were old enough to Stand at a Hatching, then he’d consider letting them get a firelizard. For now, they could learn responsibility in smaller doses that, hopefully, wouldn’t bring harm to themselves or the creatures.

“Can I name mine Sweetie?” Katiryn batted her eyes, a trick that often worked when she wanted something. It was a shame K’tir was ready for it and was going to hold his ground no matter what this time. He was not about to be subjected to asking if anyone had seen his ‘Sweetie’ or any other suitable embarrassing name. “How about… Rosie!”

“The lizard is green, Katiryn, not pink or red.” This was going to be a long evening, K’tir knew it and wasn’t looking forward to it.

A lot of pouting followed each ‘no’ given to the endless list of cutesy names before Katiryn found one that worked well enough for K’tir. “Dewdrop? I think that will work and she seems to like it as well.” Actually, he couldn’t tell if the green did or not but the newly dubbed Dewdrop at least stirred from her nap in Katiryn’s arms and looked up at her. It was a good enough sign as any.

Now he only had to wait for Kajiran to name the brown and life would be wonderful.

“Bean!” His adorable son of four blurted out with a beaming smile. It was better than most of the names Katiryn had come up with and it didn’t seem like it’d be too painful to call out when in public. It also made some sort of sense at least in regards to the flitter’s colour. He could say the full name was Cocoa Bean but they shortened it. With a shrug, K’tir agreed with it.

“So Bean and Dewdrop it is. You’ll both come by and help me when they need baths, oiling, and sometimes feeding?” He’d rather the kids continued spending more of their free time playing and working on learning the alphabet and numbers instead of constantly running over to toss food at the bottomless pits. With both kids eagerly nodding, K’tir smiled and sent them off to show Ghaeth their new friends. The dear brown had been dancing around all afternoon waiting to see them again since the first meeting. He’d be beyond thrilled to have the kids attached to the flitters now.

With one final sigh, K’tir stretched out on the couch and finally relaxed. His brats were happy, the firelizards didn’t seem to be too much of a handful – so far – and best of all, that accursed blue flitter hadn’t reappeared. He’d wait a little longer before reclaiming Dewdrop and Bean and sending the children back to their mothers. A little rest alone before his life once again shifted with new additions started sounded nice.

The Lake Edge / Oblivious Adonis [Open to K'tir Admirers]
« on: 02 Jul 2013 at 02:31 AM »
Bath time was always entertaining; at least for Ghaeth. For K’tir, it was a toss-up and depended on a lot of factors. The preferred time was when no one else was around and they could just get right to work with the scrubbing followed by the oiling. It was a nice time to bond with his dragon and it was peaceful. The solitude didn’t bother the man either since it was almost relaxing to the point of a form of meditation with the steady motions of cleaning the hide. It gave him time to reflect and even purge memories that were better best forgotten but liked to linger all the same.

The baths that weren’t always the most ideal were the ones where Ghaeth couldn’t stand still and ended up playing more than bathing which left K’tir wetter than anticipated. In the colder months that wasn’t appreciated but now that the weather was warming again, the brownrider planned for such things and stripped down to the barest minimum, like he was now, in shorts used for swimming.

Ghaeth was off splashing in a deeper section of the lake but K’tir knew that soon the dragon would be running around in the shallower portion near the beach, spraying water everywhere. K’tir was ready for it though. He knew he could continue to stand away from the shore and keep himself safe and dry until his energetic dragon came to a halt but if he didn’t show interest sooner rather than later in the bathing portion of the trip to the lake, then Ghaeth would swim all day and forget the real reason they were there. So K’tir stood at the edge, wearing only his shorts, with a sponge in hand. “Let’s get started, Ghaeth.”

The brown dragon paused in whatever game it was he was playing right then and seemed to frown at his rider. K’tir managed a smile and shook his head at the antics as Ghaeth took his time paddling in. Once his feet reached the sand, however, it was just as predicted. The dragon went running through the shallows, splashing water everywhere, including on K’tir. Serves you right! I wanted to play longer. I hoped to have friends show up.

K’tir wiped water from his face and pushed back his hair, mourning his lack of hair tie he somehow managed to forget to pack. “Who did you invite?” There was suspicion in his voice as he eyed the brown now slowly circling back for likely another pass. Everyone! Ghaeth replied with glee as he did indeed run by again to splash more water on his human. K’tir sighed; it was just as expected.

“Let’s start bathing and maybe they’ll come by and join you for a bath and swim after that.” K’tir preferred not to have company since that was another major factor but he could probably deal with some of the riders. Ghaeth had an odd collection of friends but at least some of them had bonded to fairly sedate humans. So long as it wasn’t Grith and Par’a, K’tir imagined he’d be fine.

As the subject says, all K'tir admirers are welcome to pop in! Whether you're one of his lovers or one of his greenriders that crush on him and he doesn't really notice, come on down! Join in with the bathing and playing or admire from afar, I'm cool with it. I'm trying to get him out there a bit more... even if this opener isn't that great. :|

The Hatching Circuit / Re: Of Drunks and Dragonets [Hatching!]
« on: 06 Jul 2013 at 01:50 AM »
He wasn’t much for extreme social interaction and that was likely why he usually ended up drunk but K’tir had enjoyed that night. At some point, he vaguely recalled, he approached C'vir and issued a whispered command of ‘my place; now,’ before swaying off into the direction of his hut, knowing his lover would follow. A quick glance to his side when Grith announced the eggs were shaking confirmed said lover was still very much in his bed and still in the same blissfully drunk and satisfied state he was in.

It was that very reason that K’tir was ignoring Ghaeth’s enthusiasm for the Hatching and grinned at the man beside him as he felt himself growing aroused again. “Forget the Hatching. I don’t really know any of the Candidates and I’d rather spend the next few hours fucking you.” K’tir shifted until he was straddling his fellow dragonrider and leaned down, pinning the man’s arms above C'vir's head as he moved, “no one will miss us and they’ll all be too busy fawning over the babies.” While he wasn’t one to hide his relationships, this one was different. The gorgeous man he held trapped like to pretend he was straight until he was too drunk to keep up the charade and often tumbled into bed with K’tir. That was fine by the brownrider since it was always a wild ride and the secretive nature added a new kind of thrill.

No doubt someone would eventually notice he wasn’t at the Hatching but a lot of people were probably going to miss it because of headaches so it was an easy enough excuse to pass off on himself. It was the reason he told Ghaeth to share should anyone ask and since he was technically going to be spending the time in bed, it wasn’t really a lie and his sweet brown wouldn’t have to worry over it. I can still go, right? Ghaeth was bouncing around outside from all of the excitement and K’tir found he’d rather have the dragon off harassing other people right then while he continued to entertain his guest.  Go and have fun. I know I’ll be enjoying myself over here.

Ghaeth left his human to his games and showed up solo to the Sands at the same time as a few other dragons. He greeted them cheerfully, touching noses with his friends, and trotted over first to Krypth and then to Okalinath to greet them as well. Congratulations, my cheerful and pretty lady! he crooned at Okalinath, mimicking Veeth’s style of speaking. He liked the way the blue spoke and wanted to be as suave as him. Before he got in trouble for being too forward, however, Ghaeth trotted off to a more respectable distance and tried his best to sit still and wait for the babies to make their appearance.

Edited to add in C'vir's name here and there. >D

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K’tir’s hut was usually kept in a state of cleanliness thanks mostly in part to having his children wandering in regularly and he didn’t want anything to harm them – their mothers were protective and would likely throttle him for it – or any of his few possessions to end up damaged. There were only so many dishes to wash and linens to hang up outside to air out so there was very little to do in the way of killing time until Alerae showed up with their son.

Their son. His son. K’tir was still blown away by the fact that he had children and even liked them. Being a father had never been in his plans, especially not when he was foolishly in love with Z’rak and women barely coming in as anything more than a minor blip on his radar. Since their break up, K’tir had found comfort in the arms of many and his drunken encounters seemed to leave him with his fellow brownrider from the same clutch or women so he had learned to enjoy both secret hook ups and being a father. He wasn’t sure if he was doing an excellent job or not since his eldest was a girl that hadn’t reached her teenage years quite yet and apparently that was the true test from what some of the other riders had mentioned. Given the way the young women were ogled, K’tir was already cringing at the thought of his sweet girl being subjected to such antics and players like the twins.

They’re coming! I see them! Ghaeth jumped to his feet and barely kept from dancing around in his excitement. He loved when the children came over. They were wonderful playmates and their laughter was like music to the brown dragon; he enjoyed it so much! Now that K’tir had Impressed firelizards for the kids to play with, Ghaeth had even more buddies to keep him company and frolic around the Square with. He was quite possibly the happiest dragon in Katila! The kids especially seemed to make K’tir happier as well and that was a definite bonus. He loved his bonded but K’tir needed to cheer up and let go of the past and stop blaming everyone for one man’s faults. One day that would happen, Ghaeth was sure of it!

K’tir set down the book he was reading. It was one of only five he had brought with him that had survived the turns in exile and storms. They were well-loved and well-read now but reading options were limited as medical books did nothing for him, even if he was desperately bored at times. He reached the door before Alerae and Kajiran did and stood just outside of it greet the pair, kneeling when they came closer. When Kajiran ran into his waiting arms, K’tir found one of his rare smiles appearing. It really was the small things that could brighten a day.

Standing with Kajiran in his arms, K’tir gave his son a kiss to the cheek and then turned to his mother. “How’ve you been?” He wasn’t exactly a master of small talk but knew enough to pass as a human for the most part. While his preference was to sit back and quietly observe, some people evoked a desire to speak and Alerae was sometimes one of them. She was an interesting woman with the way she adapted to Katila and the ways of Weyr life and that alone had earned her the respect of the brownrider. Change and finding out everything you knew was taken away from you was hard to deal with but Alerae proved to be a fighter.

Before his mind wandered down dark paths of the past, Ghaeth literally nosed his way in to sniff at and lightly head butt Kajiran in greeting. Alerae was treated to the dragon lying down near her with his head resting at her feet. He was always good at giving Alerae the option to ignore him or pet him, though Ghaeth always hoped for the petting. He loved people and attention but understood not all people loved dragons as much as others and his colour, as pretty as it was, didn’t always please people either.

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“Your day will come, Alerae.” K’tir spoke with absolute certainty. It wasn’t said to make her feel better but he knew Search dragons didn’t make mistakes. Ghaeth not being one made it a bit harder to understand the dynamics of the Search but dragons always knew and were never wrong. Alerae was destined for a dragon but she either wasn’t entirely ready yet or she had a dragon waiting for her that wanted to make quite the entrance.

When Cocoa Bean, or Bean as Kajiran liked to stick with, appeared to see the young boy, K’tir set his son back on the ground. Bean fluttered around happily before landing on the ground beside the boy so they could play and cuddle. K’tir was still grateful he had managed to Impress an even-tempered brown firelizard that didn’t mind Kajiran and could handle the holding and playing they did. It made the hassle of firelizard owning worth it.

“Of course he has,” K’tir added as he knelt down to adjust Kajiran’s tunic. “Ghaeth thinks chasing some of the greens is a fun game,” not to mention K’tir urging him to enter some as well. Some of the blueriders were worse than the others and no greenrider deserved the fate of tangling with them. Someone had to look out for them and while K’tir didn’t shoulder the responsibility entirely, he did keep an eye out for certain blues giving chase and did his best to foil their attempts at a win.

Ghaeth was close to rolling over so his belly could be rubbed but K’tir warned him against that for the time being. They were all outside and squishing Kajiran was not something that should be done that day. Ghaeth settled for carefully swaying his tail to show his affection and hope for continued pettings. K’tir sighed lightly at his dragon. Some days it felt like he had bonded to a canine.

“Do you have time to come in for a drink?” He always asked that. At first he didn’t know what the protocol was when he was having a kid handed over to him for a while and fumbled his way through asking the mother in for a drink or something to eat. Mostly he didn’t want to be alone with an infant, afraid he would mess something up and harm the child. Now, it was habit and he enjoyed Alerae’s company.

Personal Huts / Re: Visitation Rights [K'tir]
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If Ghaeth could purr, he would have done so under Alerae’s touch and words. She thinks I’m handsome, K’tir! And that I deserve all the greens. Does that mean we can chase more of them? K’tir levelled his usual stoic expression on the pair, not entirely irritated by their antics but also not entirely amused either. Alerae was good to Ghaeth but she had a way of riling him up as well. “It is tempting, Ghaeth. And if Alerae thinks you should have more greens, then perhaps we should enter and win more flights.” K’tir was oblivious to any feelings Alerae may have had for him and didn’t consider his words might be a bit of a sting to the pretty young woman. He was simply agreeing with the excitable pair.

The fact that Alerae had mentioned getting a green firelizard for Bean to chase went over K’tir’s head as well and he didn’t see it as anything more than playful banter. They were friends and had a child together. It was only natural that they would grow comfortable around each other enough to make such comments. Considering he also had a green flitter that was off visiting with his daughter that day, K’tir assumed they both figured his pair would be happy enough to mate.

Ushering Kajiran into the hut first, K’tir followed immediately after so he could make drinks for everyone. While he did have wine in the hut – stored high and out of reach of the kids – K’tir didn’t go for the bottle. Given how he ended up in bed with pretty women after drinking far too much and becoming a parent nine months later, he tried to avoid repeat performances when he could. When the Weyr partied, however, it wasn’t always easily done. Three glasses of red fruit juice were poured and Kajiran’s was left on the kitchen table, easily in reach of the boy when he was ready to break from playing for a drink.

The other two glasses were brought over to the living room where Alerae was given one and he sipped from the other before making himself comfortable on the couch. “What did he do the other day?” It was nice hearing about the things the kids got up to since he wasn’t there for every moment. K’tir still loved his solitude and freedom to do as he pleased so it wasn’t a deep regret over missing things but that didn’t mean he wasn’t interested in what happened when he wasn’t around.

ooc: Sorry he's not too chatty just yet. He borders on being socially awkward at times and combined with his obliviousness, he can be a bit of a stone wall when it comes to some interactions lol Feel free to try and get him chatting or loosening up however you want if you're inclined to! XD

K’tir was an early riser by choice and habit and that morning was no different. Both of his children had stayed the night but neither were awake just yet and that was fine by the brownrider. He enjoyed the early hours because they were quiet and could be used to read, begin chores, or simply relax. Unfortunately, none of those would be an option that morning with the fuss beginning outside the hut and within his own mind.

Aradissicath has left for the hunting range! K’tir didn’t need to look out the window to know his brown was dancing from foot to foot in excitement. Ever since Tyrrisath had won a gold the first time, Ghaeth had seen it as a goal to mimic him. It was an excellent goal and a challenge was always nice to have to keep them on their toes but the flight lust was intense and it often made for strange bed fellows given the collection of riders that preferred to chase gold dragons instead of greens. Then again, blueriders typically didn’t enter the chase or last that long so it was a far better environment in the brownrider’s opinion. The times he ended up in bed with a bluerider were few and far between now but they were never pleasant and left him feeling dirty for days.

“Go for it, Ghaeth,” K’tir replied and finished his mug of klah. He could feel his dragon’s lust building and knew he wouldn’t have a chance at countering it. Ghaeth was friendly and easy-going but when he was determined and desperately wanted something, he was hard to dissuade. The only issue was how quickly the lust could take hold of him and K’tir quickly darted to the bedroom where the children’s bunk bed sat shrouded in the shadows from the curtains having been drawn shut upon waking.

“Kajitiris, get up. Get your brother up and take him back to his mother.” K’tir waited for a response and shook the girl lightly to help rouse her. She gave a mumbled reply of acknowledgement but the look he received when she finally looked at him was one of confusion. “Ghaeth gives chase to a gold. Get yourselves home. Your mothers will worry.” That was all he said on the matter before nearly running from the hut. He didn’t want his kids to see him lost to lust and mindlessly chasing after the poor woman that would already be terrified by having her maiden flight.

Flights weren’t really hated by the brownrider and he often slipped easily into the complacent role as Ghaeth led them and now was no different. K’tir had no idea where Rhaedalyn’s hut was or if she would still be there but instinct, along with the flock of people, guided him in the right direction as Ghaeth joined the trail of dragons behind the shimmering beauty. They would catch her! This would be their moment! All thoughts of his children’s safe return to their mothers were forgotten as his mind became one with Ghaeth and winning took priority.

Ghaeth let out a startled cry when a bronze came close to him and then the shriek of pain when the larger dragon attacked him as he passed. That was uncalled for! Why would anyone want to hurt him, even in the middle of a flight? The confusion and pain cost the brown his place in line and he fell behind several others who took advantage of the slip up.

On the ground, K’tir took the attack far worse than his gentle dragon did. He called out in pain as it shot through his arm in the place where Ghaeth had been bitten. The shock sobered him up some and the brownrider cast a glance around the group of men to see who it was that had caused them pain. He knew it had been a bronzerider that had been inconsiderate but which one? He was so disgusted by the move, a move he would have expected to come from a bluerider; especially the one he caught sight of out of the corner of his eye. Z’rak was there? The sweet goldrider didn’t know what she was getting into if that foul man won.

Fly, Ghaeth! K’tir snarled in his mind as he let go of his arm and charged forward with the surge of the crowd. Before, it had just been the dragon’s desire to show his worth and live up to his idol’s standards by winning a gold but now K’tir was even more determined. Z’rak would not win her! The bronze that attacked them wouldn’t either! Uncaring if he had the right man or not, K’tir swung at the face of a bronzerider that was in his way, feeling the bone of the nose crunch under his fist. He grinned with utter satisfaction as the sound reached his ears before K’tir pushed through the doorway.

As he made his way to the bedroom with a few other men, Ghaeth was attempting to make up ground and ignore the pain. Winning such a beautiful dragon was far more important than tending to a wound and nothing else would slow him down. He dipped when she spiralled low, but Ghaeth didn’t follow the train all the way down, instead risking to catch her or at least advance in the line when she predictably came back up to higher altitudes. When Aradissicath did exactly that, Ghaeth made his move, reclaiming a spot in the front of the pack.

He was so close! All he needed was an opening and he could take her and treat her like a golden beauty should be treated. K’tir barely contained a growl down in the hut as he urged Ghaeth on and pushed aside another man to squeeze in closer to the woman he had never truly looked at properly before then. She was adorable but also beautiful in that moment and he watched with a slow lick of his lips as she teased them with a layer of clothing coming off.

In that moment, the opening was spotted and with their minds linked as one, the brown pair leapt for the gold dragon, convinced the angle and speed would do the trick to beat the faster, stronger, and more experienced amongst their peers.

ooc: Stripes, it definitely doesn't have to be T'rel that got the punch to the nose! K'tir likely just hit a random man. lol I don't want my sexy brownrider to die just yet!

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Anger from Ghaeth getting hurt did not mix well with the anger and disappointment at losing. Throw in that his hand was sore from punching some jackass in the nose and it made for one mess of a brownrider. He pushed aside some of the other losers when Rhaedalyn was claimed by R’nya. He didn’t need to see their union. It was not only a reminder of their failure but a bit too much of a show for him. He had some kinks but watching others get it on was not on the list.

The pain had cleared up his head more than the loss had though K’tir still stumbled part of the way home. He wanted to check on Ghaeth and knew the brown would wind up back at the hut after flying off some of his own pent up frustration. His sweet dragon deserved a gold and one day, they would win a flight. K’tir sent reassurance to Ghaeth as he came upon their home as well as letting the dragon know how proud he was of the effort that morning. Despite everything that had worked against them, they had put in a respectable effort and Ghaeth would show his role model of Tyrrisath that he was up to the challenge and win in the future as well.

“I’ll check you soon, Ghaeth. Let me get your supplies and I need a drink as well.” He patted the brown on the nose when Ghaeth landed with less grace than usual as he babied his injury. K’tir hated seeing such a kind being in any sort of distress and while he knew it wasn’t true, there was a bit of guilt that he had been the cause. With a heavy sigh, K’tir tried to let it go as he let himself into his hut and came to a sudden halt when he saw Alerae within.

Hadn’t he sent the kids to her before the flight? K’tir frowned and looked around for a sign that his children were with her but didn’t see nor hear them. She must have sent them both off to Kajitiris’ mother or to the crèche. Either way, why was she in his hut? Worse yet, the flight still had his libido running in overdrive and he wanted nothing more than to strip her and toss her on the table she sat at. A shake of his head was given in an attempt to clear away such things so he could focus on more important issues like injuries and her presence.

“Ghaeth was injured in the flight,” greetings weren’t needed, not right then when she had already invited herself into his home. He didn’t mind, she was a mother to one of his kids and while he hoped she never wandered in when he was with a lover, Alerae would never get snapped at for entering. The glasses were spotted as he glanced around for Ghaeth’s kit and almost purred from the relief at seeing the drink. Flights made for a dry throat with the screaming and whatever else came out of his mouth at the time.

A glass was selected with his weaker hand as he mimicked Ghaeth with babying his injury and a quick sniff made K’tir even happier as he recognised the Katilan wine. A long chug took most of the bitter liquid down before the brownrider once more spoke, “thanks.” He still didn’t know why she was there but K’tir appreciated it a little more.

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K’tir! A pretty little green is flying! Ghaeth was nearly dancing around on the spot, the herdbeast he had been eyeing up for breakfast forgotten entirely, as was the fact that K’tir was still on his back. He loved chasing! It was fun and a very social activity. Some of the other males were a bit too into it and rough, but they were always forgiven. It was hard to keep composure around pretty females sometimes.

K’tir frowned at a flight taking place while Ghaeth was hunting. Who is it? He’d prefer his dragon focus on his hungry belly but some exceptions could be made. Um… Quelseth. She’s so adorable! The frown deepened as K’tir tried to place the name and found it. But she’s so young and fragile. Who else chases? That would be the deciding factor.

Taking that as permission to at least casually join in, Ghaeth took to the sky, releasing more of his lust for the little green in the process. K’tir scowled at the sneaky dragon as he adjusted his hold on the strap. Veeth… Dakrith… Zeianth… um K’tir’s expression turned almost murderous. That’s enough. Drop me down at the new location and give it your all, Ghaeth! His hatred of blueriders was what often had them entering green flights but any time he saw that D’hys, Z’ia, Z’rak, and a few others were in the chase that were known to be heavy handed while under the influence of flight lust, K’tir took it upon himself to be a champion of the greenriders and try to win.

As soon as Ghaeth was on the ground once more, K’tir jumped free and sent the brown beast back into the sky. The dragon’s lust and the rider’s determination was a strong combination and Ghaeth fly with confidence and skill as he joined in. K’tir followed the dragon’s lead and started his fun trek to the greenrider.

Weyrfolk Housing / Re: Fooled Myself [Open Green Flight]
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Flights were so much fun! Ghaeth’s enthusiasm and lust was enough to knock a man to his feet, and it literally had the first few times the pair had given chase to saucy green minxes but K’tir was used to it now. His feet stayed planted on the ground and his eyes didn’t waver from the goal that was S’cer. He advanced with confidence, one fluid step after the other and shoved a man out of his way as Ghaeth dodged around a dragon in the sky. As odd as they might be in the eyes of others, they worked well together and played off of each other’s strengths.

Ghaeth’s enjoyment of the flight left K’tir with a lighter heart that helped him let go of some of the hatred he had for his fellow riders while K’tir’s determination not to let a bluerider win and savage a poor greenrider encouraged the dragon towards victory. Ghaeth’s smaller size for a brown did help him keep pace with the greens that liked to play in the sky with fun patterns that zigged and zagged every which way but his stamina didn’t always last as long as it needed.

Quelseth was doing a nice job in leading them on but thus far, the flight was short and Ghaeth held his own. He nipped at a dragon he passed, doing his best to intimidate the blue but not actually hurt him despite K’tir’s hatred that still lingered just below the surface of lust. As he moved closer to the front, he almost took out Veeth by accident alone since the pretty blue often easily blended into the blue sky. He wasn’t the target though; Dakrith was. The bronze was toying with Quelseth and all of them with the way he blocked them all. K’tir, if not Ghaeth, wasn’t going to let that continue.

Ghaeth made to swipe at the great beast, doing his best to distract the bronze if not injure him. K’tir didn’t care if they ended up losing so long as Dakrith and S’ric did as well. He didn’t like the way they operated in flights and if that meant that because of his focus on Dakrith a blue ended up winning, he hoped it was one of the gentler riders. An arrogant smirk was given first to S’ric and then to S’cer as Ghaeth tried again to distract Dakrith while also angling for Quelseth.

Weyrfolk Housing / Re: Radioactive [Open - Mizeath maiden]
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Ooooh! Ghaeth's excitement was distracting in itself but the additional exclamations were driving K'tir to drink. He did his best to tune out the silly dragon but Ghaeth was close to earning fruit being tossed at him in an effort to quiet him. Just when he was reaching his wit's end, the dragon's emotions changed to that of lust and K'tir froze where he sat in the sun near the new gathering square eating fruit for an early midday meal. He turned slowly to stare at the dragon dancing from foot to foot.

Another baby gold is flying! Well, she's eating right now but she's about to fly! I'm chasing. The playful nature of the dragon drained away wit the statement he was going to try for the gold. Ghaeth levelled a look on K'tir that the man read clear enough; it was a challenge to try and stop him. K'tir sighed and trembled from the lust coursing through his veins and nodded. You deserve a gold. Get her, Ghaeth!

K'tir got to his feet, his meal forgotten, and moved in the direction of the goldrider. It wasn't until Ghaeth had Mizeath in sight that K'tir even knew who he was lusting after. Ameris. She was pretty and in a way her appearance reminded him of Alerae. While they never had anything serious, their tumbles together were pleasant. With that new idea in mind, K'tir sent encouragement to Ghaeth as he stumbled along, only to be shoved aside by an arrogant bronzerider a moment later. Some people had no manners! It didn't matter that he would have done the same thing if their positions were reversed.

With a growl that echoed in the sky as Ghaeth took off in pursuit, K'tir lost himself in the flight and all thoughts shifted to winning.

Weyrfolk Housing / Re: Radioactive [Open - Mizeath maiden]
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Flights were full of uncertainties. Would anyone be injured? Who would win? What would happen to the losers? One thing that was certain for this flight, however, was that Ghaeth would not be the one to stand proudly beside Mizeath on the Sands for an exciting Hatching months from now.

The blue was easily avoided when he lost momentum and left the chase to a disappointed and frustrated snarl from the rider below. It was everyone else that caused the problem. Gold flights were always rough and far more competitive than that of greens but maiden flights seemed to be downright cutthroat and even with the lusty determination flowing through him, the sweet and child-like brown dragon always had trouble keeping pace in that regard. He did his best by using his size and turns of practice chasing greens but Ghaeth could still at times get caught up in a move by a competitor he wasn’t expecting.

A bronze moved in front of him to cut off any attempts Ghaeth may have had which was fine; they were early into the flight and chances always opened up. It only took a keen eye to know when to make the move before anyone else did. Unfortunately, his focus was too intense on the shimmering hide of the gold that led them across the sky. Another dragon – bronze K’tir suspected – came up close to their side and, without warning or provocation, moved into Ghaeth’s wing space, doing his best to perform the dragon version of a body check. It worked, sending Ghaeth off kilter and dropping down out of the mass of bodies that moved as one behind Mizeath before he righted himself and glided along, far more slowly than he had currently been moving.

K’tir stumbled on the ground; the shock of being hit by another dragon bouncing through their tight bond made it feel like he had actually been slammed himself. He caught himself on the shoulder of a fellow rider that brushed him off and K’tir had to focus the rage from beating up the man for daring to treat him in such a way into that of determination to enter back into the chase.

It was clear they were out of it and only a miracle that involved dragons crashing or Mizeath dropping on top of him would land them the win but Ghaeth and K’tir were determined. They wouldn’t fall out of it like the pathetic blues but continue on despite the odds that showed they wouldn’t even have a chance at brushing against her tail.

Weyrfolk Housing / Something Wicked [R'nya]
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As the last remnants of flight lust dwindled, K’tir took stock of everything. Not only did his back and ass hurt but so did his neck. He vaguely recalled an arm pressed against it to help pin him to the wall as a fellow loser claimed him. Not that it was needed given who it had been. He didn’t need to glance over at the man that had detangled himself a minute ago to know who it was but he still did just to enjoy the sight one more time.

Bronzerider R’nya. The gorgeous man that was as straight as they came and was loved by all the goldriders and potential golden girls. He was their protector and someone they felt safe with. If they knew his true power and passion hidden behind the blank mask like the brownrider had just learned, K’tir doubted they would see him in the same light.

The flight lust had gripped him hard during the chase and with R’nya grabbing him so quickly after, he didn’t have a chance to come down at all or acknowledge the loss and find someone of his own. When his mind started to clear near the end of the frenzied lust brought on by the young gold, K’tir was surprised to find himself coupled with R’nya and it was obvious the bronzerider was still trapped in the lust given the fact he hadn’t pulled away in distaste. Not one to ruin a good thing or one to possess the will to completely clear his mind, K’tir had continued to enjoy the time until it left him out of breath and sprawled on the floor.

It took far too much energy but finally K’tir managed to lift a hand to his face to brush away locks of damp from sweat before dropping to his side again. His body trembled still from the combination of exhaustion, release, and bliss. The only thing he still couldn’t figure out was why they were on the floor when surely there had to be a bed nearby to use instead. There was a wall to either side of him so thinking it was too much effort to sit up, K’tir tilted his head back; but instead of seeing a bed or another wall, a hallway was seen. As was someone hastily dashing into one of the many rooms that lined the hall.

He was born and raised in a Weyr so coming across such scenes after a flight had been common – K’tir could even admit to being involved in some in the past. He just never imagined it happening with the bronzerider beside him. It actually worked to his advantage, his smug side pointed out. Not only was ht the first man – to his knowledge – R’nya had slept with but they had coupled in public for all the Weyr to see.

A lazy, sated, and very pleased grin was given as K’tir glanced at the bronzerider once more.

Weyrfolk Housing / Re: Something Wicked [R'nya]
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Finally managing to sit up, K'tir looked down st himself and ran his hands through his hair, noting how tangled it felt. He certainly had looked better than this but there had likely been a time or two where he looked worse as well so a shrug with a grin was given in reply to the comment about looking ridiculous. He wasn't a delicate little girl that ended up insulted and crying over such a remark, especially if it were true. He eyed his booted foot and then wiggled the toes of the bare one. No, R'nya was right; he looked ridiculous.

He grabbed at what looked to be his pants since there was a distinct lack of clothing lying around him. How kind of R'nya to keep his own clothes on but do away with some of his lover's. K'tir held the pants up and frowned when he saw the laces were destroyed and there was a tear in the fabric as well. He sighed but then another smirk fell into place. "Perhaps the sweet Lady Rhaedalyn csn help me mend my pants that my rough lover didn't like being in the way of his prize." He wasn't mean by nature but it was too easy to pick on the bronzerider right then given the circumstances and who he associated with.

At the sound of movement, K'tir looked from his pants to R'nya and almost laughed at how easily and without comment the bronzerider was removing himself from the situation. If he didn't continue to acknowledge it then clearly it didn't happen. Too bad he grabbed K'tir and a round of great sex had left him a bit more talkative than usual. "Leaving already and without a word of gratitude or farewell? How rude and dominant of you, R'nya. Anyway, we should do this again sometime. Maybe with a bed but I'm fine going without again if that's your kink."

Weyrfolk Housing / Re: Something Wicked [R'nya]
« on: 30 Mar 2014 at 11:42 AM »
K’tir knew he wasn’t known for much, especially not for having a personality of any definition but he still knew how to laugh and chuckled at R’nya’s attempts to be dignified and sneer down at him. “Hate to tell ya, bronzerider, but I came to before you and not only did I get to enjoy sex with you with a clearing mind but I got see you enjoy it just as much.” His boot was kicked off as he spoke and K’tir finally got to his feet, giving a tender stretch to a body that had been well-ravished before slipping his pants on.

“No, bronzerider, I couldn’t imagine you getting any kinkier or creative than sex on the floor. Anything else would be far too advanced for you.” One boot and then the other were collected but K’tir didn’t put them on. It’d only be a waste of time since he was headed to his room to grab new clothes before going for a bath. The pants had only been put on as a courtesy to any wandering golden girls that seemed to have some semblance of modesty still.

A step in the same direction R’nya headed was taken before K’tir stopped and quirked his head. Ghaeth was always chipper and excitable but even after enjoying the loss through his rider, his mood hung low for a few hours. It was almost painful to K’tir to hear the normally bouncy dragon sound so glum but he listened all the same since it gave him the answers he was slightly curious in knowing. He had no idea if R’nya knew yet but to be losers together and have even the slightest upper hand by rubbing in who the winner was could sometimes make the sting hurt a little less. Then again, K’tir never really cared to bed a goldrider up to that point, only ever entering and hoping to win for Ghaeth’s sake. Ever since Tyrrisath started winning golds and became Weyrleader, the young brown had wanted to be like him.

“Torath seems to be the better dragon today. Shame, isn’t it? Ameris beside you upon waking? Not a bad way to start the day,” he had no idea about R’nya’s feelings for any of the women he was constantly surrounded by but K’tir did have functional eyes and could admit the girl was pretty. “Oh, but don’t worry; you were a great way to start the day, bronzerider R’nya, sir.” K’tir gave another smirk and lazily sauntered by the man.

Weyrfolk Housing / Re: Morning Surprises Are Best [K'tir]
« on: 04 Apr 2014 at 12:09 AM »
The shifting of the bed stirred K’tir into consciousness but only enough for an arm to drape over his eyes as if such an action would put an end to whomever thought he needed to be awake just yet. Habit had him reaching out to Ghaeth to see how his dragon was doing that day and while the usual chipper attitude was there, K’tir also felt that Ghaeth was beyond pleased with himself. That was somewhat odd and it took a moment to remember there had been a green flight that morning. Given the mood Ghaeth was in and the way the bed had shifted with someone else leaving it, K’tir had to assume he had won.

A small lazy smile appeared at that thought. Winning was definitely nice if for no other reason than Ghaeth’s benefit. Sure the dragon was just like his brothers in that he could enjoy himself through the bond and take pleasure from K’tir’s own but winning still served as a confidence booster. Besides, if he won, that mean a bluerider hadn’t and one more greenrider had survived another day without having to deal with turmoil of being with a blue. He had learned the hard way turns ago what they were capable of and K’tir didn’t want to see anyone else suffer.

Well done, Ghaeth. Enjoy your rest with your lady, K’tir hadn’t the foggiest idea who they had partnered with and Ghaeth was content to follow the advice and didn’t even bother offering a reply outside of a content sigh. Sliding his arm away from his eyes, K’tir blinked in the light, taking a moment to fully gather his wits about him again. At the sound of a drink being poured, he sat up which left the sheet sliding down his torso to pool in his lap. “I hope sex with me isn’t what leads you to drinking, N’del,” K’tir gave a small frown though it was playful; at least until he ran a hand through his hair. His dark locks had a natural wave that made for extra unruly bedhead. Still, he wasn’t about to chop off the length that barely brushed at his shoulders in the longest strands.

“Even if it is, do you have another glass? I’d hate for you to drink alone.” He offered a small smile, which was the most the vast portion of the population could get out of him on a good day. A quick study of N’del was given as he waited for a reply and couldn’t figure out what he felt about the win outside of the usual relief on behalf of the greenrider. N’del was older than him, perhaps double his age, but like all dragonriders, his age didn’t show and he looked younger than whatever number was attached to him. Also like other dragonriders, he had a decent body to him as well, something K’tir didn’t mind admiring. Still, if he was as old as assumed, the poor man should be retiring and not trying to keep up with the younger and sadly rougher men giving chase now.

Weyrfolk Housing / Re: Something Wicked [R'nya]
« on: 05 Apr 2014 at 12:45 AM »
“Son of a whore!” K’tir called out though the words were muffled due to his hands flying up to his face. Given the fact he could still speak, though somewhat slurred from pain, he suspected his jaw wasn’t broken and while his nose hurt as much as the left side of his face, K’tir didn’t think it was broken either. Still, he’d have to get a Healer to check it over for him to make sure. His tongue over every tooth as well to see if any were missing or loose due to R’nya’s lack of sense of humour prompting him to punch at anything he didn’t like.

He watched R’nya walk away, too sore to give any reply in regards to respect. The haughty bronzerider was a contradictory bastard if he thought he could give out such advice after the comments he had already made since the first attempt to leave. No doubt R’nya lacked in manners in other areas as well and didn’t respect someone somewhere, whether it was a greenrider, golden hopeful, or the kitchen staff. The stick up his ass was too deeply planted for the man not to look down on someone.

With a pained sigh through his mouth as breathing seemed to be a bit of challenge, K’tir collected himself from the floor, grabbed his boots again, and staggered for his room. Ghaeth had been stirred into a panic since the punch but K’tir only waved away the hysterics with a simple assurance that he was fine and nothing more would happen. It was just a shame that his son, daughter, and their mothers would fret over him – or glower with disproval – when they saw him. K’tir vowed to make sure they knew exactly who did it since he didn’t see the point in protecting R’nya’s image. R’nya marred his face and now his reputation could carry a smudge.

As he went about hunting for a cloth to dab at his face, K’tir toyed with the idea of changing the story as to why he was punched by the charming bronzerider. He would have smiled at the thought if it didn’t hurt so much.

Weyrfolk Housing / Re: Morning Surprises Are Best [K'tir]
« on: 14 Apr 2014 at 09:10 AM »
The glass was accepted with a nod of thanks and K’tir sipped at it gingerly given the warning. Once they had stopped stealing people and goods from the North several turns ago, the citizens of Katila did their best to make what they had last but the wine was always free flowing and hard to keep hidden. K’tir wasn’t a fan of what was made in Katila anymore than the next man but he drank it when the mood struck and didn’t grimace nearly as much as he once had. That alone was enough of a reason to return North when S’kef deemed it time.

“It’s tempting,” he said instead, keeping his answer vague for a moment. There was a lot to consider but returning to the land that he had known in his youth before being corrupted and betrayed by Z’rak was hard to ignore the more he weighed the pros and cons. “I guess it’ll come down to the Weyrleader’s decision. One of the easiest ways to split us up would be by wing assignment so I guess it’s just a wait and see situation.” He supposed he’d be fine with any order he was given when it came down to it. Then again, he also had two kids and their mothers to consider. Not that travel time between the Weyrs would be that long and would still make it easy for visits.

“What about you?” He asked after another long sip of wine. Would the older man find it far more peaceful to stay at Katila or did he long for home and the sights of the North once more? There were so many differing opinions amongst their small population for reasons why they wanted to stay or go that it was rather surprising.

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